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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


BOTEREL, Geoffrey I Count of Brittany b.1046
BOTEREL, Geoffrey II Count of Brittany b.1091


BOTETOURTE, Ada de b.1294
BOTETOURTE, Agnes de Nun b.1357
BOTETOURTE, Alice de b.1347
BOTETOURTE, Elizabeth b.1345
BOTETOURTE, Elizabeth de b.1304
BOTETOURTE, Isabel de b.1352
BOTETOURTE, Joan de b.1300
BOTETOURTE, Joan de b.1356
BOTETOURTE, John de b.1362
BOTETOURTE, John de K.B. b.1290
BOTETOURTE, John de Knight b.1322
BOTETOURTE, John I de Lord Botetourte b.1263
BOTETOURTE, John II de Lord Botetourte b.1318
BOTETOURTE, John III de b.1342
BOTETOURTE, Joyce de Baroness Botetourt b.1364
BOTETOURTE, Joyce de b.1350
BOTETOURTE, Katherine de b.1340
BOTETOURTE, Maud de Abbess of Poleswick b.1354
BOTETOURTE, Otes de Knight b.1292
BOTETOURTE, Robert de b.1297
BOTETOURTE, Thomas de Knight b.1288


BOTHAM, Mary b.1534


BOTLEY, Miriam b.1565


BOTREAUX, Alice b.1310
BOTREAUX, Anne b.1387
BOTREAUX, Anne b.1413
BOTREAUX, Elizabeth b.1244
BOTREAUX, Elizabeth b.1342
BOTREAUX, Elizabeth b.1305
BOTREAUX, Emeline b.1302
BOTREAUX, Joan b.1299
BOTREAUX, John b.1374
BOTREAUX, John b.1394
BOTREAUX, John de b.1200
BOTREAUX, Margaret b.1411
BOTREAUX, Margaret b.1345
BOTREAUX, Margaret b.1294
BOTREAUX, Margery b.1296
BOTREAUX, Ralph b.1371
BOTREAUX, Reginald b.1277
BOTREAUX, Reginald Knight b.1205
BOTREAUX, Thomas b.1339
BOTREAUX, Thomas b.1369
BOTREAUX, William b.1415
BOTREAUX, William Lord Botreaux b.1389
BOTREAUX, William Lord Botreaux b.1337
BOTREAUX, William b.1201
BOTREAUX, William Sheriff of Cornwall b.1177
BOTREAUX, William Knight b.1274
BOTREAUX, William Knight b.1242
BOTREAUX, William Lord Botreaux b.1367
BOTREAUX, William Sheriff of Cornwall b.1313


BOTRER, Margaret b.1575


BOTSFORD, Hannah b.1673
BOTSFORD, Miriam b.1702


BOTTENSTEIN, Adelheid von b.1061
BOTTENSTEIN, Boto von b.1026


BOTTINGS, Jonas a.1574


BOTTISHAM, Alice b.1264


BOTTS, Isaac b.1645


BOUCHER, Mary b.1673


BOUCKLAND, Joan de b.1327
BOUCKLAND, Ralph de b.1302


BOUGHTON, Edward b.1559


BOULERS, Baldwin de Lord of Montgomery b.1153
BOULERS, Baldwin de Lord of Montgomery b.1080
BOULERS, Hilaire de b.1109
BOULERS, Margery de b.1114
BOULERS, Maud de b.1111
BOULERS, Robert de Lord of Montgomery b.1150
BOULERS, Stephen de b.1119
BOULERS, Sybil de b.1116


BOULOGNE, Aethelwulf de Count of Boulogne b.892
BOULOGNE, Arnulf I de Count of Boulogne b.922
BOULOGNE, Arnulf II de b.945
BOULOGNE, Arnulf III de b.974
BOULOGNE, Baudouin de Count of Boulogne b.970
BOULOGNE, Baudouin I de King of Jerusalem b.1062
BOULOGNE, Eustace de b.1112
BOULOGNE, Eustace I de Count of Boulogne b.1004
BOULOGNE, Eustace II de Count of Boulogne b.1026
BOULOGNE, Eustace III de Count of Boulogne b.1058
BOULOGNE, Eustace IV de Count of Boulogne b.1121
BOULOGNE, Eustache de b.1139
BOULOGNE, Gerberge de b.1024
BOULOGNE, Godfrey I de King of Jerusalem b.1060
BOULOGNE, Lambert de Count of Lens b.1028
BOULOGNE, Mathilda de b.972
BOULOGNE, Mathilde de b.1103
BOULOGNE, Pharamus de Seigneur de Tingry b.1106
BOULOGNE, Rohese de b.1109
BOULOGNE, Simon de b.1115
BOULOGNE, Sybil de b.1153
BOULOGNE, Thomas de b.1155
BOULOGNE, William de b.1151
BOULOGNE, William de b.1085


BOUNTAIN, Alice b.1494
BOUNTAIN, John Esquire b.1469


BOURBON, Aimon II de b.1075
BOURBON, Archambaud I de b.958
BOURBON, Archambaud II de b.981
BOURBON, Archambaud III "Le Montet" de b.1002
BOURBON, Archambaud IV "Le Fort" de b.1024
BOURBON, Archambaud VII de b.1110
BOURBON, Archambaud VIII de b.1140
BOURBON, Beatrix de b.1218
BOURBON, Ermengarde de b.1056
BOURBON, Henrietta Maria de b.1609
BOURBON, Louis I de Count of Clermont b.1279
BOURBON, Marguerite de b.1214
BOURBON, Maria de b.1220
BOURBON, Matilda de b.1169


BOURBOURG, Baldwin de b.1124
BOURBOURG, Beatrice de b.1122
BOURBOURG, Beatrix de b.1180
BOURBOURG, Gilbert de b.1134
BOURBOURG, Gilbert de b.1102
BOURBOURG, Henry de b.1176
BOURBOURG, Henry de Knight b.1130
BOURBOURG, Henry de Constable of Bourbourg b.1100
BOURBOURG, Maud de Abbess of Bourbourg b.1132
BOURBOURG, Ralph de b.1136
BOURBOURG, Siger de b.1138
BOURBOURG, Sybil de b.1126
BOURBOURG, Theinard de b.1075
BOURBOURG, Walter de b.1128
BOURBOURG, Walter de b.1105
BOURBOURG, Walter de b.1141


BOURCHIER, Anne b.1629
BOURCHIER, Anne Baroness Bourchier b.1509
BOURCHIER, Anne b.1471
BOURCHIER, Blanche b.1443
BOURCHIER, Cecily b.1469
BOURCHIER, Charles b.1575
BOURCHIER, Dorothy b.1626
BOURCHIER, Dorothy b.1502
BOURCHIER, Edward Earl of Bath a.1590
BOURCHIER, Edward b.1442
BOURCHIER, Eleanor b.1416
BOURCHIER, Elizabeth b.1624
BOURCHIER, Elizabeth b.1460
BOURCHIER, Elizabeth b.1500
BOURCHIER, Elizabeth b.1474
BOURCHIER, Elizabeth b.1598
BOURCHIER, Elizabeth b.1399
BOURCHIER, Elizabeth b.1452
BOURCHIER, Frances b.1592
BOURCHIER, Frederic Philip b.1578
BOURCHIER, Fulke b.1445
BOURCHIER, Fulke Lord Fitz Warin b.1445
BOURCHIER, George Knight b.1533
BOURCHIER, Henry Earl of Bath b.1587
BOURCHIER, Henry Earl of Essex b.1471
BOURCHIER, Henry Knight b.1433
BOURCHIER, Henry Earl of Essex b.1405
BOURCHIER, Humphrey Lord Cromwell b.1435
BOURCHIER, Humphrey Knight b.1443
BOURCHIER, Isabel b.1428
BOURCHIER, Jane Baroness Berners b.1494
BOURCHIER, Joan b.1468
BOURCHIER, Joan b.1447
BOURCHIER, John Lord Fitz Warin a.1631
BOURCHIER, John Lord Fitz Warin a.1585
BOURCHIER, John b.1584
BOURCHIER, John Lord Fitz Warin b.1529
BOURCHIER, John Earl of Bath b.1498
BOURCHIER, John K.G. b.1329
BOURCHIER, John b.1449
BOURCHIER, John Lord Berners b.1413
BOURCHIER, John Earl of Bath b.1470
BOURCHIER, John Knight b.1437
BOURCHIER, John Lord Berners b.1467
BOURCHIER, Margaret b.1497
BOURCHIER, Margaret b.1419
BOURCHIER, Margaret b.1469
BOURCHIER, Mary b.1492
BOURCHIER, Robert Lord Fitz Warin a.1587
BOURCHIER, Thomas b.1581
BOURCHIER, Thomas Knight b.1440
BOURCHIER, Thomas Knight b.1445
BOURCHIER, Thomas Archbishop of Canterbury b.1407
BOURCHIER, William Earl of Bath b.1557
BOURCHIER, William Viscount Bourchier b.1430
BOURCHIER, William Count of Eu b.1374
BOURCHIER, William Lord Fitz Warin b.1410
BOURCHIER, William de Knight b.1330


BOURDON, Ivetta b.1202


BOURGES, Eldeburge de b.1067
BOURGES, Hervey de b.1052
BOURGES, Hugh de Count of Bourges b.855
BOURGES, Isilia de b.1077
BOURGES, Tetrisca de b.880


BOURGOGNE, Jean IV de Duke of Brabant b.1403


BOURKE, Thomas Esquire b.1639
BOURKE, William Earl of Clanricarde b.1612


BOURNE, Abigail b.1684
BOURNE, Bathsheba b.1686
BOURNE, Bathsheba b.1703
BOURNE, Benjamin b.1733
BOURNE, Eleazer b.1670
BOURNE, Elisha b.1692
BOURNE, Elisha b.1641
BOURNE, Elizabeth b.1679
BOURNE, Elizabeth b.1646
BOURNE, Elizabeth b.1630
BOURNE, Ezra b.1676
BOURNE, Ezra b.1648
BOURNE, Hannah b.1667
BOURNE, Hannah b.1689
BOURNE, Hezekiah b.1675
BOURNE, Job b.1639
BOURNE, John b.1672
BOURNE, John b.1698
BOURNE, Judith a.1557
BOURNE, Margaret a.1606
BOURNE, Martha b.1619
BOURNE, Mary b.1682
BOURNE, Mary b.1678
BOURNE, Melatiah b.1674
BOURNE, Nathan b.1676
BOURNE, Patience b.1686
BOURNE, Remember b.1683
BOURNE, Richard b.1695
BOURNE, Richard a.1611
BOURNE, Samuel b.1697
BOURNE, Sarah b.1697
BOURNE, Sarah b.1681
BOURNE, Shearjashub b.1699
BOURNE, Shearjashub b.1643
BOURNE, Silas b.1701
BOURNE, Sylvanus b.1694
BOURNE, Timothy b.1666


BOURTON, Ada de b.1204
BOURTON, Henry de Knight b.1170
BOURTON, Joan de b.1206
BOURTON, Margaret de b.1128
BOURTON, Maud de b.1208
BOURTON, Richard de b.1130
BOURTON, Robert de b.1100
BOURTON, William de b.1165


BOUTIN, Jean Francois b.1730


BOUTON, Bridget b.1642
BOUTON, John b.1683
BOUTON, John b.1636
BOUTON, John b.1606
BOUTON, Richard b.1639
BOUTON, Ruth b.1665


BOVES, Dreux de b.1010
BOVES, Hugh de b.985


BOVILL, John de Knight b.1300
BOVILL, Margaret de b.1322
BOVILL, Margery de b.1302
BOVILL, Nichola b.1305
BOVILL, Robert de b.1325
BOVILL, William de Knight b.1275


BOWDEN, Abraham b.1683
BOWDEN, Margaret b.1575
BOWDEN, Michael b.1649
BOWDEN, William b.1610


BOWEN, Abigail b.1722
BOWEN, Elizabeth b.1706
BOWEN, Experience b.1720
BOWEN, Israel b.1805
BOWEN, James b.1680
BOWEN, Lydia b.1704
BOWEN, Margaret b.1629
BOWEN, Mary b.1653
BOWEN, Mary b.1713
BOWEN, Mary b.1636
BOWEN, Obadiah b.1708
BOWEN, Patience b.1716
BOWEN, Tabitha b.1711
BOWEN, Thomas b.1625


BOWER, John b.1562
BOWER, Ruth b.1618


BOWERS, Ann b.1562
BOWERS, Hannah b.1671
BOWERS, James b.1535
BOWERS, John b.1620
BOWERS, Samuel a.1665


BOWES, Agnes b.1549
BOWES, Anne b.1539
BOWES, Anne b.1462
BOWES, Anne b.1510
BOWES, Bridget b.1537
BOWES, Christopher b.1529
BOWES, Elizabeth b.1547
BOWES, Elizabeth b.1543
BOWES, Elizabeth b.1448
BOWES, Francis b.1531
BOWES, George b.1555
BOWES, George Knight b.1527
BOWES, George Knight b.1516
BOWES, Henry b.1557
BOWES, Henry b.1454
BOWES, Isabel b.1458
BOWES, Jane b.1541
BOWES, Joan b.1596
BOWES, John b.1478
BOWES, Katherine b.1446
BOWES, Margaret b.1460
BOWES, Margery b.1482
BOWES, Margery b.1456
BOWES, Margery b.1507
BOWES, Marjory b.1533
BOWES, Muriel b.1545
BOWES, Ralph b.1525
BOWES, Ralph Knight b.1450
BOWES, Ralph Knight b.1480
BOWES, Richard Esquire b.1488
BOWES, Robert b.1553
BOWES, Robert Knight b.1485
BOWES, Robert b.1444
BOWES, Robert b.1535
BOWES, Thomas b.1452
BOWES, William Knight b.1551
BOWES, William b.1442
BOWES, William Knight b.1414
BOWES, William Knight b.1392


BOWET, Elizabeth b.1411
BOWET, William Knight b.1384


BOWKER, Antipas b.1733
BOWKER, Asa b.1754
BOWKER, Asa b.1691
BOWKER, Bathsheba b.1709
BOWKER, Benjamin b.1740
BOWKER, Betty b.1735
BOWKER, Comfort b.1747
BOWKER, Damaris b.1742
BOWKER, Dorothy b.1737
BOWKER, Eber b.1759
BOWKER, Edmund b.1661
BOWKER, Edmund b.1625
BOWKER, Elizabeth b.1659
BOWKER, Ellen b.1657
BOWKER, Ephraim b.1740
BOWKER, Ezekiel b.1746
BOWKER, Ezekiel b.1693
BOWKER, Ezra b.1684
BOWKER, Hannah b.1699
BOWKER, Hasadiah b.1734
BOWKER, Hasadiah b.1752
BOWKER, Ithimer b.1750
BOWKER, John b.1736
BOWKER, John b.1705
BOWKER, John b.1679
BOWKER, John b.1655
BOWKER, Jonathan b.1756
BOWKER, Josiah b.1736
BOWKER, Josiah b.1707
BOWKER, Martha b.1686
BOWKER, Mary b.1665
BOWKER, Mary b.1686
BOWKER, N.N. b.1681
BOWKER, N.N. b.1698
BOWKER, N.N. b.1695
BOWKER, Persis b.1744
BOWKER, Phebe b.1745
BOWKER, Prudence b.1743
BOWKER, Rachel b.1702
BOWKER, Rebecca b.1688
BOWKER, Sarah b.1738
BOWKER, Silas b.1733
BOWKER, Solomon b.1743
BOWKER, Tabitha b.1749


BOWLES, Elizabeth b.1825
BOWLES, Elizabeth Wallace b.1829
BOWLES, Hannah Crocker b.1827
BOWLES, Jane b.1496
BOWLES, Joan b.1507
BOWLES, John Eliot b.1842
BOWLES, Lewis b.1504
BOWLES, Lucy Burrall b.1845
BOWLES, Margaret b.1502
BOWLES, Mary b.1520
BOWLES, Mary Helen b.1833
BOWLES, Stephen Jones b.1831
BOWLES, Stephen Jones b.1793
BOWLES, Stephen Wallace b.1835
BOWLES, Thomas Knight b.1500
BOWLES, Thomas Knight b.1470
BOWLES, Walter b.1498


BOWMAN, Dorcas b.1645
BOWMAN, John b.1779
BOWMAN, Susanna b.1737


BOWSER, Abigail a.1592
BOWSER, Thomas b.1597


BOWTELL, James b.1584


BOWYER, Margaret b.1558
BOWYER, William Knight a.1558
BOWYER, William Gentleman b.1519


BOYCE, Dorothy b.1663
BOYCE, Joseph a.1645


BOYD, Alan b.1312
BOYD, Alexander b.1449
BOYD, Alexander Knight b.1423
BOYD, Annabella b.1456
BOYD, Annabella b.1421
BOYD, Archibald b.1453
BOYD, Catherine b.1483
BOYD, Elizabeth b.1451
BOYD, Elizabeth b.1481
BOYD, James b.1315
BOYD, Janet b.1479
BOYD, John b.1736
BOYD, Margaret b.1477
BOYD, Margaret b.1396
BOYD, Marion b.1426
BOYD, N.N. b.1394
BOYD, Robert b.1346
BOYD, Robert Lord Boyd b.1419
BOYD, Robert Knight b.1185
BOYD, Robert Knight b.1220
BOYD, Robert b.1250
BOYD, Robert Knight b.1280
BOYD, Robert Knight b.1343
BOYD, Thomas Earl of Arran b.1447
BOYD, Thomas Knight b.1310
BOYD, Thomas Knight b.1392
BOYD, Thomas Knight b.1342
BOYD, Thomas Lord of Kilmarnock b.1370
BOYD, William b.1344
BOYD, William Abbot of Kilwinning b.1398


BOYDEN, Jonathan b.1729
BOYDEN, Lydia b.1736
BOYDEN, Mary b.1677
BOYDEN, Thomas b.1613


BOYETTE, Samuel Thomas b.1863


BOYLE, Anne b.1648
BOYLE, Charles Lord Clifford a.1639
BOYLE, Elizabeth b.1641
BOYLE, Frances b.1637
BOYLE, Francis Viscount Shannon b.1623
BOYLE, Francis b.1635
BOYLE, Henrietta b.1645
BOYLE, Richard b.1643
BOYLE, Richard Earl of Burlington b.1612
BOYLE, Stephen Esquire b.1531


BOYLSTON, Elizabeth b.1640
BOYLSTON, Susanna b.1709


BOYNTON, Abiel b.1705
BOYNTON, Ann b.1673
BOYNTON, Benjamin b.1725
BOYNTON, Benjamin b.1700
BOYNTON, Bridget b.1702
BOYNTON, Bridget b.1735
BOYNTON, Bridget b.1697
BOYNTON, Caleb b.1650
BOYNTON, David b.1712
BOYNTON, Edna b.1712
BOYNTON, Elizabeth b.1714
BOYNTON, Ephraim b.1707
BOYNTON, Hannah b.1682
BOYNTON, Hannah b.1654
BOYNTON, Henry Esquire b.1451
BOYNTON, Ichabod b.1677
BOYNTON, Isabella b.1654
BOYNTON, Jane b.1678
BOYNTON, Joan b.1448
BOYNTON, John b.1731
BOYNTON, John b.1647
BOYNTON, John b.1614
BOYNTON, Joseph b.1728
BOYNTON, Joseph b.1698
BOYNTON, Joseph b.1645
BOYNTON, Joseph b.1670
BOYNTON, Joshua b.1646
BOYNTON, Joshua a.1717
BOYNTON, Martha b.1726
BOYNTON, Mary a.1731
BOYNTON, Mary b.1739
BOYNTON, Mercy b.1651
BOYNTON, Nathaniel b.1694
BOYNTON, Richard b.1675
BOYNTON, Samuel b.1660
BOYNTON, Sarah b.1672
BOYNTON, Sarah b.1693
BOYNTON, Sarah b.1658
BOYNTON, Stephen b.1732
BOYNTON, William b.1737
BOYNTON, Zaccheus b.1710
BOYNTON, Zechariah b.1689


BOYS, Edward b.1528
BOYS, John b.1458
BOYS, Margaret b.1483


BOYSE, Joanna b.1616


BOYVILL, John Knight b.1370


BOZUM, Thomas Esquire b.1365


BRABANT, Aleidis von b.1193
BRABANT, Henri I von Duke of Brabant b.1165
BRABANT, Henri II von Duke of Brabant b.1197
BRABANT, Henri III von Duke of Brabant b.1233
BRABANT, Henri IV von Duke of Brabant b.1253
BRABANT, Jean I von b.1255
BRABANT, Jean II von Duke of Brabant b.1275
BRABANT, Marguerite von b.1191
BRABANT, Marie von b.1230
BRABANT, Marie von b.1195
BRABANT, Marie von b.1257
BRABANT, Mathilde von b.1228
BRABANT, Mechtild von b.1201


BRABAZON, Anne b.1545
BRABAZON, Anthony b.1551
BRABAZON, Edward Lord Brabazon b.1549
BRABAZON, Elizabeth b.1547
BRABAZON, William Knight b.1504


BRABOURNE, Mary b.1590


BRABROOKE, Katherine b.1599


BRABY, Judith b.1590


BRACEBRIDGE, John de Knight b.1232
BRACEBRIDGE, John de b.1185
BRACEBRIDGE, Maud de b.1234
BRACEBRIDGE, Peter de b.1160
BRACEBRIDGE, Ralph de b.1355
BRACEBRIDGE, Ralph de Knight b.1205
BRACEBRIDGE, Richard b.1423
BRACEBRIDGE, William de b.1188


BRACHAN, Gwawr ferch b.513


BRACI, Audulf I de b.1137
BRACI, Audulf II de b.1161
BRACI, Mesceline de b.1163


BRACKENBURY, Elizabeth b.1629


BRACKETT, Abigail b.1670
BRACKETT, Bathsheba b.1672
BRACKETT, Bethiah b.1674
BRACKETT, Edmond b.1542
BRACKETT, Edward a.1603
BRACKETT, Elizabeth b.1663
BRACKETT, Elizabeth b.1664
BRACKETT, Elizabeth b.1671
BRACKETT, Ellen b.1595
BRACKETT, George b.1517
BRACKETT, Hannah b.1662
BRACKETT, Hannah a.1635
BRACKETT, Hannah b.1656
BRACKETT, James b.1645
BRACKETT, John a.1637
BRACKETT, John b.1641
BRACKETT, Jonathan b.1668
BRACKETT, Jonathan a.1616
BRACKETT, Joseph b.1642
BRACKETT, Josiah a.1652
BRACKETT, Marah b.1674
BRACKETT, Margaret b.1548
BRACKETT, Margaret a.1544
BRACKETT, Margery a.1583
BRACKETT, Mary b.1680
BRACKETT, Mary b.1666
BRACKETT, Mary a.1641
BRACKETT, Mary b.1653
BRACKETT, Maud a.1560
BRACKETT, Nathaniel b.1649
BRACKETT, Peter a.1637
BRACKETT, Peter b.1585
BRACKETT, Peter b.1608
BRACKETT, Priscilla b.1646
BRACKETT, Rachel b.1669
BRACKETT, Rachel a.1639
BRACKETT, Rachel a.1614
BRACKETT, Richard a.1610
BRACKETT, Richard b.1579
BRACKETT, Richard b.1551
BRACKETT, Robert a.1593
BRACKETT, Rose b.1581
BRACKETT, Ruth b.1660
BRACKETT, Samuel b.1673
BRACKETT, Sarah b.1667
BRACKETT, Sarah b.1648
BRACKETT, Sarah b.1651
BRACKETT, Susan a.1545
BRACKETT, Thomas b.1520
BRACKETT, Tobias b.1588
BRACKETT, Vernon Kelley b.1885
BRACKETT, William b.1490
BRACKETT, William b.1554
BRACKETT, William b.1515


BRACY, Joan de b.1405
BRACY, Robert de Knight b.1262
BRACY, Robert de Knight b.1310
BRACY, William de Lord of Madresfield b.1225
BRACY, William de Knight b.1285
BRACY, William de Knight b.1340
BRACY, William de Esquire b.1374


BRADBURY, Alice a.1572
BRADBURY, Ann b.1656
BRADBURY, Ann b.1666
BRADBURY, Ann b.1702
BRADBURY, Anne b.1582
BRADBURY, Anne a.1609
BRADBURY, Barbara b.1541
BRADBURY, Bridget b.1580
BRADBURY, Elizabeth b.1651
BRADBURY, George b.1455
BRADBURY, Henry b.1576
BRADBURY, Henry b.1459
BRADBURY, Jabez b.1658
BRADBURY, Jabez b.1693
BRADBURY, Jacob b.1677
BRADBURY, Jacob b.1647
BRADBURY, Jane a.1606
BRADBURY, Jane b.1645
BRADBURY, Jane b.1473
BRADBURY, Jerusha b.1711
BRADBURY, John b.1654
BRADBURY, John b.1697
BRADBURY, Josiah b.1704
BRADBURY, Judith b.1638
BRADBURY, Maria a.1708
BRADBURY, Mary b.1643
BRADBURY, Matthew Esquire b.1507
BRADBURY, Matthew b.1570
BRADBURY, Philippa b.1504
BRADBURY, Philippa b.1465
BRADBURY, Robert b.1400
BRADBURY, Robert b.1448
BRADBURY, Rowland b.1699
BRADBURY, Sarah b.1662
BRADBURY, Theophilus b.1706
BRADBURY, Thomas b.1584
BRADBURY, Thomas b.1578
BRADBURY, Thomas b.1546
BRADBURY, Thomas b.1674
BRADBURY, Thomas b.1641
BRADBURY, Thomas a.1611
BRADBURY, Thomas Rector of Messing b.1427
BRADBURY, Thomas Lord Mayor of London b.1451
BRADBURY, William b.1476
BRADBURY, William b.1502
BRADBURY, William a.1607
BRADBURY, William Esquire b.1544
BRADBURY, William b.1672
BRADBURY, William b.1649
BRADBURY, William b.1424
BRADBURY, William b.1759
BRADBURY, Wymond a.1574
BRADBURY, Wymond b.1637
BRADBURY, Wymond b.1669
BRADBURY, Wymond b.1695


BRADEEN, Bryant b.1635
BRADEEN, Bryant b.1707
BRADEEN, Elizabeth b.1658
BRADEEN, Elizabeth b.1695
BRADEEN, Hannah b.1666
BRADEEN, James b.1703
BRADEEN, James b.1662
BRADEEN, John b.1712
BRADEEN, Joseph b.1660
BRADEEN, Lucy b.1715
BRADEEN, Martha b.1709
BRADEEN, Mary b.1669
BRADEEN, Mary b.1705
BRADEEN, Nathaniel b.1677
BRADEEN, Peter b.1672
BRADEEN, Peter b.1698
BRADEEN, Samuel b.1671
BRADEEN, Sarah b.1700


BRADELEY, Gila de b.1139
BRADELEY, Henry de b.1147
BRADELEY, John de b.1180
BRADELEY, Richard de b.1145
BRADELEY, Robert de b.1143
BRADELEY, Swain de b.1137
BRADELEY, Torfin de b.1141
BRADELEY, William de b.1135
BRADELEY, William de b.1210


BRADESTON, Thomas de Knight b.1300


BRADFORD, John b.1615
BRADFORD, Martha a.1645
BRADFORD, Melatiah b.1664
BRADFORD, Thomas b.1697


BRADHULL, Richard b.1405


BRADHURST, Hannah b.1682


BRADLEY, Abbie Irene b.1866
BRADLEY, Abiah b.1714
BRADLEY, Abigail b.1745
BRADLEY, Abigail b.1708
BRADLEY, Abigail b.1671
BRADLEY, Abner b.1696
BRADLEY, Abraham b.1720
BRADLEY, Abraham b.1674
BRADLEY, Abraham a.1621
BRADLEY, Abraham b.1693
BRADLEY, Abraham b.1650
BRADLEY, Adella b.1875
BRADLEY, Agnes b.1543
BRADLEY, Agnes a.1608
BRADLEY, Alexander b.1737
BRADLEY, Almira M. b.1820
BRADLEY, Amos b.1712
BRADLEY, Andrew b.1778
BRADLEY, Ann b.1748
BRADLEY, Anna b.1702
BRADLEY, Anna b.1614
BRADLEY, Anne b.1555
BRADLEY, Arthur b.1583
BRADLEY, Ashbel b.1787
BRADLEY, Barbara b.1642
BRADLEY, Benedict b.1783
BRADLEY, Benjamin b.1692
BRADLEY, Benjamin b.1657
BRADLEY, Betsy a.1768
BRADLEY, Caleb a.1700
BRADLEY, Catherine b.1816
BRADLEY, Clifford E. b.1853
BRADLEY, Daniel b.1728
BRADLEY, Daniel b.1670
BRADLEY, Daniel a.1636
BRADLEY, Daniel a.1613
BRADLEY, Daniel a.1589
BRADLEY, Daniel b.1706
BRADLEY, Daniel b.1678
BRADLEY, David b.1728
BRADLEY, Desire b.1690
BRADLEY, Desire b.1725
BRADLEY, Ebenezer b.1689
BRADLEY, Edgar Wheeler b.1919
BRADLEY, Edgar Wheeler b.1893
BRADLEY, Eli b.1781
BRADLEY, Elisha a.1776
BRADLEY, Elisha b.1732
BRADLEY, Eliza A. b.1826
BRADLEY, Elizabeth b.1678
BRADLEY, Elizabeth b.1557
BRADLEY, Elizabeth b.1620
BRADLEY, Elizabeth b.1671
BRADLEY, Elizabeth Ann b.1789
BRADLEY, Ellen b.1618
BRADLEY, Ellen a.1632
BRADLEY, Elmer Wells b.1867
BRADLEY, Emma L. b.1860
BRADLEY, Ercel Mae b.1915
BRADLEY, Esther a.1626
BRADLEY, Esther b.1659
BRADLEY, Esther b.1696
BRADLEY, Esther a.1772
BRADLEY, Francis Gentleman b.1639
BRADLEY, Francis b.1578
BRADLEY, Hannah b.1682
BRADLEY, Hannah b.1817
BRADLEY, Hannah b.1664
BRADLEY, Hannah b.1682
BRADLEY, Hannah b.1716
BRADLEY, Harold Wheeler Sr. b.1910
BRADLEY, Hezekiah b.1731
BRADLEY, Hezekiah b.1735
BRADLEY, Huldah b.1741
BRADLEY, Irene b.1819
BRADLEY, Isaac b.1722
BRADLEY, Israel b.1727
BRADLEY, Jabez b.1733
BRADLEY, James b.1688
BRADLEY, Jesse b.1736
BRADLEY, Joel b.1738
BRADLEY, John b.1674
BRADLEY, Jonathan b.1701
BRADLEY, Jonathan b.1711
BRADLEY, Joseph b.1707
BRADLEY, Joseph b.1677
BRADLEY, Joseph a.1646
BRADLEY, Joshua a.1634
BRADLEY, Josiah b.1735
BRADLEY, Leticia b.1622
BRADLEY, Lillie b.1873
BRADLEY, Lovice b.1812
BRADLEY, Lucretia b.1742
BRADLEY, Lucretia S. b.1831
BRADLEY, Lucy b.1775
BRADLEY, Lula J. b.1885
BRADLEY, Lydia b.1725
BRADLEY, Lydia b.1715
BRADLEY, Lydia b.1685
BRADLEY, Mabel b.1723
BRADLEY, Mabel b.1729
BRADLEY, Magdalena b.1618
BRADLEY, Margaret b.1541
BRADLEY, Margaret de b.1189
BRADLEY, Maria b.1814
BRADLEY, Martha b.1722
BRADLEY, Martha b.1683
BRADLEY, Martha a.1648
BRADLEY, Mary b.1687
BRADLEY, Mary b.1717
BRADLEY, Mary b.1674
BRADLEY, Mary b.1621
BRADLEY, Mary a.1624
BRADLEY, Mary b.1653
BRADLEY, Mary J. b.1849
BRADLEY, Matthew b.1595
BRADLEY, Matthew a.1616
BRADLEY, Melissa b.1771
BRADLEY, Michael b.1581
BRADLEY, Michael a.1619
BRADLEY, Miriam b.1698
BRADLEY, Moses b.1721
BRADLEY, N.N. b.1669
BRADLEY, N.N. b.1616
BRADLEY, N.N. b.1857
BRADLEY, Nathan a.1638
BRADLEY, Nathaniel b.1701
BRADLEY, Nathaniel b.1661
BRADLEY, Phebe b.1717
BRADLEY, Philemon b.1748
BRADLEY, Philo b.1824
BRADLEY, Philo b.1791
BRADLEY, Polly b.1761
BRADLEY, Rebecca b.1771
BRADLEY, Rebecca b.1747
BRADLEY, Richard b.1547
BRADLEY, Rola E. b.1898
BRADLEY, Ruth b.1720
BRADLEY, Ruth b.1691
BRADLEY, Samuel b.1734
BRADLEY, Samuel b.1701
BRADLEY, Samuel b.1707
BRADLEY, Samuel b.1680
BRADLEY, Samuel a.1591
BRADLEY, Sarah b.1709
BRADLEY, Sarah b.1680
BRADLEY, Sarah b.1729
BRADLEY, Sarah b.1726
BRADLEY, Sarah b.1676
BRADLEY, Sarah b.1667
BRADLEY, Sarah b.1587
BRADLEY, Sarah b.1665
BRADLEY, Sarah b.1710
BRADLEY, Sarah b.1730
BRADLEY, Sarah b.1751
BRADLEY, Sarah b.1785
BRADLEY, Savile b.1636
BRADLEY, Stephen b.1668
BRADLEY, Stephen a.1642
BRADLEY, Stephen b.1726
BRADLEY, Stephen b.1703
BRADLEY, Stephen b.1779
BRADLEY, Stephen b.1745
BRADLEY, Susanna b.1684
BRADLEY, Thankful b.1704
BRADLEY, Thomas b.1633
BRADLEY, Thomas Rector of Ackworth b.1599
BRADLEY, Thomas b.1615
BRADLEY, Thomas b.1549
BRADLEY, Thomas a.1593
BRADLEY, Tyrus b.1773
BRADLEY, Uri b.1794
BRADLEY, Walter E. b.1891
BRADLEY, Walter R. b.1877
BRADLEY, Wells Albert b.1846
BRADLEY, Wells Albert b.1822
BRADLEY, Wesley A. b.1888
BRADLEY, Wilford b.1862
BRADLEY, William b.1730
BRADLEY, William a.1585
BRADLEY, William b.1545
BRADLEY, William a.1610


BRADMAN, Pollythea b.1800


BRADSHAGH, Alice b.1431
BRADSHAGH, Cecilia b.1345
BRADSHAGH, Elizabeth b.1403
BRADSHAGH, Hugh Knight b.1350
BRADSHAGH, John b.1300
BRADSHAGH, John b.1277
BRADSHAGH, John Knight b.1250
BRADSHAGH, N.N. b.1231
BRADSHAGH, Richard b.1295
BRADSHAGH, Roger b.1320
BRADSHAGH, Thomas Knight b.1347
BRADSHAGH, Thomas b.1297
BRADSHAGH, Thomas Knight b.1274
BRADSHAGH, Thomas b.1215
BRADSHAGH, William Knight b.1272
BRADSHAGH, William Knight b.1378


BRADSHAW, Alexander b.1582
BRADSHAW, Bridget b.1535
BRADSHAW, Grace b.1595
BRADSHAW, Henry de Knight b.1340
BRADSHAW, James a.1613
BRADSHAW, Jane b.1548
BRADSHAW, Janet de b.1365
BRADSHAW, John Gentleman b.1586
BRADSHAW, John a.1564


BRADSTREET, Aaron a.1679
BRADSTREET, Ann b.1679
BRADSTREET, Anne b.1670
BRADSTREET, Anne b.1665
BRADSTREET, Bridget a.1676
BRADSTREET, Bridget b.1603
BRADSTREET, Dorothy a.1691
BRADSTREET, Dorothy b.1635
BRADSTREET, Dudley b.1647
BRADSTREET, Elizabeth b.1664
BRADSTREET, Elizabeth b.1667
BRADSTREET, Hannah b.1643
BRADSTREET, Hannah a.1673
BRADSTREET, Hannah b.1625
BRADSTREET, Humphrey a.1669
BRADSTREET, John b.1694
BRADSTREET, John b.1652
BRADSTREET, John b.1662
BRADSTREET, Margaret b.1696
BRADSTREET, Martha b.1632
BRADSTREET, Mercy b.1650
BRADSTREET, Mercy b.1667
BRADSTREET, Mercy a.1689
BRADSTREET, Moses b.1665
BRADSTREET, Moses b.1643
BRADSTREET, Nathaniel a.1671
BRADSTREET, Samuel b.1699
BRADSTREET, Samuel b.1632
BRADSTREET, Samuel a.1687
BRADSTREET, Samuel a.1682
BRADSTREET, Samuel a.1675
BRADSTREET, Sarah b.1685
BRADSTREET, Sarah b.1638
BRADSTREET, Simon b.1682
BRADSTREET, Simon b.1640
BRADSTREET, Simon a.1604
BRADSTREET, Simon b.1669


BRADWALL, Richard de b.1292


BRADY, Claude Cleveland b.1886
BRADY, Hugh b.1520


BRAGDON, Jeremiah b.1684
BRAGDON, Joseph b.1694
BRAGDON, Mary b.1675
BRAGDON, Patience b.1678
BRAGDON, Ruth b.1691
BRAGDON, Samuel b.1647
BRAGDON, Samuel b.1673
BRAGDON, Sarah b.1681


BRAIE, Emma de b.1179
BRAIE, Fulke de b.1154


BRAILSFORD, Aitrop de b.1175
BRAILSFORD, Elizabeth de b.1255
BRAILSFORD, Engenulph de b.1208
BRAILSFORD, Hawise de b.1204
BRAILSFORD, Henry de b.1136
BRAILSFORD, Henry de b.1173
BRAILSFORD, Henry de Knight b.1251
BRAILSFORD, Henry de Knight b.1206
BRAILSFORD, Hugh de b.1142
BRAILSFORD, Hugh de Rector of Dronfield b.1177
BRAILSFORD, Isabel de b.1138
BRAILSFORD, Katherine de b.1290
BRAILSFORD, Nichola de b.1110
BRAILSFORD, Nicholas de b.1171
BRAILSFORD, Ralph de Knight b.1285
BRAILSFORD, Robert de b.1140
BRAILSFORD, Robert de b.1253
BRAILSFORD, Roger de b.1287
BRAILSFORD, Roger de b.1212
BRAILSFORD, Serlo de b.1215
BRAILSFORD, William de b.1210


BRAINARD, Caleb b.1675
BRAINARD, Daniel b.1666
BRAINARD, Daniel b.1641
BRAINARD, Elijah b.1678
BRAINARD, Hannah b.1667
BRAINARD, Hezekiah b.1681
BRAINARD, James b.1725
BRAINARD, James b.1669
BRAINARD, Joshua b.1671
BRAINARD, William b.1674


BRAINE, Agnes de b.1079
BRAINE, Piers "Mauclerc" de Earl of Richmond b.1191


BRAITHWAITE, Isabel b.1563


BRAMPTON, Alice b.1420
BRAMPTON, Amy b.1545
BRAMPTON, Andrew Esquire b.1340
BRAMPTON, Ann b.1456
BRAMPTON, Elizabeth b.1454
BRAMPTON, Emma b.1422
BRAMPTON, James b.1375
BRAMPTON, Jane b.1429
BRAMPTON, John b.1372
BRAMPTON, John b.1452
BRAMPTON, John b.1407
BRAMPTON, John de b.1136
BRAMPTON, Margaret b.1424
BRAMPTON, Peter b.1283
BRAMPTON, Robert b.1369
BRAMPTON, Robert b.1395
BRAMPTON, Thomas Esquire b.1426
BRAMPTON, William b.1310
BRAMPTON, William b.1388
BRAMPTON, William b.1411
BRAMPTON, William Sheriff of London b.1340

Surname List