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The CHARTER-PIERCE Memorial Internet Genealogical Society is proud to present an important feature to our home page titled "POLK COUNTY BURIALS". This is an on going project for our members who wish to participate. The information we are presenting is the known burials at the 75 plus cemeteries located within Polk County. Each Cemetery is listed under the respective Township in which it is located. The individuals name and either date of death or burial date is given along with the code for that particular cemetery.
Members will be provided all information we have on any individual found in this section. That information can include birth date, death date, marriage information and referral to other family members, and in some cases the plot owner.
The construction sign under each Cemetery name indicates that work is presently in progress. A percentage completed amount is also shown in parenthesis and will be removed completely when that cemetery has been walked by the Society Members.



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Allen Township

Avon Cemetery (AL01)

Beaver Township

Mitchellville Cemetery (BE01)
DeVotie Cemetery (BE02)

Bloomfield Township

Elm Grove Cemetery (BL01)
Gilfillan Cemetery (BL05)
Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery (BL03)

Camp Township

Lowman Cemetery (CA01)
Powers/Warren Cemetery (CA02)
Spry Cemetery (CA03)
Wicker/Clark Cemetery (CA04)

Clay Township

New Altoona Cemetery (CL01)
Old Altoona Cemetery (CL03)
Canfield Cemetery (CL02)

Crocker Township

Ankeny Memorial Gardens/American Veterans Cemetery (CR02)
Oralabor Cemetery (CR03)
Union Cemetery (CR04)

Delaware Township

Berwick Cemetery (DL01)
Harvey Cemetery (DL02)

Des Moines Township

Beth El Jacob Cemetery (DM01) (At Glendale)
Des Moines Masonic Cemetery (DM03) (At Glendale)
Emmanuel Cemetery (DM02) (At Woodland)
Glendale Cemetery (DM04)
Oak Grove Cemetery (DM05)
Odd Fellows Cemetery (DM06) (At Woodland)
St. Ambrose Cemetery (DM07) (At Woodland)
Woodland Cemetery (DM09)

Douglas Township

Brethren Cemetery (DU01)
Enterprise Cemetery (DU02)
Greenwood Friends Cemetery (DU03)

Elkhart Township

Byers/Cory Grove Cemetery (EL01)
Elkhart Cemetery (EL02)
Keller Cemetery (EL03)
White Oak Cemetery (EL05)

Four Mile Township

Oakwood Cemetery (FM01)
Rising Sun Cemetery (FM02)
Stuart Cemetery (FM03)

Franklin Township

Bondurant Cemetery (FR01)
Franklin Cemetery (FR02)

Jefferson Township

Lincoln Cemetery (JE01)
Ridgedale Cemetery (JE02)
Valley View Cemetery (JE03)

Lee Township

Children Of Israel Cemetery (LE01)
Laurel Hill Cemetery (LE02)
Sims/Harris/Agency Cemetery (LE03)
Scott Memorial Cemetery (LE04)

Lincoln Township

Lincoln Cemetery (LI03)
Moeckley/Crocker Cemetery (LI04)
Sheldahl Cemetery (LI05)
Willie Coons Farm/Lincoln Church Cemetery (LI06)

Madison Township

Beebe Cemetery (MA01)
Davis Farm Cemetery (MA02)
Lem Small Cemetery (MA03)
Polk City Cemetery (MA04)

Saylor Township

Highland Memory Gardens Cemetery (SA01)
Pine Hill Cemetery (SA02)

Union Township

Hopkins Grove Cemetery (UN01)
United Brethren Cemetery (UN02)

Walnut Township

Jordan Cemetery (WL01)
Resthaven Cemetery (WL02)

Washington Township

Brethren's United/Dunkard Cemetery (WS01)
Farrar Cemetery (WS02)
Holy Cross Cemetery (WS03)
Mt. Zion Cemetery/Loring (WS05)
Peoria Cemetery (WS06)

Webster Township

Chapel Hill Gardens/Merle Hay Cemetery (WE01)
Grimes/Sunny Hill Cemetery (WE02)
Kinsey/Lawson Cemetery (WE03)
Mc Divitt Grove Cemetery (WE04)
Rittgers Cemetery (WE06)


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