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YOUNGE, Thomas b.1543


YOUNGLOVE, Lydia b.1643
YOUNGLOVE, Samuel b.1634


YOUNGMAN, Francis b.1660


ZAHRINGEN, Berthold II of Duke of Zahringen b.1065
ZAHRINGEN, Berthold IV of Duke of Zahringen b.1134
ZAHRINGEN, Clemence of b.1132


ZAVIDICH, Dmitri I b.1075


ZEMARD, Gaspard b.1679


ZIMMERMAN, William b.1773


ZOUCHE, Alan la Lord Zouche b.1318
ZOUCHE, Alan la b.1244
ZOUCHE, Alan la b.1133
ZOUCHE, Alan la Lord Zouche b.1217
ZOUCHE, Alan la Lord Zouche of Ashby b.1267
ZOUCHE, Alice la b.1230
ZOUCHE, Anne b.1526
ZOUCHE, Anne b.1589
ZOUCHE, Anthony b.1554
ZOUCHE, Audrey b.1527
ZOUCHE, Burvile b.1556
ZOUCHE, Catherine b.1480
ZOUCHE, David b.1542
ZOUCHE, Dorothy b.1538
ZOUCHE, Edmund b.1544
ZOUCHE, Edmund la b.1310
ZOUCHE, Edmund la b.1377
ZOUCHE, Edward Lord Zouche b.1556
ZOUCHE, Eleanor b.1538
ZOUCHE, Eleanor b.1558
ZOUCHE, Eleanor la b.1372
ZOUCHE, Eleanor la b.1274
ZOUCHE, Elena la b.1288
ZOUCHE, Elizabeth b.1499
ZOUCHE, Elizabeth a.1579
ZOUCHE, Elizabeth b.1486
ZOUCHE, Elizabeth la b.1348
ZOUCHE, Elizabeth la Nun b.1292
ZOUCHE, Elizabeth la b.1272
ZOUCHE, Eudes la b.1350
ZOUCHE, Eudes la b.1298
ZOUCHE, Eudes la b.1227
ZOUCHE, Eve la b.1278
ZOUCHE, Frances b.1533
ZOUCHE, George b.1531
ZOUCHE, George b.1555
ZOUCHE, George Esquire b.1501
ZOUCHE, George Lord Zouche b.1527
ZOUCHE, Gervase b.1552
ZOUCHE, Henry b.1512
ZOUCHE, Henry b.1541
ZOUCHE, Henry la b.1253
ZOUCHE, Hugh la b.1382
ZOUCHE, Isabel la b.1314
ZOUCHE, Jane b.1482
ZOUCHE, John Knight b.1585
ZOUCHE, John b.1552
ZOUCHE, John Knight b.1550
ZOUCHE, John Knight b.1524
ZOUCHE, John Knight b.1476
ZOUCHE, John Esquire b.1445
ZOUCHE, John Knight b.1405
ZOUCHE, John Lord Zouche b.1485
ZOUCHE, John Lord Zouche b.1459
ZOUCHE, John la b.1302
ZOUCHE, John la b.1308
ZOUCHE, John la Knight b.1374
ZOUCHE, Joyce la b.1250
ZOUCHE, Joyce la b.1320
ZOUCHE, Juliana la b.1328
ZOUCHE, Loretta la b.1223
ZOUCHE, Lucy b.1535
ZOUCHE, Lucy la b.1279
ZOUCHE, Margaret b.1503
ZOUCHE, Margaret b.1523
ZOUCHE, Margaret b.1451
ZOUCHE, Margaret b.1435
ZOUCHE, Margaret b.1353
ZOUCHE, Margery la b.1352
ZOUCHE, Margery la b.1248
ZOUCHE, Mary b.1507
ZOUCHE, Mary b.1546
ZOUCHE, Mary a.1582
ZOUCHE, Maud la b.1290
ZOUCHE, Milicent la b.1312
ZOUCHE, Nicholas b.1550
ZOUCHE, Oliver la b.1250
ZOUCHE, Philip la b.1324
ZOUCHE, Richard b.1505
ZOUCHE, Richard Lord Zouche b.1509
ZOUCHE, Richard la b.1344
ZOUCHE, Robert la b.1322
ZOUCHE, Roger la Knight b.1292
ZOUCHE, Roger la Knight b.1304
ZOUCHE, Roger la Sheriff of Devonshire b.1185
ZOUCHE, Roger la Lord Zouche b.1242
ZOUCHE, Sophia b.1618
ZOUCHE, Sydney b.1548
ZOUCHE, Thomas b.1539
ZOUCHE, Thomas la b.1306
ZOUCHE, Thomas la b.1379
ZOUCHE, Thomas la Knight b.1346
ZOUCHE, Thomasine la b.1317
ZOUCHE, William b.1509
ZOUCHE, William b.1529
ZOUCHE, William Lord Zouche b.1431
ZOUCHE, William Lord Zouche b.1403
ZOUCHE, William la b.1248
ZOUCHE, William la b.1300
ZOUCHE, William la Monk b.1330
ZOUCHE, William la Lord Zouche b.1369
ZOUCHE, William la b.1246
ZOUCHE, William la Lord Zouche b.1321
ZOUCHE, William la Knight b.1220
ZOUCHE, William la Lord Zouche de Mortimer b.1274
ZOUCHE, William la Lord Zouche of Haryngworth b.1276
ZOUCHE, William la b.1182
ZOUCHE, William la Lord Zouche b.1342


ZUTPHEN, Adelheid of b.1037
ZUTPHEN, Ermengard of b.1096
ZUTPHEN, Otto I of Count of Zutphen b.1012
ZUTPHEN, Otto II of Count of Zutphen b.1058

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