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Submitter: Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. LAFFERTY, Elizer L.

ELEZER L. LAFFERTY, b. 9 Sep. 1833; Location Unknown; Knox County, Ill. d. 10 Dec. 1925, at the age of 92 years, 3 months, and 1 day, in Page Co., Ia. (Son of JOHN LAFFERTY b. 1809 - d. 1866 and his wife SALLY (SLOCUM) LAFFERTY; of PA.) Came to Page Co., IA., prior to 4 March 1882, when they purchased 110 acres in Tarkio Twp. on sections 27 and 28. The had three daughters:

  1. 1st. Dau: CORDELIA LAFFERTY; b. 1868 m. 27th Feb. 1889, to ROBERT C. LOY;
  2. 2nd. Dau: ANNAR LAFFERTY; b. 1867 m. date unknown, to FRANK J. BORLAND;
  3. 3rd. Dau: KATE LAFFERTY; b. 1875 m. date unknown, to ADAM FRIESZ;
Looking for other siblings of Elezer L. LAFFERTY and children of Annar & Kate. Posted: 02 Dec. 1996
Submitter: Cheri Astrahan LANDERS, Calvin

Looking for all the children of Calvin LANDERS (1826KY-1920NE) and Martha Ann COX (1831MO-1893NE) who married in Andrew Co, MO in 1850 and lived in Page Co from about 1860-1890 when they moved to Nebraska. They had nine children but I have only been able to identify one:
George Landers(1860-1955) who married Lillian Root(1869-1943). Would like to find other descendants. Have a lot on the Cox family and some on the Landers.
Posted: Feb. 13, 1999

Submitter: Barb Lewis LEWIS, John F.

I'm looking for marriage records for Bedford, Page County, Iowa for the year 1861. Specifically looking for a listing for my great-great-grandfather, John Franklin LEWIS b. 12 Mar 1840 who married Mary Alvira GARDNER on 5 Dec 1861. Need verification or any further info on both sides of the family if possible.
Barb Lewis
or ppps@freewwweb.com
Barb, we already discussed that Bedford, IA. is in Taylor Co., Not Page Co. (just nex-door) ..prs
Posted: Oct. 04, 1999

Submitter: Merriam White LIGGETT, George W.

Husband: George Washington LIGGETT
       Birth: 18 Aug 1833
       Death: 8 Apr 1886
    Marriage: 20 Jul 1853
      Father: William M. LIGGETT (b 1804)
      Mother: Catherine THOMAS
Wife: Elizabeth SOLOMON
       Birth: 13 May 1836
       Death: 20 Jan 1920
 1 F Mary C. LIGGETT
       Birth: 1 May 1854
       Death: 11 Sep 1855
 2 F Delilah LIGGETT
       Birth: 23 Feb 1856
       Death: 30 Jun 1944
      Spouse: William SCHOFIELD (m 2 Jun 1878)
 3 F Martha Jane LIGGETT
       Birth: 2 Mar 1859
       Death: 17 Dec 1897
      Spouse: Carl Carisle BULLOCK (m 3 Jul 1881)
 4 F Julia A. LIGGETT
       Birth: 12 Feb 1860
       Death: 18 Oct 1876
 5 M John W. LIGGETT
       Birth: 4 May 1862
       Death: 25 Jun 1929
      Spouse: Nettie MATHENI (m 9 Jan 1888)
 6 F Elizabeth L. Nora LIGGETT
       Birth: 10 Jul 1864
       Death: 29 Jan 1943
      Spouse: William KELLER (m 16 Mar 1880)
 7 M Lyman LIGGETT
       Birth: 23 Feb 1868
       Death: 30 May 1954
      Spouse: Lucy WHITE
 8 F Dollie LIGGETT
       Birth: 7 Sep 1870
       Death: 14 Sep 1940
      Spouse: Harry E. CHRISTIE (m 20 Jan 1898)
       Birth: 10 Jul 1873
       Death: 26 Mar 1968
      Spouse: James KEGIN (m 16 Sep 1894)
Merriam Fraser White

Posted: 12/29/98 2:45:36 PM Pacific Standard Time

Submitter: Merriam White LIGGETT, George W.
Dear Paul,
I was given your email as a possible contact for information on Land Abstracts in Page County, Iowa. I am interested in the George Washington Liggett Family. He married an Elizabeth Solomon believed to be Ohio or Missouri. My great grandmother, Martha (Mattie) Jane Liggett was born in 1852 in Missouri somewhere. She married Carl Carlisle Bullock also known as C. C. Bullock from Clarinda, Page County, Iowa. George W. Liggett and Elizabeth (Solomon) Liggett moved to Page County after 1852 and are buried in Clarinda Cemetery, Nodaway Township, Page County, Iowa. Would your book mention either of these families. Thank you for your time and generosity. I appreciate it very much.

Posted: May 14, 1999

Submitter: Paul R. Sarratt, Jr. LINDLEY, George Stillwell
Posted: May 14, 1996
1st s/o William Collins LINDLEY & wife Margaret Martin.
b. 04 May 1885 near Bedford, Taylor Co., Iowa, d. 11 Aug 1958, at the age of 73 years; at Iowa City, Johnson Co., IA [CHJ 11 Aug 1958] Buried in the Clarinda City Cemetery See (Re-Plat Section, Pg 124) At the age of 24y he married on 24 Feb. 1909, at College Springs, Page Co., Iowa; [CH 04 Mar 1909] to the 20 year old
Miss Mabel DUNCAN;
(1st d/o R. "Alex" & Rachel (Pinkerton) Duncan)
b. 11 May 1889-90, near Blanchard Twp., Page Co., Iowa; d. 13 Nov 1974, at the age of 85 years, 6 months and 2 days; Buried in the Clarinda City Cemetery (Re-Plat Section, Pg 124) Next to her first husband. They had nine children born to this union.
3.1 1st. Dau: NINA M., b. 1909 m. 1929 1) Glen L. JACKSON, 3Ch. m. 2) 1966 Edwin MORLEY, 0Ch.
3.2 1st. Son: MERLE R., b. 1915 m. 1937 Katherine E. SPICER, 3Ch.
3.3 2nd. Dau: CLARICE R.,b. 1917 m. 1937 Vernon C. WARN, 3Ch.
3.4 3rd. Dau: MARJORIE V.b. 1919 m. 1938 1) Gordon G. CLAUSEN, 6Ch. m. 2) 1974 Leonard ADAMS, 0Ch.
3.5 2nd. Son: HAROLD L., b. 1922 m. 1944 Nellie T. HAZZARD, 6Ch.
3.6 4th. Dau: WILDA E., b. 1924 m. 1943 Marion H. PHARES, 7Ch.
3.7 3rd. Son: PHILIP A., b. 1927-1941 a14y, d. Cancer bur Clarinda City
3.8 5th. Dau: LOIS MARIE;b. 1929 m. 194? Billy RIST, 5Ch.
3.9 6th. Dau: H. "JEAN" b. 1930 m. 1948 Ivan W. LUDINGTON, 4Ch.
Would like to exchange information on this family...prs
Submitter: Paul R. Sarratt, Jr. LINDLEY, George Stillwell
DATE: May 11, 1997
TO: Steve Ludington, NM steve@lascruces.com
FROM: Paul R. Sarrett, Jr., prsjr@aol.com
I just reviewed you'r WWW page at URL:http://www.lascruces.com/~steve/index.html You have a little bit "outdated" info on the Alexander, Duncan and Pinkerton Families (My old 1990 stuff) We have compiled a lot more info since 1990, be willing to share.
It is considered "bad taste" to use sombody's name with out their knowledge. If you are going to use my name, please use a current address and clarify you are using "old material, that you copied from me!"
Also I am the Page Co., Iowa IAGENWEB Genealogy Coordinator you might want to check out our site at URL: IAGenWeb: Page Co., IA
Steve, (My 2nd Cousin) never returned my E-Mail of May 11, 1997, later he closed down his site from lascruces.com. ...prs
Submitter: Mike LINDLEY Family Page Co., IA.
Date: 7/21/99 4:44:38 PM Pacific Daylight Time
My wife is a descendant of Rachel LINDLEY (25 Aug 1846 - 10 Dec 1877). She and her husband (Alfred Darwin BORDEN) are one of my stumbling blocks. I have not determined their origins or any useful details including date of marriage.
Their first child was born in Iowa 1870 (Page or Taylor County), they had four children:
Clarence BORDEN,
Charlie BORDEN,
Clifford BORDEN, who died in infancy.
According to a now deceased grand-daughter, there were 10 LINDLEYs who came to SW Iowa in the 1860s:
Alvie LINDLEY, m. Mr. Martin
Rachael LINDLEY,
LeVina LINDLEY, m. Abe Melvin
Henry LINDLEY, m. Alice Johnson ( 5 children listed)
Ruth LINDLEY, m. Mr. Johnson
Sara LINDLEY, m. John Melvin ( 6 children listed)
Florence LINDLEY, m. Oliver Hutson
Wm. Collins LINDLEY m. Maggie MARTIN, 6Ch.
She typed up 3 pages of the descendants of Rachael, 2.5 pages for William Collins LINDLEY. There is about a page for all the others.
Are any of these LINDLEYs the subject of your research ? Can you provide any information on their relationships and/or ancestors ? From my brief description do you want or need any of the material I have ? thanks, Mike, E-Mail: CKimbrough@aol.com
Thanks for the E-Mail
The "Attached" is what we have on the BORDEN Family of Page & Taylor Co's We would appreciate it for any corrections/additions!
See: Wm. Collins LINDLEY m. Maggie MARTIN, 6Ch. Would like to exchange information on these families. ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 7/23/99 9:22:42 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Paul, I got both messages. Thanks.
First: You wrote " William Collins LINDLEY; married Margaret "Maggie" Martin. They first lived near Sharpsburg, Iowa but later moved onto his fathers farm near Bedford, where he remained until the farm was sold after his father's death."
Do you know any more about his father ? if so please send. I am assuming the Lindleys that arrived about the same time are related and clue for one may help with the other.
Next: What I have is a copy of a copy with hand written updates. When I try to scan it, all I get is garbage - I've increased the pix to the max of my machine and it is still not usable. Until I get the time, and motivation to hand enter 7 pages of single space typing and add all the notes all I can offer is paper copy by snail mail. For that I will need your snail address.
What I have is from Eva Olive Miller of Black Hawk S.D. dau of Clifford Darwin BORDEN, 4th son of Clarence BORDEN, 1st son of Alfred Darwin BORDEN and Rachel Moretta LINDLEY. It does list 35 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren of George Stillwell LINDLEY and Mable DUNCAN. Please advise. Mike, E-Mail: CKimbrough@aol.com
I sent Mike, my snail-mail address, have not heard back from him! ..prs
Submitter: Tracy Ludington, Portland, OR. LINDLEY, George Stillwell
Date: 27 Jun 2002, 10:55:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time
I got your email off a genealogy website. It mentioned you were interested in info on some families in the Page, Iowa area. I have a little bit of info on Lindley and Duncan. Currently I am trying to nail down a birth date for George Stillwell Lindley. The info in family records is 24 Feb. 1909 but I have found some contradictory marriage information (married to Mabel Duncan about 1910.) As the marriage date is reasonable when compared to Mabel's birth date and considering the number of children they had I am pretty convinced the birth date I have for George Lindley is incorrect. If you have any info on this I would appreciate the help.
I am just starting this so I don't have a lot of info but if you would like to exchange records or have any questions I would love to help. I also saw the name Fulk on the list on the website. I have an Edward William Fulk marrying Jennie Elizabeth Duncan on 22 Nov. 1911 in Shambaugh, Page IA.
Thanks. Tracy Ludington Deloitte & Touche LLP 111 SW Fifth Ave. Ste. 3900 Desk: 503-727-5371 Fax: 503-219-0361 Data: tludington@deloitte.com
Thanks for the E-Mail. The 24 Feb. 1909 date is (See George S. LINDLEY Marriage date! All the other families, above can be seen at URL: Page Co., Families
Mable (DUNCAN) LINDSEY is the sister of my GranMother Vera B. (DUNCAN) WILSON. I would like to exchange Info. on these Families! ...prs
Cousin Identifier
  R. "Alex." DUNCAN  Married   Rachel  PINKERTON
 1st Dau Mable (DUNCAN) LINDLEY  Sisters  4th Dau  Vera  (DUNCAN) WILSON
 GranDau H. Jean (LINDLEY) LUDINGTON  1st Cousins  GranDau: M. Lucille  (WILSON) SARRETT
 G-GSon Steve T. LUDINGTON  2nd Cousins  G-GSon  Paul R. Jr  SARRATT

Dianne Kinzenbaw
Mable (Duncan) LINDSLEY
Date: 07 Jun 2003 4:10:35 AM Pacific Daylight Time
File:RachelPinkertonDuncanJPEG.zip (169860 bytes) DL Time (57600 bps): < 1 minute
Dear Paul,
Rachel Pinkerton Duncan is also my Great Grandmother.
I thought I would share these two pictures with you. You might already have them.
The first is a picture of Rachel Pinkerton Duncan (on right) with her sisters.
The second is a family picture....
Robert Alexander Duncan and Rachel Pinkerton Duncan.... back row, left to right: Mabel (my grandmother), Willie, John...... front row: Vera (your grandmother) and Jennie.
Your second cousin,
Leslie Dianne Lindley Kinzenbaw, dkinze@IowaTelecom.net
Thanks for the E-Mail & the Photos.
We have the Alex DUNCAN Family Photo, but did not have the 3 Pinkerton girls sitting on the Duncan farm house porch.
Mable (Duncan) LINDSLEY is your Grandmother
Who are your parents. Whe don't have all the Lindley siblings listed.
See George S. LINDLEY Profile!

2nd E-Mail: Date: 08 Jun 2003 9:07:38 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Hi Paul,
My parents are Harold Leslie Lindley and Nellie Theo Hazard. They had 6 children:
Susan Annette Lindley Morris b. 11-18-46
Leslie Dianne Lindley Kinzenbaw b. 8-6-48
Jon Phillip Merrill Lindley b. 1-9-50
Daniel Tate Lindley b. 2-7-52
Barbara Marie Lindley Hotka b. 6-18-56
Jeffrey Scott Lindley b. 11-13-62
I have all the children of the 9 Lindley children of George and Mabel (Duncan) Lindley. How much info do you want? Birthdays, marriages, children? I can give it all to you if you want it....let me know.
I have some additional info on the William Collins Lindley family that is not on your site. They had 6 children. (I have only included additions/corrections)
1. 1st Dau: Grace, b. 1881
2. 2nd Dau: Novella.........had 4 children
5. 3rd Dau: Oma F. b. 4-9-1896....had 7 children
6. Edgar b. 9-18-1880 (you have him down as unknown) m. 0 children
I haven't gotten thru all the info you have on your site....very interesting.....
I will send additions and corrections as I run across them if you like.
I have so much info on my mom's family, but just recently have searched Dad's family.
I went with my Dad a couple weeks ago to a Celebration of Life for Kenneth FULK & met some of my relatives that I never knew I had. That got me going.
Your site has been soooooo interesting. Thank-you for all your hard work.
I would love to help you in any way I can.
I have several other pictures that I will send if you are interested:
1. 1925...a pic of about 24 cousins in front of the old family farm house.
2. Robert Alexander Duncan and Rachel Pinkerton Duncan standing in front of family farm house.
3. 1930's....George S. Lindley with Daughter Marjorie on lap.
4. 1923....Clarice Rachel 5 1/2, Nina Margaret 13 1/2, Marjorie Vera 3 1/2, and Harold Leslie 1 yr.
Sincerely, Leslie "Dianne" (Lindley) Kinzenbaw, dkinze@IowaTelecom.net
Thanks, for the Photo & the kind words.
We would love to exchange info. on these families, just send me the Photos in a .JPG format and I will add them to the DUNCAN Photo Album on line.
Kennith FULK, died 11 Apr 2003, age 87yrs. I knew him well, when I lived in Orange Co., CA. we visited each other often, he will be dearly missed.
Will look forward to you Photos...prs


Submitter: Debbie Koch LINES, Family

I am looking for information on Tyra Lines. He was married to Emeline Pennabaker. He is mentioned in a real estate register of John R. Lines. It states that he was living in Page County, Iowa around 1881, when his father died. I am looking for any and all information on this family. Thank you.
Posted: Jun. 14, 1999

Submitter: Robert S. Lingo LINGO, John H.

LINGO, JOHN H. AND SELKIRK SAMUEL Would like to exchange with those searching ancestors and desc. of: Selkirk Samuel LINGO (b. 1849 Belmont Co, OH - d. 1916 Norwich, Page Co, IA -

  • son of Gideon W. LINGO & Naomi Ann BOLON). S. S. LINGO m. 1875 OH to Martha Ann MARTIN (b. 1849 Belmont Co, OH - d. 1895 Norwich, Page Co, IA -
  • dau. of Amos G. MARTIN & Mary Ann WHITE). S.S. & Martha Martin LINGO had issue, all born in Page Co, IA:
  • 1. Walter Martin LINGO (1876 IA - 1901 NE) m. 1901 IA to Bartie Ann DENNIS (1878 IA - 1913 IA);
  • 2. Earnest Selkirk LINGO (1879 IA - 1972 SD);
  • 3. Mary Mabel LINGO (1882 IA - 1975 ND) m. 1903 IA to Chester A. GAMBLE;
  • 4. Otis Allen LINGO (b. 1885 IA - 1957 NE).

John Henley LINGO (b. 1848 Belmont Co, OH - d. 1930, Essex, Page Co, IA - son of Gideon W. LINGO & Naomi Ann BOLON, above, and brother to Selkirk Samuel) John H. Lingo m. 1876 to Galena Ellen Strahl (b. 1851 Belmont Co, OH - d. 1886, Essex, Page Co, IA. John H & Galena LINGO had issue, all born in Page Co, IA as follows:

Submitter: Glenda Frank MOSER LINGO, S. S.

Would like to exchange with those searching ancestors and desc. of:

  • Selkirk Samuel LINGO (b. 1849 Belmont Co, OH - d. 1916 Norwich, Page Co, IA -
  • son of Gideon W. LINGO & Naomi Ann BOLON).
  • S. S. LINGO m. 1875 OH to Martha Ann MARTIN (b. 1849 Belmont Co, OH - d. 1895 Norwich, Page Co, IA -
  • dau. of Amos G. MARTIN & Mary Ann WHITE).
  • S.S. & Martha Martin LINGO had issue, all born in Page Co, IA:
  • 1. Walter Martin LINGO (1876 IA - 1901 NE) m. 1901 IA to Bartie Ann DENNIS (1878 IA - 1913 IA);
  • 2. Earnest Selkirk LINGO (1879 IA - 1972 SD);
  • 3. Mary Mabel LINGO (1882 IA - 1975 ND) m. 1903 IA to Chester A. GAMBLE;
  • 4. Otis Allen LINGO (b. 1885 IA - 1957 NE).
Please E-mail if any knowledge of these families - THANKS. Posted: 09 Aug. 1997, Received 24 Jul. 1997

Submitter: Cindy Stang LOFT, John

I am searching for any information to do with John Loft (Lofft) and his family. I have information that he resided in Clarinda, Iowa. John Loft was born in New York abt 1850 or so. He moved to Iowa with his mother and siblings about 1863. Once he married (not sure where) he resided in Clarinda, Page County Iowa according to my information. That is the most information I have on this particular family. I am looking for any information about children born to this union, wife's name, and any dates.
Posted: May 22, 1998

Submitter: Richard Conrad LOGAN, John A. [Gen.]

Searching for vitals and family data for: General John Alexander Logan Or identification of rider on horse in statue in Clarinda town square.
Richard Conrad FTM HomePage!
Posted: March 12, 1998

Submitter: Lynn Logsdon Williams LOGSDON, William A.

Looking for William Andrew (Will) Logsdon m. Sarah Jane Fray abt. 1866. He d. 9 Sep 1933 in Northboro, IA.
Had children: Fred, Corrie, Sherman, Walter, Alvina, Delbert, Herman, and maybe others.
Posted: Nov. 11, 1998

Submitter: Freda Long LONG, Family

Daniel Long and Ansen Long were listed in the 1870 Iowa Federal Census. They were listed on the same page. Have not been able to get to the regular census records, just the lists that were made up. I need Daniel Long's wifes name if there is one and if possible to find out if he is Ansen's Dad. I believe that they are buried in the Old Memory Cemetary just outside of New Market Iowa. I understand that the county line runs between the cemetary and the town of New Market.
Posted: Jul. 19, 1998

Submitter: Dorothy Cook-Barnett LONG, Charles T.

Charles Tobias LONG (b24 Oct 1847) He was an orphan, raised by two ladies. A Civil War Vet. (d1 Dec 1925/Page Co. Ia.)(b Northboro) He married Sara Seleta OSTER she preceded him in death. died in Clarinda, Ia. they had 1. Mary Elizabeth Long (b 24 Feb 1877/Northboro(m Harly Vinton "B" BARNETT(1880-1951). 2 John LONG, 3 William LONG 4 Myrtle LONG md. Bert Hess. I need to know more about CT LONG & SARA SELETA. Their marriage angered her family for she married "That damn Yankee!" Thanks loads, I enjoyed this site!
Posted: 98-09-09 02:09:29 EDT

Submitter: David Loudon LOUDON, Solomon M.

LOUDON, Solomon McKee, B: 8 Nov 1862, Page Co, IA, D: unknown; Mar DARLING, Daisy, migrated to Wahoo, NE 1890. Returned to Iowa 1907. Seeking information about this family and where they returned to IA. Parents: LOUDON, John Moore and McKEE, Mary Jane, from PA, family lived Coin & Norwich, Page Co; Children:

  1. Mattie Eliza,
  2. Ann Jane,
  3. Rebecca Noble,
  4. Samuel B,
  5. John M and
  6. David Boggs LOUDON.
David mar Harriet APPLE, Dau of Amos APPLE in Clarinda 9/9/1889. Any information on any of these families? They attended Norwich Presbyterian Church. I have been unable to find these church records.
Posted: Oct. 04, 1999

Submitter: John Griffin LOVELACE, Henry W.

The 1880 Census of Page County showed:
1. Henry W. LOVELACE, born in Indiana in 1840, with his wife, Sarah, born in 1847 in Ohio, with children named James (born in 1865 in Iowa) and Augustus, born in Iowa in 1867.
2. Harrison (aka Henry Harrison) LOVELACE, born in in KY in 1840, with a wife named Sarah, born in 1847. Their children were born in Iowa and were named James and Augustus, each a year younger than their namesakes...
Posted: 10/8/98 8:33:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Submitter: Keith W. Lowrey LOWREY, George H.

Request info on the family of George H. Lowrey of College Springs, Amity township circa 1900.
George was my great-grandfather. I saw him once in my life in 1940 when I was 5. At that point he was living in Greely County, Kansas since the early 1900's. I have photos which contain George, my grandfather Irving and my father Creighton. I have a copy of the 1901-2 Amity College catalog which placed my gf, g-aunts Edna and Vida Lowrey Johnson all as students as well as my future gm Ethel Calhoun who I believe was the daughter of the Amity College President J.C. Calhoun. I have several letters written to my father in the mid 1920's which relate to other Calhoun family members at that time in same the catalog i.e. Harold and Jean Calhoun. It appears J.C. moved around quite a bit as a preacher-teacher. The letters to my father came from Garrettsville, NY and he also mentioned owning a home in Oskaloosa. The 1900 census places George in Amity township.
Posted: March 12, 1998

Submitter: Joyce Reed LOWER, Frederick

Lower, Frederick b: 15 Oct., 1834 Johnstown PA d: 23 Dec. 1915 Hawleyville IA m: Elizabeth Morrison in OH Children:
Eliza, John, Sidney, Harry Millard, Almena
Looking for any information on Frederick's family, especially his father Christian. Christian was living with Frederick in Elizabeth twp, Miami co. OH in the 1860 census. Harry Millard Lower is my great grandfather. His son Clarence Cyril Lower b: 17 Jan 1900 in New Market, Nodaway twp, Taylor co. IA is my grandfather.
Posted: 11/8/98 8:29:14 AM Pacific Standard Time

Submitter: carolmac LOY, Martin

Searching for info on Loy family in Clarinda ,Iowa. Martin Loy came to U.S. in Sept 1741. Children were:
George T.,
Elizabeth Susan, and
two unnamed children.
Elizabeth Susan married a Zacharia Montgomery Here is my connection. I have more info on the Loys.
Any info you can share with me will be appreciated.
Posted: May 14, 1999

Submitter: Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. LOY, Isaac
(Son: William, 1 & Duly (HILL) LOY) Born 1835 near Knoxvill, TN. d. 1876, at age 41 in Page Co., IA; Buried in the Polsley Cemetery, (Section 10 in Lincoln Twp., Page) Row 19, Lot 5 At the age of 30, he married the 23 year old Miss Mary/Sarah Jane HITCH; b. c1842, Anderson Co., TN; d. 1904, at the age of 62 years old in Lincoln Twp., Page Co., IA. She is Buried next to her 1st husband. She was the daughter of Christopher & Elizabeth (Unknown) HITCH; They had the following children born to this short Union:
  • 1st Dau: Susan LOY; b. *1860; d. c1943 Never m.
  • 2nd Dau: Nancy LOY; b. c1862; Not Traced!
  • 1st Son: Charles LOY; b. c1864; Not Traced!
  • 2nd Son: Robert C.; b. *1866; m. *1889 Cordelia LAFFERTY
  • 3rd Dau: Alice LOY; b. *1868; m. *1894 Wm. Alex. CRAIG
  • 4th Dau: Ida G. LOY; b. c1875; m. *1894 Jesse M. CURNUTT
  • 3rd Son: Johnnnie ; b. *1871; d. c1882, age 12
Aftert the death of her 1st husband in 1876 Mrs. Jane (HITCH) LOY, she was only 34 years old. A record indicate she may have married a second time on 22 Aug. 1904 (She was 62) years old. to 59 years old Matthew BAKER; b. 1845; d. bfr 28 Sep. 1942, age 97 (Clarinda Herald Journal) Mrs. Jane (HITCH) LOW BAKER died some 3 days after her marriage bfr 25 Aug. 1904 (Page County Democrat - Obit) "Mother of Mrs. Will CRAIG" She was buried next to her 1st husband in the Polsley Cemetery, Revised: 19 Dec. 1997; Posted: 02 Dec. 1996
Submitter: Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. LOY, Robert C.

ROBERT C. LOY b. 22nd Feb. 1866, in Tarkio, Page Co., IA; d. 23rd Oct. 1933, Page Co. (Son of Issac & Mary Jane LOY) m. 27th Feb. 1889, in Page Co. to CORDELIA LAFFERTY, b. 13th Nov. 1868, d. 8th Jan. 1962, Had two daughters:

  1. 1st. Dau: NINA LOY; b. 1890 m. 12 Feb. Earl H. ANNAN
  2. 2nd. Dau: ONA LOY; b. 1894 m. 1 R.S. WARDEN, 2 R.C. KNOX
Posted: 02 Dec. 1996
Submitter: Jodie Luke Depke LUKE, Edward [Dr]

Requesting information about Dr. Edward LUKE, 1874-1962, buried in Coin, IA. Would especially like to know his wife's name and the names of any children, grandchildren. Desire to contact a direct ancester. Would like to know more about him, too. Thank you.
Posted: 03 Mar. 1997

Submitter: Stacey R. Benson LYMAN, Ralph E.

Attention descendants of Ralph Emerson LYMAN and Sarah Viola PFANDER married 30 Jul 1919 in Clarinda, Page, Iowa. Please send any information about this couple or their descendants to Stacey R. Benson e-mail: Sbenson625@aol.com Thanks. Posted: April 18, 1998

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