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The "Wahkaw" is the quarterly publication of the Woodbury County (Iowa) Genealogical Society. If you are interested in a copy with the topics below, please send the date below along with $2.50 (US$) for a single issue, add $1.25 (US$) for postage and handling ( prices subject to change) to: Woodbury County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 624 Sioux City, IA 51102-0624.
There is also available:
THE WAHKAW Surname Index, 1981-1989 in a single bound volume, 272 pages for $20.00 (US$), add $3.50 (US$) for postage and handling.


THE WAHKAW Surname Index, 1990-1999 in a single bound volume, 150 pages for $17.00 (US$), add $2.50 (US$) for postage and handling.

The Wahkaw



                  VOLUME # XX   #4

                       WINTER 2001



2           Table of Contents

3           A letter from your president, Loren Dake

4           Chapter of the Year Award for 2001

5           Your Invitation to the Society’s 25th Anniversary Party

6           In Memory- the Obituary of member: Eleanor L Firstenberger

7           Autobiography of Eleanor L. Firstenberger

8           Obituaries of  members: Buelah M. Link and Rosetta E. Barger

9           A Letter to My Ancestor

10-11       Anna Ostrander & Robert Engle’s connection to her

12-15       Obituaries contributed by member, Viola Jones

16-17       New Genealogical Books at the Wilbur Aalfs Public Library

18-23       A 25-year History of the Woodbury County Genealogical Society

            Query from Donald D. Sappingfield

24-25       Market Place Shopping Center Display & Photos

26-27       Queries

30          Cemetery Sales Page

31          Sales Page- Officers of the Woodbury county Genealogical Society


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