Odebolt History Index

Odebolt History Index
The  history of the town of Odebolt, Iowa and surrounding area,
biographies of its people,  historic photos and news from the past.

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  • Historian, Erik Eriksson
  • 1977 Centennial Committee
  • Thanks to Contributors
  • How Odebolt was named
  • More on Odebolt's name
  • New Story on Odebolt's name
  • Odebolt's "Bang Town"
  • Odebolt's Beginnings
  • 1891- 92 Building Boom
  • Miscellaneous Items
  • Odebolt Stockyards
  • Town Hall and Post Office
  • Fire Department
  • Swimming Pool
  • City Park (Hanson Park)
  • Library History
  • 1950's Observation Tower
  • 75th Year Parade
  • 1882 Biographies
  • 1893 Biographies
  • 1914 Biographies
  • 1926-27 Pioneer Series
  • 1938 "50 Year" Bios
  • 1977 Centennial Bios
  • Recollections & Memoirs
  • Submitted Bios & Info
  • Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland Connections
  • Odebolt Schools
  • Prof. J. H. Orcutt
  • 1885 School Card
  • 1887 Grads
  • 1886-1919 Grads (list)
  • 1895 School Children
  • 1905 & 1907 Grads (photos)
  • 1909 Kindergarten (photo)
  • 1914 Panoramic Photo
  • 1915 Freshman Class History 
  • 1915 Yearbook 
  • 1916 Photos (Einspahr photos)
  • 1915 Calendar
  • 1917 Yearbook (photos)
  • 1918 7th grade
  • Country Schools
  • View digitized yearbooks at the library site!

  • Faith Lutheran (Swedish Luth.)
         - Records
         - The Nelsons & "The Stuga"
  • Trinity Lutheran
  • Salem Reformed
  • Immanuel Lutheran
  • Congregational Church
  • First Presbyterian
  • St. Martin's Catholic 
  • Mission Covenant Church
  • United Methodist
        - Epworth Chapel
        - Bethel Methodist
        - Richland Methodist
        - Boyer Methodist  
  • (From KIRON KOUNTRY a website by Glenn Gustafson)

  • Cook Ranch (Brookmont Farm)
       The Cooks of Brookmont Farm (video)
  • Wheeler Ranch
    Articles about Hiram C. Wheeler
  • Adams Ranch (Fairview Farm)
  • Lakin, Shinrome, Stenoien
  • Odebolt Area Farm Photos
  • The Stuga
  • Peterson Pioneer Home
  • Odebolt Museum
  • Iowa Rural Schools Museum (off-site link)
  • Field Carnegie Library
  • Odebolt's Historic Bank
  • All Historic Places
  • Odebolt Cemetery history  
  • Odebolt Cemetery from Iowa Gravestones (Off-site link)
  • Find a Grave Odebolt Cemeteries (Off-site link)

    Creek Days and
    the Odebolt-Arthur All School Reunion
    WILL be held in 2021
    Reunion-Friday, June 11th
    Creek Days, June 12-13th

    If you want a reunion mailing, update your mailing & email addresses at oaalumniassn@gmail.com
    Click for the Reunion Facebook Page
    Click for Odebolt Creek Days Facebook Page

    If you want a reunion mailing, update your mailing & email addresses at oaalumniassn@gmail.com
    Facebook Page

  •  NEW LINK! ON-LINE Odebolt newspapers now spanning 1877 to 2020
  •  Fiftieth Anniversary Edition, published by The Odebolt News with history of the town of Odebolt as of 1927. 
  • Progress Edition, October 29, 1953, published by The Odebolt Chronicle, starts with history of the paper, history of Odebolt starts on page 24  
  • Odebolt Newspaper history
  • History,Odebolt Chronicle
  • W.E. Hamilton & Early Days
  • Hamilton & the Cherry Sisters
  • Paul Wagner
  • Letters, Wagner, Hook & Wieser
  • Progress in Odebolt

    Transcriptions from early newspapers. (some not on microfilm) by B. Ekse

  • Odebolt News From the Past
  • Sac Sun Excerpts
  • Odebolt Area Veterans Memorial
  • 1882 GAR
  • American Legion Roose Post 313
  • Men lost WWI, WWII and Vietnam
  • The Patten Brothers-Nine members in WWII Navy at once.
  • John E. Kuhl WWI letters
  • PHOTO GALLERY  (click)
  • INCLUDES: Photos and Postcards
    from Bauer, Keller and Druivenga
    Collections, Farms, Firemen, Adams and Cook Ranch,
    1938 Businessmen, Aerial View, Country Schools, MORE
  •  Help identify unknown photos ... Click on this link

  • Early Sac Co. History
  • Early County Towns & P.O's
  • 1908 Sac Co. Township Maps
  • 1908 Sac Co. Index of Patrons
  • Herring Cemetery
  • Sac Sun excerpts, 1871-77
  • Odebolt Area Surname Links
  • History & Genealogy Links

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