St Mary's Cemetery, Muscatine IA  

St. Mary's Cemetery

Section 34
Bloomington Township

Attempts to obtain the records for St. Mary's from their office have not been successful.  We are therefore left to the task of trying to document the cemetery from scratch.

This is NOT the original St. Mary's. To read about the original cemetery, visit the Old St. Mary's   link.   The Old St. Mary's Cemetery
was located in Section 27 of Bloomington Twp.  The article also has a lot of background on THIS St. Mary's Cemetery, so is a "MUST READ" if you have ancestors here! This cemetery was formed in 1877 when the original cemetery became to small to meet the needs of the community.

According to the news article at the Old St. Mary's link, one of the first two burials at the new site was that of Thomas Curren, who died on 30 March 1877. (listed as Curn in the article).  This being the case, there should only be one other burial (Augusta Phillips) in the "new" cemetery on or about 30 Mar 1877.

As the WPA records were transcribed, several individuals with death dates predating the beginning of use of this cemetery were located. These are marked as "Old", but in fact may be attributed to a bad transcription or individuals being removed from other locations and re-interred at St. Mary's.
It is not clear by the WPA survey if any of these were actually buried at OLD St Mary's.  It is therefore advised that if your ancestor has the "Old" column marked that you double check the dates very carefully and also contact the St Mary's office to see if they are in fact at this location.
On these listings, items from the WPA are all in RED.

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