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Submitter: Ceylon Mace MACE, Roath A.
I'm looking for Information on Roath Anson Mace. He was born in Clarinda or Coin Iowa July 2, 1908. His siblinigs were Preston Pryor Mace, George L Mace, Correll Mace Ruth Mace and Geneiveve Mace. He was the youngest of these children. Roath's mother was Mary Gordon Mace His father was Luke Pryor Mace.
Posted: Feb. 13, 1999

Submitter: Judy Bowman Rhodes MAGERUM, Family
Submitted by: Judy Bowman Rhodes
Address: 521 East Grove, Rantoul, IL 61866
allied lines: BOLT, WEST
Posted: Jan. 27, 1998, Received 11 Jan. 1998

Submitter: Ed Margerum MAGERUM, Family
I suspect that Magerum is a variant of the name Margerum/Marjorum/Margeram. If some Page County Magerum can provide me with their origins perhaps I can make a link. I have an extensive Margerum database.
Posted: March 12, 1998

Submitter: Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. MANNASMITH, Isaac
ISAAC MANNASMITH was born on 7 Sep. 1851, in Waldo Township, Marion County, Ohio. (County Seat Marion) He was the 5th child, 4th son of PETER MONASMITH/MANNASMITH and his first wife JULIA A. (DENMAN) MANNASMITH. He died on 25 Feb. 1916, in Bancroft Twp., Nebraska, at his daughter's home ANN "Alice" (MANNASMITH) THRAP; He was married on 24 January 1869, Location Unknown in Missouri, to Miss MARIA (MARY) ELIZABETH HOLDEN, born 7 or 9 January 1849, in Unknown Co., Missouri; died about 1876 at the age of 23 years, in Andrew Co., Missouri; They had three children born to this short Union:
1st Dau: Anna/Alice MANNASMITH; b. 1870 IL. m. Sam THRAPP, IA.
2nd Dau: CORA BELLE MANNASMITH; b. 1872 MO. m. George R. WILSON, IA. <--My Gr-Grandparents!
1st Son: Wm. "Willy" MANNASMITH; b. 1874 MO. m. 1) Etta Amanda SNYDER, IA. m. 2) Burtha E. HAGAMIRE
Would like to share information with any one working on these families.

Posted: 10 Mar. 1997
Elizabeth "Anne" (Mannasmith) Horn
Subj: Re: Mannasmith family pages
1st E-Mail Dated: 24 Mar 2003 at: 5:09:43 PM PSTime
E-Mail: annehorn@uic.edu [Old Address as of 2010]
So your great grandmother was the sister of my grandfather, Willie A. Mannasmith. My name is Elizabeth "Anne" Mannasmith Horn. I am the daughter of Clarence Mannasmith. Elizabeth (Mannasmith) Horn,
Thanks for the E-Mail.
Father: Clarence H. MANNASMITH, D.V.M. Family Profile
Grandfather: Willie A. MANNASMITH, Sr. Family Profile
GR-Grandfather: See: Isaac MANNASMITH Family Profile
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

Subj: Elizabeth Anne Mannasmith Horn
2nd E-Mail Dated: 30 Mar 2010 at: 7:56:43 AM PSTime
E-Mail: anneh@theglobal.net [New Address!]
Hi Paul,
I have just been looking through your family tree on "an ancestry.com community". Can you update my email address to anneh@theglobal.net so that I can be available to be in contact with any interested relatives?
I have been working on my own family tree as, among other things, a repository for the pictures I have inherited from my mother and father on my mother's passing. Dorothea June Doughty Mannasmith (born June 9, 1920) passed on September 15, 2009. I will be scanning pictures and will forward to you any old Mannasmith pictures if you are interested (?)
I know that Bertha Elizabeth Cardine Hagemeier Mannasmith, second wife of Willie Mannasmith was raised by foster parents Henry M. Meyers and Mary Louise Wittey along with three of her Hagemeier siblings: Anna, Fred, and Lena.
Do you know anything about the Hagemeier siblings biological parents?
Regards, Anne anneh@theglobal.net
So nice to hear from you, I havn't corresponeded with you since March 2003.
Sorry to hear about your Mother's death last year.
Sorry, I haven't researched the Hagemeier Family.
Would like to have any MANNASMITH Photos that you may have. Just scan them, ID and Date them, E-Mail to me & I will Up-Load them.
I have a MANNASMITH Family Photo Album on line at URL: https://sites.rootsweb.com/~iapage/families/manasmit/0PHOTOS.HTM
I also would like to send you my original photos, from the WILSON Album, I can burn you a CD with all the photos I have scanned.
I also have a 1890's Wilson/Christensen/Drace/Mannasmith Album at URL:
If you see any you want to have or know the ID, just let me know!
I have your Great-Great-Grandfather Isaac MANNASMITH, Bible If you give me your snail-mail address, I would like to send it to you. It should be in the MANNASMITH Family. (See attached Photo)
Your 2nd Cousin, Once Removed!
Subj: Elizabeth Anne Mannasmith Horn
3rd E-Mail Dated: 14 Apr 2010 at: 6:25:24 PM MDTime
I am attaching a few of the pictures hoping that maybe you might like to insert some of them into the Willy Mannasmith section of your family tree publication on rootsweb. I will send them small but if you would like a larger version of any of these, let me know. I wrote the captions above each photo.

Clarence Mannasmith (age 5) holding Bill (Jr.) Mannasmith (age less than one), 1924.
1. clarence-1924.jpg

Clarence Henry Mannasmith, age 18 in 1937.
2. clarence-1937.jpg
William Andrew Mannasmith, March 17, 1941, aged 67 years (date written on back)
3. willy_1941_03.jpg
Guy Merril Mannasmith and Lura Means Mannasmith about 1923
4. guy_1923.jpg
Left to Right: Guy, father Willie A., and Lee Mannasmith
5. willy_1925twins.jpg
Left to Right: Leslie, father Willie A. and Lester Mannasmith
6. willy_1930twins.jpg
Lester Mannasmith and first wife, Maureen Smiley about 1930-1933 (the interval of time between their marriage and her death.
7. lester_1930wife1.jpg
Left to Right: Lee, Leslie, Clarence, Lester, and Bill Mannasmith about 1946-1947
8. 1946_1947a.jpg
Left to Right: Clarence, Guy and Lee Mannasmith, April 1962, in the Clarence Mannasmith home in rural Red Oak, Iowa
9. 1962_04redoak.jpg
Subj: Elizabeth Anne Mannasmith Horn
4th E-Mail Dated: 14 Apr 2010 at: 7:24:53 PM MDTime
I have enjoyed and really appreciate the publication that you have so meticulously constructed in response to your mother's memorabilia. I find myself doing the same, albeit on a smaller scale than you. I have worked for the past year on my (second) husband's family tree but now have started to work on my own. I am using ancestry.com and their format to keep track of the many ancestors and relatives.
I am going to go through the William Andrew "Willy" Mannasmith page and give you some suggested corrections.
This is on https://sites.rootsweb.com/~iapage/families/manasmit/4MANSMTH.HTM
When you get to the details about Lester Mannasmith, there is a picture taken in 1941 that names Lester's wife as Maureen Smiley. This is actually a picture of Lester and his second wife, Vida Maxine Sullivan (whom he married in 1936). In my previous email to you I sent a picture of Lester with first wife Maureen. She died in 1933. As far as I know, there were no children born to this union. If a child was born, he or she died as an infant.
Lester and Vida Maxine "Max" had two children. Antoinette, who died at birth in July 1938, and R. Tim Mannasmith, born in July 1939. Tim married wife Julie (unknown last name, unknown date) and they live in Harrisonburg, Virginia. These are the two children that are mistakenly attributed to Lester and Maureen. Vida Maxine Sullivan Mannasmith died 24 Aug 2004 in Harrisonburg, Rockingham, Virginia. When I was growing up, our family spent a lot of time with the Lester and Max family. I have a lot of pictures of Lester as a teenager caring for Clarence and Bill when they were young. I think Clarence felt very close to Lester.
Both my father and my mother, Dorothea, donated their bodies to medical science, so there are no burial locations.
When you get to me and my brother, I am the granddaughter of "Willy" and Bertha Hagemeier Mannasmith (not Etta Snyder Mannasmith as is listed). My brother's name is Stephen Dale Mannasmith and he is the grandson of Willy and Bertha as well. (somehow my name is on my brother's record.)
I married Roger William Horn on August 16, 1964. We had one son, Bradley Stuart Horn, born July 29, 1965. Roger and i divorced in 1969 and Roger died on 25 July, 2002 of a heart attack while riding in the RAGBRAI Des Moines register annual bike ride across Iowa.
Bradley Horn currently lives in Chicago with his wife, Gretchen Osterhout whom he married in Portland, Oregon in 2000. There are no children.
My brother, Steve married Mary Ann Billington in June, 1967, in Iowa City, Iowa. They have no children.
On the picture page https://sites.rootsweb.com/~iapage/families/manasmit/0PHOTOS.HTM
you have posted several Christmas card pictures of our family. In all of them my mother's name is listed as "Bessie" instead of "Dorothea". The one picture from June 1967 that has both Roger Horn and Bradley Horn as well as me, Steve and Mary, was taken on the occasion of Steve and Mary's wedding.
Sorry to carry on for so long, Paul, but I hope you find this information useful.
I have more pictures if you have any gaps you want to fill.
Best regards, Anne

Source: Anne is our [FOPC©-REF:# 13] Click on Redball for More Info.<--- See: MANNASMITH Family Photo Album!
Submitter: Betty Johnson MANNASMITH, Family
Date: 09 Jun 1997 01:49:34 EDT
I am not able to help you any more on the Mannasmith. I do not have the names of the children by Susan McLaughlin. Maybe Leonard Cash will be able to help you.
Sorry I was so long in answering. I had a family reunion in Independence, MO this past week-end.
Betty Johnson, E-Mail: bjohnson@netins.net
Betty, See Isaac MANNASMITH Family Profile ..prs
Hilary Jean Mannasmith
Date: 13 Jun 2005 9:37:46 PM Pacific Daylight Time
i know nothing of mary mannasmith but "willy" was my great grandfather. my grandfather, william a mannasmith jr, just passed away this past january and i'm looking to see if there are anymore mannasmith's out there.
i'm the last in the lineage around here, hoping there's more out there for me to know about.
any info would be great. E-Mail: hilarym1@cox.net
Sorry I don't know your name.
Willy Andrew Mannasmith (1874-1943) is the brother of my Gr-Grandmother Mrs. Cora Belle (Mannasmith) WILSON
We would like to exchange info on this family.
Goto URL: Willie A. MANNASMITH, Sr. <--Click Here!

2nd E-Mail: Date: 15 May 2005 6:26:07 PM Pacific Daylight Time
My apologies for not including my name in the last e-mail. My name is Hilary Jean Mannasmith and I am the youngest daughter of
Larry Joe Mannasmith. Son of William A. Mannasmith.

I read through the information from the website that you gave me. Absolutely stunning. I would love to find out more about the mannasmith side of my family. If you know of anymore information I would love to read it.
Thanks so much for the info so far.
I truly appreciate it!
Hilary, E-Mail: hilarym1@cox.net
Nice to meet you Hilary, & Thanks for the kind words,
We have some 25 pages on the MANNASMITH Genealogy & History Goto Index URL: MANNASMITH Index <--Click Here! (Click on the "Links" to go to various chapters)

Doris Morley
Leslie Melville Mannasmith
February 17, 2006 at 21:35:22
GenForum MANNASMITH: Message #3
Leslie Melville Mannasmith was born 11 July 1906 in Colne, Iowa.
He married Elizabeth Ann Walkey 20 June 1931 in Wilmette, IL.
They had three children:
James, Patricia, and Mary Beth.
Does anyone know this family?
Doris Morley
Leslie M. MANNASMITH, is the 3rd Son of
Willie A. MANNASMITH and Mother Etta SNYDER.

Submitter: Andrews, Bruce MARVIN, Merze
Trying to locate descendants of Merze Marvin - daughter of Charles Norton Marvin and Bertha Luella McCausland. Charles was editor of Sentinel-Post newspaper in Shenandoah around 1890-1910. Merze had information about the McCausland family which I am researching. Any info appreciated - thanks:
Posted: 98-09-02 16:05:53 EDT

Submitter: Roger Cox WB0DGF MASON, George W.
I am looking for ANY information on George Washington MASON b: 1854 d: 1888 York, NE. He was married to Corelia BERGE. They lived in Shenandoah, Page, Iowa abt 1880-1884 but moved to York, NE before his death. Corelia Berge was born Henry County, Iowa 1856.
Posted: Oct. 04, 1999

Submitter: Melissa S. Collins MASON, John W.
I am researching the John Wesley Mason and wife Ethel Florence Robinson Mason family in Page County, Iowa. They were married in College Springs, 1903, and subsequently had 6 daughters. Any information regarding other family members (other than children, which I have) would be greatly appreciated, or names of other Masons/Robinsons living in that area in that time or earlier. Also any Pucketts living in the area, as they are also part of the line earlier on.
Posted: Feb. 13, 1999

Submitter: Mike Maxwell MAXWELL, Family
I am researching the Maxwell family in Page County. Please contact me if you are interested in sharing or receiving any information on this family. Related families are Farrens, Friend, Manley, Townsend. Posted: March 12, 1998

 McCALLISTER Family, of Washington Co., New York
Bonnie McAllister
Subject: [NYWASHIN_L] McAllister, Pinkerton IRE Salem, NY WI
Dated: Sun, 8 Jul 2001 at: 04:36:16 -0500
 Source: https://lists.rootsweb.com/hyperkitty/th/read/NYWASHIN/2001-07/0994617376

I am looking for anyone who has information on the family of JAMES and MARY A. (HENRY) MCALLISTER whose children immigrated to Salem, NY in the 1850's and 1860's. Their children's names were: Rachel, Samuel, John, James, Jane, Sarah, Mary and Solomon.
Four of these children moved to Wisconsin. Below is some of the basic information I have on the family.
JAMES MCALLISTER ( A Weaver) b. circa 1800, Ireland d. circa 1864, Ireland
Spouse: MARY A. HENRY b. circa 1800, Ireland d. circa 1864, Ireland
b. circa 1826, Co. Antrim, IRE m. in 1853 in Salem or Hebron, NY to ROBERT PINKERTON
Children: John, Sarah J., Mary, Rachel, Isabella, Emma and Carrie Sarah married Joseph E. MONTGOMERY and went to Waupaca, WI. Mary married JOHN PINKERTON, Emma was Mrs. Martin HUBBARD of Salem, NY and Carrie was Mrs. Daniel COLTON of Salem NY.

SAMUEL MCALLISTER b. circa 1834, County Antrim, Ireland


JAMES MCALLISTER b. about 1838, County Antrim, Ireland was married to Hannah (Anna) FOSTER in Salem, NY then moved to Waupaca Co., WI and had three children: John Henry McAllister, b. Sept. 1861, Wisc., Lucinda McAllister (STRATTEN/BARRINGTON) b. 1864, Wisc., and James A. McAllister, b. 1869, Wisc.

JANE MCALLISTER b. 07 May1839, County Antrim, Ireland, came to US in May of 1855. Married June 1859 in Salem, NY to SAMUEL D. PINKERTON. They went to Waupaca Co., WI in 1861. Had five children: Robert Pinkerton b. 31 May1860, Mary b. 10 May 1862 and married S.A. BARRINGTON, Ida b. 03 Sep 1863 and married Peter JENSEN, Samuel J. b. 14 Jan. 1866 married in 1893 to Ruth BRIGHAM in Waushara Co., and John b. 10 Oct. 1867.

SARAH MCALLISTER b. circa 1843, County Antrim, Ireland

SOLOMON HENRY MCALLISTER b. 25 November 1851 (his parents died when he was 13 which is when he came to America to join his other siblings.) In 1870, he moved from NY to Waupaca County. He was believed to be married three times.
1) Katie MACKIN 13 March 1875
2) Sarah A. (MCCROSSEN) STEWART 25 Nov 1885
3) Armela C. (SOULE) MCCRARY 03 Mar 1902
No known children. Solomon died on 26 Sep. 1911 and was buried in Rural, WI
If anyone has information to share on this family, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you.
Bonnie McAllister bonniem@chorus.net

Bonnie, the McCALLISTER's of Washington Co., NY. are "Connicted" to my NY. PINKERTONS
      See: My Washington Co., New York PINKERTONS
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

Submitter: Debbie Haught McCOOL, Rihard

Seeking information on Rihard McCool, born 1832 Ohio and Clarissa Mulkins McCool, born 1838 Indiana. They were married in Howard Co., IN 1855. Were the parents of at least 2 children, Josephine, bonr 1856 Indiana and Joseph born @1859 in Iowa. Richard & Clarissa are living in Page Co in 1860. Did they have more children? Did they leave Page Co.? All help appreciated. Posted: 29 Dec. 1996

Submitter: Lynne Emmons McCULLOUGH, George

Researching McCULLOUGH family of Page Co. George McCullough and his wife Jennet moved to Page Co. Iowa from Indiana in 1858. Their son George and his wife and three children accompanied them. Most of their other children stayed behind in Indiana. George Sr. d. Sept. 25, 1867, Jennet d. March 13, 1859, both are buried in the Old College Springs cemetery, west of the town of College Springs. What happened to George Jr. and his family? Does anyone know what condition the above named cemetery is in?
Lynne Emmons emmons@interlinks.net Posted: 11 Nov. 1997, Received 11 Oct. 1997

Submitter: Cheryl McCombs McCUNE, Thomas
Looking for information on families of MARY ANN FORDYCE & THOMAS McCUNE MARY ANN FORDYCE was previously married to SAM McDANIELS. MARY ANN was born in Nov., 1814, and died in 1874 in SIAM, IOWA. THOMAS McCUNE was born 1807 and died March 28, 1907. Would like to find their marriage, parents of the grooms, and any children of the 2 unions.
Reach me by ICQ. My Flavors ICQ# is 187576
Email me at cmccombs@earthlink.net
Posted: Jun. 08, 1998

Submitter: Charlotte Black McCUTCHEON, John

F. John McCUTCHEON, b. 1829, Highland co, OH, d. 3 Mar 1912, Villisca, Montgomery, IA m. Ruthanna HIATT, 23 Feb 1854, Villisca, Montgomery, IA b. 31 Dec 1834, Highland co, OH, d. 29 May 1897, Sciola, Montgomery, IA. Children:

  • 1. Isadora McCUTCHEON, b. 1855, OH, m. KING
  • 2. Sarah Catherine McCUTCHEON, b. 10 May 1856, Highland co, OH d. 5 Apr 1934, Sciola, Montgomery, IA m. 1874, Jahue RIDENOUR m. 1902, Isaac Newton WALLACE m. 1923, Hartland Judson GOWEY
  • 3. Mary E. McCUTCHEON, b. 28 Mar 1858, OH, m. BUSEY
  • 4. Elta Ann McCUTCHEON, b. 28 Feb 1861, Montgomery co, IA, d. 29 Dec 1946, Clarinda, Page, IA m. 1890 Alexander RIDENOUR
  • 5. Jessie L. McCUTCHEON, b. 30 Jan 1862, Page co, IA, m. FRIEDRICH
  • 6. Nancy McCUTCHEON, b. 18 Jul 1862, Page, IA, m. LeRoy RIDENOUR
  • 7. Amanda McCUTCHEON, b. 19 Jan 1865, Page, IA, m. DeGRAFF
  • 8. Elizabeth McCUTCHEON, b. 12 Aug 1869, Page, IA, d. aft 1946 m. Thomas SELBY, m. William FIGGANS
  • 9. Henry Clay McCUTCHEON, b. 23 May 1871, Clarinda, Page, IA d. aft Dec 1946, Los Angeles, CA m. Ethel Dora FERRIS, 26 Apr 1899, Clarinda, Page, IA b. abt 1881, Washington co, KS, d. aft Dec 1947, Los Angeles, CA. Children:
  • 1. Leila Frances McCUTCHEON, b. 21 May 1900, Villisca, Mont., IA m. Hary Milo BLACK 19 Feb 1921
  • 2. Gayle McCUTCHEON, b. abt 1902, Corning, Adams, IA m. Gideon COX
  • 3. Thelma Grace McCUTCHEON, b. 13 Oct 1904, Corning, Adams, IA m. William Dusty RHOADS
  • 4. Henry Clark McCUTCHEON, b. abt 1906, Corning, Adams, IA
  • 5. Carol B. McCUTCHEON, b. 1 Oct 1917, Corning, ADams, IA m. Allen H. JOHN, abt 1936, Los Angeles, CA
  • 10. Emma G. McCUTCHEON, b. 4 Feb 1874, Page, IA, m. Charles W. GOODWATER 15 Feb 1892
  • 11. Ruth McCUTCHEON, b. 15 Jan 1876, Page, IA, m. Aleck EKSTRAND

Is anyone researching this family. Please respond to Charlotte Black; 6238 OakValley Lane Citrus Heights, CA 95621 Posted: 02 Feb. 1997; Received 11 Jan., 1997

Submitter: Kenneth W. McDonald McDONALD, Lizzie
Lizzie Mcdonald Farrens, b 15 may 1860 in PA. married Percy Aexander FARRENS 1 march 1880 in clarinda ia . would like information on LIZZIE MCDONALD she was in this area until her death in 1934 any information would be appeciated.
Posted: May 22, 1998

Submitter: Iona White McCOWN/McCOWEN, Family
Would like to hear from anyone that can give me information on the McCOWN FAMILY that lived in the Braddyville area around 1860. I know of one given name that is George bn. abt. 1842 in IL. His mother was married to James BRADDY. She has another son, William McCown buried at Braddyville. His dates are 1846-1857. She had two other McCown children. Can anyone give me any clues on this family?
Posted: Feb. 13, 1999

Submitter: Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. McKOWN, Alexander, Jr.
Would like to exchange information on the followin families!
4th s/o Alexander, Sr. & Wife ROSANNA (GLASGOW) McKEOWN;
b. on 12 Dec. 1830, in Freeport Twp. Harrison Co., Ohio;
d. 01 Jan. 1916, at the age of 86 years, in Clarinda, Page Co., Iowa; is buried in the Covenantor Cemetery, near Clarinda, Harlan Twp., Page Co., IA. (Lot No. 90, Plot 1); He married twice, first at the age of 23 years on 16 Nov. 1854, in Freeport Twp. Harrison Co., Ohio, to the 24 year old
(3d/o JOHN Alexander, Sr. and his wife MARY (ALLEN) Alexander;
b. about 1830-1, in Freeport Twp., Harrison Co., Ohio;
d. 4 Dec. 1862 at the age of 32 years, in Harrison Co., Ohio, Buried in the Londonderry United Presbyterian Cemetery (Covenantor), in Londonderry Twp., Guernsey Co., Ohio; They had three children born from this first union:
At the age of 34 years, he married a second time on 29 Nov. 1864, at Harrison County, Ohio, to the 34 year old
(d/o M/M CLARK)
She was born on 19 May 1830, in Guernsey Co., Ohio; She died about 1921, at the age of 81 years, in Page Co., Iowa; She is buried in the Covenantor Cemetery, South of Clarinda, in Harlan Twp., Page Co., Iowa, next to her husband, on (Lot No. 90, Plot No. 2); They had one child by this second marriage:
1.1st. Dau: MARY ROSE; b. *1855-1864 a09y d. young!
2.1st. Son: JOHN Alexander; b. *1858-1933 a75y m. Mary MORRISON, 0Ch.
3.2nd. Son: JAMES ULRICH; b. *1860-1943 a83y m. Mag J. PINKERTON, 4Ch.
4.1st. Son: HENRY E.; b. *1866-1948 a82y m. Jose S. STOOPS, 7Ch.
See Biographical Profile on ALEXANDER Family for Continuation:
Posted: Oct. 04, 1996

Hugh Tice
McKEOWN, Family
Dated: Sep 01, 1999 I would like to have any thing that you would share with me on the Mckeown family. I am checking my family history and my ggg-mother was Nancy Ann McKeown married to William H Mead.
I am Hugh Tice. (HJnPATSY@aol.com) Thank You
cc: tice@c-gate.net

Hugh, Thanks for the E-Mail!
You did not give me and dates or county, state, but, I have some "McKEOWN" of Harrison Co., OH and Page Co., IA.
See "Attached" file MCKEOWN1.BIO this file is a .TXT Text (ASCII) file that can be read, printed with a Text Editor.
Would like to exchange Info. on these families.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. ..prs
Submitter: Dawn McKEOWN McKEOWN, Family
Dated: Oct 27, 1999

You did not give me and dates or county, state, but, I have some "McKEOWN" of Harrison Co., OH and Page Co., IA.
See "Attached" file MCKEOWN1.BIO this file is a .TXT Text (ASCII) file that can be read, printed with a Text Editor.
Would like to exchange Info. on these families.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Submitter: Rosemary Mullikin McKEOWN - DUNCAN - FULK
Dated: Jan 16, 2000
Dear Paul,
I see that you are researching the above mentioned families. My aunt, Elsie Davison McKeown, was married to Clark McKeown. They had no children and I was her closest living relative. I remember that he was related to Duncan and Fulk families. I recently opened a box that has been in storage since her death in 1986. I have pictures of Clark McKeown and his family. I don't know any of these people except I know he had a sister. If this is the correct family that you are seeking, I would be glad to give you these family pictures.
Rosemary Mullikin (ellobo@ezl.com)
What a nice gesture! I would love to have the Clark McKeown family pictures. You can see the McKEOWN Family of Page Co., IA. go to
See Biographical Profile on ALEXANDER McKEOWN, Sr. Chapter I. for Continuation:
See Biographical Profile on ALEXANDER McKEOWN, Jr. Chapter II. for Continuation:
See Biographical Profile on James U. McKEOWN, Chapter III. for Continuation:
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. ..prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 04 Oct 2001 4:40:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Dear Paul,
You have a beautifully put together site! I hope you don't mind if I mention a few corrections-- A. Clark Mckeown is burried in the Clarinda cemetary as is his wife Elsie IONA, not Irona. Clark worked all his life in various mens clothing stores. Elsie worked at Connors for some years, not Clark,
Keep up the good work,
Rosemary Mullikin
Thanks for the kind words, and I have made the corrections to the McKEOWEN Family Profile. ..prs
Submitter: Michael Hurd Alexander & Rose (Glasgow) McKEOWN, 1823 Ire-Oh
Dated: Jan 22, 2000
McKeown Family Genealogy Forum Message #123
Looking for place of origin in Northern Ireland for Alexander McKeown and Rose Ann Glasgow. Believe it might be Inisrush, County Londonderry but not sure.
Immigrated to USA c. 1823. Rose's parents followed them to Guernsey/Harrison Counties Ohio. All are buried in Londonderry, Ohio cemeteries. Have nothing on Alexander's parents.
Children's names include, 1. Henry, 2. John, 3. James, 4. Adam, 5. Margaret, 6. O. Glasgow, 7. Mary Jane, 8. Alexander, 9. Arthur, 10. Levina, 11. Rose Ann, 12. William.
Re: Alexander & Rose (Glasgow) 1823 Ire-Oh Don Plapp 1/31/00 (See Below)
Michael Hurd, (bisontwo@yahoo.com)
Michael, we have this same family, but only 11 Children, (we have no record for O. Glassgow McKEOWN. We would like to exchange information on this family.
See Biographical Profile on ALEXANDER McKEOWN, Sr. Chapter I. for Continuation:
Submitter: Don Plapp Alexander & Rose (Glasgow) McKEOWN, 1823 Ire-Oh
Dated: Jan 31, 2000
McKeown Family Genealogy Forum Message # 126
In Reply to: Alexander & Rose (Glasgow) 1823 Ire-Oh by Michael Hurd of
Do you have any birthdates on children? We are from William Mc Keown, came to Fillmore Co.,Minnesota about 1856. Brother? George, James b. 1822 County Down, moved to IL & MN.
Don Plapp, (imexslee@email.msn)
No followups yet.
Don, we have no record on Alexander McKEOWN, parents or siblings
We would like to exchange information on this family.
See Biographical Profile on ALEXANDER McKEOWN, Sr. Chapter I. for Continuation:
Submitter: Betty (Karr) Cordial McKEOWN, John
1st E-Mail: Dated: Jan 09, 2002
Genforum: Regional: U.S. States: Ohio: Guernsey County Message #347
After reading your message, I went to your Iowa website and discovered something especially interesting - at least to me (maybe you already know this). You have a McKeown family listed. William H. McKeown (7th son of Alexander) is shown as marrying Nancy J. Tidrick.
Nancy is the daughter of Robert and Mary (Karr) Tidrick. This Mary (Karr) Tidrick is the sister of Robert Karr referenced above (my gggrandfather), who is the father of Mary Jane (Karr) Duncan.
I'm especially excited about finding this information on one of the Tidricks because we have very little information on this family beyond Robert and Mary (Karr) Tidrick. We did not have the first name of Nancy's husband or where they lived, only that Nancy's children were named Mary (who married a Samuel Orr) and James.
I would be most happy to exchange information with you.
Betty Karr Cordial (bcordial@aol.com)
Betty, what a thrill to receive your E-Mail Jan 09, 2002 regarding Wm. H. McKEOWN family.
Would love to exchange Information
See Biographical Profile on ALEXANDER McKEOWN, Sr. Chapter I. for Continuation:
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.

Source: See: Duncan REF:#21]
2nd E-Mail: Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 4:52:48 AM Eastern Standard Time
Paul, thank you for responding. I can't tell you how excited I am to find more information on my extended ancestors. I am not directly descended from either the Tidrick or McKeown line, but we all go back to my ggggrandparents (John and Nancy (Welch) Karr). Are you related to either the Tidrick or McKeown families?
What a wonderful website you have - very impressive and one of the best genealogy sites I've seen on the internet.
Maybe I'm missing something, but I couldn't find Mary (Carr) Duncan on the Duncan link? The link went to a version 4 and I'm wondering if it is in one of the other versions that I couldn't access.
I'm trying to figure out how to get you the information I have on these two families. We have a 104 page binder that was compiled by some of our relatives (all deceased now) in Ohio in 1967 (The Karr Family Book). This has a family tree from John and Nancy forward, but also contains a lot of narrative information (which I find really interesting). The family tree portion has been entered into a gedcom database by one of my distant "internet cousins", but doesn't have any of the narrative portion. If you're related to either of these families, you would probably like to have a copy of everything - if not, then you're probably only interested in the portion about the Tidricks and McKeowns.
I can either copy all of the book or only those portions on the two families, whichever is your preference, and send it to you. If you are related to these families, please let me know because we have a myfamily.com website for descendants of John and Nancy that contains a lot of interesting info, photos, etc. This is a private website and I will need to have them send you an invitation for you to get access. I have met many distant cousins over the internet (we refer to ourselves as the "internet cousins") who are all seeking additional information on John and Nancy, plus attempting to locate more information on descendants and the family in general.
I've been particularly focused lately on trying to find more information on the Tidrick line. John and Nancy moved west from Washington County PA to Harrison County OH sometime between 1812 and 1820. We have a record that John purchased land in Guernsey County in 1834, but don't know exactly when they moved there. John died in Guernsey County in 1844 and Nancy in 1848. We don't have any information about John's or Nancy's parents, siblings, etc. The Karr Family Book indicates they both came from Ireland, but one of the internet cousins has some old handwritten notes that show John's father was a revolutionary soldier by the name of Robert Kerr. We haven't been able to substantiate either story. Mary Karr Tidrick (their oldest daughter, and mother of the Nancy Tidrick McKeown) lived close to John and Nancy in Guernsey County. I've always thought if I could find some of the Tidrick descendants, we might find some more information on John and Nancy. You're the first success I've had in pursuing that goal.
Look forward to hearing from you, and hope I've found another internet cousin. I'd appreciate any suggestions on accessing the information on Wm & Mary Duncan.
Betty Karr Cordial, BCordial@aol.com
Thanks for the kind words.
My Grandmother was Vera B. (Duncan) WILSON,
My Gr-Grandfather is R. "Alex." DUNCAN
My Gr-Gr-Grandfather is Robert M. DUNCAN
My Gr-Gr-Grandfather is Adam DUNCAM
See: John,2 Duncan & 1st Wife Mary CARR] ..prs

3rd E-Mail: Date: 11 Feb 2006 7:52:04 PM Pacific Standard Time
We have corresponded previously about the McKeown and Duncan familes of Page County. I think you are related to the McKeown family? I wanted to let you know that I have located a small black and white photo of William and Nancy Tidrick McKeown that I will send to you when I get home (currently traveling on business). I think the picture was taken sometime between about 1915 and 1925 (don't have my genealogy chart with me and cannot remember their exact death dates). The picture was taken in their yard in Freeport, Harrison County, Ohio...... Freeport is just a short distance (up the hill) from Londonderry, Ohio.
On another issue - although you don't have them listed on your website, thought you would like to know that there was another related family living in Page County. I found a reference to them in the "History of Page County" book. The bio is on Robert U. McClenahan, whose wife was Rebecca Tidrick, who was Nancy Tidrick McKeown's sister.
I'm not sure how long Robert and Rebecca lived in Page County, but know that they later lived on both the west coast and east coast. I think they ended up separating at some point in time because Robert died while living with his daughter Etta in Oregon. While Robert was still living, Rebecca ended up moving back to Londonderry, Ohio and lived with her unmarried brother Andrew W. Tidrick (also brother to Nancy Tidrick McKeown). Rebecca passed away shortly after Andrew and had inherited the family farm in Londonderry when Andrew died. Rebecca passed the farm on to her two children, Etta and Ernest. I mention this farm because Robert Tidrick, married to Mary Karr, and father of both Nancy Tidrick McKeown and Rebecca Tidrick McClenahan, had purchased this farm from the estate of Mary Karr Tidrick's father (John Karr) when he died in 1844.
John Karr was the father of Mary Karr Tidrick, and the grandfather of Nancy Tidrick, McKeown, Rebecca Tidrick McClehanan and Mary Jane Karr Duncan (married to John Duncan, 7th son of Adam W. Duncan) ...... John Karr is also my ggggrandfather.
I'll send you the picture of William and Nancy Karr McKeown when I get home.
Betty Karr Cordial, E-Mail: BCordial@aol.com
Thanks, Betty look forward to the picture...prs
4th E-Mail: 14 Oct 2007 11:28:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: William McKeown
Attachement: William & Nancy Jane Tidrick McKeown.jpg (43.3KB)

I was working on my family tree to add McKeown/Duncan/Tidrick information and remembered that I had found this picture last year and meant to send you a copy.
This is William H. McKeown (son of Alexander McKeown Sr and wife Rosanna Glasglow), together with his wife Nancy Jane Tidrick. Found this small, bruised picture in a box of photos that I haven't gone through for years. The handwriting on the back reads: Wm and Nan McKeown. Since William died in 1927, I think the picture was probably taken by my grandfather on one of his trips to Ohio to visit his family. My grandfather and Nancy would have been first cousins once removed. [ See: c1927 Photo! ]
While doing some research the other night, I came across some old newspaper articles from Ohio that mentions "Rose" (Glasglow) McKeown - one I think was her obit. I'll organize these and send them on to you later.
I gathered from reading the articles and the material on your website that William H. and Nancy J. (Tidrick) McKeown lived on the old Alexander McKeown farm in Freeport, Ohio.
I did read (in one of the newspaper articles) that "Rose" (Glasglow) McKeown was living with her son William H. McKeown in Freeport when she passed away.
I was very interested in seeing the information you have posted on John Duncan's family in Londonderry, Guernsey County. After his first wife, Mary Jane Karr, died in 1875, John Duncan remarried in 1879 to an Ellen Francy (she also lived in Londonderry Twp.).
I have an old letter than John Duncan send to my ggrandfather after the death of his wife Mary Jane Karr.
John Duncan ended up having financial problems (according to a news articles because he had lost money investing in "patent rights"). He filed some kind of legal proceeding and one of my Karr ancestors became responsible for collecting all of his assets and paying his debts. I think he lost his farm in Londonderry because of this and ended up moving to Adams Twp. in Guernsey County (which is probably why you couldn't locate him in the Londonderry Twp census). He died in Adams Twp in February 1904.
If you are interested, I'll send you more material on these families in Ohio as I come across it.
Your website is great and very helpful in completing my family history.
Betty Karr Cordial, E-Mail: BCordial@aol.com
Betty, Thanks, for Photo (Can be seen at: Wm. H. McKEOWN Profile!
For more info. on John DUNCAN see: John,2 DUNCAN Profile!
We would love to exchange any info. on your "McKeown/Duncan/Tidrick" Families.
We need a lot of Help with the "Unknown, Not Traced!" on these families...prs

Submitter: R. Madeline (McKown) McComas McKOWN, Robert W.
My grandfather was born in Page Co. on July 24, 1871. His name was Robert William McKown and his parents were John Bartley and Levisa Lou (McGee, Jr.) McKown. His grandparents were Robert and Catherine (Hutton) McKown. Robert and Catherine had five children and they were all living in Page and Mongomery Co.s at that time. John B.'s sister, Sarah Agnes McKown married William F. Wilson on Jan. 1, 1873 in Page Co. Would like to exchange info on these families!
Posted: March 12, 1998

Submitter: Marj C. (GOUGH) LARSON James Ulrich McKeown and Margaret Jane Pinkerton.
I am the great grand-daughter of James Ulrich McKeown and Margaret Jane Pinkerton.
I will send updated info if this is still a working address.
Marjorie Gough Larson, E-Mail: rmmccomas@turbonet.com
Marj. Posted: March 12, 1998

Submitter: Sandy M. Dailey McKeown family history
1st E-Mail: Dated: Wed, Oct 28, 2009 9:00 pm
Dear Paul,
I did a google search on my 2nd Great Grandfather, Arthur Glasgow McKeown, and came across your site. At the bottom of the page you invite persons with additional information to e-mail you, so I am.
I found Arthur Glasgow McKeown in the following US Census:
1850 & 1860 in Freeport, Harrison, Ohio
1870 in Village, Van Buren, Iowa
1880 in Lincoln, Atchison, Missouri
1900 in Point Deluce, Arkansas, Arkansas
1910 in Siloam Springs, Benton, Arkansas
I have copies of these pages.
Arthur died 18 May, 1917 and is buried in the Mountain View Cemetery in Deming, Luna County, New Mexico.
He married Mary Ellen Walker 29 October 1867 Van Buren, Iowa.
They had 6 Children born to this union:
1. Maria Theresa McKEOWN, b. 18 Nov. 1868, Selma, Van Buren, Iowa; d. 09 Mar. 1963
2. Rose Anna McKEOWN, b. 12 Aug. 1871, Van Buren, Iowa; d. 20 Oct. 1972
3. +Ethel Margueritte McKEOWN, b. 04 Jun. 1874, Selma, Van Buren, Iowa; d. 25 Jun. 1967, Deming, Luna, New Mexico; bd. Mountain View Cemetery, Deming, Luna, New Mexico
4. Wilbur W. McKEOWN, b. 23 Feb. 1877, Van Buren, Iowa; d.
5. Mary Myrtle McKEOWN, b. 26 Mar. 1879, Van Buren, Iowa; d.
6. Arthur Howard McKEOWN, b. 15 Sep. 1883, Tarkio, Atchison, Missouri; d. 29 Sep. 1958
Ethel Margueritte married James Taylor Walsh, 28 Oct. 1896 in DeWitt, Arkansas, Arkansas.
4 Children:
1. Frank Wilbur Walsh, b. 26 Dec. 1897, Gillett, Arkansas, Arkansas; d. 19 Apr. 1963
2. Rose Vashti Walsh, b. 18 Mar. 1902, Gillett, Arkansas, Arkansas; d. 21 Apr. 1994 Marin, California
3. +Mildred Ethel Walsh, b. 12 Nov. 1906, Gillett, Arkansas, Arkansas; d. 08 Mar. 1973, Deming, Luna, New Mexico; bd. Mountain View Cemetery, Deming, Luna, New Mexico
4. Mary Myrtle Jean Walsh, b. 31 Dec. 1908 Deming, Luna, New Mexico; d. 14 Nov. 2005, Deming, Luna, New Mexico; bd. Mountain View Cemetery, Deming, Luna, New Mexico
Mildred Ethel married George Cleis Middleton 18 Oct. 1926, Chico, Butte, California
1. James Walsh Middleton, b. 29 Apr. 1928, Deming, Luna, New Mexico; d.25 Sep. 1994, Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee; bd. Cullman, Alabama
2. Edna Louise Middleton, b. 15 Aug. 1929, Deming, Luna, New Mexico; living
3. George Thomas Middleton, b. 03 Mar. 1933, Deming, Luna, New Mexico; d. 21 Oct. 1934, Deming, Luna, New Mexico; bd. Mountain View Cemetery, Deming, Luna, New Mexico
4. Georgia Ann Middleton, b. 14 Jul. 1937, Deming, Luna, New Mexico; living
5. +Mildred Jean Middleton, b. 21 Apr. 1940, Deming, Luna, New Mexico; living
Mildred Jean married Clifford Delano Sires 11 Jan. 1958, Deming, Luna, New Mexico
1. (Me) Sandra Marie Sires b. 14 Oct. 1958, Otis AFB, Sandwich Township, Massachusetts; living
2. James Glenn Sires b. 25 Oct. 1959, Deming, Luna, New Mexico; living
3. Terri Sue Sires b. 04 Nov. 1960, Deming, Luna, New Mexico; living
As you can see, Arthur did not die in the war. He left a legacy of which I have only laid out a small portion. I know he served in the 65th Ohio Infantry, his headstone says as much, but he wasn’t killed in action.
I would be very interested in your response to this e-mail.
Thank you, Sandy
Sandy, what a pleasant suprise to get your E-Mail on the McKEOWN's of Guernsey Co., OH I haven't work on Alexander McKEOWN, since last Oct. 2007
You have opened up a complete new "Connection" to the Guernsey Co., OH. McKEOWN
I would like to set up a new page on your Gr-Gr-Grandfather Arthur G. McKEOWN & Mary E. WALKER
https://sites.rootsweb.com/~iapage/families/mckeown/MCKEOWN1.HTM#1.07 <--Click Here!
Give me a few days to add your info. to our database and up-load to his Profile page.
One of my early cousin Phyliss (Dunn) FULK, supplied us with the incorrect info. and I never pursued it. (I did have a ?) mark next to this Family.
Have you checked out our early McKEOWN, Duncan, Pinkerton Photos!
https://sites.rootsweb.com/~iapage/families/mckeown/0PHOTOS.HTM <--Click Here!
If you have any to share, just let me know.
I am cc this to Betty Karr Cordial, at BCordial@aol.com, she also is a current researcher of the McKEOWNS
I will get back to you with some more info. & questions. ...prsjr

Tue, January 5, 2010 8:51:51 AM
Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo! This is a picture of Arthur Glasgow McKeown and family taken in DeWitt, Arkansas, March 1891.
Front row, right to left:
Arthur Howard, Arthur Glasgow, Mary Ellen (Walker)
Back row, right to left:
Rose Anna, Ethel Margueritte, Wilbur W., Mary Myrtle
The oldest daughter, Maria Theresa, is not in this picture.
I saw that you updated your web site (Thank you!) and wanted a picture.
I hope this comes through okay.
 End of McKEOWN Family Queries!
Submitter: Stan Wells McLARON/McCLARON, Hugh
Looking for information on Sarah (Allen) McLarnon who died 07/20/1868 in Braddyville, Page County, Iowa. She was born in Scotland in April 1790 and moved to Iowa sometime after 1851 from Ireland, presumablely after the death of her husband Hugh McLarnon who was born about 1798 in Ireland.
Looking for information on David McLarnon (Son of Sarah) who was born in Antrim County Ireland in Nov 1827 and moved to the US in 1856. He died in Braddyville on 04/28/1914.
Any help would be appreciated.
Posted: Oct. 04, 1999

Submitter: Katy Meile McMAHON, Robert L.
Seeking information and descendents of Robert Luther MCMAHON lived in Page county area around 1872. Wife Susan Adams, children: Tabith Ann McMahon, b. July 22, 1827, m. Samuel Wright Puntenney; Harvey McMahon, b. July 30, 1829; Margaret McMahon, b, June 27, 1831, m. Samuel Barr; Oliver McMahon, b. June 30, 1833, m. Maranda Armstrong; Francis H. (Frank) McMahon, b. March 25, 1836, m. Martha E. Wright; John C. McMahon, b. January 8, 1838, m. Anna Fair; Susan McMahon, b. September 1, 1840, m. Joseph Finney; Diana McMahon, b. June 20, 1844, m. Charley Mack; Robert Luthor McMahon, b. July 28, 1846, m. Tillie Huntsman; Jennie McMahon, b. April 26, 1850, m. David Porter Whittiker in Page County on March 20, 1872; Emaline McMahon, unknown.
Emeline and Luther and family are said to have lived on the farm their father settlled when he came to Iowa. Any and all information welcome. Thanks,
Posted: 98-08-07 18:09:09 EDT

Submitter: Mike Jacobs McNUTT & KEELER, Families
6th. Son: JESSIE McNUTT; b. 1852 m. date Unknown, to RACHEL KEELER.
I may have something for you on this marriage. Rachel KEELER was a sister of my g'gf George Washington KEELER, both being children of Amos R. KEELER and Anjulila (or Anjulile) CRAWFORD. My mother is a KEELER and has quite a bit of information on them. Amos KEELER is buried in the Wyuka Cemetery, Lincoln NE, and Anjulila (CRAWFORD) KEELER is buried in the Posley Cemetery, Page Co. IA (I think).
I'll be seeing my mother is an hour or so and will ask her about this. I hope I can get back to you soon with good news.
Posted: Oct. 04, 1999

Submitter: Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. McNUTT, Eli

ELI McNUTT, b. 02 Feb. 1807, (probably Preble Co., OH. he removed from Ohio about 1855 to Page County, Iowa. d. 10 Jun. 1862, Yorktown, Page Co., IA.; Buried in the "Polsey Cemetery" He was the 3rd Son of Alexander & Elizabeth (TILLMAN) McNUTT; He m. 11 Feb. 1830, Preble Co., OH. to Miss Eva FLOYD; b. 28 Aug. 1812, VA. d. 24 Sep. 1884, Yorktown, Page Co., IA Buried along side her husband. She was the daughter of John & Mary Magdaline? FLOYD; They had at least 14 Children born to this Union:

   1.  1st. Son: John, 2    b. *1830 OH m. c1852 Lovina RAGER, 9Ch. 
   2.  Unknown, Infant      b. and Died!
   3.  2nd. Son: Tobias,    b. *1834 OH m. c1857 Rachel CHESTNUT; 
   4.  3rd. Son: Samuel,    b. c1836 OH Not Traced! 
   5.  1st. Dau: Louisa,    b. *1837 OH m. *1857, Henry A.F. ANNAN; 
   6.  3rd. Son: Alexander, b. *1839 OH d. 1921, 82 Never Married!
   7.  4th. Son: Wm.        b. *1842 OH d. 1920, 78 Never Married!
   8.  2nd. Dau: Mary E.    b. c1843 OH Not Traced!
   9.  5th. Son: Isaac,     b. c1845 OH m. c18?? Carrie Unknown 
   10. 6th. Son: Enos,      b. c1848 OH m. c1873 Loveta HADDEN, 9Ch. 
   11. 7th. Son: Jessie,    b. *1850 IA m. c1877 Rachel E. KEELER 
   12. 3rd. Dau: Ann,       b. *1852 IA m. *1871 Isaac WANGER 
   13. 4th. Dau: Phoebe,    b. c1855 IA m. c18?? Martin P. BAKER
   14. 8th. Son: Martin V.  b. c1859 IA m. c18?? Lucinda Jane GRINGERY 
Would like to share Info. on these famlies! ..prs
Posted: 02 Dec. 1996
Submitter: Ken McFerrin McPHERON/McFERRIN, Family
I believe that I have relatives in one or some of the cemeteries in Page County. Could anyone help me locate them please? The McFerrin family or spelled McPherrin or McPheron. Please can anyone give me ideas on locating them if you can't help?
Ken, our records show McPHERRIN Family members buried in:
  Clarinda City Cemetery, Birchwood Section, Pg. 35
	McPHERRIN, Charles, 1857 - bd. Oct. 13, 1924
	McPHERRIN, Jennie, d. Jan 23, 1928 (Jane H.)
	(w/o Charles McPherrin)
  Clarinda City Cemetery, Van Sant Section, Pg. 155
 	McPHERRIN, George, d. Feb 01, 1905, a80y, 1m, 20d
	McPHERRIN, Eliza H., Apr. 27, 1835 - Nov. 08, 1914
	(w/o George McPherrin)
  Clarinda City Cemetery, Addenda Section, Pg. 173
  	McPHERRIN, Anna, 1863-1921
	McPHERRIN, Hannah Eliza (CHESNEY), 1824-1908
	McPHERRIN, John, Oct. 03, 1813 - Sep. 13, 1893
	McPHERRIN, William, d. Jan. 09, 1884, a38y, 6m, 6d
	(Old Soldier, Co. "F", 66th IL., Inf. marker) 
   Chapter 24 - MAPLE HILL CEMETERY, Amity Twp.
	College Springs Cemetery
	ROW 1
	11.	McFERRIN, Monalee, 1919-1925
	12.	McFERRIN, Cora B. Mar 4, 1875 - May 21, 1903
	Pg 44, late burials
	McFERRIN, W. A., 1835-1923
   Chapter 34 - SHEARER CEMETERY, Buchanan Twp.
	Row 8
	4.	McFERRIN, Agnes, d/o J.A. & L.M. McFerrin, 
	d. Aug 15, 1888, aged 8m, 24d

Posted: Oct. 04, 1999

Submitter: Candace Gravelle MENTZER, Frances
Searching for ancestors/descendants of Stonebraker families who were in the 1850 Census in Page County, Iowa: Michael Stonebraker born ca 1824 in Ohio and family; David Stonebraker born ca 1822 in Indiana and family; T or J Stonebraker born ca 1828 in Indiana and family. Also searching for ancestors of Isiah Stonebraker who married Frances MENTZER in Page County, Iowa in 1857, and they moved on to Umatilla County, Oregon ca 1859. Would like to share family history on these families.
Posted: Jul. 19, 1998

Submitter: Eldon E. Davis MEYERS, Henry A.
I am looking for information on my 2G grand dad Henry A. Meyers. Specifically when he died.
He and his family came to America from Westfallen Germ between 1870-1874. Do not know how long it was before he arrived in Page Co. His wife ( may be 2nd) was Clara E. Meyers. They had at least one daughter Mary (Anna Maria) who was married in Coin IA in August of 1888 to William Vonderfecht. There was also at least two sons, Henry M. and Frank. Henry A. Meyers was alive in 1888 as he is listed on the marriage record for daughter Mary but wife Clara is not. Henry A. does not show up in 1900 Fed Census of Page Co but his wife Clara shows up under her son Henry M. Meyers' record. So it appears Henry A. died between 1888 and 1900. My request is for someone with access to the Elmwood and Snow Hill Cemetaries to look up Henry A. Meyers death date and perhaps it would also list his birth date.
Posted: Jun. 08, 1998

Submitter: Cheryl Middaugh Fry MIDDAUGH, James F.
I am looking for any information about my Grandfather, James Franklin Middaugh. I believe he was born in Page County Iowa in 1872. His father's name was John Middaugh. John was a farmer/coal miner. James' mothers maiden name was Emry. That is about all I know. Any help would mean a lot. Thank You
Posted: Jul. 04, 1999

Submitter: Kathleen Hamman MILLER, Anton
Anton Miller b. Germany, married to Marie Geltz Child of Anton and Marie Miller:
  • Anthony Miller b. 8 Feb 1912 who married Della Johnson b. Iowa
Believed to have a Page Co. connection. Any connection with these names? If so, please contact me. Thanks!
Kathleen Hamman
PO Box 292
Hamilton, IN 46742
Posted: 19 Dec. 1997, Received 24 Nov. 1997

Submitter: Ron Valliere. MILLER, Della
Searching for my ggrandmother, Della Miller. May have lived for a period between 1873 and 1891 around Page Co., IA. with a family known to me as Almond A. Miller. Wife may have been Mary. thanks for any help.
Posted: Jul. 24, 1999

Submitter: David G. Michels MILLER, Glenn
My wife's mother's maiden name is MILLER. In trying to research the family history, my wife and I discovered that my mother-in-law, Eva M. BRAY (MILLER) was born in Steele, ND. She was the daughter of an Oren J. MILLER. At the least, Oren and his brother William spent a lot of time in Clarinda, IA, and we have some pictures of them together in the 1880's to about 1905, when they got married. My mother-in-law recollected a cousin, or perhaps a second cousin, who was "real good with music" but died during WW II.
I am currently looking for anyone with info on the MILLER family that lived in or near Clarinda, IA. I think my mother-in-law is related to Glenn Miller and I wonder if there was any research done on his family.
Posted: Feb. 13, 1999

Submitter: Janice Miller MILLER, Robert A.

I see you have a Miller on your family tree. Would your Miller be a branch of the Robert A. & Sarah Jane Miller around the 1800's? They were the grandparents of Glenn Miller (band leader). I have most of the family tree. They were from Page Co.. But I can't find nothing written about them. I read a story in which it said to read about "The Miller's" but could never find it. Is the home in Clarinda, where Glenn was born a museum now? Robert A and Sarah Jane Miller were my husband's Ggrandparents. Thanks
Janice Miller Email ---> jymiller@softhome.net
Jance Miller's HomePage!
Posted: 09 Aug. 1997, Received 21 Jul. 1997

Submitter: Rhonda Hawkins MOONEY, Gertrude
I am very interested in finding information on: Lillian Gertrude MOONEY b. 5 June 1869 Clarinda, Page CO.,Iowa. I show her parents as: John and Selliner (TRUAX) MOONEY. Any information is very wonderful. Thanks Rhonda Posted: 19 Dec. 1997, Received 07 Dec. 1997

Submitter: Rhonda Hawkins MOONEY, John
Hi, I am researching the JOHN MOONEY family. He was born about 1800 (in the US - I know.. lots of help there). His wife was Rachel McCLEARY.
Their son (my line) was John MOONEY b. 20 Apr 1824 New Philadelphia , Tusc, OH who married Oct 1851 to Sillener TRUAX (d/o Truax and Sarah AXTON) b. 16 Jan 1834 , Brooks Co., WVA.
John and Sillener's daughter: Lillian Gerturde MOONEY was born 5 Jun 1869 Clarinda, Page Co., IA and married Thomas JAY.
Any information to help me is wonderful. I'm just starting to hunt this line. I'm happy to share my down line in return. Thanks for any help.
Posted: Jul. 19, 1998

Submitter: Lil' Sister MOONEY, Lillian G.
Lillian Gertrude MOONEY was born 1869 in Clarinda, Page Co., IA to John Mooney and Selliner Truax. Are there birth records for this time? Is there a web site that would help me know more about Clarinda? Thanks so much.
Posted: 98-09-14 22:30:30 EDT

Submitter: Fred J. Moore MOORE, Alfred
Dear Paul,
I'm doing work on the family background. I have uncovered info. which leads me to believe that my great great grandfather (Alfred Moore) lived in or about Clarinda during the mid to late 1800s. I noticed on the 1839-1875 land abstracts that you compiled that there is a person named A.T. Moore that lived in Colfax township. Could this be the Alfred Moore that I'm looking for? All that I know about Alfred Moore is that he had a son named Simon Moore (my great grandfather). Simon was supposedly born in Clarinda in 1842. If you have any info. on Simon's siblings or Alfred's wife etc. I would greatly appreciate knowing about it.
Posted: Feb. 13, 1999

Submitter: Cathy Morley Foster MORLEY, Family
Looking for info regarding my Morley family heritage prior to 1771, which we think may be in England. We have details leading back to Joseph Morley, b. 1771, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, d. 1817, Pennsylvania. He was married to Mary Hardesty, b. 1770, also Md., and d. 1873 in Fulton County, Ill. Subsequent generations have lived in Fulton Co., Ill., and then around Yorktown and Gravity, Iowa, leading to Calif. Among his children was. George Washington Morley, b. 1810, Anne Arundel County, Md., d. 1888, Fulton County, Ill., and m. to Rebecca Mills, B. 1815, York County, Pa., d. 1897, Fulton County. Their son/my gggrandfather, Joseph P. Morley was b. 1837, Ashtabula County, Ohio, d. 1920, Savannah, Mo. (?) and m. to Sarah Wissler (Whistler), b. 1835, Pickaway County, Ohio, d. 1916, Yorktown, Iowa. My ggrandfather was Lewis Edmund Morley, b. 1865, Fulton County, d. 1948, Gravity, Iowa, m. to Jennie J. Jewell. Their son, my grandfather was Fred Stanley Morley, b. 1890, Yorktown, Iowa, d. 1979 in Los Altos, Calif. Other family names include Morgan. If you think there's a connection, contact me so we can share info. Thanks!
Posted: March 12, 1998

Submitter: Debbie Haught MULKINS, Joseph, Sr.

Looking for info on Joseph Mulkins Sr., & 2nd? wife ELizabeth. Joseph was born@ 1796 in NY. I believe he was in Butler Co. OH in 1820 then moved to Indiana, living in Fayette, Delaware & Howard Counties. He moved to Page Co., @ 1856 and died there May of 1873. Elizabeth died June 1861. Joseph was the fathe of Henry, Issac, Rachel Welch, Harriet Samuels, Lydia DeWitt, Samuel, Joseph, Lois Milbrun, John, Jane Ramseyer, Clarissa McCool & Rebecca Speer. Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Debbie. Posted: 02 Feb. 1997; Received 25 Jan., 1997

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Mrs. Vera B. (Duncan) WILSON, 1896-1988, age92yrs - Click on Thumbnail for larger Photo! These records are part of the "Genealogy Computer Package" *** PC-PROFILE *** Volume - II. DUNCAN & Related Families© Compiled and self Published in Oct. 14, 1993 by Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. with the assistance of my late mother Mrs. M. Lucille (WILSON) SARRETT. (1917-1987, age age 70yrs) & My Grandmother: Mrs. Vera B. (DUNCAN) WILSON (1896-1988, age 92yrs) The "Work-Books" were compiled by listing the various families, born, married, died, and a history of that family branch. In 1996 I started "Up-Loading" this material on the now called Friends of Page Co., site...prs

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