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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


BARRELL, Humphrey b.1570


BARRES, Amice des Nun b.1191
BARRES, Ankaret b.1416
BARRES, William des b.1189
BARRES, William des Count of Rochefort b.1155


BARRETT, Agnes b.1512
BARRETT, Alice b.1516
BARRETT, Anne b.1579
BARRETT, Anne a.1572
BARRETT, Anne b.1510
BARRETT, Anne a.1593
BARRETT, Arthur b.1521
BARRETT, Audrey b.1518
BARRETT, Bridget b.1516
BARRETT, Cecily b.1512
BARRETT, Charles b.1555
BARRETT, Christopher b.1526
BARRETT, Christopher a.1591
BARRETT, Christopher Mayor of Norwich a.1562
BARRETT, Dorothy b.1522
BARRETT, Edward b.1558
BARRETT, Edward Esquire b.1519
BARRETT, Edward Lord Barrett b.1581
BARRETT, Elizabeth b.1524
BARRETT, Elizabeth b.1574
BARRETT, Elizabeth b.1498
BARRETT, Elizabeth b.1665
BARRETT, Elizabeth a.1597
BARRETT, Frances b.1520
BARRETT, George b.1494
BARRETT, Hamond a.1543
BARRETT, Helen b.1551
BARRETT, Joan b.1511
BARRETT, John b.1490
BARRETT, John Esquire b.1365
BARRETT, John Esquire b.1465
BARRETT, John b.1628
BARRETT, John b.1663
BARRETT, John Gentleman b.1462
BARRETT, John a.1602
BARRETT, Jonathan b.1653
BARRETT, Joseph b.1779
BARRETT, Joyce b.1518
BARRETT, Katherine b.1554
BARRETT, Katherine b.1523
BARRETT, Margaret a.1544
BARRETT, Margaret b.1561
BARRETT, Margaret b.1514
BARRETT, Margaret a.1595
BARRETT, Mary b.1672
BARRETT, Mary b.1651
BARRETT, Mary b.1629
BARRETT, Mary b.1612
BARRETT, Muriel b.1508
BARRETT, N.N. b.1579
BARRETT, Oliver b.1648
BARRETT, Owen a.1561
BARRETT, Peter a.1598
BARRETT, Prudence a.1564
BARRETT, Reuben b.1766
BARRETT, Richard b.1529
BARRETT, Richard b.1590
BARRETT, Robert b.1525
BARRETT, Robert b.1329
BARRETT, Robert Esquire b.1425
BARRETT, Robert a.1600
BARRETT, Stephen b.1649
BARRETT, Thomas b.1548
BARRETT, Thomas Priest b.1496
BARRETT, Thomas Esquire b.1390
BARRETT, Thomas b.1622
BARRETT, Thomas Esquire a.1590
BARRETT, Thomasine b.1388
BARRETT, Walter a.1583
BARRETT, William b.1546
BARRETT, William b.1608
BARRETT, William Gentleman b.1488
BARRETT, William a.1594
BARRETT, William Gentleman b.1514
BARRETT, William b.1633


BARRINGTON, Thomasine b.1425


BARRON, Abigail b.1680
BARRON, Elizeus b.1682
BARRON, Ellis b.1633
BARRON, Hannah b.1635
BARRON, Isaac b.1671
BARRON, John b.1677
BARRON, Jonathan b.1691
BARRON, Joseph b.1688
BARRON, Joshua b.1685
BARRON, Joshua b.1683
BARRON, Mary b.1679
BARRON, Mary b.1674
BARRON, Mary b.1631
BARRON, Moses b.1669
BARRON, Moses b.1643
BARRON, Samuel b.1679
BARRON, William b.1685


BARROSO, Fernan Perez b.1254
BARROSO, Pedro Gomez b.1227
BARROSO, Sancha Fernandez b.1284


BARROW, Anne b.1552
BARROW, Bridget b.1546
BARROW, Edward b.1535
BARROW, Edward b.1560
BARROW, Elizabeth b.1550
BARROW, Henry b.1558
BARROW, John b.1562
BARROW, Mary b.1548
BARROW, Stephen b.1565
BARROW, Thomas b.1554
BARROW, Thomas Esquire b.1521
BARROW, William b.1556


BARROWS, Deborah b.1748
BARROWS, Mercy b.1729


BARRY, Alice b.1371
BARRY, Helen b.1575
BARRY, Margaret b.1583
BARRY, Maud de b.1239
BARRY, Richard Joseph b.1922
BARRY, Sarah b.1639


BARSHAM, Hannah b.1638
BARSHAM, Mary b.1648
BARSHAM, Susanna b.1642


BARSTOW, Agnes a.1558
BARSTOW, Edward a.1552
BARSTOW, Edward a.1563
BARSTOW, John b.1708
BARSTOW, John a.1553
BARSTOW, Lawrence a.1548
BARSTOW, Margaret a.1551
BARSTOW, Michael a.1601
BARSTOW, Michael a.1562
BARSTOW, Richard a.1565
BARSTOW, Richard a.1560
BARSTOW, Richard b.1520
BARSTOW, Sibella a.1554
BARSTOW, Thomas a.1567


BARTHOLOMEW, Abigail b.1725
BARTHOLOMEW, Abigail a.1650
BARTHOLOMEW, Abraham a.1646
BARTHOLOMEW, Eleazer a.1649
BARTHOLOMEW, Elizabeth a.1654
BARTHOLOMEW, Elizabeth a.1641
BARTHOLOMEW, Gershom b.1722
BARTHOLOMEW, Hannah a.1643
BARTHOLOMEW, Helena May b.1883
BARTHOLOMEW, Henry b.1600
BARTHOLOMEW, Henry a.1657
BARTHOLOMEW, John a.1644
BARTHOLOMEW, Levi b.1732
BARTHOLOMEW, Sarah b.1742
BARTHOLOMEW, Sarah a.1659
BARTHOLOMEW, Seth b.1730
BARTHOLOMEW, Susanna b.1734
BARTHOLOMEW, William b.1699
BARTHOLOMEW, William a.1652


BARTLETT, Abiah b.1651
BARTLETT, Abigail b.1639
BARTLETT, Abraham b.1692
BARTLETT, Abraham b.1665
BARTLETT, Ann b.1684
BARTLETT, Ann b.1732
BARTLETT, Anna Mary b.1866
BARTLETT, Anne b.1625
BARTLETT, Anne b.1650
BARTLETT, Bathshua b.1647
BARTLETT, Benjamin b.1629
BARTLETT, Charles Samuel b.1839
BARTLETT, Christopher b.1623
BARTLETT, Christopher b.1655
BARTLETT, Christopher b.1679
BARTLETT, Damaris b.1647
BARTLETT, Daniel Collins b.1757
BARTLETT, Deborah b.1680
BARTLETT, Elizabeth b.1753
BARTLETT, Elizabeth b.1643
BARTLETT, Elizabeth b.1721
BARTLETT, Hannah b.1690
BARTLETT, Hannah b.1643
BARTLETT, Hannah b.1638
BARTLETT, Harry Lewis b.1868
BARTLETT, Hepzibah b.1646
BARTLETT, Humphrey b.1709
BARTLETT, Israel b.1796
BARTLETT, Jane b.1793
BARTLETT, Joan b.1610
BARTLETT, John b.1613
BARTLETT, John b.1610
BARTLETT, John b.1636
BARTLETT, Jonathan b.1657
BARTLETT, Joseph b.1639
BARTLETT, Lizzie G. b.1878
BARTLETT, Lydia b.1688
BARTLETT, Lydia b.1648
BARTLETT, Martha b.1653
BARTLETT, Mary b.1647
BARTLETT, Mary b.1682
BARTLETT, Mary b.1633
BARTLETT, Mary b.1673
BARTLETT, Mehitable a.1651
BARTLETT, Mehitable b.1640
BARTLETT, Mercy b.1651
BARTLETT, Moses b.1760
BARTLETT, Rebecca b.1631
BARTLETT, Richard b.1621
BARTLETT, Richard b.1585
BARTLETT, Robert b.1604
BARTLETT, Sarah b.1636
BARTLETT, Susanna b.1758
BARTLETT, Thomas b.1615
BARTLETT, Thomas b.1605


BARTOLL, John b.1668
BARTOLL, Mary b.1662


BARTON, Agnes de b.1277
BARTON, Alice de b.1275
BARTON, Amery de b.1272
BARTON, Andrew b.1480
BARTON, Edith de b.1178
BARTON, Elizabeth b.1540
BARTON, Gilbert de Knight b.1240
BARTON, Grace b.1605
BARTON, Isabel b.1382
BARTON, John b.1378
BARTON, John b.1385
BARTON, John b.1712
BARTON, Lesceline de b.1180
BARTON, Margaret b.1380
BARTON, Margaret b.1420
BARTON, Mathew de b.1153
BARTON, Thomas Esquire b.1450
BARTON, William b.1350


BARTRAM, Paul b.1736


BARWICK, Elizabeth b.1530


BASCOM, Hannah b.1632


BASFORD, Aaron b.1764
BASFORD, Azubah b.1773
BASFORD, Benjamin b.1756
BASFORD, Dada b.1768
BASFORD, Elizabeth b.1760
BASFORD, Elizabeth b.1692
BASFORD, Elizabeth b.1776
BASFORD, Hepzibah b.1699
BASFORD, Jacob b.1754
BASFORD, Jacob b.1715
BASFORD, Jacob b.1655
BASFORD, James b.1762
BASFORD, James b.1685
BASFORD, John b.1718
BASFORD, Jonathan b.1748
BASFORD, Joseph b.1750
BASFORD, Joseph a.1721
BASFORD, Margaret b.1695
BASFORD, Mary b.1712
BASFORD, Mary b.1687
BASFORD, Mary b.1776
BASFORD, Sarah b.1772


BASING, Willelma de b.1258


BASINGHAM, Christiana de b.1204
BASINGHAM, Emma de b.1177


BASKERVILLE, Eleanor b.1575
BASKERVILLE, Jane b.1442
BASKERVILLE, Sybil b.1523
BASKERVILLE, Walter de b.1170


BASS, Hannah b.1667
BASS, Hannah a.1632
BASS, John b.1688
BASS, John b.1658
BASS, John a.1630
BASS, Joseph b.1665
BASS, Joseph b.1639
BASS, Mary b.1670
BASS, Mary b.1628
BASS, Ruth b.1663
BASS, Ruth b.1637
BASS, Samuel b.1691
BASS, Samuel b.1660
BASS, Samuel a.1626
BASS, Samuel b.1600
BASS, Sarah b.1672
BASS, Sarah b.1643
BASS, Thomas b.1635


BASSANO, Elizabeth b.1637


BASSET, Agnes b.1120
BASSET, Alan Knight b.1162
BASSET, Alice b.1338
BASSET, Alice b.1189
BASSET, Alice b.1190
BASSET, Aline b.1239
BASSET, Aline b.1191
BASSET, Anne b.1534
BASSET, Anselme Knight b.1228
BASSET, Cecily b.1559
BASSET, Dorothy b.1490
BASSET, Edmund b.1319
BASSET, Edmund Knight b.1252
BASSET, Edmund b.1305
BASSET, Edmund b.1422
BASSET, Edward b.1487
BASSET, Edward Esquire b.1556
BASSET, Eleanor b.1491
BASSET, Eleanor b.1341
BASSET, Eleanor b.1329
BASSET, Elizabeth b.1591
BASSET, Elizabeth a.1372
BASSET, Eustache b.1180
BASSET, Fulke Bishop of London b.1197
BASSET, Gilbert b.1155
BASSET, Gilbert b.1099
BASSET, Gilbert Knight b.1194
BASSET, Gilbert b.1158
BASSET, Giles b.1456
BASSET, Gregory Esquire b.1505
BASSET, Isabel b.1156
BASSET, Isabel b.1254
BASSET, Isabel b.1175
BASSET, Jane b.1489
BASSET, Jane b.1226
BASSET, Joan b.1349
BASSET, Joan b.1392
BASSET, Joan b.1193
BASSET, Joan b.1119
BASSET, Joan b.1318
BASSET, Joan b.1536
BASSET, John Knight b.1462
BASSET, John Knight b.1445
BASSET, John b.1324
BASSET, John b.1356
BASSET, John b.1384
BASSET, John Knight b.1256
BASSET, John b.1483
BASSET, John b.1481
BASSET, Joyce b.1493
BASSET, Katherine b.1199
BASSET, Katherine b.1261
BASSET, Lucy b.1179
BASSET, Margaret b.1313
BASSET, Margaret b.1258
BASSET, Margaret b.1278
BASSET, Margery b.1239
BASSET, Margery b.1241
BASSET, Mary b.1539
BASSET, Maud b.1289
BASSET, Maurice b.1359
BASSET, Miles b.1214
BASSET, Philip b.1128
BASSET, Philip Justiciar of England b.1201
BASSET, Philippe Countess of Oxford b.1188
BASSET, Ralph Knight b.1260
BASSET, Ralph Lord Basset of Drayton b.1335
BASSET, Ralph b.1306
BASSET, Ralph b.1206
BASSET, Ralph b.1072
BASSET, Ralph b.1155
BASSET, Ralph b.1126
BASSET, Ralph Knight b.1280
BASSET, Ralph Lord Basset b.1316
BASSET, Ralph b.1189
BASSET, Ralph Lord Basset of Drayton b.1215
BASSET, Ralph Lord Basset of Drayton b.1249
BASSET, Ralph I b.1182
BASSET, Ralph II b.1244
BASSET, Ralph III Lord Basset b.1300
BASSET, Ralph IV Lord Basset b.1322
BASSET, Richard b.1320
BASSET, Richard b.1302
BASSET, Richard b.1418
BASSET, Richard I Justiciar of England b.1097
BASSET, Richard II b.1153
BASSET, Richard III b.1212
BASSET, Richard IV Lord Basset b.1274
BASSET, Robert b.1420
BASSET, Robert b.1534
BASSET, Robert Esquire b.1497
BASSET, Roger b.1304
BASSET, Roger b.1132
BASSET, Simon Knight b.1233
BASSET, Simon b.1294
BASSET, Simon Knight b.1330
BASSET, Sybil b.1130
BASSET, Thomas b.1326
BASSET, Thomas Knight b.1187
BASSET, Thomas Sheriff of Oxford b.1125
BASSET, Thomas Lord Headington b.1160
BASSET, Thurstan b.1155
BASSET, William Knight b.1295
BASSET, William Sheriff of Leicestershire b.1135
BASSET, William b.1485
BASSET, William Esquire b.1532


BASSETT, Abiah a.1658
BASSETT, Abigail b.1688
BASSETT, Anna b.1621
BASSETT, Barnaby b.1581
BASSETT, Burwell b.1734
BASSETT, Burwell b.1712
BASSETT, Edward b.1588
BASSETT, Elizabeth b.1697
BASSETT, Elizabeth b.1730
BASSETT, Elizabeth b.1632
BASSETT, Elizabeth b.1648
BASSETT, Elizabeth b.1626
BASSETT, Elizabeth b.1579
BASSETT, Giles b.1591
BASSETT, Hannah b.1714
BASSETT, Hannah b.1650
BASSETT, Hannah b.1679
BASSETT, Jane b.1592
BASSETT, Jane b.1586
BASSETT, Joanna b.1703
BASSETT, Joanna b.1701
BASSETT, John b.1591
BASSETT, John b.1691
BASSETT, John b.1652
BASSETT, Joseph b.1697
BASSETT, Joseph b.1694
BASSETT, Lewis b.1707
BASSETT, Lucy b.1699
BASSETT, Lydia b.1685
BASSETT, Margaret b.1582
BASSETT, Martha b.1694
BASSETT, Mary b.1716
BASSETT, Mary b.1707
BASSETT, Mary b.1619
BASSETT, Mercy b.1676
BASSETT, Nathaniel b.1719
BASSETT, Priscilla b.1737
BASSETT, Rebecca b.1695
BASSETT, Robert b.1699
BASSETT, Robert b.1617
BASSETT, Samuel b.1655
BASSETT, Sarah b.1651
BASSETT, Sarah b.1686
BASSETT, Sarah b.1628
BASSETT, Sarah b.1630
BASSETT, Sarah b.1682
BASSETT, Susan b.1584
BASSETT, Thankful b.1687
BASSETT, William b.1732
BASSETT, William b.1705
BASSETT, William b.1671
BASSETT, William b.1709
BASSETT, William b.1578
BASSETT, William b.1623


BASSINGBURNE, Emma de b.1248
BASSINGBURNE, John Knight b.1358
BASSINGBURNE, Thomas b.1458
BASSINGBURNE, Warin de b.1190


BASSOCK, Anne a.1577
BASSOCK, Dorothy a.1583
BASSOCK, Edward b.1534
BASSOCK, Elizabeth b.1530
BASSOCK, Isabel a.1568
BASSOCK, James a.1565
BASSOCK, Joanna a.1557
BASSOCK, John a.1570
BASSOCK, Mary a.1562
BASSOCK, Ralph b.1499
BASSOCK, Ralph a.1555
BASSOCK, Robert b.1572
BASSOCK, Robert a.1561
BASSOCK, Thomas b.1524
BASSOCK, William a.1575
BASSOCK, William b.1527


BASTARD, William b.1177


BASTEMBOURG, Gisele de b.981
BASTEMBOURG, Thurstan de b.945


BASTEN, Hannah b.1709


BASTON, James a.1712


BATAILLE, Anne b.1272
BATAILLE, Constance de b.1215
BATAILLE, Gilbert de b.1090
BATAILLE, Henry de Knight b.1158
BATAILLE, Margery b.1270
BATAILLE, Richard Knight b.1245
BATAILLE, Robert de b.1212
BATAILLE, Simon b.1220
BATAILLE, Walter de Knight b.1120
BATAILLE, William de b.1188


BATCHCROFT, Elizabeth b.1478
BATCHCROFT, Simon Gentleman b.1449
BATCHCROFT, William Gentleman b.1475


BATE, Alice b.1652
BATE, Anna b.1678
BATE, Daniel b.1697
BATE, Elizabeth b.1650
BATE, Ephraim b.1692
BATE, Hannah b.1668
BATE, James b.1683
BATE, James b.1662
BATE, James a.1624
BATE, John b.1666
BATE, Margaret b.1664
BATE, Mary a.1655
BATE, N.N. b.1568
BATE, Robert b.1686
BATE, Samuel b.1682
BATE, Samuel b.1677
BATE, Samuel a.1648
BATE, Silence b.1680
BATE, Stephen b.1689
BATE, William b.1580


BATEMAN, Daniel Leroy b.1884


BATES, Andrew b.1735
BATES, Andrew b.1763
BATES, Andrew J. b.1821
BATES, Andrew Needham b.1800
BATES, Barney H. b.1826
BATES, Basil b.1788
BATES, Burrell b.1794
BATES, Caroline E. b.1829
BATES, Charity b.1817
BATES, Elias b.1722
BATES, Elizabeth b.1785
BATES, Elizabeth b.1802
BATES, Elizabeth b.1774
BATES, Elizabeth Jane b.1826
BATES, Everett b.1818
BATES, Harriet b.1815
BATES, Jacob b.1777
BATES, James b.1810
BATES, James b.1807
BATES, James B. b.1785
BATES, James Jefferson b.1832
BATES, Jehiel b.1775
BATES, Jesse b.1820
BATES, John b.1686
BATES, John b.1787
BATES, John b.1827
BATES, John b.1769
BATES, Joseph S. b.1823
BATES, Judith b.1678
BATES, Julius a.1806
BATES, Lewis b.1809
BATES, Lucinda b.1822
BATES, Margaret a.1621
BATES, Martha b.1766
BATES, Mary b.1685
BATES, Mary b.1705
BATES, Mary b.1771
BATES, Mary b.1788
BATES, Mary Ann b.1813
BATES, Mary Ann b.1799
BATES, Mary Elizabeth a.1812
BATES, Mary Hester a.1808
BATES, Richard b.1796
BATES, Richard b.1761
BATES, Robert b.1790
BATES, Sarah b.1811
BATES, Sarah Ann b.1825
BATES, Susannah a.1633
BATES, Thomas b.1540
BATES, Thomas b.1802
BATES, William b.1792
BATES, William Thomas b.1828
BATES, Wilson Hamilton b.1805


BATH, William b.1635


BATHE, Elizabeth de b.1279
BATHE, John b.1340
BATHE, Osbert de Knight b.1250


BATHURST, Selina a.1721


BATISFORD, Alice b.1370
BATISFORD, Elizabeth b.1368
BATISFORD, William b.1339


BATSON, Margery b.1643
BATSON, Mercy b.1605


BATT, Anna a.1630


BATTE, Nathaniel b.1612


BATTELL, Alice b.1538


BATTELLE, Thomas b.1620


BATTEN, Jane b.1634
BATTEN, John b.1645


BAUDRY, Catherine b.1699
BAUDRY, Genevieve b.1697


BAUGENCY, Agnes de b.1107
BAUGENCY, Hildegarde de b.1045
BAUGENCY, Lancelin II de Seigneur of Beaugency b.1017
BAUGENCY, Raoul de b.1050


BAUGH, David b.1502


BAUGHMAN, Ida b.1808


BAUX, Marguerite des b.1394


BAVANT, Eleanor de b.1285


BAVARIA, Agnes of b.1176
BAVARIA, Arnulf I "The Bad" of Duke of Bavaria b.890
BAVARIA, Arnulf of b.913
BAVARIA, Berthold I of b.942
BAVARIA, Berthold of Duke of Bavaria b.892
BAVARIA, Bruno of Bishop of Augsburg b.975
BAVARIA, Emma of b.810
BAVARIA, Garibald I of Duke of Bavaria b.525
BAVARIA, Garibald II of Duke of Bavaria b.585
BAVARIA, Gertrude of b.555
BAVARIA, Gisela of b.979
BAVARIA, Gripho of Duke of Bavaria b.728
BAVARIA, Guelph I of Duke of Bavaria b.765
BAVARIA, Guelph IV of Duke of Bavaria b.1035
BAVARIA, Guelph VI of Duke of Spoleto b.1115
BAVARIA, Heinrich I "The Wrangler" of Duke of Bavaria b.951
BAVARIA, Heinrich II of Holy Roman Emperor b.973
BAVARIA, Heinrich II of Duke of Bavaria b.916
BAVARIA, Heinrich IX of b.1074
BAVARIA, Heinrich X of Duke of Bavaria b.1102
BAVARIA, Itta of b.814
BAVARIA, Judith of b.919
BAVARIA, Judith of b.1100
BAVARIA, Judith of b.800
BAVARIA, Konrad of b.1098
BAVARIA, Konrad of b.1030
BAVARIA, Louis I of Duke of Bavaria b.1174
BAVARIA, Ludwig IV of Holy Roman Emperor b.1282
BAVARIA, Maud of b.1108
BAVARIA, N.N. of b.655
BAVARIA, Odilon of Duke of Bavaria b.715
BAVARIA, Otto VIII of b.1117
BAVARIA, Richilde of b.1170
BAVARIA, Rudolf of Count of Ponthieu b.805
BAVARIA, Ruthardus of Duke of Bavaria b.740
BAVARIA, Sophia of b.1105
BAVARIA, Sophia of b.1172
BAVARIA, Suanechilde of b.710
BAVARIA, Tassilon I of Duke of Bavaria b.557
BAVARIA, Tassilon II of Duke of Bavaria b.690
BAVARIA, Theodebert of Duke of Bavaria b.670
BAVARIA, Theodon I of Duke of Bavaria b.615
BAVARIA, Theodon II of Duke of Bavaria b.645
BAVARIA, Theudelinde of b.559
BAVARIA, William V of Duke of Bavaria b.1330
BAVARIA, Wulfhilde b.1111


BAXTER, Abigail b.1634
BAXTER, Anne b.1644
BAXTER, Bethia b.1632
BAXTER, Hannah b.1660
BAXTER, John b.1667
BAXTER, Martha b.1621
BAXTER, Roger b.1611
BAXTER, Roger b.1580


BAYARD, Simon b.1225


BAYES, Ann b.1706
BAYES, Anna b.1658


BAYEUX, Agnes of b.1055
BAYEUX, Anschitil de b.992
BAYEUX, Aubree de b.1015
BAYEUX, Berenger de Count of Bayeux b.849
BAYEUX, Hugh de b.1081
BAYEUX, N.N. de b.1077
BAYEUX, Poppa de b.879
BAYEUX, Ranulph I de b.1017
BAYEUX, Ranulph II de Vicomte de Bayeux b.1050


BAYFORD, Annis a.1603


BAYNARD, Anne b.1531
BAYNARD, Anne a.1575
BAYNARD, Benjamin Gentleman a.1575
BAYNARD, Cecily b.1519
BAYNARD, Edmund a.1561
BAYNARD, Edward a.1573
BAYNARD, Edward a.1616
BAYNARD, Edward Esquire b.1521
BAYNARD, Elizabeth b.1502
BAYNARD, Gertrude b.1517
BAYNARD, Giles a.1569
BAYNARD, Grace b.1445
BAYNARD, Henry b.1500
BAYNARD, Isabel b.1347
BAYNARD, Jane b.1533
BAYNARD, Jane b.1505
BAYNARD, John a.1567
BAYNARD, John b.1320
BAYNARD, Lawrence b.1525
BAYNARD, Mary b.1498
BAYNARD, Mary a.1562
BAYNARD, Mary a.1621
BAYNARD, Maud b.1429
BAYNARD, Nicholas a.1565
BAYNARD, Philip a.1571
BAYNARD, Philip Esquire b.1471
BAYNARD, Richard b.1527
BAYNARD, Richard b.1419
BAYNARD, Richard b.1371
BAYNARD, Robert b.1523
BAYNARD, Robert Esquire b.1496
BAYNARD, Robert Knight a.1563
BAYNARD, Thomas Esquire b.1529
BAYNARD, Thomas b.1345


BAYNHAM, Agnes b.1479
BAYNHAM, Anne b.1471
BAYNHAM, Christopher Knight b.1477
BAYNHAM, Elizabeth b.1475
BAYNHAM, Isabel b.1473
BAYNHAM, Jane b.1481
BAYNHAM, Thomas Knight b.1422


BAYNING, Anne Viscountess Bayning a.1619
BAYNING, Cecily a.1613
BAYNING, Elizabeth Countess of Sheppey b.1622
BAYNING, Henry a.1618
BAYNING, Mary a.1624
BAYNING, Paul Viscount Bayning a.1616
BAYNING, Paul Viscount Bayning a.1588
BAYNING, Susanna a.1628


BAYNTON, Agnes b.1403
BAYNTON, Alice b.1404
BAYNTON, Andrew b.1505
BAYNTON, Anne b.1508
BAYNTON, Bridget b.1517
BAYNTON, Cecily de b.1371
BAYNTON, Edward Knight b.1511
BAYNTON, Edward Knight b.1482
BAYNTON, Edward b.1441
BAYNTON, Eleanor b.1484
BAYNTON, Elizabeth Nun b.1486
BAYNTON, Elizabeth b.1463
BAYNTON, Ellen b.1408
BAYNTON, Henry b.1514
BAYNTON, Henry a.1575
BAYNTON, Henry b.1447
BAYNTON, Isabel b.1410
BAYNTON, Jane b.1520
BAYNTON, Joan b.1473
BAYNTON, John b.1492
BAYNTON, John Knight b.1460
BAYNTON, John Knight b.1406
BAYNTON, Margaret b.1499
BAYNTON, Nicholas de b.1334
BAYNTON, Nicholas de Esquire b.1375
BAYNTON, Richard b.1489
BAYNTON, Robert Knight b.1438
BAYNTON, Thomas b.1495
BAYNTON, Thomas b.1445
BAYNTON, Thomas de b.1300
BAYNTON, Ursula b.1524
BAYNTON, William b.1443


BAYSEY, Adrian b.1627


BEACH, Azariah a.1648
BEACH, Benjamin b.1672
BEACH, Benjamin b.1644
BEACH, Bethia b.1674
BEACH, Daniel b.1702
BEACH, Elizabeth a.1652
BEACH, John b.1718
BEACH, John b.1654
BEACH, Mary b.1676
BEACH, Mary b.1642
BEACH, Mary b.1676
BEACH, Mary b.1703
BEACH, Thomas a.1622


BEACHAM, Edward b.1725
BEACHAM, Elizabeth a.1648


BEADLE, Christopher b.1665
BEADLE, Christopher b.1643
BEADLE, Elizabeth b.1646
BEADLE, Robert b.1620
BEADLE, Susanna b.1668


BEAL, Charlotte Althea b.1881
BEAL, Hannah b.1656
BEAL, John b.1588
BEAL, Lazarus b.1661
BEAL, Maurice Leroy b.1877


BEALE, Aaron b.1668
BEALE, Anne b.1674
BEALE, Bethia b.1702
BEALE, Bridget b.1666
BEALE, Ebenezer b.1688
BEALE, Ebenezer b.1672
BEALE, Edward b.1653
BEALE, Elizabeth a.1685
BEALE, Elizabeth b.1677
BEALE, George b.1670
BEALE, James b.1657
BEALE, Jeremiah b.1706
BEALE, John b.1660
BEALE, Martha b.1656
BEALE, Moses b.1664
BEALE, Moses b.1662
BEALE, Nicholas b.1702
BEALE, Obed Judson b.1858
BEALE, Patience a.1697
BEALE, Samuel b.1654
BEALE, Susannah b.1681
BEALE, Thomas b.1686
BEALE, William b.1659
BEALE, William b.1628


BEALL, John b.1688
BEALL, Ninean b.1674
BEALL, William b.1671


BEAMON, Abigail b.1655
BEAMON, Abraham b.1692
BEAMON, Daniel b.1689
BEAMON, Deborah b.1652
BEAMON, Eleazer b.1683
BEAMON, Elizabeth b.1679
BEAMON, Elizabeth b.1650
BEAMON, Jabez b.1704
BEAMON, Lydia b.1645
BEAMON, Lydia b.1687
BEAMON, Mary b.1647
BEAMON, Rebecca b.1659
BEAMON, Samuel b.1657
BEAMON, Sarah b.1662
BEAMON, Sarah b.1685
BEAMON, Sarah b.1681
BEAMON, Sarah M. b.1833
BEAMON, Thomas b.1649
BEAMON, William b.1608
BEAMON, Zipporah b.1681


BEAMOND, John b.1587


BEAMSLEY, William b.1607


BEAN, Elizabeth b.1669


BEANE, Henry b.1600
BEANE, William b.1552


BEARD, Hannah b.1770
BEARD, James a.1626
BEARD, James b.1599
BEARD, Jeremiah b.1634
BEARD, John a.1631
BEARD, Joseph b.1655
BEARD, Martha a.1629
BEARD, Sarah b.1624


BEARDING, Nathaniel b.1597
BEARDING, Sarah b.1625


BEARDSLEY, Abigail b.1664
BEARDSLEY, Abigail a.1771
BEARDSLEY, Abigail b.1731
BEARDSLEY, Abraham b.1726
BEARDSLEY, Abraham b.1696
BEARDSLEY, Andrew b.1708
BEARDSLEY, Benjamin b.1677
BEARDSLEY, Caleb b.1692
BEARDSLEY, Charity b.1735
BEARDSLEY, Daniel b.1671
BEARDSLEY, Daniel b.1644
BEARDSLEY, Deborah b.1700
BEARDSLEY, Ebenezer b.1675
BEARDSLEY, Eli a.1763
BEARDSLEY, Elizabeth b.1673
BEARDSLEY, Ephraim b.1677
BEARDSLEY, Esther b.1725
BEARDSLEY, Esther a.1766
BEARDSLEY, George b.1723
BEARDSLEY, Hannah b.1682
BEARDSLEY, Hannah a.1765
BEARDSLEY, Hannah b.1642
BEARDSLEY, Hannah b.1671
BEARDSLEY, Hannah b.1789
BEARDSLEY, Isaac b.1768
BEARDSLEY, Isaac b.1733
BEARDSLEY, Jehiel b.1693
BEARDSLEY, John b.1673
BEARDSLEY, John b.1633
BEARDSLEY, John b.1702
BEARDSLEY, John a.1736
BEARDSLEY, John b.1668
BEARDSLEY, Jonathan b.1679
BEARDSLEY, Joseph b.1666
BEARDSLEY, Joseph b.1634
BEARDSLEY, Josiah b.1682
BEARDSLEY, Martha b.1728
BEARDSLEY, Mary b.1680
BEARDSLEY, Mary b.1632
BEARDSLEY, Michael a.1740
BEARDSLEY, Nathan b.1686
BEARDSLEY, Rebecca b.1646
BEARDSLEY, Ruth b.1636
BEARDSLEY, Samuel b.1666
BEARDSLEY, Samuel b.1638
BEARDSLEY, Sarah b.1648
BEARDSLEY, Sarah b.1737
BEARDSLEY, Sarah b.1669
BEARDSLEY, Thomas b.1640
BEARDSLEY, Thomas b.1675
BEARDSLEY, William b.1668
BEARDSLEY, William b.1604
BEARDSLEY, William b.1731


BEARN, Constance de b.1241


BEARSE, Anna b.1719
BEARSE, Benjamin b.1736
BEARSE, Benjamin b.1682
BEARSE, Ebenezer b.1685
BEARSE, Experience b.1692
BEARSE, James b.1692
BEARSE, James b.1689
BEARSE, James b.1660
BEARSE, John b.1687
BEARSE, John b.1698
BEARSE, Jonathan b.1724
BEARSE, Joseph b.1734
BEARSE, Joseph b.1679
BEARSE, Joseph b.1651
BEARSE, Josiah b.1721
BEARSE, Josiah b.1690
BEARSE, Lois b.1726
BEARSE, Martha b.1738
BEARSE, Mary b.1741
BEARSE, Mary b.1677
BEARSE, Mary b.1696
BEARSE, Priscilla b.1683
BEARSE, Priscilla b.1694
BEARSE, Rebecca b.1704
BEARSE, Seth b.1800
BEARSE, Shubael b.1687
BEARSE, Thankful b.1700
BEARSE, Thomas b.1729
BEARSE, Unis b.1732
BEARSE, Unis b.1723


BEATHAM, Thomas b.1564


BEAUCHAMP, Ada de b.1148
BEAUCHAMP, Agnes de b.1369
BEAUCHAMP, Alice de b.1335
BEAUCHAMP, Alice de b.1367
BEAUCHAMP, Amy de Nun b.1281
BEAUCHAMP, Andrew de b.1160
BEAUCHAMP, Anne Countess of Warwick b.1426
BEAUCHAMP, Anne b.1470
BEAUCHAMP, Anne de b.1357
BEAUCHAMP, Anne de Nun b.1279
BEAUCHAMP, Beatrice de b.1301
BEAUCHAMP, Beatrice de b.1276
BEAUCHAMP, Beatrice de b.1117
BEAUCHAMP, Beatrice de b.1243
BEAUCHAMP, Cecily de b.1321
BEAUCHAMP, Ela de b.1237
BEAUCHAMP, Eleanor b.1408
BEAUCHAMP, Eleanor b.1345
BEAUCHAMP, Eleanor de b.1326
BEAUCHAMP, Eleanor de b.1299
BEAUCHAMP, Eleanor de b.1278
BEAUCHAMP, Eleanor de b.1275
BEAUCHAMP, Eleanor de b.1275
BEAUCHAMP, Elias de b.1160
BEAUCHAMP, Elizabeth b.1400
BEAUCHAMP, Elizabeth b.1347
BEAUCHAMP, Elizabeth b.1410
BEAUCHAMP, Elizabeth b.1417
BEAUCHAMP, Elizabeth b.1315
BEAUCHAMP, Elizabeth b.1415
BEAUCHAMP, Elizabeth b.1468
BEAUCHAMP, Elizabeth de b.1349
BEAUCHAMP, Emma de b.1315
BEAUCHAMP, Emma de b.1164
BEAUCHAMP, Geoffrey de b.1208
BEAUCHAMP, Giles de Knight b.1285
BEAUCHAMP, Guy de Knight b.1337
BEAUCHAMP, Guy de Earl of Warwick b.1273
BEAUCHAMP, Henry de Earl of Warwick b.1425
BEAUCHAMP, Hugh de b.1225
BEAUCHAMP, Hugh de Knight b.1286
BEAUCHAMP, Hugh I de b.1040
BEAUCHAMP, Hugh II de b.1110
BEAUCHAMP, Hugh III de b.1164
BEAUCHAMP, Humphrey de b.1277
BEAUCHAMP, Humphrey de Knight b.1250
BEAUCHAMP, Isabel de b.1355
BEAUCHAMP, Isabel de b.1311
BEAUCHAMP, Isabel de b.1255
BEAUCHAMP, Isabel de b.1240
BEAUCHAMP, Isabel de b.1264
BEAUCHAMP, Joan b.1395
BEAUCHAMP, Joan b.1525
BEAUCHAMP, Joan de b.1359
BEAUCHAMP, Joan de Nun b.1234
BEAUCHAMP, Joan de b.1333
BEAUCHAMP, Joan de b.1202
BEAUCHAMP, Joan de b.1298
BEAUCHAMP, Joan de b.1347
BEAUCHAMP, Joan de b.1310
BEAUCHAMP, John Knight b.1383
BEAUCHAMP, John Esquire b.1593
BEAUCHAMP, John Knight b.1377
BEAUCHAMP, John Lord Beauchamp of Powick b.1404
BEAUCHAMP, John de Knight b.1312
BEAUCHAMP, John de b.1199
BEAUCHAMP, John de b.1245
BEAUCHAMP, John de b.1208
BEAUCHAMP, John de b.1240
BEAUCHAMP, John de b.1185
BEAUCHAMP, John de Knight b.1329
BEAUCHAMP, John de b.1313
BEAUCHAMP, John de b.1271
BEAUCHAMP, John de b.1246
BEAUCHAMP, John de Knight b.1337
BEAUCHAMP, John de Knight b.1315
BEAUCHAMP, John de Knight b.1280
BEAUCHAMP, John I de Knight b.1247
BEAUCHAMP, John II de Lord Beauchamp of Hacche b.1274
BEAUCHAMP, John III de Lord Beauchamp of Hacche b.1305
BEAUCHAMP, Juliane de b.1359
BEAUCHAMP, Katherine b.1384
BEAUCHAMP, Katherine b.1385
BEAUCHAMP, Katherine de Nun b.1361
BEAUCHAMP, Lucy de b.1312
BEAUCHAMP, Margaret b.1400
BEAUCHAMP, Margaret b.1372
BEAUCHAMP, Margaret b.1386
BEAUCHAMP, Margaret b.1409
BEAUCHAMP, Margaret b.1475
BEAUCHAMP, Margaret b.1404
BEAUCHAMP, Margaret de b.1345
BEAUCHAMP, Margaret de b.1365
BEAUCHAMP, Margaret de b.1345
BEAUCHAMP, Margaret de b.1277
BEAUCHAMP, Margaret de b.1289
BEAUCHAMP, Mary de b.1258
BEAUCHAMP, Maud de Abbess of Godstow b.1292
BEAUCHAMP, Maud de b.1275
BEAUCHAMP, Maud de b.1185
BEAUCHAMP, Maud de b.1339
BEAUCHAMP, Maud de b.1311
BEAUCHAMP, Maud de b.1170
BEAUCHAMP, Maud de b.1232
BEAUCHAMP, Miles de b.1143
BEAUCHAMP, Miles de b.1115
BEAUCHAMP, Muriel de b.1113
BEAUCHAMP, N.N. de b.1172
BEAUCHAMP, Olive de b.1166
BEAUCHAMP, Oliver de b.1141
BEAUCHAMP, Payne de b.1120
BEAUCHAMP, Pernel de b.1283
BEAUCHAMP, Philip de Archdeacon of Exeter b.1341
BEAUCHAMP, Philippe de b.1343
BEAUCHAMP, Ralph de b.1281
BEAUCHAMP, Reynburn de b.1349
BEAUCHAMP, Richard Earl of Warwick b.1382
BEAUCHAMP, Richard Earl of Worcester b.1397
BEAUCHAMP, Richard Lord Beauchamp of Powick b.1435
BEAUCHAMP, Richard de b.1146
BEAUCHAMP, Robert b.1407
BEAUCHAMP, Robert de b.1280
BEAUCHAMP, Robert de b.1081
BEAUCHAMP, Robert de b.1266
BEAUCHAMP, Robert I de b.1070
BEAUCHAMP, Robert II de b.1105
BEAUCHAMP, Robert III de Sheriff of Somerset b.1135
BEAUCHAMP, Robert IV de Sheriff of Somerset b.1191
BEAUCHAMP, Robert V de b.1223
BEAUCHAMP, Roger de b.1287
BEAUCHAMP, Roger de Knight b.1338
BEAUCHAMP, Roger de Knight b.1362
BEAUCHAMP, Roger de b.1168
BEAUCHAMP, Roger de b.1353
BEAUCHAMP, Roger de b.1145
BEAUCHAMP, Roger de Knight b.1313
BEAUCHAMP, Sarah de b.1269
BEAUCHAMP, Sarah de b.1255
BEAUCHAMP, Simon de Knight b.1227
BEAUCHAMP, Simon I de b.1078
BEAUCHAMP, Simon II de b.1150
BEAUCHAMP, Stephen de b.1135
BEAUCHAMP, Sybil de b.1370
BEAUCHAMP, Thomas b.1437
BEAUCHAMP, Thomas de Knight b.1356
BEAUCHAMP, Thomas de Earl of Warwick b.1341
BEAUCHAMP, Thomas de Earl of Warwick b.1314
BEAUCHAMP, Thomas de Knight b.1345
BEAUCHAMP, Walter Knight b.1401
BEAUCHAMP, Walter de b.1339
BEAUCHAMP, Walter de b.1273
BEAUCHAMP, Walter de Knight b.1364
BEAUCHAMP, Walter de b.1168
BEAUCHAMP, Walter de Knight b.1242
BEAUCHAMP, Walter I de Sheriff of Worcestershire b.1095
BEAUCHAMP, William de Knight b.1229
BEAUCHAMP, William de b.1160
BEAUCHAMP, William de b.1279
BEAUCHAMP, William de b.1303
BEAUCHAMP, William de Lord Abergavenny b.1351
BEAUCHAMP, William de Sheriff of Bedfordshire b.1186
BEAUCHAMP, William de Sheriff of Worcestershire b.1361
BEAUCHAMP, William I de b.1125
BEAUCHAMP, William II de b.1166
BEAUCHAMP, William III de b.1197
BEAUCHAMP, William IV de Earl of Warwick b.1238

Surname List