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Extracted from the "World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing: State of Iowa" published by the
U.S. War Department, June 1946

Transcribed by Susie Martin-Rott.
In the original book they used a dash (-) for numbers not legible in the serial numbers.  I have replaced that dash with a ? to avoid confusion (so researchers will know there is a missing number and that the dash is not part of the actual serial number)

Death Codes used in the publication are as follows:
KIA=killed in action
DOW=died of wounds
DOI=died of injuries
DNB=died non-battle
FOD=finding of death (declared dead)

There may have been other soldiers from Muscatine County who perished as well.  The booklet also contains a section of men from Unknown Counties (State at Large)
Last First Middle  Selective Service Number  Rank  Cause of
Alexander John J. 37044760 PFC KIA
Bass Arthur 37437176 PFC KIA
Blanchard Kenneth C 37672768  Pvt  DOW
Bond Roy E.  37679790  Pvt KIA
Burk Claytus H.  37653258  Pvt  DNB
Cohen Donald M.  37677473  Pvt  KIA
Cooksey James C.  37660733 Staff Sgt FOD
Crock Gregory B.  16070570  TechSgt  KIA
Darting Raymond F.  37111391  PFC  KIA
Daufeldt Marvin C.  37955416  Pvt  KIA
Daufeldt Mearl E.  17071578  TechSgt  KIA
DeCamp Philip C.  37680757  Pvt  KIA
Dollman Newell A.  37042699  PFC KIA
Dunker Maynard L.  16127674  Sgt KIA
Edgington Stephen L.  37668293  Sgt KIA
Freeland Robert 17066725  PFC  KIA
Freers Richard 37677956  PFC  KIA
Fuhlman Ralph 37443794  Sgt  DOW
Gatzke Raymond C.  0?769794  2LT   DNB
Griebel Emil W.  37435723  Tec5  DNB
Guter Harold B.  37446061  PFC  KIA
Hagens Wesley S.  37446061  PFC KIA
Hanson Harvey P.  17129919  PFC  KIA
Harrison James N.  37446095  PFC DOW
Hendirckson W.H. Jr.  0?728482 1Lt  KIA
Hillier Norman F.  37664956  Pvt KIA
Hintermeister Fred 37684452  Pvt  KIA
Hoelscher Virgil R.  37192647  PFC KIA
Holliday Everette C.  37682138  PFC KIA
Jacobs Myron 0?700615  2Lt  DOI
Kolmerer Karle E.  17067081  TechSgt  KIA
Koph Donald G.  37653407  StaffSgt  KIA
Koslow Peter G.  37675497  PFC  KIA
Lane Richard M.  01112811  1Lt  KIA
Malchau Andrew A.  17029042  StaffSgt  KIA
McKillip Leslie H.  37049689  Cpl  KIA
Melson Weston F.  0?738211  1Lt  FOD
Narvis Charles W.  0?698999  1Lt  KIA
Ogren Harry L.  37653706  PFC  KIA
Owens Orian G.  37426819  TechSgt  DNB
Peyerl Francis R.  37437193  StaffSgt  KIA
Piper Walter L.  01172227  1Lt    KIA
Poole Carl F.  02069857  2Lt  DNB
Rector Charles R.  36437921  PFC  KIA
Rininsland Bruce M.  0?680714  2Lt  KIA
Rininsland Donald A.  0?724644   1 Lt  FOD
Roach John W. Jr. 37111432 TechSgt  DNB
Savage Herbert N.  20930296  Pvt  DNB
Schlichting C. C. 37672771 PFC KIA
Schreiber Harold R.  37697296  Pvt  DOW
Smith Dale F.  01011592  Capt  KIA
Spencer Robert ?6918217  Pvt  KIA
Sterner Lee R.  17032970  TechSgt  KIA
Swale Robert V.  20716327  Tech4  KIA
Swier Gerrit    0?737494 2Lt  DNB
Thauren John 37682104  PFC  KIA
Van Dolah Robert M.  36374055 Tech4 DNB
Watkins Cecil R.  ?653799  Pvt  KIA
Weber Charles M Jr. 0?705650  2Lt DNB
Wetzel Rogert 39304548  Pvt  DOW
Whitmer Dwain N.  37443824  StaffSgt  KIA
Wilson John E.  0?438534  1Lt  DNB
Yeater Vaughn 37677491  Pvt  KIA
Young Warren    17028787 Pvt  DNB

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