Odebolt Popcorn - Albert Dickinson Co.

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Source: "Fifty Years of Progress"; The Odebolt Chronicle, 
Vol. 51, Number 31, Thursday, August 25, 1938

Scanned from 1938 Fifty Years of Progress, Odebolt Chronicle

The Albert Dickinson Co. has been buying popcorn from this territory for over 50 years (since the 1880's). According to all evidence they bought the first popcorn that was ever raised for the market around Odebolt.

For the last 26 years the company has maintained a plant in Odebolt, dealing in popcorn and farm seeds. During that time there have been three different local managers, Charles Waggoner, J.C. Ellis and L. P. Beck.

Mr. Beck, the present manager, came to Odebolt from Ute as a station agent in 1909. He was Odebolt agent for the Chicago and North Western railroad until 1918, when he took over his present position.

The Albert Dickinson Co. of Odebolt, Iowa seems to be the first company to (since the 1880's).
Their brands of popcorn were called Big Buster and Little Buster. This bag contained 100 lbs. of popcorn.


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