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From the 1904 book, "Pioneer History of Pocahontas County," by Robert E. Flikenger.


On Saturday evening Dec. 18, 1880, the first lodge of the Independent Order of Good Templars was organized at Fonda by C. C. Coyle, District Deputy, with thirty-one charter members as follows: Capt. Jos. Mallison, W. O; Mrs. Nellie R. Swingle, W. V.; A. M. Shellito, R. S.; Geo. Metcalf. F. S.; Miss Belle Tucker (Covey), Treas.; Rev. J. S. Zeigler, Chaplain; Wm. Hull, Marshall; Jennie Lucas, (Saylor) A. M.; Lois A. Wood, (Hubbell) R. H. S.; Mrs. R. F. Hull, L. H.S.; Affa Wood, Asst. Sec; Minnie Tucker, (Weaver) I. G.; Lawrence Johnson, O. G. ; C. W. Trusdale, Lodge Deputy; A. J. and Belinda Norem, Mrs. Theo. and Frank Dodge, S. S. and Gilbert Tucker, C. D. McCulloch, Thos. Kennedy, Roderick Guyett, R. F., Ellen (Brown) and Emma Hull (Wood), Abram G. Wood, Rebecca Busby, Olive Whitney and L. Trusdale.

This organization was started under very favorable auspices and the hope was indulged that it would live, flourish and become one of the substantial lodges of the state, for there seemed to be as many more persons ready to join it as soon as their names could be acted upon. By the fire of Oct. 15, 1883, their hall, charter and records were burned and the lodge lapsed.

On March 10th and 11th, 1886, two meetings were held in the Methodist church and a new lodge, number 150, was organized with forty-one members as follows: Godfrey Pfeiffer, (C. T.), and daughter Emma (I. G.), Mrs. E. (V. T) and Nellie (A. S.) Hyatt, Harvey W. (chaplain) and Wm. Hay, Mrs. Fred Haffele (Sec), Mrs. A. B. P. and Louis A. (F. S.), Wood (Hubbell), Charles H. (Treas.), and Ella Post, C. D. and Mabel (D. M.) Lucas (Bush), James J. Trude (O. G.), Anna Brown (R. H. S.), Mr. (P. W. C. T.), and Mrs. Prince B. and Arthur Gifford, Mrs. L. A. (Geo.) Sanborn, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Swingle, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Ellis, Dr. G. W. and Gertie Bothwell, Charles H., William and Mamie Whitney, A.. W.Dart, S. W. Norton, W. A. Karr, Mabel McKee (Robinson), Kate Roberts (Plumb), Wm. H. and Susie Hutchinson, Mrs. Wm., Willie and Charles Hocking. One week later others were received who were also enrolled as charter members as follows: Francis Faus (W. M.), Frank Opperman, William Hocking, Jennie Lucas (Saylor), Becca Pfeiffer (Osburn), Nellie Hull (Newell). Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Boyd and Guy S. Robinson.

This organization has had its seasons of drought and refreshing, but has been maintained until the present time. It is worthy of notice that of these charter members Mrs. L. A. Sanborn is the only one identified with it at present. She has continued to attend the meetings and look after the interests of this organization with a punctuality and interest that has never lagged. To her prudent counsel and unfailing enthusiasm in its work more than to any other may be attributed its stability and much of its excellent moral influence. She has filled nearly all the offices of the local lodge many times and during those periods when the attendance and membership were small she has been ready to take additional responsibilities in order to insure its maintenance. When the Juvenile Temple was organized Nov. 20, 1890, she became sponsor for its maintenance and success also. Every year her home has been the recognized headquarters for all necessary supplies for these two organizations, and the most popular place for their lawn socials, or social gatherings during the winter evenings.

The succession of Chief Templars has been Godfrey Pfeiffer and Harvey W. Hay in 1886; R. W. Russell and Mrs. B. F. Osburn in '87; N. M. Perry and L. R. Wright in '88; Frank Eaton, Rev. John Hamerson Oct-Dec. '89; Oscar Eaton, J. B. Sargent Oct. '90-July '93; Irwin Davidson, Wm. H. Bridges, Oct.-Dec. '94; Robert Busby, L. R. Wright, Gus T. Swenson and Alice Davis, in '95; J. C. Slinker, in '96; Weston Martin, '97-98; Agnes McGeary, Josephine Maulsby and Bertha Neal in '99, and Harry Hornor, in 1900.

Those who have been elected to the office of secretary are Mrs. Fred Haffele, Mrs. R. Wright, in '86; Becca Pfeiffer, Mabel Lucas, Maggie Olkjer, in '87; Mrs. N. M. Perry and Matie L. Turner, in '88; Mrs. Matie Pruden and Heppie Tucker, in '89; Maude Carpenter, Ella Bollard and Maude Kay, in '90; Clara Cartlidge and Cora Shutt, in '91; Maggie Eaton, '92; Lulu Sanborn and Ed. C. Rathbun, in '93; Wm. Hunt and Gus T. Swenson, in '94; Edith Busby and Mamie Russell, in '95; Wm Hornor, Nellie Sargent and Mae Fitch in '96; Lulu Sanborn, in '97; Nellie Sargent and Bert Brown, in '98; Mabel Miller, Eber Hornor and Albert Burson, in '99, and Agnes McGeary, in 1900.

The Lodge Deputy at present is Gus T. Swenson, and through the interest developed by him a lodge of 37 members was organized at Varina, March 10, 1900.

The Juvenile Temple was organized by Mrs. Lloyd, of Des Moines, Nov. 20, 1890, with about twenty members, and Mrs. L. A. Sanborn was chosen superintendent. With the exception of the year 1895, when Mrs. Maggie Eaton was superintendent, Mrs. Sanborn served in this capacity from the date of organization until the end of 1899, a period of eight years. Mrs. Mabel Bush is her successor. It meets in the I. O. G. T. hall every Friday afternoon at four o'clock.


Symbol Lodge No. 432, A. F. & A. M., was established at Fonda by a dispensation granted by the Grand Lodge of Iowa, Nov. 10, 1882, and the first meeting under the dispensation was held Nov. 22, 1882. A charter was granted June 6, 1883, when there were twelve members from whom the first officers were chosen as follows: D. W. Edgar, W. M.; Wm. Marshall, S. W.; B. F. Osburn, J. W.; J. N. McKee, Treas.; Geo. Fairburn, Sec; M. A. Haven, S. D ; J. N. McClellan, J. D.; C. G. Perkins, S. S. and Theron A. Snell, Tyler. The other charter members were Rev. Charles Perkins and J. N. McClellan. The first one made a Mason was J. H. Coleman, Jan. 17. 1883, and the first one raised was W. L. Haven, April 4, 1883. There have been 62 members initiated, 44 admitted on demit, 61 raised and the present membership is 57. Seven have died, viz: Rev. Charles Perkins, B. F. Osburn, O. A. Langworthy, Wm. Marshall, A. F. Hubbell, John Cartlidge and Henry Zeigler. The succession of Worshipful Masters is as follows: D. W. Edgar, M. D., '82-84; J. N. McClellan, '85-86; M. A. Haven, D. W. Edgar, J. N. McClellan, M. A. Haven, J. N. McClellan, D. M. Woodin, '92-93; J.N. McClellan, A. G. Wood, M. G. Coleman, '96-98; A. S. Wood, '99-1900.

The officers for the year 1900 are as follows: A. S. Wood, W. M.; C. R, Whitney, S. W.; W. S. Adams, J. W.; R. F. Beswick, Treas.; J. H. Coleman, Sec; J. B. Sargent; S. D; Thomas Jackson, J. D.; A. L. Roberts. S. S.; J. J. McDermott, Tyler. The committee on finance is M. G. Coleman, Jos. Mallison and John Forbes. The lodge meets Wednesday evening on or before the full moon of each month.


The Golden Cord chapter No. 187, of the Eastern Star was instituted at Fonda Jan. 7, 1896, with seventeen members, by Mrs. Jennie A. Rule, Grand Matron for the state of Iowa. The first officers chosen were Mrs. Susie H. Mallison, W. M.; M. G. Coleman, W. P.; Mrs. Heppie L. Toy, A. M.; Dr. C. H. Whitney, Sec; Mrs. Anna Hughes, Treas.; Mrs. Jennie Robinson, Con.; Mrs. Camilla Metcalf, Asst. Con. The persons chosen to represent the five points of the star were Maude Hughes, Ada; Maude Marshall, Ruth; Mrs. Victoria Coleman, Martha; Mrs. Rose Beswick, Esther; Mrs. Ann Cartlidge, Electa. Sixty-three persons have been enrolled as members and the present membership is forty-five. The succession of Worthy Matrons has been: Mrs. Mallison, '96-97; Mrs. Anna Edgar, '98; Mrs. Victoria Coleman, '99; Mrs. Jennie Robinson, 1900; and of secretaries, Dr. C. R. Whitney, '96; Mrs. Emma Coleman, '97-99; Mrs. Anna Edgar, 1900.

This organization is very closely related to the Masonic fraternity and its object is to co-operate with it in its beneficent efforts for the welfare of the wives, daughters, mothers, widows and sisters of Master Masons.


The Fonda Lodge I. O. O. F. No. 203, was instituted Dec. 14, 1885, and the first officers were: E. W. Russell, N. G; J. W. Spitzbarth, V. G.; W. J. Redfield, Sec; W. J. Busby, F. S.; G. R. Reniff, Treas. This organization has now about sixty members and is in an excellent financial condition. It meets every Monday evening and their hall is over the hardware store in the McKee brick block. The officers are elected for a term of six months and the succession of Noble Grands has been: R. W. Russell, J. W. Spitzbarth, W. J. Redfield, W. J. Busby, G. R. Reniff, J. D. Carpenter, J. B. Bollard, C. A. Reed, R. D. Bollard, J. B. Sargent, F. W. Kloxin, J. H. Stream, H. W. Heston, Frank P. McKee, John Kennedy, Wm. Wendell, Geo. Sanborn, Jos. Mallison, R. Wright, P. C. Toy, Wm. Wilde, Geo. S. Wendell, C. E. Mayo, J. F. Blair, E. I. Ibson, John Thompson, John Kennedy, Wm. Keneen and Rev. Z. C. Bradshaw. The secretaries have been: W. J. Redfield, W. J. Busby, R. Wright and Wm. Wilde, the last since 1895.


The Fonda Lodge of the Iowa Legion of Honor was organized February 24, 1880, with twelve members, and the officers were Geo. Fairburn, Pres.; James F. Mallison, V. P.; Ed B. Tabor, Sec; C. G. Guyett, F. S.;Theo. Dunn, Treas.; Joseph Mallison, C. D. Lucas, W. H. Clemens, G. H. Thompson and P. G. Ibson. The trustees chosen were: G. W. Bothwell, C. D. Lucas and Joseph Mallison. This is the oldest fraternal insurance organization in Fonda, and it meets ordinarily only once a year. The present membership is twenty and the officers are Capt. Jos. Mallison, President; Geo. Sanborn, Secretary, G. R. Reniff, Financial Secretary and Treasurer.


The Cedar Lodge of the Knights of Pythias (No 311) was organized at Fonda, December 8, 1891, with fourteen members, by district deputy J.P. Lawton, of Newell, assisted by the Newell and Manson Lodges. The first officers according to their rank were: F. B. Deitrick, J. W. Redfield, E. A. Fuller, F. P. McKee, G. H. Fitch, J. H. Stream, J. D. Carpenter, Joseph Mallison, Geo. Selzer and J. Clancy. The Lodge meets in their hall every Thursday evening and the present officers are F. W. Fitch, J. M. Thorpe, G. C. Weber, R. Wright, L. S. Straight, S; W. Maulsby, W. J. Redfield, C. C. Stevens, F. B. Dunn and W. J. Busby.


The Fonda Camp No. 3242, of the Modern Woodmen of America was instituted September, 30, 1895, with twenty-three members. The first officers were Peter Kurvink, Y. C. ; W. J. Redfield, W. A.; G. A. Straight, Treas.; and C. A. Alexander, Clerk. The camp meets on the second and fourth Friday of each month, and it has now an enrollment of eighty- eight members. The officers are elected annually. The succession of venerable consuls has been, Peter Kurvink, '95; W. J. Redfield, L. S. Straight, J. D. Carpenter, H. C. Beardsley and J.'D. Wurtsbaugh Esq. The secretaries have been C. A. Alexander, '95, R. Wright, '96-99, A. W. Sargent and C. A. Alexander, in 1900; and the treasurers, G. H. Straight, A. W. Phillips and Geo. H. Fitch.


The Fonda Tent, No 81, of the Knights of the Maccabees was instituted March 4, 1898, with twenty members. The first officers were Roy Carpenter, Commander; A. Sauter, Lieut. Com.; E. J. Chingren, Sergt. ; L. R. Wright, R. K. and F. K.; Paul Swenson, Chap.; W. M. Elliott, M. A. Charles Hardy, M. G.; Frank Barker, Sec.; Geo. Elliott, Sent.; Wm. Henrichs, P.; and Dr. Charles Whitney, Med. Examiner. The tent has now about sixty members and meets on the first and third Thursday of each month. L. R. Wright continues to perform the duties of secretary and the succession of commanders has been, Roy Carpenter, '98, John W. Rock, '99, and P. D. Wilds, 1900.


The Fonda Lodge No. 408, of the Modern Brotherhood of America, was organized January 23, 1899, With fifteen members and the first officers were T. A. Thompson, Pres.; W. S. Brown, V. P.; Grant Bayne, Sec: and Treas.; W. E. Wykoff, Con.; M. Maulsby, Chap,; Elmer Adams and Claude Simpson. The enrollment at present is fifty-seven, which includes both men and women, T. A. Thompson is president and Matie L. Bailey is secretary and treasurer.


St. Mary's Court, No 1071 of the Catholic Order of Foresters was instituted at Fonda, February 21, 1900, with thirty-two members. The officers chosen at this time were, J. R. Mullen, C. R.; J. F. Howe, V. C. R. Arthur McCartan, P. C. R.; H. A Daubenberger, R. Sec; C. F. Linnan F. S.; John McCafferty, John O'Brien and Wm. Bradford, Trustees; Carl O'Donnell, I. S.; J. W. Clancy, O. S. Dr. T. J. Dower, M. E.; John Tolan Treas.; and Rev. J. F. Brennan Chap. The object of this organization is to promote friendship, unity and christian charity among its members.

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