Muscatine Ia Genealogy Beauchamp Cemetery  

Beauchamp Cemetery
Section 23, Oakland Township
Louisa Co., Ia.

To enter the cemetery, go through the gate and walk back
on the grassy section you see at the left of the Beauchamp sign.
Photo taken 11 Jul 2000 by Susie Martin-Rott

The initial listing of this cemetery,  believed to be complete except for those persons with unmarked graves, was been provided by Nancy Neipert.  After Nancy's list was received, additional information and corrections were received and added to the list.

On July 11, 2000,  Beauchamp Cemetery was rewalked by Susie Martin-Rott of Tampa FL  and her cousin, Mary Hamilton Singleton of Conesville Iowa.  At that time, some markers from the original list were not found, but a few which were not listed were discovered.   Some markers were also photographed at this time.

On our visit the cemetery had been fairly recently mowed, however the ground is a bit rough and hidden holes exist, so if you go there, wear good stout shoes and tread carefully.  Also be sure to have plenty of insect spray--the cemetery is surrounded by corn fields and woods and the skeeters are hungry!

Supplimental information and verification of family relationships was provided by the 1977 publication "Fork of the Rivers" by Mabel Estle Brown, deceased.  This information was used with the permission of Mrs. Brown's daughter, Pat Hoback.

Yellow lines in the table indicate burials on the original list not found during the 2000 rewalk.  There are large spaces in this cemetery where no markers appear, and it is clear that additional unmarked burials most likely exist in this cemetery.

If you have information on burials at Beauchamp, please email with details.

BAKER John 3 May 1826
Oxford England
10 Aug 1903 married 1st in England wife uknown
m2 Mary A. Walden
BAKER Mary A. 22 Nov 1829
Oxford England
20 Apr 1914 nee Walden
w/o John Baker
BEAUCHAMP Aaron abt 1802
4 Dec 1878  76y 3m 1d
came to Iowa in 1854
wife Sarah Ann Selders
BEAUCHAMP George W. A.  1842 09 Apr 1858 son of A. M. & S.A.
aged 16 yr
BEAUCHAMP James W. circa 1836
25 Jul 1876  IA 2 Cav Co G-Civil War
s/o Aaron & Sarah Ann
h/o Phoebe E. McLain mar. 16 Oct 1866 (LCMR)
daughters Sarah, Eva Bell & Mahalia
40y 11m 29d
note: Phoebe Beauchamp m. 6 Jan 1878 Louisa Co
to John F. Reeder. Sarah, Eva Bell  & Mahala are listed as  "Reeder" but stepdaughters to John  Reeder  on the 1880  Census
BEBB Edward "Neddie" Wales 27 Sep 1868  age 69yrs
s/o William & Ann Bebb
h/o Margaret Evans
in addition to their own children
Neddie & Margaret also raised 
Ellie Lewis McCullough, Molly McCullough
and several other children.
BEBB Margaret . 05 Sep 1868  age 63y
nee Evans
w/o Edward
m/o Jane, Thomas M., Elizabeth, Evan,
John, Edward, Nathaniel, David E,
Sylvester and Harriet.
BENNINGTON Harrie J.  . 13 Sept 1891  1y 5m 5d
s/o J B & S A
BENNINGTON Jefferson B. . 04 June 1888  42y 6m 28d
BENNINGTON Sarah A.  . 10 Apr 1912  52yr 11m 5d
w/o Jefferson B.
d/o John Baker & 2nd wife Mary Walden
mar 09 Mar 1881 per LCMR
BILLICK Charles Fred abt 1857 23 Feb 1910 did not find on 2000 rewalk
s/o James J & Susan Jacobs Billick
died of TB at the home of his brothers Jefferson
and Lewis, 1 mile West of Conesville
BILLICK Wife  . died before 1910, mother of Ella Billick, 
two infant sons and one infant daughter 
did not find on 2000 rewalk
BLIVEN Hiram Wilson 24 Feb 1835
Marietta, Allegheny, NY 
11 Apr 1909
Columbus Junction IA
s/o Nathan & Lucinda Wheelock Bliven
June Irene Brewer Welsch
BLIVEN Anna Gay  13 Oct 1839
Cornwall, England
12 Dec 1879 d/o Stephen & Amelia GAY
w/o Hiram W.
BLIVEN Katie Belle  1871 1902 d/o Hiram & Anna Gay Bliven
supposedly married to Frank Worley,
tombstone says BLIVEN
COLLINS James . 06 Nov 1878  21y 1m 18d
COLLINS Alwida . 21 Jan 1877  18y
COLLINS R. A.  . 08 Sep 1870  w/o James
37y 1m 21d
COLLINS Lincoln . 16 Aug 1879  14y 3m 17d
COLLINS Hannah  . 11 June 1880  33y 4m 8d
DAVIS Charlotte  PA 06 Aug 1890 76y; nee Clark
d/o George & Mary Huff Clark
w/o William Burns Davis
m/o George W, Joanna M and
foster son Frank Pierce
(his mother died when he was a few days old)
not found on 2000 rewalk
DAVIS William Burns 1819
Orange Co NY
. s/o Isaac & Nancy Harrington Davis
not found on 2000 rewalk
DILLER Infant 10 Sep 1900 26 Oct 1900 dau/o Alonzo & Effie L. Warnstaff Diller
ETTER Clarence Linden 8 Feb 1906
Keokuk Co IA
23 May 1912
Keokuk Co IA
not found on 2000 rewalk
WPA listing
son of Jacob Franklin "Frank"  & Inza Bianca Fraze 
ETTER . the original listings indicated there were 
6 unmarked graves in the Etter plot.
According to the History of Louisa Co, there was  a child Charles Edwin Etter b. 10 Feb. 1891 died.
21 Feb 1891 who may possibly be buried here 
GAY Stephen 13 Mar 1800 26 Jul 1868  68y 4m 18d
GAY Amelia  . 17 Oct 1864 nee OLIVE
w/o Stephen Gay
GEORGE Sarah Houtz 5 Feb 1821
Licking Co OH
06 Jan 1900 nee HOUTZ
d/o Leonard & Sarah Witmer Houtz
w/o John Wesley George
death date not on marker
Diane Schreiner 
GEORGE John Wesley 17 JUL 1815
Bedford Co PA
9 June 1890
Port Allen, Louisa, IA
74y 10m
married 11 Aug 1839  Perry Co., OH
GOOCH Howard 11 Sept 1883 8 May 1887 s/o Benjamin & Susannah
GOOCH Inez M. 14 July 1875 27 Apr 1887 stone says Ida
GOOCH Benjamin 19 Oct 1845
19 July 1911 f/o Barbara, Howard, Inez, Frank 
and possibly JW
GOOCH Susannah C. 31 July 1850
17 Aug 1909 w/o Benjamin
nee Bennett
HAINES John PA 21 Dec 1887  stone is down lying in a bunch of bushes
82y 10m 21d
Home was 1 mile south & 1/2 mile west of
photo of marker
HAINES Margaret Susannah . 06 Aug 1878  72y 5m 26 d
name spelled Hains on stone
m/o Mary
HELM John PA 22 July 1866 (59yr) m1 Catherine Swank
m2 Mrs. Rachel Griffith Lewis
HELM Catherine  . 10 Mar 1863  same stone with husband John
nee Swank
49y 26d
HESSER  Lydia M. 16 Nov 1870 34y 2m 20d
sister in law  of Sarah Hesser Porter
wife of J. H.  Hesser
HILLHOUSE Lurana Jane 15 Mar 1838
Marion Co IL
2 Dec 1872 nee RICHARDSON
w/o Rev. Wm. Knox Stewart Hillhouse
Wendy McKean- Thomas
photo of marker
HILLHOUSE Mary Ann 2 Mar 1807 17 Oct 1868 sister of Rev. Wm. K.S. Hillhouse
Wendy McKean- Thomas
photo of marker
HILLHOUSE Rush Weber 27 Aug 1865 12 Feb 1866 Wendy McKean- Thomas
photo of marker
HILLHOUSE Annie Estella 18 Dec 1869 22 Mar 1870 Wendy McKean- Thomas
photo of marker
HILLHOUSE Charles Dale  1 Oct 1871 20 Apr 1872 s/o Rev WKS & L
Wendy McKean- Thomas
photo of marker
HOUTZ George 1826 1888
Conesville, Muscatine, IA
age 60y
s/o Leonard & Sarah Witmer Houtz
no death date on stone
Diane Schreiner 
HUTTON Wm. B. 1842 1918 not found on 2000 rewalk
ILLEGIBLE  stone  adjacent to the George/Houtz stones
and to the right of the G.W. McKee stones.
May be Rosalee McKee (stone is same style as that of Bessie McKee)
photo of marker
ILLEGIBLE stone -child illegible child's stone with an animal figure 
straight down the row from the Ramer stones 
may be the stone just listed as "Ramer"
on earlier listings
KEYES Sylvester C. . 27 Mar 1867 51y.
married at age 42 to 17 yr old
Mahala "Mabel" Hall 28 Feb 1860 in Louisa Co.
parents of Marvin & Warren
Mabel m2 Stephen W. Crocker
FR & Louisa Co MR
KOONS Alford . 26 Sep 1854 Note all the Koons are on one marker
KOONS Matilda  1822 24 Jan 1873  w/o Alfred nee GLASPY
51y 17d
note Alfred remarried 
moved to Phillips Co KS 
he died 1901 per CWells
FR says Alfred b. 1819 Indiana
died 23 Sep 1866 bur Beauchamp.
KOONS Inf Son (Alfred)  25 Sep 1840 25 Sept 1840 s/o A & M
KOONS Wiley  . 25 Aug 1846 s/o A & M
KOONS Martha J.  1 July 1855 d/o A & M
KOONS  Louisa  . 8 Aug 1856 d/o A & M
KOONS Matilda  . 28 Aug 1855 d/o A & M
not listed on the Koons marker
KOONS Arthur s/o A & M . 26 Oct 1853 listed but date not legible
MANLY James IN no dates on stone IA 11 Inf C-military marker
res at enl Port Allen
photo of marker
MANLEY F. R. 1909 1911 .
MANLEY  Fern Lee 1912 1918 same stone with F.R. Manley
MATHES G. W. 21 Nov 1837 6 Apr 1908 G.A.R. metal flag holder
73 Indiana Infantry Co C
McKEE George Washington 23 Nov 1835 7 Sept 1918 same stone with 1st and 2nd wife
s/o James & Susanna Shoemaker McKee
photo of marker
McKEE Rachel Adams 1836 1865 1st w/o G.W. McKee
photo of marker
McKEE Frances Eliza Crocker  27 Aug 1849 27 Oct 1887 d/o Wm. H. & Fanny Tyte Crocker
2nd w/o G.W. McKee
photo of marker
McKEE Rosalee  1864 1864 d/o George W & Frances E.
not found on 2000 rewalk
McKEE Bessie Mabel  9 Apr 1882 22 Apr 1911 d/o George W. & Frances E
photo of marker
McKEE James Aaron 23 Jan 1792
Cumberland Co PA
30 Mar 1875  83y 2m 7d
photo of marker
McKEE Susanna Shoemaker 1792 (stone)
1795 (FR)
Cumberland co PA
26 Feb 1871 marker heavily repaired
76y 6m 20d
w/o James
photo of marker
note; nobody seems to agree on 
birthdate-calculating back from death it
would be abt 27 Jul 1784
McKEAN Mary Etta  08 Nov 1838
Muskingum co OH
8 June 1891 nee Swank
d/o Joseph & Mary Hoover Swank
w/o Moses R McKean
52yr 7 mo
photo of marker
McKEAN James T  1 Feb 1859 1860 Child of M. R. & M. E.
photo of marker
McKEAN Inf Son  17 Sept 1868 Dec 1868 s/o M.R. & M.E.
photo of marker
McKEAN Inf Son  5 Feb 1883 5 Feb 1883 s/o M.R. & M.E.
photo of marker
McKEAN James 01 Feb 1798
26 Apr 1879  81y 2m 25d
killed when thrown from buggy by a 
runaway team
photo of marker
McKEAN Susanna  30 Jan 1805
21 Feb 1884
Louisa Co IA
nee Beauchamp
w/o James mar 1825 in Pickaway Co OH
MORSE Barbara E. 23 Aug 1870 8 May 1897 nee Gooch
d/o Benjamin & Susanna Bennett Gooch 
w/o William Morse mar. 24 Oct 1889 Louisa Co
MORSE Elsie  . No Date infant daughter
no dates on stone
NELSON  George 1884 stuck in the ground too far to read. 
Next to the Collins marker.
Per FR this is George Nelson 
d. 1884, age 54.
son of Hugh Nelson & Catherine English Roney, and the brother of Stewart Nelson 
(note his stone says Steward)
NELSON Stewart . 16 Nov 1884  64y 1m 17d
s/o Hugh & Catherine English Roney Nelson
wife Malissa
NOLAND Ethel Elizabeth  . 12 Aug 1897  d/o W & E G.
3y 7m 8d
child of Stephen W. & Emma G. Johnson Noland 
mar. Musc. Co 28 Jan 1880)
ORR Dean F.  . 16 Oct 1895  s/o G.W. & E 
(George W. & Ella Swank Orr)
4y 2d
PINES John F.  . 12 Sept 1865  s/o R.M & R.C.
5m 2d
not found on 2000 rewalk.
PORTER John  B. 22 Apr 1802
8 Sept 1883  81y 4m 17d
s/o James & Elizabeth Buchanan Porter
His mother was 2nd cousin of Pres. Buchanan
m1 Rebecca Pfouts
m2 Sara A Hesser 15 May 1853
Superintendent of Louisa co Schools
PORTER Sarah A  . No Date nee Hesser
d/o Henry & Hanna Negley Hesser
2 w/o John B. Porter
resided in Conesville after John's death
Called herself a homeopathic doctor
died around 1889-90 
PRESTON, Infant  17 Jul 1905 17 Jul 1905 Infant daugher of S.S. & P.E.
(Sylverius Salome & Pearl E. Ryan)
RAMER Henry B. . No Date s/o Jacob Ramer & Nancy Crago
Corp., 178 Ohio Vol Infantry Co K
enl. 20 Sep 1864 age 23
Mustered Out at Charlotte, NC on 29 June 1865
(per Official Roster of Ohio Soldiers 1886)
RAMER Lucy J.  17 Feb 1845 22 Feb 1874 nee CLAYWELL
w/o H.B. married 12 Nov 1863 
in Coshocton, OH
stone now mostly illegible
RAMER Mariah R. 11 Dec 1847 25  Jun 189-? nee ORR
last # not legible (old list said 25 Jul 1918)
RAMER Mary C.  15 Feb 1870 5 Dec 1877 dau of H B & L J
RAMER George 29 Sept 1872 5 Mar 1881  s/o H B & L J
RAMER . . did not find any stray "Ramer" stone 2000
did find an illegible child's stone with an animal 
figure straight down the row from the Ramer stones
RYAN William B. PA 28 Mar 1888  age 63y-stone down almost illegible
wife Julia
SELDERS Mary  . 18 Nov 1862  d/o G & S A.
17y 5m 1d
in the Beauchamp family grouping
SELDERS Sarah Elisabeth 09 Nov 1840 17 Sept 1896 nee Owens
w/o Tiffen David Selders
mar 01 Jan 1861 Louisa Co per mar records
in the Beauchamp famliy grouping
SHEPHERD James . 30 Nov 1859  69y 5m 10d
SHEPHERD Mary  . 6 Oct 1864 w/o  W.C.
picture of marker
Winfield IA
21 Nov 1928 
Davenport IA
48yr 4m 22d
m1 Susannah J. McKean (d/o James & Susannah)
20 Feb 1854
m2 Clarinda Beauchamp
STINGLEY Clara  (Clarinda) 1869 28 Feb 1925 nee Beauchamp
2nd w/o Gilead H.
mar 07 Jul 1887 LC per mar records
STILLWELL John . 1 Aug 1936  not found on 2000 rewalk
his mother Sarah Jane (1839-1905)
remarried to Samuel Warnstaff
SWANK Lewis E. 1832 1912 G.A.R.
s/o Joseph & Mary Hoover Swank
SWANK Caroline M 1856 1885 nee ALLEN
w/o Lewis
SWANK Joseph Pearl . Apr 1888  marker with lamb
3y 8m 13d
s/o Lewis & Caroline
SWANK Joseph 1811
30 Aug 1887  76yr 5m 26d
 G.A.R. marker
SWANK Mary 1815
25 Aug 1887  nee HOOVER
w/o Joseph Swank
72y 5m 24d
SWANK Francis J. 1840 02 Jul 1913 IA 2 Cav Co A
h/o Sara Havens
SWANK Sarah E.  . 1880 nee HAVENS
w/o Francis mar 13 Sep 1866
not found in 2000 rewalk
VAN HORN Merlin  01 Jul 1911 1911 s/o Frank & Jessie E. Bebb Van Horn 
(they are buried at Conesville)
not found on 2000 rewalk
(may be in his grandmother Malinda's plot)
VAN HORN Malinda Helms Foster 19 Aug 1832 7 Aug 1884 Nee Helm(s)
m1  William Foster -son George Riley Foster
2nd w/o William Van Horn
son Frank Howard Van Horn
he d. 15 Apr 1907 LeGrand IA 
bur. Pleasant Hill
WALL Andrew J. 1868 No Date s/o William & Eliza L. Lawrence Wall
WALL Minnie B.  1871 1909 nee Axtel
w/o Andrew J. m 2 Sep 1891 Louisa Co
WALL Esther L. . 21 Apr 1894  2m 20da- d/o A & M
(age now illegible on stone)
WALL William  1831
Somersetshire, England
18 July 1903  72 yr  G.A.R.
f/o William Wall
m1 Eliza Louise Lawrence
m2 Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hill
WALL Elizabeth  27 May 1850 25 Apr 1935  nee Hill age 85 yr
2nd w/o William
WARNSTAFF B. C. "Corie" 17 Oct 1884 17 Apr 1889 not found 2000 rewalk
WARNSTAFF Inez M. 10 Nov 1888 19 Mar 1912 nee GOOCH (stone says Ina)
w/o Frank
WARNSTAFF J. M. . . not found 2000 rewalk
this is believed to be Josephine Wall Warnstaff, wife of William Wall Jr.  She is buried at Indian Creek Cemetery near Fredonia ( 1866-1936)
WARNSTAFF James Earnest 19 Apr 1905 23 Mar 1907 .
WARNSTAFF Sarah Jane 29 Aug 1839 5 Feb 1905 m1 STILLWELL
m2 Samuel J. Warnstaff
WARNSTAFF Samuel J. 19 Aug 1825
16 Jun 1893 GAR
f/o John Stillwell and Mrs. Frank George

Note: The WPA listings for this cemetery also list H.C. Nelson (no dates) and a William Stacy d. 01 Nov 1913 as buried at Beauchamp,
but there is no evidence at this point confirming such burials.

Photographs of markers at Beauchamp Cemetery

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