Original Muscatine Co IA Genealogy Home Page-Locations Past and Present in Muscatine Co. Locales and settlements of Muscatine County

These locations have been found listed in various records as having at one time or another existed in Muscatine County Iowa.  It is an ongoing project to identify such areas of the county.

Maps are included when available to give you an idea what part of the county your ancestors may have resided in.  Some locations simply have not been located to date, which means either we just haven't found them, or the source information which placed them in Muscatine County was incorrect (in some cases an obituary or death certificate).

If you can provide additional information on the locations of any of the below listings, have additional listings or maps you would like to contribute, please feel free to email them.


1850       United States Survey Department, drawn by Guy H. Carleton

1854       New and Complete Gazetteer of the United States.  Baldwin, Thomas and J. Thomas, M.D
                Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott, Grambo, & Co., 1854

1855        Edward Mendenhall map, 1855, Cincinnati, OH

1856       Parker’s Sectional & Geological Map of Iowa by Nathan H. Parker author of “Iowa As It Is,”
                Clinton Iowa. 1856

1881       Iowa Railway Commission map

1883       Geo. F. Cram, Engraver and Publisher. Chicago ILL.

1893        Rand McNally & Co., Engravers, Chicago

1895      "The New 11 x 14 Atlas of the World" 1895 by the Rand McNally Corporation

1898       Frank H. Galbraith, McEwen Map Co., Chicago, IL

1911       History of Muscatine Co IA (Clarke)
                History of Louisa Co IA (Springer)
1925       Atlas of Colfax County (Nebraska) and the World (has Iowa map)

1976       Fork of the River: History is People (Mabel Estle Brown)

1994 and 2000      USGS National Mapping Information and US Census Tiger Mapping
                                 United States Department of the Interior

also known as 
Adams Mill

in 1895 pop 28 had Post Office and Rail Service

in 2000 listed as historical locale 
Lat 412858N Lon 0911436W


in 2000 
populated  place 
Lat 412342N Long 0911118W 

has cemetery


in 1895 pop 263 
had Post Office,
Express Office 
and Railroad Service
In 1994 pop 423


1881 mapped by 
Iowa Railway Commission
(the heavy lines are rail routes)

1895 no post office
had Express Office
and Railroad Service 

not found 2000-may be what is
now designated as DAYFIELD

Bloomington-original name of Muscatine
Have not located a pre-1836
map showing Bloomington

Cedar Town
Unable to locate on any atlas or map 
Location Unknown

Centre Grove
1854  a Post Office  in Muscatine Co 

1855 Edward Mendenhall map of Co shows
Centre Grove directly to the North of Melpine
and to the west of Moscow

not found 2000


also known as Cone
Township: Orono

1895 pop 258 had Post Office 
(no express or railroad service)
1994 pop 315 
has Post Office no rail station

has cemetery


2000 listed as
populated place
(pop not given)

has cemetery


Unable to locate on map or atlas listings

Location Unknown


2001 Located NE of Muscatine on Bayfield Road.
Is this the old Bayfield?

Drum or Drumm

Have been unable to find 
any documentation of this
locale, but there were 
Drumm families within Cedar and
Muscatine Co and several
are buried at Parr Cemetery
near Pleasant Prairie

Location Unknown

2000 in Cedar Co on 
Muscatine Co border
(the greenish line is
the county line on the map--the green line running north and south on the image is the county line between Scott Co & Muscatine Co-
the one running e/w is Cedar Co line)

cemetery in Muscatine Co


also known as "Jug Town"

1854 listed as a post-village in 
Muscatine county, Iowa on the W. bank of the Mississippi river, 40 miles E.S.E. from Iowa City.

1895 pop 198 had 
Post Office, Express office and Railroad Service

Historical Information from USGS
Fairport was once known as 'Jug Town' because of its
pottery works.   Beginning around 1869, John Feustel, a german immigrant started making pottery. The name lasted about 40 years. Today pottery is no longer made there

has cemetery

1895 had 
Post Office
Express Office and 
Railroad Service

1994 pop 547

now known as STOCKTON

from USGS (historical note)
The name was Fulton in 1855, 
but later, when a shipment of goods
went to another Iowa town 
of that name, the name was changed.
(to Stockton)

unable to locate any early map
showing town named as Fulton
see map under STOCKTON


1850 U S Survey Dept map shows
Geneva just northeast of the City of Muscatine

2000 there is Geneva Island, 
Geneva Country Club and 
Geneva School, but no Geneva

also known as Glen Dale
Now known as WILTON
see Historical Note under Wilton 
Name used only for about one
year-have not found any maps
to date showing the town listed
as Glendale.  See the WILTON map

Hahn's Switch

Have been unable to locate on
any maps to date but there were
Hahn families in the Muscatine 
County area

2000 no record

Location not known


1850 mapped by US Survey Dept
located about 1/2 way between Atalissa and West Liberty (map pictured)

1854 listed as a village in 
Muscatine co., Iowa, 
20 miles E.S.E. of Iowa City

2000 no record


1850 US Survey Map shows
Iowa west of Fairport along the
River Road to the Southeast of

If it were not for the dot indicating a town
next to this location, it would appear to 
be the identification of Iowa from Illinois, as found on later maps

2000 no record


Have not found any map listing
for this location in Muscatine Co
2000 no record

Location not known


1850 U S Survey Dept Mapping 
(shown here) shows Lucas apparently 
as a "junction" of two proposed

in 1854 listed as a village in Muscatine co., Iowa, 
near Cedar river, 25 miles S. E. of Iowa City.

1925 Shown on Iowa Map as being in the SW section 
of the county close to where the 1898 atlas lists MYRTLE
Scan of map forthcoming

early trading post pre-1836 located on
the bluffs near Muscatine.
  No pre 1836 map of area located to date


1850 US Survey Dept
mapped Melpine (see 
map accompanying MILLAR)

1854 listed as a post-village in Muscatine co., Iowa, 40 miles E. S. E. from Iowa City

2000 map showing historical location
of Melpine Post Office

has cemetery

Midway Beach

Located between Fairport and Montpelier
east of Wildcat Den State Parkway on Highway 22


1850 was mapped by US Survey Dept
located Northeast of Moscow on 
Mud Creek



Twp: Montpelier 

1895 had Post Office, Express office and Railroad Service

2000 listed as populated place
pop not given

has cemetery

Township: Moscow

1854 listed as a post-village
in Muscatine co., Iowa, 25 miles E. S. E. from Iowa City

1895 population 273 had Post Office, Express Office 
Railroad Service

2000 listed as
populated place
(pop not given)

Muscatine formerly BLOOMINGTON
previously known as Bloomington
Township: Bloomington

1854 listed as a flourishing city and 
river-port of Iowa, and capital of
Muscatine county, situated on the 
right bank of the Mississippi, 
100 miles above Keokuk,
and 32 miles S. E. from Iowa City. 
Commencing at the head of the 
upper rapids of the river,  that stream 
may be traced in a direction almost 
due west for more than 40 miles, 
until it strikes a series of bold rocky 
bluffs, by which its course is suddenly
turned towards the S. At the apex
of this bend, on the summit of these 
bluffs, is situated the city of Muscatine. 
The place was first settled by the
whites in 1836, previous to which 
time it had been an Indian trading post,
known by the name of Manatheka. 
It is one of the most populous and 
commercial towns of the
state, and is the shipping point for 
an extensive and fertile territory. 
In consequence of the bend in the river,
Muscatine is nearer the centre of the
state than the other ports on the 
Mississippi, and it naturally commands
the trade of two great fluvial divisions
of Iowa, namely, the valleys of the Red
Cedar and Iowa rivers. 
The projected railroad from Rock 
Island, Illinois, to Fort Des Moines
is expected to pass through this place
Muscatine has a good landing for steamboats,
which ply frequently between this
and other towns on the river. 
It contained, in 1850, 2 printing offices
and several churches. 
Pop. in 1853, estimated at 5000.

1895 population 11,454 had Post Office
Express office and Rail Service


Township: Cedar

pre 1860 "Fork of the River" notes that prior to
1860 residents of Conesville vicinity used either
the post office at Muscatine or Myrtle (described as
just across the Cedar River in Cedar Twp from Conesville)
as a mailing address.  The 1860 Census listed them all as
"Port Allen" residents.  In 1861 Orono established a
post office.

1898 shown to be SW of
Adams and NW of Fruitland
(don't ya just love the 1898
Frank Galbraith map???)

New Era

2000 listed as populated place
pop not given
Green on map next
to New Era is Wildcat
Den State Park
New Era Rd borders 
the State Park

Dodge Cemetery (despoiled)
is in this area on a private farm


have not located on any map or

Location Unknown

Township: Pike 
also known as Nichols Station

1895 pop 238 had Post Office
Express Office
and Railroad Service

Township: Orono

1861 per "Fork of the River" post office was
established at Orono with Alonzo Brockway
acting as first Postmaster.

1870  At the same time as Conesville
was being surveyed and platted by 
Beebe Cone, Lots on the West Side of
the railroad tracks owned by the heirs
of Hezekiah Ricketts were laid out in
town lots.  This was where most of the
businesses and largest portion of what
is now Conesville were located.  

On 18 May 1878, the entire settlement
(Conesville, Cone Station (200 feet of land
for the depot donated to Cone for the
purpose of building a rail depot) and
Orono, were regularly incorporated as 
the town of Conesville.
(Information per Mabel Estle Brown's
"Fork of the River: History is People") 

Not available at this time-
see Conesville

Overman's Ferry
1854 listed as a post-office 
of Muscatine co., Iowa

1856 map (Overman's Ferry is
just above the S and C of 
MUSCATINE (the county label)


2000 Populated Place in Muscatine Co--southwest of Stockton near the 
Scott County Line
per USGS Mapping


1850 U S Survey map shows

1854 listed as a post-office 
of Muscatine co., Iowa

1856 map Pike P.O. is just
below the M in the MUSCATINE 
county label.

Pine Mills 
1895 had Post Office

2000 listed as
historical locale 
near the Intersection of Wildcat Den State Parkway & 181st St.

Green spot next to 
Pine Mills locale is
State Park. 

Pleasant Prairie 
1895 population 62 had Post Office

Port Allen 0

Two different settlements used the name Port Allen, which causes some confusion as to which County it was actually located in. The 1911 History of Muscatine Co lists Port Allen as being located in the extreme southern portion of Orono Twp, Sec 31, Muscatine Co., on the Louisa Co line 1/2 mile east of the Cedar River. and that the town plat was recorded on 18 Nov 1871.  HOWEVER, the book goes on further to say
"This Muscatine Co. Port Allen is the second town by that name and is north of the first one, which was in Oakland Twp (Louisa County) directly across the river from Todd Town.

Springer's 1911 History of Louisa Co indicates that "Old" Port Allen was locaed in Oakland Twp Louisa Co in the fork of the Cedar and Iowa rivers and was laid out by George Allen, and Joseph, William and Peter Blake on 19 Mar 1841 and plat was acknowledged on 20 Mar 1841 by Enoch Maxson, Justice of the Peace.

This hopefully will explain why the maps seem to "vary" on its location.

1850 US Survey Dept map shows Port Allen (see map shown for Springfield) located
SW of Springfield

1856 map shows 
Port Allen clearly on
the Louisa Co side of the county lines

1895 had Railroad 
service but no 
Post Office-atlas lists
in Muscatine Co.

2000 listed as historical locale and
maps it as right ON the county line
(there's nothing 
there that I know of except some 
farms along the Todd's Ferry Road and the IBP Meat Packing Plant)


2000 no listing

Location Unknown


2000 no listing

Location Unknown


2000 no listing

Location Unknown


2000 no listing

Location unknown


1850 mapped by US Survey Dept as
located very close to Fairport.

2000 no listing


1850 US Survey Dept map
shows Springfield located to
to the SW of the City of Muscatine
and almost due North of 
Strawberry Hill

1854 listed as a village in 
Muscatine co., Iowa, 
on Cedar river, 25 miles 
S. E. from Iowa City

2000 no listing


previously known as FULTON (see historical note)

1895 population 121 had Post Office, Express Office 
and Railroad Service

1994 Populated Place pop 223
USGS Historical Note: The name was Fulton in 1855, but later, when a shipment of goods
went to another Iowa town of that name, the name was changed.

Strawberry Hill 

1850 US Survey Dept map 
included Strawberry Hill 
(see map shown for

1854 listed as a post-office
of Muscatine co., Iowa

1856 map Strawberry Hill
can be seen in the SW 
corner of the county map

2000 no listing

previously also known as
Summit Bridge

1895 had no post office; had Express Office and Railroad Service

2000 listed as populated place (pop not given)

Twp: Sweetland
also known as Sweetland Centre

1854 listed as a post-office 
of Muscatine co., Iowa

1895 had Post Office no Express Office or Railroad Service

2000 lists as populated place
map is of historical Sweetland Centre
Post Office location

West Liberty 
Twp: Wapsinonoc 

in 1895 pop 1,268 
had Post Office, 
Express Office 
and Railroad Service

1994 Populated Place pop 3,444

Twp: Wilton
previously known as Wilton Junction, 
Muscatine Junction and Glendale

1895 population 1,212  had Post Office, Express Office and 
Rail Service

2000 listed as populated place

Because of a conflict between 
two bankers who owned large
amounts of stock in the railroad that passed through, the brakeman
were forbidden to call 'Wilton' when 
the train reached the town. For a long time they referred to Wilton as 'Muscatine Junction'. Later,
another conflict had arisen at the 
time of the naming of the village.
For almost a year the town was 
known as Glendale, but before the plat was recorded, the present name was selected.

Twp: Sweetland

1850 mapped by US Survey dept 
due west of Fairport.  Map shown
is 1850

1854 listed as a village in 
Muscatine co., Iowa, on 
Mississippi river, 40 miles 
S. E. by E. from Iowa City

In the 1930's a WPA publication called
indicates that Fairport was once called Wyoming but the mapping her shows both 
Wyoming AND Fairport.

2000 no listing


Maps and Border Changes of Muscatine County

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