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William Orr - Lawyer in Clarinda, Page county, Iowa
Date: 19 Nov 2002 5:39:53 AM Pacific Standard Time
Hi Paul,
Would you be willing to locate information on a newly discovered family member. His name is William Orr and according to the 1900 and 1920 census, he was a lawyer in Nodoway township (Clarinda), Page county, Iowa.
Don't know much about his family other than he lived with his parents in Harlan township, Page county, Iowa in 1880. His parents were William and Mary Orr and they were immigrants from Scotland. This is a long lost branch of my family tree -- so any information you can dig up on this family would be so greatly appreciated. Thank-you so very much.
Sincerely, Larry LDShoger@aol.com
Larry Dean Shoger,
Thanks for the E-Mail, we have the Page Co., IA. ORR Family Profile!
See: William,1 ORR ..prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 20 Nov 2002 9:05:29 PM Pacific Standard Time
WOW! I am absolutely flabbergasted! Completely amazed and overwhelmed! Thank-you so very much!
Are you related to the Orr family -- how did you get this information? William and Mary Orr are my great great great great grandparents. My great great great grandma was Carrie Sarah Orr - Mrs. Lewis Baldwin Clark.
Their daughter, my great great grandma was Nellie Clark - Mrs. George Anthony Carter.
Their eldest son, Ernest Ray Carter, Sr., my great grandfather.
My grandmother was Lulu May Carter - Mrs. Clifford Nathan Shoger.
And my father is Marvin Duane Shoger and I am Larry Dean Shoger.

I can provide you with information on Carrie Sarah Orr and her descendants, to include a few pictures of some of her children and grandchildren. I have been able to locate William & Mary Orr and children in 1850 NY census and the 1860 and 1870 census in Fondulac county, Wisconsin. I find it intriguing that they were in the 1870 Iowa census as well. Can send you all of this information and more. Thank-you again for the wonderful information. I will have to sit down and study this material tonight. God Bless you and take care.
With Kind Regards, Larry LDShoger@aol.com
Thanks for the kind words.
No I am not "related" to the ORR family, but my grandmother Vers B. (DUNCAN) WILSON used to tell me that "Everybody is Related to to Everybody under God's eyes."
Would like additional info on the ORR's Census info. (date, county, Page, Family Visit numb.etc) 1860, 1950 etc.
I can list the family of Carrie Sarah ORR's and can put a note to contact you for additional information. (I need to keep family members that died in PaGE CO. in the Profile.) ..prs

3rd E-Mail: Date: 20 Nov 2002 9:42:22 PM Pacific Standard Time
After digging thru my notes, I see that William and Mary Orr were farming in China township, Wyoming county, New York during the 1850 census. The 1855 Wisconsin State census listed William Orr and family farming in Metomen township, Fondulac county, Wisconsin. The 1860 Wisconsin Federal census lists William Orr and his family farming in Metomen township, Fondulac county, Wisconsin.
The 1860 census was the last I could find of the family until a few days ago when I stumbled onto them farming in Harlan township, Page county, Iowa. And your information of the family settling in Page county in 1867 and farming there in 1870 completes the story.
I will be able to give you a lot more details this weekend on this family and what I was able to track down in the 1880 and 1900 census this past weekend.
And as I stated before, I have extensive information on William and Mary's daughter, Carrie Sarah Orr - Mrs. Lewis Baldwin Clark. Surprisingly enough, Lewis and Carrie married in Metomen, Wisconsin and lived a short time in Ripon, Fondulac county, Wisconsin where Lewis worked as a stone mason at Ripon College. They met in Ripon. Around 1867, they moved to a farm near Rockford, Floyd county, Iowa where Carrie passed away in 1883. Lewis and his children moved to a farm west of Osage, Mitchell county, Iowa (Cedar township). And of interest is the fact that the two youngest sons of Lewis and Carrie also became lawyers - following their uncle William's lead -- always wondered why they chose that profession. The two sons - Charles Vernoy and Ernest William became lawyers and lived in Chicago. This is all very interesting and exciting! Thank-you!
Larry LDShoger@aol.com
William B. Groeschell
ORR Genealogy
Date: 19 Jan 2003 4:52:51 PM Pacific Standard Time
File:OrrFamilyTwoGenerations1-13-03WBG.rtf (26736 bytes) DL Time (57600 bps): < 1 minute
I saw your msg board posting about the Orr's from Page County, IA. I'm researching the Orr's that came over in the late 1840s and migrated NY>WI>IA, settling in Page County, IA.
Attached is a Word document that lays out what I know about the first two-three generations of Orrs. I do know that there was a James Orr with descendants in Page County but can't place him yet. Anyway, I appreciate any comments/insights and help.
Thank you for your time.
William Groeschell, wbgro@bellsouth.net
901 755-0391
Thanks for the E-Mail & attached RTF file. We have added your info. to the
See: William,1 ORR Family Profile!
We would like any additional corrections/additions to this Family! ..prs

Submitter: Dorothy Cook-Barnett OSTER, Family

Sara Seleta OSTER (b?/ where/when ? md Charles Tobias LONG, (b.24 Oct 1847/d 1/dec/1925 in Northboro. She died in Clarinda before 1925 I believe. "Her family disowned her for marrying that damn Yankee!" Any Osters out there?
Posted: 98-09-09 02:09:29 EDT

Submitter: KAREN FULTS OWEN, Thomas

seeking data about the unknown parents of "Thomas Owen," who was born 1864 in Page County, Iowa. Thank you,
Posted: 98-09-27 14:41:44 EDT

Submitter: Karen OWEN/KING Family

Arthur Owen married Victoria King 1861 in Clarinda. He was son of Thomas and Delila Owen . She was daughter of widow Rosannah King who came to Iowa by 1851 . Husband then died and Rosannah married Edward Keeler by 1860. Who were children and parents of each. And where'd they all go? West or back east?
Posted: Jun. 14, 1999

Submitter: Karen OWEN, Family

Victoria King born ca 1843 in Ohio married Arthur Owen born ca 1841 in Indiana in Clarinda in 1861. Who were their parents? Victoria's mother Rosanah King born ca 1820 in Ohio had married Edward Keeler by 1860 census. Need her father's name . Did she and Arthur Owen have any children? Did they stay in Iowa? Don't know what happened to any of them.
Posted: Jun. 14, 1999

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