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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


BERKEROLLES, Gilbert de b.1342
BERKEROLLES, Gwenllian b.1332
BERKEROLLES, Lawrence Knight b.1339
BERKEROLLES, Roger Knight b.1300
BERKEROLLES, Sarah b.1336
BERKEROLLES, William Knight b.1275


BERLINGHAM, Joan b.1283
BERLINGHAM, Richard Knight b.1258


BERMINGHAM, Alianora de b.1202
BERMINGHAM, Elizabeth de b.1375
BERMINGHAM, Eve de b.1169
BERMINGHAM, Fulke de b.1314
BERMINGHAM, Gilbert de b.1295
BERMINGHAM, John de Earl of Louth b.1286
BERMINGHAM, John de Knight b.1340
BERMINGHAM, Margaret de b.1338
BERMINGHAM, Matilda de b.1291
BERMINGHAM, Piers de b.1290
BERMINGHAM, Piers de b.1265
BERMINGHAM, Robert de b.1288
BERMINGHAM, Robert de b.1144
BERMINGHAM, Thomas de Knight b.1345
BERMINGHAM, Walter de Knight b.1336
BERMINGHAM, Walter de Justiciar of Ireland b.1302
BERMINGHAM, William de b.1240
BERMINGHAM, William de b.1263
BERMINGHAM, William de Knight b.1289


BERNAKE, Elizabeth b.1307
BERNAKE, Hugh Parson of Hethersett b.1313
BERNAKE, Hugh b.1237
BERNAKE, John b.1343
BERNAKE, John Knight b.1305
BERNAKE, Maud b.1310
BERNAKE, Maud b.1337
BERNAKE, William b.1340
BERNAKE, William Knight b.1333
BERNAKE, William Knight b.1265


BERNARD, Eleanor b.1464
BERNARD, Gilbert b.1305
BERNARD, Godfrey b.1235
BERNARD, Henry b.1398
BERNARD, John b.1343
BERNARD, John Knight b.1394
BERNARD, Katherine b.1435
BERNARD, Margaret b.1425
BERNARD, Mary b.1400
BERNARD, Mary b.1432
BERNARD, Robert Sheriff of Northampton b.1365
BERNARD, Thomas Esquire b.1396
BERNARD, Thomas b.1428
BERNARD, William b.1274
BERNARD, William b.1340


BERNERS, Anthony Esquire b.1562
BERNERS, Elizabeth b.1515
BERNERS, John b.1474
BERNERS, John Esquire b.1448
BERNERS, John b.1440
BERNERS, Leonard b.1523
BERNERS, Margery b.1408
BERNERS, Richard b.1526
BERNERS, Richard Knight b.1371
BERNERS, Thomas b.1520
BERNERS, William b.1517
BERNERS, William Gentleman b.1486
BERNERS, William b.1560


BERNEY, John Esquire b.1518
BERNEY, John Esquire b.1463


BERNICIA, Aelfled of b.1028
BERNICIA, Aetheldritha of b.1030
BERNICIA, Aldred of Earl of Northumbria b.1005


BERRINGTON, Agnes a.1568


BERRY, Abigail b.1705
BERRY, Agnes b.1402
BERRY, Ann b.1699
BERRY, Anne b.1734
BERRY, Barnabus b.1741
BERRY, Bethia b.1701
BERRY, Cyrus b.1744
BERRY, Deliverance b.1678
BERRY, Ebenezer b.1739
BERRY, Edward b.1620
BERRY, Elizabeth b.1635
BERRY, Elizabeth b.1703
BERRY, Elizabeth b.1731
BERRY, Frances b.1599
BERRY, James b.1658
BERRY, James b.1648
BERRY, Jane b.1676
BERRY, John b.1645
BERRY, John b.1637
BERRY, Jonathan b.1725
BERRY, Joseph b.1680
BERRY, Joseph b.1639
BERRY, Joseph b.1727
BERRY, Marah b.1723
BERRY, Mary b.1643
BERRY, Nathaniel b.1672
BERRY, Nathaniel b.1736
BERRY, Nathaniel b.1695
BERRY, Rachel b.1641
BERRY, Rachel b.1674
BERRY, Rachel b.1697
BERRY, Rebecca b.1729
BERRY, Ruth Ann b.1742
BERRY, Sarah b.1708
BERRY, Sarah b.1742
BERRY, Thomas b.1560
BERRY, William b.1652
BERRY, William b.1610


BERRYMAN, Anson Lewis b.1890
BERRYMAN, Anthony b.1836
BERRYMAN, Anthony b.1810
BERRYMAN, Anthony Kyle b.1862
BERRYMAN, Charles Fletcher b.1860
BERRYMAN, Dorothy Angenette b.1893
BERRYMAN, Dorothy Violeta b.1872
BERRYMAN, Ellis F. b.1874
BERRYMAN, George b.1835
BERRYMAN, George b.1900
BERRYMAN, George Henry b.1865
BERRYMAN, George W. b.1878
BERRYMAN, Georgia Lydia b.1895
BERRYMAN, Hamilton O. b.1867
BERRYMAN, Hannah Jane b.1858
BERRYMAN, Isaac Pidgeon b.1869
BERRYMAN, Isaiah b.1842
BERRYMAN, James b.1870
BERRYMAN, James A. b.1840
BERRYMAN, Jane b.1831
BERRYMAN, John b.1500
BERRYMAN, John E. b.1833
BERRYMAN, John Isaiah b.1867
BERRYMAN, John J. b.1860
BERRYMAN, Lizzie Mae b.1900
BERRYMAN, Lloyd C. b.1909
BERRYMAN, Mary b.1864
BERRYMAN, Selena b.1862
BERRYMAN, Simon Peter b.1844
BERRYMAN, Thomas William b.1838
BERRYMAN, Walter b.1905


BERTIE, Peregrine Lord Willoughby of Eresby b.1555
BERTIE, Richard b.1517
BERTIE, Susan Countess of Kent b.1553


BERTRAM, Ada b.1214
BERTRAM, Adeline b.1161
BERTRAM, Agnes b.1206
BERTRAM, Christian b.1219
BERTRAM, Guy b.1135
BERTRAM, Hugh b.1164
BERTRAM, Isabel b.1210
BERTRAM, Paine Lord of Felton b.1227
BERTRAM, Richard b.1139
BERTRAM, Robert Knight b.1335
BERTRAM, Robert de b.1167
BERTRAM, Roger I b.1134
BERTRAM, Roger II Knight b.1184
BERTRAM, Roger III Knight b.1224
BERTRAM, William b.1187
BERTRAM, William b.1137
BERTRAM, William I b.1110
BERTRAM, William II b.1162


BERTYN, William b.1414


BERWICK, Agnes de b.1316
BERWICK, Gilbert de b.1295
BERWICK, Joan de b.1318


BERWYKE, John b.1400


BESALU, Bernard I de Count of Besalu b.960
BESALU, Constance de b.1010
BESALU, Guillermo I de Count of Besalu b.1005


BESFORD, Alexander de b.1355


BESS, Jean b.1694


BESSE, David b.1693
BESSE, Elizabeth b.1653


BESSILES, Elizabeth b.1465
BESSILES, William Esquire b.1442


BESSINGBY, John b.1418


BEST, Bridget a.1592
BEST, Dorothy b.1594
BEST, Elizabeth b.1609
BEST, Henry a.1544
BEST, John a.1588
BEST, Judith a.1580
BEST, Mary a.1586
BEST, Michael a.1578
BEST, Richard b.1519
BEST, Sarah Annie b.1847


BESTON, Thomas de b.1329


BETHELL, Agnes Jean b.1902


BETHOM, Edward Knight b.1430


BETHUNE, Baldwin de Seigneur de Choques b.1158
BETHUNE, Guillaume de b.1099
BETHUNE, Guillaume de Seigneur de Bethune b.1152
BETHUNE, Mahaut de b.1155
BETHUNE, Mathilde de b.1128
BETHUNE, Mathilde de b.1231
BETHUNE, Robert de Seigneur de Bethune b.1125
BETHUNE, Robert VII de b.1198


BETON, Margaret b.1561


BETTENHAM, Anne b.1507


BETTESHORNE, Elizabeth b.1371


BETTISON, Mary b.1577


BETTS, Joanna b.1648
BETTS, John a.1627
BETTS, N.N. b.1621
BETTS, Sarah b.1687


BEVERLEY, Elizabeth b.1697


BEVILL, Joan b.1327
BEVILL, John Sheriff of Cornwall b.1332
BEVILL, Ralph Knight b.1265
BEVILL, Ralph b.1329
BEVILL, Ralph b.1295
BEVILL, Reginald b.1325
BEVILL, Reynold Knight b.1240
BEVILL, Robert K.B. b.1615
BEVILL, William Knight b.1562


BEVIS, Chester Shirley b.1927
BEVIS, George Wayne b.1883
BEVIS, Shirley George b.1906


BEVYN, Sabine b.1236


BEWLEY, William b.1680


BEYNHAM, Elizabeth b.1419


BEZIERS, Adelaide de b.1137
BEZIERS, Guillaume de b.960
BEZIERS, Senegunde de b.985


BIBBLE, John b.1605


BICKERSTAFFE, Hamlet b.1474


BICKERTON, Hugh de b.1305
BICKERTON, Katherine de b.1330


BICKFORD, Daniel b.1795
BICKFORD, Henrietta Gay b.1854
BICKFORD, John b.1624
BICKFORD, Priscilla b.1668
BICKFORD, Samuel b.1642
BICKFORD, Temperance b.1667


BICKNELL, Catherine b.1719
BICKNELL, Elizabeth b.1673
BICKNELL, Elizabeth b.1673
BICKNELL, Elizabeth b.1705
BICKNELL, Experience b.1665
BICKNELL, Hannah b.1675
BICKNELL, Joanna b.1663
BICKNELL, John b.1654
BICKNELL, John b.1624
BICKNELL, Mary b.1678
BICKNELL, Mary b.1651
BICKNELL, N.N. b.1682
BICKNELL, Naomi b.1657
BICKNELL, Ruth b.1660
BICKNELL, Sarah b.1651
BICKNELL, Thomas b.1670
BICKNELL, Zachariah b.1668


BIDAMON, Lewis Crum b.1802


BIDES, John b.1580


BIDUN, Amice de b.1146
BIDUN, Amice de b.1155
BIDUN, Egeline de b.1154
BIDUN, Ermengard de b.1171
BIDUN, Haldenald de b.1123
BIDUN, Halneth de b.1105
BIDUN, John I de b.1130
BIDUN, John II de b.1163
BIDUN, Mabel b.1157
BIDUN, Maud de b.1167
BIDUN, Maud de b.1134
BIDUN, Sarah de b.1160


BIDWELL, Abigail b.1684
BIDWELL, Elizabeth b.1680
BIDWELL, Hannah b.1658
BIDWELL, Richard b.1620
BIDWELL, Sarah b.1674


BIFELD, William de Knight b.1238


BIGBURY, Elizabeth b.1417
BIGBURY, Elizabeth b.1426
BIGBURY, John Knight b.1261
BIGBURY, Margaret b.1423
BIGBURY, Rose b.1286
BIGBURY, William Knight b.1290
BIGBURY, William Knight b.1382


BIGELOW, Abigail b.1687
BIGELOW, Abigail b.1664
BIGELOW, Abijah b.1756
BIGELOW, Abraham b.1713
BIGELOW, Daniel b.1650
BIGELOW, Deliverance b.1695
BIGELOW, Elizabeth b.1613
BIGELOW, Elizabeth b.1657
BIGELOW, Francis b.1602
BIGELOW, Freedom b.1710
BIGELOW, Grace b.1709
BIGELOW, Hannah b.1689
BIGELOW, Hannah b.1666
BIGELOW, Isaac b.1716
BIGELOW, Isaac b.1691
BIGELOW, Jacob b.1717
BIGELOW, James b.1662
BIGELOW, John b.1677
BIGELOW, John b.1675
BIGELOW, John b.1643
BIGELOW, John a.1616
BIGELOW, Jonathan b.1673
BIGELOW, Jonathan b.1646
BIGELOW, Joshua b.1655
BIGELOW, Josiah b.1730
BIGELOW, Margaret a.1611
BIGELOW, Martha b.1662
BIGELOW, Mary b.1748
BIGELOW, Mary b.1679
BIGELOW, Mary b.1648
BIGELOW, Mary b.1677
BIGELOW, Mary b.1707
BIGELOW, Mercy b.1686
BIGELOW, N.N. b.1667
BIGELOW, Persis a.1604
BIGELOW, Randall b.1578
BIGELOW, Rebecca b.1675
BIGELOW, Samuel b.1679
BIGELOW, Samuel b.1653
BIGELOW, Sarah b.1681
BIGELOW, Sarah b.1720
BIGELOW, Sarah b.1681
BIGELOW, Sarah b.1659
BIGELOW, Susan a.1606
BIGELOW, Thomas b.1706
BIGELOW, Thomas b.1683
BIGELOW, Uriah b.1711
BIGELOW, Violet b.1683
BIGELOW, William a.1608


BIGG, Margery b.1547


BIGGE, Ann b.1650
BIGGE, Dorothy b.1668
BIGGE, Elizabeth b.1535
BIGGE, Elizabeth b.1653
BIGGE, Hannah b.1656
BIGGE, Jabez b.1662
BIGGE, Joan b.1659
BIGGE, John b.1645
BIGGE, John b.1620
BIGGE, Katherine b.1651
BIGGE, Phebe b.1665
BIGGE, Thomas b.1648


BIGGER, Sydney F. b.1916


BIGGES, Anne b.1578
BIGGES, Clement b.1583
BIGGES, Edward a.1571
BIGGES, Elizabeth a.1581
BIGGES, Hugh a.1590
BIGGES, Katherine a.1573
BIGGES, Mary a.1580
BIGGES, Samuel b.1592
BIGGES, Thomas Knight b.1542
BIGGES, Thomas Knight a.1575
BIGGES, Ursula a.1587


BIGGS, Alice a.1579
BIGGS, Ambrose b.1555
BIGGS, Ambrose a.1583
BIGGS, Anna a.1584
BIGGS, Johanna a.1580
BIGGS, Katherine a.1581
BIGGS, Margerie a.1608
BIGGS, Margery a.1592
BIGGS, Mary a.1577


BIGLER, Bathsheba b.1822


BIGOD, Agnes b.1453
BIGOD, Alice le b.1188
BIGOD, Anne b.1441
BIGOD, Cecily le b.1097
BIGOD, Dorothy b.1529
BIGOD, Edward b.1437
BIGOD, Elizabeth b.1499
BIGOD, Elizabeth b.1443
BIGOD, Francis Knight b.1501
BIGOD, George b.1440
BIGOD, Gunnor le b.1091
BIGOD, Henry b.1435
BIGOD, Henry b.1459
BIGOD, Hugh I le Earl of Norfolk b.1095
BIGOD, Hugh II le Earl of Norfolk b.1185
BIGOD, Hugh III le Chief Justice of England b.1214
BIGOD, Humphrey le b.1093
BIGOD, Ida le b.1195
BIGOD, Isabel b.1297
BIGOD, Isabel le b.1320
BIGOD, Isabel le b.1208
BIGOD, Joan b.1385
BIGOD, Joan le b.1247
BIGOD, John Knight b.1379
BIGOD, John Knight b.1479
BIGOD, John Knight b.1434
BIGOD, John b.1300
BIGOD, John le b.1191
BIGOD, John le Knight b.1249
BIGOD, John le Knight b.1245
BIGOD, John le b.1289
BIGOD, Katherine b.1447
BIGOD, Margaret le b.1182
BIGOD, Mary le b.1183
BIGOD, Maud b.1449
BIGOD, Maud le b.1087
BIGOD, Peter b.1457
BIGOD, Philip b.1455
BIGOD, Ralph Knight b.1525
BIGOD, Ralph b.1504
BIGOD, Ralph b.1482
BIGOD, Ralph b.1445
BIGOD, Ralph Knight b.1457
BIGOD, Ralph Knight b.1410
BIGOD, Ralph le b.1193
BIGOD, Ralph le Knight b.1212
BIGOD, Richard b.1451
BIGOD, Roger b.1123
BIGOD, Roger I le Sheriff of Norfolk b.1055
BIGOD, Roger II le Earl of Norfolk b.1150
BIGOD, Roger III le Earl of Norfolk b.1210
BIGOD, Roger IV le Earl of Norfolk b.1245
BIGOD, Roger le b.1189
BIGOD, Roger le Knight b.1241
BIGOD, Roger le Knight b.1320
BIGOD, Simon le Knight b.1285
BIGOD, Simon le Knight b.1216
BIGOD, Walter b.1345
BIGOD, William b.1438
BIGOD, William le b.1186
BIGOD, William le Sheriff of Norfolk b.1089


BIGORRE, Arnold I of b.935
BIGORRE, Clemencia of b.1035
BIGORRE, Dato V of Count of Bigorre b.885
BIGORRE, Dimat Loup of Count of Bigorre b.858
BIGORRE, Garcia of Count of Bigorre b.960
BIGORRE, Gersinde of b.986
BIGORRE, Raymond I of Count of Pallares b.881
BIGORRE, Raymond II of Count of Bigorre b.911


BILL, Samuel b.1656


BILLINGS, Joseph b.1636
BILLINGS, Lydia b.1770


BILLINGTON, Francis b.1606
BILLINGTON, John a.1613
BILLINGTON, Mercy b.1652


BILLS, Betsey b.1791
BILLS, Johane b.1533


BILTON, Edward Esquire b.1425
BILTON, Isabel b.1450


BILYEW, Martha Emma b.1848


BINGHAM, Abel b.1669
BINGHAM, Abel a.1632
BINGHAM, Abigail b.1679
BINGHAM, Ann a.1582
BINGHAM, Anna a.1644
BINGHAM, Anne b.1483
BINGHAM, Anne b.1677
BINGHAM, Clara Laura b.1857
BINGHAM, Deborah b.1683
BINGHAM, Edward a.1636
BINGHAM, Elizabeth a.1579
BINGHAM, Elizabeth a.1640
BINGHAM, Emory Storrs b.1879
BINGHAM, Eugene Russell b.1877
BINGHAM, George Knight b.1625
BINGHAM, Jonathan b.1674
BINGHAM, Joseph b.1688
BINGHAM, Leonard P. b.1812
BINGHAM, Mabel Orrilla b.1881
BINGHAM, Mary a.1648
BINGHAM, Mary b.1672
BINGHAM, Nathaniel b.1681
BINGHAM, Nellie Frances b.1875
BINGHAM, Richard Knight b.1400
BINGHAM, Robert a.1638
BINGHAM, Robert Henry b.1883
BINGHAM, Rosa a.1578
BINGHAM, Russell b.1851
BINGHAM, Samuel b.1685
BINGHAM, Sarah b.1707
BINGHAM, Stephen b.1690
BINGHAM, Stephen a.1633
BINGHAM, Thomas b.1555
BINGHAM, Thomas a.1619
BINGHAM, Thomas a.1642
BINGHAM, Thomas b.1667
BINGHAM, Thomas a.1588


BINGLEY, Joan b.1582
BINGLEY, John Knight b.1578


BINNEY, Barnabas b.1751


BIRCH, Agnes b.1458
BIRCH, Alfred b.1854
BIRCH, Elizabeth b.1383


BIRCHARD, Abigail b.1667
BIRCHARD, Arabella b.1795
BIRCHARD, Austin b.1793
BIRCHARD, Benjamin b.1675
BIRCHARD, Catherine b.1656
BIRCHARD, Cynthia b.1791
BIRCHARD, Daniel b.1680
BIRCHARD, Deborah a.1632
BIRCHARD, Elias b.1763
BIRCHARD, Elias b.1730
BIRCHARD, Elizabeth a.1621
BIRCHARD, Hannah a.1633
BIRCHARD, Israel b.1766
BIRCHARD, James b.1665
BIRCHARD, John b.1659
BIRCHARD, John b.1657
BIRCHARD, John b.1672
BIRCHARD, John a.1628
BIRCHARD, Joseph b.1674
BIRCHARD, Katherine a.1608
BIRCHARD, Lorenzo b.1803
BIRCHARD, Lydia b.1682
BIRCHARD, Martha b.1768
BIRCHARD, Mary b.1759
BIRCHARD, Mary a.1623
BIRCHARD, Mary a.1606
BIRCHARD, Mary b.1677
BIRCHARD, Richard a.1600
BIRCHARD, Roger b.1797
BIRCHARD, Roger b.1756
BIRCHARD, Samuel b.1663
BIRCHARD, Sarah b.1761
BIRCHARD, Sarah a.1624
BIRCHARD, Sarah b.1661
BIRCHARD, Sardis b.1801
BIRCHARD, Sophia b.1792
BIRCHARD, Susanna a.1626
BIRCHARD, Thomas a.1629
BIRCHARD, Thomas a.1595
BIRCHARD, Thomas b.1654
BIRCHARD, Thomas b.1670
BIRCHARD, William a.1598
BIRCHARD, William b.1569


BIRD, Abiel a.1673
BIRD, Agnes b.1392
BIRD, Damaris b.1675
BIRD, Deighton b.1687
BIRD, Elizabeth b.1682
BIRD, Hannah b.1677
BIRD, James b.1649
BIRD, James b.1647
BIRD, Jane b.1693
BIRD, John b.1360
BIRD, John b.1670
BIRD, John b.1642
BIRD, Joseph b.1651
BIRD, Katherine b.1685
BIRD, Mehitable b.1669
BIRD, Sally b.1792
BIRD, Samuel a.1644
BIRD, Samuel b.1680
BIRD, Sarah a.1649
BIRD, Silence b.1690
BIRD, Thomas b.1640
BIRD, Thomas b.1603
BIRD, William b.1490


BIRDSEY, Abel b.1679
BIRDSEY, Dinah b.1688
BIRDSEY, Elizabeth b.1685
BIRDSEY, Hannah b.1671
BIRDSEY, Joanna b.1642
BIRDSEY, John b.1615
BIRDSEY, John b.1641
BIRDSEY, Joseph b.1682
BIRDSEY, Mary b.1675
BIRDSEY, Sarah b.1678


BIRDVILL, N.N. b.1238
BIRDVILL, Thomas b.1216


BIRGE, Richard b.1610


BIRKENHEAD, Elizabeth b.1483
BIRKENHEAD, Richard Gentleman b.1458


BIRKHEAD, Alice b.1561
BIRKHEAD, John de b.1380


BIRKIN, Adam de b.1135
BIRKIN, Isabel de b.1209
BIRKIN, John de b.1170
BIRKIN, Juliana de Nun b.1179
BIRKIN, N.N. de b.1166
BIRKIN, Peter de b.1174
BIRKIN, Robert de b.1168
BIRKIN, Roger de b.1172
BIRKIN, Thomas de b.1204
BIRKIN, William de b.1176


BIRTHEL, Christian de b.1276


BISBEE, America b.1811
BISBEE, Hopestill a.1645


BISBY, Abigail b.1621
BISBY, Elizabeth a.1614
BISBY, Hannah a.1619
BISBY, Hester b.1609
BISBY, Martha a.1617
BISBY, Mary a.1616
BISBY, N.N. b.1612
BISBY, Phebe a.1611
BISBY, William b.1585


BISCOE, Sarah a.1606


BISEGE, James de b.1184
BISEGE, Mazera de b.1210


BISET, Albreda b.1191
BISET, Amabilia b.1184
BISET, Ansold b.1129
BISET, Ela b.1227
BISET, Henry b.1127
BISET, Henry b.1166
BISET, Henry b.1150
BISET, Isabel b.1232
BISET, John b.1186
BISET, Manasser b.1132
BISET, Margaret b.1222
BISET, Margaret b.1201
BISET, Muriel b.1249
BISET, Thomas Earl of Fife b.1320
BISET, William b.1100
BISET, William b.1125
BISET, William b.1188


BISHOP, Abigail a.1613
BISHOP, Ann b.1700
BISHOP, Ann b.1622
BISHOP, Bethia b.1628
BISHOP, Daniel b.1663
BISHOP, Eleazer b.1682
BISHOP, Elizabeth b.1676
BISHOP, Hannah b.1662
BISHOP, Henry b.1620
BISHOP, James b.1699
BISHOP, John a.1610
BISHOP, John b.1628
BISHOP, John b.1580
BISHOP, John b.1667
BISHOP, John b.1625
BISHOP, John b.1596
BISHOP, Joseph b.1671
BISHOP, Lydia b.1673
BISHOP, Margaret b.1580
BISHOP, Mary b.1634
BISHOP, Mary b.1664
BISHOP, Nathaniel b.1610
BISHOP, Nathaniel b.1630
BISHOP, Priscilla a.1681
BISHOP, Rebecca b.1678
BISHOP, Rebecca b.1697
BISHOP, Richard b.1603
BISHOP, Richard b.1669
BISHOP, Samuel b.1666
BISHOP, Sarah b.1632
BISHOP, Stephen b.1630
BISHOP, Thomas b.1644
BISHOP, Thomas b.1680
BISHOP, Thomas b.1632
BISHOP, William Berry b.1862


BISSELL, John b.1659


BISSETT, Alice b.1335
BISSETT, Walter b.1190


BISSON, Martha b.1726


BITNER, Ada b.1880
BITNER, Alice b.1854
BITNER, Barnet b.1823
BITNER, Charles Robert b.1876
BITNER, Charles W. b.1857
BITNER, Clara b.1861
BITNER, Daniel b.1825
BITNER, David Parke b.1871
BITNER, Edward b.1866
BITNER, Elva Rowena b.1874
BITNER, Emeline b.1846
BITNER, Hannah b.1863
BITNER, Jacob b.1797
BITNER, Jacob Baker b.1850
BITNER, Laren b.1868
BITNER, Martha Jane b.1848
BITNER, Mary b.1849
BITNER, Mary Ann b.1855
BITNER, Nellie Emma b.1878
BITNER, Rachel Ann b.1851
BITNER, Robert Cowden b.1844
BITNER, Roseltha M. b.1861
BITNER, Tabitha Ann b.1819
BITNER, Thomas Parke b.1821


BITTLESGATE, Joan b.1380
BITTLESGATE, Thomas b.1355


BIXBY, Phebe b.1690


BJORNSSON, Erik King of Sweden b.798
BJORNSSON, Erik "Segersall" King of Sweden b.934
BJORNSSON, Gudrod b.926
BJORNSSON, Olaf King of Sweden b.936


BLACK, Daniel b.1667
BLACK, Elizabeth b.1625
BLACK, Elizabeth b.1686
BLACK, John b.1642


BLACKBURN, John Knight b.1270
BLACKBURN, Margaret b.1549
BLACKBURN, Mary b.1650


BLACKENHALL, Margaret b.1384


BLACKINGTON, John b.1727


BLACKLEACH, Benjamin b.1640
BLACKLEACH, Richard b.1654


BLACKMAN, Abigail b.1663
BLACKMAN, Adam b.1684
BLACKMAN, Adam b.1665
BLACKMAN, Arthur b.1710
BLACKMAN, Ebenezer b.1659
BLACKMAN, Elizabeth b.1673
BLACKMAN, Hannah b.1760
BLACKMAN, James b.1686
BLACKMAN, James b.1634
BLACKMAN, Jane b.1668
BLACKMAN, Johanna b.1667
BLACKMAN, John a.1625
BLACKMAN, John b.1677
BLACKMAN, Joseph b.1675
BLACKMAN, Martha b.1676
BLACKMAN, Miriam b.1671
BLACKMAN, N.N. b.1662
BLACKMAN, Samuel b.1639
BLACKMAN, Zechariah b.1678


BLACKMER, Ruth b.1740


BLACKWELL, Abiah b.1696
BLACKWELL, Alice b.1681
BLACKWELL, Caleb b.1685
BLACKWELL, Deborah b.1701
BLACKWELL, Desire b.1678
BLACKWELL, Hannah b.1698
BLACKWELL, Jane b.1683
BLACKWELL, Jane b.1650
BLACKWELL, Jane b.1693
BLACKWELL, John b.1646
BLACKWELL, John b.1674
BLACKWELL, Joshua b.1682
BLACKWELL, Joshua b.1653
BLACKWELL, Mercy b.1684
BLACKWELL, Michael b.1676
BLACKWELL, Michael b.1620
BLACKWELL, Michael b.1648
BLACKWELL, Michael b.1687
BLACKWELL, Nathaniel b.1686
BLACKWELL, Samuel b.1689
BLACKWELL, Sarah b.1691


BLADWELL, Geoffrey Esquire b.1423
BLADWELL, Henry Esquire b.1447
BLADWELL, Margery b.1445


BLAFEETE, Helen b.1604


BLAGDON, Samuel b.1650


BLAGE, Judith b.1551


BLAGUE, Benjamin b.1674
BLAGUE, Newcomb b.1671
BLAGUE, Philip b.1643
BLAGUE, Susanna b.1677


BLAKE, Abigail b.1663
BLAKE, Agnes b.1667
BLAKE, Alice b.1548
BLAKE, Ann b.1705
BLAKE, Anna b.1653
BLAKE, Anne a.1600
BLAKE, Anne b.1552
BLAKE, Anne a.1618
BLAKE, Anne b.1498
BLAKE, Anne a.1614
BLAKE, Dorothy b.1607
BLAKE, Ebenezer b.1712
BLAKE, Edward b.1664
BLAKE, Edward b.1662
BLAKE, Edward b.1629
BLAKE, Edward b.1586
BLAKE, Elizabeth b.1693
BLAKE, Elizabeth b.1550
BLAKE, Elizabeth a.1620
BLAKE, Elizabeth b.1658
BLAKE, Emme a.1592
BLAKE, Experience b.1665
BLAKE, Frank C. b.1878
BLAKE, Grace a.1589
BLAKE, Hopestill b.1691
BLAKE, Humphrey b.1555
BLAKE, James b.1652
BLAKE, James a.1624
BLAKE, Jane b.1658
BLAKE, Jeremiah b.1707
BLAKE, Joanna a.1613
BLAKE, John a.1597
BLAKE, John b.1521
BLAKE, John a.1625
BLAKE, John b.1584
BLAKE, John a.1618
BLAKE, John b.1656
BLAKE, Jonathan b.1672
BLAKE, Jonathan b.1660
BLAKE, Joseph b.1699
BLAKE, Joseph b.1667
BLAKE, Margaret a.1622
BLAKE, Martha b.1627
BLAKE, Mary b.1656
BLAKE, Mary b.1655
BLAKE, Mary a.1611
BLAKE, Mary b.1582
BLAKE, Mehitable b.1696
BLAKE, Mehitable b.1673
BLAKE, Mercy b.1670
BLAKE, Nathaniel b.1659
BLAKE, Nathaniel b.1692
BLAKE, Nathaniel b.1659
BLAKE, Nicholas b.1552
BLAKE, Peter a.1619
BLAKE, Richard a.1603
BLAKE, Richard a.1563
BLAKE, Richard a.1608
BLAKE, Robert b.1587
BLAKE, Robert a.1566
BLAKE, Ruth b.1702
BLAKE, Samuel b.1650
BLAKE, Sarah b.1667
BLAKE, Sarah b.1709
BLAKE, Sarah a.1617
BLAKE, Sarah b.1700
BLAKE, Sarah b.1666
BLAKE, Solomon b.1675
BLAKE, Susan b.1670
BLAKE, Susanna b.1661
BLAKE, William b.1657
BLAKE, William b.1560
BLAKE, William a.1620
BLAKE, William a.1594
BLAKE, William a.1615
BLAKE, William b.1581
BLAKE, Zipporah b.1701


BLAKELY, Esther b.1630


BLAKENEY, John Gentleman b.1485


BLAKENHAM, Alice de b.1274
BLAKENHAM, Benedict de Knight b.1215
BLAKENHAM, Benedict de b.1276
BLAKENHAM, Benedict de Knight b.1240
BLAKENHAM, N.N. de b.1272
BLAKENHAM, Thomas de Knight b.1242
BLAKENHAM, Thomas de b.1278


BLAKESLEE, Lydia b.1743


BLAKESLEY, Samuel b.1662


BLAKET, John Esquire b.1353


BLAKSTON, Rebecca a.1627


BLANCFRONT, Alice b.1318


BLANCHARD, George b.1620
BLANCHARD, Hannah b.1681
BLANCHARD, Isaac b.1723
BLANCHARD, John b.1677
BLANCHARD, John b.1660
BLANCHARD, John b.1627
BLANCHARD, Jonathan a.1682
BLANCHARD, Joshua b.1693
BLANCHARD, Mary b.1761
BLANCHARD, Mary b.1647
BLANCHARD, Mary b.1638
BLANCHARD, Mehitable b.1716
BLANCHARD, Mrs. Frances b.1558
BLANCHARD, Nathaniel b.1719
BLANCHARD, Nathaniel a.1636
BLANCHARD, Ruth b.1703
BLANCHARD, Samuel b.1680
BLANCHARD, Samuel a.1629
BLANCHARD, Sarah b.1649
BLANCHARD, Thomas b.1674
BLANCHARD, Thomas b.1625
BLANCHARD, Thomas b.1590


BLANCHMINSTER, John Knight b.1335
BLANCHMINSTER, Ralph Knight b.1285


BLAND, Mary b.1704


BLANDFORD, Hannah b.1644
BLANDFORD, John b.1646
BLANDFORD, John b.1608
BLANDFORD, Lydia b.1648
BLANDFORD, Mary b.1634
BLANDFORD, Sarah b.1643
BLANDFORD, Stephen b.1649


BLANEY, John b.1627


BLANKENSHIP, Sarah Jane b.1851
BLANKENSHIP, Thomas Wesley b.1855


BLANTON, David b.1791


BLATCHFORD, Joanna b.1665
BLATCHFORD, Mary b.1670
BLATCHFORD, Peter b.1667
BLATCHFORD, Peter b.1635


BLATCHLEY, Hannah b.1746
BLATCHLEY, Susannah b.1667


BLEDDYN, Aaron ap Knight b.1259
BLEDDYN, Denis ferch b.1063
BLEDDYN, Gwrhydr ap b.895
BLEDDYN, Maredudd ap b.1060


BLEDLOWE, Elizabeth b.1496
BLEDLOWE, Henry b.1473
BLEDLOWE, John b.1428
BLEDLOWE, John b.1403
BLEDLOWE, Katherine b.1499
BLEDLOWE, Richard b.1470
BLEDLOWE, Thomas Sheriff of London b.1430
BLEDLOWE, Thomas Gentleman b.1467


BLEIDDIG, Hyfaidd ap King of Dyfed d.893


BLENCOE, Ann b.1579
BLENCOE, Dorothy b.1552
BLENCOE, Elizabeth b.1581
BLENCOE, Francis b.1583
BLENCOE, George b.1591
BLENCOE, George b.1603
BLENCOE, Grace b.1605
BLENCOE, Isabel b.1585
BLENCOE, John b.1473
BLENCOE, John b.1607
BLENCOE, John b.1523
BLENCOE, John Esquire b.1550
BLENCOE, John Esquire b.1575
BLENCOE, Jonathan b.1620
BLENCOE, Margaret b.1599
BLENCOE, Mary b.1600
BLENCOE, Nathaniel b.1613
BLENCOE, Richard b.1589
BLENCOE, Robert b.1611
BLENCOE, Samuel b.1609
BLENCOE, Thomas b.1554
BLENCOE, Thomas b.1587
BLENCOE, Thomas b.1498
BLENCOE, Thomas Esquire b.1602
BLENCOE, Timothy b.1615
BLENCOE, William b.1617
BLENCOE, William b.1577
BLENCOE, William b.1548


BLENNERHASSET, John Esquire b.1423
BLENNERHASSET, Katherine b.1518
BLENNERHASSET, Samuel b.1586
BLENNERHASSET, William Esquire b.1525


BLESSING, Joanna b.1600


BLETHYN, Gwenllian b.1385


BLEWETT, Edmond b.1523
BLEWETT, Margaret b.1548


BLIESKASTEL, Hedwig of b.1061


BLIGHT, Margaret b.1545


BLINN, Ephraim b.1715


BLISS, Ann b.1623
BLISS, Ann b.1660
BLISS, Deliverance b.1655
BLISS, Ebenezer b.1683
BLISS, Elizabeth b.1644
BLISS, Elizabeth b.1687
BLISS, Elizabeth b.1645
BLISS, Experience b.1649
BLISS, Freelove b.1672
BLISS, Hannah b.1631
BLISS, Hannah b.1665
BLISS, Hannah b.1678
BLISS, Henry b.1681
BLISS, Hester b.1639
BLISS, John b.1669
BLISS, John b.1690
BLISS, John b.1634
BLISS, Joseph b.1676
BLISS, Lawrence b.1628
BLISS, Lydia b.1655
BLISS, Mary b.1626
BLISS, Mary b.1736
BLISS, Mary b.1649
BLISS, Nathaniel b.1621
BLISS, Nathaniel b.1671
BLISS, Pelatiah b.1674
BLISS, Pelatiah b.1697
BLISS, Rebecca b.1663
BLISS, Samuel b.1641
BLISS, Samuel b.1662
BLISS, Samuel b.1660
BLISS, Samuel b.1684
BLISS, Samuel b.1693
BLISS, Samuel b.1657
BLISS, Sarah b.1637
BLISS, Sarah b.1667
BLISS, Sarah b.1658
BLISS, Sarah b.1657
BLISS, Sarah b.1647
BLISS, Thankful b.1700
BLISS, Thomas b.1673
BLISS, Thomas b.1594
BLISS, Thomas b.1682
BLISS, Thomas b.1652
BLISS, Thomas b.1619
BLISS, William b.1670


BLODGETT, Abial b.1802
BLODGETT, Abigail b.1818
BLODGETT, Andrew b.1534
BLODGETT, Ann b.1566
BLODGETT, Aurora b.1822
BLODGETT, Betsey b.1804
BLODGETT, Daniel a.1631
BLODGETT, Ebenezer b.1761
BLODGETT, Elizabeth b.1564
BLODGETT, Ellen b.1576
BLODGETT, Frances b.1568
BLODGETT, Hallie Wesley b.1897
BLODGETT, Joan b.1580
BLODGETT, Joan b.1536
BLODGETT, Joanne b.1800
BLODGETT, John b.1807
BLODGETT, John b.1578
BLODGETT, John b.1532
BLODGETT, John b.1610
BLODGETT, John b.1627
BLODGETT, Jonathan b.1660
BLODGETT, Margaret b.1574
BLODGETT, Margaret b.1542
BLODGETT, Martha b.1673
BLODGETT, Mary b.1805
BLODGETT, Mary b.1673
BLODGETT, Matty b.1820
BLODGETT, Nathaniel a.1629
BLODGETT, Phebe a.1607
BLODGETT, Robert b.1530
BLODGETT, Robert a.1602
BLODGETT, Robert b.1572
BLODGETT, Rose b.1538
BLODGETT, Ruth b.1656
BLODGETT, Samuel b.1658
BLODGETT, Samuel a.1633
BLODGETT, Sarah b.1794
BLODGETT, Sarah b.1600
BLODGETT, Sarah b.1668
BLODGETT, Silas b.1797
BLODGETT, Susanna b.1637
BLODGETT, Susanna b.1664
BLODGETT, Thomas b.1570
BLODGETT, Thomas b.1540
BLODGETT, Thomas b.1500
BLODGETT, Thomas b.1639
BLODGETT, Thomas a.1604
BLODGETT, Thomas b.1661

Surname List