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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


WINGATE, Ann b.1675
WINGATE, John b.1639
WINGATE, Samuel b.1700


WINGFIELD, Agnes b.1459
WINGFIELD, Alice b.1492
WINGFIELD, Alice b.1441
WINGFIELD, Anne b.1539
WINGFIELD, Anne b.1478
WINGFIELD, Anne b.1538
WINGFIELD, Anne b.1437
WINGFIELD, Anne b.1405
WINGFIELD, Anthony b.1543
WINGFIELD, Anthony Esquire b.1517
WINGFIELD, Anthony K.G. b.1484
WINGFIELD, Anthony b.1549
WINGFIELD, Anthony b.1443
WINGFIELD, Cecily b.1511
WINGFIELD, Charles b.1513
WINGFIELD, Charles Esquire b.1509
WINGFIELD, Edmund b.1487
WINGFIELD, Edmund b.1475
WINGFIELD, Edward Knight b.1561
WINGFIELD, Edward Knight b.1453
WINGFIELD, Eleanor de b.1354
WINGFIELD, Elizabeth b.1511
WINGFIELD, Elizabeth b.1528
WINGFIELD, Elizabeth b.1481
WINGFIELD, Elizabeth Nun b.1481
WINGFIELD, Elizabeth b.1479
WINGFIELD, Elizabeth b.1427
WINGFIELD, Frances b.1495
WINGFIELD, Giles de b.1288
WINGFIELD, Henry Esquire b.1541
WINGFIELD, Henry b.1521
WINGFIELD, Henry Priest b.1455
WINGFIELD, Henry Knight b.1435
WINGFIELD, Hugh b.1490
WINGFIELD, Humphrey Knight b.1477
WINGFIELD, Humphrey b.1498
WINGFIELD, Jacques b.1521
WINGFIELD, James b.1563
WINGFIELD, Jane b.1518
WINGFIELD, John Knight b.1549
WINGFIELD, John Esquire b.1535
WINGFIELD, John Knight b.1461
WINGFIELD, John K.B. b.1451
WINGFIELD, John K.B. b.1425
WINGFIELD, John de b.1252
WINGFIELD, John de Knight b.1316
WINGFIELD, John de Knight b.1290
WINGFIELD, John de Knight b.1348
WINGFIELD, John de b.1371
WINGFIELD, Katherine b.1457
WINGFIELD, Katherine b.1447
WINGFIELD, Katherine de b.1349
WINGFIELD, Lawrence b.1524
WINGFIELD, Lodowick b.1471
WINGFIELD, Margaret b.1546
WINGFIELD, Margaret b.1524
WINGFIELD, Margaret b.1515
WINGFIELD, Margaret b.1486
WINGFIELD, Margaret b.1493
WINGFIELD, Margaret b.1445
WINGFIELD, Margaret Nun b.1408
WINGFIELD, Margaret de b.1351
WINGFIELD, Margerie b.1501
WINGFIELD, Mary b.1432
WINGFIELD, Mary b.1519
WINGFIELD, Mary b.1496
WINGFIELD, Peregrine Knight b.1586
WINGFIELD, Richard Knight b.1520
WINGFIELD, Richard Viscount Powerscourt b.1550
WINGFIELD, Richard Esquire b.1515
WINGFIELD, Richard K.G. b.1473
WINGFIELD, Richard Knight b.1431
WINGFIELD, Richard de b.1293
WINGFIELD, Richard de b.1320
WINGFIELD, Robert Knight b.1509
WINGFIELD, Robert Esquire b.1531
WINGFIELD, Robert Esquire b.1483
WINGFIELD, Robert b.1566
WINGFIELD, Robert Knight b.1467
WINGFIELD, Robert Knight b.1429
WINGFIELD, Robert Knight b.1518
WINGFIELD, Robert Knight b.1401
WINGFIELD, Robert de Knight b.1375
WINGFIELD, Roger de b.1286
WINGFIELD, Thomas b.1478
WINGFIELD, Thomas Esquire b.1535
WINGFIELD, Thomas Knight b.1465
WINGFIELD, Thomas Esquire b.1489
WINGFIELD, Thomas Gentleman b.1547
WINGFIELD, Thomas Knight b.1433
WINGFIELD, Thomas de b.1225
WINGFIELD, Thomas de Knight b.1318
WINGFIELD, Thomas Maria b.1513
WINGFIELD, Walter Esquire b.1469
WINGFIELD, William Esquire b.1463
WINGFIELD, William Esquire b.1439
WINGFIELD, William Esquire b.1403
WINGFIELD, William b.1504


WINN, Huldah a.1756
WINN, James a.1782
WINN, Joseph b.1671
WINN, Lydia a.1706


WINNARD, Agnes b.1452


WINNERY, John b.1706


WINNINGTON, Agnes de b.1375
WINNINGTON, Elizabeth a.1500
WINNINGTON, Katherine b.1503
WINNINGTON, Richard Esquire b.1465
WINNINGTON, Richard Esquire b.1432


WINSHIP, Jane b.1809
WINSHIP, Sarah b.1725


WINSLEY, Mary b.1593
WINSLEY, Samuel b.1600


WINSLOW, Agnes a.1544
WINSLOW, Alice a.1552
WINSLOW, Anne b.1597
WINSLOW, Anthony b.1557
WINSLOW, Benjamin b.1653
WINSLOW, Christopher b.1565
WINSLOW, Edward b.1667
WINSLOW, Edward b.1624
WINSLOW, Edward b.1560
WINSLOW, Edward b.1635
WINSLOW, Edward a.1595
WINSLOW, Eleanor a.1598
WINSLOW, Elizabeth b.1447
WINSLOW, Elizabeth b.1664
WINSLOW, Elizabeth b.1601
WINSLOW, Elizabeth a.1549
WINSLOW, Elizabeth b.1637
WINSLOW, Elizabeth a.1602
WINSLOW, Elizabeth b.1631
WINSLOW, Ellen b.1637
WINSLOW, Frances b.1593
WINSLOW, Francis b.1562
WINSLOW, Fulke b.1591
WINSLOW, Gilbert a.1600
WINSLOW, Hannah b.1644
WINSLOW, Henry a.1560
WINSLOW, Isaac b.1670
WINSLOW, Isaac b.1644
WINSLOW, Job b.1641
WINSLOW, John b.1595
WINSLOW, John a.1548
WINSLOW, John b.1628
WINSLOW, John a.1597
WINSLOW, John b.1626
WINSLOW, Jonathan b.1638
WINSLOW, Joseph b.1647
WINSLOW, Josiah a.1606
WINSLOW, Josiah b.1628
WINSLOW, Kenelm b.1554
WINSLOW, Kenelm b.1522
WINSLOW, Kenelm b.1635
WINSLOW, Kenelm a.1599
WINSLOW, Magdalen a.1604
WINSLOW, Margaret b.1640
WINSLOW, Mary b.1646
WINSLOW, Mary b.1632
WINSLOW, Mercy b.1665
WINSLOW, N.N. b.1651
WINSLOW, Nanfan b.1599
WINSLOW, Nathaniel b.1639
WINSLOW, Rebecca b.1642
WINSLOW, Richard a.1550
WINSLOW, Richard b.1584
WINSLOW, Samuel b.1641
WINSLOW, Sarah b.1638
WINSLOW, Susanna b.1630
WINSLOW, William a.1551


WINTER, Elizabeth b.1556


WINTHROP, Adam Esquire b.1548
WINTHROP, Adam Esquire b.1498
WINTHROP, Adam b.1620
WINTHROP, Alice b.1539
WINTHROP, Anne b.1581
WINTHROP, Anne b.1585
WINTHROP, Anne a.1615
WINTHROP, Anne b.1614
WINTHROP, Anne a.1630
WINTHROP, Anne b.1650
WINTHROP, Bridget b.1543
WINTHROP, Catherine b.1550
WINTHROP, Deane a.1623
WINTHROP, Elizabeth b.1636
WINTHROP, Fitz John b.1638
WINTHROP, Forth b.1609
WINTHROP, Henry b.1608
WINTHROP, Jane b.1592
WINTHROP, John Gentleman b.1546
WINTHROP, John b.1588
WINTHROP, John b.1606
WINTHROP, Joshua a.1648
WINTHROP, Lucy b.1600
WINTHROP, Lucy b.1640
WINTHROP, Margaret b.1648
WINTHROP, Martha b.1646
WINTHROP, Mary b.1544
WINTHROP, Mary a.1612
WINTHROP, Mary a.1644
WINTHROP, Nathaniel a.1625
WINTHROP, Samuel a.1627
WINTHROP, Sarah a.1634
WINTHROP, Stephen b.1619
WINTHROP, Susan b.1552
WINTHROP, Waitstill b.1642
WINTHROP, William b.1632


WINTOUN, Alan de b.1300


WINTRINGHAM, Joan b.1426


WISE, Bethiah a.1657
WISE, Elizabeth b.1600
WISE, John b.1692
WISE, Lucy b.1683
WISE, Mary a.1650
WISE, Thomasine b.1457


WISEBURY, Ruth b.1731


WISEMAN, Alice b.1620
WISEMAN, Anne b.1532
WISEMAN, Clemence b.1540
WISEMAN, Elizabeth b.1633
WISEMAN, John Knight b.1475
WISEMAN, John Esquire b.1495
WISEMAN, John Esquire b.1524
WISEMAN, Katherine b.1536
WISEMAN, Margaret b.1526
WISEMAN, Margery b.1500
WISEMAN, Margery b.1528
WISEMAN, Philippa b.1522
WISEMAN, Robert b.1538
WISEMAN, Simon Knight b.1437
WISEMAN, Thomas b.1530
WISEMAN, William b.1534
WISEMAN, William b.1574


WISHART, Alice b.1310
WISHART, William b.1285


WISWALL, Abigail b.1813
WISWALL, Adna V. b.1842
WISWALL, Alured N. b.1813
WISWALL, Alvah L. b.1862
WISWALL, Alvah Spaulding b.1838
WISWALL, Ann b.1786
WISWALL, Anne a.1576
WISWALL, Anne b.1740
WISWALL, Ashley b.1822
WISWALL, Augusta G. b.1863
WISWALL, Beatrice I. b.1900
WISWALL, Benjamin a.1649
WISWALL, Carl Osborn Joseph b.1883
WISWALL, Carlista b.1833
WISWALL, Cynthia Jane b.1831
WISWALL, Dana Ebenezer b.1865
WISWALL, Daniel b.1807
WISWALL, Daniel b.1729
WISWALL, David Harvey Clough b.1821
WISWALL, Deborah b.1641
WISWALL, Deborah b.1694
WISWALL, Ebenezer a.1641
WISWALL, Ebenezer b.1798
WISWALL, Ebenezer b.1791
WISWALL, Ebenezer b.1645
WISWALL, Ebenezer b.1682
WISWALL, Ebenezer b.1769
WISWALL, Ebenezer b.1722
WISWALL, Ebenezer b.1699
WISWALL, Edward b.1781
WISWALL, Eleanor Almira b.1891
WISWALL, Eli D. b.1835
WISWALL, Elijah b.1738
WISWALL, Elizabeth b.1818
WISWALL, Elizabeth b.1804
WISWALL, Elizabeth a.1579
WISWALL, Elizabeth a.1649
WISWALL, Elizabeth b.1667
WISWALL, Elsie E. b.1891
WISWALL, Elwin Nathan b.1889
WISWALL, Emery E. b.1863
WISWALL, Enoch b.1697
WISWALL, Enoch b.1682
WISWALL, Enoch b.1675
WISWALL, Enoch b.1660
WISWALL, Enoch a.1633
WISWALL, Esther b.1775
WISWALL, Esther b.1654
WISWALL, Esther a.1635
WISWALL, Esther b.1669
WISWALL, Esther b.1732
WISWALL, Ethel b.1889
WISWALL, Evalyn Jennie b.1875
WISWALL, Fidelia b.1818
WISWALL, Hannah b.1771
WISWALL, Hannah b.1770
WISWALL, Hannah b.1801
WISWALL, Hannah b.1682
WISWALL, Hannah b.1636
WISWALL, Hannah b.1695
WISWALL, Hannah a.1662
WISWALL, Hannah b.1767
WISWALL, Hannah b.1742
WISWALL, Hannah Dickson b.1816
WISWALL, Hattie G. b.1866
WISWALL, Hattie L. b.1860
WISWALL, Hazel B. b.1896
WISWALL, Henry Clay b.1853
WISWALL, Herbert Ashley b.1867
WISWALL, Herman Von b.1903
WISWALL, Horace b.1843
WISWALL, Huldah b.1835
WISWALL, Ichabod b.1839
WISWALL, Ichabod b.1802
WISWALL, Ichabod b.1637
WISWALL, Ichabod b.1704
WISWALL, Ichabod b.1743
WISWALL, Isaac b.1811
WISWALL, James a.1565
WISWALL, James E. b.1868
WISWALL, James W. b.1828
WISWALL, Jane a.1577
WISWALL, Job b.1731
WISWALL, John b.1785
WISWALL, John b.1634
WISWALL, John a.1582
WISWALL, John a.1601
WISWALL, John b.1712
WISWALL, John b.1540
WISWALL, John b.1658
WISWALL, John Calvin b.1836
WISWALL, Jonas b.1796
WISWALL, Laura b.1827
WISWALL, Lauretta b.1858
WISWALL, Leon K. b.1870
WISWALL, Leonard b.1798
WISWALL, Leroy Alvah b.1905
WISWALL, Lettie b.1871
WISWALL, Levi b.1803
WISWALL, Levi b.1773
WISWALL, Lewis b.1840
WISWALL, Lucia b.1848
WISWALL, Lucinda J. b.1838
WISWALL, Lucius b.1832
WISWALL, Luthera E. b.1822
WISWALL, Lydia a.1645
WISWALL, Lydia b.1770
WISWALL, Lydia Ann b.1844
WISWALL, Lydia Ann b.1842
WISWALL, Lydia Eliza b.1872
WISWALL, Mabel Etta b.1880
WISWALL, Maria b.1834
WISWALL, Marian b.1839
WISWALL, Marie Annette b.1842
WISWALL, Martha b.1652
WISWALL, Martin Luther b.1825
WISWALL, Mary b.1784
WISWALL, Mary b.1773
WISWALL, Mary b.1797
WISWALL, Mary a.1649
WISWALL, Mary b.1647
WISWALL, Mary b.1677
WISWALL, Mary b.1724
WISWALL, Mary b.1764
WISWALL, Mary Ann b.1818
WISWALL, Mary Jane b.1855
WISWALL, Mary Perry b.1843
WISWALL, Mary Rachel b.1867
WISWALL, Maude Estelle b.1875
WISWALL, Mercy b.1680
WISWALL, N.N. b.1770
WISWALL, Nancy b.1799
WISWALL, Nathan Perry b.1835
WISWALL, Nelson b.1844
WISWALL, Noah a.1638
WISWALL, Noah b.1727
WISWALL, Octavia b.1820
WISWALL, Olive b.1845
WISWALL, Oliver b.1702
WISWALL, Oliver b.1664
WISWALL, Oliver b.1725
WISWALL, Orpha b.1815
WISWALL, Orpha Marie b.1824
WISWALL, Orra b.1805
WISWALL, Peleg b.1684
WISWALL, Perez b.1686
WISWALL, Phineas b.1780
WISWALL, Polly b.1787
WISWALL, Priscilla b.1691
WISWALL, Ralph a.1569
WISWALL, Rebecca b.1639
WISWALL, Royal O. b.1815
WISWALL, Ruth a.1656
WISWALL, Salome b.1794
WISWALL, Samuel b.1809
WISWALL, Samuel b.1778
WISWALL, Samuel b.1707
WISWALL, Samuel b.1679
WISWALL, Samuel b.1761
WISWALL, Samuel b.1734
WISWALL, Samuel Ebenezer b.1839
WISWALL, Samuel H. b.1789
WISWALL, Samuel Henry b.1828
WISWALL, Samuel Ichabod b.1877
WISWALL, Samuel Vose b.1805
WISWALL, Sarah a.1643
WISWALL, Sarah b.1759
WISWALL, Sarah Elmira b.1827
WISWALL, Sarah Luthera b.1813
WISWALL, Seth b.1799
WISWALL, Sherbrun L. b.1826
WISWALL, Sophronia b.1820
WISWALL, Sophronia S. b.1855
WISWALL, Stella Davis b.1876
WISWALL, Susan Laurinda b.1826
WISWALL, Susanna b.1672
WISWALL, Thomas b.1841
WISWALL, Thomas b.1794
WISWALL, Thomas a.1571
WISWALL, Thomas a.1601
WISWALL, Thomas b.1692
WISWALL, Thomas a.1650
WISWALL, Thomas b.1782
WISWALL, Varina E. b.1906
WISWALL, Viola I. b.1896
WISWALL, Von Joseph b.1870
WISWALL, Wenova b.1838
WISWALL, Wilkins W. b.1873
WISWALL, William b.1777
WISWALL, William Albert b.1917
WISWALL, William Charles b.1902
WISWALL, William Henry b.1882
WISWALL, William T. b.1841
WISWALL, Wyram Warren b.1825


WITHAM, Anne b.1581
WITHAM, Ebenezer b.1702
WITHAM, Henry b.1640


WITHER, Alice b.1520
WITHER, Alice b.1425
WITHER, Alice b.1477
WITHER, Anne b.1530
WITHER, Elizabeth b.1527
WITHER, Fabian b.1522
WITHER, George Archdeacon of Colchester b.1525
WITHER, George b.1484
WITHER, John b.1433
WITHER, Lawrence Knight b.1480
WITHER, Letitia b.1312
WITHER, Margery b.1475
WITHER, Richard Parson of Holcott b.1431
WITHER, Richard b.1486
WITHER, Richard b.1385
WITHER, Robert b.1387
WITHER, Robert b.1427
WITHER, Susan b.1575
WITHER, Thomas Knight b.1295
WITHER, Thomas Esquire b.1383
WITHER, Thomas Esquire b.1328
WITHER, Thomas b.1429
WITHER, Thomas b.1482




WITHINGTON, Ann b.1656
WITHINGTON, Anne b.1625
WITHINGTON, Constance b.1661
WITHINGTON, Ebenezer b.1651
WITHINGTON, Elizabeth b.1676
WITHINGTON, Elizabeth b.1666
WITHINGTON, Faith a.1616
WITHINGTON, George a.1593
WITHINGTON, George b.1558
WITHINGTON, Hannah b.1686
WITHINGTON, Henry b.1653
WITHINGTON, Henry a.1590
WITHINGTON, John b.1649
WITHINGTON, Joseph b.1668
WITHINGTON, Marie a.1584
WITHINGTON, Mary b.1679
WITHINGTON, Mary b.1673
WITHINGTON, Mary b.1623
WITHINGTON, Nicholas a.1587
WITHINGTON, Philip b.1659
WITHINGTON, Richard b.1680
WITHINGTON, Richard a.1618
WITHINGTON, Samuel b.1684
WITHINGTON, Sarah b.1725
WITHINGTON, Silence b.1682
WITHINGTON, Submit b.1682
WITHINGTON, Susanna b.1690


WITHYPOL, Paul b.1544


WITT, Ann b.1639
WITT, Elizabeth b.1649
WITT, Margaret M. b.1851


WITTELBACH, Hedwig von b.1123
WITTELBACH, Otto von b.1090


WITTER, Hannah b.1635


WITTLESBURY, John b.1417




WITTUM, Abigail b.1756
WITTUM, Abigail b.1674
WITTUM, Benjamin b.1699
WITTUM, Elizabeth b.1708
WITTUM, Elizabeth b.1668
WITTUM, Elizabeth b.1654
WITTUM, Hannah b.1670
WITTUM, Ichabod b.1697
WITTUM, Ichabod b.1658
WITTUM, Mary b.1653
WITTUM, Peter b.1656
WITTUM, Peter b.1627
WITTUM, Ruth b.1672
WITTUM, Sarah b.1664
WITTUM, Tryphosa b.1780
WITTUM, William b.1661


WIX, Alexander de b.1063


WIXAM, Barnabas b.1663


WODELAND, Walter de Knight b.1345


WODHULL, Agnes b.1542
WODHULL, Anne b.1465
WODHULL, Anthony b.1517
WODHULL, Elizabeth b.1457
WODHULL, Fulke Sheriff of Northampton b.1459
WODHULL, Isabel b.1440
WODHULL, Isabel b.1488
WODHULL, Jane b.1486
WODHULL, John b.1470
WODHULL, John Esquire b.1435
WODHULL, John Knight b.1342
WODHULL, Joyce b.1515
WODHULL, Lawrence Esquire b.1484
WODHULL, Mary b.1467
WODHULL, Mary b.1480
WODHULL, Nicholas Sheriff of Northampton b.1482
WODHULL, Thomas Knight b.1388
WODHULL, Thomas b.1461
WODHULL, Thomas Esquire b.1437
WODHULL, Thomas Esquire b.1411
WODHULL, Thomas b.1491
WODHULL, William b.1463


WOGAN, Abraham b.1685
WOGAN, Anne b.1677
WOGAN, Arabella b.1682
WOGAN, Edward b.1674
WOGAN, Elizabeth b.1676
WOGAN, Elizabeth b.1402
WOGAN, Elsbeth b.1415
WOGAN, Frances b.1678
WOGAN, Hector b.1683
WOGAN, Henry Knight b.1421
WOGAN, James b.1687
WOGAN, Jane b.1675
WOGAN, Katherine b.1689
WOGAN, Katherine b.1672
WOGAN, Katherine b.1337
WOGAN, Lewis b.1691
WOGAN, Lewis b.1688
WOGAN, Lewis b.1679
WOGAN, Lewis Esquire b.1650
WOGAN, Margery b.1470
WOGAN, Philippa b.1694


WOLCOTT, Alexander b.1712
WOLCOTT, Alexander b.1708
WOLCOTT, Anne b.1620
WOLCOTT, Christopher b.1581
WOLCOTT, Christopher b.1614
WOLCOTT, Christopher b.1672
WOLCOTT, Ebenezer b.1705
WOLCOTT, Elizabeth b.1650
WOLCOTT, Elizabeth b.1706
WOLCOTT, Elizabeth b.1662
WOLCOTT, Epaphras b.1721
WOLCOTT, Erastus b.1722
WOLCOTT, Erastus b.1721
WOLCOTT, George b.1652
WOLCOTT, George b.1617
WOLCOTT, Hannah b.1653
WOLCOTT, Hannah b.1699
WOLCOTT, Henry b.1643
WOLCOTT, Henry a.1611
WOLCOTT, Henry a.1579
WOLCOTT, Henry b.1670
WOLCOTT, Hepzibah b.1717
WOLCOTT, Joanna b.1668
WOLCOTT, John b.1583
WOLCOTT, John b.1545
WOLCOTT, John a.1607
WOLCOTT, John b.1656
WOLCOTT, John b.1645
WOLCOTT, John b.1696
WOLCOTT, Josiah b.1658
WOLCOTT, Josiah b.1719
WOLCOTT, Mariann b.1729
WOLCOTT, Martha b.1664
WOLCOTT, Mary b.1651
WOLCOTT, Mary b.1622
WOLCOTT, Mary b.1674
WOLCOTT, Mehitable b.1689
WOLCOTT, Mercy b.1659
WOLCOTT, N.N. b.1729
WOLCOTT, Noah b.1702
WOLCOTT, Oliver b.1726
WOLCOTT, Roger b.1679
WOLCOTT, Roger b.1704
WOLCOTT, Samuel b.1656
WOLCOTT, Samuel b.1647
WOLCOTT, Samuel b.1710
WOLCOTT, Sarah b.1649
WOLCOTT, Sarah b.1715
WOLCOTT, Sarah b.1712
WOLCOTT, Sarah a.1692
WOLCOTT, Simon b.1666
WOLCOTT, Simon a.1624
WOLCOTT, Ursula b.1724
WOLCOTT, William b.1676


WOLFE, Barbara b.1520
WOLFE, Freeborn b.1634
WOLFE, Hannah b.1644


WOLFORD, Hans b.1645


WOLFRATSHAUSEN, Adelaide b.1084
WOLFRATSHAUSEN, Otto II Count of Wolfratshausen b.1045


WOLLASHALL, Katherine b.1418


WOLMAN, Robert b.1538


WOLSEY, Robert b.1443
WOLSEY, Thomas b.1471


WOLTERTON, Gregory b.1592


WOLVERTON, Margaret de b.1375


WOLVEY, Alice de b.1285
WOLVEY, Joan de b.1278
WOLVEY, Maud de b.1281
WOLVEY, Thomas de Knight b.1250


WONSON, John b.1690


WOOD, Abigail b.1642
WOOD, Abigail b.1700
WOOD, Abigail b.1644
WOOD, Abraham b.1655
WOOD, Alice b.1475
WOOD, Ame b.1752
WOOD, Ann a.1623
WOOD, Ann b.1660
WOOD, Anne b.1476
WOOD, Anthony b.1642
WOOD, Benjamin b.1673
WOOD, Bethiah b.1703
WOOD, Chloe b.1735
WOOD, Daniel b.1650
WOOD, Dorcas b.1622
WOOD, Ebenezer b.1754
WOOD, Ebenezer b.1671
WOOD, Ebenezer b.1676
WOOD, Ebenezer b.1726
WOOD, Ebenezer b.1698
WOOD, Edmund b.1550
WOOD, Edmund b.1588
WOOD, Edward b.1689
WOOD, Edward a.1598
WOOD, Elizabeth b.1724
WOOD, Elizabeth b.1664
WOOD, Elizabeth a.1620
WOOD, Elizabeth b.1522
WOOD, Elizabeth b.1681
WOOD, Elizabeth b.1773
WOOD, Elizabeth b.1647
WOOD, Elizabeth G. b.1880
WOOD, Esther b.1734
WOOD, Esther b.1662
WOOD, Hannah b.1682
WOOD, Hannah b.1720
WOOD, Hannah b.1617
WOOD, Hepzibah b.1747
WOOD, Isaac b.1658
WOOD, Isaiah b.1659
WOOD, Isaiah b.1627
WOOD, Jacob b.1662
WOOD, James b.1674
WOOD, James b.1675
WOOD, Jeremiah a.1619
WOOD, Joanna b.1661
WOOD, John b.1644
WOOD, John b.1732
WOOD, John b.1684
WOOD, John b.1671
WOOD, John b.1652
WOOD, John b.1656
WOOD, John a.1612
WOOD, John b.1714
WOOD, John b.1603
WOOD, John b.1575
WOOD, John a.1584
WOOD, John b.1645
WOOD, Jonas b.1655
WOOD, Jonas b.1643
WOOD, Jonas a.1614
WOOD, Jonathan b.1657
WOOD, Jonathan Bradstreet a.1771
WOOD, Joseph b.1696
WOOD, Joseph b.1673
WOOD, Joshua b.1727
WOOD, Josiah b.1708
WOOD, Josiah b.1664
WOOD, Josiah a.1626
WOOD, Josias a.1612
WOOD, Judith a.1610
WOOD, Judith a.1608
WOOD, Katherine b.1559
WOOD, Lydia b.1722
WOOD, Magdalen b.1580
WOOD, Margaret a.1619
WOOD, Margaret b.1492
WOOD, Margaret b.1679
WOOD, Margaret a.1615
WOOD, Margerie b.1532
WOOD, Martha b.1602
WOOD, Martha b.1649
WOOD, Martha a.1612
WOOD, Mary b.1649
WOOD, Mary b.1720
WOOD, Mary b.1656
WOOD, Mary b.1645
WOOD, Mary b.1653
WOOD, Mary a.1615
WOOD, Mary a.1605
WOOD, Mary J. b.1853
WOOD, Mehitable b.1655
WOOD, Michael a.1616
WOOD, Molly b.1747
WOOD, Nathaniel b.1646
WOOD, Nathaniel b.1729
WOOD, Obadiah a.1625
WOOD, Phebe b.1649
WOOD, Priscilla b.1687
WOOD, Priscilla b.1654
WOOD, Rebekah a.1726
WOOD, Richard b.1706
WOOD, Robert a.1586
WOOD, Ruth b.1636
WOOD, Ruth b.1662
WOOD, Ruth a.1627
WOOD, Samuel b.1693
WOOD, Samuel b.1666
WOOD, Samuel b.1659
WOOD, Samuel b.1655
WOOD, Sarah a.1622
WOOD, Sarah b.1645
WOOD, Sarah b.1665
WOOD, Sarah b.1658
WOOD, Sarah b.1659
WOOD, Sarah b.1642
WOOD, Simon b.1655
WOOD, Solomon b.1669
WOOD, Stephen b.1749
WOOD, Stephen b.1592
WOOD, Susan b.1591
WOOD, Susan a.1610
WOOD, Susan a.1616
WOOD, Susan C. b.1832
WOOD, Susanna b.1677
WOOD, Tabitha a.1641
WOOD, Thomas b.1691
WOOD, Thomas b.1658
WOOD, Thomas a.1633
WOOD, Thomas b.1576
WOOD, Thomas b.1656
WOOD, Thomas b.1667
WOOD, Thomas Chief Justice of the Common Pleas b.1445
WOOD, Thomas a.1586
WOOD, Thomson b.1652
WOOD, Timothy a.1622
WOOD, Tompson b.1669
WOOD, William b.1582
WOOD, William b.1664


WOODARD, John b.1692


WOODBRIDGE, Anne b.1653
WOODBRIDGE, Benjamin b.1646
WOODBRIDGE, Dorothy b.1650
WOODBRIDGE, Elizabeth b.1673
WOODBRIDGE, John b.1644
WOODBRIDGE, John b.1613
WOODBRIDGE, Joseph b.1657
WOODBRIDGE, Lucy b.1642
WOODBRIDGE, Martha b.1658
WOODBRIDGE, Mary b.1661
WOODBRIDGE, Sarah b.1640
WOODBRIDGE, Thomas b.1648
WOODBRIDGE, Timothy a.1656


WOODBURY, Abel a.1688
WOODBURY, Abigail a.1655
WOODBURY, Abigail a.1674
WOODBURY, Abigail b.1660
WOODBURY, Abigail b.1692
WOODBURY, Abigail a.1637
WOODBURY, Abigail b.1671
WOODBURY, Andrew b.1691
WOODBURY, Andrew a.1665
WOODBURY, Andrew a.1622
WOODBURY, Anna b.1692
WOODBURY, Anna a.1674
WOODBURY, Anne a.1680
WOODBURY, Benjamin b.1699
WOODBURY, Benjamin a.1722
WOODBURY, Benjamin a.1733
WOODBURY, Benjamin b.1668
WOODBURY, Benjamin b.1699
WOODBURY, Bethia a.1673
WOODBURY, Christian b.1661
WOODBURY, Christian b.1678
WOODBURY, Deliverance a.1682
WOODBURY, Ebenezer b.1712
WOODBURY, Ebenezer b.1711
WOODBURY, Ebenezer b.1730
WOODBURY, Ebenezer a.1667
WOODBURY, Ebenezer a.1708
WOODBURY, Elisha b.1707
WOODBURY, Elizabeth b.1717
WOODBURY, Elizabeth b.1682
WOODBURY, Elizabeth a.1676
WOODBURY, Elizabeth b.1688
WOODBURY, Elizabeth b.1657
WOODBURY, Elizabeth b.1654
WOODBURY, Elizabeth a.1696
WOODBURY, Hannah b.1707
WOODBURY, Hannah b.1693
WOODBURY, Hannah a.1672
WOODBURY, Hannah a.1629
WOODBURY, Hannah a.1670
WOODBURY, Hannah b.1691
WOODBURY, Hannah a.1636
WOODBURY, Hannah b.1664
WOODBURY, Henry a.1733
WOODBURY, Hugh b.1703
WOODBURY, Hugh b.1624
WOODBURY, Humphrey b.1698
WOODBURY, Humphrey a.1677
WOODBURY, Humphrey a.1646
WOODBURY, Humphrey a.1611
WOODBURY, Isaac b.1697
WOODBURY, Isaac b.1701
WOODBURY, Isaac b.1680
WOODBURY, Isaac a.1644
WOODBURY, Isaac a.1632
WOODBURY, Isaac a.1665
WOODBURY, Israel b.1694
WOODBURY, Israel a.1670
WOODBURY, Israel a.1693
WOODBURY, James b.1705
WOODBURY, Jerusha a.1712
WOODBURY, Jerusha a.1680
WOODBURY, Joan b.1653
WOODBURY, Joanna a.1608
WOODBURY, Joanna b.1689
WOODBURY, John a.1641
WOODBURY, John b.1657
WOODBURY, John a.1712
WOODBURY, John b.1630
WOODBURY, John b.1583
WOODBURY, Jonathan b.1682
WOODBURY, Jonathan b.1643
WOODBURY, Joseph b.1659
WOODBURY, Joshua a.1685
WOODBURY, Josiah b.1709
WOODBURY, Josiah b.1682
WOODBURY, Lois b.1705
WOODBURY, Lucy a.1727
WOODBURY, Lydia b.1689
WOODBURY, Lydia b.1713
WOODBURY, Martha a.1702
WOODBURY, Martha a.1677
WOODBURY, Martha b.1721
WOODBURY, Mary a.1735
WOODBURY, Mary b.1657
WOODBURY, Mary b.1697
WOODBURY, Mary b.1671
WOODBURY, Mary b.1674
WOODBURY, Mary a.1698
WOODBURY, Mary b.1716
WOODBURY, Mehitable a.1705
WOODBURY, Myhill b.1713
WOODBURY, N.N. b.1725
WOODBURY, Nathan a.1691
WOODBURY, Nathaniel b.1684
WOODBURY, Nathaniel a.1639
WOODBURY, Nathaniel a.1715
WOODBURY, Nehemiah a.1686
WOODBURY, Nicholas b.1657
WOODBURY, Nicholas a.1618
WOODBURY, Peter a.1653
WOODBURY, Peter b.1666
WOODBURY, Peter a.1640
WOODBURY, Priscilla b.1773
WOODBURY, Priscilla a.1703
WOODBURY, Priscilla b.1687
WOODBURY, Rebecca b.1715
WOODBURY, Rebecca b.1684
WOODBURY, Richard b.1655
WOODBURY, Robert b.1694
WOODBURY, Robert b.1672
WOODBURY, Ruth b.1715
WOODBURY, Ruth a.1702
WOODBURY, Samuel b.1665
WOODBURY, Sarah b.1729
WOODBURY, Sarah b.1690
WOODBURY, Sarah b.1694
WOODBURY, Sarah b.1668
WOODBURY, Sarah a.1730
WOODBURY, Susan b.1660
WOODBURY, Susanna b.1679
WOODBURY, Susanna a.1649
WOODBURY, Susannah b.1695
WOODBURY, Thomas b.1703
WOODBURY, Thomas a.1667
WOODBURY, Thomas b.1639
WOODBURY, Thomas b.1700
WOODBURY, Wilkes b.1733
WOODBURY, William b.1662
WOODBURY, William b.1697
WOODBURY, William a.1620
WOODBURY, William a.1588
WOODBURY, William a.1651
WOODBURY, Zebulon a.1709


WOODCOCK, Alice b.1241
WOODCOCK, Gilbert b.1216
WOODCOCK, John b.1382
WOODCOCK, William b.1712


WOODE, Mary b.1579


WOODEN, John b.1659


WOODFORD, Dinah b.1754
WOODFORD, Hannah b.1641
WOODFORD, Joan b.1391
WOODFORD, Mary b.1636
WOODFORD, Sarah b.1714
WOODFORD, Sarah b.1644
WOODFORD, Thomas b.1609
WOODFORD, William b.1479


WOODGATE, Ann b.1567
WOODGATE, Benjamin b.1580
WOODGATE, Daniel b.1585
WOODGATE, Elizabeth b.1545
WOODGATE, Elizabeth b.1565
WOODGATE, Hannah b.1583
WOODGATE, John b.1537
WOODGATE, John b.1587
WOODGATE, Katherine b.1540
WOODGATE, Katherine b.1569
WOODGATE, Mary b.1573
WOODGATE, Richard b.1535
WOODGATE, Rose b.1542
WOODGATE, Stephen b.1508
WOODGATE, Stephen b.1575
WOODGATE, Stephen b.1533
WOODGATE, Thomas b.1578


WOODHALL, Elizabeth b.1570
WOODHALL, Isabel b.1555


WOODHEAD, Elizabeth a.1540


WOODHOUSE, Alice b.1443
WOODHOUSE, Alice Nun b.1415
WOODHOUSE, Alice b.1605
WOODHOUSE, Aliff b.1726
WOODHOUSE, Amy b.1516
WOODHOUSE, Anne b.1520
WOODHOUSE, Anne a.1569
WOODHOUSE, Anne b.1541
WOODHOUSE, Anne b.1610
WOODHOUSE, Beatrice b.1617
WOODHOUSE, Bertram Rector of Trunch b.1474
WOODHOUSE, Dorothy b.1612
WOODHOUSE, Edward b.1499
WOODHOUSE, Edward Knight b.1440
WOODHOUSE, Eleanor b.1465
WOODHOUSE, Elizabeth b.1527
WOODHOUSE, Elizabeth b.1434
WOODHOUSE, Elizabeth b.1492
WOODHOUSE, Elizabeth b.1471
WOODHOUSE, Elizabeth b.1553
WOODHOUSE, Elizabeth b.1615
WOODHOUSE, Elizabeth b.1631
WOODHOUSE, Elizabeth b.1708
WOODHOUSE, Elizabeth b.1734
WOODHOUSE, Elizabeth b.1673
WOODHOUSE, Elizabeth b.1590
WOODHOUSE, Emma b.1200
WOODHOUSE, Faith b.1411
WOODHOUSE, Francis a.1576
WOODHOUSE, Francis b.1651
WOODHOUSE, George b.1518
WOODHOUSE, Giles b.1409
WOODHOUSE, Giles de b.1377
WOODHOUSE, Henry b.1403
WOODHOUSE, Henry b.1674
WOODHOUSE, Henry b.1664
WOODHOUSE, Henry Knight b.1546
WOODHOUSE, Henry b.1573
WOODHOUSE, Henry b.1607
WOODHOUSE, Henry b.1639
WOODHOUSE, Horatio b.1603
WOODHOUSE, Horatio b.1637
WOODHOUSE, Horatio b.1671
WOODHOUSE, Horatio b.1700
WOODHOUSE, Jane b.1524
WOODHOUSE, Jerome b.1417
WOODHOUSE, Jerome b.1477
WOODHOUSE, John b.1522
WOODHOUSE, John b.1496
WOODHOUSE, John b.1405
WOODHOUSE, John Esquire b.1469
WOODHOUSE, John b.1645
WOODHOUSE, John b.1675
WOODHOUSE, John b.1728
WOODHOUSE, John de Esquire b.1350
WOODHOUSE, John de b.1375
WOODHOUSE, Judith b.1634
WOODHOUSE, Katherine b.1494
WOODHOUSE, Katherine b.1413
WOODHOUSE, Lucy b.1620
WOODHOUSE, Lucy b.1678
WOODHOUSE, Margaret b.1407
WOODHOUSE, Mary b.1579
WOODHOUSE, Mary b.1533
WOODHOUSE, Mary b.1641
WOODHOUSE, Mary b.1667
WOODHOUSE, Mary b.1698
WOODHOUSE, Mary b.1732
WOODHOUSE, Michael Knight b.1601
WOODHOUSE, Milicent b.1670
WOODHOUSE, Olive b.1705
WOODHOUSE, Philip Knight a.1608
WOODHOUSE, Rachel b.1643
WOODHOUSE, Rebecca a.1584
WOODHOUSE, Rebecca b.1730
WOODHOUSE, Roger Knight b.1490
WOODHOUSE, Sarah b.1662
WOODHOUSE, Sarah b.1702
WOODHOUSE, Thomas Esquire b.1512
WOODHOUSE, Thomas b.1420
WOODHOUSE, Thomas b.1581
WOODHOUSE, Thomas b.1555
WOODHOUSE, Thomas Knight b.1535
WOODHOUSE, Thomas Knight b.1467
WOODHOUSE, Thomas Knight b.1496
WOODHOUSE, William b.1514
WOODHOUSE, William b.1558
WOODHOUSE, William b.1648
WOODHOUSE, William Knight a.1570
WOODHOUSE, William Knight b.1498
WOODHOUSE, William b.1175

Surname List