Muscatine County Home Residents Listed on 1910 Federal Census
Muscatine County Farm
aka County Home
Residents List from the 1910 Federal Census
Muscatine County Iowa.
Rice M Head W 66 Ohio Md Md Manager
Rice Carrie Wife F W 47 Iowa Md Ireland None
Greash Albert Inmate M W 88 Germany Germany Germany None
Block Frank Inmate M W 49 Iowa Germany Germany None
Smith Edwin Inmate M W 72 Ohio Ohio Ohio None
Maurer Mick Inmate M W 78 Germany Germany Germany None
Hubbard Fay Inmate M W 42 Iowa U.S. U.S. None
Galegan Tom Inmate M W 75 Ireland Ireland Ireland None
Brunner Frank Inmate M W 78  France France France None
Patz William Inmate M W 69 Germany Germany Germany None
Rinke William Inmate M W 63 Germany Germany Germany None
Drury Ivin Inmate M W 80 U.S. U.S. U.S. None
Preister Barnie Inmate M W 70 Germany Germany Germany None
Martin John Henry Inmate M W 75 Mexico Mexico Mexico None
Moor Pettis Inmate M W 18 Ohio U.S. U.S. None
Shield William Inmate M W 70 England England England None
Hucke Walter Inmate M W 80 Ireland Ireland Ireland None
Brown Silas Inmate M B 70 Va. Va. Va. None
Kebort Indiana Inmate M W 56 Iowa Md. Md None
Licky Helen Inmate F W 69 Ohio Ohio Ohio None
Bair Sarah Inmate F W 70 Iowa U.S. U.S. None
Stall Lena Inmate F W 50 Germany Germany Germany None
Wray Anna Inmate F W 55 Ohio Ohio Ohio None
Behrent Katie Inmate F W 18 Iowa Germany Germany None
Olmsted Anna Inmate F W 70 Maryland Md Md None
Dodson Kate Inmate F W 89 Ohio Ohio Ohio None
Trask Edward Inmate M W 67 Iowa Ohio Ohio None
Karg (or Kurg) John Inmate M W 36 Iowa Germany Germany None
Keck William Inmate M W 55 Iowa U.S. U.S. None
Lamar Frank Inmate M W 45 Iowa U.S. U.S. None
Herwig Henry Inmate M W 67 Germany Germany Germany None
Geuisenhaus Eddie Inmage M W 31 Iowa Germany Germany None
Herman Emile Inmate M W 40 Germany Germany Germany None
Cook Elmer Inmate M W 35 U.S. U.S. U.S. None
Wetzle William Inmate M W 55 Germany Germany Germany None
Shores Frank Inmate M W 47 Ohio Ohio Ohio None
Oliver Philip Inmate M W 40 France France France None
Wright Sarah Inmate F W 58 Iowa Ohio Ohio None
Rankin Jennie Inmate F W 50 Michigan Holland Holland None
Hill Lottie Inmate F W 49 Sweden Sweden Sweden None
Heicke Dora Inmate F W 78 Germany Germany Germany None
Richardson Mary Inmate F W 75 Virginia Va. Va. None
Brown Mary Inmate F W 55 Wisconsin Wisc Wisc None
Rickles Ella Inmate F W 45 U.S. U.S. U.S. None
Weiman Mary Inmate F W 34 Iowa Germany Germany None
Manhardt Mary Inmate F W 65 Germany Germany Germany None
Eichoff Etta Inmate F W 45 Iowa Germany Germany None
Flood Maggie Inmate F W 38 Iowa Ireland Ireland None
Brookhart William Hire M W 56 Ohio Ohio Ohio Laborer
Vaughn George Hire M W 56 Canada England England Baker
Vaughn Emma Wife F W 40 Iowa Ohio Ohio Attendant

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