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Pocahonta County Deaths
Fonda Times Deaths from End-of-Year Chronologies, 1924, 1925 and 1926

Obituaries from 1924:

Jan. 2--F. B. Dietrick, former RR agent, in California

Jan. 2--Frances Wiley Baldwin in Varina

Jan. 3--Pat Fleming at Tucson, AZ, b-i-l of James L. O'Keefe

Jan. 7--Lovina Hessecamp Schulz, age 72, wife of Herman, at Varina

Jan. 10--Mrs. Cornelius Kennedy

Jan. 19--Claude Thompson and Lena Veit asphyxiated in Grand Island, Neb.

Jan. 26--Cornelius Kennedy

Feb. 5--John Malmberg of Albert City, former resident and brother of Mrs. Gus F. Johnson

Feb. 7--Mrs. Julia Ann Keller

Feb. 15--Mrs. Thomas Diggs of Pocahontas, burial at Rolfe

Mar. 7--Benjamin Westmoreland

Mar. 12--Harvey Eaton, pioneer

Mar. 17--Mrs. George Fellwock in Des Moines, daughter of V. E. Hardy

Apr. 11--Mrs. Amelia Schumann, age 75

Apr. 20--James W. Bigger of Knoke

Apr. 29--Mrs. Louis Fuchs, pioneer

May 2--Fred Clelland at Fort Dodge, burial Jolley Cemetery

May 5--Mrs. Clarence Heasley, former resident, at Jackson, Minn.

May 26--Robert John Swedenburg, age 4, at Thief River Falls, Minn.

May 28--Frank James Leslie, suicide

June 16--William Loveless, former resident, in Pawnee, Neb., b-i-l of A. B. Parson

June 21--Mrs. Perry Lanning and Ivan Dayton, both of Bradgate, killed in wreck near Story City

July 1--Lawrence Malone of Gilman, Ill., b-i-l of James Quirk

July 4--Mrs. Callie Sanford Hardman Ladd in Ronan, MT, former resident

July 13--Alvin Rude at Texarkana, AR, son of N. P. Rude, burial Cedar Cemetery

July 15--William Sellick of Varina

July 16--Gustave Schmidt killed by lightning in Mountain Lake, MN, former resident of Varina

Aug. 2--Sarah J. Lattin Garton, 74, formerly of Varina, burial Albert City

Aug. 18--John Ellis of lockjaw and blood poisoning

Aug. 26--James Huston, son of Mrs. Patrick Huston

Oct. 12--Mrs. Augusta Steen

Nov. 1--Catherine Delaney, niece of Mrs. D. W. Mullen

Nov. 15--C. E. Hunter, veteran of Civil War

Nov. 13--Alfred Peterson, pioneer

Dec. 1--Mrs. J. R. Miller, 78, mother of Mrs. Frank Chrisian

Dec. 2--Mrs. William Thornton

Dec. 2--Mrs. David McKellips

Dec. 7--"Dick" Bollard

Dec. 4--Mrs. Ray Wild, car accident at Lexington, Ky.

Dec. 24--Katherine Hummell Halder, age 66, former resident

Dec. 29--Martha Madge Thornton

Obituaries from 1925:

Jan. 12--Mary Jane Spielman

Jan. 13--Dr. R. D. Kendall's father

Jan. 22--Joseph Keenan, father of Will and John

Jan. 22--Funeral of Dr. M. G. Simpson

Jan. 28--Mrs. Hilda Samuelson

Feb. 17--Mrs. T. M. Barnes of Knoke

Mar. 25--Herman Radke

Apr. 10--Mrs. John McBreen

Apr. 11--Mrs. Elizabeth King

Apr. 30--Mrs. Hannah Eaton

May 5--John Wagner

May 7--Mrs. Ellen McGowan

May 9--A. J. Hocum of Varina

May 11--Martha Frances Fuchs

May 16--Frank Carlson of Rusk

May 17--Mrs. Bertha Taylor of Waterloo, sister of Ray Williams

May 19--Carl Johnson, 19, killed in wreck

May 26--Charles Ibsen

June 1--Daniel Fitzgerald of Varina

July 2--Herman Schultz

Aug. 3--Helen Longnecker, 4 year old daughter of W. R.

Aug. 8--Keeth Nelson at Varina

Aug. 19--3 year old daughter of V. L. Walter of Storm Lake

Aug. 20--Henry Kruchenberg of Williams Twp.

Aug. 25--Dolly Neal Winegarden

Sept. 5--Mrs. G. Tweddale, 82

Sept. 16--John R. Johnson, 71

Oct. 2--Anna Barbara Traum, 90, mother of Henry Traum

Oct. 6--Joe McCartan

Oct. 10--Mrs. Mary McIntyre, mother of William McIntyre

Oct. 18--Peter Smith, 17, by accidental shooting

Oct. 21--J. C. Bigger

Nov. 5--Mrs. Davie Spielman

Dec. 6--Mrs. George Fairburn

Dec. 18--Mrs. Frank Burdock

Dec. 16--Mrs. C. P. Christiansen, mother of Mrs. Jesse Lakin

Dec. 24--Mrs. Eretta Weltzheimer, wife of S. F.

Dec. 27--Mrs. Betty Ann Smith, wife of Henry

Dec. 28--Jacob E. Spielman

Obituaries from 1926:

Jan. 2--Mrs. L. A. Drummond

Jan. 10--August Porath

Feb. 2--James Admire

Feb. 7--Mrs. Jarve Gates

Feb. 14--Mrs. Ella Simmons

Feb. 22--W. H. Kees at depot

Feb. 28--Mrs. Wilson, wife of county treasurer

Mar. 11--Mrs. Nelson Olson

Mar. 22--Mrs. Harriet Brown

Apr. 5--Mrs. Ed Ryan from injuries in car wreck

Apr. 8--Jack White

Apr. 11--J. O. Sullivan

Apr. 23--Mrs. John Daugherty

Apr. 26--Michael Murphy at Varina

Apr. 27--Mrs. Mary Dorton

Apr. 29--Charles H. DeVaul

May 6--Clinton Wood

May 6--Harry Layman

May 7--George Dickman, former RR agent here

May 7--Father Carroll, early resident priest

May 10--Fred Walters

May 10--Vincent J. White

May 11--Mrs. Mary Steiner

May 24--Henry Nagel

May 30--Andres Omtvedt

May 30--Frank Evers

June 7--James Carroll at Rolfe

June 13--Martinus Omtvedt

June 13--George Sanborn

July 3--Henry Kruchtenberg

July 10--Mrs. Elizabeth Smith

July 15--Mrs. Clark Perry

Aug. 3--Mrs. Francis Farrell

Aug. 2--Harry Baily

Aug. 19--M. N. Smith, war veteran and father of Mrs. A. G. Bagge

Aug. 20--Mrs. Harriet Van Hoosier

Sept. 13--James H. Haven, civil war veteran

Sept. 14--William Wilde, father of Guy Wilde

Sept. 30--Mrs. Minor Swink

Oct. 30--William Rennie

Nov. 6--Mrs. Ella Aldrich in auto accident near Newell

Nov. 15--Mrs. Frank Kelm

Nov. 12--Frank Perry died in Texas, funeral to be here

Nov. 24--Carl Recknagel of Remsen, father of Ed

Nov. 26--Gust F. Johnson in Colfax Twp.

Dec. 2--Grandma Speilman

Dec. 2--Mrs. Anna Brady, mother of Mrs. J. P. Mullen

Dec. 21--Roy Traum in car wreck at Boulder, Colo.

Dec. 29--George Christian Henrick

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