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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


BRAMSHOT, Elizabeth b.1440


BRANCESTRE, Agnes de b.1356
BRANCESTRE, John de b.1358
BRANCESTRE, John de b.1305
BRANCESTRE, John de Knight b.1330


BRANCH, Elizabeth b.1380


BRAND, Rose b.1575
BRAND, Susan b.1547


BRANDON, Anne b.1503
BRANDON, Anne b.1477
BRANDON, Anne b.1458
BRANDON, Charles Duke of Suffolk b.1480
BRANDON, Eleanor b.1520
BRANDON, Eleanor b.1448
BRANDON, Elizabeth b.1456
BRANDON, Frances b.1517
BRANDON, Henry Earl of Lincoln b.1516
BRANDON, Katherine b.1462
BRANDON, Margaret b.1452
BRANDON, Margaret b.1460
BRANDON, Mary b.1510
BRANDON, Robert Knight b.1450
BRANDON, Thomas K.G. b.1454
BRANDON, William b.1475
BRANDON, William Knight b.1446
BRANDON, William Knight b.1425


BRANE, Elizabeth b.1505
BRANE, John b.1480


BRANKER, Henry b.1505
BRANKER, John b.1601


BRANNAN, Norman Franklin b.1928


BRANSCOMBE, Adam de Sheriff of Devon b.1326
BRANSCOMBE, Richard de Sheriff of Devon b.1305
BRANSCOMBE, Richard de Sheriff of Devon b.1350


BRANSON, Sarah b.1600


BRAOSE, Agnes de b.1332
BRAOSE, Alexander de b.1309
BRAOSE, Aline de b.1289
BRAOSE, Anne b.1474
BRAOSE, Beatrice de b.1366
BRAOSE, Beatrice de b.1345
BRAOSE, Bertha de b.1147
BRAOSE, Cecily de b.1334
BRAOSE, Ela b.1405
BRAOSE, Eleanor de b.1190
BRAOSE, Eleanor de b.1327
BRAOSE, Eleanor de b.1228
BRAOSE, Elizabeth de b.1322
BRAOSE, Elizabeth de b.1348
BRAOSE, Eve de b.1226
BRAOSE, George de b.1337
BRAOSE, Giles de b.1201
BRAOSE, Giles de Bishop of Hereford b.1173
BRAOSE, Giles de Knight b.1269
BRAOSE, Giles de Knight b.1269
BRAOSE, Henry de b.1185
BRAOSE, Isabel de b.1224
BRAOSE, Joan de b.1343
BRAOSE, Joan de b.1285
BRAOSE, John de b.1334
BRAOSE, John de b.1232
BRAOSE, John de Knight b.1307
BRAOSE, John de Knight b.1301
BRAOSE, John de Knight b.1331
BRAOSE, John de Lord Breouse b.1339
BRAOSE, John de Knight b.1306
BRAOSE, John de b.1183
BRAOSE, John de b.1160
BRAOSE, John de Knight b.1197
BRAOSE, Laurette de b.1181
BRAOSE, Llywelyn de b.1229
BRAOSE, Lucy de b.1293
BRAOSE, Mabel de b.1151
BRAOSE, Margaret b.1410
BRAOSE, Margaret de b.1276
BRAOSE, Margaret de b.1328
BRAOSE, Margaret de b.1303
BRAOSE, Margaret de b.1263
BRAOSE, Margaret de b.1176
BRAOSE, Margery b.1457
BRAOSE, Mary de b.1266
BRAOSE, Mary de b.1305
BRAOSE, Maud de b.1303
BRAOSE, Maud de b.1169
BRAOSE, Maud de b.1199
BRAOSE, Maud de b.1210
BRAOSE, Maud de b.1230
BRAOSE, Peter de b.1341
BRAOSE, Peter de Knight b.1310
BRAOSE, Peter de Knight b.1273
BRAOSE, Philip de b.1203
BRAOSE, Philip de b.1187
BRAOSE, Philip de b.1107
BRAOSE, Philip de Lord of Bramber b.1074
BRAOSE, Reginald de b.1178
BRAOSE, Richard de b.1271
BRAOSE, Richard de b.1301
BRAOSE, Richard de Knight b.1273
BRAOSE, Richard de Knight b.1301
BRAOSE, Richard de Knight b.1226
BRAOSE, Robert Knight b.1377
BRAOSE, Robert de b.1303
BRAOSE, Sybil de b.1279
BRAOSE, Sybil de b.1153
BRAOSE, Thomas Sheriff of Norfolk b.1407
BRAOSE, Thomas de Lord Breouse b.1351
BRAOSE, Thomas de Lord Braose b.1301
BRAOSE, Thomasine b.1459
BRAOSE, Walter de b.1206
BRAOSE, William Knight b.1433
BRAOSE, William Esquire b.1460
BRAOSE, William de Lord of Bramber b.1035
BRAOSE, William de b.1279
BRAOSE, William de Lord of Bramber b.1264
BRAOSE, William de Lord Braose b.1224
BRAOSE, William de b.1171
BRAOSE, William de Lord of Bramber b.1105
BRAOSE, William de Baron de Braose b.1149
BRAOSE, William de Baron de Braose b.1204


BRASIER, Alice b.1603


BRATTON, Joan b.1402


BRAUNCHE, Piers b.1269


BRAWN, George b.1652
BRAWN, Mary b.1657
BRAWN, Michael b.1648
BRAWN, Michael b.1623


BRAY, Anne b.1510
BRAY, Bridget b.1522
BRAY, Dorothy b.1530
BRAY, Edmund Lord Bray b.1480
BRAY, Elizabeth b.1487
BRAY, Elizabeth b.1512
BRAY, Elizabeth b.1555
BRAY, Esther b.1664
BRAY, Frances b.1535
BRAY, Frideswide b.1515
BRAY, Hannah b.1662
BRAY, Henry b.1788
BRAY, John b.1456
BRAY, John Lord Bray b.1520
BRAY, John b.1654
BRAY, Margaret b.1478
BRAY, Mary b.1525
BRAY, Mary b.1647
BRAY, Mary O. b.1861
BRAY, Nathaniel b.1656
BRAY, Reginald b.1484
BRAY, Richard b.1660
BRAY, Richard b.1657
BRAY, Robert b.1615
BRAY, Sarah b.1651
BRAY, Sarah b.1710
BRAY, Thomas b.1658
BRAY, Thomas b.1653
BRAY, Thomas b.1649
BRAY, Thomas b.1615
BRAY, William Knight b.1482


BRAYBROKE, Alice de b.1330
BRAYBROKE, Elizabeth b.1509
BRAYBROKE, Gerard Knight b.1353
BRAYBROKE, Gerard Lord St. Amand b.1389
BRAYBROKE, Gerard de Knight b.1264
BRAYBROKE, Gerard de Knight b.1300
BRAYBROKE, Gerard de Knight b.1332
BRAYBROKE, Henry b.1306
BRAYBROKE, Henry de b.1189
BRAYBROKE, Ingelbaldus de b.1145
BRAYBROKE, Joan b.1359
BRAYBROKE, Joan Baroness Cobham b.1403
BRAYBROKE, John b.1303
BRAYBROKE, John de b.1220
BRAYBROKE, John de b.1334
BRAYBROKE, Nicholas de Canon of St. Paul b.1337
BRAYBROKE, Nicholas de b.1278
BRAYBROKE, Nichole b.1380
BRAYBROKE, Ralph b.1375
BRAYBROKE, Reginald de Canon of St. Paul b.1343
BRAYBROKE, Reynold b.1394
BRAYBROKE, Reynold Knight b.1356
BRAYBROKE, Robert b.1397
BRAYBROKE, Robert de Bishop of London b.1340
BRAYBROKE, Robert de b.1168


BRAYNE, Andrew a.1596
BRAYNE, Edith a.1608
BRAYNE, Edward a.1600
BRAYNE, Edward a.1570
BRAYNE, Joan a.1598
BRAYNE, John a.1561
BRAYNE, Margaret a.1597
BRAYNE, Thomas a.1565
BRAYNE, Thomas a.1563
BRAYNE, Thomas b.1534
BRAYNE, William a.1607


BRAYTOFT, Elizabeth b.1472


BRAYTON, Abigail b.1766


BRAZILE, Robert Houston b.1855


BREAD, Allen b.1599


BREAME, Benjamin b.1640


BREAUTE, Fawkes de b.1195


BRECHIN, David de Knight b.1268
BRECHIN, Henry de b.1175
BRECHIN, Margaret de b.1300
BRECHIN, William de Knight b.1217


BRECK, Alice a.1623
BRECK, Anne a.1629
BRECK, Edward b.1595
BRECK, Edward b.1674
BRECK, Mary a.1625
BRECK, Robert a.1628
BRECK, Susanna b.1682


BRECKNELLS, William b.1355


BRECKNOCK, John b.1418
BRECKNOCK, Margaret b.1443


BREDBURY, Adam de b.1307
BREDBURY, Cecily de b.1332


BREED, David b.1755


BREIGHTMET, Augustine de b.1173
BREIGHTMET, Cecily de b.1199
BREIGHTMET, John de b.1201


BREKNOKE, Robert b.1422


BRENDE, Matthew Knight a.1600


BRENLEY, Letitia de b.1189


BRENT, Amy b.1518
BRENT, John b.1490
BRENT, Margaret b.1512
BRENT, Margaret b.1492
BRENT, Thomas Esquire b.1521
BRENT, William b.1515


BRERETON, Alice b.1481
BRERETON, Alice b.1410
BRERETON, Andrew b.1477
BRERETON, Andrew Knight b.1438
BRERETON, Anne a.1633
BRERETON, Anne b.1490
BRERETON, Anne b.1519
BRERETON, Anne a.1548
BRERETON, Bartholomew b.1438
BRERETON, Catherine b.1510
BRERETON, Catherine b.1487
BRERETON, Edward Esquire b.1450
BRERETON, Eleanor b.1461
BRERETON, Eleanor b.1486
BRERETON, Eleanor b.1443
BRERETON, Eleanor de b.1404
BRERETON, Elizabeth b.1509
BRERETON, Elizabeth b.1503
BRERETON, Elizabeth a.1636
BRERETON, Elizabeth a.1581
BRERETON, Elizabeth b.1545
BRERETON, Elizabeth b.1483
BRERETON, Elizabeth b.1488
BRERETON, Elizabeth b.1435
BRERETON, Elizabeth de b.1355
BRERETON, Ellen b.1513
BRERETON, Ellen b.1459
BRERETON, Ellen b.1479
BRERETON, Frances b.1647
BRERETON, Francis Lord Brereton of Leighlin b.1662
BRERETON, George a.1635
BRERETON, Gilbert de b.1233
BRERETON, Gilbert de b.1172
BRERETON, Hamo de b.1266
BRERETON, Henry b.1632
BRERETON, Henry b.1509
BRERETON, Henry b.1447
BRERETON, Henry de b.1401
BRERETON, Hugh b.1453
BRERETON, Hugh de b.1338
BRERETON, Hugh de b.1392
BRERETON, Humphrey b.1457
BRERETON, Isabel b.1419
BRERETON, Isolda de b.1168
BRERETON, Jane a.1650
BRERETON, Jane b.1619
BRERETON, Jane b.1484
BRERETON, Jane a.1549
BRERETON, Jane b.1455
BRERETON, Jane de b.1331
BRERETON, Joan b.1507
BRERETON, Joan b.1471
BRERETON, Joan de b.1294
BRERETON, John b.1485
BRERETON, John a.1624
BRERETON, John Lord Brereton of Leighlin b.1659
BRERETON, John Rector of Malpas b.1482
BRERETON, John b.1515
BRERETON, John Knight a.1591
BRERETON, John b.1475
BRERETON, John Knight b.1451
BRERETON, John de b.1327
BRERETON, John de b.1398
BRERETON, John de Rector of Wallasey b.1298
BRERETON, Katherine b.1511
BRERETON, Margaret b.1641
BRERETON, Margaret b.1507
BRERETON, Margaret a.1586
BRERETON, Margaret de b.1335
BRERETON, Margery b.1485
BRERETON, Margery de b.1407
BRERETON, Margery de b.1287
BRERETON, Mary a.1576
BRERETON, Mary b.1644
BRERETON, Mary b.1615
BRERETON, Mary a.1580
BRERETON, Mary a.1552
BRERETON, Mary b.1522
BRERETON, Matilda b.1447
BRERETON, Matilda b.1490
BRERETON, Matilda b.1445
BRERETON, Matthew b.1485
BRERETON, Matthew b.1449
BRERETON, Matthew de b.1395
BRERETON, Maud de b.1300
BRERETON, N.N. de b.1358
BRERETON, Nicholas de b.1389
BRERETON, Nicholas de b.1302
BRERETON, Peter b.1494
BRERETON, Peter de b.1292
BRERETON, Ralph Esquire b.1435
BRERETON, Ralph b.1416
BRERETON, Ralph de Rector of Davenham b.1329
BRERETON, Ralph de Knight b.1145
BRERETON, Ralph de Knight b.1200
BRERETON, Randle Knight b.1512
BRERETON, Randle Knight b.1546
BRERETON, Randle Knight b.1478
BRERETON, Randle b.1409
BRERETON, Randle Esquire b.1432
BRERETON, Randle Knight b.1455
BRERETON, Randle de Knight b.1363
BRERETON, Randolph b.1482
BRERETON, Richard b.1551
BRERETON, Richard Knight b.1480
BRERETON, Richard b.1517
BRERETON, Richard de b.1296
BRERETON, Robert b.1500
BRERETON, Robert a.1584
BRERETON, Robert b.1439
BRERETON, Robert de b.1333
BRERETON, Roger Knight b.1496
BRERETON, Roger b.1441
BRERETON, Susan b.1555
BRERETON, Sybil de b.1236
BRERETON, Thomas Knight b.1548
BRERETON, Thomas Vicar of Gresford b.1505
BRERETON, Thomas a.1639
BRERETON, Thomas Rector of Malpas b.1486
BRERETON, Thomas de Rector of Brereton b.1421
BRERETON, Urian Knight b.1503
BRERETON, Werburga b.1487
BRERETON, William b.1661
BRERETON, William Lord Brereton of Leighlin a.1631
BRERETON, William Lord Brereton of Leighlin b.1611
BRERETON, William a.1587
BRERETON, William a.1579
BRERETON, William b.1413
BRERETON, William Esquire b.1497
BRERETON, William Lord Brereton of Leighlin a.1551
BRERETON, William Knight b.1522
BRERETON, William Esquire b.1436
BRERETON, William Knight b.1413
BRERETON, William Knight b.1473
BRERETON, William Knight b.1498
BRERETON, William de Esquire b.1387
BRERETON, William de b.1120
BRERETON, William de Knight b.1170
BRERETON, William de Knight b.1231
BRERETON, William de Knight b.1264
BRERETON, William de b.1290
BRERETON, William de Knight b.1325
BRERETON, William de Knight b.1350


BRESSEY, Amphyllis b.1614
BRESSEY, Constance b.1610
BRESSEY, Constance b.1632
BRESSEY, Edmund a.1599
BRESSEY, Edmund Gentleman a.1568
BRESSEY, Hannah b.1640
BRESSEY, John b.1638
BRESSEY, John Gentleman a.1603
BRESSEY, Katherine a.1596
BRESSEY, Lucretia a.1606
BRESSEY, Phebe b.1642
BRESSEY, Ralph b.1612
BRESSEY, Richard b.1617
BRESSEY, Robert a.1608
BRESSEY, Thomas b.1635
BRESSEY, Thomas a.1601


BRET, Adam le b.1239
BRET, Alice le b.1230
BRET, Lucy le b.1264
BRET, Margaret le b.1300


BRETAGNE, Adela de Abbess of St. Georges b.1006
BRETAGNE, Alain I "le Grand" de Duke of Brittany b.848
BRETAGNE, Alan "le Noir" de Count of Brittany b.1052
BRETAGNE, Alan "le Roux" de Count of Brittany b.1050
BRETAGNE, Alan III de b.1004
BRETAGNE, Alix de b.1298
BRETAGNE, Arthur II de Duke of Brittany b.1262
BRETAGNE, Beatrix de b.1295
BRETAGNE, Bertha de b.1114
BRETAGNE, Blanche de b.1300
BRETAGNE, Blanche de b.1270
BRETAGNE, Brian de Count of Brittany b.1048
BRETAGNE, Budic de b.881
BRETAGNE, Catualon de Abbot of Redon b.988
BRETAGNE, Conan II de Duke of Brittany b.1034
BRETAGNE, Conan III de Duke of Brittany b.1092
BRETAGNE, Conan IV "le Petit" de Duke of Brittany b.1132
BRETAGNE, Constance de b.1134
BRETAGNE, Constance de Duchess of Brittany b.1166
BRETAGNE, Eleanor de Abbess of Fontevrault b.1275
BRETAGNE, Enoguen de Nun b.1139
BRETAGNE, Geoffrey de Duke of Brittany b.980
BRETAGNE, Guerech de b.876
BRETAGNE, Guy de Count of Penthievre b.1287
BRETAGNE, Hawise de b.1038
BRETAGNE, Hawise de b.1105
BRETAGNE, Hoel de Comte de Nantes b.1116
BRETAGNE, Jean "Le Roux" de Count of Brittany b.1216
BRETAGNE, Jean de Earl of Richmond b.1264
BRETAGNE, Jean II de Earl of Richmond b.1239
BRETAGNE, Jean III de Duke of Brittany b.1286
BRETAGNE, Jeanne de b.1297
BRETAGNE, Judicael de Bishop of Vannes b.986
BRETAGNE, Judith de b.982
BRETAGNE, Juhael de Count of Porhoet b.984
BRETAGNE, Marie de b.1302
BRETAGNE, Marie de b.1268
BRETAGNE, N.N. de b.1077
BRETAGNE, Pascweten de b.878
BRETAGNE, Pierre de b.1289
BRETAGNE, Pierre de Count of Leon b.1266
BRETAGNE, Ridoredh de b.820
BRETAGNE, Rudalt de Count of Vannes b.874
BRETAGNE, Urvod de b.990


BRETEMIL, Adelaide of b.1002
BRETEMIL, Eberhard of Count of Bretemil b.1004
BRETEMIL, Hildouin of Count of Bretemil b.980


BRETEUIL, Emma de b.1055
BRETEUIL, Isabel de b.1080
BRETEUIL, Ralph de b.1057
BRETEUIL, Robert IV de Earl of Leicester b.1164
BRETEUIL, Roger de Earl of Hereford b.1053
BRETEUIL, William de b.1160
BRETEUIL, William de Seigneur de Breteuil b.1051


BRETON, Abbo le b.909
BRETON, Alina le b.1241
BRETON, Geoffrey le b.1133
BRETON, Guy le Knight b.1275
BRETON, Joan le b.1239
BRETON, Katherine le b.1309
BRETON, Maud le b.1312
BRETON, Nichola le b.1244
BRETON, Nicholas le b.1194
BRETON, Ralf le b.1125
BRETON, Robert Esquire b.1535
BRETON, Robert Esquire b.1450
BRETON, Robert le b.1150
BRETON, Roger le b.1165
BRETON, Walter le b.1216
BRETON, William le b.1181
BRETON, William le b.1214
BRETON, William le Esquire b.1372
BRETON, William le Knight b.1315
BRETON, William le b.1235


BRETT, Agnes b.1448
BRETT, Anne b.1710
BRETT, Avice b.1523
BRETT, Bethiah b.1714
BRETT, Elihu b.1681
BRETT, Elizabeth b.1717
BRETT, Hannah b.1655
BRETT, Joan b.1499
BRETT, Joanna b.1298
BRETT, John b.1707
BRETT, Mary b.1603
BRETT, Richard Gentleman b.1471
BRETT, Stephen Gentleman b.1577
BRETT, Thomas b.1423
BRETT, William b.1648


BRETTARGH, Alice b.1329
BRETTARGH, William b.1304


BRETTON, Olive b.1535
BRETTON, William b.1649


BREUERN, Lawrence Gentleman b.1454


BREWER, Abigail b.1752
BREWER, Abigail a.1724
BREWER, Abigail b.1682
BREWER, Abner b.1718
BREWER, Amanda b.1837
BREWER, Anna b.1791
BREWER, Betsey b.1783
BREWER, Charles Raymond b.1850
BREWER, Daniel O. b.1844
BREWER, David b.1731
BREWER, Eliab b.1737
BREWER, Eliab b.1760
BREWER, Elizabeth b.1722
BREWER, Elizabeth b.1671
BREWER, Elizabeth a.1660
BREWER, Elizabeth b.1690
BREWER, Eunice b.1794
BREWER, Frederick Addison b.1834
BREWER, Hannah b.1673
BREWER, Hannah b.1645
BREWER, Israel Chase b.1797
BREWER, Israel Putnam b.1832
BREWER, James b.1675
BREWER, Jason b.1788
BREWER, Jason b.1741
BREWER, John b.1749
BREWER, John b.1669
BREWER, John b.1615
BREWER, John b.1775
BREWER, John b.1642
BREWER, Jonathan b.1726
BREWER, Jonathan b.1689
BREWER, Joseph b.1842
BREWER, Lucy b.1745
BREWER, Martha b.1786
BREWER, Martha b.1743
BREWER, Martha b.1734
BREWER, Martha b.1685
BREWER, Martha R. b.1826
BREWER, Mary b.1680
BREWER, Mary E. b.1825
BREWER, Milan B. b.1846
BREWER, Moses b.1728
BREWER, Mrs. Margaret b.1584
BREWER, Nathan b.1747
BREWER, Peter b.1720
BREWER, Phebe A. b.1855
BREWER, Sally b.1787
BREWER, Samuel b.1758
BREWER, Samuel b.1716
BREWER, Sarah b.1678
BREWER, Sarah Almeda b.1823
BREWER, Selyna b.1802
BREWER, Thomas b.1560


BREWSE, Alice b.1485


BREWSTER, Abigail b.1646
BREWSTER, Albert S. b.1888
BREWSTER, Arthur Everett b.1898
BREWSTER, Benjamin b.1633
BREWSTER, Charles H. b.1847
BREWSTER, Charles W. b.1823
BREWSTER, Clara A. b.1851
BREWSTER, Clarence C. b.1886
BREWSTER, Elizabeth b.1637
BREWSTER, Fear b.1605
BREWSTER, Grace b.1639
BREWSTER, Hannah b.1641
BREWSTER, Harriet A. b.1849
BREWSTER, Henry Vicar b.1537
BREWSTER, James C. b.1862
BREWSTER, Job b.1729
BREWSTER, Jonathan b.1664
BREWSTER, Jonathan b.1629
BREWSTER, Jonathan b.1593
BREWSTER, Lawrence S. b.1896
BREWSTER, Love b.1607
BREWSTER, Mae Belle b.1894
BREWSTER, Mary b.1627
BREWSTER, N.N. b.1609
BREWSTER, Nathaniel b.1638
BREWSTER, Patience b.1603
BREWSTER, Ruth b.1631
BREWSTER, Sally b.1792
BREWSTER, Sarah b.1635
BREWSTER, Thomas b.1525
BREWSTER, William b.1625
BREWSTER, William b.1510
BREWSTER, William b.1535
BREWSTER, William b.1566
BREWSTER, William b.1643
BREWSTER, Wrestling b.1646
BREWSTER, Wrestling b.1611


BRICKER, Paul Eugene b.1920


BRID, Nichola le b.1368
BRID, Thomas le Esquire b.1343
BRID, Uchtred le b.1318


BRIDEN, Joseph b.1595


BRIDGE, Anna b.1647
BRIDGE, Dorcas b.1648
BRIDGE, Elizabeth b.1659
BRIDGE, John b.1645
BRIDGE, Martha b.1649
BRIDGE, Mary b.1690
BRIDGE, Matthew b.1650
BRIDGE, Matthew b.1618
BRIDGE, Samuel b.1652
BRIDGE, Thomas b.1656
BRIDGE, William b.1615


BRIDGES, Benjamin b.1665
BRIDGES, Bethiah b.1649
BRIDGES, Caleb b.1677
BRIDGES, Edmund b.1660
BRIDGES, Edmund b.1612
BRIDGES, Edmund b.1637
BRIDGES, Faith b.1645
BRIDGES, Hackaliah b.1639
BRIDGES, Hannah b.1669
BRIDGES, John b.1643
BRIDGES, Josiah b.1653
BRIDGES, Martha b.1748
BRIDGES, Mary b.1667
BRIDGES, Mehitable b.1641
BRIDGES, Obadiah b.1647
BRIDGES, Phebe b.1707


BRIDGHAM, Adra A. b.1855


BRIDGUM, Mary b.1619


BRIDPORT, Joan de b.1335


BRIENNE, Alphonse de Count of Eu b.1220
BRIENNE, Andre de b.1176
BRIENNE, Audre de Count of Ramerupt b.1132
BRIENNE, Blanche de Dame de Loupelande b.1251
BRIENNE, Charles de b.1272
BRIENNE, Engelbert de b.980
BRIENNE, Erard I de Count of Brienne b.1080
BRIENNE, Erard II de Count of Brienne b.1130
BRIENNE, Felicite de b.1113
BRIENNE, Gauthier I de Count of Brienne b.1054
BRIENNE, Gauthier II de Count of Brienne b.1105
BRIENNE, Gautier III de Count of Brienne b.1166
BRIENNE, Guillaume de Lord of Rameru b.1168
BRIENNE, Ida de b.1173
BRIENNE, Isabel de b.1260
BRIENNE, Jean de Count of Eu b.1251
BRIENNE, Jean de b.1216
BRIENNE, Jean de Vicomte de Beaumont b.1254
BRIENNE, Jean de Butler of France b.1222
BRIENNE, Jean de King of Jerusalem b.1170
BRIENNE, Jeanne de b.1263
BRIENNE, Louis de Bishop of Durham b.1275
BRIENNE, Louis de Vicomte de Beaumont b.1227
BRIENNE, Marguerite de b.1257
BRIENNE, Marie de b.1266
BRIENNE, Marie de b.1224
BRIENNE, N.N. de b.1006
BRIENNE, Richard de Knight b.1269
BRIENNE, Yolande de b.1211


BRIER, Grace b.1646


BRIETT, Elizabeth b.1539


BRIGANDINE, John b.1495


BRIGGS, Abigail b.1719
BRIGGS, Clement b.1668
BRIGGS, Elizabeth b.1671
BRIGGS, Hannah b.1672
BRIGGS, Hugh b.1649
BRIGGS, Joanna b.1642
BRIGGS, Joanna b.1717
BRIGGS, John b.1680
BRIGGS, John a.1634
BRIGGS, John b.1645
BRIGGS, John a.1595
BRIGGS, Katherine a.1637
BRIGGS, Lydia b.1669
BRIGGS, Mary b.1674
BRIGGS, Matthew b.1677
BRIGGS, Richard a.1639
BRIGGS, Sally b.1783
BRIGGS, Samuel b.1640
BRIGGS, Sarah b.1634
BRIGGS, Sarah b.1669
BRIGGS, Thomas b.1669
BRIGGS, William b.1645
BRIGGS, William b.1668


BRIGHAM, Abigail b.1708
BRIGHAM, Abigail b.1721
BRIGHAM, Anne b.1606
BRIGHAM, Antipas b.1706
BRIGHAM, Benjamin b.1715
BRIGHAM, Charles b.1700
BRIGHAM, Constance b.1602
BRIGHAM, David b.1678
BRIGHAM, David b.1673
BRIGHAM, Elizabeth b.1685
BRIGHAM, Elizabeth b.1643
BRIGHAM, Elizabeth b.1571
BRIGHAM, Elnathan b.1683
BRIGHAM, Francis b.1559
BRIGHAM, George b.1730
BRIGHAM, Gershom b.1712
BRIGHAM, Gershom b.1680
BRIGHAM, Gillian b.1601
BRIGHAM, Hannah b.1650
BRIGHAM, Henry a.1599
BRIGHAM, Henry b.1527
BRIGHAM, Hepzibah b.1687
BRIGHAM, Jedediah b.1693
BRIGHAM, Jennett b.1555
BRIGHAM, John b.1611
BRIGHAM, John b.1645
BRIGHAM, John b.1573
BRIGHAM, Jonathan b.1675
BRIGHAM, Joseph b.1706
BRIGHAM, Jotham b.1695
BRIGHAM, Lavinia R. b.1816
BRIGHAM, Lydia b.1691
BRIGHAM, Margaret b.1605
BRIGHAM, Martha b.1704
BRIGHAM, Mary b.1687
BRIGHAM, Mary b.1720
BRIGHAM, Mary a.1637
BRIGHAM, Mary b.1647
BRIGHAM, Mary b.1701
BRIGHAM, Nathan b.1671
BRIGHAM, Persis b.1703
BRIGHAM, Peter b.1551
BRIGHAM, Philippa b.1614
BRIGHAM, Phineas b.1725
BRIGHAM, Prudence b.1646
BRIGHAM, Richard b.1557
BRIGHAM, Richard a.1579
BRIGHAM, Robert b.1617
BRIGHAM, Robert a.1582
BRIGHAM, Samuel b.1723
BRIGHAM, Samuel b.1717
BRIGHAM, Samuel b.1689
BRIGHAM, Samuel b.1653
BRIGHAM, Sarah b.1640
BRIGHAM, Sebastian b.1648
BRIGHAM, Sebastian b.1609
BRIGHAM, Sybil b.1718
BRIGHAM, Thomas a.1635
BRIGHAM, Thomas b.1667
BRIGHAM, Thomas b.1603
BRIGHAM, Thomas b.1475
BRIGHAM, Thomas b.1500
BRIGHAM, Thomas b.1525
BRIGHAM, Thomas b.1549
BRIGHAM, Thomas a.1575
BRIGHAM, Thomas b.1641
BRIGHAM, Timothy b.1698
BRIGHAM, Uriah b.1727
BRIGHAM, William b.1607
BRIGHAM, William b.1553
BRIGHAM, William a.1578


BRIGHT, Abigail b.1637
BRIGHT, Alice a.1578
BRIGHT, Anne a.1562
BRIGHT, Anne a.1609
BRIGHT, Anne b.1635
BRIGHT, Beriah b.1651
BRIGHT, Edmund b.1527
BRIGHT, Elizabeth b.1537
BRIGHT, Elizabeth a.1598
BRIGHT, Elizabeth b.1645
BRIGHT, Hannah b.1644
BRIGHT, Henry a.1560
BRIGHT, Henry a.1602
BRIGHT, Jasper a.1567
BRIGHT, Joan b.1522
BRIGHT, Joan a.1573
BRIGHT, Joan a.1569
BRIGHT, John b.1470
BRIGHT, John b.1520
BRIGHT, John a.1600
BRIGHT, John b.1641
BRIGHT, Katherine b.1525
BRIGHT, Katherine a.1572
BRIGHT, Katherine b.1556
BRIGHT, Margaret b.1500
BRIGHT, Margaret b.1564
BRIGHT, Martha b.1604
BRIGHT, Mary a.1566
BRIGHT, Mary b.1639
BRIGHT, Nathaniel b.1647
BRIGHT, Robert b.1558
BRIGHT, Roger b.1497
BRIGHT, Samuel a.1606
BRIGHT, Stephen a.1605
BRIGHT, Susan a.1579
BRIGHT, Susan a.1576
BRIGHT, Susan a.1575
BRIGHT, Thomas b.1555
BRIGHT, Thomas b.1529
BRIGHT, Thomas Gentleman a.1596
BRIGHT, Walter b.1495


BRIGHTMAN, Elizabeth b.1528
BRIGHTMAN, Lillian Howland b.1885


BRIGHTWELL, John de b.1216
BRIGHTWELL, Matilda de b.1218
BRIGHTWELL, Richard de b.1165
BRIGHTWELL, Robert de b.1191


BRILL, Helen b.1739


BRIMBLECOMB, John b.1595
BRIMBLECOMB, John a.1649
BRIMBLECOMB, John a.1623
BRIMBLECOMB, Mary a.1647
BRIMBLECOMB, Phillip a.1651
BRIMBLECOMB, Richard a.1621
BRIMBLECOMB, Richard b.1645


BRINKERHOFF, George b.1743


BRINKHAM, Cornelius b.1668


BRINKLOWE, Hugh b.1528


BRINSMEAD, Jane b.1617
BRINSMEAD, Mary b.1640


BRINTNALL, Esther b.1722


BRIONNE, Baldwin FitzGilbert de Sheriff of Devon b.1025
BRIONNE, Elisee de b.1050
BRIONNE, Gilbert de Count of Brionne b.1000
BRIONNE, Godfrey de Count of Brionne b.956


BRIOUDE, N.N. de b.970


BRIQUEBEC, Etemberge de b.930


BRISCOE, Abigail b.1684
BRISCOE, Dinah a.1689
BRISCOE, James a.1649
BRISCOE, James b.1673
BRISCOE, John a.1687
BRISCOE, Mary b.1675
BRISCOE, Nathaniel b.1618
BRISCOE, Nathaniel a.1647
BRISCOE, Robert b.1665
BRISCOE, Samuel b.1678
BRISCOE, Sarah b.1681


BRISTOL, Abigail b.1666
BRISTOL, Ann b.1750
BRISTOL, Esther b.1720
BRISTOL, Henry b.1625
BRISTOL, John b.1718
BRISTOL, Samuel b.1679


BRISTOW, Jane b.1555


BRITO, Cecily de b.1134


BRITTON, James b.1598


BRIWERE, Alice de b.1184
BRIWERE, Grace de b.1182
BRIWERE, Henry de b.1114
BRIWERE, Isabel de b.1180
BRIWERE, Joan de b.1192
BRIWERE, Margaret de b.1178
BRIWERE, N.N. de b.1120
BRIWERE, Richard de b.1176
BRIWERE, William de b.1188
BRIWERE, William de Sheriff of Devon b.1145


BRIWES, John de Knight b.1180


BRIX, Julia b.1833


BROADLEY, Anne a.1566
BROADLEY, Eden a.1564
BROADLEY, John a.1561
BROADLEY, John b.1515
BROADLEY, John b.1475
BROADLEY, Joseph a.1571
BROADLEY, Margaret a.1553
BROADLEY, Matthew a.1555
BROADLEY, Michael a.1558
BROADLEY, Richard b.1510
BROADLEY, Samuel a.1569
BROADLEY, Thomas b.1450
BROADLEY, William b.1505


BROBURY, Margaret de b.1350


BROC, Alice de b.1166
BROC, Clemence de b.1175
BROC, Edeline de b.1168
BROC, Eustace de b.1108
BROC, Eve de b.1133
BROC, Lucy de b.1170
BROC, Ranulf de Knight b.1140
BROC, Robert de Knight b.1164
BROC, Sybil de b.1172


BROCAS, Elizabeth b.1576
BROCAS, Elizabeth b.1426
BROCAS, William b.1401
BROCAS, William Esquire b.1620


BROCHWEL, N.N. ferch


BROCK, Agnes b.1478
BROCK, Anne a.1548
BROCK, Anne a.1637
BROCK, Eleanor b.1503
BROCK, Elizabeth a.1625
BROCK, Henry b.1590
BROCK, Joan b.1476
BROCK, Joan b.1512
BROCK, John b.1506
BROCK, John b.1474
BROCK, John b.1535
BROCK, John a.1620
BROCK, Lettyce b.1538
BROCK, Letyce b.1509
BROCK, Mary a.1622
BROCK, Nicholas a.1546
BROCK, Robert b.1500
BROCK, Roger a.1540
BROCK, Thomas b.1448
BROCK, Thomas b.1532
BROCK, William a.1544


BROCKETT, Abigail b.1650
BROCKETT, Anne b.1563
BROCKETT, Be Fruitful b.1645
BROCKETT, Benjamin b.1648
BROCKETT, Benjamin b.1645
BROCKETT, Earl Clark b.1887
BROCKETT, Elizabeth b.1569
BROCKETT, Frances b.1583
BROCKETT, Hannah b.1678
BROCKETT, Helen b.1572
BROCKETT, Jabez b.1654
BROCKETT, John b.1566
BROCKETT, John Knight b.1538
BROCKETT, John b.1672
BROCKETT, John a.1643
BROCKETT, John b.1609
BROCKETT, Margaret b.1560
BROCKETT, Mary b.1575
BROCKETT, Mary b.1675
BROCKETT, Mary b.1646
BROCKETT, N.N. b.1671
BROCKETT, Samuel b.1652
BROCKETT, Silence b.1648


BROCKHILL, Juliana b.1407
BROCKHILL, Richard b.1382


BROCKLEBANK, Elizabeth b.1660
BROCKLEBANK, Hannah b.1659
BROCKLEBANK, John b.1658
BROCKLEBANK, John b.1630
BROCKLEBANK, Mary b.1707
BROCKLEBANK, Sarah b.1688
BROCKLEBANK, Sarah b.1664


BROCKSEIPER, Katherine Louise b.1878


BROCKWAY, Hannah b.1664


BRODELEGH, Henry b.1425
BRODELEGH, Henry de b.1280
BRODELEGH, Henry de Constable of Halifax b.1345
BRODELEGH, John b.1415
BRODELEGH, John de Constable of Hipperholme b.1367
BRODELEGH, John de Constable of Ovenden b.1320
BRODELEGH, John de b.1380
BRODELEGH, William Constable of Yorkshire b.1420
BRODELEGH, William de b.1240


BROGRAVE, Anne b.1568
BROGRAVE, Henry b.1574
BROGRAVE, Henry Esquire b.1541
BROGRAVE, John Knight b.1573
BROGRAVE, Mary a.1567


BROKE, Robert Knight a.1622


BROKESBY, Robert Esquire b.1460
BROKESBY, William b.1385


BROMAGE, Elizabeth b.1781


BROME, Agnes b.1448
BROME, Anne b.1459
BROME, Constance b.1478
BROME, Edward Esquire b.1505
BROME, Elizabeth b.1442
BROME, Elizabeth b.1507
BROME, Isabel b.1476
BROME, Isabel b.1440
BROME, Jane b.1446
BROME, John b.1453
BROME, John Esquire b.1415
BROME, Katherine b.1522
BROME, Nicholas Esquire b.1450
BROME, Thomas b.1444


BROMFIELD, Edward Esquire b.1649
BROMFIELD, Elizabeth b.1679


BROMFLETE, Edward b.1393
BROMFLETE, Henry Lord Vescy b.1391
BROMFLETE, Joan b.1389
BROMFLETE, Margaret b.1436
BROMFLETE, Thomas Knight b.1396
BROMFLETE, Thomas Knight b.1367


BROMHALL, Alice de b.1352
BROMHALL, Cecily de b.1302
BROMHALL, Ellen de b.1350
BROMHALL, Geoffrey de Knight b.1320
BROMHALL, Richard de Knight b.1268
BROMHALL, Richard de b.1317
BROMHALL, Richard de b.1293


BROMLEY, Anne b.1535
BROMLEY, Content b.1740
BROMLEY, John Knight b.1365
BROMLEY, John Knight b.1228
BROMLEY, Margaret b.1393
BROMLEY, Margaret b.1443
BROMLEY, Mary b.1605
BROMLEY, N.N. b.1253
BROMLEY, William b.1392


BROMPTON, Brian de Knight b.1220
BROMPTON, Elizabeth de b.1294


BROMWICH, Isabel de b.1323
BROMWICH, Isabel de b.1346
BROMWICH, Maud b.1389


BRONSDON, Robert b.1638


BRONSON, Abraham a.1647
BRONSON, Albert H. b.1846
BRONSON, Alice a.1584
BRONSON, Alice a.1612
BRONSON, Augusta b.1834
BRONSON, Benjamin F. b.1857
BRONSON, Brevere C. b.1857
BRONSON, Charles H. b.1856
BRONSON, Cornelius a.1609
BRONSON, Daisy Louise b.1878
BRONSON, Dorcas a.1633
BRONSON, Ebenezer b.1688
BRONSON, Edith a.1604
BRONSON, Elizabeth a.1617
BRONSON, Eugene J. b.1859
BRONSON, Eugene J. b.1840
BRONSON, George Washington b.1845
BRONSON, Harvey D. b.1832
BRONSON, Isaac b.1670
BRONSON, Isaac a.1645
BRONSON, Isaac C. b.1853
BRONSON, Jacob b.1640
BRONSON, James Simon b.1848
BRONSON, Jehiel b.1806
BRONSON, John b.1642
BRONSON, John a.1631
BRONSON, John b.1673
BRONSON, John a.1629
BRONSON, John a.1580
BRONSON, John b.1548
BRONSON, John a.1602
BRONSON, John R. b.1867
BRONSON, Joseph b.1682
BRONSON, Lucy b.1875
BRONSON, Lucy Ann b.1842
BRONSON, Mabel S. b.1874
BRONSON, Marian Adelaide b.1869
BRONSON, Martin V. b.1836
BRONSON, Mary b.1680
BRONSON, Mary a.1627
BRONSON, Mary b.1623
BRONSON, Mary E. b.1861
BRONSON, Mercy b.1694
BRONSON, Myrtle E. b.1865
BRONSON, Nancy Jane b.1867
BRONSON, Orrin b.1849
BRONSON, Phebe A. b.1838
BRONSON, Richard a.1615
BRONSON, Roger a.1601
BRONSON, Roger a.1576
BRONSON, Samuel b.1676
BRONSON, Sarah b.1691
BRONSON, Sarah b.1638
BRONSON, Thomas b.1686

Surname List