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Name Index


BEAUFITZ, Agnes b.1433
BEAUFITZ, Alice de b.1309


BEAUFORT, Anne b.1443
BEAUFORT, Edmund b.1439
BEAUFORT, Edmund Earl of Somerset b.1406
BEAUFORT, Eleanor Countess of Wiltshire b.1437
BEAUFORT, Elizabeth b.1441
BEAUFORT, Henry Earl of Somerset b.1436
BEAUFORT, Henry Earl of Somerset a.1401
BEAUFORT, Henry Cardinal of England b.1374
BEAUFORT, Joan b.1450
BEAUFORT, Joan b.1408
BEAUFORT, Joan b.1393
BEAUFORT, Joan b.1378
BEAUFORT, John b.1445
BEAUFORT, John Earl of Somerset b.1403
BEAUFORT, John Earl of Somerset b.1372
BEAUFORT, Margaret Countess of Stafford b.1434
BEAUFORT, Margaret b.1410
BEAUFORT, Margaret Countess of Richmond b.1443
BEAUFORT, Tacine b.1425
BEAUFORT, Thomas b.1447
BEAUFORT, Thomas b.1405
BEAUFORT, Thomas Duke of Exeter b.1377


BEAUFOU, Agatha de b.1188
BEAUFOU, Alice de b.1015
BEAUFOU, Fulk de b.1147
BEAUFOU, Margery de b.1172
BEAUFOU, Richard de b.990


BEAUFOUR, Ralph de b.1065


BEAUFOY, Margery b.1268
BEAUFOY, William b.1243


BEAUGENCY, Lancelin I de b.995
BEAUGENCY, Lancelin III de b.1043


BEAUJEU, Agnes de b.1204
BEAUJEU, Guichard de b.1085


BEAUMONT, Ada de b.990
BEAUMONT, Adeline de b.1100
BEAUMONT, Adeliza de b.1035
BEAUMONT, Agnes de b.1326
BEAUMONT, Agnes de b.1077
BEAUMONT, Agnes de b.1233
BEAUMONT, Alice b.1437
BEAUMONT, Alice b.1473
BEAUMONT, Alice de b.1213
BEAUMONT, Alice de b.1324
BEAUMONT, Alix de b.1122
BEAUMONT, Amice de Countess of Leicester b.1156
BEAUMONT, Anne b.1466
BEAUMONT, Aubrey de b.1109
BEAUMONT, Aubrey de Abbess of Preaux b.1051
BEAUMONT, Beatrice de b.1330
BEAUMONT, Constance de b.1168
BEAUMONT, Edward b.1464
BEAUMONT, Ela de b.1210
BEAUMONT, Eleanor b.1413
BEAUMONT, Eleanor Nun b.1392
BEAUMONT, Eleanor de b.1359
BEAUMONT, Elizabeth b.1506
BEAUMONT, Elizabeth b.1538
BEAUMONT, Elizabeth Baroness of Cramond b.1576
BEAUMONT, Elizabeth b.1462
BEAUMONT, Elizabeth b.1403
BEAUMONT, Elizabeth b.1390
BEAUMONT, Elizabeth b.1429
BEAUMONT, Elizabeth de b.1328
BEAUMONT, Ermengarde de b.1171
BEAUMONT, Geoffroy de b.1178
BEAUMONT, Godechilde de Abbess of Etival b.1077
BEAUMONT, Godfrey de Knight b.1216
BEAUMONT, Guibert de Lord of Beaumont b.975
BEAUMONT, Guillaume de b.1207
BEAUMONT, Guillaume de b.1072
BEAUMONT, Hawise de Nun b.1162
BEAUMONT, Hawise de Countess of Gloucester b.1125
BEAUMONT, Henry b.1483
BEAUMONT, Henry Knight b.1411
BEAUMONT, Henry Lord Beaumont b.1380
BEAUMONT, Henry de b.1363
BEAUMONT, Henry de Earl of Buchan b.1278
BEAUMONT, Henry de Earl of Warwick b.1048
BEAUMONT, Henry de Lord Beaumont b.1339
BEAUMONT, Hubert de b.1074
BEAUMONT, Hubert de Vicomte de Maine b.1049
BEAUMONT, Hugh Esquire b.1444
BEAUMONT, Hugh de Earl of Bedford b.1107
BEAUMONT, Humphrey b.1504
BEAUMONT, Isabel b.1398
BEAUMONT, Isabel de Duchess of Lancaster b.1318
BEAUMONT, Isabel de b.1122
BEAUMONT, Isabel de b.1102
BEAUMONT, Ivo I de b.990
BEAUMONT, Ivo II de b.1014
BEAUMONT, Joan b.1437
BEAUMONT, Joan b.1384
BEAUMONT, Joan de b.1341
BEAUMONT, Joan de b.1208
BEAUMONT, Joan de b.1312
BEAUMONT, Joan de b.1283
BEAUMONT, Joane b.1434
BEAUMONT, John b.1447
BEAUMONT, John Esquire b.1462
BEAUMONT, John b.1470
BEAUMONT, John b.1382
BEAUMONT, John Viscount Beaumont b.1409
BEAUMONT, John de Knight b.1219
BEAUMONT, John de Lord Beaumont b.1361
BEAUMONT, John de Lord Beaumont b.1316
BEAUMONT, Katherine b.1404
BEAUMONT, Katherine de b.1364
BEAUMONT, Katherine de b.1314
BEAUMONT, Margaret b.1476
BEAUMONT, Margaret b.1407
BEAUMONT, Margaret b.1395
BEAUMONT, Margaret de b.1128
BEAUMONT, Margaret de Countess of Winchester b.1158
BEAUMONT, Margery b.1406
BEAUMONT, Mary Countess of Buckingham b.1570
BEAUMONT, Mary b.1604
BEAUMONT, Maud b.1395
BEAUMONT, Maud de b.1114
BEAUMONT, Pernel de b.1169
BEAUMONT, Philip b.1432
BEAUMONT, Philip b.1260
BEAUMONT, Raoul de b.1201
BEAUMONT, Raoul de Vicomte de Beaumont b.1175
BEAUMONT, Raoul VII de Vicomte de Maine b.1070
BEAUMONT, Richard b.1428
BEAUMONT, Richard b.1500
BEAUMONT, Richard Esquire b.1460
BEAUMONT, Richard b.1388
BEAUMONT, Richard de b.1365
BEAUMONT, Richard de b.1320
BEAUMONT, Richard de Vicomte de Beaumont b.1204
BEAUMONT, Richard de Vicomte de Beaumont b.1173
BEAUMONT, Richard de b.1252
BEAUMONT, Richard I de Vicomte de Maine b.1135
BEAUMONT, Robert b.1458
BEAUMONT, Robert de Count of Meulan b.1142
BEAUMONT, Robert I de Earl of Leicester b.1046
BEAUMONT, Robert II de Earl of Leicester b.1104
BEAUMONT, Robert III de Earl of Leicester b.1130
BEAUMONT, Roger de Bishop of St. Andrews b.1166
BEAUMONT, Roger de Seigneur de Pont Audemer b.1010
BEAUMONT, Roscelin de Vicomte de Maine b.1096
BEAUMONT, Thomas Esquire b.1442
BEAUMONT, Thomas Knight b.1386
BEAUMONT, Thomas Esquire b.1435
BEAUMONT, Thomas Knight b.1401
BEAUMONT, Thomas de b.1368
BEAUMONT, Thomas de b.1322
BEAUMONT, Waleran de Count of Meulan b.1104
BEAUMONT, William b.1509
BEAUMONT, William b.1430
BEAUMONT, William b.1468
BEAUMONT, William Lord Beaumont a.1438
BEAUMONT, William de Knight b.1366
BEAUMONT, William de b.1160
BEAUMONT, William de b.1185


BEAUMONT-Sur-OISE, Aubri de b.1030


BEAUPRE, Dorothy b.1539
BEAUPRE, Edmund Esquire b.1496
BEAUPRE, Isabel b.1335
BEAUPRE, John Knight b.1330
BEAUPRE, John Knight b.1300
BEAUPRE, Nicholas Esquire b.1469


BEAVER, Grace J. b.1889
BEAVER, Jane W. b.1828


BEAWE, Richard b.1522


BEC, Geoffrey de b.1170


BECHE, Joan de la b.1316
BECHE, Nicholas de la Seneschal of Gascony b.1290


BECHINGTON, Margery de b.1260


BECHTON, Ellen de b.1300
BECHTON, Philip de b.1275


BECKE, Jane b.1587


BECKENSHAW, Alice b.1615


BECKER, Elizabeth b.1859


BECKETT, John b.1626
BECKETT, Prudence b.1749


BECKFORD, Lucy Maud b.1881


BECKLEY, Mary a.1615


BECKWITH, Arthur Esquire a.1615
BECKWITH, Elizabeth b.1678
BECKWITH, Isabel b.1640
BECKWITH, James b.1671
BECKWITH, John b.1669
BECKWITH, Jonah b.1673
BECKWITH, Marmaduke b.1636
BECKWITH, Mary b.1639
BECKWITH, Matthew b.1667
BECKWITH, Matthew b.1645
BECKWITH, Prudence b.1676
BECKWITH, Prudence b.1696
BECKWITH, Roger Knight b.1637
BECKWITH, Ruth b.1681
BECKWITH, Sarah b.1684
BECKWITH, Susan b.1642


BEDGEBURY, John de b.1380


BEDINGFIELD, Alice b.1531
BEDINGFIELD, Alice b.1415
BEDINGFIELD, Alice b.1477
BEDINGFIELD, Alice b.1451
BEDINGFIELD, Anne b.1556
BEDINGFIELD, Anne b.1549
BEDINGFIELD, Anne b.1417
BEDINGFIELD, Anthony b.1562
BEDINGFIELD, Anthony b.1515
BEDINGFIELD, Edmund b.1560
BEDINGFIELD, Edmund Esquire b.1533
BEDINGFIELD, Edmund b.1522
BEDINGFIELD, Edmund Knight b.1485
BEDINGFIELD, Edmund Knight b.1390
BEDINGFIELD, Edmund K.B. b.1445
BEDINGFIELD, Elizabeth b.1545
BEDINGFIELD, Elizabeth b.1513
BEDINGFIELD, Francis b.1511
BEDINGFIELD, Henry Knight b.1586
BEDINGFIELD, Henry b.1552
BEDINGFIELD, Henry Knight b.1509
BEDINGFIELD, Humphrey b.1517
BEDINGFIELD, John b.1539
BEDINGFIELD, John b.1470
BEDINGFIELD, Katherine b.1516
BEDINGFIELD, Katherine b.1543
BEDINGFIELD, Margaret b.1519
BEDINGFIELD, Margaret b.1467
BEDINGFIELD, Mary b.1565
BEDINGFIELD, Mary a.1569
BEDINGFIELD, Mary b.1448
BEDINGFIELD, Nazareth b.1568
BEDINGFIELD, Nicholas b.1547
BEDINGFIELD, Peter b.1488
BEDINGFIELD, Philip Knight a.1593
BEDINGFIELD, Robert Priest b.1482
BEDINGFIELD, Thomas b.1610
BEDINGFIELD, Thomas Esquire b.1558
BEDINGFIELD, Thomas Gentleman b.1537
BEDINGFIELD, Thomas b.1420
BEDINGFIELD, Thomas Knight b.1479
BEDINGFIELD, William b.1589


BEE, Thomas b.1650


BEEBE, Carrie M. b.1859
BEEBE, James b.1643
BEEBE, Jerusha b.1710
BEEBE, William Albert b.1813


BEECHER, Catherine b.1800
BEECHER, Charles b.1815
BEECHER, Edward b.1803
BEECHER, Eleazer b.1655
BEECHER, Eliphalet b.1711
BEECHER, George b.1809
BEECHER, Hannah b.1785
BEECHER, Harriet b.1807
BEECHER, Harriet Elizabeth b.1811
BEECHER, Henry Ward b.1813
BEECHER, Lyman b.1775
BEECHER, Mary Foote b.1805
BEECHER, Samuel b.1652
BEECHER, William Knight a.1574
BEECHER, William Henry b.1802


BEERS, Abigail b.1662
BEERS, Effie L. b.1859
BEERS, Eleazer b.1648
BEERS, Elizabeth b.1657
BEERS, Elnathan b.1655
BEERS, Jabez b.1651
BEERS, John b.1710
BEERS, Judith b.1646
BEERS, Martha b.1658
BEERS, Mary b.1643
BEERS, Richard b.1659
BEERS, Richard b.1612
BEERS, Sarah b.1639
BEERS, Sarah b.1639


BEESTON, Dorothy b.1530


BEIEREN, Jacoba van Duchess of Bavaria a.1401


BEIGHTON, John b.1684


BEKE, Alice b.1247
BEKE, Anthony Patriarch of Jerusalem b.1231
BEKE, Elizabeth b.1325
BEKE, Elizabeth b.1345
BEKE, John Lord Beke b.1226
BEKE, Lettice b.1270
BEKE, Margaret b.1255
BEKE, Mary b.1249
BEKE, Nicholas Knight b.1320
BEKE, Robert b.1240
BEKE, Robert Knight b.1289
BEKE, Thomas Bishop of St. David's b.1228
BEKE, Walter Knight b.1252
BEKE, Walter b.1201


BELASYSE, Anna a.1616
BELASYSE, Arabella a.1638
BELASYSE, Barbara b.1667
BELASYSE, Barbara a.1629
BELASYSE, Barbara a.1609
BELASYSE, Charles a.1643
BELASYSE, Dorothy b.1580
BELASYSE, Edmund a.1612
BELASYSE, Frances a.1636
BELASYSE, Frances a.1618
BELASYSE, Grace a.1635
BELASYSE, Henry a.1630
BELASYSE, Henry a.1604
BELASYSE, Henry Knight a.1555
BELASYSE, Honora b.1665
BELASYSE, Isabella b.1673
BELASYSE, John a.1641
BELASYSE, John Lord Belasyse b.1614
BELASYSE, Katherine b.1670
BELASYSE, Margaret a.1639
BELASYSE, Margaret a.1602
BELASYSE, Mary a.1626
BELASYSE, Mary b.1583
BELASYSE, Mary a.1606
BELASYSE, Rowland K.B. a.1633
BELASYSE, Thomas a.1620
BELASYSE, Thomas Viscount Fauconberg b.1577
BELASYSE, Thomas Viscount Fauconberg a.1628
BELASYSE, Ursula a.1611
BELASYSE, Ursula a.1608
BELASYSE, William a.1646


BELAUNEY, Baldwin de b.1255
BELAUNEY, Joan de b.1279


BELBEY, Richard b.1508


BELCHER, Abigail b.1697
BELCHER, Alice b.1592
BELCHER, Andrew b.1672
BELCHER, Andrew b.1648
BELCHER, Andrew b.1615
BELCHER, Angeline b.1814
BELCHER, Anna b.1684
BELCHER, Aurelia b.1818
BELCHER, Benjamin b.1765
BELCHER, Benjamin Barney b.1793
BELCHER, Bildad Barney b.1812
BELCHER, Dabridgecourt Gentleman a.1581
BELCHER, Deborah b.1689
BELCHER, Deborah Williams b.1798
BELCHER, Edward a.1627
BELCHER, Edward Gentleman b.1595
BELCHER, Elizabeth b.1678
BELCHER, Elizabeth b.1640
BELCHER, Elizabeth b.1679
BELCHER, Gregory b.1739
BELCHER, Hannah b.1713
BELCHER, Hannah b.1650
BELCHER, Hiram Shaw b.1800
BELCHER, James Hiram b.1820
BELCHER, Jemima b.1642
BELCHER, Jemima Shaw b.1809
BELCHER, John a.1582
BELCHER, John Williams b.1796
BELCHER, Jonathan b.1682
BELCHER, Joseph b.1699
BELCHER, Mabel a.1585
BELCHER, Margaret b.1589
BELCHER, Margaret Dwight b.1819
BELCHER, Martha b.1686
BELCHER, Martha b.1644
BELCHER, Mary b.1680
BELCHER, Mary b.1646
BELCHER, Parsons b.1803
BELCHER, Robert b.1600
BELCHER, Sally b.1806
BELCHER, Sarah b.1675
BELCHER, Thomas b.1587
BELCHER, William b.1555


BELDEN, Margaret b.1677


BELDING, Daniel b.1702
BELDING, Hester b.1683
BELDING, Mary b.1677
BELDING, Samuel b.1629


BELERS, Amice de b.1316
BELERS, John Esquire b.1459
BELERS, Margaret de b.1345
BELERS, Marina b.1417
BELERS, Roger de b.1339
BELERS, Roger de Knight b.1318
BELERS, Roger de Knight b.1283
BELERS, Thomas de b.1320
BELERS, William de b.1258


BELESBY, Elizabeth b.1409
BELESBY, Magdalen b.1546
BELESBY, Thomas b.1411
BELESBY, Thomas Knight b.1385


BELET, Ralph b.1180


BELGRAVE, Abraham a.1569
BELGRAVE, Barbara a.1577
BELGRAVE, Barbara a.1575
BELGRAVE, Catherine a.1566
BELGRAVE, Dorcas a.1584
BELGRAVE, Elizabeth a.1564
BELGRAVE, Elizabeth de b.1368
BELGRAVE, George a.1571
BELGRAVE, Isaac b.1582
BELGRAVE, Isabel de b.1365
BELGRAVE, Jacob b.1573
BELGRAVE, Joan de b.1361
BELGRAVE, John b.1538
BELGRAVE, John de b.1310
BELGRAVE, Joseph a.1580
BELGRAVE, Maud de b.1363
BELGRAVE, Thomas a.1567
BELGRAVE, Thomas de b.1335
BELGRAVE, Thomasine a.1562
BELGRAVE, William b.1410


BELHOUS, Alice de b.1370
BELHOUS, Isolda de b.1367
BELHOUS, John de b.1364
BELHOUS, John de Knight b.1311
BELHOUS, Nicholas de b.1313
BELHOUS, Thomas de Knight b.1285
BELHOUS, Thomas de b.1338


BELI, Iago ap King of Gwynedd b.540


BELKNAP, Alice b.1455
BELKNAP, Alice b.1479
BELKNAP, Anne b.1466
BELKNAP, Edward Knight b.1463
BELKNAP, Elizabeth b.1461
BELKNAP, Elizabeth b.1415
BELKNAP, Griselda b.1475
BELKNAP, Griselda b.1417
BELKNAP, Hamon Esquire b.1384
BELKNAP, Henry Knight b.1426
BELKNAP, Joan b.1374
BELKNAP, John b.1420
BELKNAP, Lucinda b.1761
BELKNAP, Margaret b.1472
BELKNAP, Mary b.1469
BELKNAP, Philip Mayor of Canterbury b.1429
BELKNAP, Robert Knight b.1350
BELKNAP, Sarah a.1656
BELKNAP, William Esquire b.1423


BELL, Beaupre b.1570
BELL, Dorothy a.1585
BELL, Dorothy a.1572
BELL, Edmund a.1606
BELL, Edmund Knight a.1562
BELL, Elizabeth a.1587
BELL, Elizabeth b.1668
BELL, Esther b.1672
BELL, Frances a.1577
BELL, Frances b.1594
BELL, Henry a.1591
BELL, Humphrey a.1597
BELL, James b.1663
BELL, James b.1632
BELL, Jane a.1599
BELL, Jane b.1658
BELL, John b.1660
BELL, Jonathan b.1663
BELL, Joseph b.1670
BELL, Katherine a.1601
BELL, Mary b.1564
BELL, Mary b.1669
BELL, Mercy b.1687
BELL, Nathaniel b.1665
BELL, Peter b.1593
BELL, Philip a.1590
BELL, Philip a.1574
BELL, Rebecca b.1643
BELL, Richard a.1605
BELL, Robert Knight a.1588
BELL, Robert Knight b.1566
BELL, Robert Knight b.1534
BELL, Sarah b.1666
BELL, Sinolphus a.1596
BELL, Sinolphus a.1568
BELL, Susan a.1598
BELL, Thomas b.1550


BELLAMY, N.N. b.1559
BELLAMY, Sally b.1780


BELLEME, Avesgaud de Bishop of Le Mans b.955
BELLEME, Foulques de b.996
BELLEME, Godehaut de b.958
BELLEME, Guillaume de Comte d'Alencon b.952
BELLEME, Hildeburgis de b.968
BELLEME, Robert de Comte d'Alencon b.998
BELLEME, Robert II de Earl of Shrewsbury b.1052
BELLEME, Yves de b.961
BELLEME, Yves I de Comte d'Alencon b.927
BELLEME, Yves II de b.1005


BELLEW, Joan de b.1263
BELLEW, John de Knight b.1254
BELLEW, John de b.1227
BELLEW, Lucy de b.1279
BELLEW, Sybil de b.1260


BELLINGHAM, Ann a.1652
BELLINGHAM, Elizabeth a.1649
BELLINGHAM, Grace a.1654
BELLINGHAM, Hannah a.1642
BELLINGHAM, James a.1646
BELLINGHAM, John b.1644
BELLINGHAM, Richard b.1592
BELLINGHAM, Samuel b.1622
BELLINGHAM, Sarah a.1648
BELLINGHAM, Susanna a.1601
BELLINGHAM, William Esquire b.1555
BELLINGHAM, William b.1572


BELLOWS, Deborah b.1779
BELLOWS, John b.1623


BELMEIS, Alice de b.1150
BELMEIS, Philip de b.1120
BELMEIS, Walter de b.1095


BELWARD, Richard le b.1165
BELWARD, William le b.1100
BELWARD, William le b.1130


BEMBRY, Cornelia Missouri b.1882


BEMIS, Sarah b.1642


BENAUGES, Guillen Amanieu I de Vicomte de Benauges b.1017
BENAUGES, Guillen Amanieu II de Vicomte de Benauges b.1042
BENAUGES, Vidapont de b.1067


BENDBOW, Ann b.1538


BENDEVILLE, Alice de b.1169
BENDEVILLE, Alvred de b.1110
BENDEVILLE, Emma de b.1137
BENDEVILLE, Hawise de b.1140
BENDEVILLE, Sarra de b.1135


BENE, Dionisia b.1231


BENEDICT, Abigail b.1728
BENEDICT, Amy b.1748
BENEDICT, Anna b.1745
BENEDICT, Benjamin b.1712
BENEDICT, Comfort b.1716
BENEDICT, Daniel b.1650
BENEDICT, Ebenezer b.1718
BENEDICT, Elizabeth b.1655
BENEDICT, Elizabeth b.1696
BENEDICT, Hezekiah b.1721
BENEDICT, Jachin b.1727
BENEDICT, James b.1723
BENEDICT, James b.1648
BENEDICT, James b.1710
BENEDICT, James b.1685
BENEDICT, John b.1717
BENEDICT, John b.1643
BENEDICT, John b.1689
BENEDICT, John b.1714
BENEDICT, Joseph b.1729
BENEDICT, Josiah b.1719
BENEDICT, Mary b.1723
BENEDICT, Mary b.1652
BENEDICT, Michael b.1742
BENEDICT, Phoebe b.1733
BENEDICT, Phoebe b.1719
BENEDICT, Phoebe b.1682
BENEDICT, Rachel b.1725
BENEDICT, Rebecca b.1731
BENEDICT, Rebecca b.1660
BENEDICT, Rebecca b.1679
BENEDICT, Samuel b.1645
BENEDICT, Sarah b.1721
BENEDICT, Sarah b.1731
BENEDICT, Sarah b.1657
BENEDICT, Sarah b.1677
BENEDICT, Thaddeus b.1749
BENEDICT, Thomas b.1725
BENEDICT, Thomas b.1641
BENEDICT, Thomas b.1617
BENEDICT, Thomas b.1694
BENEDICT, Thomas b.1679


BENEMAN, John b.1610


BENEVENTO, Atenolfo I di b.861
BENEVENTO, Atenolfo II di b.886
BENEVENTO, Gaitelgrima di b.989
BENEVENTO, Landolfo I di b.890
BENEVENTO, Landolfo II di b.917
BENEVENTO, Landolfo III di b.942
BENEVENTO, Pandolfo di b.967
BENEVENTO, Sikelgaita di b.950


BENFIELD, Mary b.1635


BENGTSSON, Anders b.1640


BENHALE, Robert de Knight b.1299


BENHAM, Abigail b.1688
BENHAM, Joseph b.1685
BENHAM, Joseph b.1659
BENHAM, Mary b.1683


BENISON, Mary b.1594


BENNET, Philippe b.1369
BENNET, Richard b.1344
BENNET, William b.1534


BENNETT, Abraham a.1715
BENNETT, Abraham b.1675
BENNETT, Anne b.1601
BENNETT, Arthur b.1640
BENNETT, Elizabeth b.1609
BENNETT, Ephraim b.1760
BENNETT, Ephraim b.1788
BENNETT, Eunice b.1786
BENNETT, George b.1620
BENNETT, Gideon b.1736
BENNETT, Grace b.1676
BENNETT, Hannah b.1640
BENNETT, Hannah b.1656
BENNETT, Hannah b.1772
BENNETT, Henry b.1635
BENNETT, James b.1615
BENNETT, James b.1645
BENNETT, Jane b.1489
BENNETT, Jane b.1449
BENNETT, Joanna b.1791
BENNETT, John b.1539
BENNETT, John a.1633
BENNETT, John b.1606
BENNETT, John b.1648
BENNETT, John b.1642
BENNETT, John b.1667
BENNETT, Katherine b.1751
BENNETT, Love b.1685
BENNETT, Lydia b.1700
BENNETT, Mary b.1652
BENNETT, Nicholas b.1584
BENNETT, Priscilla b.1791
BENNETT, Richard Esquire b.1595
BENNETT, Ruth b.1670
BENNETT, Samuel b.1686
BENNETT, Sarah b.1654
BENNETT, Sarah b.1625
BENNETT, Sarah Jane b.1844
BENNETT, Simon Esquire a.1624
BENNETT, Stephen b.1702
BENNETT, Susan b.1636
BENNETT, Thomas a.1621
BENNETT, Thomas b.1642
BENNETT, Thomas b.1660
BENNETT, William b.1687


BENNING, Elizabeth b.1616
BENNING, Mary b.1647


BENNY, Alice b.1550


BENSE, Mary b.1641


BENSON, Abigail b.1787
BENSON, Abigail b.1731
BENSON, Adeline b.1879
BENSON, Benjamin b.1687
BENSON, Benoni b.1747
BENSON, Benoni b.1724
BENSON, Benoni b.1689
BENSON, Carmen b.1887
BENSON, Charlotte b.1807
BENSON, Elise b.1873
BENSON, Ezra Taft b.1871
BENSON, Ezra Taft b.1899
BENSON, Ezra Taft b.1811
BENSON, Florence b.1879
BENSON, Florence A. b.1851
BENSON, Frank Andrus b.1853
BENSON, Frank Taft b.1883
BENSON, George Taft b.1912
BENSON, George Taft Jr. b.1875
BENSON, George Taft b.1846
BENSON, George Washington b.1783
BENSON, Henry b.1743
BENSON, Ichabod b.1751
BENSON, Jared b.1785
BENSON, Jenny b.1890
BENSON, Joanna b.1680
BENSON, Johanna b.1745
BENSON, John b.1819
BENSON, John b.1781
BENSON, John b.1749
BENSON, John b.1682
BENSON, John b.1634
BENSON, John b.1607
BENSON, Joseph b.1712
BENSON, Joseph b.1684
BENSON, Joseph b.1640
BENSON, Joseph Dunkley b.1900
BENSON, Judson b.1791
BENSON, Kathinka b.1894
BENSON, Louisa b.1869
BENSON, Marie b.1885
BENSON, Martha b.1718
BENSON, Martha a.1644
BENSON, Mary b.1637
BENSON, Mary b.1673
BENSON, N.N. b.1647
BENSON, Orval Dunkley b.1903
BENSON, Prudence b.1795
BENSON, Ross Dean b.1917
BENSON, Sarah b.1715
BENSON, Sarah b.1670
BENSON, Serge Ballif b.1877
BENSON, Stephen b.1742
BENSON, Susanna b.1721
BENSON, Susannah b.1677
BENSON, Sylvanus Holbrook b.1797
BENSON, Thankful b.1799
BENSON, Valdo Dunkley b.1911
BENSON, Volco Ballif b.1920
BENSON, William Kennedy b.1882


BENSTED, Edward Knight b.1357


BENT, Agnes b.1661
BENT, Agnes a.1582
BENT, Agnes a.1602
BENT, Agnes a.1631
BENT, Alice a.1579
BENT, David b.1691
BENT, David a.1568
BENT, Dennis a.1599
BENT, Edith a.1564
BENT, Elizabeth b.1658
BENT, Hannah b.1714
BENT, Hopestill b.1672
BENT, Jane b.1604
BENT, Joan a.1570
BENT, Joan a.1574
BENT, John b.1730
BENT, John b.1689
BENT, John b.1663
BENT, John a.1585
BENT, John b.1535
BENT, John a.1596
BENT, John a.1635
BENT, John b.1713
BENT, Joseph a.1641
BENT, Margery a.1590
BENT, Maria a.1572
BENT, Maria a.1598
BENT, Martha b.1720
BENT, Martha b.1655
BENT, Martha b.1638
BENT, Matthias b.1712
BENT, Patience b.1670
BENT, Peter b.1653
BENT, Peter a.1629
BENT, Richard a.1577
BENT, Richard a.1592
BENT, Robert b.1606
BENT, Robert a.1566
BENT, Robert a.1625
BENT, Sarah b.1727
BENT, William a.1626
BENT, Zaccheus b.1667


BENTLEY, Edmund b.1755
BENTLEY, Katherine b.1565
BENTLEY, Margaret a.1557
BENTLEY, William b.1640


BENTON, Jehiel b.1710
BENTON, John b.1577
BENTON, Mary b.1655
BENTON, Mary b.1662
BENTON, Parnel b.1795


BEQUEULLENE, Philippe b.1561


BERE, Agnes de la b.1417
BERE, Isabella de la b.1294
BERE, John de la b.1268
BERE, John de la b.1302
BERE, Richard de la Knight b.1388
BERE, Sybil de la b.1353
BERE, Violette de la b.1348


BEREFORD, Agnes de b.1300
BEREFORD, Denise de b.1099
BEREFORD, Edmund de b.1298
BEREFORD, Joan de b.1302
BEREFORD, John de Knight b.1312
BEREFORD, John de b.1286
BEREFORD, Margaret de b.1304
BEREFORD, Margaret de b.1314
BEREFORD, Osbert de b.1268
BEREFORD, Walkelin de b.1074
BEREFORD, Walter de b.1218
BEREFORD, Walter de b.1243
BEREFORD, William de Knight b.1272


BERENGER, Elizabeth b.1489
BERENGER, William b.1464


BERESFORD, Olive a.1592


BEREVILLE, Amabel de b.1182


BERG-SCHELKLINGEN, Salome of b.1099


BERGES, Asketil de b.1114
BERGES, Hugh de b.1140


BERHAM, Anne b.1575


BERIFFE, John b.1565


BERKELEY, Agnes de b.1170
BERKELEY, Agnes de b.1363
BERKELEY, Aldena de b.1130
BERKELEY, Alice b.1497
BERKELEY, Alice b.1417
BERKELEY, Alice b.1432
BERKELEY, Alice de b.1378
BERKELEY, Alice de b.1135
BERKELEY, Alphonse de b.1333
BERKELEY, Anne b.1493
BERKELEY, Anne b.1558
BERKELEY, Anne b.1555
BERKELEY, Anne b.1463
BERKELEY, Anne b.1508
BERKELEY, Anne b.1474
BERKELEY, Arabella b.1654
BERKELEY, Arethusa b.1663
BERKELEY, Catherine de Nun b.1361
BERKELEY, Cecily b.1440
BERKELEY, Charles Knight b.1585
BERKELEY, Charles Earl of Berkeley b.1649
BERKELEY, Charles b.1622
BERKELEY, Dorothy b.1561
BERKELEY, Dorothy b.1510
BERKELEY, Edith b.1441
BERKELEY, Edmond b.1350
BERKELEY, Edmund b.1359
BERKELEY, Edward Knight b.1580
BERKELEY, Edward Knight b.1544
BERKELEY, Edward Knight b.1434
BERKELEY, Edward de Knight b.1338
BERKELEY, Eleanor b.1389
BERKELEY, Elizabeth b.1495
BERKELEY, Elizabeth b.1413
BERKELEY, Elizabeth b.1445
BERKELEY, Elizabeth b.1647
BERKELEY, Elizabeth a.1624
BERKELEY, Elizabeth b.1580
BERKELEY, Elizabeth b.1602
BERKELEY, Elizabeth b.1534
BERKELEY, Elizabeth b.1549
BERKELEY, Elizabeth b.1398
BERKELEY, Elizabeth a.1558
BERKELEY, Elizabeth Baroness Lisle b.1386
BERKELEY, Elizabeth b.1425
BERKELEY, Elizabeth b.1531
BERKELEY, Elizabeth de b.1365
BERKELEY, Eudes de Canon of Westbury b.1306
BERKELEY, Ferdinando b.1560
BERKELEY, Frances b.1564
BERKELEY, Frances a.1623
BERKELEY, Francis Knight b.1551
BERKELEY, George Earl of Berkeley a.1627
BERKELEY, George Lord Berkeley b.1601
BERKELEY, Gertrude b.1547
BERKELEY, Giles b.1612
BERKELEY, Giles de b.1212
BERKELEY, Giles de b.1240
BERKELEY, Helen b.1604
BERKELEY, Helena de b.1128
BERKELEY, Henretta b.1660
BERKELEY, Henry Knight b.1578
BERKELEY, Henry b.1604
BERKELEY, Henry Knight b.1552
BERKELEY, Henry Lord Berkeley b.1534
BERKELEY, Henry Knight b.1541
BERKELEY, Henry de b.1183
BERKELEY, Henry de Priest b.1121
BERKELEY, Henry de b.1176
BERKELEY, Henry de b.1224
BERKELEY, Humphrey de b.1192
BERKELEY, Humphrey de Knight b.1167
BERKELEY, Isabel b.1438
BERKELEY, Isabel de b.1181
BERKELEY, Isabel de b.1278
BERKELEY, Isabel de b.1308
BERKELEY, Isabel de b.1334
BERKELEY, James b.1470
BERKELEY, James Esquire b.1429
BERKELEY, James b.1470
BERKELEY, James de Bishop of Exeter b.1287
BERKELEY, James de Knight b.1355
BERKELEY, James de Lord Berkeley b.1394
BERKELEY, Jane b.1420
BERKELEY, Jane b.1568
BERKELEY, Jean de b.1163
BERKELEY, Joan b.1509
BERKELEY, Joan b.1392
BERKELEY, Joan de b.1327
BERKELEY, John b.1499
BERKELEY, John Knight b.1309
BERKELEY, John Esquire b.1430
BERKELEY, John a.1567
BERKELEY, John Knight b.1335
BERKELEY, John Knight b.1361
BERKELEY, John b.1608
BERKELEY, John Knight b.1527
BERKELEY, John b.1461
BERKELEY, John Sheriff of Gloucestershire b.1352
BERKELEY, John b.1361
BERKELEY, John Knight b.1504
BERKELEY, John de b.1170
BERKELEY, John de Knight b.1285
BERKELEY, John de Knight b.1357
BERKELEY, John de b.1304
BERKELEY, Katherine b.1614
BERKELEY, Katherine b.1555
BERKELEY, Katherine b.1454
BERKELEY, Katherine b.1466
BERKELEY, Lawrence b.1448
BERKELEY, Lawrence b.1366
BERKELEY, Lawrence Knight b.1387
BERKELEY, Letitia de b.1160
BERKELEY, Lora b.1491
BERKELEY, Lora b.1461
BERKELEY, Margaret a.1565
BERKELEY, Margaret b.1582
BERKELEY, Margaret b.1582
BERKELEY, Margaret b.1618
BERKELEY, Margaret de b.1134
BERKELEY, Margaret de b.1374
BERKELEY, Margaret de b.1251
BERKELEY, Margaret de b.1231
BERKELEY, Margaret de b.1275
BERKELEY, Mary b.1657
BERKELEY, Mary b.1616
BERKELEY, Mary b.1557
BERKELEY, Mary b.1565
BERKELEY, Mary b.1529
BERKELEY, Mary b.1512
BERKELEY, Mary de b.1200
BERKELEY, Maud de b.1163
BERKELEY, Maud de b.1253
BERKELEY, Maurice b.1396
BERKELEY, Maurice Knight b.1576
BERKELEY, Maurice Knight b.1443
BERKELEY, Maurice Knight b.1600
BERKELEY, Maurice b.1507
BERKELEY, Maurice b.1472
BERKELEY, Maurice Knight b.1428
BERKELEY, Maurice Knight b.1395
BERKELEY, Maurice b.1436
BERKELEY, Maurice Knight b.1506
BERKELEY, Maurice Lord Berkeley b.1467
BERKELEY, Maurice Knight b.1358
BERKELEY, Maurice Sheriff of Gloucestershire b.1401
BERKELEY, Maurice b.1349
BERKELEY, Maurice Lord Berkeley b.1435
BERKELEY, Maurice de b.1336
BERKELEY, Maurice de b.1243
BERKELEY, Maurice de b.1172
BERKELEY, Maurice de Knight b.1359
BERKELEY, Maurice de Lord Berkeley b.1330
BERKELEY, Maurice I de Lord Berkeley b.1116
BERKELEY, Maurice II de Lord Berkeley b.1218
BERKELEY, Maurice III de Lord Berkeley b.1281
BERKELEY, Maurice IV de Knight b.1302
BERKELEY, Millicent de b.1300
BERKELEY, Muriel b.1606
BERKELEY, Muriel b.1512
BERKELEY, Nicholas de b.1285
BERKELEY, Nicholas de b.1124
BERKELEY, Peter de Canon of Lincoln b.1310
BERKELEY, Ralph de b.1103
BERKELEY, Richard b.1620
BERKELEY, Richard Esquire b.1578
BERKELEY, Richard Knight b.1527
BERKELEY, Richard Knight b.1470
BERKELEY, Richard de b.1178
BERKELEY, Richard de b.1228
BERKELEY, Richenda de b.1196
BERKELEY, Robert a.1563
BERKELEY, Robert b.1622
BERKELEY, Robert de b.1185
BERKELEY, Robert de Knight b.1247
BERKELEY, Robert de b.1118
BERKELEY, Robert de Lord Berkeley b.1165
BERKELEY, Robert de b.1222
BERKELEY, Roger de b.1166
BERKELEY, Roger de b.1324
BERKELEY, Roger I de b.1045
BERKELEY, Roger II de b.1070
BERKELEY, Roger III de Lord Dursley b.1100
BERKELEY, Roger IV de b.1127
BERKELEY, Roger V de b.1158
BERKELEY, Simon de b.1249
BERKELEY, Theobald de b.1135
BERKELEY, Theophilia b.1651
BERKELEY, Theophilia b.1596
BERKELEY, Thomas b.1395
BERKELEY, Thomas b.1363
BERKELEY, Thomas Knight b.1415
BERKELEY, Thomas b.1610
BERKELEY, Thomas Lord Berkeley b.1505
BERKELEY, Thomas K.B. b.1575
BERKELEY, Thomas Esquire b.1470
BERKELEY, Thomas b.1431
BERKELEY, Thomas b.1348
BERKELEY, Thomas Esquire b.1435
BERKELEY, Thomas Lord Berkeley b.1472
BERKELEY, Thomas de Knight b.1289
BERKELEY, Thomas de Knight b.1351
BERKELEY, Thomas de Archdeacon of Worcester b.1126
BERKELEY, Thomas de b.1220
BERKELEY, Thomas de b.1322
BERKELEY, Thomas de Lord Berkeley b.1353
BERKELEY, Thomas de Knight b.1332
BERKELEY, Thomas I de Lord Berkeley b.1170
BERKELEY, Thomas II de Lord Berkeley b.1245
BERKELEY, Thomas III de Knight b.1283
BERKELEY, Thomas IV de Lord Berkeley b.1298
BERKELEY, Walter de Chamberlain of Scotland b.1130
BERKELEY, William Knight b.1450
BERKELEY, William Knight b.1475
BERKELEY, William Earl of Nottingham b.1427
BERKELEY, William Knight b.1433
BERKELEY, William de b.1130
BERKELEY, William de b.1158
BERKELEY, William de b.1174
BERKELEY, William de b.1226

Surname List