Muscatine County Genealogy's
Map Page

with references to Louisa,Scott,Johnson and Cedar Counties

Current Muscatine County Iowa


Maps and locations are handy tools for folks who know little or nothing about the area their ancestors came from. John Backstrom of the Iowa PROfiles Project has allowed us to share maps of what you will see researching MUSCATINE COUNTY. These are current maps though many places have not changed much. You can obtain more detailed maps like these with the roads and highways from

The Iowa PROfiles Project

Go to their site, click on the Places and Events Section, choose the county you want and click...instant map. Smaller city maps can be made by clicking on each colored in city area. Check the rest of their site as well...its VERY nice!

Muscatine County IA Early Boundry Maps


The following three great new maps donated by Art Lassagne at Gold Bug Maps and were produced using their product, AniMap.  Visit their site at  Gold Bug Maps

1836 Muscatine County Border Map

1837 Muscatine County Border Map

1838 Muscatine County Border Map

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