ANDREAS History Of Iowa-Muscatine Co Extracts

Muscatine County Extracts from

Andreas' 1875 Atlas of Iowa


Slowly working my way through a lot of good information on Muscatine County which can be found in the 1875 Andreas' Atlas of Iowa. This may be the only book our local library has on Iowa in their special collections area and now it's gone out for "repairs"...I found it hidden in a dark corner after copies had been made of some sections for me (thanks Larry) and arrived in the mail. It's long overdue that some of this information be online.


The atlas had long lists of "patrons", what today would be called "sponsors". These patron lists are full of valuable genealogical information, so I have begun the transcriptions with those.

 On the lists, you will find names, location of residence, business or occupation, Nativity (state or country of origin), when the person came to the State of Iowa and the Post Office at which they received mail.


Wapsinonoc Township 1875 Atlas Patrons List
Wapsinonoc Township's primary post office during this period was West Liberty.
 Town of Muscatine 1875 Atlas Patrons List
The patrons on this list all resided in Muscatine and received mail through the Muscatine Post Office
 Goshen Township 1875 Atlas Patrons List
Most patrons on this list received mail at Atalissa or West Liberty
 Other Muscatine Township 1875 Atlas Patrons List
Townships found on this page include Pike, Wilton, Bloomington, Fulton, Cedar, Sweetland, Moscow, Seventy-Six, Orono and Lake.
 Muscatine County 1875 Atlas Business Patrons List
A listing of Businessmen and firms who were patrons of the Atlas Publications
 Happy hunting!!

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