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Wayne and Brenda ARNALL's Family Home Page
Interested in the Arnall line? Visit the home page of Brenda and Wayne!

Len Bowen Family Home Page
Len's lines include BOWEN, TISOR, TOMPKINS, LEE, HAHN, STRATTON, MERRITT, MESSER and more families in Muscatine and Louisa Counties. An incredible listing!

Brockway Family Genealogy
Includes the BROCKWAY, HORTON, LETTS, and other family surnames from the Muscatine County area. If you have interest in this family, you will also want to visit our Brockway Cemetery listing.

 The One and Only Ed Murfin's Home Page
A bit of levity with his genealogy, Ed has in his Descendents of Thomas and Kathaline Leach Murfin lines some info on the MURFIN, KLAPPE and YOGE surnames.

Albert Brendel's database includes the line of Gottlieb BRENDEL who settled in Muscatine, and related surnames of BODEN and FRIEDRICKSON, plus a lot more information on the BRENDEL lines.

 KNARR Home Page
Line includes the CANARR surname of Muscatine and Cedar Counties

 Camella & Dennis TURNER Family Home Page
Extensive listing includes FERRY lines from Muscatine and Louisa Counties

 Website of Alice Ament Davidson Gedge
Ancestors in Muscatine: AMENT & DAVIDSON.

Relatives of Ann & Andy DUDLER
This site is full of Muscatine area families and a LOT of folks from Lone Tree in Johnson Co. including ALCOCK, ALLEN, BAUMER, BEAN, FORBES, GRIMM, BENSON, BURR, CHOWN, CONOWAY, CONSTANT, EDEN (extensive), HINKLEY, KIRCHNER (boy was I happy to find THIS), ROBERTS, ROBINSON, SCHRODER, SEITZ and way too many to list! Lots of ties to Lone Tree here!

The John & Frances LOVELL Family
Includes LOVELL family members in Muscatine, Louisa Co, and Scott Co.

McFate/McPhate Family Home Page
John McFate, with help from Marlene McFate Burkheimer, has put together quite a history of the McFate and related lines.
Marlene would like to hear from anyone who is researching the McFate, Stigers, Thomas and Denniston lines in Muscatine. Visit the site or email Marlene McFate Burkheimer.

Darrel DeWayne LEE of Muscatine IA
Contains extensive information on the LEE line of Muscatine and Louisa Counties

 Michael A. SMOKE's Genealogy
Includes the BOWEN and TISOR surnames of Muscatine and Louisa Counties

 The ARIHOOD Genealogy Page
Greg Arihood has obviously spent extensive time researching this giant database, including surnames from Muscatine and Louisa Counties: ARIHOOD, ABBOTT, BEIK, JACKSON, EIERMAN, MCLAUGHLIN, McCLEARY, WALKER, AHLMAN, VIBBER, KEMP, SULLENGER, BELL and REXROTH, plus MANY others.
Gary also has another site called Genealogy Resource Center which is a new site for listing assorted sites he has found helpful in his research of he ARIHOOD family.

 SPRING Ancestors
I was tickled pink to find this wonderful site by Lonnie Richardson of Illinois, charting his wife's Muscatine SPRING lineage (I also have the Spring family in my database!). Surnames from Muscatine Co include but are not limited to SPRING, BREI, WEBSTER, WILL, MITCHELL, CONNER, WILSON and MOSHER.

ROWE Family by Barbara James ROWE
I LOVED this site...full of history and descriptive articles about early Muscatine County, obituaries, notes and other family items which made the visit a most pleasant one! Muscatine area surnames include ANTHONY, CHADWICK, STORMS, JARVIS, SULLINGER, and TIMBERLAKE.

The K. Sean KERN Family Tree
Contains a large section of DICKERSON listings related to the Muscatine County DICKERSON lines.

Susie's Rootbound Genealogy
My family home page, including BREI, GIDEON, GRIMM, KRELL, MARTIN, TITUS and a lot more of my family name and trees and members can be found in Cedar, Louisa, Johnson AND Muscatine Counties.

 Jinkens/Jenkins Genealogy
Looking for Orris JINKINS and his descendents? James has them! This page includes obituaries and other family items.

 Descendents of Robert Brasseur
Jerry Johnson's lines include the SELLMAN and MURPHY surnames in the Muscatine County area.

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