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First Generation


Henderson Luelling

Henderson LEWELLING (from LQM Collection)


1. Henderson LEWELLING, M. Born on 23 Apr 1809 in Randolph Co., North Carolina. Henderson died in San Jose, CA, on 28 Dec 1878; he was 69. (Year from San Francisco Call 1869-1891) Some say 1879. Buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, Alameda Co., California.


(He changed his name to Luelling about the time he moved to California. ***It looks like he may have added William to his name also at that time per Seth Lewelling's Journal. He may have had a disagreement with his brother Seth that lead to the name change. His brother who died in 1847 was named William.)


This family appears to have a lot of folklore intermixed with facts.  My hope is to clear up some of the information without creating more misinformation.  I see him called William, Henderson William or William Henderson.  I find no documentation for William being part of his name.  He had a brother William and it appears a son William Henderson, born in California. He may have had an middle name that did start with W.


Henderson was thirteen (not 16) when they traveled from North Carolina to Indiana, in 1822 (not 1825), per Quaker records and Seth Lewelling's Journal.   They may have settled near Duck Creek Meeting in 1823, again based on information found in Quaker records or they may have gone directly there in 1822.  Dates for first three children verified in Duck Creek Meeting in Henry County, Indiana records.  (His wife was eleven when they came to Indiana, per Quaker records.) 


By 1835 Henderson and his brother John were jointly operating a nursery business and their farms joined.  Younger brother William was also somewhat involved. Their orchard in Indiana was sold in 1841.  All three brothers were charter members of Salem Monthly Meeting in 1839 per actual Quaker records for Salem Monthly Meeting.


Henderson and John may have made a trip to Iowa in 1837 but they did not take  their certificate of membership in the Society of Friends until 1838.  We read in the abstracts of minutes:  “On 6-20-1838 Henderson and wife Elizabeth and children, Alfred, Mary, Asenath and Rachel were granted a certificate to Vermillion Monthly Meeting in Illinois end Salem, Iowa. Granted by Spiceland Meeting, Henry County, Indiana.  Family received at Vermillion Meeting on 9-1-1838.”  (Before Salem, Iowa MM was formed in 1838/39 Vermillion was the parent meeting and their transfer of membership went there to be recorded.) 


In the new Abstracts of the Quaker Records of Friends in Indiana for Spiceland, IN, Volume III, we find these entries.

6-20-1838 Henderson & w Elizabeth “settled in Wisconsin Territory, west of the Mississippi River”;
gct Vermilion MM IL
9-19-1838 John & w Elva & ch Sarah & Eli gct Vermillion MM IL; Wm & w Cyrena gct Vermillion


Henderson and wife Elizabeth were charter members of Salem Friends Meeting, in 1839.  (I have the list from Salem MM records) They brought with them from Indiana children Alfred, Mary, Asenath and Rachel.  They went into the business of selling fruit trees for ten years in Salem, Iowa and built the beautiful stone house, in 1840, that still stands and is the called the Lewelling Quaker Museum - an underground railroad station.  He sold another Salem Underground Railroad Station nicknamed the Beehive in 1847 one month before leaving for Oregon to his brother William.  Henderson and his brothers, William and John, were very active in helping runaway slaves on their journey to Canada. 



Henderson Lewelling house in Salem, Iowa 2006

(Picture by Jean Leeper)



Henderson and his wife were disowned in 1844 when they joined the Separatist meeting begun in 1843 and Henderson is said to have sat head of the Separatist meeting.  No records exist from that meeting that lasted ca fifteen years.  Some of those still in the area gradually went back to the Salem Meeting.  In 1842 in Indiana the executive committee of the Indiana Yearly Meeting-expelled eight active abolitionist members from their places as elders and prohibited all Quaker abolitionists from holding positions in their meetings.  2,000 members within Indiana Yearly Meeting separated and created the Indiana Yearly Meeting of Anti-Slavery Friends.  This triggered the split in Salem that began the next year.  In 1857 the Indiana Anti-Slavery Yearly Meeting started disbanding and the members were accepted back to the Indiana Yearly Meeting.  Salem Anti-Slavery meeting was a part of Indiana Anti-Slavery Yearly Meeting.


In Indiana in 1837 the Duck Creek Meeting was having problems. Some had become more liberal in their thinking and others staying truer to what George Fox had meant.  The meeting became very much divided.  As Henderson Lewelling became a Spiritualist in Oregon I believe that Henderson may have been drawn into this group.  If so his move to spiritualism could easily follow.


Henderson took a wagon train of fruit trees to Oregon in 1847, leaving Salem on April 17th.   (Note it was not an ox-cart as some stories state.  An ox-cart would have been small and with two wheels and usually pulled by one oxen.)  The wagon he took can best be described as being of excess proportions and a bulky, heavy wagon.


From Iowa Journal of History, Volume 27, October, 1929, No. 4 and written by O.A. GARRETSON, SALEM IOWA a family friend.


His son, Alfred Lewelling, has related the following account of the preparation for this enterprise.   "When the next spring came, he (Henderson Lewelling) had secured the cooperation of a neighbor John Fisher for the prosecution of his plans to take the fruit trees. They had procured a stout wagon and made two boxes twelve inches deep and of sufficient length and breadth that set in the wagon box side by side by side by side they filled it full. These boxes were filled with a compost consisting principally of charcoal and earth, into which about 700 trees and shrubs, embracing most, if not all of the best varieties in cultivation in that section of the country were planted. The trees were from twenty inches to four feet high and protected from stock by light stripe of hickory bolted to posts set in staples on the wagon box. Three yoke of good cattle drew that wagon, and all other arrangements being completed we started on the 17th day of April, and traveled about fifteen miles a day through the southwestern part of Iowa and northwestern Missouri, reaching the Missouri river ten miles above St. Joseph on the 17th day of May. Our train thus far consisted of three wagons for our family and goods, one for Mr. Fisher's family, two for the Nathan Hockett family, and the nursery making seven wagons in all.”....

 “ To all who sought to persuade him to abandon his "traveling nursery" Lewelling invariably replied that as long as it did not endanger the health and life of his family he would stick to his fruit trees. The following note from Alfred Lewelling will illustrate the firm and determined character of the man who was promoting this enterprise: "The last time I recollect any one trying to discourage him about the nursery wagon was on North Platte. The Rev. Mr. White suggested that it would be better for him to leave it, as the cattle were becoming weary and foot sore, and that the continued weight of that load would kill all of his cattle and prevents him from getting through. Father's answer was such an emphatic 'No' that he was allowed to follow his own course after that without much remonstrance". ...  About half the trees he loaded at Salem, Iowa, survived the arduous transportation, and were now securely planted in the soil of Oregon. Lewelling's fame and fortune were assured.”


From a website called, The City of Milwaukie - A great place to live, work and play, I find this entry “Henderson Lewelling converted to 'Spiritualism' as he came west in 1847.  Many members of his family became converts and be began to spread his beliefs in Milwaukie once arriving here.  Lewelling held meetings at his home with others interested in Spiritualists”


From Wikipedia-the free encyclopedia, “Linked to the Reform Movement

"Many of the early participants in Spiritualism were radical Quakers and others caught up in the reforming movement of the mid-nineteenth century. These reformers were uncomfortable with established churches because those churches did little to fight slavery and even less to advance women's rights. Women were particularly attracted to the movement, because it gave them important roles as mediums and trance lecturers. In fact Spiritualism provided one of the first forums in which American women could address mixed public audiences (Braude 2001).”

 Some say only his two oldest children went to Oregon in 1847 but the from page 10 of the Clackamas County,


March 1849 OREGON TERRITORIAL CENSUS, Clackamas County, Oregon, Original Order,  Page 10:

Lewellen, H. 4 males 21+, 4 males -21, 5 females.  This shows his children were with the wagon train of 1847. 


Notes of Grayson Alexander: 

From the 1850 Territory or County: Clackamas Division, Milwaukie Real p 742 Page No 31.

Henderson Lewelling, 42, m, Gardener, 10,000, NC

Elizabeth, 33, f, NC

Alferd, 18, m, IN      [Alfred]

Rachel, 13, f, IN

Jane, 11, f, IA

Hannah, 9, f, IA

Levi, 7, m, IA

Albert, 5, m, IA

Oregon, 3, m, OR

Eliza Ann, 1, f, OR

Asenath documented by Quaker records is not with them.  Next door is their daughter Mary and her husband William Meeks and infant son A J D. 


Then in 1854 they moved to near Oakland, California, where they prospered.

 A biography from Pacific Northwest Garden History URL:

http://www.halcyon.com/tmend/notables.htm   summarizes him this way:

"Pioneer nurseryman who introduced varietal fruit to the old Oregon Country.  In 1847, Luelling, his wife, and eight children came west on the Oregon Trail, bringing a wagon loaded with an assortment of 50 or 60 varieties of apples, pears, peaches, plums, cherries, quince, black walnuts, hickory nuts, gooseberries, currants, and grapes. All told, the wagon had about 700 young plants. By fall, he and his family had arrived safe and sound in Oregon. Settling in Milwaukie, Luelling started a nursery with his son-in-law, William Meek. He planted his "traveling orchard," and began grafting trees. By 1853, he had 100,000 trees for sale, selling them for $1 to $1.50 each. Orchardists snapped up these trees, using them to plant orchards and start nurseries. Before Luelling, growers relied on seedling fruit, which was often small, with insipid flavor, and other problems. By bringing the finest varieties of fruit to Oregon, Luelling moved gardening a giant step forward.”


“Henderson with his son Albert and son-in-law William Meek landed in San Francisco in 1854 with more saplings. (Jean’s Note:  Some earlier had been sent to brother John in 1853)   Meek went south to join John Lewelling.  Henderson and Albert looked for land across the bay from San Francisco.  A 50 acre parcel in Alameda’s East End, seemed ideal.  But after the trees were in the ground, the Lewellings learned that their title to the property was not valid.  They uprooted their orchard and moved to 400 acres along the middle course of Sausal Creek - 5 miles east of Oakland.  In 1856 the Luellings planted that rich soil, named their new orchard Fruit Vale and graded a road into their property that is still known as Fruitvale Avenue.  The state’s firs apple and pear trees thrived at Fruit Vale, along with cherries and other pitted fruit.  The Luellings were reaping a fortune.  Their imposing house near what is now the south entrance to Dimond Park served as the primary landmark between Oakland and ?.  But Henderson Luelling had a final ambition - to establish a utopian community based on Quaker ideals.  He knew that society would not succeed in the East Bay, so he looked to Central America.


"With his orchards yet to reach the peak of their production, Luelling sold Fruit Vale to the governor of California, John B. Weller, in 1859.  He organized a few eager families and along with his sons Eli and Albert purchased a ship bound for Honduras.  ...But as his brother expanded his orchards to land near San Lorenzo, Henderson’s Honduran experiment slowly fell apart. ...He returned to California to live with in-laws near San Jose.  While clearing land to plant yet another orchard, Luelling collapsed and died of heart disease."  From The Sunday Review - Sunday March 10, 1996


Update January 2010 from Steve Harrison of North Carolina

Sacramento Daily Union, October 8, 1859 (Saturday) Page 2, Column 4.

"BY THE STATE TELEGRAPH LINE. San Francisco, October 7th. An association of Free Lovers, known as the Harmonial Brotherhood, sailed for San Salvador this afternoon, in the schooner San Diego [Santiago]. They number about twenty-five persons, male and female. and are under the guidance of Dr. Tyler. They propose to settle in the interior of Honduras."

Sacramento Daily Union, October 14, 1859 (Friday), Page 2, Column 1.

"NEWS OF THE MORNING. A Deserted Wife. The Free Lover [Henderson] Lewelling, late of Alameda, whose farm Governor Weller recently purchased, formed one of the party, says the San Francisco Times, which started lately for Honduras. He sold out his homestead to raise money for the purpose, and left his wife in such a destitute condition that her friends and relatives have in charity built her a small house near the former residence. This is all she has left of her former property."

Sacramento Daily Union May 19, 1860 (Saturday), Page 2, Column 5.

"THE EMIGRANT FREE LOVERS. (Note of mine: Schooner Santiago is back in port and news story from the report of the crew which summarizes the trip to Honduras. I take up where it starts with Henderson leaving later than the others)

"... But the one who caused most delay, was the chief man, Lewelling. This man, who was, perhaps, the only sincere one in the party, was about fifty-five years of age, and had, a short time before, sold the greater part of his beautiful farm, in Alameda county, at a great sacrifice, for the purpose of raising funds for the expedition. He had several of his sons and his housekeeper along, but left his wife; and it was understood that she was suing out a writ de lunatico inquirendo for her erring lord. To avoid this, he absented himself for a day or two after the vessel left the wharf, and boarded her in the yawl only after she had finally head for sea and was passing out through the Golden Gate. ..."

Sacramento Daily Union, September 19, 1860 (Wednesday), Page 2, Column 4.

"From Honduras. We extract the following from a recent letter to the [San Francisco?] Bulletin, dated at Tegucigalpa, Honduras, July 28th: I have just heard that the horde of Free Lovers, who left California some time before I did, have settled on the Pacific side, and are dying off rapidly. The coast where they are is very unhealthy, and the Government looks upon them with much suspicion. Poor, deluded wretches! the priests will finish them soon."

Sacramento Daily Union, September 18, 1860 (Tuesday), Page 3, Column 2.

"San Francisco News.- The following dispatch was in the Bee[?], yesterday: The schooner Santiago, belonging to the Harmonial Brotherhood, was completely wrecked at Mazatlan, on July 31st."

I now am not sure if he was in the 1860 census but if he was, he came back with the ship in May 1860 and he may have been still in hiding; thus a different first name and place of birth. It appears after his first wife died his life sort of fell apart and he was adrift without an anchor. Seeking for something to fill that void and never finding it. Probably his young son, William Henderson, grew up without knowing his father.

Notes of Grayson Alexander: The Henry Lewelling in the 1860 census below was probably Henderson, even though he was listed as born in England. Alfred Lewelling, Henderson's son, was listed as household #792 just below Henry, and Alfred's surname was not listed, just ditto marks, as if they were part of the same family.

The George, age 17, born in Canada West living with Henry/Henderson was probably the son of Henderson's 4th wife Mary; Mary's two daughters from her prior marriage were both born in Canada West per census data.


1860 Census, CA, Alameda Co., Brooklyn Twp, 5 July, pg 91b:


Henry Lewelling, 50, m, Gardener, 3000, 2500, England

George, 17, m, Canada West



Alfred, 28, m, Gardener, 12000, 1000, IN

Mary, 26, f, MA

Wm, 7, m, OR

Annie, 5, f, CA

Ellen, 2, f, CA

Hector, 8/12, m, CA

George Brown, 39, m, Laborer, PA

Smith Francis, 26, m, Laborer, Ireland

George McCann, 20, m, Laborer, WI

M. V. Douglass, 22, m, Laborer, 1000, ---, IN

Robert McQuinn, 26, m, Laborer, NY

Daniel Goulaen, 35, m, Laborer, Ireland


From Iowa Journal of History, Volume 27, October, 1929, No. 4 and written by O.A. GARRETSON, SALEM IOWA a family friend.

“About 1858, he conceived the idea of founding a colony in Central America. He had crossed the Isthmus of Panama in 1851 in his travels back and forth to the eastern States. He was much impressed by the mild climate, the cheap land, and the luxuriant growth of vegetation in that semi-tropical climate. He enlisted several others in the project, and in 1859 sold his valuable property in Fruitvale, purchased a ship and all necessary supplies, and he and his two younger sons together with his partners and their families, embarked for Honduras. ... Prior to this, Lewelling had been successful in his every undertaking, but in this project he met defeat. The enterprise was a disastrous failure. He was the principal capitalist in the scheme and he lost heavily. Returning to California, he engaged in the fruit business again; but by this time he had lost his former vigor, and he never regained his former financial standing. “


On October 7, 1859 Luelling had sold his California property and with a group of 30 colonists who were identified in The San Francisco Daily Times   of October 7, 1859 as the “The Harmonial Brotherhood” and a “Free Love Society”, who left to build a colony on the Bay in Honduras.

From Notes on Henderson Luelling by Franklin Rhoda in Bancroft Library - Franklin Rhoda, a California neighbor said Henderson took four of his children Eliza Ann, Rachel (Hattie), Levi and Albert.  His wife Mary Lee and infant son did not go and the couple soon divorced.  His ship the San Diego was wrecked off the coast of Banjo, California and he lost everything.


He has been found in the 1867 Special census of Alameda County, California where he is called a storekeeper. 


San Jose, December 28th, 1878 - He was clearing brush at a rental property, he had rented that morning; apparently died of a coronary heart attack and fell into the fire burning the brush.  Daily Alta California, December 29, 1878 (Sunday). Page 2, Column 4 and Sacramento Daily Record-Union, December 30, 1878 (Monday) Page 1, Column 7 both tell in detail what happened. Both mentions his brother-in-law M. O. Cadwell that I believe to be Orran Madison Cadwell/Madison Orran Cadwell but cannot connect to the family. M. O Cadwell had been helping Henderson but left for a short time and came back to find Mr. Lewelling.

Enumeration of the Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, Alameda County, CA : Luelling, Henderson W 0/0/1810  0/0/1879 10 “Father of Pacific Horticulture”, S/W (same marker his daughter Hannah Bradbury)  NOTE: Henderson’s death date is also verified 28 December 1878 according to The Lewelling Family, 1985, Compiled by Mrs. Farell Coffman Stewart, Mrs. Geraldine Luelling Dickson & William Shaklee. The death year of 1878 is NOT in agreement with the year 1879 on his headstone.


On 30 Dec 1830 when Henderson was 21, he first married Elizabeth PRESNALL, F, daughter of John PRESNALL, M (17 Feb 1778-11 Feb 1856) & Hannah LITTLER, F (14 Nov 1784-1 Oct 1862), in Duck Creek Meetinghouse, Henry County, OH. from Duck Creek records. Born on 8 Apr 1815 in Randolph County, N. C. Elizabeth died in Oregon on 7/8 Mar 1851; she was 35. aged 36y 10m 2days. Buried in Milwaukie Pioneer Cemetery. She miscarried on January 25, 1851 and never recovered and died on March 7, 1851.


*** From Seth Lewelling's Journal page 21 - January 25, 1851 " ...in the afternoon Eliabeth was taken sick. She had done out a washing the day before which I suppose was the cause of Abortion." Same journal, page 23," 7 March 1851 ... Elizabeth deceased at 12 oclk, retaining her Senses till the Last. when she departed this life without a Struggle. March 8 Clear with a heavy frost. the Corpse was intered at 2 oclk by the side of Mary Meeks."


From Back Creek Monthly Meeting Hinshaw’s EQG page 731, Vol. 1 “1826, 7, 26. John Presnall and wife Hannah and children, Martha, Rachel, Daniel, Mary, Elizabeth, Jeremiah L., John M., and Jehu, rqct (request certificate) to White Water MM, Wayne County, Ind.” She was ca 11 when she traveled from North Carolina to Henry County, Indiana. 

She was a very pretty woman, fair complexion, blue eyes and wavy hair almost auburn.  A wise and loving mother.  Mrs. Elizabeth Luelling, wife of Henderson Luelling, aged 36, died at Milwaukie on the 8th inst. [Western Star, 13 Mar 1851]


They had the following children:

       2        i.        Alfred, M (30 Nov 1831-11 Nov 1904)

       3       ii.        Mary, F (14 Mar 1833-8/10 Dec 1850)

       4      iii.        Asenath Henrietta, F (6 Dec 1834-30 Nov 1874)

       5      iv.        Rachel, F (14 Feb 1837-ca 1917)

       6       v.        Jane, F (10 May 1839-7 Jan 1871)

       7      vi.        Hannah, F (26 Feb 1841-1917)

       8     vii.        Levi, M (25 Feb 1843-6 Dec 1877)

       9    viii.        Albert, M (14 Feb 1845-7 Feb 1883)

     10       ix.        Oregon Columbus, M (2 Dec 1847-27 Jun 1912)

     11        x.        Eliza Ann, F (9 Sep 1849-aft 1925)

23 January 1851 Elizabeth lost baby and never recovered


On 27 Jun 1851 when Henderson was 42, he second married  Phebe EDDY, F, daughter of Enoch EDDY, M & Amy KING, F, in Forks of the Santiam, Linn County, Oregon. Rev Mr Cheedle. Born on 4 Feb 1804 in Rutland, Jefferson County, NY.  Phebe died in ? OREGON, in Jul 1853; she was 49.


***From Seth Lewelling's Journal page 33, " Henderson and Phebe went back to the States in the fall of 1851 and Clarrisa and the children Elva, Addie and Alice came back with them. They had a hard trip by water were 3 months on the way detained one month at Panama nd 12 days at San Francisco arrived in Portland 22 of March 1852." page 27 of Journal has entry for August 23rd. Do. H. L. and wife Started this morning for the States."


Phebe and her first husband Ephraim Grimes had moved from New York to MO and planned to move to Oregon, but Ephriam died in MO in 1845.  Phebe moved with her family to Oregon probably in 1847.  1850 census, OR Terr., Linn Co, 21 Sept, p 72b shows Phebe Grimes, 46, f, NY and Eliza 19, f, IN and Leonard, 24, m, NY


Notes of Grayson Alexander: Phebe's death date was 26 Aug 1853 as reported in The Lewelling Family, 1985, Compiled by Mrs. Farell Coffman Stewart, Mrs. Geraldine Luelling Dickson & William Shaklee. The Eddy Family Asso. lists Phebe's death year as 1854. Phebe per Eddy Family Asso. 1968 p 33,  married Ephraim Grimes. She was born on 4 Feb 1804 at Rutland, Jefferson Co., New York, USA.

She married Henderson H. Lewelling on 27 Jun 1851 at Forks of the Santiam, Linn County, Oregon Territory, USA.

She died in 1854.

Children of Phebe Eddy and Ephraim Grimes were as follows: George , Willard L. and Philander.


10 Oct 1855 when Henderson was 46, he third married Betsy A. EDDY, F in Clackamas, Oregon. Book 1 pp 51. Born on 21 Dec 1808 in Rutland, Jefferson County, NY.


From the Marriage Records at the Oregon State Archives


Marriage Betsy A. Eddy and Henderson Luelling Clackamas County, Oregon, Marriage records Book 1, page 51 “...10th day of October AD 1855 join in lawful Wedlock Mr. Henderson Luelling and Miss Betsy A. Eddy with their Mutual consent.  ...”


Notes of Grayson Alexander: It has been reported that Betsey died 31 Dec 1855 in Clackamas Co., OR, but I did not locate a burial record for her and have not been able to verify her death date - GTA.  Henderson Luelling married Mary Warren Lee in California before 1858; they had a son William Henderson Luelling born 5 March 1858 in California.

ca 1857 when Henderson was ca 47, he fourth married Mary WARREN, F in California. Born on 28 Apr 1814 in England. Mary died in CA on 3 Dec 1893; she was 79. Buried in Mt. View Cemetery, Oakland, Alameda Co., CA. They were divorced, ?  when, in California. Mrs. Mary Luelling and W.H. are found in Oakland 1881-1882 city directory. He is listed as a carpenter, J. Lusk Canning Company. She continues to live there until her death.


Dates taken from The Lewelling Family, 1985, compiled by Mrs. Farell Coffman Stewart


Notes of Grayson Alexander:

I could not find Mary nor her son William Henderson in the 1860 Census; she was not listed with Henderson Luelling in the 1860 Census. Mary was living with a daughter in 1870 and 1880; Mary and Henderson Luelling must have separated shortly after the birth of their son William Henderson.


It was reported in The Lewelling Family, 1985, Compiled by Mrs. Farell Coffman Stewart, Mrs. Geraldine Luelling Dickson & William Shaklee, that Mary had 2 daughters and 2 sons from her prior marriage; see the census data below for Mary's know children:


The below census information is Grayson Alexander's research.

1860 Census, CA, San Joaquin Co., Stockton, Inn/Hotel, 14 Aug, pg 1085b, #1695/1699:

S. P. Gotham, 48, m, Inn Keeper, ---, 3000, ME

- - - - - - - Lodgers - - - - - - -

line 28 & 29:

C. C. Calvert, 28, m, Stock Agent, KY

Theresa, 22, f, Canada W.  <------------


1870 Census, CA, Alameda Co., Brooklyn, 15 Aug, pg 25a, #52/54:

Calvert, Celsus, 37, m, w, Engineer, KY

Theresa, 30, f, w, Keeping House, Canada  <-------

Lewis W., 9, m, w, CA

George, 4, m, w, CA

Mary H., 2, f, w, CA

Luelling, Mary, 50, f, w, England  <--------

"" Henderson, 12, m, w, CA  <---------


1880 Census, CA, Alameda Co., ED 19, Oakland, 3 June, pg 360b, #769/86/91:

Calvert, C., w, m, 46, m, Butcher, KY, KY, KY

Theresa, w, f, 39, wife, m, Keeping house, Canada, Eng, Eng  <--------

Louis, w, m, 19, son, s, Huckster, CA, KY, Canada

Geo, w, m, 14, son, s, at home, CA, KY, Canada

Mary, w, f, 11, dau, s, at home, CA, KY, Canada

Martha, w, f, 7, dau, s, at home, CA, KY, Canada

- - - - - -

1860 Census, CA, Alameda Co., Brooklyn Twp, 6 July, pg 95a, #808/816:

Lucian B. Huff, 31, m, Farmer, 12000, 12000, MI

Mary J., 23, f, Canada West  <---------

Mary, 9, f, CA

Wm, 5, m, CA

Gilbert Furlrioh, 24, m, Laborer, NY

Jethred Rockwell, 23, m, Laborer, NY

Wm, 25, m, Laborer, MI


1870 Census, CA, Alameda Co., Brooklyn, Brooklyn Post Office, 15 Aug, pg 27a, #87/88:

Huff, Lucien, 41, m, w, Trader, 60,000, 15,000, MI

Mary J., 32, f, w, Keeping house, Canada   <---------

Webster, Dena, 19, f, w, at home, CA

Huff, William, 15, m, w, CA

Faw Ah, 30, m, C, Dom Servt, China


1880 Census, CA, Alameda Co., ED 18, East Oakland, 5 June, pg 337a, #124/124:

Huff, L. B., w, m, 49, m, Farmer, MI, OH, OH

M. J, w, f, 42, wife, m, Housekeeper, Canada, England, England  <----------

Lewelling, Mary, w, f, 65, Mother in law, Wid, England, England, England  <-------

Man Gam, C, m, 40, servant, Cook, China, China, China

The Henry Lewelling in the 1860 census below was probably Henderson, even though he was listed as born in England. Alfred Lewelling, Henderson's son, was listed as household #792 just below Henry, and Alfred's surname was not listed, just ditto marks, as if they were part of the same family.

The George, age 17, born in Canada West living with Henry/Henderson was probably the son of Henderson's 4th wife Mary; Mary's two daughters from her prior marriage were both born in Canada West per census data.


1860 Census, CA, Alameda Co., Brooklyn Twp, 5 July, pg 91b:


Henry Lewelling, 50, m, Gardener, 3000, 2500, England

George, 17, m, Canada West   <------------------------------------



Alfred, 28, m, Gardener, 12000, 1000, IN

Mary, 26, f, MA

Wm, 7, m, OR

Annie, 5, f, CA

Ellen, 2, f, CA

Hector, 8/12, m, CA

George Brown, 39, m, Laborer, PA

Smith Francis, 26, m, Laborer, Ireland

George McCann, 20, m, Laborer, WI

M. V. Douglass, 22, m, Laborer, 1000, ---, IN

Robert McQuinn, 26, m, Laborer, NY

Daniel Goulaen, 35, m, Laborer, Ireland


They had one child:

     12        i.        William Henderson, M (5 Mar 1858 - 1 Jan 1897)


Second Generation


Family of Henderson LEWELLING (1) & Elizabeth PRESNALL




Alfred LEWELLING (from LQM Collection)


2. Alfred LEWELLING, M. Born on 30 Nov 1831 in Henry County,  Indiana. Alfred died in Oregon City, Oregan, on 11 Nov 1904; he was 72.


I find him and his family in the 1860 California census of Alameda county Brooklyn Township.

He is a gardener and worth in real estate $12,000. He has a wife Mary, 26 and children William, 7; Annie, 5; Ellen, 2 and Hector who is a baby.

Right above him or living next door was Henry Lewelling, 50, male, Gardener, 3,000, 2,500, born England with a George Lewelling 17 and male born Canada west. (Could this be Henderson and misread?)

In the 1870 census he is found in Washington County, Oregon, Milwaukie Pct 3,  He is keeping a wood yard and has 4,000 and $300 in assets.

In 1880 he is back in Milwaukie, Clackamas County, Oregon

With him is his wife are children: Mary E. Jane age 16, John age 14, Charles age 12, Olive age 9, and Beth age 7.  All children born in Oregon so he was not in CA very long.  He is listed now as a farmer.


On 10 Apr 1851 when Alfred was 19, he married Mary E (Elizabeth) CAMPBELL, F in Milwakie OR. Rev. Mr. FIsher. Born on 27 Jul 1834 in Chester MA. Mary E (Elizabeth) died in Orofino, Clearwater County, Idaho, on 23 Aug 1919; she was 85.


Wife’s name is Mary in 1860 census. Mary E in 1880


They had the following children:

            i.        William A., M (1853-13 Jul 1913)

            ii.        Mary Ann, F (8 Feb 1854-29 May 1876)

           iii.        Ellen Elizabeth, F (1 Aug 1857-26 Jun 1912)

          iv.        Hector, M (1859-bef 1870 census)

            v.        Jane, F (1864-aft 25 Feb 1920)

           vi.        John C, M (1866-27 Dec 1951)

          vii.        Charles Albert, M (1868-3 Sep 1953)

         viii.        Olive, F (1871-)

            ix.        Seth P., M (1873-13 Jul 1939)


3. Mary LEWELLING, F. Born on 14 Mar 1833 in Henry County,  Indiana. Mary died in Oregon on 9 Dec 1850; she was 17. Buried in Milwakie Pioneer Cemetery near mother.


***From Seth Lewelling's Journal, p 20" ... Still foggy and damp Mary Meek was taken worse at 6 oclk. and continued getting worse with cramping Spasms at intervils till 23 past 10 oclk at which time She was taken with a severe spasm and as it loosened its grasp She quietly Sunk away with a chearful Countenance and breathed no more in the afternoon. H. L., J. L and my Self looked out a location for a grave yard and John and I commenced digging. ... 10th, Still foggy and damp theromometer Stands at 42 finished digging grave and tended Funeral."

It is said she was very pretty with dark almost black eyes like her father and dark hair.


In Jul 1848 when Mary was 15, she married William MEEKS, M in Henerson Lewellings home in Oregon. Born in 1817/1820. William died in Calif in 1880; he was 63. Buried in San Lorenzo Pioneer Cemetery.

After his first wife and two sons death in 1847 he arrived in Oregon and went into the nursery business with Henderson Lewelling who was his father-in-law for a short time.  In 1858 Meek decided to sell his holdings in Oregon and relocated to Alameda County, California. He was married a third time.

I find them in the 1870 census for Alameda County division Eden

He is worth in real estate $200,000.  Their children are taken from that census and the 1880 census.

There is a niece Hattie Stone living with them in 1880.


After Meek's death in 1880 his estate was left to his sons, Horry and William, who continued to manage the property for many years. Horry Meek was distinguished as the president of the Bank of Hayward, while William Meek headed the firm that built the first electric car line from Oakland to Hayward in 1892.


His estate stays in the Meek family until 1940, when his 3,000 acres were sold off in smaller parcels of land.   His mansion was restored and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.


Mary and William had one child:

             i.        Andrew, M (10 Jul 1850-1852)


4. Asenath Henrietta LEWELLING, F. Born on 6 Dec 1834 in Henry County,  Indiana. Asenath Henrietta died in Lewis Rivers, Cowlitz County, W. T., on 30 Nov 1874; she was 39. Buried in Woodland, Cowlitz, WA.


Summarization of her obit

“...four sons and six of her daughters and her bereaved husband remain to mourn her loss.... in this quiet vale where she has resided for over 22 years...  At the time of her death she was a worthy and zealous member of Lewis River Grange No 47 and was buried by them assisted by the Patrons of Rising Sun Grange and La Center Grange ... on Wednesday December 2, 1874.”


On 9 May 1850 when Asenath Henrietta was 15, she married John Shaw BOZORTH, M, son of Squire BOZORTH, M (1792-) & Milly WILLIS, F, in Milwaukie OR. Born in 1824 in Mississippi. John Shaw died in 1882; he was 58.


John Shaw came to Oregon in 1847 by covered wagon.  He settled on a land claim in the Valley one mile north of Woodland on February 22, 1852.

John Shaw developed his land and raised a family of eleven children. He was among the first to make use of new farm machinery then coming into use, such as horse-drawn mowers.

John also donated an acre of land for the use of a cemetery. John married Aseneth Luelling and his children, all born near Woodland are as follows: Mary Elizabeth (1851-1903), Howard Columbus (1853-1939), Clara Jane (1855-1880), Emma Elvira (1856-1910), Amelia Almeda (1858-1939), Adelia Lodema (1860-1874), Alice Union (1863-1884), Arnice Luella (1865-1915), Albert (Ab) Henderson (1868-1950), Arthur Levi (1870-1934), John Ralph (Cloudy) (1872-1944).


They had the following children:

             i.        Mary Elizabeth, F (10 Apr 1851-18 Feb 1903)

            ii.        Howard Columbus, M (22 Mar 1853-27 Apr 1939)

           iii.        Clara Jane/Clarissa Jane, F (27 Jan 1855-1880/1881)

           iv.        Emma Elvira, F (27 Nov 1856-1910)

           v.        Amelia Ameda, M (11 Jul 1858-21 Aug 1939)

           vi.        Adelia Lodema/Adelia Lademia, F (7 May 1860-26 May 1874)

          vii.        Alice Union, F (6 Nov 1863-30 Jun 1884)

         viii.        Arnice Luella/Annie Luella, F (25 Jul 1865-2 Dec 1915/1916)

            ix.        Albert (Ab) Henderson, M (29 Oct 1867/1868-28 Jan 1950)

             x.        Arthur Levi, M (2 Mar 1870-18 Dec 1934/35)

            xi.        John Ralph, M (16 Feb 1872-8 Dec 1944)


5. Rachel LEWELLING, F. Born on 14 Feb 1837 in Henry County,  Indiana. Rachel died in San Leandro, CA, ca 1917; she was 79.


On 23 Feb 1853 when Rachel was 16, she married Seth W EDDY, M in Residence of Henderson Lewelling. Born ca 1833. They were divorced in 1869 in Eddy, Rachel H.. divorce granted in 1869 from Eddy, Seth W. ..SFCDiv-74.


6. Jane LEWELLING, F. Born on 10 May 1839 in Henry County,  Iowa. Jane died in Portland, OR, on 7 Jan 1871; she was 31.


On 18 Mar 1853 when Jane was 13, she married Henry Welsh EDDY, M in Linn County, Oregon. Born on 13 Mar 1830 in New York.


After Jane's death he returned to Watertown, New York.  He is found in the 1880 census with a new wife and he is Supt. of a silver mine in Precinct 9, Chihuahua, Summit, Colorado.  He is with a new wife May and his daughter Elva, 17, born in Oregon is with them.


They had the following children:

             i.        Hendersen, F (1855-) (May be same person as ii.)

            ii.        Horatio Henderson, M (11 Mar 1855-)

           iii.        Ella Jane, F (14 Dec 1857-)

           iv.        Charles Alfred, M (9 Mar 1859-)

            v.        Elva Philinda, M (21 Sep 1862-)

           vi.        Abraham Lincoln, M (8 Oct 1865-)



Hannah (from LQM Collection)


7. Hannah LEWELLING, F. Born on 26 Feb 1841 in Henry County,  Iowa. Hannah died in San Leandro, CA, in 1917; she was 75. Buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, Alameda Co., California.


In 1857 when Hannah was 15, she first married Walter WOOD, M.


They had one child:

             i.        Charlotte Elizabeth, F (26 Jan 1859-24 Apr 1944)


aft 1860 when Hannah was 18, she second married William J. or J. William BRADBERRY, M. William J. or J. William died in 1876. Buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, Alameda Co., California.


It is believed he might be the J W Bradbury in the 1860 census living three households from Henry W. and Jane Lewelling Eddy.  He was age 34 and in manufacturing.


bef 1900 when Hannah was 58, she third married Col. A. P. HAWES, M. U. S. Army Mexican War.  He is not with her in the 1900 or 1910 census she lives with  daughter.


8. Levi LEWELLING, M. Born on 25 Feb 1843 in Henry County,  Iowa. Levi died in Hillsboro, Oregon, on 6 Dec 1877; he was 34.


Levi is living with Seth Eddy (cousin of Henry Welch Eddy) in Clackamas County, OR.


On 17 Apr 1874 when Levi was 31, he married Emma EATON, F in Woodland, WA.


9. Albert LEWELLING, M. Born on 14 Feb 1845 in Henry County,  Iowa. Albert died in Woodland, WA, on 7 Feb 1883; he was 37.


In 1870 he is found in the census for WA Terr, Clark County, Vancouver Post Office living with John Bozarth and his sister Aseneth and family.  He is 25.


In the 1880 census, Lancaster, Cowlitz, Washington, we find Albert W. Luelling, born Iowa and age 32.  His wife is Mary age 24, born in Oregon.  Their children are Teresa, age 3 born Washington Ter., Winifred, age 1 born Washington Ter.   Elizabeth Hilligass age 13 is their servant born in Washington Territory.


On 4 Oct 1874 when Albert was 29, he married Mary GARDNER, in at home of sister Aseneth and brother-in-law John Shaw Bozorth. Born in 1856 in Oregon.



They had the following children:

             i.        Teresa Aseneth, F (25 May 1877-)

            ii.        Winifred Myrtle, F (26 Jan 1879-)

           iii.        Viola, F (29 Jul 1880-ca 1888)



  Oregon ColumbusEmily

Oregon Columbia and wife Emily (from LQM Collection)


10. Oregon Columbia LEWELLING, M. Born on 2 Dec 1847 along Columbia River, Oregon opposite Ft. Vancouver. Oregon Columbia died in Fresno CA, on 27 Jun 1912; he was 64. from stone. Buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Fresno, CA.


In 1880 he is living in Green Valley, Contra Costa, California and is a farmer.  He is 32 born in Oregon and is wife Emily is 28, born in California.  They have a housekeeper, Annie Neilson born Denmark living with them.

Most of the information on this line from Margaret Anderson Power, a great granddaughter.


On 16 Dec 1879 when Oregon Columbia was 32, he married Emily Jane NORRIS, F, daughter of Leo NORRIS, M. Born on 22 Feb 1852 in San Ramon, CA on Norris Ranch, Contra Costa Co. Emily Jane died in Fresno CA, on 30 Jan 1907; she was 54.


They had the following children:

             i.        Clara Louise, F (1880-1881)

            ii.        Geneva Norris, F (1 Feb 1882-26 Feb 1908)

          iii.        Alice Henderson, F (20 Feb 1885-)

          iv.        Addie Eleanor, F (28 Feb 1890-)

            v.        Oregon Columbia, M (28 Nov 1892-18 Jan 1932)

           vi.        Helen Presnall, F (20 Sep 1894-23 Aug 1983)



11. Eliza Ann LEWELLING, F. Born on 9 Sep 1849 in Oregon Territory. Eliza Ann died in Burbank, CA, aft 1925; she was 75.


Eliza 20 is living with Henry Welch Eddy in the 1870 census in Jefferson County, New York.

She grew up in New York near Evans Mills and Watertown and married Mr. Wood and they moved to Omaha and later to California.


In 1879 when Eliza Ann was 29, she first married Isaac WOOD, M.


They had one child:

             i.        Nina, F


Eliza Ann second married GLASSCOCK, M.



Family of Henderson LEWELLING (1) & Mary WARREN


William Henderson


William Henderson Luelling from the bible and the picture cleaned up some by Jean Leeper


 12. William Henderson LEWELLING, M. Born on 5 Mar 1858. William Henderson died 1 Jan 1897; he was 38. Buried in Mt. View Cemetery, Oakland, Alameda Co., CA.
Dates and places from The Lewelling Family, 1985 Compiled by Mrs. Farell Coffman Stewart

From San Francisco Morning Call Newspaper- Vital Records for 1869-1900

"Luelling, William Henderson ... died in 1897 ... age 38 ... SF1897-6784"

Notes of Grayson Alexander:
1870 Census, CA, Alameda Co., Brooklyn, 15 Aug, pg 25a, #52/54:
Calvert, Celsus, 37, m, w, Engineer, KY
Theresa, 30, f, w, Keeping House, Canada
Lewis W., 9, m, w, CA
George, 4, m, w, CA
Mary H., 2, f, w, CA
Luelling, Mary, 50, f, w, England
Henderson, 12, m, w, CA  <---------
I did not find William Henderson in later census - GTA
On 19 Nov 1883 when William Henderson was 28, he married Sena Keil, F in Solano, California. (familysearch.org - I would guess married in 1885-1886 as she was only thirteen in 1883)

 Not much is known about William Henderson Luelling but family say he had a plumbing shop on Market Street, San Francisco, California. He is found listed as a carpenter in Oakland on the 1881-1882 City Directory and on the 1887-1888 City Directory. From 1881-1891 living at 261 East Seventeenth, Oakland, California, no longer listed after 1891, in city directory.

William Henderson gives Sena a bible dated August 10, 1889. In this bible are pictures of William Henderson Luelling and of Sena with daughter Charlotte. There are pictures of Fred H Luelling and brothers Seth and Harvey William Luelling as young adults and Fred as a young child. There is also a picture of Harvey William and wife Clara with a young child, later identified as son Harvey B. (Harvey B is the person who wrote under the pictures, in the bible.) For unknown reasons the bible became lost. Someone contacted the Lewelling Quaker Museum in May 2009 wanting to find some of the family to return the bible too and Jean Leeper researched the family and placed the Henderson Lewelling/Luelling family on our LQM website, she was contact in July by a family member. The Bible now is believed to be returned to the family of Harvey B. Luelling, Harvey B was the grandson of William Henderson Luelling. We know Harvey B is the writer in the bible as it matches his handwriting.

We find her living with step-father and mother in the 1880 United States Federal Census for Vallejo, Solano, CA

P. Thomas Grokin/Gookin, age 55

Sena Grokin, age 45

William Keil, 16, step-son born Denmark

Sena Keil, 10, step-daughter born CA

Frederick Kei,l 9, step-son born CA

A Caroline Grokin/Gookin, 4, daughter born CA

M Adeline Grokin/Gookin, 7, daughter born CA

Harvey W., 13, Seth K., 10, and Fred H., 11, Luelling are living in Armitage Orphanage , San Matio, CA, in the 1900 census. The orphanage began in 1886 and closed in the early 1900s. (I found picture of the building taken in 1888.)

1910 census says Sena has been married to Frank W Lawrence for 14 years and it is their second marriages. Seth Luelling 20 is living with them. She has had five children with four living. (If married fourteen years to Mr. Lawrence was she divorced from William Henderson Luelling?) Can find nothing to say so!

They had the following children:
                  i.        Fred Henderson LEWELLING, M. Born on 7 Jun 1888 in Oakland, California. Fred Henderson died in Fresno on 16 Apr 1962; he was 73. mother’s miaden name Kiel. Buried on 8 May 1962 in Golden Gate National Cemetery San Bruno, CA. Section P Site 253. ( from both SS death record and CA death record) On 22 September 1909 when Fred Henderson was 21, he married Myrtle E. Scriver, F. Born in 1890 in South Dakota. Family says the marriage was annuled three or four months later. The 1930 census lists him as divorced. He entered World War I in 1917 and servd with the Army in France. Listed as a painter in 1910 census and Myrtle is listed with him and married 0 years. Listed as a painter in auto repair shop, in 1930 census and divorced. In latter years called a rancher.

Fred Luelling was the star local driver at the Exposition Park Raceway, San Luis Obispo, California during the early 1920s.  Found picture of him on the internet in his race car. http://www.centralcoasthistory.org/pdf/sample.pdf - page 10

From Complete Catalog of Frontenac Cylinder Heads Fronty-Ford - Speed Specialties and Racing Units 1925

"San Luis Obispo, California., September 3, 1923 A. A. A. Sanction No. 1411. Fred H. Luelling driving Fronty-Ford broke all dirt track competitive records from one to sixty miles-seven in all. ..."

 He raced around Los Angeles, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo and San Jose California. He also ran an auto paint shop in San Luis Obispo, California. A researcher contacted Jean in September 2009, he was writing a story about the former Exposition Park Raceway. The raceway operated in San Luis Obispo, California during the early 1920s. With permission she sent two pictures of Fred to this researcher. The LQM is to receive the article when published.

From San Luis Obispo Co., CA - Index to Federal Land Records - California Land Patents Database MD - Mount Diablo

"MD 0310S 0180E 030: MD 0310S 0180E 031 and MD 0310S 0180E 032 1066313 1933/09/27 LUELLING FRED H"

From Name Index: California GLO / BLM Land Patents

"LUELLING FRED H; San Luis Obispo; CAS 0026265"

As we mentioned Fred served in World War 1 in France and his Voter Registration #1332 shows he enlisted June 5 1917, middle name was Henderson and he is a Carriage and Sign Painter. Military service started on 20 September 1917.

                 ii.        Harvey William LEWELLING, M Born on 2 Apr 1887 in CA. From draft registration card dated June 5 1917 and lists children 6 and 4. On 26 September 1908, when Harvey William was 21, he married Clara Sophia McKYES, F, daughter of ? McKYES & ? McCARTHY. Born on 15 Oct 1879 in Canada English. Clara Sophia died in Los Angeles, on 10 Mar 1958; she was 78. CA (Death Index 1940-1997 lists her parents last names.)

1930 census says he was 21 when he married and a Electrician - Iron Mfg. The 1910 census says married on year and a Signal Foreman S. Railroad. He is listed as a Agriculturist and with the South Pacific R.R. Los Angles and Burbank railroad,on 1917 voter registration. and from 1922-30 he is listed as electrician on thee records. Listed as a carpenter on 1836 voter registration list and living at 532 S Ditman Laguna Precinct No 4. 1930 census says she was 26 when she got married. 1910 census says she arrived in 1902 and was born ca 1885 in Canada. It has her two years older whereas the 1930 census has her five years older.

They had the following children:

Harvey B LUELLING, M. Born on 18 Nov 1910 in CA. (19 in 1930 census.) Harvey B died in Reno NV, on 11 Dec 1993; he was 83. (From SS Death Index.) He registered to vote from 1936 - 1946 in CA. He is listed as a signalman on these forms. Harvey B married in 1937 Arlene V. Wingate. 1940 City Directory of San Bernardino Precinct No 18 shows his wife, as does the voter registration form for her. Had three children, living girl, Harve Fred and John Edward.

Harvey William's second child was Clarabelle LUELLING, F. Born on 27 May 1913 in CA. (16 in 1930 census.) Clarabelle died in Los Angeles, CA, on 2 Jun 1994; she was 81. (CA Death Index 1940-1997.) Clarabelle married three times, first Leo Plaisted with whom she had a daughter, second married Wilson S. Wright and her last husband was Glenn BENTE.
                iii.        Seth LEWELLING, M. Born 20 September 1889 at Oakland Califronia
. He died 30 January 1919 and was buried near his mother in Old Follows Cemetery on Whittier Blvd, East Los Angeles, California. He married 6 June 1915 Beulah Marguerita Dutcher and had one daughter Beulah Setha Luelling born in 1916.

                iv.        Charlotte LEWELLING, F. Born on 11 Oct 1891 in CA. maiden name of mother Gookin. Charlotte died in Sacramento CA, on 30 Apr 1957; she was 65. Charlotte married first Joseph Kelsharr Taylor and then a Westergarrd. She died 30 April 1957. She had three children with Mr. Taylor; Adaline Luelling born in 1911, Kelsharr Jose born in 1914 and Billy Keil born in 1916

Living in 1900 census with Albert E Kelshaw, wife - Adeline and mother in law - Gookin, Cena. She is called a niece. (Adeline is her mother's half sister.)

Kelshaw, Albert E, Oct 1867, 32 , married 3 years, born England, came to America in 1868, occupation Riveter

Adeline, Dec 1873 ,age 26, married 3 years, no children, born CA

Gookin, Cena, m in law, Dec 1835, 65, born Denmark came to America 1868

Luelling, Charlotte, niece, born Oct 1891, 8, born CA

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