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Cascade, Dubuque County, Iowa

Dedicated to the Memory of Adrian Aitchison
September 30, 1917 -- June 12, 2001

Adrian's legacy to those interested in the history of Cascade is his extensive library of primary data that helps further family history research.

See the Cascade Poster (pdf format) produced by Cascade High School art students during the 2000-2001 school year. Posters may be purchased at Cascade High School for $5.

Tri-County Historical Society
P. O. Box 234
Cascade, Iowa 52033

With Cascade bordering Jones, Jackson and Dubuque counties, this active historical society houses artifacts at the Tri-County Historical Museum, which was once the West Side School House. The One Room School House, that was moved onto the grounds is where Adrian Aitchison, past president of the society, attended as well as his father and his children. Next to the museum sits a Narrow Gauge car salvaged from a train wreck near the town. Outside also sits an authentic old time street light that once lit the front of St. Martin's Catholic Church. The museum is open to the public every Sunday from 1-4 p.m. from the first of may to the end of October and by appointment any time. For more information, contact: Secretary/Treasurer--Mary Lee Hostert (563-852-3589).

Cascade History

Early Cascade Currently under construction
Bits of Historical Trivia taken from the files of Adrian Aitchison. October 21, 2001
Cascade History contained in 1906 Dubuque County Plat Book. Currently under construction
McGinty Murder October 7, 2001
Biographies of Cascade Residents September 20, 2001
Postcard History
Susan Ann McCraney, the first white child born in Dubuque County.
Cascade Churches
Cascade Business Firms and Professions, 1896

Cascade Cemetery Indexes

Calvary Cemetery was divided into three sections for the two Catholic churches and the Protestant denomination in the area.

Cascade Protestant Cemetery Index A - E
Cascade Protestant Cemetery Index F - L
Cascade Protestant Cemetery Index M - Q
Cascade Protestant Cemetery Index R - Z
St. Martin's Catholic Cemetery (Irish) Index A - G
St. Martin's Catholic Cemetery (Irish) Index H - Z
St. Martin's Catholic Church - Funerals held at the church, but internment was not in Calvary Cemetery.
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery (German) - Index A - G
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery (German) - Index H - L
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery (German) - Index M - R
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery (German) - Index S - Z

Cemeteries Located Near Cascade, but not in Dubuque County

Bowen's Prairie Cemetery - Located approximately 5 miles west of Cascade on Hwy. 151 in Jones County. January 31, 2002

Cascade Pioneer-Advertiser Obituary Index

From the files of the late Adrian Aitchison November 17, 2001 - Under Construction.

The first series of obituary indices are coming from computer files. Once that is completed, further data will be abstracted from paper lists. Your patience is appreciated while this project is being completed. The Cascade Public Library accepts inquiries, but it will NOT look up microfilm data. Check the pages for paid researchers who will do this type of work.

1876 - 1904 Obituary Index December 9, 2001

A - F
G - L
M - Q
R - Z

1911 - 1913 Obituary Index December 25, 2001

A - Z

1926 - 1929 Obituary Index January 4, 2002

A - Z

1933 - 1934 Obituary Index January 7, 2002

A - Z

1937 - 1939 Obituary Index February 10, 2002

A - Z

1990 - 1996 Obituary Index April 1, 2002

A - H

Funeral Home Indexes

Till Funeral Home Book 1 1921 - 1950
Till Funeral Home Book 2 1951 - 1969
Koob Devaney Funeral Home 1901 - 1913
Koob Devaney Funeral Home 1914 - 1922

Cascade Township 1860 Census

The data for each web page may take some time to load. Please be patient as each contains lots of data.

Cascade Census (Part 1)
Cascade Census (Part 2)
Cascade Census (Part 3)
Cascade Census (Part 4)
Cascade Census (Part 5)
Cascade Census (Part 6)

Cascade Links

Cascade Jr./Sr. High School Home Page

Cascade Township Plat Maps

The images are extremely large. I suggest downloading the jpg's to view on a graphic converter/viewer.

1906 Photographs from the 1906 Dubuque County Plat Book (28 pages online) Please do NOT request enlarged scans.
1892 Under Construction
1874 February 18, 2001
1906 Plat Maps

Important Addresses

Cascade City Hall
320 1st Avenue W.
Cascade, Iowa 52033
(563) 852-3114

Cascade Public Library
301 1st Avenue W.
Cascade, Iowa 52033
(563) 852-3222
(Please use paid researchers to look up information. The library does not have staff for this purpose.)

Cascade Economic Development Center
830 Nixon Hwy. 151 E.
Cascade, Iowa 52033
(563) 852-7214

Cascade Jr./Sr. High School
505 Johnson St. NW
P. O. Box 2000
Cascade, Iowa 52033-2000
(563) 852-3201

Cascade Elementary School
110 Harrison St. SE
Cascade, Iowa 52033
(563) 852-3335

Aquin Elementary School (Parochial)
608 3rd Avenue NW
Cascade, Iowa 52033
(563) 852-3331

Aquin Pre-School
608 3rd Avenue NW
Cascade, Iowa 52033
(563) 852-5277

The following paid researchers have agreed to gather obituary data found at the Cascade Public Library.

Paid Research

Arlene Eiserman
P.O. Box 213
Cascade, Iowa 52033
(563) 852-3364

Obituaries Only

$8/hour plus expenses.

Paid Research

Mary Lee Hostert
409 3rd Ave. SW Apt. 12
Cascade, Iowa 52033
(563) 852-3589
[email protected]

For In Depth Research Contact for Price Quote

Inquiries Only

Cascade Public Library
301 1st Avenue W.
Cascade, Iowa 52033
(563) 852-3222

(Microfilm Photocopies are $.25 each)

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