Perpetual Calendar

	If you know the Burial Date or the date an obituary appeared in the newspaper, 
and you need to find out the Date of Death, just use these five easy steps below 
and you will have what you need.

	Step 1: Find the year range from the listing below.
	Step 2: Click on the calendar range you are going to enter.
	Step 3: Find the year and click on the adjacent calendar year link to the
	        right of the year.
	Step 4: Locate the date of the month stated in the Obituary or Burial.		
	Step 5: Go back to the day of the month stated in the obituary or burial and 
			you will have your date of death.
	NOTE: A Star after the calendar day, indicates a leap year with 29 days in 

Calendars from 1800 to 1850

Calendars from 1851 to 1899

Calendars from 1900 to 1950

Calendars from 1951 to 1999

Calendars from 2000 to 2050

Calendars from 2051 to 2099

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