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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


BLOIS, Almodis of b.1020
BLOIS, Baldwin of b.1126
BLOIS, Elizabeth of b.1130
BLOIS, Emma of b.1075
BLOIS, Emma of b.952
BLOIS, Eudes I of b.950
BLOIS, Eudes II of Count of Blois b.990
BLOIS, Eudes IV of Count of Troyes b.1061
BLOIS, Hildegarde of b.954
BLOIS, Hugh I of Count of Troyes b.1065
BLOIS, Mahaut of b.1135
BLOIS, Marie of b.1128
BLOIS, Mary of Abbess of Romsey b.1139
BLOIS, Matilda of b.1134
BLOIS, N.N. of b.670
BLOIS, Philippe of b.1063
BLOIS, Robert of Viscount of Blois b.1075
BLOIS, Stephen of Count of Blois b.1045
BLOIS, Stephen of King of England b.1092
BLOIS, Thibaut I "le Tricheur" of Count of Blois b.912
BLOIS, Thibaut III of Count of Blois b.1018
BLOIS, Thibaut IV of Count of Blois b.1088
BLOIS, Thibaut V of Count of Blois b.1124
BLOIS, William of Earl of Surrey b.1131


BLOISE, Richard a.1622


BLOME, John Gentleman b.1578


BLOMER, John Esquire b.1602
BLOMER, Mary a.1634


BLONDIN, Perley E. b.1917


BLOOD, Hannah b.1667
BLOOD, James b.1663
BLOOD, James b.1632
BLOOD, Jonathan b.1679
BLOOD, Joseph b.1681
BLOOD, Mary b.1640
BLOOD, Robert b.1628
BLOOD, Sarah b.1660


BLOSSE, Mrs. Anna b.1600


BLOSSOM, Thomas b.1580


BLOTT, Mary a.1609


BLOUNT, Agnes b.1420
BLOUNT, Agnes le b.1193
BLOUNT, Alice b.1470
BLOUNT, Andrew le Knight b.1225
BLOUNT, Anne b.1556
BLOUNT, Anne b.1386
BLOUNT, Anne b.1457
BLOUNT, Charles Earl of Devonshire b.1562
BLOUNT, Charles Lord Mountjoy b.1516
BLOUNT, Christopher b.1525
BLOUNT, Christopher Knight b.1530
BLOUNT, Constance b.1380
BLOUNT, Edward Lord Mountjoy b.1464
BLOUNT, Edward Knight b.1456
BLOUNT, Elizabeth b.1516
BLOUNT, Elizabeth b.1535
BLOUNT, Elizabeth b.1502
BLOUNT, Elizabeth b.1468
BLOUNT, Elizabeth b.1422
BLOUNT, Galiena le b.1126
BLOUNT, George b.1651
BLOUNT, Gilbert le Baron of Ixworth b.1065
BLOUNT, Hubert le Baron of Ixworth b.1130
BLOUNT, James Knight b.1382
BLOUNT, James b.1635
BLOUNT, John b.1463
BLOUNT, John Knight b.1347
BLOUNT, John Lord Mountjoy b.1450
BLOUNT, John K.G. b.1376
BLOUNT, John le Knight b.1199
BLOUNT, John le Knight b.1306
BLOUNT, Katherine b.1522
BLOUNT, Katherine le b.1250
BLOUNT, Margaret b.1474
BLOUNT, Maria le b.1170
BLOUNT, Peter b.1384
BLOUNT, Peter le Rector of Hanslope b.1266
BLOUNT, Ralph le Lord of Belton b.1229
BLOUNT, Richard b.1452
BLOUNT, Richard Knight b.1345
BLOUNT, Robert b.1455
BLOUNT, Robert le Baron of Ixworth b.1029
BLOUNT, Robert le Knight b.1197
BLOUNT, Roesia le b.1200
BLOUNT, Sancha b.1418
BLOUNT, Sarah b.1575
BLOUNT, Simon Esquire b.1452
BLOUNT, Stephen le Knight b.1166
BLOUNT, Thomas Knight b.1351
BLOUNT, Thomas Sheriff of Derbyshire b.1378
BLOUNT, Thomas Knight b.1424
BLOUNT, Thomas le Knight b.1300
BLOUNT, Walter Esquire b.1526
BLOUNT, Walter b.1374
BLOUNT, Walter Knight b.1349
BLOUNT, Walter Lord Mountjoy b.1416
BLOUNT, Walter le b.1309
BLOUNT, Walter le b.1231
BLOUNT, Walter le Knight b.1264
BLOUNT, William Knight b.1442
BLOUNT, William Lord Mountjoy b.1478
BLOUNT, William I le Knight b.1032
BLOUNT, William I le Baron of Ixworth b.1098
BLOUNT, William II le b.1065
BLOUNT, William II le Baron of Ixworth b.1164
BLOUNT, William III le b.1097
BLOUNT, William III le Baron of Ixworth b.1195
BLOUNT, William IV le Knight b.1135
BLOUNT, William le Knight b.1233
BLOUNT, William le Knight b.1303


BLOW, Mrs. Margery b.1576


BLOWER, Alice a.1615
BLOWER, Hannah b.1613
BLOWER, John a.1628
BLOWER, Joshua a.1621
BLOWER, Mary a.1626
BLOWER, Olympia b.1548
BLOWER, Pyam b.1637
BLOWER, Thomas a.1630
BLOWER, Thomas b.1618
BLOWER, Thomas a.1624
BLOWER, Thomas a.1587


BLOXHOLME, William b.1553


BLOYOU, Ralph Knight b.1294


BLUET, Elizabeth b.1356
BLUET, John Knight b.1332
BLUET, Ralph Knight b.1170
BLUET, Ralph Knight b.1275
BLUET, Ralph Knight b.1145
BLUET, Ralph Knight b.1309
BLUET, Richard Knight b.1544
BLUET, Robert b.1174
BLUET, Roland b.1176
BLUET, Walter b.1172
BLUET, William b.1179


BLUME, Laura Cornelia b.1854


BLUNDELL, Henry b.1479


BLUNDEVILLE, Ranulph V de Earl of Chester b.1171


BLUNT, Anne b.1672


BLUX, Mrs. Katherine b.1630


BLYTHE, George Esquire b.1547


BLYTHER, Nancy b.1825


BOADE, Henry b.1590


BOADEN, Hannah b.1658


BOARD, Elizabeth b.1596


BOARDMAN, Abiah b.1676
BOARDMAN, Daniel b.1639
BOARDMAN, Eunice b.1682
BOARDMAN, Isaac b.1666
BOARDMAN, Isaac b.1643
BOARDMAN, Lydia b.1687
BOARDMAN, Martha b.1653
BOARDMAN, Martha b.1666
BOARDMAN, Mary b.1683
BOARDMAN, Samuel b.1668
BOARDMAN, Sarah b.1673
BOARDMAN, Sarah b.1656
BOARDMAN, Thomas b.1671
BOARDMAN, William b.1685
BOARDMAN, William b.1657


BOCLAND, Alan de b.1189
BOCLAND, Hawise de b.1195
BOCLAND, Hawise de b.1170
BOCLAND, Hugh de b.1075
BOCLAND, Hugh de b.1135
BOCLAND, Isabel de b.1211
BOCLAND, Joan de b.1193
BOCLAND, Maud de b.1198
BOCLAND, William de b.1105
BOCLAND, William de b.1172


BODEN, Anne Marie b.1862
BODEN, Brigham b.1852
BODEN, Edward b.1717
BODEN, Eleanor Jane b.1864
BODEN, Eleazer b.1819
BODEN, Elizabeth b.1866
BODEN, Heber Coleman b.1855
BODEN, Henry b.1715
BODEN, Henry a.1789
BODEN, Henry a.1838
BODEN, James a.1758
BODEN, James a.1794
BODEN, James b.1860
BODEN, James b.1823
BODEN, Jane a.1797
BODEN, Jane a.1832
BODEN, Jane b.1853
BODEN, John a.1743
BODEN, John a.1830
BODEN, John b.1868
BODEN, Joseph a.1752
BODEN, Mary a.1748
BODEN, Mary a.1792
BODEN, Mary a.1834
BODEN, Mary b.1847
BODEN, Morgan b.1826
BODEN, Sarah b.1841
BODEN, Sarah b.1836
BODEN, Sarah b.1850
BODEN, Thomas a.1746
BODEN, Thomas a.1828
BODEN, Willard b.1857
BODEN, William a.1755
BODEN, William b.1844


BODENHAM, Anne b.1637


BODFISH, Benjamin b.1683
BODFISH, Ebenezer b.1688
BODFISH, Elizabeth b.1648
BODFISH, Elizabeth b.1720
BODFISH, Elizabeth b.1690
BODFISH, Hannah b.1711
BODFISH, Hannah b.1681
BODFISH, Joanna b.1714
BODFISH, John b.1709
BODFISH, John b.1675
BODFISH, Joseph b.1725
BODFISH, Joseph b.1677
BODFISH, Joseph b.1651
BODFISH, Mary b.1706
BODFISH, Mary b.1680
BODFISH, Mary a.1643
BODFISH, Melatiah b.1696
BODFISH, Nathan b.1685
BODFISH, Rebecca b.1693
BODFISH, Robert b.1698
BODFISH, Robert b.1645
BODFISH, Robert b.1612
BODFISH, Sarah b.1700
BODFISH, Sarah b.1640
BODFISH, Sarah b.1717


BODGE, Benjamin b.1678
BODGE, Edward b.1672
BODGE, Elizabeth b.1681
BODGE, Henry b.1669
BODGE, Henry b.1643
BODGE, Priscilla b.1675


BODILY, Daniel Dimon b.1892


BODLEY, Dionise b.1492
BODLEY, Elizabeth b.1490
BODLEY, James b.1488
BODLEY, Thomas b.1460


BODRUGAN, Elizabeth b.1342
BODRUGAN, Henry Knight b.1426
BODRUGAN, Henry de Knight b.1263
BODRUGAN, Henry de Knight b.1242
BODRUGAN, Henry de b.1310
BODRUGAN, Jane de b.1240
BODRUGAN, Joan de b.1288
BODRUGAN, Joan de b.1308
BODRUGAN, John de b.1320
BODRUGAN, Nicholas de b.1314
BODRUGAN, Otes de Knight b.1322
BODRUGAN, Otes de Knight b.1290
BODRUGAN, Peter de b.1266
BODRUGAN, Philip de Knight b.1213
BODRUGAN, Roger de Knight b.1238
BODRUGAN, Sybel de b.1316
BODRUGAN, Thomas de b.1318
BODRUGAN, William Knight b.1398
BODRUGAN, William de Knight b.1245
BODRUGAN, William de Knight b.1312




BOESEN, Leo Theodore Jr. b.1933


BOGGAS, Margery b.1560


BOGGS, Robert b.1767


BOHEMIA, Anne of b.1366
BOHEMIA, Boleslav I "The Cruel" of Duke of Bohemia b.909
BOHEMIA, Boleslav II of Duke of Bohemia b.931
BOHEMIA, Boleslav III of Duke of Bohemia b.961
BOHEMIA, Borzhivoi I of Duke of Bohemia b.855
BOHEMIA, Bretislav I of Duke of Bohemia b.1005
BOHEMIA, Bretislav II of King of Bohemia b.1059
BOHEMIA, Conrad of b.1038
BOHEMIA, Dubravka of b.933
BOHEMIA, Jaromir of Duke of Bohemia b.963
BOHEMIA, Judith of b.1057
BOHEMIA, Ludmilla of b.1176
BOHEMIA, Odalrich of Duke of Bohemia b.966
BOHEMIA, Spitignev I of b.880
BOHEMIA, Spitignev II of Duke of Bohemia b.1030
BOHEMIA, Vaclav I Duke of Bohemia b.907
BOHEMIA, Vratislav I of Duke of Bohemia b.882
BOHEMIA, Vratislav II of King of Bohemia b.1032
BOHEMIA, Wenzel III of King of Bohemia b.1205


BOHUN, Adelise de b.1076
BOHUN, Alice de b.1234
BOHUN, Cecily de b.1306
BOHUN, Edward de Constable of England b.1312
BOHUN, Edward de b.1333
BOHUN, Eleanor de b.1240
BOHUN, Eleanor de b.1366
BOHUN, Eleanor de b.1250
BOHUN, Eleanor de b.1304
BOHUN, Elizabeth de b.1328
BOHUN, Elizabeth de b.1348
BOHUN, Eneas de b.1314
BOHUN, Enguerran de Monk b.1085
BOHUN, Eve de b.1330
BOHUN, Frank de Knight b.1227
BOHUN, Geoffrey de b.1228
BOHUN, Gilbert de Knight b.1252
BOHUN, Grace de b.1208
BOHUN, Henry de b.1210
BOHUN, Henry de b.1225
BOHUN, Henry de Earl of Hereford b.1175
BOHUN, Humphrey de b.1305
BOHUN, Humphrey de Earl of Hereford b.1309
BOHUN, Humphrey I de b.1035
BOHUN, Humphrey II de b.1079
BOHUN, Humphrey III de Earl of Hereford b.1109
BOHUN, Humphrey IV de Earl of Hereford b.1142
BOHUN, Humphrey IX de Earl of Northampton b.1342
BOHUN, Humphrey V de Earl of Hereford b.1204
BOHUN, Humphrey VI de Earl of Hereford b.1221
BOHUN, Humphrey VII de Earl of Hereford b.1248
BOHUN, Humphrey VIII de Earl of Hereford b.1276
BOHUN, Isabel de b.1303
BOHUN, Isabel de b.1316
BOHUN, James de b.1281
BOHUN, Joan de b.1326
BOHUN, John de b.1275
BOHUN, John de b.1248
BOHUN, John de b.1336
BOHUN, John de b.1243
BOHUN, John de Lord Bohun a.1301
BOHUN, John de Earl of Hereford b.1306
BOHUN, Margaret de b.1303
BOHUN, Margaret de b.1311
BOHUN, Margery de b.1173
BOHUN, Margery de b.1254
BOHUN, Mary de b.1237
BOHUN, Mary de b.1369
BOHUN, Matilda de b.1111
BOHUN, Maud de b.1177
BOHUN, Maud de b.1140
BOHUN, Maud de b.1223
BOHUN, Miles de Knight b.1245
BOHUN, Ralph de b.1213
BOHUN, Ralph de b.1231
BOHUN, Richard de b.1082
BOHUN, Robert de b.1074
BOHUN, Savary de b.1205
BOHUN, William de b.1206
BOHUN, William de Earl of Northampton b.1312


BOIS, Alice de b.1384
BOIS, Alice de b.1359
BOIS, Alice de b.1310
BOIS, Emma de b.1222
BOIS, Ernald I de b.1145
BOIS, Ernald II de b.1170
BOIS, Ernald III de b.1196
BOIS, Ernald IV de b.1227
BOIS, Ernald V de b.1252
BOIS, Isabel de b.1256
BOIS, Joan de b.1224
BOIS, John de b.1254
BOIS, John de b.1330
BOIS, Robert de b.1240
BOIS, Robert de Knight b.1308
BOIS, Robert de Knight b.1275
BOIS, William de b.1259


BOISSEY, Eve de b.1038


BOITHES, Grace a.1557
BOITHES, Isabella a.1559
BOITHES, John a.1548
BOITHES, John a.1554
BOITHES, John b.1525


BOIVILLE, Arthur de b.1130
BOIVILLE, Godard de b.1100
BOIVILLE, Richer de b.1100


BOKENHAM, John b.1527
BOKENHAM, Reginald a.1581


BOLAM, Alice de b.1197
BOLAM, Alina de b.1194
BOLAM, Gilbert de b.1145
BOLAM, Walter de b.1170


BOLBEC, Alice de b.1244
BOLBEC, Constance de b.1162
BOLBEC, Godfrey de Viscount of Arques b.980
BOLBEC, Hugh I de b.1048
BOLBEC, Hugh II de b.1138
BOLBEC, Hugh III de b.1172
BOLBEC, Hugh IV de Sheriff of Northumberland b.1205
BOLBEC, Isabel de b.1180
BOLBEC, Isabel de Countess of Oxford b.1164
BOLBEC, Margery de b.1241
BOLBEC, Maud b.1247
BOLBEC, N.N. de b.983
BOLBEC, Osbern de Lord of Longueville b.950
BOLBEC, Philippe de b.1238
BOLBEC, Walter de b.1170
BOLBEC, Walter de b.1140
BOLBEC, Walter I de b.1095
BOLBEC, Walter II de b.1160


BOLD, Agnes b.1484
BOLD, Baldwin b.1357
BOLD, Elizabeth b.1433
BOLD, George b.1381
BOLD, Gilbert b.1430
BOLD, Henry b.1365
BOLD, Henry Knight b.1406
BOLD, Henry Knight b.1448
BOLD, Humphrey b.1433
BOLD, Joan b.1437
BOLD, John b.1431
BOLD, John Knight b.1355
BOLD, Katherine b.1429
BOLD, Margery b.1361
BOLD, Maud b.1481
BOLD, Richard Esquire b.1363
BOLD, Richard b.1289
BOLD, Richard b.1404
BOLD, Richard Knight b.1334
BOLD, Richard b.1381
BOLD, Richard Knight b.1427
BOLD, Richard Knight b.1472
BOLD, Robert b.1372
BOLD, Roger b.1478
BOLD, Sybil b.1367
BOLD, Sybil b.1442
BOLD, Thomas b.1359
BOLD, Tuger b.1475
BOLD, William b.1369
BOLD, William b.1311


BOLEYN, Alice b.1489
BOLEYN, Alice b.1452
BOLEYN, Amy b.1496
BOLEYN, Anne b.1475
BOLEYN, Anne b.1443
BOLEYN, Anne b.1479
BOLEYN, Anne Marchioness of Pembroke b.1504
BOLEYN, Anthony b.1493
BOLEYN, Cecily b.1409
BOLEYN, Edward Knight b.1485
BOLEYN, Geoffrey b.1380
BOLEYN, Geoffrey Lord Mayor of London b.1406
BOLEYN, George Knight b.1502
BOLEYN, Isabel b.1449
BOLEYN, Isabella b.1427
BOLEYN, James Knight b.1481
BOLEYN, John b.1491
BOLEYN, Margaret b.1487
BOLEYN, Mary b.1501
BOLEYN, Thomas b.1350
BOLEYN, Thomas b.1401
BOLEYN, Thomas b.1445
BOLEYN, Thomas Earl of Wiltshire b.1477
BOLEYN, William Archdeacon of Winchester b.1483
BOLEYN, William Knight b.1447


BOLHAY, Amice de b.1290
BOLHAY, James de b.1265


BOLLES, John b.1520


BOLLING, Rosamond b.1480


BOLNEY, Agnes b.1458


BOLSTER, Isaac b.1690


BOLTBY, Adam de b.1233
BOLTBY, Eve de b.1262
BOLTBY, Isabel de b.1259
BOLTBY, Nicholas de b.1208


BOLTON, Elizabeth de b.1300
BOLTON, William de b.1275


BOND, Abigail b.1660
BOND, Abigail b.1681
BOND, Daniel b.1723
BOND, Elizabeth b.1685
BOND, Elizabeth a.1599
BOND, Esther b.1655
BOND, Esther b.1683
BOND, Hannah b.1696
BOND, Jerusha b.1723
BOND, John b.1650
BOND, John b.1624
BOND, John b.1688
BOND, John b.1660
BOND, John b.1695
BOND, Jonas b.1664
BOND, Joseph b.1694
BOND, Joseph b.1653
BOND, Lydia b.1702
BOND, Mary b.1657
BOND, Mary b.1690
BOND, Mehitable a.1706
BOND, Mercy b.1702
BOND, Pentecost b.1624
BOND, Rebecca b.1685
BOND, Robert b.1599
BOND, Sarah b.1700
BOND, Sarah b.1691
BOND, Thomas b.1652
BOND, Thomas b.1683
BOND, William b.1527
BOND, William b.1687


BONHAM, Patience b.1647


BONKYL, Adam de b.1220
BONKYL, Alexander de b.1198
BONKYL, Alexander de Knight b.1242
BONKYL, Margaret de b.1266
BONKYL, Ranulf de Knight b.1175


BONNELL, Jackson J. b.1846
BONNELL, John b.1720
BONNELL, Matilda b.1843


BONNER, Anna b.1562
BONNER, Anthony Gentleman b.1558
BONNER, Anthony Gentleman b.1535
BONNER, Elizabeth b.1569
BONNER, George b.1564
BONNER, Isabel a.1570
BONNER, Joan b.1566
BONNER, John a.1549
BONNER, Mary b.1560


BONUS, James b.1570


BONVILLE, Anne b.1476
BONVILLE, Cecily b.1466
BONVILLE, Cecily Baroness Harington b.1460
BONVILLE, Elizabeth b.1462
BONVILLE, Elizabeth b.1474
BONVILLE, Elizabeth b.1422
BONVILLE, Elizabeth b.1373
BONVILLE, Florence b.1473
BONVILLE, Florence b.1472
BONVILLE, Isabel b.1392
BONVILLE, Isabella b.1265
BONVILLE, Joan b.1468
BONVILLE, John b.1470
BONVILLE, John b.1437
BONVILLE, John Knight b.1371
BONVILLE, John Knight b.1413
BONVILLE, Margaret b.1426
BONVILLE, Mary b.1710
BONVILLE, Matilda b.1464
BONVILLE, Philippe b.1396
BONVILLE, Thomas b.1369
BONVILLE, Thomas b.1394
BONVILLE, William Lord Harington b.1442
BONVILLE, William Esquire b.1418
BONVILLE, William Knight b.1230
BONVILLE, William Knight b.1332
BONVILLE, William Lord Bonville b.1393


BOODY, Moses b.1670


BOOGE, Sarah b.1704


BOOSEY, Joseph b.1630
BOOSEY, Sarah b.1643


BOOTH, Aaron a.1777
BOOTH, Abiah b.1729
BOOTH, Abigail b.1700
BOOTH, Adam de b.1207
BOOTH, Alice b.1412
BOOTH, Alice b.1596
BOOTH, Alice a.1574
BOOTH, Alice b.1529
BOOTH, Alice b.1479
BOOTH, Alice b.1459
BOOTH, Alice b.1425
BOOTH, Alice b.1409
BOOTH, Alice de b.1350
BOOTH, Andrew b.1505
BOOTH, Ann a.1760
BOOTH, Ann b.1688
BOOTH, Ann b.1644
BOOTH, Anne b.1503
BOOTH, Anne b.1542
BOOTH, Anne b.1517
BOOTH, Anne b.1449
BOOTH, Anne b.1537
BOOTH, Anne Nun b.1467
BOOTH, Anne b.1491
BOOTH, Anne b.1508
BOOTH, Anne de b.1358
BOOTH, Audrey b.1490
BOOTH, Benjamin b.1697
BOOTH, Bethia b.1724
BOOTH, Bethia b.1658
BOOTH, Bethiah b.1746
BOOTH, Bridget b.1535
BOOTH, Cecily b.1612
BOOTH, Cecily b.1531
BOOTH, Constant b.1701
BOOTH, David b.1700
BOOTH, Deborah b.1688
BOOTH, Delilah b.1807
BOOTH, Dorothy b.1507
BOOTH, Dorothy b.1565
BOOTH, Dorothy b.1525
BOOTH, Dorothy b.1748
BOOTH, Dulce b.1447
BOOTH, Ebenezer b.1686
BOOTH, Ebenezer b.1651
BOOTH, Edmund b.1609
BOOTH, Edmund b.1568
BOOTH, Edward b.1499
BOOTH, Edward b.1439
BOOTH, Edward b.1692
BOOTH, Eleanor a.1573
BOOTH, Eleanor b.1495
BOOTH, Elisha b.1699
BOOTH, Elisha a.1755
BOOTH, Elizabeth b.1615
BOOTH, Elizabeth b.1537
BOOTH, Elizabeth b.1563
BOOTH, Elizabeth b.1523
BOOTH, Elizabeth b.1465
BOOTH, Elizabeth b.1646
BOOTH, Elizabeth b.1694
BOOTH, Elizabeth b.1679
BOOTH, Elizabeth b.1404
BOOTH, Elizabeth b.1641
BOOTH, Elizabeth b.1512
BOOTH, Ellen b.1513
BOOTH, Ellen b.1482
BOOTH, Ellen b.1451
BOOTH, Ellen b.1423
BOOTH, Ephraim b.1683
BOOTH, Ephraim b.1648
BOOTH, Eustace b.1519
BOOTH, Frances b.1598
BOOTH, Francis a.1603
BOOTH, Francis b.1544
BOOTH, Geoffrey b.1429
BOOTH, George Esquire a.1635
BOOTH, George Knight b.1566
BOOTH, George Esquire b.1515
BOOTH, George Esquire b.1445
BOOTH, George b.1696
BOOTH, George Esquire b.1490
BOOTH, George b.1539
BOOTH, Gideon b.1721
BOOTH, Gideon H. a.1755
BOOTH, Hamnet b.1497
BOOTH, Hamond b.1431
BOOTH, Hannah b.1691
BOOTH, Hannah b.1698
BOOTH, Henry b.1501
BOOTH, Henry b.1435
BOOTH, Henry de b.1360
BOOTH, Isaac a.1758
BOOTH, Isabel b.1457
BOOTH, Isabel b.1498
BOOTH, James b.1687
BOOTH, Jane b.1510
BOOTH, Jemima Hall b.1721
BOOTH, Joan b.1468
BOOTH, Joan b.1433
BOOTH, Joan b.1390
BOOTH, Johanna b.1661
BOOTH, John Knight a.1637
BOOTH, John Knight b.1602
BOOTH, John b.1569
BOOTH, John b.1521
BOOTH, John b.1461
BOOTH, John b.1492
BOOTH, John b.1470
BOOTH, John Knight b.1432
BOOTH, John Bishop of Exeter b.1403
BOOTH, John b.1510
BOOTH, John a.1752
BOOTH, John b.1726
BOOTH, John b.1694
BOOTH, John b.1653
BOOTH, John Gentleman b.1487
BOOTH, John Calvin a.1773
BOOTH, John de Knight b.1354
BOOTH, John de b.1280
BOOTH, Jonathan b.1681
BOOTH, Joseph b.1689
BOOTH, Joseph b.1656
BOOTH, Katherine a.1606
BOOTH, Katherine b.1401
BOOTH, Katherine de b.1352
BOOTH, Lawrence b.1475
BOOTH, Lawrence b.1455
BOOTH, Lorena b.1775
BOOTH, Lucy b.1419
BOOTH, Mabel b.1735
BOOTH, Mabel b.1750
BOOTH, Margaret b.1562
BOOTH, Margaret b.1519
BOOTH, Margaret b.1489
BOOTH, Margaret de b.1356
BOOTH, Margery b.1457
BOOTH, Margery b.1435
BOOTH, Margery b.1386
BOOTH, Martha b.1706
BOOTH, Martha b.1690
BOOTH, Martha b.1685
BOOTH, Martin Luther a.1765
BOOTH, Mary b.1593
BOOTH, Mary b.1538
BOOTH, Mary b.1561
BOOTH, Mary b.1703
BOOTH, Mary b.1716
BOOTH, Mary b.1732
BOOTH, Mary b.1692
BOOTH, Mehitable b.1698
BOOTH, Michael b.1493
BOOTH, Moses a.1767
BOOTH, Nathan b.1695
BOOTH, Nathan b.1718
BOOTH, Nicholas b.1438
BOOTH, Peter a.1576
BOOTH, Peter b.1442
BOOTH, Philip Sheriff of Suffolk b.1456
BOOTH, Philip b.1541
BOOTH, Rachel a.1762
BOOTH, Ralph b.1427
BOOTH, Ralph Archdeacon of York b.1406
BOOTH, Richard a.1578
BOOTH, Richard b.1453
BOOTH, Richard b.1441
BOOTH, Richard b.1398
BOOTH, Richard b.1607
BOOTH, Robert a.1570
BOOTH, Robert b.1527
BOOTH, Robert b.1437
BOOTH, Robert Priest b.1465
BOOTH, Robert b.1691
BOOTH, Robert Knight b.1384
BOOTH, Roger b.1477
BOOTH, Roger Knight b.1392
BOOTH, Samuel b.1693
BOOTH, Sarah b.1701
BOOTH, Sarah b.1726
BOOTH, Sarah a.1769
BOOTH, Sarah b.1690
BOOTH, Susan b.1600
BOOTH, Susan a.1577
BOOTH, Thomas a.1604
BOOTH, Thomas b.1533
BOOTH, Thomas b.1463
BOOTH, Thomas b.1353
BOOTH, Thomas Knight b.1395
BOOTH, Thomas Knight b.1402
BOOTH, Thomas Knight b.1378
BOOTH, Thomas b.1514
BOOTH, Thomas b.1679
BOOTH, Thomas de b.1363
BOOTH, Thomas de b.1255
BOOTH, Thomas de Knight b.1312
BOOTH, Thomas de b.1387
BOOTH, William Esquire b.1594
BOOTH, William Knight b.1580
BOOTH, William b.1495
BOOTH, William b.1572
BOOTH, William Knight b.1540
BOOTH, William b.1463
BOOTH, William Knight b.1421
BOOTH, William Knight b.1473
BOOTH, William b.1689
BOOTH, William b.1659
BOOTH, William b.1546
BOOTH, William b.1516
BOOTH, William Archbishop of York b.1388
BOOTH, William Gentleman b.1461
BOOTH, William de b.1348
BOOTH, William de b.1232
BOOTH, Winifred b.1549
BOOTH, Zechariah b.1666
BOOTH, Zechariah b.1693


BORARD, Joan de b.1251


BORDEN, Elizabeth a.1632
BORDEN, John a.1607
BORDEN, John b.1636
BORDEN, Lucy Jane b.1835
BORDEN, Matthew a.1630


BORIDGE, Joan b.1570


BORLASE, Anne b.1559
BORLASE, Dorothy a.1564
BORLASE, Elizabeth b.1560
BORLASE, Ellen b.1571
BORLASE, Jane b.1562
BORLASE, John Esquire b.1537
BORLASE, Joyce b.1568
BORLASE, William b.1566


BORODELL, Alice b.1618
BORODELL, Anne b.1660
BORODELL, Anne a.1616
BORODELL, Benjamin b.1659
BORODELL, Broughton b.1663
BORODELL, Francis b.1665
BORODELL, John b.1654
BORODELL, John Gentleman b.1620
BORODELL, John b.1590
BORODELL, Margaret a.1623
BORODELL, Rebecca b.1662


BOROUGH, Judith b.1565


BOROUGHDON, Eleanor de Baroness Kyme b.1326
BOROUGHDON, Gilbert de Sheriff of Northumberland b.1300


BORROWE, Agnes b.1553


BORSELEN, Frank II van Graaf van Oostervant b.1396


BORTHWICK, Alice b.1370
BORTHWICK, Isabella b.1440
BORTHWICK, Janet b.1413
BORTHWICK, Janet b.1388
BORTHWICK, Margaret b.1412
BORTHWICK, Margaret b.1381
BORTHWICK, N.N. b.1352
BORTHWICK, Thomas b.1302
BORTHWICK, William Lord Borthwick b.1414
BORTHWICK, William Knight b.1383
BORTHWICK, William Knight b.1327
BORTHWICK, William Knight b.1355


BOSCAWEN, Hugh Viscount Falmouth b.1679


BOSCO, Sarah de b.1349


BOSLEY, Margery de b.1304
BOSLEY, Richard de b.1280


BOSOM, Edmund de b.1358
BOSOM, Elizabeth b.1421
BOSOM, Jenet b.1419
BOSOM, Joan b.1399
BOSOM, John Knight b.1393
BOSOM, Martin b.1417


BOSON, Joanna b.1366
BOSON, John b.1341
BOSON, John b.1489
BOSON, John Esquire b.1460


BOSTICK, Charles b.1730


BOSTOCK, Adam de Knight b.1290
BOSTOCK, Adam de b.1340
BOSTOCK, Adam de Knight b.1363
BOSTOCK, Agnes de b.1388
BOSTOCK, Alice b.1394
BOSTOCK, Anne b.1472
BOSTOCK, David de b.1366
BOSTOCK, Elizabeth de b.1385
BOSTOCK, Henry de Knight b.1220
BOSTOCK, Henry de b.1395
BOSTOCK, Hugh de b.1393
BOSTOCK, Margaret b.1512
BOSTOCK, Margaret de b.1383
BOSTOCK, Philip de b.1265
BOSTOCK, Ralph Esquire b.1439
BOSTOCK, Ralph de b.1294
BOSTOCK, Ralph de Knight b.1391
BOSTOCK, Thomas de b.1367
BOSTOCK, Warin de Knight b.1195
BOSTOCK, William b.1469
BOSTOCK, William de Knight b.1243
BOSTOCK, William de Knight b.1315
BOSTOCK, William de b.1398


BOSTON, Mary a.1721


BOSTWICK, Ebenezer b.1693
BOSTWICK, Elizabeth b.1677
BOSTWICK, Jane b.1680
BOSTWICK, John b.1667
BOSTWICK, John a.1638
BOSTWICK, Joseph b.1672
BOSTWICK, Martha b.1695
BOSTWICK, Mary b.1675
BOSTWICK, Zechariah b.1669


BOSVILE, Elizabeth b.1617
BOSVILE, Godfrey Esquire a.1596
BOSVILE, John de b.1369
BOSVILE, Mary b.1623
BOSVILE, Maud de b.1240
BOSVILE, Ralph b.1568
BOSVILE, Robert de b.1305
BOSVILE, Thomas Knight b.1440
BOSVILE, William Esquire b.1620


BOSWELL, Ann b.1773
BOSWELL, Ann Violetta b.1776
BOSWELL, Chloe b.1764
BOSWELL, Elizabeth b.1435
BOSWELL, Elizabeth b.1758
BOSWELL, George b.1722
BOSWELL, John b.1671
BOSWELL, John b.1643
BOSWELL, John b.1719
BOSWELL, John b.1761
BOSWELL, Lydia b.1767
BOSWELL, Martha b.1676
BOSWELL, Mary b.1673
BOSWELL, Mary b.1752
BOSWELL, Mathew b.1669
BOSWELL, Mathew b.1715
BOSWELL, Michael b.1679
BOSWELL, Sarah b.1770
BOSWELL, Thomas b.1717
BOSWELL, William b.1682
BOSWELL, William b.1755
BOSWELL, William b.1713


BOSWORTH, Alice b.1605
BOSWORTH, Bathsheba b.1655
BOSWORTH, Benjamin b.1615
BOSWORTH, Bethia a.1645
BOSWORTH, Bridget b.1691
BOSWORTH, Deliverance a.1650
BOSWORTH, Edward b.1585
BOSWORTH, Elizabeth a.1638
BOSWORTH, Jonathan b.1613
BOSWORTH, Jonathan b.1636
BOSWORTH, Joseph b.1652
BOSWORTH, Mary b.1611
BOSWORTH, Mary a.1647
BOSWORTH, Nathaniel b.1617
BOSWORTH, Rebecca a.1641
BOSWORTH, Zaccheus b.1612


BOTELER, Alberic le b.1167
BOTELER, Alice b.1423
BOTELER, Alice b.1377
BOTELER, Alice le b.1308
BOTELER, Ankaret le b.1312
BOTELER, Anne b.1610
BOTELER, Anne b.1486
BOTELER, Anne le b.1278
BOTELER, Audrey b.1595
BOTELER, Baldwin b.1410
BOTELER, Cecily b.1493
BOTELER, Cecily le b.1172
BOTELER, Clemence le b.1182
BOTELER, Denise le b.1310
BOTELER, Dorothy b.1502
BOTELER, Edeline le b.1131
BOTELER, Edith le b.1165
BOTELER, Edmund le b.1316
BOTELER, Edward b.1412
BOTELER, Edward b.1669
BOTELER, Edward le Rector of Weston Turville b.1320
BOTELER, Eleanor b.1484
BOTELER, Elizabeth a.1566
BOTELER, Elizabeth b.1439
BOTELER, Elizabeth b.1473
BOTELER, Elizabeth b.1491
BOTELER, Elizabeth b.1392
BOTELER, Elizabeth b.1406
BOTELER, Elizabeth b.1367
BOTELER, Elizabeth b.1427
BOTELER, Elizabeth le b.1345
BOTELER, Ellen b.1425
BOTELER, Ellen le b.1264
BOTELER, Gawain le b.1270
BOTELER, Geoffrey le b.1113
BOTELER, Hamon le b.1116
BOTELER, Helen b.1599
BOTELER, Henry Knight b.1597
BOTELER, Henry Knight b.1538
BOTELER, Henry b.1667
BOTELER, Henry le b.1192
BOTELER, Henry le b.1240
BOTELER, Hugh le b.1146
BOTELER, Ida le b.1318
BOTELER, Isabel b.1488
BOTELER, Isabel le b.1296
BOTELER, Isabella le b.1243
BOTELER, Isabella le b.1262
BOTELER, Jane a.1621
BOTELER, Jane b.1603
BOTELER, Joan b.1396
BOTELER, Joanna le b.1247
BOTELER, John Lord Boteler a.1564
BOTELER, John Knight b.1515
BOTELER, John Esquire b.1461
BOTELER, John Esquire b.1436
BOTELER, John Knight b.1299
BOTELER, John Lord Sudeley b.1386
BOTELER, John b.1373
BOTELER, John Knight b.1429
BOTELER, John Knight b.1404
BOTELER, John le b.1308
BOTELER, John le b.1266
BOTELER, John le Knight b.1335
BOTELER, Katherine a.1565
BOTELER, Margaret b.1453
BOTELER, Margaret b.1482
BOTELER, Margery b.1498
BOTELER, Margery le b.1225
BOTELER, Mary b.1607
BOTELER, Mary b.1568
BOTELER, Maud le b.1202
BOTELER, Maud le b.1228
BOTELER, Maurice le b.1160
BOTELER, Nicholas le b.1070
BOTELER, Olive b.1605
BOTELER, Philip Knight b.1534
BOTELER, Philip Gentleman b.1414
BOTELER, Philip Knight b.1490
BOTELER, Philip Knight b.1388
BOTELER, Philip le Knight b.1340
BOTELER, Philip le b.1157
BOTELER, Ralph b.1421
BOTELER, Ralph Lord Sudeley b.1394
BOTELER, Ralph le Knight b.1305
BOTELER, Ralph le b.1085
BOTELER, Ralph le b.1135
BOTELER, Ralph le Knight b.1265
BOTELER, Ralph le b.1185
BOTELER, Ralph le Knight b.1244
BOTELER, Ralph le b.1210
BOTELER, Richard le b.1200
BOTELER, Richard le b.1195
BOTELER, Richard le b.1220
BOTELER, Robert le b.1110
BOTELER, Robert le b.1125
BOTELER, Theobald II le b.1200
BOTELER, Theobald III le b.1221
BOTELER, Theobald IV le b.1242
BOTELER, Theobald le b.1269
BOTELER, Thomas Knight b.1495
BOTELER, Thomas Knight b.1461
BOTELER, Thomas b.1390
BOTELER, Thomas Knight b.1424
BOTELER, Thomas le Lord Sudeley b.1354
BOTELER, William Lord Boteler b.1601
BOTELER, William Knight b.1450
BOTELER, William Lord Sudeley b.1388
BOTELER, William K.B. b.1370
BOTELER, William le b.1140
BOTELER, William le b.1217
BOTELER, William le b.1269
BOTELER, William le Knight b.1301
BOTELER, William le Lord Boteler b.1321
BOTELER, William le Sheriff of Devon b.1125
BOTELER, William le b.1095
BOTELER, William le b.1314
BOTELER, William le Lord Boteler b.1298
BOTELER, William le Knight b.1242
BOTELER, William le Lord Boteler b.1274
BOTELER, William le Knight b.1310

Surname List