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Cedar County Iowa
Cemetery Information
Many of the families of Muscatine County spread into the surrounding counties. For this reason we
have included some Cedar County burials in our Cemetery project.

If you have Cedar County burial information, please feel free to submit it via Email for inclusion in these listings.

If data is accompanied by a link to the individual contributor, please contact the submitters regarding inquiries and source information.

This first list is from the USGS locator service; please note that the town names listed are NOT necessarily the town the cemetery is located in, but the name of the USGS Map on which the cemetery may be found.  Following this group are some cemeteries which were not mapped under the USGS system
Andre Cemetery                  415536N  0912155W  Mechanicsville
Bethel Cemetery                 413901N  0910920W  Rochester
Brink Cemetery                  415517N  0905925W  Oxford Junction
Center Cemetery                 415407N  0905720W  Oxford Junction
Center Ross Cemetery            414117N  0910212W  Lime City
Clarence Cemetery               Partial Listing Online
Dayton Valley Cemetery          415556N  0910115W  Clarence
Downey Cemetery                 413643N  0911906W  West Liberty
Durant Cemetery                 Cedar Co but Cemetery in Muscatine Co
Evergreen Cemetery              Partial Listing Online
Fairland Cemetery               414249N  0910134W  Lime City
Fairview Cemetery               414856N  0905911W  Lowden
Healy Cemetery                  Partial Listing Online
Honey Grove Cemetery            414257N  0911936W  West Branch
Inland Cemetery                 Partial Listing Online
Lime City Cemetery              413839N  0910415W  Lime City
Lowden Cemetery                 Partial Listing Online
Mason Cemetery                  414912N  0911838W   Bluff
Masonic Cemetery                Partial Listing Online
Moneka Cemetery                 414107N  0910037W  Lime City
North Liberty Cemetery          414107N  0911345W  Rochester
Pee Dee Cemetery                414012N  0911251W  Rochester
Pioneer Cemetery                415538N  0911628W  Mechanicsville
Saint Johns Cemetery            Partial Listing Online
Saint Marys Cemetery            Partial Listing Online
Sand Hill Cemetery              Partial Listing Online
Sharon Cemetery                 413722N  0910134W  Wilton
Shawver Cemetery                Partial Listing Online
Springdale Cemetery             414043N  0911529W  West Branch
Stanwood Cemetery               415253N  0910904W  Stanwood
Union Cemetery                  415230N  0912009W  Mechanicsville
Van Horn Cemetery               415038N  0905607W  Lowden
Whitmer Cemetery                414018N  0910322W  Lime City
Woodbridge Cemetery             Partial Listing Online
Wright Cemetery                 414525N  0910207W  Tipton East
York Prairie Cemetery           414617N  0910130W  Tipton East
Hebron Cemetery                 Partial Listing Online
Red Oak Cemetery                Partial Listing Online
Rochester Cemetery              Partial Listing Online
Rose Hill Cemetery              Partial Listing Online
Trinity Lutheran                Partial Listing Online

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