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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


WILCUTT, Elizabeth b.1725


WILD, Ann a.1785
WILD, Daniel b.1757
WILD, Elizabeth a.1789
WILD, Esther a.1787
WILD, James a.1783
WILD, Mary a.1783
WILD, Sarah a.1781


WILDER, Abiah b.1659
WILDER, Abigail b.1663
WILDER, Abigail b.1694
WILDER, Andrew a.1708
WILDER, Ann b.1689
WILDER, Anna b.1711
WILDER, Anna b.1689
WILDER, Asaph b.1714
WILDER, Beulah a.1719
WILDER, Caleb a.1717
WILDER, Deborah b.1736
WILDER, Dorothy b.1763
WILDER, Dorothy b.1710
WILDER, Dorothy b.1684
WILDER, Ebenezer b.1683
WILDER, Edward b.1623
WILDER, Elizabeth b.1758
WILDER, Elizabeth b.1653
WILDER, Elizabeth b.1700
WILDER, Elizabeth b.1687
WILDER, Elizabeth b.1648
WILDER, Elizabeth b.1681
WILDER, Ephraim b.1655
WILDER, Ephraim b.1707
WILDER, Ephraim b.1677
WILDER, Esther b.1765
WILDER, Eunice b.1719
WILDER, Eunice b.1689
WILDER, Gardner b.1739
WILDER, Hannah b.1666
WILDER, Hannah b.1679
WILDER, Isaac b.1657
WILDER, Jabez b.1671
WILDER, James b.1681
WILDER, James b.1680
WILDER, John b.1750
WILDER, John b.1743
WILDER, John b.1651
WILDER, John a.1673
WILDER, John b.1646
WILDER, Jonathan b.1682
WILDER, Joseph b.1713
WILDER, Joseph b.1755
WILDER, Joseph b.1734
WILDER, Joseph b.1683
WILDER, Lois a.1719
WILDER, Lucy b.1715
WILDER, Lucy b.1747
WILDER, Lucy a.1771
WILDER, Martha b.1702
WILDER, Mary b.1775
WILDER, Mary b.1668
WILDER, Mary b.1642
WILDER, Mary b.1675
WILDER, Mary b.1679
WILDER, Mehitable b.1661
WILDER, Nathan b.1774
WILDER, Nathaniel b.1686
WILDER, Nathaniel b.1675
WILDER, Nathaniel b.1650
WILDER, Oliver b.1693
WILDER, Peter b.1743
WILDER, Peter b.1767
WILDER, Rebecca b.1741
WILDER, Rebecca b.1769
WILDER, Relief b.1761
WILDER, Sarah a.1722
WILDER, Sarah b.1685
WILDER, Susanna b.1704
WILDER, Thomas a.1710
WILDER, Thomas b.1676
WILDER, Thomas b.1618
WILDER, Thomas b.1644
WILDER, Willis b.1757


WILDES, Phebe b.1653


WILEY, Timothy b.1653


WILFORD, Elizabeth b.1476
WILFORD, Robert b.1451
WILFORD, Robert b.1510


WILINGTON, Eleanor de b.1337
WILINGTON, Henry de Knight b.1280
WILINGTON, Henry de Knight b.1309
WILINGTON, Isabel de b.1370
WILINGTON, John de b.1373
WILINGTON, John de Knight b.1339
WILINGTON, John de Lord Wilington b.1274
WILINGTON, Margaret de b.1367
WILINGTON, Margery b.1520
WILINGTON, Mary b.1511
WILINGTON, Rainald de Knight b.1277
WILINGTON, Ralph de Knight b.1239
WILINGTON, Ralph de b.1365
WILINGTON, Thomas de b.1283


WILKEN, Jennet b.1702


WILKES, Edward b.1596
WILKES, Edward b.1573
WILKES, Frances b.1559
WILKES, Mary b.1650
WILKES, Robert b.1645
WILKES, Thomas b.1619
WILKES, Thomas b.1615


WILKIE, Jeremiah b.1668


WILKINS, Anna b.1681
WILKINS, Elizabeth b.1512
WILKINS, Isaac a.1690
WILKINS, Lydia b.1804


WILKINSON, Abigail b.1716
WILKINSON, Ann b.1575
WILKINSON, Anne b.1567
WILKINSON, Elizabeth b.1563
WILKINSON, Hannah b.1723
WILKINSON, Hepzibah b.1713
WILKINSON, James b.1536
WILKINSON, John b.1702
WILKINSON, John b.1648
WILKINSON, John b.1678
WILKINSON, Joseph b.1705
WILKINSON, Lucy b.1562
WILKINSON, Mary b.1567
WILKINSON, Mary b.1709
WILKINSON, Rachel b.1707
WILKINSON, Richard a.1565
WILKINSON, Sarah b.1719
WILKINSON, Tabitha b.1634


WILLARD, Abigail b.1665
WILLARD, Abovehope b.1646
WILLARD, Adah b.1786
WILLARD, Agnes b.1542
WILLARD, Alexander b.1526
WILLARD, Alice b.1540
WILLARD, Andrew b.1532
WILLARD, Anna b.1686
WILLARD, Anna b.1684
WILLARD, Benjamin b.1664
WILLARD, Catherine a.1607
WILLARD, Daniel b.1658
WILLARD, Daniel b.1710
WILLARD, Dorothy b.1664
WILLARD, Dorothy b.1635
WILLARD, Edward a.1689
WILLARD, Edward b.1680
WILLARD, Edward a.1611
WILLARD, Elizabeth b.1674
WILLARD, Elizabeth b.1688
WILLARD, Elizabeth a.1595
WILLARD, Elizabeth b.1632
WILLARD, Eunice b.1695
WILLARD, Eunice a.1683
WILLARD, George b.1528
WILLARD, George a.1614
WILLARD, Hannah b.1674
WILLARD, Hannah a.1690
WILLARD, Hannah b.1666
WILLARD, Henry b.1701
WILLARD, Henry b.1675
WILLARD, Henry b.1655
WILLARD, Hezekiah b.1684
WILLARD, John b.1671
WILLARD, John b.1673
WILLARD, John b.1682
WILLARD, John b.1657
WILLARD, John a.1612
WILLARD, Jonathan b.1669
WILLARD, Joseph b.1696
WILLARD, Joseph b.1686
WILLARD, Joseph b.1661
WILLARD, Josiah b.1660
WILLARD, Josiah b.1681
WILLARD, Josiah b.1637
WILLARD, Margaret b.1687
WILLARD, Margery a.1602
WILLARD, Mary b.1669
WILLARD, Mary b.1680
WILLARD, Mary b.1653
WILLARD, Mary b.1804
WILLARD, Mary b.1629
WILLARD, Mary a.1610
WILLARD, Mehitable b.1700
WILLARD, Miriam b.1707
WILLARD, N.N. b.1563
WILLARD, Nathan b.1790
WILLARD, Richard a.1699
WILLARD, Richard a.1684
WILLARD, Richard b.1530
WILLARD, Richard b.1500
WILLARD, Richard a.1597
WILLARD, Richard a.1591
WILLARD, Richard b.1568
WILLARD, Robert b.1524
WILLARD, Samuel b.1693
WILLARD, Samuel b.1658
WILLARD, Samuel b.1668
WILLARD, Samuel b.1640
WILLARD, Sarah b.1689
WILLARD, Sarah b.1697
WILLARD, Sarah b.1693
WILLARD, Sarah b.1688
WILLARD, Sarah b.1642
WILLARD, Simon b.1662
WILLARD, Simon b.1676
WILLARD, Simon b.1678
WILLARD, Simon b.1649
WILLARD, Simon b.1534
WILLARD, Simon a.1605
WILLARD, Stephen b.1666
WILLARD, Thomas b.1668
WILLARD, Thomas b.1536
WILLARD, Thomas b.1570
WILLARD, Thomas a.1593
WILLARD, Thomasine b.1565
WILLARD, William a.1686
WILLARD, William b.1538


WILLERBY, Joan b.1360
WILLERBY, Robert de b.1335


WILLES, Joseph Simmons b.1901


WILLETT, Andrew b.1655
WILLETT, David b.1654
WILLETT, Esther b.1648
WILLETT, Hezekiah b.1653
WILLETT, Hezekiah b.1651
WILLETT, James b.1649
WILLETT, John b.1641
WILLETT, Martha b.1639
WILLETT, Mary b.1637
WILLETT, Nathaniel b.1605
WILLETT, Rebecca b.1644
WILLETT, Robert b.1523
WILLETT, Samuel b.1658
WILLETT, Sarah b.1643
WILLETT, Thomas b.1646
WILLETT, Thomas b.1610


WILLEY, Abraham b.1650
WILLEY, Elizabeth b.1799
WILLEY, Hannah a.1642
WILLEY, Isaac a.1640
WILLEY, Isaac b.1612
WILLEY, Joanna b.1637
WILLEY, John b.1648
WILLEY, Mary b.1646
WILLEY, Sarah b.1644
WILLEY, William b.1695


WILLIAMS, Abigail b.1707
WILLIAMS, Abraham b.1698
WILLIAMS, Abraham b.1696
WILLIAMS, Abraham b.1628
WILLIAMS, Agnes a.1609
WILLIAMS, Ann b.1509
WILLIAMS, Ann a.1600
WILLIAMS, Ann Susanna b.1855
WILLIAMS, Anne a.1818
WILLIAMS, Anne b.1695
WILLIAMS, Anne Elizabeth b.1858
WILLIAMS, Anthony b.1652
WILLIAMS, Arthur b.1706
WILLIAMS, Barbara b.1737
WILLIAMS, Benjamin b.1752
WILLIAMS, Benjamin b.1729
WILLIAMS, Benjamin b.1695
WILLIAMS, Benjamin b.1681
WILLIAMS, Benjamin a.1631
WILLIAMS, Benjamin b.1652
WILLIAMS, Bethia b.1691
WILLIAMS, Charles b.1722
WILLIAMS, Charles b.1691
WILLIAMS, Charles b.1662
WILLIAMS, Damaris b.1695
WILLIAMS, Daniel b.1751
WILLIAMS, Daniel b.1710
WILLIAMS, Daniel b.1681
WILLIAMS, David a.1822
WILLIAMS, David b.1787
WILLIAMS, David b.1778
WILLIAMS, David Charles b.1824
WILLIAMS, Deborah b.1737
WILLIAMS, Dorothy b.1725
WILLIAMS, Ebenezer b.1685
WILLIAMS, Edmund Esquire b.1549
WILLIAMS, Eleazer b.1669
WILLIAMS, Elisha b.1694
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth b.1659
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth b.1686
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth b.1668
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth b.1703
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth b.1716
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth b.1560
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth b.1668
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth b.1669
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth b.1703
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth b.1733
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth a.1636
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth b.1612
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth b.1647
WILLIAMS, Esther b.1728
WILLIAMS, Eunice b.1712
WILLIAMS, Experience b.1705
WILLIAMS, Ezekiel b.1728
WILLIAMS, Frances b.1564
WILLIAMS, Francis b.1759
WILLIAMS, Francis b.1531
WILLIAMS, Fredrick b.1751
WILLIAMS, George a.1811
WILLIAMS, George b.1792
WILLIAMS, Hannah b.1671
WILLIAMS, Hannah b.1666
WILLIAMS, Hannah b.1674
WILLIAMS, Hannah b.1723
WILLIAMS, Hannah b.1832
WILLIAMS, Hannah b.1689
WILLIAMS, Hannah b.1668
WILLIAMS, Hannah b.1649
WILLIAMS, Henry a.1612
WILLIAMS, Henry Knight b.1525
WILLIAMS, Hepzibah b.1696
WILLIAMS, Hester b.1747
WILLIAMS, Hugh b.1561
WILLIAMS, Isaac b.1661
WILLIAMS, Isaac a.1661
WILLIAMS, Isaac b.1638
WILLIAMS, Isaac b.1728
WILLIAMS, Isaac b.1697
WILLIAMS, Isabel b.1404
WILLIAMS, Isabel b.1527
WILLIAMS, Jacob b.1708
WILLIAMS, James b.1725
WILLIAMS, James a.1812
WILLIAMS, James b.1692
WILLIAMS, James b.1670
WILLIAMS, James b.1703
WILLIAMS, James b.1782
WILLIAMS, Jane b.1541
WILLIAMS, Jane b.1677
WILLIAMS, Jane a.1609
WILLIAMS, Jerusha b.1733
WILLIAMS, Joanna b.1673
WILLIAMS, John b.1697
WILLIAMS, John b.1667
WILLIAMS, John b.1721
WILLIAMS, John b.1623
WILLIAMS, John b.1675
WILLIAMS, John b.1665
WILLIAMS, John b.1699
WILLIAMS, John b.1708
WILLIAMS, John b.1675
WILLIAMS, John b.1607
WILLIAMS, John b.1638
WILLIAMS, John b.1695
WILLIAMS, John b.1718
WILLIAMS, John a.1602
WILLIAMS, John a.1819
WILLIAMS, John b.1666
WILLIAMS, John b.1662
WILLIAMS, John b.1640
WILLIAMS, John b.1691
WILLIAMS, John Lord Williams of Thame b.1500
WILLIAMS, John b.1669
WILLIAMS, John b.1776
WILLIAMS, John b.1672
WILLIAMS, John a.1634
WILLIAMS, John b.1559
WILLIAMS, John b.1535
WILLIAMS, John b.1636
WILLIAMS, Jonah b.1711
WILLIAMS, Jonathan b.1683
WILLIAMS, Joseph b.1757
WILLIAMS, Joseph b.1723
WILLIAMS, Joseph b.1647
WILLIAMS, Joseph b.1679
WILLIAMS, Joseph b.1643
WILLIAMS, Josiah b.1692
WILLIAMS, Katherine b.1449
WILLIAMS, Lazarus b.1719
WILLIAMS, Letitia b.1837
WILLIAMS, Lewis b.1731
WILLIAMS, Lydia b.1669
WILLIAMS, Lydia b.1643
WILLIAMS, Lydia b.1671
WILLIAMS, Macy b.1687
WILLIAMS, Margaret b.1529
WILLIAMS, Margery b.1720
WILLIAMS, Martha b.1690
WILLIAMS, Martha b.1663
WILLIAMS, Martha b.1750
WILLIAMS, Mary b.1749
WILLIAMS, Mary b.1720
WILLIAMS, Mary b.1663
WILLIAMS, Mary b.1652
WILLIAMS, Mary b.1660
WILLIAMS, Mary b.1778
WILLIAMS, Mary a.1814
WILLIAMS, Mary b.1664
WILLIAMS, Mary b.1680
WILLIAMS, Mary b.1654
WILLIAMS, Mary b.1728
WILLIAMS, Mary b.1665
WILLIAMS, Mary b.1680
WILLIAMS, Mary b.1701
WILLIAMS, Mary b.1641
WILLIAMS, Mary b.1670
WILLIAMS, Mary a.1606
WILLIAMS, Mary b.1664
WILLIAMS, Mary Elizabeth b.1795
WILLIAMS, Mehitable b.1676
WILLIAMS, Mehitable b.1693
WILLIAMS, Mercy b.1669
WILLIAMS, Morgan b.1473
WILLIAMS, Morgan b.1825
WILLIAMS, Mrs. Sarah b.1690
WILLIAMS, Myrtle Irene b.1895
WILLIAMS, N.N. b.1668
WILLIAMS, Nancy b.1886
WILLIAMS, Nathan b.1700
WILLIAMS, Nathaniel b.1679
WILLIAMS, Nathaniel b.1702
WILLIAMS, Nathaniel b.1612
WILLIAMS, Nathaniel b.1641
WILLIAMS, Nathaniel a.1641
WILLIAMS, Nicholas b.1706
WILLIAMS, Nicholas b.1684
WILLIAMS, Owen b.1785
WILLIAMS, Patience b.1713
WILLIAMS, Paul J. b.1893
WILLIAMS, Peter a.1826
WILLIAMS, Phebe b.1687
WILLIAMS, Phereby b.1730
WILLIAMS, Phereby b.1734
WILLIAMS, Rebecca b.1690
WILLIAMS, Rebecca b.1666
WILLIAMS, Rebecca b.1715
WILLIAMS, Relief b.1749
WILLIAMS, Richard b.1717
WILLIAMS, Richard a.1715
WILLIAMS, Richard b.1689
WILLIAMS, Richard b.1671
WILLIAMS, Richard b.1687
WILLIAMS, Richard a.1607
WILLIAMS, Robert a.1608
WILLIAMS, Robert a.1607
WILLIAMS, Robert b.1576
WILLIAMS, Ruth b.1677
WILLIAMS, Samantha b.1835
WILLIAMS, Samuel b.1726
WILLIAMS, Samuel b.1700
WILLIAMS, Samuel b.1678
WILLIAMS, Samuel b.1681
WILLIAMS, Samuel b.1604
WILLIAMS, Samuel b.1655
WILLIAMS, Samuel b.1637
WILLIAMS, Sarah b.1723
WILLIAMS, Sarah b.1662
WILLIAMS, Sarah b.1662
WILLIAMS, Sarah b.1699
WILLIAMS, Sarah b.1685
WILLIAMS, Sarah b.1699
WILLIAMS, Sarah b.1662
WILLIAMS, Seth b.1675
WILLIAMS, Silas b.1707
WILLIAMS, Simeon b.1717
WILLIAMS, Susanna b.1672
WILLIAMS, Susanna b.1669
WILLIAMS, Susannah b.1761
WILLIAMS, Theoda b.1682
WILLIAMS, Theophilus b.1755
WILLIAMS, Theophilus b.1690
WILLIAMS, Theophilus b.1693
WILLIAMS, Thomas b.1673
WILLIAMS, Thomas b.1664
WILLIAMS, Thomas b.1661
WILLIAMS, Thomas b.1626
WILLIAMS, Thomas a.1810
WILLIAMS, Thomas b.1674
WILLIAMS, Thomas b.1640
WILLIAMS, Thomas b.1678
WILLIAMS, Thomas b.1645
WILLIAMS, Thomas J. b.1882
WILLIAMS, Timothy b.1714
WILLIAMS, Walter b.1502
WILLIAMS, Weeks b.1693
WILLIAMS, William Esquire b.1536
WILLIAMS, William b.1688
WILLIAMS, William b.1687
WILLIAMS, William b.1666
WILLIAMS, William b.1662
WILLIAMS, William b.1714
WILLIAMS, William b.1688
WILLIAMS, William Esquire b.1510
WILLIAMS, William a.1808
WILLIAMS, William b.1675
WILLIAMS, William b.1635
WILLIAMS, William b.1704
WILLIAMS, William b.1671
WILLIAMS, William b.1789
WILLIAMS, William b.1654
WILLIAMS, William b.1557


WILLIAMSON, Alexander b.1455
WILLIAMSON, Alice b.1488
WILLIAMSON, Allis b.1800
WILLIAMSON, Beulah b.1706
WILLIAMSON, Edward b.1486
WILLIAMSON, John b.1480
WILLIAMSON, Katherine b.1508
WILLIAMSON, Philip b.1484
WILLIAMSON, Robert b.1482
WILLIAMSON, William b.1824


WILLIS, Benjamin b.1657
WILLIS, Comfort b.1641
WILLIS, Elizabeth b.1649
WILLIS, Esther b.1703
WILLIS, Experience b.1708
WILLIS, Hannah b.1643
WILLIS, John b.1612
WILLIS, John b.1639
WILLIS, Joseph b.1647
WILLIS, Katherine b.1720
WILLIS, Lawrence b.1632
WILLIS, Nathaniel b.1645
WILLIS, Richard b.1656
WILLIS, Richard b.1641
WILLIS, Richard b.1615
WILLIS, Sarah b.1651
WILLIS, William b.1812


WILLISTON, John a.1784


WILLIX, Anna b.1635
WILLIX, Balthazar b.1567
WILLIX, Balthazar a.1595
WILLIX, Edward a.1598
WILLIX, Hazelelponi b.1637
WILLIX, Peregrine a.1593
WILLIX, Susanna b.1599
WILLIX, Susannah b.1641


WILLMOT, Edward b.1504


WILLOUGHBY, Abigail b.1574
WILLOUGHBY, Alice b.1446
WILLOUGHBY, Alice b.1431
WILLOUGHBY, Ambrose Knight b.1564
WILLOUGHBY, Anne b.1572
WILLOUGHBY, Anne b.1519
WILLOUGHBY, Anne b.1467
WILLOUGHBY, Anne b.1513
WILLOUGHBY, Anne b.1515
WILLOUGHBY, Anthony Knight b.1476
WILLOUGHBY, Anthony Knight b.1496
WILLOUGHBY, Baldwin b.1427
WILLOUGHBY, Blanche b.1516
WILLOUGHBY, Brian b.1377
WILLOUGHBY, Bridget b.1566
WILLOUGHBY, Cecily b.1463
WILLOUGHBY, Cecily Abbess of Wilton b.1456
WILLOUGHBY, Charles b.1579
WILLOUGHBY, Charles b.1568
WILLOUGHBY, Charles Lord Willoughby of Parham b.1536
WILLOUGHBY, Christopher b.1594
WILLOUGHBY, Christopher Knight b.1480
WILLOUGHBY, Christopher Lord Willoughby of Eresby b.1452
WILLOUGHBY, Diana b.1631
WILLOUGHBY, Dorothy b.1568
WILLOUGHBY, Dorothy b.1516
WILLOUGHBY, Dorothy b.1476
WILLOUGHBY, Dorothy b.1521
WILLOUGHBY, Dorothy b.1478
WILLOUGHBY, Edmund b.1588
WILLOUGHBY, Edmund Knight b.1335
WILLOUGHBY, Edmund Esquire b.1363
WILLOUGHBY, Edward b.1566
WILLOUGHBY, Edward Knight b.1482
WILLOUGHBY, Edward b.1461
WILLOUGHBY, Edward Dean of Exeter b.1459
WILLOUGHBY, Edward b.1493
WILLOUGHBY, Eleanor b.1435
WILLOUGHBY, Elizabeth b.1593
WILLOUGHBY, Elizabeth b.1580
WILLOUGHBY, Elizabeth b.1610
WILLOUGHBY, Elizabeth b.1635
WILLOUGHBY, Elizabeth b.1331
WILLOUGHBY, Elizabeth b.1517
WILLOUGHBY, Elizabeth b.1484
WILLOUGHBY, Elizabeth b.1385
WILLOUGHBY, Elizabeth b.1448
WILLOUGHBY, Elizabeth b.1511
WILLOUGHBY, Elizabeth b.1510
WILLOUGHBY, Elizabeth b.1474
WILLOUGHBY, Elizabeth b.1635
WILLOUGHBY, Frances b.1577
WILLOUGHBY, Frances b.1608
WILLOUGHBY, Frances b.1633
WILLOUGHBY, Frances b.1560
WILLOUGHBY, Francis b.1522
WILLOUGHBY, Francis Lord Willoughby of Parham b.1614
WILLOUGHBY, Francis Knight b.1538
WILLOUGHBY, Francis b.1480
WILLOUGHBY, George b.1486
WILLOUGHBY, Henry b.1517
WILLOUGHBY, Henry Lord Willoughby of Parham b.1612
WILLOUGHBY, Henry Knight b.1514
WILLOUGHBY, Henry Knight b.1448
WILLOUGHBY, Henry b.1508
WILLOUGHBY, Henry b.1437
WILLOUGHBY, Honora b.1590
WILLOUGHBY, Hugh Rector of Wollaton b.1320
WILLOUGHBY, Hugh Knight b.1393
WILLOUGHBY, Hugh de b.1204
WILLOUGHBY, Isabel b.1419
WILLOUGHBY, Isabel b.1315
WILLOUGHBY, Jane b.1518
WILLOUGHBY, Jane b.1486
WILLOUGHBY, Jane b.1454
WILLOUGHBY, Joan b.1434
WILLOUGHBY, Joan b.1425
WILLOUGHBY, Joan de b.1353
WILLOUGHBY, Joan de b.1312
WILLOUGHBY, John Knight b.1474
WILLOUGHBY, John b.1482
WILLOUGHBY, John Lord Latimer b.1400
WILLOUGHBY, John Knight b.1421
WILLOUGHBY, John b.1374
WILLOUGHBY, John b.1423
WILLOUGHBY, John de Lord Willoughby of Eresby a.1329
WILLOUGHBY, John de Lord Willoughby of Eresby b.1304
WILLOUGHBY, Joyce b.1425
WILLOUGHBY, Katherine b.1583
WILLOUGHBY, Katherine b.1562
WILLOUGHBY, Katherine b.1474
WILLOUGHBY, Katherine Baroness Willoughby of Eresby b.1519
WILLOUGHBY, Margaret b.1570
WILLOUGHBY, Margaret b.1524
WILLOUGHBY, Margaret b.1570
WILLOUGHBY, Margaret b.1540
WILLOUGHBY, Margaret b.1478
WILLOUGHBY, Margaret b.1488
WILLOUGHBY, Margaret b.1400
WILLOUGHBY, Margaret b.1393
WILLOUGHBY, Margaret b.1415
WILLOUGHBY, Margery b.1397
WILLOUGHBY, Margery b.1433
WILLOUGHBY, Mary b.1581
WILLOUGHBY, Mary b.1539
WILLOUGHBY, Mary b.1317
WILLOUGHBY, Maud b.1429
WILLOUGHBY, Nicholas b.1417
WILLOUGHBY, Priscilla b.1592
WILLOUGHBY, Ralph b.1439
WILLOUGHBY, Richard b.1451
WILLOUGHBY, Richard b.1493
WILLOUGHBY, Richard b.1465
WILLOUGHBY, Richard b.1454
WILLOUGHBY, Richard Esquire b.1414
WILLOUGHBY, Richard b.1237
WILLOUGHBY, Richard Knight b.1262
WILLOUGHBY, Richard Knight b.1311
WILLOUGHBY, Richard Knight b.1287
WILLOUGHBY, Robert b.1629
WILLOUGHBY, Robert Knight b.1450
WILLOUGHBY, Robert Lord Willoughby of Broke b.1450
WILLOUGHBY, Robert Knight b.1429
WILLOUGHBY, Robert Lord Willoughby of Eresby b.1388
WILLOUGHBY, Robert b.1370
WILLOUGHBY, Robert Knight b.1421
WILLOUGHBY, Robert Lord Willoughby of Eresby b.1349
WILLOUGHBY, Robert Lord Willoughby of Broke b.1472
WILLOUGHBY, Robert de b.1207
WILLOUGHBY, Robert de Lord Willoughby of Eresby b.1265
WILLOUGHBY, Roger Knight b.1313
WILLOUGHBY, Sancha b.1457
WILLOUGHBY, Thomas Knight b.1586
WILLOUGHBY, Thomas Knight b.1574
WILLOUGHBY, Thomas Knight b.1536
WILLOUGHBY, Thomas Knight b.1490
WILLOUGHBY, Thomas Knight b.1392
WILLOUGHBY, Thomas Knight b.1372
WILLOUGHBY, Ursula b.1597
WILLOUGHBY, William Lord Willoughby of Parham b.1616
WILLOUGHBY, William Lord Willoughby of Parham b.1584
WILLOUGHBY, William b.1638
WILLOUGHBY, William b.1558
WILLOUGHBY, William b.1484
WILLOUGHBY, William Lord Willoughby of Parham b.1515
WILLOUGHBY, William Lord Willoughby of Eresby b.1476
WILLOUGHBY, William b.1452
WILLOUGHBY, William b.1512
WILLOUGHBY, William Lord Willoughby of Eresby b.1368
WILLOUGHBY, William Knight b.1431
WILLOUGHBY, William de b.1179
WILLOUGHBY, William de Knight b.1232
WILLOUGHBY, William de Knight b.1307
WILLOUGHBY, Winifred b.1572


WILLS, Jane b.1692
WILLS, Lydia b.1645
WILLS, Margaret b.1547
WILLS, Micajah b.1721
WILLS, Richard b.1551
WILLS, Richard b.1543
WILLS, Thomas b.1629


WILMARTH, Mary b.1650


WILMORE, John b.1568


WILMOT, Alexander b.1672
WILMOT, Anna b.1670
WILMOT, Anne b.1621
WILMOT, Benjamin b.1590
WILMOT, Benjamin b.1615
WILMOT, Benjamin b.1661
WILMOT, Elizabeth a.1649
WILMOT, Elizabeth b.1682
WILMOT, Hannah a.1645
WILMOT, Hannah b.1659
WILMOT, Hannah b.1699
WILMOT, Hepzibah b.1705
WILMOT, John b.1667
WILMOT, Mary b.1702
WILMOT, Mary b.1677
WILMOT, Mercy a.1647
WILMOT, Sarah b.1663
WILMOT, Sarah b.1696
WILMOT, Tabitha b.1675
WILMOT, Thomas b.1679
WILMOT, Walter b.1709
WILMOT, William b.1665
WILMOT, William b.1627


WILSEY, Mary b.1745


WILSFORD, Abigail b.1557
WILSFORD, Anne b.1515
WILSFORD, Bridget b.1520
WILSFORD, Cecily b.1536
WILSFORD, Constance b.1519
WILSFORD, Elizabeth b.1516
WILSFORD, Elizabeth b.1606
WILSFORD, Francis b.1528
WILSFORD, Francis a.1614
WILSFORD, Francis Esquire b.1566
WILSFORD, Henry b.1542
WILSFORD, Henry b.1569
WILSFORD, James b.1554
WILSFORD, James Knight b.1518
WILSFORD, Joan b.1526
WILSFORD, John b.1572
WILSFORD, Katherine b.1522
WILSFORD, Martha a.1611
WILSFORD, Mary b.1560
WILSFORD, Mary b.1523
WILSFORD, Mary a.1608
WILSFORD, Nicholas b.1531
WILSFORD, Owen b.1538
WILSFORD, Peregrina b.1563
WILSFORD, Thomas Knight b.1534
WILSFORD, Thomas Esquire b.1491
WILSFORD, Walter b.1545
WILSFORD, William b.1540
WILSFORD, William b.1529
WILSFORD, William b.1617
WILSFORD, Winifred b.1525


WILSH, Margaret b.1566


WILSHIRE, Sarah a.1620


WILSON, Abigail b.1713
WILSON, Abigail b.1666
WILSON, Abigail a.1664
WILSON, Abigail b.1667
WILSON, Ammi b.1737
WILSON, Anthony b.1627
WILSON, Benjamin b.1670
WILSON, Benjamin b.1739
WILSON, Benjamin b.1695
WILSON, Bethiah b.1711
WILSON, Chloe b.1746
WILSON, Chloe b.1765
WILSON, Deborah b.1634
WILSON, Edmund b.1580
WILSON, Edmund a.1617
WILSON, Edward b.1633
WILSON, Elizabeth b.1582
WILSON, Elizabeth b.1629
WILSON, Elizabeth b.1480
WILSON, Elizabeth b.1668
WILSON, Elizabeth b.1706
WILSON, Elizabeth b.1665
WILSON, Elizabeth b.1626
WILSON, Elizabeth b.1660
WILSON, Ezekiel b.1744
WILSON, Fairing b.1768
WILSON, Frances b.1704
WILSON, Francis b.1727
WILSON, Gilbert b.1785
WILSON, Hannah b.1677
WILSON, Hannah b.1674
WILSON, Hannah b.1672
WILSON, Hannah b.1702
WILSON, Hannah b.1760
WILSON, Hulda b.1757
WILSON, Isabel b.1584
WILSON, James b.1663
WILSON, James b.1665
WILSON, James b.1630
WILSON, James b.1704
WILSON, Jared b.1789
WILSON, Jemima b.1783
WILSON, Jemima b.1776
WILSON, John b.1588
WILSON, John b.1621
WILSON, John b.1650
WILSON, John b.1674
WILSON, John b.1627
WILSON, John b.1694
WILSON, John b.1733
WILSON, John b.1520
WILSON, John b.1669
WILSON, John b.1565
WILSON, Jonathan b.1698
WILSON, Jonathan b.1741
WILSON, Joseph b.1723
WILSON, Joseph b.1667
WILSON, Joseph b.1707
WILSON, Joshua b.1710
WILSON, Josiah b.1699
WILSON, Josiah b.1671
WILSON, Lewis b.1775
WILSON, Lingan b.1701
WILSON, Lucas b.1735
WILSON, Margaret b.1593
WILSON, Martha b.1713
WILSON, Mary b.1576
WILSON, Mary b.1625
WILSON, Mary b.1714
WILSON, Mary b.1633
WILSON, Mary b.1661
WILSON, Moses b.1725
WILSON, N.N. b.1578
WILSON, N.N. b.1681
WILSON, Nathaniel b.1773
WILSON, Nathaniel b.1732
WILSON, Nathaniel b.1653
WILSON, Nathaniel b.1682
WILSON, Oliver b.1668
WILSON, Philindia b.1761
WILSON, Phineas b.1634
WILSON, Priscilla b.1666
WILSON, Rebecca b.1701
WILSON, Rebecca b.1643
WILSON, Richard b.1545
WILSON, Robert b.1625
WILSON, Robert b.1652
WILSON, Rufus b.1780
WILSON, Ruth b.1710
WILSON, Samuel b.1652
WILSON, Samuel b.1658
WILSON, Samuel b.1708
WILSON, Samuel b.1765
WILSON, Sarah b.1653
WILSON, Sarah b.1730
WILSON, Sarah b.1759
WILSON, Sarah b.1670
WILSON, Seaborn b.1636
WILSON, Shubael b.1763
WILSON, Susanna b.1679
WILSON, Thomas b.1591
WILSON, Thomas Edward b.1866
WILSON, William b.1586
WILSON, William b.1542
WILSON, William b.1664
WILSON, William b.1638


WILTON, Alice b.1548
WILTON, David a.1608
WILTON, Mrs. Anne b.1592
WILTON, William de b.1199


WILTSHIRE, Bridget b.1490
WILTSHIRE, John Knight b.1345
WILTSHIRE, Richard de b.1207


WILTSIE, Eva a.1743


WINCH, Daniel b.1702


WINCHCOMB, John b.1645


WINCHELL, Hannah b.1695


WINCHESTER, Henry b.1682
WINCHESTER, Herbert "The Chamberlain" of b.1060
WINCHESTER, Mary a.1637


WINCOLL, Isaac a.1594


WINDEBANK, Anne b.1573
WINDEBANK, Francis Knight a.1582
WINDEBANK, Margaret a.1584
WINDEBANK, Mildred b.1578
WINDEBANK, Thomas Knight b.1545


WINDER, Anne b.1654


WINDHAM, Amos b.1774
WINDHAM, Amos b.1702
WINDHAM, Amos b.1741
WINDHAM, Anthony b.1776
WINDHAM, Benjamin b.1690
WINDHAM, Celia b.1780
WINDHAM, Charles b.1706
WINDHAM, Daniel b.1769
WINDHAM, Daniel b.1704
WINDHAM, Daniel b.1738
WINDHAM, David b.1757
WINDHAM, Edward b.1665
WINDHAM, Edward b.1638
WINDHAM, Edward b.1688
WINDHAM, Elias b.1786
WINDHAM, Elizabeth b.1782
WINDHAM, Isaac b.1755
WINDHAM, James b.1700
WINDHAM, James b.1759
WINDHAM, Jesse b.1754
WINDHAM, Jesse b.1696
WINDHAM, John b.1731
WINDHAM, John b.1660
WINDHAM, John b.1692
WINDHAM, John b.1784
WINDHAM, Mary b.1735
WINDHAM, Mary Ann b.1778
WINDHAM, Mary Ann b.1752
WINDHAM, Moses b.1711
WINDHAM, Patience b.1727
WINDHAM, Rachel b.1708
WINDHAM, Reuben b.1698
WINDHAM, Reuben b.1662
WINDHAM, Rosanna b.1788
WINDHAM, Sarah b.1772
WINDHAM, William b.1733
WINDHAM, William b.1694
WINDHAM, William b.1636


WINDSOR, Alice b.1475
WINDSOR, Andrew b.1568
WINDSOR, Andrews b.1464
WINDSOR, Andrews Lord Windsor b.1467
WINDSOR, Andrews b.1530
WINDSOR, Angharad of b.1101
WINDSOR, Anne b.1662
WINDSOR, Anne b.1546
WINDSOR, Anne b.1476
WINDSOR, Anne b.1501
WINDSOR, Anthony Knight b.1482
WINDSOR, Bridget b.1528
WINDSOR, Bridget b.1465
WINDSOR, Catherine b.1566
WINDSOR, Dorothy b.1538
WINDSOR, Edith b.1514
WINDSOR, Edmund Knight b.1504
WINDSOR, Edward b.1564
WINDSOR, Edward a.1559
WINDSOR, Edward b.1484
WINDSOR, Edward Lord Windsor b.1532
WINDSOR, Eleanor b.1524
WINDSOR, Eleanor b.1489
WINDSOR, Elizabeth b.1599
WINDSOR, Elizabeth b.1571
WINDSOR, Elizabeth b.1595
WINDSOR, Elizabeth b.1522
WINDSOR, Elizabeth b.1492
WINDSOR, Elizabeth b.1469
WINDSOR, Frederick Lord Windsor b.1559
WINDSOR, George b.1495
WINDSOR, Gerald of Constable of Pembroke b.1070
WINDSOR, Henry Lord Windsor b.1562
WINDSOR, Henry b.1526
WINDSOR, John b.1588
WINDSOR, John Knight b.1480
WINDSOR, Margaret b.1574
WINDSOR, Margaret b.1542
WINDSOR, Margaret Nun b.1478
WINDSOR, Mary b.1657
WINDSOR, Mary b.1560
WINDSOR, Mary b.1534
WINDSOR, Maurice of b.1072
WINDSOR, Miles b.1472
WINDSOR, N.N. b.1586
WINDSOR, N.N. of b.1078
WINDSOR, N.N. of b.1075
WINDSOR, Other Lord Windsor b.1659
WINDSOR, Robert of b.1067
WINDSOR, Thomas Lord Windsor b.1591
WINDSOR, Thomas b.1473
WINDSOR, Thomas Esquire b.1440
WINDSOR, Thomas Esquire b.1508
WINDSOR, Thomas b.1519
WINDSOR, Thomas Knight b.1520
WINDSOR, Thomas Windsor Earl of Plymouth a.1626
WINDSOR, Ursula b.1540
WINDSOR, Walter Esquire b.1536
WINDSOR, William Knight a.1574
WINDSOR, William Esquire b.1544
WINDSOR, William b.1470
WINDSOR, William Lord Windsor b.1498
WINDSOR, William of b.1068
WINDSOR, Winifred a.1576


WINES, Esther b.1618


WINFIELD, Elizabeth b.1576


WING, Daniel b.1617
WING, Deborah b.1647
WING, Deborah b.1611
WING, Ephraim b.1649
WING, Joanna b.1592
WING, John b.1614
WING, John a.1584
WING, Matthew b.1625
WING, Mercy b.1650
WING, Nathaniel b.1646
WING, Stephen b.1621

Surname List