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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


WOODIN, Sarah b.1657


WOODING, Benjamin b.1667


WOODLAND, Mary b.1597


WOODLIE, Dorothy b.1573


WOODMAN, Agnes b.1580
WOODMAN, Judith b.1705
WOODMAN, Mary b.1660
WOODMAN, Sarah b.1638


WOODMANSEE, Sarah b.1673


WOODROW, Mary b.1758


WOODRUFF, Abigail b.1737
WOODRUFF, Aphek a.1778
WOODRUFF, Azmon b.1802
WOODRUFF, Bridget a.1578
WOODRUFF, David Knight b.1556
WOODRUFF, David b.1592
WOODRUFF, Edward a.1576
WOODRUFF, Eldad a.1774
WOODRUFF, Eldad b.1749
WOODRUFF, Elizabeth b.1472
WOODRUFF, Elizabeth a.1574
WOODRUFF, Elizabeth a.1574
WOODRUFF, Elizabeth a.1775
WOODRUFF, Elizabeth b.1635
WOODRUFF, Francis Esquire b.1517
WOODRUFF, Grisell a.1580
WOODRUFF, Hannah b.1704
WOODRUFF, Hannah b.1672
WOODRUFF, Helen a.1785
WOODRUFF, Jane a.1572
WOODRUFF, John a.1558
WOODRUFF, John b.1662
WOODRUFF, Joseph b.1679
WOODRUFF, Josiah b.1743
WOODRUFF, Josiah b.1706
WOODRUFF, Judith b.1589
WOODRUFF, Lucy Emily b.1869
WOODRUFF, Lydia b.1741
WOODRUFF, Mary b.1564
WOODRUFF, Matthew b.1646
WOODRUFF, Nicholas Lord Mayor of London b.1529
WOODRUFF, Nicholas a.1576
WOODRUFF, Obedience b.1755
WOODRUFF, Ozem a.1788
WOODRUFF, Phebe b.1738
WOODRUFF, Robert a.1559
WOODRUFF, Robert a.1584
WOODRUFF, Robert b.1548
WOODRUFF, Samuel b.1661
WOODRUFF, Sarah a.1790
WOODRUFF, Sarah b.1735
WOODRUFF, Shubael b.1763
WOODRUFF, Stephen a.1570
WOODRUFF, Stephen b.1572
WOODRUFF, Thomas a.1561
WOODRUFF, Thompson b.1804
WOODRUFF, Titus a.1782
WOODRUFF, Uriah b.1766
WOODRUFF, Ursula a.1587
WOODRUFF, Wilford b.1807
WOODRUFF, William a.1582


WOODS, Benjamin b.1691
WOODS, David b.1696
WOODS, Dempsey b.1789
WOODS, Elizabeth b.1689
WOODS, Ephraim b.1712
WOODS, Ephraim b.1685
WOODS, Frances b.1645
WOODS, Hannah b.1638
WOODS, Hannah b.1677
WOODS, Isaac b.1655
WOODS, James b.1694
WOODS, James b.1647
WOODS, Jinsey b.1805
WOODS, John b.1610
WOODS, John b.1714
WOODS, John b.1697
WOODS, John b.1641
WOODS, John b.1670
WOODS, Joseph b.1682
WOODS, Joseph b.1680
WOODS, Katherine b.1650
WOODS, Lydia b.1672
WOODS, Martha b.1709
WOODS, Mary b.1634
WOODS, Mary b.1687
WOODS, Nancy Charlotte b.1812
WOODS, Obadiah b.1660
WOODS, Samuel b.1661
WOODS, Sarah b.1685
WOODS, Silence b.1688
WOODS, William b.1793
WOODS, William b.1765
WOODS, William B. b.1815


WOODTHORPE, Alan de b.1155
WOODTHORPE, Aline de b.1240
WOODTHORPE, Elizabeth b.1599
WOODTHORPE, Elizabeth de b.1244
WOODTHORPE, Maud de b.1242
WOODTHORPE, Thomas de Knight b.1185
WOODTHORPE, William de b.1129
WOODTHORPE, William de Knight b.1215


WOODWARD, Amos b.1702
WOODWARD, Anna b.1592
WOODWARD, Ebenezer b.1718
WOODWARD, Experience a.1643
WOODWARD, Frances b.1635
WOODWARD, Freedom b.1641
WOODWARD, Hannah b.1771
WOODWARD, Henry a.1611
WOODWARD, Jane b.1578
WOODWARD, John a.1647
WOODWARD, Margaret b.1608
WOODWARD, Margaret b.1495
WOODWARD, Martha b.1600
WOODWARD, Sarah b.1691
WOODWARD, Thankful b.1645


WOODWORTH, Esther b.1840


WOOLEY, Fanny Mae b.1903


WOOLFALL, Elizabeth a.1599


WOOLFULL, Thomas b.1595


WOOLLEY, Abigail b.1796
WOOLLEY, Lucy b.1794
WOOLLEY, Olive b.1860
WOOLLEY, Sally b.1771


WOOLRICH, Honor b.1604


WOOSTER, Abraham a.1673
WOOSTER, David b.1662
WOOSTER, Ebenezer a.1688
WOOSTER, Edward b.1659
WOOSTER, Edward b.1622
WOOSTER, Elizabeth b.1652
WOOSTER, Hannah a.1675
WOOSTER, Henry b.1666
WOOSTER, Jonas b.1684
WOOSTER, Mary b.1654
WOOSTER, Ruth b.1668
WOOSTER, Sylvester b.1678
WOOSTER, Tabitha b.1681
WOOSTER, Thomas b.1656
WOOSTER, Timothy b.1670


WOOTEN, Olivia b.1757


WOOTON, Joan b.1428
WOOTON, Thomas Knight b.1405


WORCESTER, Alice b.1610
WORCESTER, Anne b.1605
WORCESTER, Elizabeth b.1650
WORCESTER, Elizabeth b.1648
WORCESTER, Felice de b.1184
WORCESTER, Joseph b.1607
WORCESTER, Joseph b.1567
WORCESTER, Lillian Belle b.1866
WORCESTER, Moses b.1643
WORCESTER, Samuel b.1629
WORCESTER, Sarah b.1646
WORCESTER, Sarah b.1641
WORCESTER, Sarah b.1638
WORCESTER, Susanna b.1632
WORCESTER, Susanna b.1613
WORCESTER, Timothy b.1642
WORCESTER, William b.1635
WORCESTER, William b.1602


WORDEN, Abigail b.1709
WORDEN, Bridget b.1611
WORDEN, Eleanor b.1605
WORDEN, James b.1568
WORDEN, Lucretia b.1751
WORDEN, Martha b.1649
WORDEN, Mary b.1638
WORDEN, Mercy b.1640
WORDEN, Peter b.1608
WORDEN, Peter b.1570
WORDEN, Robert b.1540
WORDEN, Samuel b.1646
WORDEN, William b.1566


WORKINGTON, Adam de b.1135
WORKINGTON, Alan de b.1174
WORKINGTON, Alina de b.1168
WORKINGTON, Gospatric de Lord of Workington b.1101
WORKINGTON, Robert de b.1138
WORKINGTON, Thomas de b.1133


WORKS, Miriam Angeline b.1806


WORMEGAY, Alice de b.1130
WORMEGAY, Richard de b.1088
WORMEGAY, William de b.1109


WORMELEY, Judith b.1718
WORMELEY, Katherine b.1679
WORMELEY, Ralph b.1619


WORMGAU, Adalelme of Count of Laon b.824
WORMGAU, Eudes of Count of Troyes b.820
WORMGAU, Eudes of King of the Franks b.863
WORMGAU, Rogilinda of b.864
WORMGAU, Rutpert "The Strong" IV of Count of Worms b.822
WORMGAU, Rutpert I of Duke of Hesbaye b.710
WORMGAU, Rutpert II of Count of Rheingau b.767
WORMGAU, Rutpert III of Count of Worms b.788
WORMGAU, Turincbertus of b.740


WORMSLAY, Alice b.1429


WORMSTALL, Michael b.1672


WORMWOOD, Anne b.1638
WORMWOOD, Benjamin b.1714
WORMWOOD, Caroline b.1828
WORMWOOD, John b.1722
WORMWOOD, Lois b.1775
WORMWOOD, Martha b.1688
WORMWOOD, Mary b.1635
WORMWOOD, Mary b.1682
WORMWOOD, Thomas b.1684
WORMWOOD, William b.1653
WORMWOOD, William b.1774
WORMWOOD, William b.1609


WORSLEY, Alexander de b.1302
WORSLEY, Alice de b.1329
WORSLEY, Alice de b.1348
WORSLEY, Anne b.1443
WORSLEY, Arthur de b.1376
WORSLEY, Christopher Esquire b.1420
WORSLEY, Constance b.1449
WORSLEY, Edward b.1446
WORSLEY, Elias de b.1150
WORSLEY, Elizabeth de b.1384
WORSLEY, Ellen de b.1299
WORSLEY, Ellen de b.1327
WORSLEY, Geoffrey de b.1237
WORSLEY, Geoffrey de b.1205
WORSLEY, Geoffrey de b.1297
WORSLEY, Geoffrey de b.1315
WORSLEY, Geoffrey de Knight b.1335
WORSLEY, Henry de b.1254
WORSLEY, Henry de b.1320
WORSLEY, Henry de b.1295
WORSLEY, Isabel b.1459
WORSLEY, Isabel de b.1232
WORSLEY, Joan de b.1256
WORSLEY, Joan de b.1323
WORSLEY, John de b.1234
WORSLEY, John de b.1382
WORSLEY, John de b.1325
WORSLEY, Jordan de b.1259
WORSLEY, Joyce b.1453
WORSLEY, Margaret b.1440
WORSLEY, Margaret de b.1317
WORSLEY, Otewell Esquire b.1410
WORSLEY, Richard Esquire b.1535
WORSLEY, Richard de b.1175
WORSLEY, Richard de b.1252
WORSLEY, Richard de b.1230
WORSLEY, Richard de b.1379
WORSLEY, Richard de b.1295
WORSLEY, Richard de b.1274
WORSLEY, Robert de b.1345
WORSLEY, Robert de b.1298
WORSLEY, Roger de b.1180
WORSLEY, Roger de b.1210
WORSLEY, Rowland Gentleman b.1437
WORSLEY, Thomas b.1549
WORSLEY, William de b.1323


WORSTER, John b.1710


WORTH, John b.1664
WORTH, John de Knight b.1343
WORTH, Judith b.1654
WORTH, Lionel b.1620
WORTH, Mary b.1651
WORTH, N.N. b.1659
WORTH, N.N. b.1659
WORTH, Sarah b.1656
WORTH, Susanna b.1649


WORTHEN, Amos b.1778
WORTHEN, Hannah b.1695
WORTHEN, Moses b.1773


WORTHINGTON, Agnes b.1555
WORTHINGTON, Alice b.1551
WORTHINGTON, Anne b.1543
WORTHINGTON, Helen b.1558
WORTHINGTON, Isabel b.1545
WORTHINGTON, James b.1547
WORTHINGTON, John de b.1340
WORTHINGTON, Margaret b.1511
WORTHINGTON, Peter b.1514
WORTHINGTON, Richard b.1541
WORTHINGTON, Richard b.1480
WORTHINGTON, Thomas b.1553
WORTHINGTON, William b.1549
WORTHINGTON, William b.1517


WORTLEY, Eleanor b.1585


WOTTON, Alice b.1406
WOTTON, Anne b.1536
WOTTON, Anthony b.1491
WOTTON, Edward Knight b.1489
WOTTON, George b.1502
WOTTON, Idonea b.1485
WOTTON, John Esquire b.1421
WOTTON, John b.1375
WOTTON, John de b.1259
WOTTON, John de b.1224
WOTTON, John de b.1302
WOTTON, Leonard b.1493
WOTTON, Margaret b.1487
WOTTON, Mary b.1499
WOTTON, Nicholas b.1495
WOTTON, Philip b.1583
WOTTON, Richard b.1325
WOTTON, Robert b.1497
WOTTON, Robert Sheriff of Kent b.1460
WOTTON, Robert de b.1220
WOTTON, Thomas Knight b.1588
WOTTON, William b.1350


WOWEN, John b.1587


WRAY, Albinia a.1631
WRAY, Benjamin b.1588
WRAY, Bridget Baroness Norris b.1627
WRAY, Cecil b.1642
WRAY, Charles a.1605
WRAY, Christopher b.1583
WRAY, Christopher Knight b.1652
WRAY, Christopher a.1630
WRAY, Christopher Knight a.1601
WRAY, Christopher Knight b.1523
WRAY, Drew b.1658
WRAY, Drury a.1665
WRAY, Drury Knight a.1633
WRAY, Edward Esquire a.1589
WRAY, Edward b.1654
WRAY, Edward a.1628
WRAY, Elizabeth b.1594
WRAY, Frances a.1624
WRAY, Frances a.1610
WRAY, Frances b.1562
WRAY, George a.1603
WRAY, Hannah a.1599
WRAY, Isabel b.1567
WRAY, John Knight a.1586
WRAY, Lucy b.1585
WRAY, Margaret b.1660
WRAY, Nathaniel a.1591
WRAY, Philip a.1596
WRAY, Theodosia a.1597
WRAY, Theodosia a.1645
WRAY, Tufton a.1663
WRAY, William b.1593
WRAY, William b.1656
WRAY, William Knight a.1625
WRAY, William Knight b.1565
WRAY, William Knight b.1557


WREN, Anne a.1634
WREN, Christopher Knight a.1632
WREN, Mary K. b.1815


WRENBURY, Agnes de b.1319
WRENBURY, Alice de b.1321
WRENBURY, Amabil b.1323
WRENBURY, John de b.1252
WRENBURY, John de b.1273
WRENBURY, John de b.1295
WRENBURY, Margaret de b.1254
WRENBURY, Richard de b.1228


WRENTMORE, Thomas b.1595


WRETTS, Francis b.1602


WRIGHT, Abel b.1664
WRIGHT, Abel b.1631
WRIGHT, Abel b.1695
WRIGHT, Abigail b.1672
WRIGHT, Abigail b.1707
WRIGHT, Abigail b.1620
WRIGHT, Absalom b.1792
WRIGHT, Alice b.1523
WRIGHT, Anne a.1545
WRIGHT, Anthony b.1629
WRIGHT, Benjamin b.1667
WRIGHT, Bridget b.1549
WRIGHT, Caleb b.1645
WRIGHT, Daniel a.1723
WRIGHT, Deborah b.1649
WRIGHT, Dorcas b.1679
WRIGHT, Dorothy b.1662
WRIGHT, Ebenezer b.1679
WRIGHT, Edmund a.1546
WRIGHT, Edmund Esquire b.1520
WRIGHT, Edward b.1677
WRIGHT, Edward b.1634
WRIGHT, Edward b.1565
WRIGHT, Edward b.1658
WRIGHT, Edward b.1626
WRIGHT, Elizabeth b.1687
WRIGHT, Elizabeth b.1682
WRIGHT, Elizabeth b.1674
WRIGHT, Elizabeth b.1668
WRIGHT, Elizabeth b.1655
WRIGHT, Elizabeth b.1471
WRIGHT, Elizabeth b.1564
WRIGHT, Elvira H. b.1838
WRIGHT, Frances b.1554
WRIGHT, Francis b.1590
WRIGHT, Gideon b.1638
WRIGHT, Gillis b.1749
WRIGHT, Hannah b.1626
WRIGHT, Hannah b.1669
WRIGHT, Hannah b.1661
WRIGHT, Hannah b.1701
WRIGHT, Hannah b.1800
WRIGHT, Henry b.1677
WRIGHT, Henry b.1671
WRIGHT, Hester b.1671
WRIGHT, Isabel b.1579
WRIGHT, James b.1676
WRIGHT, Jane b.1566
WRIGHT, Jane b.1643
WRIGHT, Jesse b.1802
WRIGHT, Joanna b.1750
WRIGHT, John b.1685
WRIGHT, John Delbert b.1930
WRIGHT, Joseph b.1660
WRIGHT, Joseph b.1696
WRIGHT, Judah b.1677
WRIGHT, Judah b.1673
WRIGHT, Judah b.1642
WRIGHT, Lydia b.1695
WRIGHT, Lydia b.1634
WRIGHT, Lydia b.1636
WRIGHT, Margaret b.1634
WRIGHT, Martha b.1662
WRIGHT, Martha b.1681
WRIGHT, Martha b.1659
WRIGHT, Mary b.1675
WRIGHT, Mary b.1666
WRIGHT, Mary b.1693
WRIGHT, Mary a.1557
WRIGHT, Mary a.1604
WRIGHT, Mary b.1665
WRIGHT, Mercy b.1691
WRIGHT, Mercy b.1669
WRIGHT, Millicent b.1552
WRIGHT, N.N. b.1608
WRIGHT, Nathan b.1705
WRIGHT, Nathaniel b.1688
WRIGHT, Patience b.1684
WRIGHT, Peter b.1665
WRIGHT, Robert b.1493
WRIGHT, Samuel b.1667
WRIGHT, Samuel b.1659
WRIGHT, Samuel b.1679
WRIGHT, Samuel b.1670
WRIGHT, Samuel b.1630
WRIGHT, Samuel b.1786
WRIGHT, Samuel b.1745
WRIGHT, Samuel b.1637
WRIGHT, Samuel b.1661
WRIGHT, Sarah b.1673
WRIGHT, Sarah a.1674
WRIGHT, Sarah b.1670
WRIGHT, Sarah b.1652
WRIGHT, Sarah b.1664
WRIGHT, Sarah b.1670
WRIGHT, Thomas b.1682
WRIGHT, Thomas b.1663
WRIGHT, Thomas b.1695
WRIGHT, William b.1518
WRIGHT, William a.1542
WRIGHT, William b.1688


WRIGLEY, Margaret b.1524


WRINKMORE, Phillip b.1600


WRIOTHESLEY, Anthony b.1536
WRIOTHESLEY, Elizabeth b.1529
WRIOTHESLEY, Henry Earl of Southampton b.1573
WRIOTHESLEY, Henry Earl of Southampton a.1545
WRIOTHESLEY, James Lord Wriothesley b.1605
WRIOTHESLEY, Katherine b.1541
WRIOTHESLEY, Mary b.1567
WRIOTHESLEY, Penelope b.1598
WRIOTHESLEY, Thomas Earl of Southampton b.1505
WRIOTHESLEY, Thomas Earl of Southampton b.1608
WRIOTHESLEY, William b.1532


WRITTLE, Eleanor b.1464
WRITTLE, Griselda b.1467
WRITTLE, John b.1485
WRITTLE, John b.1462
WRITTLE, Juliana b.1507
WRITTLE, Walter Sheriff of Essex b.1435
WRITTLE, William b.1460


WROE, Mary b.1778


WROTH, Agnes b.1356
WROTH, Anne a.1644
WROTH, Anthony a.1628
WROTH, Daniel a.1592
WROTH, Dorothy b.1522
WROTH, Edward a.1635
WROTH, Elizabeth a.1627
WROTH, Elizabeth a.1581
WROTH, Elizabeth b.1427
WROTH, Henry a.1640
WROTH, Joan a.1629
WROTH, John Knight b.1589
WROTH, John b.1625
WROTH, John Knight b.1359
WROTH, John b.1518
WROTH, John Knight b.1335
WROTH, John Esquire b.1425
WROTH, Oliver b.1525
WROTH, Peter a.1637
WROTH, Peter Knight a.1586
WROTH, Robert a.1600
WROTH, Robert b.1543
WROTH, Robert Esquire b.1486
WROTH, Thomas a.1643
WROTH, Thomas a.1633
WROTH, Thomas a.1631
WROTH, Thomas Knight a.1584
WROTH, Thomas b.1553
WROTH, Thomas Knight b.1516
WROTH, William b.1520
WROTH, William b.1362
WROTH, William Esquire b.1386


WROTHAM, Constance de b.1209
WROTHAM, Susanna b.1658


WROTTESLEY, Alice b.1500
WROTTESLEY, Elizabeth b.1487
WROTTESLEY, Elizabeth b.1514
WROTTESLEY, Hugh b.1400
WROTTESLEY, Hugh de Knight b.1345
WROTTESLEY, John de b.1379
WROTTESLEY, Walter Knight b.1429


WROUGHTON, Dorothy b.1561


WURTH, Joanna b.1302
WURTH, John Knight b.1277


WYANT, Anne b.1454


WYATT, Agnes a.1596
WYATT, Anne a.1584
WYATT, Anne b.1542
WYATT, Edward Esquire b.1534
WYATT, Edward Esquire b.1559
WYATT, Eleanor b.1590
WYATT, Francis b.1588
WYATT, George b.1600
WYATT, George Esquire b.1550
WYATT, Haute b.1594
WYATT, Henry b.1596
WYATT, Hugh a.1589
WYATT, Jane b.1546
WYATT, Joan a.1590
WYATT, John a.1557
WYATT, John b.1620
WYATT, Margaret a.1595
WYATT, Margaret b.1484
WYATT, Mary b.1622
WYATT, Philip a.1586
WYATT, Richard b.1459
WYATT, Sarah b.1621
WYATT, Thomas b.1603
WYATT, Thomas Knight b.1522
WYATT, Thomas Knight b.1503
WYATT, Waitstill b.1691
WYATT, William b.1505


WYBBURY, Joan b.1424


WYCHE, Elizabeth a.1595


WYCHINGHAM, Alice de b.1378
WYCHINGHAM, Amy b.1432
WYCHINGHAM, Dionisia de b.1348
WYCHINGHAM, Edward Knight b.1397
WYCHINGHAM, Elizabeth b.1422
WYCHINGHAM, Elizabeth b.1400
WYCHINGHAM, Frances b.1425
WYCHINGHAM, Joan b.1428
WYCHINGHAM, Margery de b.1381
WYCHINGHAM, Nicholas de Esquire b.1351
WYCHINGHAM, Richard de b.1297
WYCHINGHAM, Richard de b.1346
WYCHINGHAM, William de b.1376
WYCHINGHAM, William de b.1354
WYCHINGHAM, William de Knight b.1322


WYCLIFFE, Anne b.1492
WYCLIFFE, William Esquire b.1509


WYDEVILLE, Anne b.1452
WYDEVILLE, Anthony Earl of Rivers b.1440
WYDEVILLE, Edward Knight b.1454
WYDEVILLE, Elizabeth b.1410
WYDEVILLE, Elizabeth Queen of England b.1437
WYDEVILLE, Jacquetta b.1442
WYDEVILLE, Joan b.1409
WYDEVILLE, Joan b.1460
WYDEVILLE, John Knight b.1444
WYDEVILLE, Katherine Duchess of Bedford b.1458
WYDEVILLE, Lewis b.1438
WYDEVILLE, Lionel Bishop of Salisbury b.1448
WYDEVILLE, Margaret b.1450
WYDEVILLE, Margaret b.1459
WYDEVILLE, Mary b.1456
WYDEVILLE, Richard Esquire b.1378
WYDEVILLE, Richard Earl of Rivers b.1446
WYDEVILLE, Richard Earl of Rivers b.1412


WYE, Margaret b.1500


WYETH, Jane a.1590
WYETH, John a.1634
WYETH, John b.1558
WYETH, John b.1655
WYETH, Lawrence a.1584
WYETH, Martha b.1653
WYETH, Mary b.1649
WYETH, Nicholas b.1651
WYETH, Nicholas a.1601
WYETH, Rose a.1599
WYETH, Sarah a.1632
WYETH, William b.1657


WYFOLD, Elizabeth b.1456
WYFOLD, Nicholas Lord Mayor of London b.1415


WYGER, Gundred b.1354
WYGER, Thomas b.1329


WYKE, Agnes de b.1338
WYKE, Roger de b.1339


WYKEHAM, Elizabeth b.1409
WYKEHAM, Margaret b.1429
WYKEHAM, Thomas de b.1370


WYKES, Elizabeth b.1489


WYLDE, Katherine b.1425
WYLDE, Winifred b.1534


WYLLYS, Amy b.1624
WYLLYS, George b.1611
WYLLYS, George b.1589
WYLLYS, Hester b.1620
WYLLYS, Hezekiah b.1672
WYLLYS, Mary b.1614
WYLLYS, Mary b.1656
WYLLYS, Mehitable b.1658
WYLLYS, Ruth b.1669
WYLLYS, Samuel a.1631


WYMAN, Abigail b.1659
WYMAN, Bathsheba b.1658
WYMAN, Benjamin b.1674
WYMAN, David b.1676
WYMAN, David b.1654
WYMAN, Elizabeth a.1626
WYMAN, Elizabeth b.1656
WYMAN, Francis b.1654
WYMAN, Francis a.1620
WYMAN, Francis b.1595
WYMAN, Isabel b.1677
WYMAN, Jacob b.1665
WYMAN, Jane b.1377
WYMAN, John a.1622
WYMAN, John b.1672
WYMAN, John b.1648
WYMAN, Jonathan b.1661
WYMAN, Joseph b.1663
WYMAN, Judith b.1679
WYMAN, Judith b.1652
WYMAN, Mary b.1674
WYMAN, Nathaniel b.1665
WYMAN, Richard a.1624
WYMAN, Samuel b.1667
WYMAN, Samuel b.1646
WYMAN, Sarah b.1650
WYMAN, Seth b.1663
WYMAN, Solomon b.1652
WYMAN, Stephen b.1676
WYMAN, Thomas b.1671
WYMAN, Thomas a.1618
WYMAN, Timothy b.1661
WYMAN, William b.1656
WYMAN, William a.1628


WYMANT, Edward a.1600
WYMANT, Elizabeth a.1602
WYMANT, Susan a.1606
WYMANT, Thomas b.1565


WYMBISH, Katherine b.1459
WYMBISH, Thomas b.1515


WYMONDHAM, William Esquire b.1385


WYNCOTT, Isabel b.1492


WYNDE, Margaret b.1580


WYNDHAM, Ann b.1477
WYNDHAM, Anne b.1639
WYNDHAM, Anne b.1610
WYNDHAM, Anne b.1604
WYNDHAM, Bridget b.1572
WYNDHAM, Edmund b.1479
WYNDHAM, Edmund Knight b.1497
WYNDHAM, Edmund a.1600
WYNDHAM, Edward b.1471
WYNDHAM, Edward a.1612
WYNDHAM, Ela b.1444
WYNDHAM, Elizabeth b.1503
WYNDHAM, Elizabeth b.1568
WYNDHAM, Elizabeth b.1473
WYNDHAM, Frances b.1487
WYNDHAM, Frances b.1566
WYNDHAM, Francis a.1642
WYNDHAM, Francis Knight b.1529
WYNDHAM, Francis a.1599
WYNDHAM, George Priest b.1475
WYNDHAM, Henry a.1643
WYNDHAM, Henry Knight b.1537
WYNDHAM, Henry a.1598
WYNDHAM, Isabel b.1440
WYNDHAM, John a.1649
WYNDHAM, John Knight b.1501
WYNDHAM, John Esquire b.1410
WYNDHAM, John Knight b.1447
WYNDHAM, Judith b.1577
WYNDHAM, Margaret b.1481
WYNDHAM, Margaret b.1499
WYNDHAM, Mary b.1483
WYNDHAM, Mary b.1574
WYNDHAM, Mary b.1506
WYNDHAM, Roger Knight b.1526
WYNDHAM, Roger b.1467
WYNDHAM, Roger Knight b.1442
WYNDHAM, Susan b.1564
WYNDHAM, Thomas a.1646
WYNDHAM, Thomas Knight b.1510
WYNDHAM, Thomas Knight b.1469
WYNDHAM, Thomas b.1596
WYNDHAM, Thomas b.1570
WYNDHAM, William a.1637
WYNDHAM, William Knight b.1633


WYNKOOP, John b.1763


WYNN, Agnes b.1535


WYNNOW, John b.1330


WYRIOT, William b.1345


WYSE, Alice b.1454
WYSE, John Esquire b.1429


WYSHAM, Alice b.1422
WYSHAM, Elizabeth b.1425
WYSHAM, Joan b.1423
WYSHAM, John Knight b.1398
WYSHAM, John de Knight b.1295


WYTHE, Anne b.1387
WYTHE, John Knight b.1363
WYTHE, Maurice Knight b.1327
WYTHE, Oliver Knight b.1338


WYVELSBY, Katherine de b.1257
WYVELSBY, Philip de b.1232


WYVILL, Anne b.1638
WYVILL, Barbara b.1657
WYVILL, Barbara b.1591
WYVILL, Christopher Dean of Ripon b.1653
WYVILL, Christopher b.1639
WYVILL, Christopher b.1549
WYVILL, Christopher Esquire b.1518
WYVILL, Christopher Knight a.1614
WYVILL, Christopher Esquire b.1563
WYVILL, Darcy b.1643
WYVILL, Dorothy b.1640
WYVILL, Dorothy b.1641
WYVILL, Dorothy b.1544
WYVILL, Duke a.1612
WYVILL, Edmund b.1593
WYVILL, Eleanor b.1581
WYVILL, Elizabeth b.1632
WYVILL, Elizabeth b.1595
WYVILL, Elizabeth b.1567
WYVILL, Francis b.1647
WYVILL, Francis b.1636
WYVILL, Francis b.1530
WYVILL, Grace b.1649
WYVILL, Grace b.1626
WYVILL, Henry b.1634
WYVILL, Henry a.1603
WYVILL, Henry b.1584
WYVILL, Humphrey b.1571
WYVILL, Isabel b.1655
WYVILL, Isabel b.1624
WYVILL, Jane b.1619
WYVILL, John b.1622
WYVILL, John b.1579
WYVILL, Judith a.1614
WYVILL, Julian b.1527
WYVILL, Katherine b.1605
WYVILL, Margaret b.1552
WYVILL, Margaret b.1524
WYVILL, Marmaduke b.1620
WYVILL, Marmaduke a.1637
WYVILL, Marmaduke b.1609
WYVILL, Marmaduke Esquire b.1565
WYVILL, Marmaduke Knight b.1495
WYVILL, Marmaduke Knight b.1540
WYVILL, Marmaduke Knight b.1590
WYVILL, Mary b.1617
WYVILL, Mary a.1599
WYVILL, Mary b.1573
WYVILL, Olive b.1628
WYVILL, Olive b.1597
WYVILL, Philippa b.1608
WYVILL, Richard b.1542
WYVILL, Robert b.1651
WYVILL, Robert b.1630
WYVILL, Robert b.1575
WYVILL, Robert a.1613
WYVILL, Robert b.1546
WYVILL, Sampson b.1522
WYVILL, Thomas b.1569
WYVILL, Ursula b.1660
WYVILL, William Knight b.1645
WYVILL, William a.1616
WYVILL, William b.1601
WYVILL, William b.1577
WYVILL, William b.1520


YALE, Abigail b.1660
YALE, Ann b.1615
YALE, David b.1588
YALE, David b.1613
YALE, David b.1546
YALE, Dorothy b.1582
YALE, Elizabeth b.1590
YALE, Elizabeth b.1667
YALE, George b.1586
YALE, Hannah b.1662
YALE, Hugh b.1594
YALE, John b.1592
YALE, John b.1646
YALE, Martha b.1655
YALE, Mary b.1580
YALE, Mary b.1650
YALE, Nathaniel b.1652
YALE, Richard b.1597
YALE, Thomas Gentleman b.1584
YALE, Thomas b.1617
YALE, Thomas b.1648


YARDE, Welthean b.1465




YARFORTH, Florence b.1506


YATE, Alice b.1442
YATE, Andrew b.1503
YATE, Ann b.1555
YATE, Anne b.1579
YATE, Anne b.1509
YATE, Bartholomew b.1511
YATE, Bridget b.1560
YATE, Dorothy b.1550
YATE, Dorothy b.1521
YATE, Dorothy b.1523
YATE, Edmund b.1414
YATE, Edmund b.1467
YATE, Edward b.1537
YATE, Edward Esquire b.1552
YATE, Edward Knight b.1577
YATE, Eleanor b.1531
YATE, Elizabeth b.1610
YATE, Elizabeth b.1558
YATE, Elizabeth Nun b.1533
YATE, Elizabeth b.1513
YATE, Francis b.1540
YATE, Francis b.1750
YATE, James b.1612
YATE, James b.1567
YATE, James Esquire b.1497
YATE, Jane b.1523
YATE, Jane b.1537
YATE, Jane b.1507
YATE, John b.1562
YATE, John Esquire b.1525
YATE, John b.1581
YATE, John Knight b.1606
YATE, John b.1518
YATE, John Esquire b.1471
YATE, Katherine b.1615
YATE, Katherine b.1535
YATE, Margaret b.1499
YATE, Margaret b.1469
YATE, Margaret b.1480
YATE, Martha b.1554
YATE, Martha b.1531
YATE, Mary b.1608
YATE, Mary b.1584
YATE, Mary b.1564
YATE, Mary b.1529
YATE, Maud b.1474
YATE, Peter Priest b.1505
YATE, Philip b.1535
YATE, Richard b.1527
YATE, Richard b.1501
YATE, Richard Esquire b.1440
YATE, Susan b.1525
YATE, Thomas b.1556
YATE, Thomas b.1529
YATE, Thomas b.1515
YATE, Thomas b.1527
YATE, Ursula b.1521
YATE, William b.1389
YATE, Winifred b.1533


YATES, Elizabeth b.1795


YBDEN, William b.1527


YEAGER, Minerva Avella b.1857


YEARDLEY, Frances b.1631
YEARDLEY, Francis b.1605


YEARWOOD, Richard b.1580


YEATON, Abigail b.1812


YEAW, Elwin J. b.1857


YELVERTON, Adam b.1469
YELVERTON, Amy b.1459
YELVERTON, Anne b.1570
YELVERTON, Anne b.1456
YELVERTON, Anne b.1532
YELVERTON, Anne b.1426
YELVERTON, Christopher b.1568
YELVERTON, Christopher Knight b.1534
YELVERTON, Edward b.1466
YELVERTON, Eleanor b.1496
YELVERTON, Eleanor b.1435
YELVERTON, Elizabeth b.1564
YELVERTON, Elizabeth b.1618
YELVERTON, Frances b.1543
YELVERTON, Henry Knight b.1566
YELVERTON, Henry Esquire b.1526
YELVERTON, Humphrey b.1538
YELVERTON, Jane b.1422
YELVERTON, John b.1502
YELVERTON, John b.1460
YELVERTON, John b.1454
YELVERTON, John Esquire b.1424
YELVERTON, John b.1365
YELVERTON, Judith b.1576
YELVERTON, Lancelot Rector of Sculthorpe b.1540
YELVERTON, Margaret b.1440
YELVERTON, Martha b.1528
YELVERTON, Mary b.1573
YELVERTON, Mary b.1494
YELVERTON, Nicholas b.1464
YELVERTON, Susan b.1492
YELVERTON, Thomas b.1462
YELVERTON, William b.1458
YELVERTON, William b.1530
YELVERTON, William Esquire b.1499
YELVERTON, William b.1451
YELVERTON, William Esquire b.1430
YELVERTON, William K.B. b.1398
YELVERTON, Winifred b.1536


YEO, Thomas b.1625


YEOMANS, David b.1730
YEOMANS, Mabel b.1719


YNYR, Jonet ab b.1120
YNYR, Morvydd ferch b.937
YNYR, Tudur "Trefor" ap b.908


YONGE, Adam b.1506
YONGE, Anne b.1494
YONGE, Anthony b.1504
YONGE, Bridget b.1582
YONGE, Cecilia b.1502
YONGE, Elizabeth b.1492
YONGE, Francis Esquire b.1460
YONGE, George b.1528
YONGE, George b.1500
YONGE, John b.1458
YONGE, John b.1490
YONGE, John b.1498
YONGE, Margaret b.1488
YONGE, Philip b.1463
YONGE, Richard b.1486
YONGE, Roger b.1484
YONGE, Thomas b.1496
YONGE, Walter a.1579
YONGE, William Knight b.1439
YONGE, William Esquire b.1482
YONGE, William Gentleman b.1525


YORK, Anne b.1492
YORK, Benjamin b.1680
YORK, Benjamin b.1654
YORK, Constance of b.1374
YORK, Dorothy a.1582
YORK, Edward of Duke of York b.1373
YORK, Elizabeth b.1647
YORK, Elizabeth b.1685
YORK, Elizabeth of b.1466
YORK, Grace b.1657
YORK, Hannah b.1675
YORK, Henry of b.1410
YORK, Isabel of b.1409
YORK, John b.1643
YORK, John b.1695
YORK, John b.1550
YORK, Rachel b.1690
YORK, Rachel b.1650
YORK, Richard Knight b.1480
YORK, Richard b.1687
YORK, Richard b.1613
YORK, Richard of Earl of Cambridge b.1376
YORK, Samuel b.1677
YORK, Samuel b.1645
YORK, Sarah b.1682
YORK, Thomas b.1693


YORKE, Agnes b.1493
YORKE, Andrew b.1521
YORKE, Elizabeth b.1516
YORKE, Philippa b.1524
YORKE, Roger b.1490
YORKE, Thomas b.1519
YORKE, Walter b.1465
YORKE, William b.1527


YOUNG, Abigail b.1793
YOUNG, Abigail b.1699
YOUNG, Abigail b.1729
YOUNG, Absalom McDonald b.1862
YOUNG, Absalom McDonald b.1813
YOUNG, Alice b.1839
YOUNG, Alice b.1473
YOUNG, Alma Nephi b.1852
YOUNG, Alma Robert b.1868
YOUNG, Anne a.1563
YOUNG, Auriemma b.1868
YOUNG, Bartholomew a.1560
YOUNG, Benaiah b.1684
YOUNG, Bethiah b.1709
YOUNG, Bethulah b.1708
YOUNG, Brigham b.1801
YOUNG, Brigham Jr. b.1836
YOUNG, Brigham John b.1864
YOUNG, Brigham Richard b.1860
YOUNG, Cloyd Ayers b.1856
YOUNG, Constantine a.1611
YOUNG, David b.1880
YOUNG, Edward a.1616
YOUNG, Eliza b.1843
YOUNG, Eliza Rebecca b.1877
YOUNG, Elizabeth b.1604
YOUNG, Elizabeth b.1838
YOUNG, Elizabeth b.1789
YOUNG, Elizabeth b.1680
YOUNG, Elizabeth b.1764
YOUNG, Emma Elizabeth b.1862
YOUNG, Ephraim b.1860
YOUNG, Eunice Caroline b.1842
YOUNG, Eva Christina b.1879
YOUNG, Ezra Thomas b.1875
YOUNG, Fanny b.1787
YOUNG, George M. b.1847
YOUNG, Giles b.1640
YOUNG, Gregory b.1530
YOUNG, Haine Floyd b.1869
YOUNG, Hannah b.1690
YOUNG, Harriet Frances b.1843
YOUNG, Heber Franklin b.1866
YOUNG, Henry b.1672
YOUNG, James Absalom b.1861
YOUNG, James Park b.1859
YOUNG, Jane b.1602
YOUNG, Jane b.1597
YOUNG, Jane b.1557
YOUNG, Jedediah Grant b.1842
YOUNG, Jesse Mitchell b.1882
YOUNG, Job b.1695
YOUNG, Job b.1664
YOUNG, John b.1649
YOUNG, John a.1608
YOUNG, John Gentleman b.1578
YOUNG, John b.1791
YOUNG, John b.1763
YOUNG, John a.1565
YOUNG, John a.1561
YOUNG, John Floyd b.1837
YOUNG, John Willard b.1844
YOUNG, Jonathan b.1682
YOUNG, Joseph b.1797
YOUNG, Joseph b.1672
YOUNG, Joseph Angell b.1834
YOUNG, Joseph William b.1873
YOUNG, Katherine a.1574
YOUNG, Lindsey Brady b.1884
YOUNG, Lorenzo Dow b.1807
YOUNG, Louisa b.1804
YOUNG, Lucy Adelaide b.1848
YOUNG, Lucy Jane b.1850
YOUNG, Lydia b.1697
YOUNG, Lydia b.1670
YOUNG, Lydia b.1686
YOUNG, Mary a.1606
YOUNG, Mary a.1567
YOUNG, Mary b.1658
YOUNG, Mary b.1670
YOUNG, Mary b.1697
YOUNG, Mary Ann b.1836
YOUNG, Matthews b.1674
YOUNG, Maud b.1898
YOUNG, Mercy b.1692
YOUNG, Moses b.1789
YOUNG, Nancy b.1786
YOUNG, Nancy Jane b.1871
YOUNG, Naomi b.1680
YOUNG, Orissa M. b.1847
YOUNG, Parley Rogers b.1849
YOUNG, Patience b.1673
YOUNG, Phebe b.1702
YOUNG, Phebe b.1707
YOUNG, Phineas Howe b.1837
YOUNG, Phineas Howe b.1799
YOUNG, Rebecca b.1689
YOUNG, Rhoda b.1789
YOUNG, Richard b.1650
YOUNG, Robert b.1653
YOUNG, Robert Haynes b.1840
YOUNG, Rowland b.1693
YOUNG, Rowland b.1610
YOUNG, Rowland b.1648
YOUNG, Samuel b.1656
YOUNG, Samuel b.1704
YOUNG, Sarah b.1699
YOUNG, Sarah b.1670
YOUNG, Sarah b.1688
YOUNG, Sarah b.1639
YOUNG, Sarah Indiaetta b.1862
YOUNG, Seraph Celestia b.1840
YOUNG, Steven a.1571
YOUNG, Susan b.1795
YOUNG, Susan b.1559
YOUNG, Susan a.1570
YOUNG, Susanna b.1672
YOUNG, Susanna b.1677
YOUNG, Thomas a.1609
YOUNG, Thomas b.1653
YOUNG, Thomas a.1579
YOUNG, Thomas b.1463
YOUNG, William a.1675
YOUNG, William b.1661
YOUNG, William b.1695
YOUNG, William Franklin b.1854
YOUNG, Zina Matilda b.1876

Surname List