Iowa Biographies Project -- Submitting Biographies

Submitting Biographies

Submitting biographies to the Iowa Biography Project is simple. You may submit the entire text of a biography or you may just send an index (list of all names that appear) to a biography that resides at another location on the internet.

To submit the entire biography, send an email to the address below containing the biography in the body of the message or as an attachment to the email. Please limit attachments to simple text files or simple html documents. Small pictures (approx. 1" x 2" or smaller) may be allowed; preferably only one per biography. These biographies will be reformatted to comply with the standards of this website.

To submit an index to a biography that already resides at another location, send an email to the address below containing the index in the body of the message. Please include the full citation of the source of the biography, the list of names included in the biography, a link to the biography text, your name, email address and home page if you wish it to be listed.

If it becomes difficult to manage the receipt of submitted biographies, I may need to come up with additional requirements for text editing.

Be aware that if you submit an entire biography to this project, it will be reformatted to comply with the standards of this website. I will not modify the biography but I will remove anything that is not strictly related to the biography itself (such as web page navigation graphics, etc.). You will receive full credit.


Books and biography collections printed prior to 1922 are generally not protected by copyright and are considered to be in the public domain, including reprints and duplications. Feel free to transcribe these biographies and submit them; always citing the source.

If the biography is your original work, be sure to include your copyright notice (at least the word "copyright", your name and the date).

DO NOT send biographies that are not your own or that are still protected under copyright (1922 or later). Biographies found to be protected by copyright by someone other than the submitter will be immediately removed from this website.

Where to Find Biographies

Volunteers must supply their own biographies, this project does not have any materials that can be lent to volunteers for data entry. On the Volunteers and Projects page there is an extensive list of published Iowa county biographies. Most of these biographies are not protected by copyright and can be transcribed.

Check your local library or genealogical society. They may let you borrow the book if you explain why you want to borrow it. Some biographies may also be available on microfilm at your local Family History Center.

Some biographies are available at genealogy bookstores (Higginson Books is an excellent source of these county biographies) but they tend to be expensive. Of course, when you are done transcribing the book, you can donate it to your local library or genealogical society.

If you wish to undertake the task of transcribing a set of biographies such as an entire county biography, send email to the address below stating your intention so that it can be posted on the Volunteers and Projects page. This will allow potential volunteers to see what is already be worked so that duplication can be avoided.


Entering biographies is not the only thing that volunteers can help with. You can help proofread, help find other volunteers, lend your biographies to others to transcribe, or just send us your suggestions to improve this site. If you would like to volunteer for this project, please contact me at Linda Suarez.