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Funerals, 1900-1914
Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church
Laurens, Pocahontas County, Iowa

This church was founded in 1897 by a group of Germans who had come to Laurens from Boscobel, Wisconsin. I am not sure exactly where in Laurens it was located, but it disbanded some time before 1920.

The records below were transcribed from pages handwritten in German--I apologize for any errors.

NameBirthdateDate of
Date of
PETERSON, Wayne Wallace Sep. 8th, 1900 Sep. 9th, 1900 Sep. 15th, 1899 born in Pocahontas Co.
HENNINGS, Berntje Aug. 3rd, 1868 Apr. 21st, 1904 Apr. 23rd, 1904 born in Verden, Hannover
STACK, Rosina May 2nd, 1827 Oct. 6th, 1904 Oct. 8th, 1904 born in Bonfeld, Wuerttemburg
BRANDT, Emilie Aug. 18th, 1874 Feb. 2nd, 1905 Feb. 4th, 1905 buried in Havelock
ROEWE, Mathilda Maria Mar. 17th, 1890 May 23rd, 1905 May 25th, 1905 born in Pocahontas Co.
HINN, Herman Christoph Dec. 19th, 1893 May 27th, 1905 May 29th, 1905 born in Madison, Wisconsin
JANSSEN, Siebolt Apr. 15th, 1902 Oct. 10th, 1905 Oct. 12th, 1905 buried in Havelock
ROEHLK, Adam Nicholas Dec. 19th, 1840 Aug. 15,1907 Aug. 16th, 1907 born Kiel, Holstein
REUTSCH, Maria 1835 Sep. 10th, 1907 Sep. 11th, 1907 born Canton Bern, Switzerland
ALBORN, Mildred Lucile June 24th, 1907   Jan. 28th, 1908 born Booth Twp., Palo Alto Co.; parents Otto Alborn & Anna Schmidt
JOHNSON, Elmer Clausen Sep. 22nd, 1907   Mar. 16th, 1908 parents Claus Johnson & Gerta Freimuth; burial Havelock
REUTSCH, Dora nee Jeklin Jan. 6th, 1870 Mar. 21st, 1909 Mar. 24th, 1909 born Dubuque; wife of Fritz; buried in Mallard
HINN, Katharina nee Breckler Oct. 17th, 1830 Jan. 24th, 1910   wife of Joseph; born Deinbach, Baden; 79 yr., 3 mo., 7 da.
BRECHLER, Hannah Catharina nee Kreul May 2nd, 1865 May 28th, 1910 Jun. 1st, 1910 wife of Chris; born Fennimore, Wisconsin; buried Curlew; died of typhoid
SCHMIDT, George Apr. 8th, 1842 Aug. 14th, 1910   born Reichsachsen, Kreis Eschwege, Hessen; died of yellow jaundice
KREUL, George R. Oct. 30th, 1865 Aug. 30th, 1913 Aug. 2nd, 1913 died in Des Moines
HINN, Barbara Lucile Dec. 12th, 1912 Apr. 4th, 1914 Apr. 6th, 1914 daughter of William and Mary Hinn

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