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The following are some 100 (Active & Non-Active) Churches in Page Co. Giving Name of Church, Location (Twp., Section, and Parcel fractions) A Church History can be found by "Click" on the More See, for those Church's that don't have a "Hot-Link" Go to the Township History for more information on this Church.
We would like any corrections or additions to this list or additional Church History in Page Co., IA.
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T70-N, R-39-W
T70-N, R-38-W
T70-N, R-37-W
T70-N, R-36-W
T69-N, R-39-W
T69-N, R-38-W
T69-N, R-37-W
T69-N, R-36-W
T68-N, R-39-W
T68-N, R-38-W
T68-N, R-37-W
T68-N, R-36-W
T67-N, R-39-W
T67-N, R-38-W
T67-N, R-37-W
T67-N, R-36-W

Amity Township
  Name  Town  Built  Active  Located  More:
 FIRST CONGREATIONAL CHURCH  College Springs  1865  Active  Ph 712-582-3322   See:
 FREE METHODIST CHURCH  College Springs    Non-Active  Sec 7,8,1   See:
 METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH  College Springs  1876  Non-Active  Sec 7,8,1   See:
 UNITED PRESPYTERIAN CHURCH  College Springs  1857  Non-Active  Sec 7,8,1   See:
 WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH  College Springs  1860  Non-Active  Sec 7,8,1   See:

Buchanan Township
  Name  Town  Built  Active  Located  More:
 CHRISTIAN CHURCH  Braddyville    Non-Active  Town  
 UNITED METHODIST CHURCH  Braddyville    Active  Town, 712-589-3517  
 PLEASANT RIDGE CHURCH  Rual  1890  1928  Sec. 3, SW 1/4,NE 1/4  
 FIRST SHEARER CHURCH  Rual  1870  1954  Sec. 23, SE 1/4,NW 1/4  
 FREE METHODIST CHURCH  Rual    Non-Active  Sec. 3, SE 1/4,NW 1/4  

Colfax Township
  Name  Town  Built  Active  Located  More
 METHODIST CHURCH  Blanchard  1881  Active  Sec. 28, SW 1/4,SW 1/4   See:
 UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  Blanchard  1880  Non-Active  Sec. 28, SW 1/4,SW 1/4   See:

Douglas Township
  Name  Town  Built  Active  Located  More
 BETHESDA LUTHERAN CHURCH  Clarinda    Active  J20 & M63 RR1 Box 102   See:
 SWEDISH EVANGELICAL LUTHERN  Bethesda  1870  Non-Active  Sec. 21,22   See:
 THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH  Bethesda  1886  Non-Active  Sec. 21,22   See:
 UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  Rual  1874  Non-Active  Sec 1, NW 1/4,NW 1/4   See:
 METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH  Rual  1868  1882  Sec 5, SE 1/4,SW 1/4   See:
 METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH  North Grove  1882  Non-Active  Sec. 9, NW 1/4,NW 1/4   See:
 MISSION COVENAT CHURCH  Rual    Active  Sec. 26   See:

East River Township
  Name  Town  Built  Active  Located  More
 CHURCH OF GOD OF N.AMERICA  Shambaugh  1869  Non-Active  See New Market   See:

Fremont Township
  Name  Town  Built  Active  Located  More
 METHODIST EPSCOPAL CHURCH  Rual    Non-Active  Sec. 5, SE 1/4,NW 1/4   See:
 SWEDISH EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN  Nyman  1872  Non-Active  Sec. 10, NW 1/4,NW 1/4   See:

Grant Township
  Name  Town  Built  Active  Located  More
 ASSEMBLY OF GOD  Shenandoah    Active  Sec 19, 703 6th Ave.   See:
 CHRISTIAN FAITH FOLLOWSHIP  Shenandoah    Active  Sec 19, 906 Day St.   See:
 CHRISTIAN SIENCE SOC.  Shenandoah    Active  Sec 19, 207 S. Elm St.   See:
 CHURCH OF CHRIST, NEW TEST.  Shenandoah    Active  Sec 19, 408 W. Lowell St.   See:
 CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST LDS.  Shenandoah    Active  Sec 19, 507 E. Pioneer St   See:
 CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST REOG.  Shenandoah    Active  Sec 19, RR 2, Box 227 A   See:
 CHURCH OF THE NAZARINE  Shenandoah    Active  Sec 19, 811 S. Center St.   See:
 CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH  Shenandoah    Active  Sec 19, 300 Church St.   See:
 EMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH  Shenandoah    Active  Sec 19, 406 E. Pioneer St.   See:
 FIRST BAPTIST, ABC.  Shenandoah    Active  Sec 19, 411 W. Clarinda Ave.   See:
 FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH  Shenandoah    Active  Sec 19, 500 W. Clarinda Ave.   See:
 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH  Shenandoah    Active  Sec 19, 200 W. Clarinda Ave.   See:
 FIRST UNITED METHODIST  Shenandoah    Active  Sec 19, 200 Church St.   See:
 JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES  Shenandoah    Active  Sec 19, E. Valley & Argus Rd.   See:
 LUTHERAN PEACE EV.  Shenandoah    Active  Sec 19, 411 Church St.   See:
 MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH  Shenandoah    Active  Sec 19, 602 Maple St.   See:
 St JOHN'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH  Shenandoah    Active  Sec 19, 401 Church St.   See:
 St MARY'S CATHOLIC CHURCH  Shenandoah    Active  Sec 19, 512 W. Thomas St.   See:
 TRINTY LUTHERAN (MO. SYNOD)  Shenandoah    Active  Sec 19, 713 Church St.   See:

Harlan Township
  Name  Town  Built  Active  Located  More
 CHURCH OF GOD, FIRST  Shambaugh    Non-Active  Sec 36, SE 1/4   See:
 CHURCH OF GOD, M. AMERICA  Shambaugh  1869  Active  Sec 27, SW 1/4,SW 1/4   See:
 COVENANTERS, REFORMED PRESBYT  Rural  1860  Active  Sec. 22, SE 1/4,SE 1/4   See:
 FREE METHODIST CHURCH  Shambaugh    Non-Active  Sec 36, SE 1/4   See:
 FREE METHODIST CHURCH OF N.AM  Shambaugh  1896  1958  Sec. 36, SE 1/4   See:
 HARVEST FELLOWSHIP CHURCH  Shambaugh    Active  206 4th St   See:
 MENNONITE BRETHEREN IN CHRIST  Shambaugh  1883  Non-Active  See U. Missionary Church   See:
 METHODIST CHURCH  Page Center  1867  1928  Sec. 7, SE 1/4,SE 1/4   See:
 METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH  Shambaugh  1883  Non-Active  Sec. 36, SE 1/4   See:
 PRESBYTERIAN, CHURCH  Page Center  1880  1916  Sec. 7, SE 1/4,SE 1/4   See:
 PRESBYTERIAN, REFORMED (COVEN  Rural  1860  Active  Sec. 22, SE 1/4,SE 1/4   See:
 PRESBYTERIAN, UNITED CHURCH  Page Center  1867  Non-Active  Sec. 7, SE 1/4,SE 1/4   See:
 UNITED MISSIONARY CHURCH  Shambaugh  1947  Non-Active  Sec 36, SW 1/4   See:

Lincoln Township
  Name  Town  Built  Active  Located  More
 METHODIST CHURCH  Coin  1881  Non-Active  Sec 32,   See:
 METHODIST EPISCLOPAL  Snow Hill  1870  Non-Active  Sec 28,29   See:

Morton Township
  Name  Town  Built  Active  Located  More
 METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH  Wesleyan  1871  Non-Active  Sec 36, NW 1/4,NW 1/4   See:
 WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH  Wesleyan  1871  Non-Active  Sec 36, NW 1/4,NW 1/4   See:

Nebraska Township
  Name of Church  Town  Built  Active  Located  More
 METHODIST CHURCH, 2nd  HAWLEYVILLE  1870  Not-Active  TOWN   See:

Nodaway Township
  Name  Town  Built  Active  Located  More
 BAPTIST, CALVARY  Clarinda    Active  1200 S. 20th St   See:
 BAPTIST, CLARINDA REGULAR  Clarinda    Active  71 Hwy & 2 Hwy ByPass   See:
 BAPTIST, FIRST  Clarinda    Active  800 S. 16th St   See:
 CATHOLIC, St CLAIR  Clarinda    Active  314 E. Lincoln St   See:
 CHURCH OF CHRIST, FAIRVIEW  Clarinda    Active  1001 S. 22nd & Orange   See:
 CHURCH OF GOD, CLARINDA  Clarinda    Active  322 E. Grant St   See:
 FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD  Clarinda    Active  14th & Sturat St.   See:
 FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH  Clarinda    Active  301 N. 16th & Chestnut   See:
 HILSIDE CHAPEL MISSIONARY  Clarinda    Active  920 S. 16th   See:
 LUTHERAN, IMMANUEL (LCMS)  Clarinda  1885  Active  Sec 2, RR 1   See:
 LUTHERAN, St JOHN'S LCMS  Clarinda    Active  301 N. 13th St   See:
 METHODIST, FIRST UNITED  Clarinda    Active  223 W. Washington St   See:
 METHODIST, FREE CLARINDA  Clarinda    Active  315 W. Washington St   See:
 METHODIST, FREE PARSONAGE  Clarinda    Active  315 E. Chestnut St   See:
 METHTODIST, SUMMIT EPISCOPAL  Clarinda  1874  Non-Active  Sec 18, SE 1/4,SE 1/4  sme.htm See:
 NODAWAY CHURCH OF THE NAZAREN  Clarinda    Active  716th S. 16th St   See:
 PRESBYTERIAN, CHURCH  Yorktown    Non-Active  Sec. 21 S. 3rd St   See:
 PRESBYTERIAN, REFORMED  Clarinda    Active  RR 3, Clarinda 712-542-3257   See:
 PRESBYTERIAN, UNITED  Clarinda    Active  322 N. 16th St   See:
 PRESBYTERIAN, UNITED TRINTY  Clarinda    Active  202 W. Washington & 17th   See:
 PRESBYTERIAN, WESTMINSTER  Clarinda    Active  322 N. 16th St   See:
 St PAUL LUTHERAN CHURCH  Yorktown  1895  Active  Sec 32, S. Main St.  spel.htm See:
 UNITED METHODIST CHURCH  Yorktown  1876  Non-Active  Sec. 21 403 Adams St  umc.htm See:

Pierce Township
  Name  Town  Built  Active  Located  More
 BABTIST, NEW LIGHT CHURCH  Rual  1876  Non-Active  Sec 8., NE 1/2,NW 1/4   See:
 1867  Non-Active  Sec 2, SW 1/2,SW 1/4   See:
 COVENANT, EVANGELICAL CHURCH  Essex    Active  212 Alice St  essex-ecc See:
 LUTHERAN, FREMONT  Rual    Active  RR 3, RED OAK   See:
 METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH  Rual  1873  Non-Active  Essex   See:
 PRESPYTERIAN CHURCH  Essex  1878  Active  601 Omaha St   See:
 St JOHN'S LUTHERAN CHURCH  Essex    Active  104 East St  essex-sjl.htm See:
 SWEDISH EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN  Essex  1876  Active  Essex   See:
 SWEDISH METHODIST CHURCH  Essex  1884  Non-Active  Essex   See:

Tarkio Township
  Name  Town  Built  Active  Located  More
 METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH  Norwich  1888  Non-Active  Sec 29,   See:
 PRESBYTERIAN, SOCIETY CHURCH  Norwich  1882  Non-Active  Sec 28, SE 1/4,SE 1/4   See:

Valley Township
  Name  Town  Built  Active  Located  More
 CHRISTIAN CHURCH  Hepburn  1889  Non-Active     See:
 1859  Non-Active  Sec 25, NE 1/4,NW 1/4   See:
 PRESBYTERIAN, UNITED MISSION  Hepburn  1879  Non-Active  Sec 20,   See:
 UNITED BRETHREN  Rose Hill  1868  Non-Active  Sec 31, NE 1/4, SW 1/4   See:

Washington Township
  Name  Town  Built  Active  Located  More
 1881  Active  Sec 28,   See:
 1881  Non-Active  Sec 28,   See:
 1881  Active  Sec 23,   See:
 St PAULS'S LUTHERAN CHURCH  Northboro    Active  Sec 23,   See:

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