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Name Index


BROOKE, Andrew a.1538
BROOKE, Anne b.1530
BROOKE, Christian b.1425
BROOKE, Christopher b.1436
BROOKE, David Knight b.1500
BROOKE, Edmund b.1545
BROOKE, Edward b.1548
BROOKE, Edward b.1536
BROOKE, Edward b.1509
BROOKE, Edward Knight b.1475
BROOKE, Edward Lord Cobham b.1420
BROOKE, Elizabeth b.1526
BROOKE, Elizabeth b.1563
BROOKE, Elizabeth b.1503
BROOKE, Elizabeth b.1430
BROOKE, Elizabeth b.1441
BROOKE, Elizabeth a.1562
BROOKE, Elizabeth b.1607
BROOKE, Faith b.1501
BROOKE, Faith b.1483
BROOKE, Frances b.1562
BROOKE, Frances b.1526
BROOKE, George b.1532
BROOKE, George b.1569
BROOKE, George Lord Cobham b.1497
BROOKE, George b.1477
BROOKE, Henry b.1529
BROOKE, Henry Knight b.1538
BROOKE, Henry Lord Cobham b.1564
BROOKE, Henry b.1437
BROOKE, Hugh b.1422
BROOKE, Humphrey b.1534
BROOKE, Isabel b.1531
BROOKE, Joan b.1428
BROOKE, Joan a.1555
BROOKE, John b.1535
BROOKE, John b.1495
BROOKE, John b.1431
BROOKE, John Lord Cobham b.1450
BROOKE, John a.1558
BROOKE, John a.1563
BROOKE, John b.1528
BROOKE, Katherine b.1541
BROOKE, Katherine a.1567
BROOKE, Leonard b.1481
BROOKE, Margaret b.1509
BROOKE, Margaret b.1567
BROOKE, Margaret b.1499
BROOKE, Margaret b.1424
BROOKE, Margaret b.1524
BROOKE, Margaret a.1561
BROOKE, Mary b.1539
BROOKE, Mary b.1479
BROOKE, Mary a.1564
BROOKE, Mary b.1584
BROOKE, Maximilian b.1560
BROOKE, Morgan b.1439
BROOKE, Peter b.1434
BROOKE, Reginald b.1421
BROOKE, Robert b.1433
BROOKE, Robert b.1495
BROOKE, Robert a.1566
BROOKE, Robert b.1550
BROOKE, Sarah a.1570
BROOKE, Susan a.1560
BROOKE, Thomas b.1543
BROOKE, Thomas b.1533
BROOKE, Thomas b.1505
BROOKE, Thomas b.1427
BROOKE, Thomas Lord Cobham b.1391
BROOKE, Thomas Lord Cobham b.1473
BROOKE, Thomas Knight b.1355
BROOKE, Thomas a.1569
BROOKE, William K.B. a.1601
BROOKE, William Knight b.1565
BROOKE, William Lord Cobham b.1527
BROOKE, William b.1507
BROOKE, William a.1556


BROOKER, John a.1587
BROOKER, Lear b.1782


BROOKINGS, Deliverance b.1695
BROOKINGS, Henry b.1661
BROOKINGS, Henry b.1689
BROOKINGS, Mary b.1691
BROOKINGS, Mercy b.1695
BROOKINGS, Samuel b.1687
BROOKINGS, Sarah b.1702


BROOKS, Abigail b.1706
BROOKS, Abigail b.1666
BROOKS, Abigail b.1668
BROOKS, Alfred C. b.1926
BROOKS, Arthur W. b.1896
BROOKS, Bathsheba b.1655
BROOKS, Benjamin b.1693
BROOKS, Benjamin b.1671
BROOKS, Benjamin b.1698
BROOKS, Benjamin b.1685
BROOKS, Caleb b.1632
BROOKS, Deliverance b.1673
BROOKS, Ebenezer b.1662
BROOKS, Elizabeth b.1699
BROOKS, Eunice b.1655
BROOKS, Gershom b.1634
BROOKS, Henry b.1600
BROOKS, John b.1703
BROOKS, John b.1657
BROOKS, John b.1656
BROOKS, Jonathan b.1674
BROOKS, Joseph b.1710
BROOKS, Joseph b.1667
BROOKS, Joshua b.1630
BROOKS, Mary b.1695
BROOKS, Mary b.1677
BROOKS, Mary b.1659
BROOKS, Mary b.1636
BROOKS, Mercy b.1701
BROOKS, Mercy b.1669
BROOKS, Nathaniel b.1664
BROOKS, Noah b.1715
BROOKS, Patience b.1661
BROOKS, Rebecca a.1657
BROOKS, Remembrance b.1656
BROOKS, Richard b.1643
BROOKS, Robert b.1624
BROOKS, Samuel b.1712
BROOKS, Sarah b.1697
BROOKS, Sarah b.1658
BROOKS, Thankful b.1705
BROOKS, Thankful b.1679
BROOKS, Thankful b.1673
BROOKS, Thomas b.1605
BROOKS, Thomas b.1637
BROOKS, Urban E. b.1915
BROOKS, William b.1708
BROOKS, William b.1655
BROOKS, William b.1610
BROOKS, Winifred Ethel b.1922


BROOKSBY, Winifred b.1601


BROOM, Rebecca b.1727


BROOME, James b.1800


BROSSE, Ademar de la Vicomte de Brosse b.913
BROSSE, Rothilda de la b.938


BROUGHTON, Anne b.1518
BROUGHTON, Anne b.1632
BROUGHTON, Copia b.1724
BROUGHTON, Edward b.1515
BROUGHTON, Elizabeth b.1516
BROUGHTON, Jane b.1517
BROUGHTON, John b.1642
BROUGHTON, John b.1512
BROUGHTON, John Knight b.1490
BROUGHTON, John b.1375
BROUGHTON, John b.1625
BROUGHTON, John Esquire b.1480
BROUGHTON, Katherine b.1514
BROUGHTON, Lancelin b.1520
BROUGHTON, Nicholas b.1392
BROUGHTON, Robert Knight b.1465


BROUNCKER, William Viscount Brouncker b.1585


BROWN, Aaron b.1632
BROWN, Abigail b.1665
BROWN, Mrs. Abiah b.1657
BROWN, Abigail b.1737
BROWN, Abigail b.1712
BROWN, Abigail b.1675
BROWN, Abigail b.1701
BROWN, Abigail b.1770
BROWN, Abigail b.1799
BROWN, Abraham a.1660
BROWN, Abraham b.1629
BROWN, Abraham b.1583
BROWN, Abraham b.1639
BROWN, Ada E. b.1857
BROWN, Ada E. b.1857
BROWN, Adam b.1748
BROWN, Ambrose a.1580
BROWN, Andrew b.1658
BROWN, Ann a.1780
BROWN, Ann b.1727
BROWN, Anna b.1789
BROWN, Anna b.1746
BROWN, Anna b.1700
BROWN, Anne b.1619
BROWN, Anne b.1675
BROWN, Ashton a.1806
BROWN, Beriah b.1648
BROWN, Caroline A. b.1857
BROWN, Catherine Hollings b.1820
BROWN, Christopher b.1490
BROWN, Christopher b.1522
BROWN, Clarence Gurney b.1895
BROWN, Daniel b.1696
BROWN, Daniel b.1677
BROWN, Daniel b.1673
BROWN, Daniel b.1671
BROWN, Daniel b.1668
BROWN, Daniel b.1717
BROWN, David b.1744
BROWN, Deborah b.1673
BROWN, Deliverance b.1692
BROWN, Dexter b.1781
BROWN, Dexter b.1744
BROWN, Dexter b.1733
BROWN, Dexter Eliot b.1808
BROWN, Ebenezer b.1738
BROWN, Ebenezer b.1702
BROWN, Ebenezer b.1670
BROWN, Ebenezer b.1672
BROWN, Ebenezer b.1702
BROWN, Ebenezer a.1647
BROWN, Ebenezer a.1646
BROWN, Edmund b.1653
BROWN, Edward b.1590
BROWN, Edward b.1596
BROWN, Eleanor Elizabeth b.1897
BROWN, Eleazer b.1698
BROWN, Eleazer b.1670
BROWN, Eleazer b.1663
BROWN, Eleazer a.1642
BROWN, Elijah b.1785
BROWN, Eliza Ann b.1830
BROWN, Elizabeth b.1622
BROWN, Elizabeth b.1616
BROWN, Elizabeth b.1679
BROWN, Elizabeth b.1694
BROWN, Elizabeth b.1733
BROWN, Elizabeth b.1657
BROWN, Elizabeth a.1605
BROWN, Elizabeth b.1629
BROWN, Elizabeth b.1670
BROWN, Emma b.1644
BROWN, Ephraim b.1650
BROWN, Eugene C. b.1903
BROWN, Eunice b.1628
BROWN, Eunice b.1681
BROWN, Forrest Everett b.1866
BROWN, Frances Adeline b.1812
BROWN, Francis b.1625
BROWN, Francis b.1635
BROWN, Francis b.1610
BROWN, George Esquire b.1621
BROWN, George a.1777
BROWN, George a.1622
BROWN, George b.1768
BROWN, Gershom b.1665
BROWN, Grace b.1611
BROWN, Grace b.1672
BROWN, Grace b.1675
BROWN, Hannah a.1658
BROWN, Hannah a.1785
BROWN, Hannah b.1670
BROWN, Hannah b.1669
BROWN, Hannah b.1718
BROWN, Hannah b.1808
BROWN, Hannah b.1680
BROWN, Hannah b.1705
BROWN, Hannah b.1634
BROWN, Hannah b.1668
BROWN, Hannah b.1817
BROWN, Hannah b.1678
BROWN, Helen Alice b.1901
BROWN, Henry a.1804
BROWN, Henry a.1626
BROWN, Hester b.1667
BROWN, Humphrey b.1701
BROWN, Ichabod b.1666
BROWN, Ida Luella b.1903
BROWN, Israel Putnam b.1781
BROWN, Jabez a.1797
BROWN, Jabez b.1742
BROWN, Jabez b.1644
BROWN, James b.1643
BROWN, James b.1647
BROWN, James b.1604
BROWN, James a.1771
BROWN, James b.1867
BROWN, James b.1684
BROWN, James b.1719
BROWN, James b.1696
BROWN, James b.1623
BROWN, James Warren b.1818
BROWN, Jane b.1657
BROWN, Jane a.1781
BROWN, Jane b.1608
BROWN, Jeanette W. b.1853
BROWN, Jerusha b.1688
BROWN, Joan b.1623
BROWN, Joan b.1549
BROWN, Joan a.1607
BROWN, John b.1638
BROWN, John b.1618
BROWN, John Esquire b.1609
BROWN, John Esquire b.1581
BROWN, John a.1769
BROWN, John b.1667
BROWN, John b.1777
BROWN, John b.1792
BROWN, John b.1751
BROWN, John b.1666
BROWN, John b.1664
BROWN, John b.1574
BROWN, John b.1664
BROWN, John a.1601
BROWN, John b.1631
BROWN, John b.1623
BROWN, John b.1632
BROWN, John a.1604
BROWN, John b.1743
BROWN, John a.1640
BROWN, Jonathan b.1694
BROWN, Jonathan b.1669
BROWN, Jonathan b.1662
BROWN, Joseph b.1638
BROWN, Joseph a.1802
BROWN, Joseph b.1709
BROWN, Joseph b.1760
BROWN, Joseph b.1706
BROWN, Joseph b.1659
BROWN, Joseph b.1677
BROWN, Joseph b.1656
BROWN, Joseph b.1658
BROWN, Joseph Lewis b.1893
BROWN, Joshua b.1740
BROWN, Joshua b.1747
BROWN, Josiah b.1685
BROWN, Kate M. b.1869
BROWN, Lewis F. b.1833
BROWN, Lowell Edward b.1909
BROWN, Lucy b.1779
BROWN, Lydia b.1635
BROWN, Lydia b.1748
BROWN, Lydia b.1777
BROWN, Lydia b.1616
BROWN, Lydia b.1700
BROWN, Lydia b.1637
BROWN, Lydia b.1645
BROWN, Margaret b.1638
BROWN, Maria a.1602
BROWN, Martha b.1667
BROWN, Martha b.1654
BROWN, Martha Ann b.1810
BROWN, Mary b.1654
BROWN, Mary a.1640
BROWN, Mary b.1663
BROWN, Mary b.1630
BROWN, Mary b.1685
BROWN, Mary a.1787
BROWN, Mary a.1813
BROWN, Mary b.1730
BROWN, Mary b.1643
BROWN, Mary b.1506
BROWN, Mary b.1699
BROWN, Mary b.1672
BROWN, Mary b.1674
BROWN, Mary b.1664
BROWN, Mary b.1683
BROWN, Mary b.1703
BROWN, Mary b.1666
BROWN, Mary b.1656
BROWN, Mary a.1599
BROWN, Mary b.1662
BROWN, Mary b.1637
BROWN, Mary b.1624
BROWN, Mary b.1649
BROWN, Mary b.1655
BROWN, Mary b.1641
BROWN, Mary b.1704
BROWN, Mary b.1643
BROWN, Mary b.1655
BROWN, Mary b.1775
BROWN, Matthew a.1782
BROWN, Mercy b.1695
BROWN, Mercy b.1666
BROWN, Mrs. Abiah b.1657
BROWN, Mrs. Abigail b.1663
BROWN, N.N. b.1720
BROWN, Nathaniel b.1648
BROWN, Olin C. b.1920
BROWN, Olin C. b.1891
BROWN, Patience b.1707
BROWN, Patience b.1672
BROWN, Persis Ann b.1855
BROWN, Philip W. b.1927
BROWN, Phillip b.1648
BROWN, Priscilla b.1774
BROWN, Priscilla b.1699
BROWN, Rebecca b.1672
BROWN, Rebecca b.1663
BROWN, Rebecca b.1684
BROWN, Richard b.1576
BROWN, Richard b.1576
BROWN, Robert a.1628
BROWN, Robert b.1547
BROWN, Robert Howard b.1912
BROWN, Ruth b.1714
BROWN, Ruth b.1675
BROWN, Ruth b.1668
BROWN, Sally b.1801
BROWN, Samuel b.1656
BROWN, Samuel b.1669
BROWN, Samuel b.1678
BROWN, Samuel b.1645
BROWN, Sarah b.1660
BROWN, Sarah b.1652
BROWN, Sarah b.1624
BROWN, Sarah b.1785
BROWN, Sarah b.1612
BROWN, Sarah b.1680
BROWN, Sarah b.1689
BROWN, Sarah b.1660
BROWN, Sarah b.1657
BROWN, Sarah b.1661
BROWN, Sarah b.1660
BROWN, Sarah b.1674
BROWN, Sarah b.1670
BROWN, Simeon b.1723
BROWN, Susan b.1626
BROWN, Susan b.1821
BROWN, Susan Mary b.1814
BROWN, Susanna b.1752
BROWN, Susanna b.1700
BROWN, Thankful b.1720
BROWN, Thomas b.1620
BROWN, Thomas b.1613
BROWN, Thomas a.1777
BROWN, Thomas a.1811
BROWN, Thomas Esquire b.1530
BROWN, Thomas b.1692
BROWN, Thomas b.1654
BROWN, Thomas b.1628
BROWN, Thomas b.1578
BROWN, Thomas b.1545
BROWN, Thomas b.1670
BROWN, Thomas a.1608
BROWN, Thomas a.1651
BROWN, Thomas b.1776
BROWN, Timothy b.1626
BROWN, Timothy Dexter b.1782
BROWN, Warren L. b.1865
BROWN, Warren L. b.1828
BROWN, William a.1774
BROWN, William b.1744
BROWN, William b.1740
BROWN, William b.1651
BROWN, William a.1734
BROWN, Zebulon b.1730


BROWNE, Alexander a.1543
BROWNE, Alice b.1550
BROWNE, Anne b.1521
BROWNE, Anne b.1688
BROWNE, Anne b.1598
BROWNE, Anne b.1559
BROWNE, Anne Nun b.1597
BROWNE, Anne b.1508
BROWNE, Anne b.1515
BROWNE, Anne b.1537
BROWNE, Anne b.1489
BROWNE, Anne b.1495
BROWNE, Anthony b.1556
BROWNE, Anthony Esquire b.1552
BROWNE, Anthony Viscount Montagu b.1528
BROWNE, Anthony Knight b.1448
BROWNE, Anthony Knight b.1500
BROWNE, Anthony b.1487
BROWNE, Anthony Maria Viscount Montagu b.1574
BROWNE, Barbara b.1602
BROWNE, Benoni b.1659
BROWNE, Bridget b.1690
BROWNE, Catherine b.1595
BROWNE, Christian b.1548
BROWNE, Christian a.1583
BROWNE, Cornelius b.1640
BROWNE, Dorothy b.1578
BROWNE, Dorothy b.1527
BROWNE, Edward Knight b.1488
BROWNE, Ela b.1492
BROWNE, Eleanor b.1487
BROWNE, Elizabeth b.1621
BROWNE, Elizabeth a.1539
BROWNE, Elizabeth b.1627
BROWNE, Elizabeth a.1562
BROWNE, Elizabeth b.1502
BROWNE, Elizabeth b.1559
BROWNE, Elizabeth b.1502
BROWNE, Elizabeth b.1543
BROWNE, Elizabeth b.1649
BROWNE, Emme b.1498
BROWNE, Frances b.1606
BROWNE, Francis Viscount Montagu b.1610
BROWNE, Francis b.1533
BROWNE, Francis b.1606
BROWNE, George b.1508
BROWNE, George Knight b.1565
BROWNE, George b.1506
BROWNE, George b.1476
BROWNE, George Knight b.1439
BROWNE, George b.1540
BROWNE, George Esquire b.1509
BROWNE, Gertrude b.1561
BROWNE, Hannah b.1651
BROWNE, Henry b.1512
BROWNE, Henry b.1569
BROWNE, Henry Esquire b.1504
BROWNE, Henry b.1504
BROWNE, Henry b.1538
BROWNE, Humphrey Knight b.1480
BROWNE, Isaac b.1633
BROWNE, Isabel b.1484
BROWNE, James b.1630
BROWNE, Jane a.1561
BROWNE, Jane b.1562
BROWNE, Jane b.1574
BROWNE, Jane b.1576
BROWNE, Jane b.1514
BROWNE, Jasper a.1544
BROWNE, Joan a.1585
BROWNE, John a.1542
BROWNE, John b.1494
BROWNE, John b.1485
BROWNE, John b.1584
BROWNE, John b.1540
BROWNE, John a.1642
BROWNE, John b.1657
BROWNE, John Knight b.1435
BROWNE, John b.1483
BROWNE, John b.1660
BROWNE, Katherine b.1536
BROWNE, Katherine b.1559
BROWNE, Katherine b.1531
BROWNE, Katherine b.1581
BROWNE, Katherine b.1442
BROWNE, Katherine b.1489
BROWNE, Leonard b.1491
BROWNE, Lucy Nun b.1600
BROWNE, Lucy b.1506
BROWNE, Lucy b.1536
BROWNE, Mabel b.1571
BROWNE, Mabel b.1534
BROWNE, Margaret b.1493
BROWNE, Margaret b.1521
BROWNE, Mary b.1686
BROWNE, Mary b.1605
BROWNE, Mary b.1536
BROWNE, Mary b.1593
BROWNE, Mary b.1603
BROWNE, Mary b.1550
BROWNE, Mary b.1530
BROWNE, Mary b.1500
BROWNE, Mary b.1471
BROWNE, Mary b.1614
BROWNE, Mary b.1526
BROWNE, Matthew Knight a.1563
BROWNE, Matthew K.B. b.1473
BROWNE, Nathaniel b.1654
BROWNE, Nathaniel b.1649
BROWNE, Nathaniel b.1624
BROWNE, Nicholas b.1525
BROWNE, Olive b.1491
BROWNE, Patience b.1669
BROWNE, Percy b.1600
BROWNE, Philip b.1561
BROWNE, Philip b.1526
BROWNE, Richard Knight b.1626
BROWNE, Richard b.1537
BROWNE, Richard a.1566
BROWNE, Richard b.1511
BROWNE, Robert b.1622
BROWNE, Robert Esquire b.1450
BROWNE, Robert Esquire b.1486
BROWNE, Robert Esquire b.1460
BROWNE, Roger a.1540
BROWNE, Rosamond b.1656
BROWNE, Samuel b.1630
BROWNE, Sarah b.1622
BROWNE, Thomas Knight b.1484
BROWNE, Thomas b.1655
BROWNE, Thomas Esquire b.1449
BROWNE, Thomas b.1567
BROWNE, Thomas Knight b.1533
BROWNE, Thomas b.1452
BROWNE, Thomas b.1530
BROWNE, Thomas Knight b.1405
BROWNE, Walter b.1582
BROWNE, Weston Esquire b.1535
BROWNE, William a.1587
BROWNE, William b.1596
BROWNE, William a.1594
BROWNE, William Knight b.1558
BROWNE, William b.1563
BROWNE, William b.1445
BROWNE, William b.1531
BROWNE, William b.1568
BROWNE, William b.1485
BROWNE, William Lord Mayor of London b.1450
BROWNE, William b.1424


BROWNELL, Martha b.1643


BROWNHALL, Richard b.1545


BROWNING, Deborah a.1647
BROWNING, Elizabeth b.1640
BROWNING, John Esquire b.1365
BROWNING, Joseph b.1645
BROWNING, Mary a.1638
BROWNING, Sarah b.1642
BROWNING, Thomas b.1612
BROWNING, William Chapman b.1833


BROWNLOW, Alice b.1684


BROY, Emma de b.1179
BROY, Robert de b.1154


BROYES, Simon de b.1110


BRUCE, Abijah b.1693
BRUCE, Abraham b.1735
BRUCE, Alexander Earl of Carrick b.1308
BRUCE, Anna b.1777
BRUCE, Asenath b.1776
BRUCE, Benjamin b.1739
BRUCE, Betty b.1746
BRUCE, Christian de b.1276
BRUCE, Daniel b.1752
BRUCE, Daniel b.1701
BRUCE, David b.1700
BRUCE, David b.1675
BRUCE, David b.1711
BRUCE, David II de King of Scotland b.1324
BRUCE, Deliverance b.1709
BRUCE, Dorcas a.1785
BRUCE, Dorcas b.1772
BRUCE, Edward de Earl of Carrick b.1278
BRUCE, Elisha b.1731
BRUCE, Elisha b.1695
BRUCE, Eunice b.1779
BRUCE, Hannah b.1706
BRUCE, Hepzibah b.1725
BRUCE, Hugh b.1770
BRUCE, Isabel de b.1272
BRUCE, John b.1670
BRUCE, John b.1781
BRUCE, John b.1744
BRUCE, John de b.1320
BRUCE, Jotham b.1720
BRUCE, Lucy b.1737
BRUCE, Margaret de b.1316
BRUCE, Marjorie de b.1296
BRUCE, Mary b.1763
BRUCE, Mary b.1748
BRUCE, Mary de b.1282
BRUCE, Maud de b.1285
BRUCE, Maud de b.1312
BRUCE, Nancy b.1774
BRUCE, Nancy b.1783
BRUCE, Parnell b.1788
BRUCE, Rebecca b.1723
BRUCE, Rebecca b.1698
BRUCE, Robert I "The Bruce" de King of Scotland b.1274
BRUCE, Roger b.1667
BRUCE, Ruth b.1733
BRUCE, Samuel b.1691
BRUCE, Sarah b.1700
BRUCE, Sewell b.1790
BRUCE, Sophia b.1795
BRUCE, Sylvanus b.1792
BRUCE, Thomas Earl of Elgin b.1599
BRUCE, Thomas b.1664
BRUCE, Thomas b.1640
BRUCE, Thomas b.1704
BRUCE, Thomas de Knight b.1280


BRUDENELL, Anna b.1536
BRUDENELL, Christian b.1572
BRUDENELL, Edmund b.1612
BRUDENELL, Edmund Knight b.1526
BRUDENELL, Elizabeth b.1520
BRUDENELL, Joan b.1454
BRUDENELL, John b.1580
BRUDENELL, John b.1530
BRUDENELL, Julian b.1532
BRUDENELL, Lucy b.1524
BRUDENELL, Mary b.1617
BRUDENELL, Mary b.1534
BRUDENELL, Mildred b.1522
BRUDENELL, Robert Earl of Cardigan b.1607
BRUDENELL, Robert b.1538
BRUDENELL, Thomas Earl of Cardigan b.1575
BRUDENELL, Thomas b.1528
BRUDENELL, Thomas Knight b.1496
BRUDENELL, William b.1541
BRUDENELL, William b.1577


BRUEN, Abigail a.1603
BRUEN, Anne a.1563
BRUEN, Anne a.1585
BRUEN, Beza a.1594
BRUEN, Calvin Mayor of Chester a.1592
BRUEN, Deborah a.1605
BRUEN, Elizabeth a.1570
BRUEN, Elizabeth a.1590
BRUEN, Ellen b.1342
BRUEN, George b.1572
BRUEN, Gilbert a.1581
BRUEN, Hannah b.1643
BRUEN, Henry a.1588
BRUEN, James b.1568
BRUEN, James a.1587
BRUEN, Jane a.1577
BRUEN, John b.1646
BRUEN, John Esquire b.1583
BRUEN, John Esquire b.1560
BRUEN, John Esquire b.1529
BRUEN, Jonathan a.1605
BRUEN, Joseph a.1614
BRUEN, Katherine a.1579
BRUEN, Katherine a.1602
BRUEN, Margaret a.1571
BRUEN, Margaret a.1616
BRUEN, Mary b.1561
BRUEN, Mary a.1622
BRUEN, Mary a.1634
BRUEN, Nathaniel a.1598
BRUEN, Nicholas b.1564
BRUEN, Obadiah a.1606
BRUEN, Priscilla a.1596
BRUEN, Rebecca b.1640
BRUEN, Richard a.1567
BRUEN, Robert a.1576
BRUEN, Samuel a.1601
BRUEN, Sarah a.1636
BRUEN, Thomas b.1566
BRUEN, William a.1574


BRUGES, Alice b.1460
BRUGES, Anne b.1501
BRUGES, Anne b.1468
BRUGES, Anthony Esquire b.1543
BRUGES, Baldwin Knight b.1313
BRUGES, Cecily b.1429
BRUGES, Edmond Esquire b.1545
BRUGES, Edward b.1399
BRUGES, Eleanor b.1464
BRUGES, Elizabeth b.1458
BRUGES, Florence b.1497
BRUGES, Frances b.1550
BRUGES, Giles Lord Chaundos b.1462
BRUGES, Giles b.1499
BRUGES, Giles Lord Chaundos a.1396
BRUGES, Henry Esquire b.1471
BRUGES, Jane b.1547
BRUGES, Jane b.1466
BRUGES, Joan b.1501
BRUGES, John Sheriff of Herefordshire b.1360
BRUGES, John b.1288
BRUGES, Richard K.B. b.1497
BRUGES, Simon b.1363
BRUGES, Simon Knight b.1263
BRUGES, Thomas Knight b.1358
BRUGES, Thomas Lord Chaundos b.1426
BRUGES, William b.1507


BRUGGE, Aganitrude de b.1062


BRULEY, Agnes b.1355
BRULEY, Amicia b.1377
BRULEY, Henry b.1282
BRULEY, Henry Knight b.1243
BRULEY, Henry Esquire b.1302
BRULEY, Isabel b.1379
BRULEY, Joan b.1400
BRULEY, John b.1278
BRULEY, John b.1305
BRULEY, John b.1375
BRULEY, Thomas b.1280
BRULEY, William b.1276
BRULEY, William Knight b.1345


BRUN, Elena le b.1331
BRUN, Elizabeth le b.1333
BRUN, Juliane b.1225
BRUN, Margaret le b.1327
BRUN, Richard le b.1304
BRUN, Richard le b.1188
BRUN, Robert le Knight b.1282
BRUN, Robert le b.1329
BRUN, Roger b.1200


BRUNSELL, Henry b.1614
BRUNSELL, Jane a.1616
BRUNSELL, Oliver b.1585
BRUNSELL, Samuel b.1619


BRUNSWICK, Bruno von Count of Brunswick b.960
BRUNSWICK, Elizabeth of b.1234
BRUNSWICK, Gertrude von b.1065
BRUNSWICK, Liudolf von Count of Brunswick b.1016


BRUS, Adam I de b.1045
BRUS, Adam II de b.1110
BRUS, Adam III de b.1138
BRUS, Agatha de b.1139
BRUS, Agnes de b.1202
BRUS, Agnes de b.1224
BRUS, Bernard de b.1289
BRUS, Bernard de b.1267
BRUS, Bernard de Knight b.1220
BRUS, Constance de b.1287
BRUS, Euphemia de b.1185
BRUS, Isabel de b.1245
BRUS, Isabel de b.1173
BRUS, Joan de b.1222
BRUS, Joan de b.1340
BRUS, John de b.1176
BRUS, John de b.1268
BRUS, Laderina de b.1233
BRUS, Lucy de b.1227
BRUS, Lucy de b.1136
BRUS, Margaret de b.1230
BRUS, N.N. de b.1179
BRUS, N.N. de b.1120
BRUS, Piers I de b.1171
BRUS, Piers II de Knight b.1198
BRUS, Piers III de Knight b.1220
BRUS, Robert de Earl of Carrick b.1243
BRUS, Robert de Lord of Annandale b.1210
BRUS, Robert de Lord of Annandale b.1170
BRUS, Robert I de b.1071
BRUS, Robert II de b.1114
BRUS, Robert III de b.1141
BRUS, William de b.1173
BRUS, William de b.1141
BRUS, William de Lord of Annandale b.1144


BRUSH, Edward b.1660
BRUSH, Eliphalet b.1698
BRUSH, Elizabeth b.1690
BRUSH, Elizabeth b.1694
BRUSH, Isaac b.1692
BRUSH, Jacob b.1688
BRUSH, Jacob b.1665
BRUSH, John b.1654
BRUSH, Martha b.1696
BRUSH, Martha b.1718
BRUSH, Mary b.1692
BRUSH, Naomi b.1701
BRUSH, Rebecca b.1657
BRUSH, Rebecca b.1681
BRUSH, Samuel b.1696
BRUSH, Susannah b.1686
BRUSH, Thomas b.1625
BRUSH, Thomas b.1651
BRUSH, Thomas b.1683
BRUSH, Timothy b.1694


BRUSTER, Isabel b.1575


BRUYN, Alice b.1443
BRUYN, Elizabeth b.1384
BRUYN, Elizabeth b.1446
BRUYN, Henry Knight b.1420
BRUYN, Ingram Knight b.1353
BRUYN, Joan b.1422
BRUYN, Katherine b.1427
BRUYN, Maurice Knight b.1386
BRUYN, Maurice le Knight b.1325
BRUYN, Maurice le Lord Brun b.1279
BRUYN, Thomas b.1424
BRUYN, William le b.1251
BRUYN, William le Knight b.1314


BRYAN, Alexander a.1602
BRYAN, Elizabeth b.1706
BRYAN, Elizabeth b.1495
BRYAN, Elizabeth de b.1380
BRYAN, Elizabeth de b.1339
BRYAN, Francis Knight b.1492
BRYAN, Guy de b.1245
BRYAN, Guy de Knight b.1280
BRYAN, Guy de Knight b.1342
BRYAN, Guy de Lord Bryan b.1309
BRYAN, Guy de b.1213
BRYAN, Joan b.1274
BRYAN, Margaret de b.1354
BRYAN, Margaret de b.1346
BRYAN, Maud de b.1242
BRYAN, Philip de Knight b.1352
BRYAN, Philippe de b.1378
BRYAN, Philippe de b.1350
BRYAN, Richard a.1627
BRYAN, Thomas Knight b.1469
BRYAN, William de Knight b.1357


BRYANT, Abraham b.1639
BRYANT, Anne b.1822
BRYANT, Bertie b.1881
BRYANT, Hannah b.1784
BRYANT, Hannah b.1645
BRYANT, Joanna b.1690
BRYANT, Polly b.1800
BRYANT, Priscilla b.1744
BRYANT, Sarah b.1792
BRYANT, Sarah b.1739
BRYANT, Stephen b.1657


BRYCE, Elizabeth b.1487


BRYDGES, Anne b.1613
BRYDGES, Anthony b.1552
BRYDGES, Anthony b.1507
BRYDGES, Anthony b.1527
BRYDGES, Beatrice b.1582
BRYDGES, Bridget b.1512
BRYDGES, Catherine b.1580
BRYDGES, Charles b.1558
BRYDGES, Charles Sheriff of Herefordshire b.1525
BRYDGES, Edmund Lord Chandos of Sudeley b.1523
BRYDGES, Eleanor b.1560
BRYDGES, Elizabeth b.1618
BRYDGES, Elizabeth b.1578
BRYDGES, Elizabeth b.1509
BRYDGES, Elizabeth b.1521
BRYDGES, Frances b.1580
BRYDGES, George Lord Chandos of Sudeley b.1620
BRYDGES, Giles b.1586
BRYDGES, Giles Lord Chandos of Sudeley b.1548
BRYDGES, Giles Esquire b.1503
BRYDGES, Giles b.1537
BRYDGES, Grey Lord Chandos of Sudeley b.1584
BRYDGES, Henry b.1556
BRYDGES, Henry b.1529
BRYDGES, Jane b.1653
BRYDGES, Joan b.1588
BRYDGES, John Lord Mayor of London b.1475
BRYDGES, John Lord Chandos of Sudeley b.1493
BRYDGES, Katherine b.1655
BRYDGES, Katherine b.1554
BRYDGES, Katherine b.1535
BRYDGES, Katherine b.1499
BRYDGES, Lucy b.1654
BRYDGES, Mary b.1533
BRYDGES, Richard b.1563
BRYDGES, Richard b.1531
BRYDGES, Robert b.1610
BRYDGES, Stephen b.1540
BRYDGES, Thomas b.1590
BRYDGES, Thomas Esquire b.1504
BRYDGES, Ursula b.1505
BRYDGES, Ursula b.1495
BRYDGES, William Lord Chandos of Sudeley b.1622
BRYDGES, William b.1594
BRYDGES, William Lord Chandos of Sudeley b.1550
BRYDGES, Winifred b.1515


BRYN, Joan de b.1323
BRYN, Peter de Knight b.1298


BRYTTE, Elizabeth b.1403


BUCHAN, Fergus of Earl of Buchan b.1166
BUCHAN, Margaret of Countess of Buchan b.1184


BUCHANAN, Annie Vernetta b.1905
BUCHANAN, Margaret b.1810
BUCHANAN, Patrick b.1463


BUCK, Abigail b.1685
BUCK, Ezekiel b.1650
BUCK, Henry b.1626
BUCK, Isaac b.1689
BUCK, Isaac b.1659
BUCK, John b.1625
BUCK, Margaret b.1687


BUCKELL, Isabel b.1505


BUCKINGHAM, Mary a.1643
BUCKINGHAM, Thomas a.1646


BUCKLAND, Benjamin b.1665
BUCKLAND, Benjamin a.1640
BUCKLAND, David b.1675
BUCKLAND, Elizabeth b.1680
BUCKLAND, Emily b.1796
BUCKLAND, Jonathan b.1672
BUCKLAND, Joseph b.1633
BUCKLAND, Leah b.1668
BUCKLAND, Lydia b.1637
BUCKLAND, Rachel b.1663
BUCKLAND, Richard Esquire b.1521
BUCKLAND, Solomon b.1669
BUCKLAND, William b.1644
BUCKLAND, William b.1609


BUCKLEY, Elizabeth b.1642
BUCKLEY, Priscilla b.1656


BUCKMAN, Agnes b.1732


BUCKMINSTER, Anne a.1621
BUCKMINSTER, Dorcas a.1635
BUCKMINSTER, Elizabeth a.1628
BUCKMINSTER, Jabez b.1642
BUCKMINSTER, Joseph a.1624
BUCKMINSTER, Joseph b.1639
BUCKMINSTER, Lawrence a.1619
BUCKMINSTER, Mary b.1630
BUCKMINSTER, Sarah b.1702
BUCKMINSTER, Sarah b.1637
BUCKMINSTER, Thomas b.1632
BUCKMINSTER, Thomas b.1595
BUCKMINSTER, Zachariah a.1625


BUCKNAM, Edward b.1692
BUCKNAM, Edward b.1657
BUCKNAM, Elizabeth b.1671
BUCKNAM, Elizabeth b.1644
BUCKNAM, Hannah b.1669
BUCKNAM, John b.1637
BUCKNAM, Joses b.1667
BUCKNAM, Joses b.1641
BUCKNAM, Judith b.1676
BUCKNAM, Lydia b.1695
BUCKNAM, Mary b.1682
BUCKNAM, Mehitable b.1654
BUCKNAM, Mercy b.1648
BUCKNAM, Samuel b.1674
BUCKNAM, Samuel b.1660
BUCKNAM, Samuel b.1658
BUCKNAM, Sarah b.1715
BUCKNAM, Sarah b.1650
BUCKNAM, Sarah b.1679
BUCKNAM, Susanna b.1685
BUCKNAM, William b.1688
BUCKNAM, William b.1652
BUCKNAM, William b.1611

Surname List