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Essex Cemetery
Drury Twp
Rock Island County, Illinois

The introduction was provided by June Brewer Welsh, who also provided much of the background information on the burials at Essex. The cemetery was at one time a "real mess" according to June, but has since been sprayed for weeds and cleaned up.  Her brother Ralph Brewer is now keeping it mowed and making sure the veterans get flags on their graves for the patriotic holidays.  Our thanks go out to the all those who took time to rescue this little country cemetery.

As the story is told in the History of the Life of Isaac B. Essex, written by Elisha Jones Essex in 1878, he writes of when his sister Mary died, "her funeral was preached in a grove near the house"... in another place they call it the old family burial ground...located on the farm owned by I.B. Essex.  She died March 2 1850 and is buried in the Essex Cemetery.

A copy of the indenture of the Essex Cemetery Association and land Deed was found in the Rock Island County Illinois Court House in Rock Island, Illinois.

This was made on the 11th day of March 1907,  between Sherman T. Warman and Alice J. Warren his wife and the trustees of the Essex Cemetery Association of Drury Township, Rock Island County state of Illinois.  They paid one hundred sixty nine dollars for the following description:

"Comencing on the South line of the North East quarter of Section nine twp 16 North Range Five (5) West of the fourth meridian at a point where stone was placed - Ten (10) feet East on said line from the South West corner of said quarter. thence East 500 ft to a stone; thence due North and at right angles 200 ft. to a stone; thence west and at right angles 500 ft. to a stone; thence south and at right angles 200 ft. to a stone where beginning was made.  The same being and is about 2 acres and 294/1000 acres.  The same being and is deeded for to be used for cemetery purposes and public burying grounds."
Notes regarding some of these individuals can be found at the end of the listing.
ASA Elijah  06 Dec 1796
15 March 1888
Rock Island Co IL
age 91y
s/o John & Sarah Davis Asa
ASA Susannah  06 Apr 1800
14 Aug 1856
Rock Isl. Co IL
d/o Thomas & Elizabeth Storms Walters
1st w/o Elijah married Feb. 26, 1818 in Adams County, OH 
age 56 y 3m 11d
BIRD Mattie M  . . w/o  A.
d/o Jane Stickman
BOWSER Rachel E . . .
BREWER Benjamin Ernest 03 Mar 1907
Fairport IA
10 Jan 1909 s/o Free & Sarah Essex Brewer
see notes below under Sarah Brewer
BREWER Dorse John 22 Feb 1914 22 Feb 1914 s/o Free & Sarah Essex Brewer
see notes below under Sarah Brewer
BREWER Harold Thomas 20 Jan 1906  21 Jan 1906 s/o Free & Sarah Essex Brewer
see notes below under Sarah Brewer
BREWER Sarah Elizabeth Essex 22 Mar  1878 02 Jul 1933 d/o  Wiley & Matilda Frances Davidson Essex; 1st w/o Free M. Brewer
see notes below and obit
BURKETT David W 1858 1858 s/o Jacob & Elizabeth Steckman Burkett
BURKETT Elizabeth 12 Feb 1833
Bedford Co PA
24 Apr 1902 w/o Jacob Burkett; large marker has fallen over; may have a name on other side; to this are 4 very small markers barely sticking out of the ground with names carved on the top edge. They are in a row and read Father--Mary C.--George E.--David W.  
BURKETT George E 1860 1861 s/o Jacob & Elizabeth Steckman Burkett
BURKETT Hettie J 1873 1873 d/o Jacob & Elizabeth Steckman Burkett
BURKETT Jacob "Jake" 27 Jul 1834
Wheeling WV
h/o Elizabeth Steckman mar 03 Apr 1857 Muscatine IA
IA 9th Cav A Civil War
BURKETT Mary C 1862 1863 d/o Jacob & Elizabeth Steckman Burkett
BUTLER John . . .
BUTLER Mary . . .
COPLAN Sharlott E. 1850 1927 record list as Elizabeth Charlotte 
w/o James Coplan
d/o Elijah T. & Sarah Doty Essex
see notes at end of list*
ESSEX Benjamin 13 Jan 1792 
30 Dec 1866 75y 11m 15d
s/o Thomas & Elizabeth Bowen Essex
h/o Elizabeth Bunch
ESSEX Bertha 1877 1887 d/o Joseph S & Exira
ESSEX Catherine  . 16 Jan 1863 m1: unk Ogilvie
m2: Elisha Jones Essex
ESSEX Effie R 1871 1873 d/o Joseph S & Exira
ESSEX Exira Briers Hood  12 Mar 1851
Drury Twp, R.I., IL
16 Apr 1915
Bloomington Twp, 
Muscatine Co IA
aged 64y
d/o Davis S. Hood & Nancy J. Asa
w/o Joseph Sylvester Essex
Joseph Sylvester Essex buried Greenwood Cemetery in Muscatine; one of his descendants said they meant to move Exira but never got around to it. obit 
ESSEX George I . 08 Apr 1850 Aged 2m
Tall skinny monument with names on 2 sides with a verse on the 3rd side which we couldn't read. Base says "Children of E. T. and S. Essex" (Elijah Thomas & Sarah Doty Essex)
ESSEX George William  22 Apr 1849 Jan 1933 h/o Susan Troxel
ESSEX Ira Brown 25 Mar 1832
Stark Co IL
07 Nov 1854 22y  5m 12d
s/o Isaac & Isabelle
ESSEX Isaac Bowen 29 Jan 1800
Albemarle Co VA
07 Nov 1877
Union Co IL
m1 Isabelle D. Williams
m2 Elizabeth Jane Carver
see notes below
ESSEX Isabelle D Williams  Albermarle Co VA 08 Sep 1859
Drury Twp, Rock Isl., IL
d/o Hugh and Mary Williams
w/o Isaac B
aged 62y 10m 4d
ESSEX John B 1875 1875 s/o Joseph & Exira
ESSEX Leon Leroy 08 May 1888
Rock Isl. Co IL
11 Apr 1932
Muscatine IA
s/o Wiley & Matilda Davidson Essex
h/o Pearl Harker
ESSEX Sarah A. . 08 Aug 1854 aged 4m
Tall skinny monument, names on 2 sides with a verse on the 3rd side which we couldn't read. Base says "Children of E. T. and S. Essex" (Elijah Thomas & Sarah Doty Essex)
ESSEX Mary Susan 26 Mar 1835
Stark Co IL
02 May 1856 aged 21y 3m 25d
d/o Isaac & Isabelle
FOSTER Isaac 1809  1883 aged 74y
newer marker
FOSTER John R.O. 1842 1860. aged 18y
newer marker
FOSTER Kattie 1855 1861. aged 6y
newer marker
FOSTER Sarah McCoy 1813 1888 aged 75y
w/o Isaac Foster
newer marker
GORHAM Adam . . most likely son of John & Mary E. Gorham listed as Adam Joshua Gorham, age 2 on 1860 Census p. 253
GORHAM Child . 02 Sep 1896 aged 16 d most likely Nettie Mae
daughter of Adam & Rachel
see notes at end of listing
GORHAM Henry W. 1859 1932 s/o John B. & Mary Elizabeth Stickrod Gorham; see notes at end of listing
HARRIS Jack . . .
HIDLEBAUGH George Washington 27 Mar 1850 s/o J.H. & S.
aged 10 or 19y 9m 22d
HIDLEBAUGH Susannah Williams  11 Aug 1800 
05 Sep 1850
Drury Twp, R.I., IL
50y 25d
w/o John Henry Hidlebaugh
d/o Hugh & Mary Williams
sister of Isabelle Williams (Mrs Isaac) Essex
HIDLEBAUGH John Henry  . 1857 unable to locate marker- bio of son
indicates he was laid to rest next to his wife Susannah
JACKSON Amanda M 22 Aug 1872 56y
JACKSON Charles L . 20 Aug 1855 4y 10m
s/o Bartlett & Amanda M.
JACKSON William B  . 08 Mar 1860 17y 2m 19d
*s/o  Bartlett & Amanda M; appears with 
parents on 1860 census age 6 so this is questionable
JOHNSON William . . .
LEWIS Elizabeth 26 Jul 1839 05 Nov 1895  on O'Haver stone
w/o George Lewis
LEWIS George . . .
LEWIS John G . . .
McINTIRE John . . poss the John McIntyre listed on 1860 Census with wife Sally p 253
McINTIRE Sarah . . .
O'HAVER Catherine 23 Feb 1868 or 9
Rock Island Co IA
30 Aug 1869
Rock Island Co IL
d/o Joel L. & Ellen
O'HAVER Clarence 04 Jul 1898
Rock Island Co IL
17 Jun 1898
Rock Island Co IL
s/o Joel Landon & Cora Belle Hatton O'Haver
O'HAVER Cora Belle Hatton 13 Dec 1879
Muscatine Co IA
28 Jul 1912
Cedar Co, IA
w/o Joel Landon O'Haver
d/o G.W. & Amelia Hatton
O'HAVER Ellen Wragg 06 Jul 1838 09 Sep 1908 d/o Benjamin & Jane
w/o Joel O'Haver
also found death date as 29 Dec 1902
O'HAVER Joel Lemuel 31 Aug 1822
07 Aug 1887 s/o John W & Eliza Astor Welsch O'Haver
Sgt IL 28 Inf Co I
military marker next to larger O'Haver Marker
O'HAVER Sarah Jane 23 May 1870
Rock Isl. Co IL
Jul 1873
Rock Island Co IL
d/o Joel L. & Ellen
PAINE Jeanette 16 Sep 1858  19 Sep 1911 "Mother"
POTTER John . abt 1877 stone not located
POTTER Samuel J. "Dick" . . s/o John & Mary Louisa Asa Potter
POWELL Charles W . . h/o Elizabeth Jane Essex
POWELL Elizabeth Jane Essex 21 Sep 1822
06 Sep 1842
Rock Island Co IL
aged 19y 11m 16d
d/o Isaac & Isabelle Essex
w/o Charles W.
"Taken from Rock Island paper:
May 6, 1841 Charles Powell of Stark County Illinois married Miss Elizabeth Jane Essex of Rock Island County Illinois"
POWELL Infant Son . Sep 1842  s/o Charles W. & Elizabeth J
REED Marion . 29 Jan 1858 3y 26d
s/o W. C & M Reed
REED Mary Keffer 1809 28 Mar 1889 w/o Wilburn C. Reed
REED Wilburn C. 17 Jun 1801
27 Jul 1877 s/o Jacob & Mary Smith Reed
SHANNON John A  . 29 Oct 1885 30y 6m 20d
s/o John & Mary
STANLEY Joe . . .
STECKMAN Adam Jan 1835 . s/o John & Harriet Burkett Steckman
IA 35 Inf Co A Civil War
STICKMAN Jane 1835
22 May 1917
Andalusia IL
mother of Jack, Wm, John, Mrs. Mattie Bird, Mrs. Rose Howard & Mrs. Roxy Simmons
STICKROD Emma Howard 05 Sep 1874
28 Sep 1929 d/o James H. & Melvina Hammond Howard
w/o John J. Stickrod
STICKROD John J. 28 Aug 1866
Rock Island Co IL
07 Mar 1948 s/o Joseph A & Lacy Jane Fletcher Stickrod
see notes below
STICKROD Joe . . A Joseph A Stickrod age 80 appears on the 1860 Census 
SIMONS Augusta Elizabeth Asa  19 Jan 1837 13 Sep 1916 w/o George Atwell Simons
d/o Elijah & Susanna Asa
SIMONS Clara E  . 03 Dec 1870 d/o  George Atwell & & Augusta Elizabeth Asa Simons (Augusta was sister to Hannah Asa)
aged 9y 5m 27d
TROXEL Edith C R  . 21 Apr 1878 only d/o H.T. & H.S.
aged 16y 2m 23d
TROXEL Hannah Simmons Asa  28 Dec 1820 25 Jun 1894
Muscatine, Muscatine, IA
aged 75y 
w/o Henry T. Troxel
TROXEL Henry Thomas 23 Jul 1825
DeWitt Co IL
07 Aug 1887 s/o David Troxel
h/o Hannah S. Asa
see notes below
TROXEL Saleuda Edith C. R. 18 Jan 1863 21 Apr 1878 d/o H. T. & H.S.
VAN DOLAH Infant . . .
VAN WINKLE Mary Louisa Asa Potter 15 Feb 1853
Illinois City, R.I., IL
07 Mar 1909
Muscatine, Muscatine, IA
m1 John Potter 1872
m2 Wm Van Winkle 1884 (divorced)
WALKER Andrew . .  IA 35th Inf  Co A Civil War
WALKER James . . .
WRAGG Benjamin 1806
. s/o Adam & Ann Barber Wragg
WRAGG Jane 09 Dec 1806
10 Aug 1856 w/o Benjamin
age 49y 8m 1d
also listed on O'Haver stone 
as b. 09 Dec 1800 d 10 Aug 1850

Notes regarding some of the above individuals provided by June Brewer Welsch

BREWER, Sarah Essex and children:
per June Welsh: this is my g/mother and her 3 children.  My dad made the headstones and they are really neat. They have different colored rock pepples all over them and he put their names on them and covered the names with glass. The glass got broken and nobody could tell who was buried there,  but my uncle said that is where they are buried.
Sarah Elizabeth married Freeman Brewer Sept. 11, 1899 in Muscatine, Iowa; Freeman remarried and he is buried in Fairport Cemetery.

Harold Thomas Brewer - Sarah wrote in her family bible Harold Thomas Brewer  born Jan. 20, 1906 at 9:45 A.M.
in Rock Island County, IL. and died Jan. 21, 1906 at 9:15 P.M. She also had a lock of his hair in the bible.

Dorse John Brewer - his mother wrote in her family bible Dorse John Brewer was born Fri. 7:00 in Drury Landing, IL
and was dead at birth.  She also had a lock of his hair in the bible.

Benjamin Ernest Brewer - His mother wrote in her family bible Benjamin Ernest Brewer was born Mar. 3, 1907 on Sun. 2:00 A.M. in Fairport IA, died Jan. 10, 1909 on Sunday at 10:15.  (died of measles and pneumonia)

ESSEX, Isaac Bowen
 Jan. 29, 1800 in Albermarle County, Virginia died Nov. 7, 1877 in Union County, Illinois buried Essex Cemetery son of Thomas Essex and Elizabeth Bowen married First Isabella D. Williams and 2nd marriage to Elizabeth Jane Carver (I don't know where Elizabeth Carver is buried but Isabella is buried in Essex cemetery.)

He bought 80 acres in Stark Co., IL on June 13, 1835.
He bought 80 acres in Rock Island Co., IL on March 29, 1837.
He bought 160 acres in Rock Island Co., IL on Sep. 25, 1835.
There was several land sales for Isaac B. Essex in Rock Island Co., IL, in 1836, 1840 and  1870.

In 1830 Stark County IL, Census;
2 males under 5;
1 male between 5 and 10;
1 male between 30 and 40;
1 female between 5 and 10;
1 female 30 to 40.

In 1850 Rock Island County IL, Census;
Isaac B. Essex farmer 50 born VA;
Isabelle 53 born VA;
Elisha J. 24 born Ohio;
Ira 17 born IL;
Mary S. 16 born IL;
Truman B. 12 born IL.

In the 1860 Rock Island IL. Census;
Isaac B. Essex 60 born VA married this year;
Elizabeth Jane 2nd wife 30 born NC;
Truman B. 20 carpenter born IL;
William Thomas Carver 6 born AL and by first husband.

COPLAN, Sharlott E. Coplan, I'm sure this is Elijah and Sarah Doty Essex's daughter. The following proof: Petition of Charles E. Spickler in the matter of the estate of Elijah T. Essex deceased said when Elijah died he was a widower and had 3 children living Wiley Essex, Thomas Essex and Mrs. E. G. Coplan.  (He owed alot of people money when he died.)
From Muscatine records I found the following:  Male child born 29 May 1884 to James Cooplin and Elizabeth Charlotte Essex.

GORHAM, Henry W. 1859-1932
Henry William Gorham born March 8, 1859 and died Jan. 7, 1932 son of Mary Elizabeth Stickrod and John B. Gorham buried in Essex Cemetery.  Mary Elizabeth was also married to Samuel Asa.
1900 Drury Township, Rock Island County, Illinois;
William Gorham 41 born March 1859 in IA, married 17 years;;
Sara I. wife, 36 born Oct. 1863 in IA, had 7 children 5 living;
Mary K. daughter 12 born Apr. 1888 in IL;
Rachael E. daughter 9 born Nov. 1890 in IL;
Joseph A. son 3 born Jan. 1897 in IL;
Calvin E. son 3 months born Feb. 1900 in IL;
He was the son of John B. Gorham and Mary E. Stickrod

GORHAM, Child of Adam and Rachel Gorham died Sepy. 2, 1896 aged 16 days.
I think this was Nettie May Gorham born Sept. 2, 1896 died Sept 18, 1896
Rachel maiden name was Hayes
I'm sure that Rachel and Adam Gorham are buried in the Drury-Reynolds Cemetery.


1900 Andalusia Township, Rock Island County, IL;
John J. Stickrod 33 born Aug. 1866 in IL, father born PA, mother born VA, married 9 years;
Emma 26 born Sept. 1873 in IL, father born PA, mother born IL, had 5 children and 3 living;
Ray son 5 born June 1895 in IL;
Fay N. daughter 5 born June 1895 in IL;
Clyde L. son 2 born Oct. 1897 in IL;

1920 Muscatine, Muscatine County, IA;
John J. Stickrod 53 born IL, father born PA, mother born VA;
Emma wife 45 born IL, father born IL; mother born IL;
Gladys P. daughter 18 born IL;
Hartzel son 15 born IL;
Avis G. daughter 13 born IL;
Cecil F. son 9 born IL;
Lysle M. son 7 born IL;

Some of this material came from Avis Stickrod Efird.
John J. was a quiet man.  He was over 6 feet tall and of slender build.  He and Emma had 10 children 2 died in childhood.  He was a farmer and a button cutter.  After his wife died he went to live with his daughter Faye Stickrod Stropes.  He loved to tell stories and all the grandchildren were constantly beggy for a story.

John and Emma were married by Justice of the peace; John A. Rowan in Muscatine, Iowa.
John was the son Joseph A. Stickrod and Lacy Jane Fletcher, Lacy Jane was also married to Adam Steckman
Some of this material came from Avis Stickrod Efird.
Emma Howard married John J. Stickrod.  She owned and operated a restaurant in Muscatine, Iowa, bought for her by her son Ray Howard while he was in the military.  She ran it while her husband, John J. ran the farm.  In later years she had a boarding house also.

Also supposed to be buried at Essex but not proven at this time:

William Shedrick "Shed" Stickrod born June 19, 1861 died May 5, 1919 married Lottie Estabrook he was the son of Joseph A. Stickrod and Lacy Jane Fletcher
Hazel Stickrod died of Black Dipheria born 1891 died abt. 1893 daughter of John J. Stickrod and Emma C. Howard
John Joseph Stickrod born 1904 died 1904 son of John J. Stickrod and Emma C. Howard

TROXEL, Henry Thomas  son of David Troxel and Unknown married Hannah S. Asa.

1850 DeWitt County Illinois Census
Henry Troxell 26, farmer born IL
Hannah 28 born Ohio
William P. age 1 born IL, living next door
to Thomas Little and Mary A. we believe Mary is a sister to Hannah.

1860 Rock Island County Illinois Census
Henry Troxell 28 farmer born IL
Hannah wife 31 born Ohio
Wm Perry 12 born IL
Mary Susan 7 born IL
Jas Henry 6 born IL.

1880 Drury Township, Rock Island County Illinois Census;
Henry Troxel farmer 54 born IL, father born PA, mother born KY
Hannah wife 60 born OH, father born KY, mother born OH.

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