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Submitter: William H. "Bill" Adams ABBOTT, David
Born probably in Preble Co., OH, died October 17, 1885 near Clarinda, Page Co., Iowa. He was the son of James Abbott, born January 15, 1776, in South Carolina and died January 24, 1867 in North Manchester, IN. His mother was Catherine Tillman, daughter of Tobias Tillman & Catherine Sharp. She was born January 7, 1786 in NC and died January 24, 1865 in North Manchester, IN. In 1834, his parents moved from Preble Co., OH to Wabash Co., Indiana. He married Catherine Loy, daughter of Jacob Loy & Phoebe Tillman, She was born December 19, 1815, most likely in Preble Co., OH. Died December 26, 1887 in near Clarinda, Page Co., Iowa. They would have known each other in Ohio. Where did they marry? When did they come to Iowa? Did they have children? I would like more information on this couple and to contact their descendants.
Bill has moved to Australia (Aug. 29, 1999) His new address is:
William Hampton Adams, PhD
Lecturer, Director of Studies
Department of Archaeology
Flinders University
GPO 2100
Adelaide, SA 5050
Voice Line: (+61 8) (08) 8201-5257
Fax Line: (+61 8) (08) 8201- 3845
E-Mail: bill.adams@flinders.edu.au
www Page: http://wwwehlt.flinders.edu.au/archaeology/home.html
Posted: 29 Dec. 1996; Revised Sep. 30, 1997; Sep. 20, 1999
He married twice, they had 10 children born to his 1st marriage.
See the Attached is a "Text" (ASCII) file of the ABBOTT Family, this file can be read or printed with a "Text Editor" like MS-DOS "Edit.Com" or Windows "Note Pad"
We would like to exchange info. on this family!
See: David ABBOTT Family Profile!
Never heard back from Bill on this family. ..prs

Submitter: Nancy Hastie ABBOTT/PACE Families
Hello Paul,
I am on your Page Co. webpage and I am looking for some of the same names as you are. I think there was a cross over between Page, Taylor counties, etc.
I'm looking for the family of John Abbott and wife Cora Pace. They had two children living in 1969 when Cora died - Kenneth (of Springfield, MO) and Dorothy who married Harry Salmon (of Clarinda in 1969). Do you know anything about Kenneth or Dorothy?
I am interested in Burnhams (who are buried in Memory Cemetery) also. I have Asa and wife Jane Hastie Burnham. Their daughter Jennie/Jane married Daniel E. Pace.
Posted: Feb. 13, 1999
See: David ABBOTT Family Profile! ..prs

John I. Abbott
ABBOTT, Family
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 11:18:37 PM Eastern Standard Time
Hi, Am trying to connect our Abbott line to a family. Would you happen to have a Thomas J.Abbott b. Ireland married Susan Wells or Welts and had 2 sons that we know of -James Warren Abbott b.1857 in Ill. and Frank Abbott -birthdate and place are unknown to us. thanks, Marge, jabbott@ees.eesc.com
What County, State are you looking in? ..prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 10:05:37 PM Eastern Standard Time
Hi Paul, Christian Co. Illinois. Susan's name may have been Welch. Know they had 1 son named James Warren Abbott b.Aug.1857 in Ill. and another named Frank - date and place unknown. Thank you, Marge jabbott@ees.eesc.com
I dont think they are "connecter" to our Page Co., IA. branch. ..prs

Date: 14 Nov 2002 8:30:32 PM Pacific Standard Time I have some information relating to #11 - Reuben Sanford, Jr. ABBOTT
You show him married to Miss Hanna LONG b. 25 Jun 1848, IN, daughter of Andrew BROADSTONE and Sarah LONG.
A Reuben LONG married Hannah BROADSTONE b 25 Jun 1848 IN, daugher of Andrew BROADSTONE and Sarah Ann Williams. The marriage was 1 May 1864, Webster Co, Iowa. I show four children for Reuben and Hannah: Lemel C., d bef. 1929; Andrrew Leslie, d bef 1929; Edith (in Clarinda, IA, 1929) and Fleet (in St. Cloud, MN in 1929). Hannah d 11 Jan 1929, Clarinda, IA;
this #1 Reuben apparently died prior to 1918, because I show she married Reuben S. ABBOTT in 1918 (she must have REALLY liked that name!!
Andrew BROADSTONE is my gr-gr-gr-grandfather (I think I have the right number of Greats!! I am working on another family history right now and don't have that fact right at hand). Andrew and his wife, Sarah Ann, are indeed buried in Clarinda, IA-- I have photos of their headstones which we took.
This is probably too distant to your research to be much help, but the names are too much the same not to be the same.
Regards, SHARI SHUSTER - Omaha, NE (previously of the great state of OREGON) Scrapperiam@aol.com
Submitter: burl.abraham ABRAHAM/MORGAN
Just looking through early marriages for Page county Iowa. I noticed Sara P. Abraham and Abner Morgan 11 Dec. 1858. Could this name possibly be Munger instead of Morgan? The only reason I state this is because of Sara's father's family Bible record of the marriage which appears to read Munger. Let me know? Thanks
Posted: 98-09-16 16:12:31 EDT

Re: Akin/Aikin/Aiken in Page Co
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 11:40:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time
To: IAPAGE-L@rootsweb.com
Darcy, I have only one Akin/Aiken connection, and that is to the Beech Aiken/Akin who married Gertrude Vliet, my great-grandfather's sister's child. Beech's parents, according to his obit. were John Akin and Susan (unknown) Since Beech was born in 1867, it appears that his father, John, could easily have been a brother or cousin to your Akin family, but I have no documents.
I have one appearance of "Lewis Akin" in my genealogy, and that was from the affidavit he signed on behalf of a pension for Jacob Spunaugle, bro. of my Great-Grandfather. Here's what I know of him:
On July 13, 1889, Jacob Spunaugle was living in Shenandoah, Iowa, as he made his original declaration for an Invalid pension. He also stated that he joined the engineers under Capt. Patton, in December of 1861. His claim states that he was building bridges and working in water in August of 1862 near Jackson, Tennessee, and contracted a "severe cold" from which he did not fully recover. He was not treated in any military or other hospitals, according to his declaration. He states that he has lived in "Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa" since his discharge. This pension ($8 per month) was awarded on April 15, 1889. Walter W. Hill (son of Joseph E. Hill, his brother-in-law) and Lewis Akin (one suspects he is related to the husband (Beech Aiken) of Gertrude Vliet, his niece) attested to his disability. In 1905, another application managed to have the pension increased to $10 per month.
I don't think that is much help, but I believe it is probable that there was some family connection with Lewis Akin, simply because other affidavits, both in 1889 and later, also came from family members such as Mary Vliet, his sister, and Elias Meads who was probably related to his brother Daniel's wife, Lucinda Meads.
My suggestion is that you contact Pat O'Dell, the author of the Taylor and Page County Newspaper index to see if she can research this for you. She may charge a fee, but it would be less than making the trip to Clarinda, Iowa!
Elaine, ejeter@san.rr.com

Re: Akin/Aikin/Aiken in Page Co
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 3:24:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Elaine-Thanks you so much for your prompt and informative reply. I made a trip to Clarinda last summer and visited the Nodaway Museum but unfortunately could only spend an hour or so. That is where I confirmed that Lewis was the sheriff. I also have in my records that Beech's dad John was probably married to Susan (or Sophia) Miller, daughter or John Miller and Mary Loy. Mary Loy is the daughter of William Loy and Duly HILL. Lewis Akin had a son named John, don't know if it is the same John-father of Beech-. If you stumble on anything else, please let me know. And again, thanks for your reply.
Darcy, parsleysage@aol.com

james allender and his then new wife " martha" and children appear in the ia clarinda page co. 1900 census however "mattie " my gg.. mother must have died and and is possibly burried in page co. ia as she may have died in the late the very 1800's . she was survived by her 2 children anna and jesse .
james allender must have married "martha " shortly after . can any one provide information as to when "mattie "passed away and where she is burried ?
and can anyone provide info as to when james and "martha" were married and where ?
I can NOT find any ALLENDER families buried in Page Co., IA ...prs
Posted: March 12, 1998

Submitter: M. Hougland ALLUMBAUGH, Anna

Seeking ancestors and descendants of Anna ALLUMBAUGH, b. 7 Sep 1850 Clarinda, Page, IA; d. 6 Jun 1935 Topeka KS; dau of Abner ALLUMBAUGH, b. IL and --SIMMONS. She married Gabriel Perkins on 28 Sep 1865 in Clarinda. They had at least a son, Zopher, and a dau., Sadie. In a declaration for Widow's Pension, a General Affidavit signed by Milton Vinsant and Milton Cooper of Clarinda IA on 12 Sep 1903 states they lived in Clarinda from 1865 to 1886 or 1887.
Did Anna have any siblings? Are her parents buried in Page Co? Are there any early records of pioneers in Page Co. that might include Abner and his wife? Would appreciate any help. Posted: 11 Nov. 1997, Received 11 Nov. 1997

Submitter: Mary A Sutphin AMBROSE, Thomas

Searching for information or descendants of Thomas AMBROSE a teacher who was in Clarinda IA, prior to 1900. First wife Birdie SCOTT. After her death Thomas married Myrtle Olive GREEN. Two known children, Dorothy and Kathleen AMBROSE. Any information appreciated. Will someone check Clarinda phone books for AMBROSE listing?
In my ATLAS it shows a GOLDENROD SCHOOL MUSEUM, could someone check for Thomas at the museum.
Thank you so much for any assistance. Mary A Sutphin masutphi@vt.edu Posted: 09 Jul. 1997, Received 29 Jun. 1997

Submitter: Debbie Haught ANDREWS, Arthur

Seeking information on Arthur Andrews & Sarah McFeeley Andrews. They moved from Montgomery Co., IN @ 1855 to Page Co., Iowa. Had the following children: Eliza Scott, b. 1832, John, b. @1833, Sarah Wray, b. @1835, the above born in Ohio. Then Susan b. @ 1837, Lydia Curtis, b. @1839, Joel B. @ 1842, Henry, b. @1843, Mary Menefee, b. @1845, David, b. @1848, Clarissa, b. @ 1850, Julia b. @1854. died 1875, James, b. @ 1854, all the above born in Indiana. What happened to Henry, David, Clarissa and James? Did they move away, did some of them die? Arthur died 1876 in Page Co., did Sarah go to Nebraska with Joel? Willing to share information. All help appreciated. Posted: 29 Dec. 1996

Submitter: Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. ANNAN, Henry A. F.

HENRY AUGUST FREDERICK ANNAN; The first born, first son of the German progenitor in America JOHN FREDERICK, Sr. & KATHERINE (RENTKER) ANNAN; born on 28 Aug. 1834, in Hagerstown, Maryland; d. 11 March 1912, at the age of 77 years, 7 months, and 13 days, in Page Co., Ia.; Married on 3 December 1857, in Page Co., Ia., to LOUISA McNUTT; b. 7 Apr. 1837, in Ohio; d. 9 May 1894, at the age of 57 years, 1 month, and 2 days, at Lincoln Twp., Page Co.; She was the daughter of ELI and EVS (Maiden name Unknown) McNUTT; They had 10 children born to this union:

  1. 1st. Son: JOHN W. ANNAN; b. 1858-9 m. 23 Feb. 1898, to EDNA JANE BONSALL;
  2. 1st. Dau: MARY E. ANNAN; b. 1860 m. on 27 Feb. 1878 to FRANK T. HAIDSIAK;
  3. 2nd. Son: GEORGE H. ANNAN; b. 1862 m. 16 Feb. 1888, to LUSETTE SNYDER;
  4. 3rd. Son: Unknown Infant; b. & d. 17 Mar. 1864;
  5. 4th. Son: WILLIAM L. ANNAN; b. 1866 m. 4th Oct. 1885 or 27th of Oct. 1886, to ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" SUSAN BONSALL;
  6. 5th. Son: HENRY M. ANNAN; b. 1868 m. 1st Jan. 1896, to MAMIE ELLEN WARREN;
  7. 6th. Son: CHARLES F. ANNAN; b. 1871 m. date Unknown to CARRIE W. (Unknown)
  8. 2nd. Dau: ANNA S. ANNAN; b. 1873 m. date unknown, to HERMAN ANDERSON;
  9. 7th. Son: FRANK T. ANNAN; b. 1875 m. 16 Nov. 1899, to DORA BELLE MARTIN;
  10. 3rd. Dau: ELLA C. ANNAN; b. 1877 m. on 14 Feb. 1893, to CHARLES HUTCHISON;
Would like to share any information with any one working on these families. Posted: 02 Dec. 1996
Submitter: Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. ANNAN, Earl H.

EARL HENRY ANNAN was born on his father's farm on 11 May, 1889, southeast of Yorktown about a mile, (Section 31) Harlan Twp., Iowa. Was the only child of GEORGE HERMAN ANNAN and his wife LUSETTE (SNYDER) ANNAN. d. 13 Oct. 1974, m. Feb. 12, 1912 to Miss NINA LOY. They had 4 children:

  1. 1st. Son: GEORGE K. ANNAN; b. 1915 m. 14 Jan. 1940, to ELSIE BERNICE WILSON;
  2. 2nd. Son: MELVIN E. ANNAN; b. 1918 m. 8 Jul. 1943, to AGNES GERTRUDE (Peggy) HARRISON;
  3. 1st. Dau: NINA FERN ANNAN; b. 1920 m. 19 Jul. 1949 to JAMES L. STEIGERWALD;
  4. 2nd. Dau: CORDELIA I. ANNAN; b. 1925 m. on 13 Aug. 1947, REX DALE MOORE;
Would like to share any information with any one working on these families. Posted: 02 Dec. 1996
Submitter: Daniel C. Davis ASHLEY, Oscar S.

Oscar Spalding Ashley, my great-grandfather, was born in Clarinda, Page Co. IA on 25 APR 1856. Supposedly his mother died in Clarinda in 1858 or 1859 -- I only know that her last name was Spalding. She was married to E. M. Ashley who I have no birth or death info on. Does anyone know anything about the Ashley's or the Spalding's that my ancestors may be connected to? Thanks. Posted: 18 Feb. 1997, Received 17, Feb. 1997

Submitter: Arlene Atwood ATTWOOD, Martha
I am looking for Martha "Mat" Atwood, married Thomas Anderson and Malinda "Linda" Atwood, married Henry Algers. Martha and Malinda's parents are Samander and Martha Miller Atwood. Any help would be appreciated. I am more than willing to exchange the information I have with anyone. Thank You. Arlene Atwood
Posted: Jul. 24, 1999

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