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Pocahontas County

FONDA. A village on the I. div. of the I. C. R. R., at the northern terminus of the W., St. L. & P. Ry, in Pocahontas county, 15 miles southwest of Pocahontas the county seat, 226 west of Dubuque and 115 northwest of Des Moines. It contains a bank, a flour mill, 2 churches, a hotel, a good public school, flax mills, a creamery, a skating rink and a weekley newspaper, the Pocahontas Times. Live stock, grain, hay, produce and flax are shipped. Exp. Am. and U. S. Tel., W. U. Population, 500. Mail, daily. John W. Gray, postmaster.

Agnew Mrs Cora, milliner.
Brown Rev E C.
Brown N L, meat market.
Brown Thomas S, grocer.
Bothwell George W, hardware
Carpenter Jacob D, photographer.
Carpenter Mrs J D, music teacher.
Carpenter & Russell (John D Carpenter, Robert W Russell), hardware.
Carroll, James A, general store and creamery.
Carroll Rev P J, (Catholic).
Crahan & Galoin, general store.
Crahan & McGrath (Michael Crahan, James J McGrath), general store.
Dart Amos W, painter.
DeMass & Co, meat market.
Edgar D W, physician.
Fairburn George, banker, furniture, etc.
Fonda Cornet Band, Hartley Roberts leader.
Fonda Library (500), John W Gray librarian.
Freshem G H, meat market.
Gray & Co (John W and Mary M Gray), Drugs and Books.
Haven & O’Donnell, carpenters.
Hersom Sylvenious, sorghum mill.
Hughes S & Son, general store.
Ibson Bros (Peter G and Edward), wagonmakers.
Keefer Miles B, Attorney-at-Law and Collection Agent.
Kelleher Thomas F, drugs and books.
Knoedler Adolf, harness.
Kuffer M B, lawyer.
Leslie Robert, shoemaker.
McClellan James N, live stock.
McKee J N & Co, (Jonathan N McKee, Rufus C Potter), general store.
Mallison Joseph, sew mach and organs.
Marshall Wm, justice and surveyor.
Mekes & Co, general store.
Miller & Sayre (David Miller, Barnard Sayre), furniture.
Moody John D, auctioneer.
Nonun Mrs A J, hair.
Osborne Benjamin F, insurance.
Osborne Miss May, dressmaker.
Pfeiffer, Lucas & Page (Godfrey Pfeiffer, Christopher D Lucas, Wm Page), flour mill.
Pocahontas County Bank.
Pocahontas Times, George Sanborn Editor and Propr.
Post Nathaniel B, planing mill.
Rathbun, Wm W, general store.
Roberts Hartley, shoemaker.
Roberts Miss Kate M, music teacher.
Robinson Joseph P, county supt schools.
Sanborn George, Propr Pocahontas Times.
Sargent Bros, hay press.
Sayre Lionel, barber.
Smeaton David E, lumber.
Stevens Henry C, saloon.
Smith Thomas W, livery.
Sprowles J M, prin public school.
Stevens John C, Real Estate and Loans.
Stevens & Carroll (John Stevens, James A Carroll), live stock.
Stevens & Williamson (Henry C Stevens, M M Williamson), skating rink.
Swingle Frederick, lumber and coal.
Tresham G H, meat and ice.
Tresham Harry, meats.
Tucker Miss Belle M, teacher.
Tucker House ($2 per day) S S Tucker Propr, Special Attention to Traveling Men.
Tucker Seth S, Propr Tucker House.
Wright Ren, express and station agent.
Wood Adelbert S, express and station agt.
Wood Alpheus B P, Lawyer, Justice of Peace, Real Estate, Loans, Insurance and Collections.
Williamson M M, harnessmaker.
Winters Rev C B (Methodist).

GILMORE CITY. Formerly know as Blooming Prairie, a town on the D. M. & Ft. D. ry, in Lake township, Pocahontas county, 101 miles from Des Moines, 13 east of Pocahontas, the county seat, and 7 south of Rolfe, the nearest banking point. Settled in 1882, it contains Baptist and Methodist churches, and ships grain and stone. Stages, tri-weekly to Humboldt. Population, 200. Tel., W. U. Exp., U. S. Mail, daily. L. E. Childs, postmaster.

Bendixon, P H, livestock.
Carlson C J, mason.
Childs L E, General Store and Poultry.
Cooley C S, railroad and express agent.
Garlock Levi, real estate.
Gribben M W, grain and coal.
Jackson E P, general store.
Johnson Christopher, blacksmith.
Kinchen W, blacksmith.
Kout --, saloon.
Lege O D, general store.
Marble Valley Stone and Lime Co, A W Otis supt.
Mason H G, fancy goods.
Mulholin & Gaughen, general store.
Root & Fitch, hardware.
Smith & Cooper, drugs.
VanAlstine S, live stock.
Wallace Samuel, real estate, coal and flour.
Weise --, saloon.

HAVELOCK. A town on the E. G. & S. R. line, C. & N. W. ry, in Washington township, Pocahontas county, 110 miles from Des Moines, 7 north of Pocahontas, the county seat and nearest banking point. Settled in 1882. Population, 100, Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Mail, daily. S. H. Gill, postmaster.

Flint C L, coal.
Gill Bros, General Store.
Gilman S P, blacksmith.
Hill& Co, general store.
Hulse E L, general store.
Lewle G W, furniture.
Miller J B, hotel propr., railroad and telegraph agent.
Parks M B, druggist and general store.
Quel J H & Co, coal and lumber.
Spurrier W & H E, general store.

LAURENS. A village on the E. G. & S. R. line C. & N. W. Ry., in Swan Lake township, Pocahontas county, 130 miles northwest of Des Moines, and 13 miles northwest of Pocahontas, the county seat and nearest banking point. Settled in 1882, it contains a Methodist church, and ships livestock, grain and produce. Population, 100. Tel., W. U. Exp. Am. Mail, daily. G. W. Leverick, postmaster

Beardsley & Allen, lumber and coal.
Carroll J M, physician.
Carroll J M & C, druggists.
Clanton Wm, hotel.
Gamman G H, lumber and coal.
Leverick G. W.Hardware and Groceries.
Nelson T J, clothing, grocer and justice.
Overton S R, railroad and express agent.
Parker N, meat market.
Shoemaker Bros, hardware.
Steel & Herrold, blacksmiths.
Sturdevan S T, general store.
Thornton F G, grain.
Williams D C, notary public.

PLOVER. A recently established village on the D. M. & Ft. D. Ry, in Powhatan township, Pocahontas county, 114 miles northwest of Des Moines, 12 north of Pocahontas, the county seat, and 7 north west of Rolfe, the nearest banking point. Settled in 1883. Ships grain, flax and live stock. Population, 26. Tel., W. U. Exp., U. S. Mail, daily. P. G. Hess, postmaster.

Calhoun T D, coal.
Hess H A, general store.
Smith J S, live stock.

POCAHONTAS. Formerly known as Pocahontas Centre, is a village, the county seat of Pocahontas county, 120 miles northwest of Des Moines, and 10 southwest of Rolfe, on the I. div. of the I. C. R. R., the nearest railroad station and banking point. Settled in 1874, it contains a Catholic church, and ships grain and live stock. It is on the daily mail stage route from Rolfe to Fonda, 16 miles southwest; fares, 75 cents and $1 respectively. Population, 150. O. A. Pease, postmaster.

Anderson M, carpenter.
Bissell H W, hotel propr.
Bradley W G, lawyer.
Bradley & Harland, lawyers and real est.
Cohen A, general store.
Cullen Wm, blacksmith.
Garlock A O, banker and real estate.
Hastings E M, justice of peace.
Heaton J H & Co, Bankers.
Hronek Frank, saloon.
Hubel W A, carpenter and meat market.
Lyons Samuel, live stock.
McEwan W D, lawyer.
McEwan & Garlock, bankers.
Mokish J, cooper.
Patterson Dr. M F, drugs and groceries.
Pease O A, Insurance.
Strong O I, Lawyer.
Thornton L C, real estate.

ROLFE. A village on Crooked creek and on the D. M. & Ft. D. R. R., at the crossing of the C. & N. W. ry in Clinton township, Pocahontas county, 108 miles northwest of Des Moines and 9 northeast of Pocahontas, the county seat. Settled in 1881, it has Presbyterian and Methodist churches, public schools, a bank, a weekly newspaper, the Reporter and ships live stock, grain and produce. Stages daily; north, to Parvin, fare, 50 cents, McKnight and West Bend, fare $1.00 and to Pocahontas, south, fare 50 cents. Population, 270. Tel., W. U. Exp., U. S. Mail, daily. J. S. Hatton, postmaster.

Beam W W, physician.
Bowman W F, physician.
Bright L A, groceries.
Bruce J J, land agent.
Caswell C A, lumber.
Coffin L C, livery.
Coffin M W, hotel propr.
Groves H H & Son, hardware.
Hatton J S, Boots and Shoes.
Lee & Lamb, bankers.
Melich E B, general store.
Richardson Rev A W (Methodist).
Smith H D, railroad agent.
Symes F H, hardware, coal and lumber.
Weible Martin, general store.

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