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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


WHEELOCK, Abiel b.1676
WHEELOCK, Abigail b.1697
WHEELOCK, Benjamin b.1678
WHEELOCK, Benjamin b.1639
WHEELOCK, Daniel b.1708
WHEELOCK, Drodat b.1684
WHEELOCK, Eleazer b.1654
WHEELOCK, Elizabeth b.1671
WHEELOCK, Elizabeth b.1700
WHEELOCK, Elizabeth b.1699
WHEELOCK, Experience b.1648
WHEELOCK, Gershom a.1633
WHEELOCK, Gershom b.1693
WHEELOCK, Hannah b.1661
WHEELOCK, Hannah b.1659
WHEELOCK, Hannah b.1701
WHEELOCK, John b.1705
WHEELOCK, John b.1670
WHEELOCK, Jonathan b.1710
WHEELOCK, Joseph b.1707
WHEELOCK, Joseph b.1672
WHEELOCK, Lois b.1710
WHEELOCK, Lydia b.1694
WHEELOCK, Martha b.1703
WHEELOCK, Martha b.1698
WHEELOCK, Mary b.1674
WHEELOCK, Mary b.1695
WHEELOCK, Mary a.1631
WHEELOCK, Mary b.1706
WHEELOCK, Mehitable b.1689
WHEELOCK, Mercy b.1685
WHEELOCK, Obadiah b.1685
WHEELOCK, Peregrina b.1637
WHEELOCK, Rachel b.1714
WHEELOCK, Ralph b.1605
WHEELOCK, Rebecca b.1682
WHEELOCK, Rebecca a.1634
WHEELOCK, Record b.1643
WHEELOCK, Ruth b.1701
WHEELOCK, Samuel b.1681
WHEELOCK, Samuel b.1660
WHEELOCK, Samuel b.1642
WHEELOCK, Samuel b.1696
WHEELOCK, Samuel b.1664
WHEELOCK, Sarah b.1679
WHEELOCK, Tamar b.1704
WHEELOCK, Thomas b.1691
WHEELOCK, Timothy b.1673


WHEELWRIGHT, Elizabeth a.1633
WHEELWRIGHT, Hannah b.1642
WHEELWRIGHT, John a.1622
WHEELWRIGHT, John b.1592
WHEELWRIGHT, Katherine a.1630
WHEELWRIGHT, Mary a.1637
WHEELWRIGHT, Mary a.1632
WHEELWRIGHT, Rebecca b.1639
WHEELWRIGHT, Samuel b.1635
WHEELWRIGHT, Sarah b.1645
WHEELWRIGHT, Susanna a.1628
WHEELWRIGHT, Thomas a.1624
WHEELWRIGHT, William a.1627


WHELDEN, Gabriel b.1589
WHELDEN, Henry a.1619
WHELDEN, John a.1623
WHELDEN, John a.1630
WHELDEN, Katherine a.1617
WHELDEN, Martha a.1621
WHELDEN, Mary a.1621
WHELDEN, Ruth a.1626
WHELDEN, Thomas a.1612


WHELPLEY, Henry b.1610
WHELPLEY, Joseph b.1682
WHELPLEY, Joseph b.1646
WHELPLEY, Mary b.1640
WHELPLEY, Nathan b.1642
WHELPLEY, Rebecca b.1679
WHELPLEY, Rebecca b.1644
WHELPLEY, Sarah b.1676
WHELPLEY, Sarah b.1707


WHETEHILL, Adrian Esquire b.1439
WHETEHILL, Agnes b.1442
WHETEHILL, Amy b.1463
WHETEHILL, Elizabeth b.1403
WHETEHILL, Elizabeth b.1509
WHETEHILL, Elizabeth b.1469
WHETEHILL, Elizabeth b.1449
WHETEHILL, Emmot b.1453
WHETEHILL, Gilbert b.1503
WHETEHILL, John Esquire b.1378
WHETEHILL, Katherine b.1515
WHETEHILL, Margaret b.1512
WHETEHILL, Margaret b.1446
WHETEHILL, Margery b.1519
WHETEHILL, Nicholas b.1506
WHETEHILL, Richard Knight b.1465
WHETEHILL, Richard Esquire b.1410
WHETEHILL, Robert Esquire b.1500
WHETEHILL, Rose b.1472
WHETEHILL, Thomas b.1467


WHETENHALL, Margaret b.1492
WHETENHALL, Rose b.1508
WHETENHALL, William b.1441
WHETENHALL, William Esquire b.1467


WHIPPLE, Amy a.1605
WHIPPLE, Anne b.1628
WHIPPLE, Anne a.1583
WHIPPLE, Anne b.1633
WHIPPLE, Anne a.1575
WHIPPLE, Elizabeth b.1630
WHIPPLE, Elizabeth a.1594
WHIPPLE, Elizabeth b.1627
WHIPPLE, Elizabeth a.1577
WHIPPLE, Ezra b.1741
WHIPPLE, Helen b.1543
WHIPPLE, Jane b.1592
WHIPPLE, Joan b.1540
WHIPPLE, Joan a.1587
WHIPPLE, John b.1535
WHIPPLE, John b.1504
WHIPPLE, John b.1657
WHIPPLE, John a.1632
WHIPPLE, John b.1624
WHIPPLE, John a.1596
WHIPPLE, John b.1625
WHIPPLE, Joseph b.1666
WHIPPLE, Joseph b.1639
WHIPPLE, Judith b.1636
WHIPPLE, Margaret b.1565
WHIPPLE, Margaret a.1586
WHIPPLE, Mary b.1626
WHIPPLE, Mary a.1599
WHIPPLE, Mary b.1634
WHIPPLE, Mary a.1587
WHIPPLE, Matthew b.1635
WHIPPLE, Matthew b.1664
WHIPPLE, Matthew b.1624
WHIPPLE, Matthew b.1623
WHIPPLE, Matthew a.1589
WHIPPLE, Matthew b.1550
WHIPPLE, Matthew b.1638
WHIPPLE, Matthew b.1628
WHIPPLE, Robert b.1555
WHIPPLE, Sarah b.1547
WHIPPLE, Sarah b.1671
WHIPPLE, Sarah b.1641
WHIPPLE, Susanna b.1545
WHIPPLE, Susanna b.1661
WHIPPLE, Susanna b.1622
WHIPPLE, Thomas b.1475
WHIPPLE, Thomas b.1510
WHIPPLE, Urias b.1549
WHIPPLE, William b.1537
WHIPPLE, William b.1631
WHIPPLE, William b.1535
WHIPPLE, Winifred b.1552


WHITACRE, Ermyne b.1453
WHITACRE, Isabel b.1349
WHITACRE, John de b.1300


WHITAKER, Anne b.1717
WHITAKER, Daniel b.1708
WHITAKER, Daniel b.1679
WHITAKER, Dorothy b.1709
WHITAKER, Ebenezer b.1713
WHITAKER, Elisha b.1834
WHITAKER, Ephraim b.1704
WHITAKER, Hannah b.1705
WHITAKER, John b.1694
WHITAKER, Joseph b.1716
WHITAKER, Mary b.1706
WHITAKER, Seth b.1711


WHITBREAD, Alice b.1579
WHITBREAD, Elizabeth a.1571
WHITBREAD, Francis a.1581
WHITBREAD, Henry a.1575
WHITBREAD, John b.1527
WHITBREAD, John a.1584
WHITBREAD, John b.1548
WHITBREAD, Judith a.1591
WHITBREAD, Lawrence b.1522
WHITBREAD, Thomas b.1499
WHITBREAD, Thomas b.1524
WHITBREAD, William b.1569


WHITBY, Frances b.1890
WHITBY, George b.1650


WHITCHESTER, William Knight b.1381


WHITCHURCH, Bertrade de b.1237
WHITCHURCH, Eleanor de b.1248
WHITCHURCH, Eve de b.1246
WHITCHURCH, Joan de b.1242
WHITCHURCH, Maud de b.1244
WHITCHURCH, William de b.1199


WHITCOMB, Abigail b.1688
WHITCOMB, Abigail b.1642
WHITCOMB, Agnes Beatrice b.1880
WHITCOMB, Albert Everett b.1911
WHITCOMB, Albert Merton b.1848
WHITCOMB, Albert S. b.1898
WHITCOMB, Amber F. b.1876
WHITCOMB, Andrew C. b.1855
WHITCOMB, Bessie F. b.1880
WHITCOMB, Beulah E. b.1884
WHITCOMB, Carlos F. b.1853
WHITCOMB, Catherine b.1624
WHITCOMB, Charles Edward b.1851
WHITCOMB, Damaris b.1686
WHITCOMB, David b.1668
WHITCOMB, Deborah b.1683
WHITCOMB, Ethel L. b.1871
WHITCOMB, Eunice b.1678
WHITCOMB, Eva May b.1887
WHITCOMB, Flossie L. b.1889
WHITCOMB, George Orson b.1891
WHITCOMB, Gertrude M. b.1872
WHITCOMB, Harold J. b.1883
WHITCOMB, Harriet A. b.1861
WHITCOMB, Herbert A. b.1859
WHITCOMB, Herbert M. b.1874
WHITCOMB, Hezekiah a.1735
WHITCOMB, Hezekiah b.1681
WHITCOMB, Isabelle I. b.1876
WHITCOMB, Isadore E. b.1895
WHITCOMB, James b.1632
WHITCOMB, Jemima b.1678
WHITCOMB, Joane a.1634
WHITCOMB, Joanna b.1674
WHITCOMB, Job b.1674
WHITCOMB, Job b.1636
WHITCOMB, John b.1680
WHITCOMB, John b.1588
WHITCOMB, John a.1626
WHITCOMB, Jonathan a.1628
WHITCOMB, Josiah b.1665
WHITCOMB, Josiah b.1667
WHITCOMB, Josiah b.1638
WHITCOMB, Julia Ann b.1871
WHITCOMB, Katie I. b.1874
WHITCOMB, Lizzie B. b.1881
WHITCOMB, Lyman S. b.1845
WHITCOMB, Mabel E. b.1875
WHITCOMB, Mary b.1682
WHITCOMB, Mary b.1671
WHITCOMB, Mary b.1676
WHITCOMB, Mary b.1647
WHITCOMB, Mary E. b.1844
WHITCOMB, Mary H. b.1900
WHITCOMB, Merton A. b.1890
WHITCOMB, Myron J. b.1878
WHITCOMB, Rebecca b.1671
WHITCOMB, Robert a.1629
WHITCOMB, Rossie L. b.1889
WHITCOMB, Solon S. b.1847
WHITCOMB, Sylvester G. b.1815
WHITCOMB, Willard Lyman b.1884
WHITCOMB, Willard Myron b.1857


WHITE, Aaron b.1717
WHITE, Abigail b.1694
WHITE, Abigail b.1659
WHITE, Abigail b.1723
WHITE, Abigail b.1710
WHITE, Abigail b.1735
WHITE, Adelphia F. a.1820
WHITE, Alice b.1439
WHITE, Almira E. b.1837
WHITE, Anna a.1600
WHITE, Anna b.1649
WHITE, Anne b.1521
WHITE, Anne b.1592
WHITE, Benjamin b.1676
WHITE, Benjamin b.1684
WHITE, Benjamin b.1676
WHITE, Bridget a.1594
WHITE, Charity b.1577
WHITE, Cornelius b.1682
WHITE, Daniel b.1649
WHITE, Daniel b.1705
WHITE, Daniel a.1583
WHITE, Ebenezer b.1691
WHITE, Ebenezer b.1726
WHITE, Ebenezer b.1685
WHITE, Edward b.1683
WHITE, Edward b.1693
WHITE, Eleazer b.1686
WHITE, Elizabeth b.1687
WHITE, Elizabeth b.1644
WHITE, Elizabeth a.1698
WHITE, Elizabeth a.1635
WHITE, Elizabeth b.1671
WHITE, Elizabeth a.1631
WHITE, Elizabeth a.1592
WHITE, Elizabeth b.1652
WHITE, Esther b.1704
WHITE, Esther b.1655
WHITE, Esther b.1685
WHITE, Experience a.1673
WHITE, Frances b.1680
WHITE, Francis a.1707
WHITE, Francis Esquire b.1583
WHITE, George b.1675
WHITE, Hannah b.1673
WHITE, Hannah b.1693
WHITE, Hannah b.1683
WHITE, Hannah b.1688
WHITE, Hannah b.1646
WHITE, Hannah b.1646
WHITE, Hannah b.1709
WHITE, Ichabod b.1669
WHITE, Israel b.1720
WHITE, Jacob b.1722
WHITE, James b.1679
WHITE, James a.1637
WHITE, James b.1635
WHITE, James b.1649
WHITE, Jerusha b.1736
WHITE, Joan a.1633
WHITE, Joel b.1705
WHITE, John b.1664
WHITE, John b.1678
WHITE, John b.1675
WHITE, John b.1681
WHITE, John a.1628
WHITE, John a.1602
WHITE, John Gentleman b.1430
WHITE, John b.1643
WHITE, John b.1610
WHITE, John b.1684
WHITE, John b.1670
WHITE, John b.1715
WHITE, John a.1710
WHITE, John b.1671
WHITE, John b.1704
WHITE, John b.1649
WHITE, John b.1530
WHITE, John a.1610
WHITE, John b.1656
WHITE, John b.1663
WHITE, John b.1597
WHITE, John b.1638
WHITE, John b.1644
WHITE, Jonathan b.1658
WHITE, Jonathan b.1692
WHITE, Joseph b.1671
WHITE, Joseph b.1687
WHITE, Joseph b.1678
WHITE, Joseph b.1652
WHITE, Joseph b.1651
WHITE, Joseph b.1669
WHITE, Joseph b.1712
WHITE, Joseph a.1701
WHITE, Joseph b.1683
WHITE, Joseph b.1642
WHITE, Josiah b.1681
WHITE, Josiah b.1685
WHITE, Josiah b.1682
WHITE, Josiah b.1654
WHITE, Josiah a.1643
WHITE, Joyce b.1575
WHITE, Judith b.1694
WHITE, Keziah b.1696
WHITE, Lewis Frederick b.1848
WHITE, Margaret b.1702
WHITE, Margaret b.1495
WHITE, Marion Staples b.1878
WHITE, Martha b.1652
WHITE, Martha b.1675
WHITE, Mary b.1670
WHITE, Mary b.1684
WHITE, Mary a.1703
WHITE, Mary b.1679
WHITE, Mary a.1694
WHITE, Mary a.1632
WHITE, Mary b.1610
WHITE, Mary b.1870
WHITE, Mary a.1677
WHITE, Mary b.1637
WHITE, Mary b.1606
WHITE, Mary a.1590
WHITE, Mary b.1663
WHITE, Matthew b.1685
WHITE, Mehitable b.1699
WHITE, Mehitable b.1669
WHITE, Mercy b.1669
WHITE, Moses b.1721
WHITE, N.N. b.1615
WHITE, N.N. b.1613
WHITE, Nathaniel a.1587
WHITE, Nicholas b.1646
WHITE, Nicholas b.1611
WHITE, Peregrine b.1661
WHITE, Peregrine b.1620
WHITE, Peter b.1714
WHITE, Prudence b.1729
WHITE, Rachel b.1732
WHITE, Remember b.1682
WHITE, Remember a.1704
WHITE, Resolved b.1647
WHITE, Resolved b.1617
WHITE, Richard b.1681
WHITE, Robert a.1713
WHITE, Robert b.1558
WHITE, Ruth a.1644
WHITE, Samuel b.1683
WHITE, Samuel b.1674
WHITE, Samuel b.1696
WHITE, Samuel b.1691
WHITE, Samuel b.1694
WHITE, Samuel b.1673
WHITE, Samuel b.1642
WHITE, Samuel b.1646
WHITE, Sarah b.1690
WHITE, Sarah b.1663
WHITE, Sarah b.1641
WHITE, Sarah b.1724
WHITE, Sarah b.1680
WHITE, Sarah b.1665
WHITE, Sarah b.1685
WHITE, Sarah a.1586
WHITE, Sarah b.1640
WHITE, Sarah Ann b.1823
WHITE, Susanna b.1696
WHITE, Susanna a.1701
WHITE, Susanna b.1656
WHITE, Sylvanus b.1666
WHITE, Thankful b.1689
WHITE, Thankful b.1667
WHITE, Thankful b.1700
WHITE, Thomas b.1680
WHITE, Thomas a.1630
WHITE, Thomas b.1642
WHITE, Thomas a.1694
WHITE, Thomas b.1667
WHITE, Thomas b.1673
WHITE, William b.1610
WHITE, William b.1610
WHITE, William a.1707
WHITE, William b.1642
WHITE, William b.1587


WHITECOTTON, Aaron b.1770


WHITEHEAD, Nathaniel b.1678
WHITEHEAD, Samuel b.1627


WHITEWOOD, Joseph b.1583


WHITFIELD, Abigail a.1622
WHITFIELD, Bridget b.1590
WHITFIELD, Constantine b.1728
WHITFIELD, Dorothy a.1619
WHITFIELD, Elizabeth b.1594
WHITFIELD, Frances b.1553
WHITFIELD, Frances b.1599
WHITFIELD, Henry a.1634
WHITFIELD, Henry b.1592
WHITFIELD, Jane b.1551
WHITFIELD, Joan b.1542
WHITFIELD, John Esquire b.1588
WHITFIELD, John a.1627
WHITFIELD, Katherine b.1586
WHITFIELD, Lucy b.1596
WHITFIELD, Margaret b.1555
WHITFIELD, Marie b.1544
WHITFIELD, Mary a.1632
WHITFIELD, Nathaniel a.1629
WHITFIELD, Rebecca a.1635
WHITFIELD, Robert Gentleman b.1518
WHITFIELD, Sarah b.1547
WHITFIELD, Sarah a.1620
WHITFIELD, Solomon b.1733
WHITFIELD, Thomas a.1624
WHITFIELD, Thomas b.1545
WHITFIELD, William b.1549


WHITGIFT, Alice b.1566
WHITGIFT, Alice b.1570
WHITGIFT, Alice b.1537
WHITGIFT, Bridget b.1576
WHITGIFT, Elizabeth b.1574
WHITGIFT, Geoffrey a.1546
WHITGIFT, George a.1541
WHITGIFT, Henry b.1505
WHITGIFT, Isaac b.1568
WHITGIFT, Jane b.1572
WHITGIFT, John b.1578
WHITGIFT, John Archbishop of Canterbury b.1532
WHITGIFT, Philip a.1540
WHITGIFT, Richard a.1543
WHITGIFT, William Gentleman b.1535


WHITING, Benjamin b.1682
WHITING, Benjamin b.1675
WHITING, Dorcas b.1703
WHITING, Dorothy b.1668
WHITING, Dorothy b.1630
WHITING, Elizabeth b.1689
WHITING, Elizabeth b.1660
WHITING, Elizabeth b.1644
WHITING, Eunice b.1672
WHITING, James b.1671
WHITING, John b.1635
WHITING, John b.1706
WHITING, John b.1664
WHITING, John b.1637
WHITING, Joseph b.1695
WHITING, Joseph b.1670
WHITING, Joseph b.1641
WHITING, Katherine b.1691
WHITING, Leonard b.1693
WHITING, Mary b.1701
WHITING, Mary b.1667
WHITING, Nathaniel b.1617
WHITING, Oliver b.1665
WHITING, Samuel b.1687
WHITING, Samuel b.1663
WHITING, Samuel b.1633
WHITING, Samuel b.1597
WHITING, Sarah b.1597
WHITING, Sybil b.1709


WHITINGHAM, Margaret b.1455


WHITLEIGH, Margaret b.1478


WHITLESEY, Joan b.1555


WHITLEY, Susan a.1573


WHITLOCK, Hannah b.1613
WHITLOCK, Mary b.1580
WHITLOCK, Rose b.1625


WHITMAN, Abiah b.1690
WHITMAN, Abiah b.1646
WHITMAN, Abiah a.1560
WHITMAN, Delia b.1840
WHITMAN, Eleanor b.1688
WHITMAN, Elizabeth b.1637
WHITMAN, Elizabeth b.1675
WHITMAN, Elizabeth a.1593
WHITMAN, George b.1587
WHITMAN, Hannah b.1641
WHITMAN, John b.1631
WHITMAN, John a.1598
WHITMAN, John b.1681
WHITMAN, Judith b.1648
WHITMAN, Lydia b.1678
WHITMAN, Mary b.1683
WHITMAN, Ralph b.1589
WHITMAN, Sarah b.1634
WHITMAN, Susanna b.1664
WHITMAN, Thomas b.1629
WHITMAN, William b.1591
WHITMAN, Zachariah b.1685
WHITMAN, Zechariah b.1644
WHITMAN, Zechariah b.1595


WHITMARSH, Alice b.1695
WHITMARSH, Deborah b.1659
WHITMARSH, Deborah b.1665
WHITMARSH, Ebenezer b.1658
WHITMARSH, Elizabeth b.1671
WHITMARSH, Ezra b.1670
WHITMARSH, Hannah b.1691
WHITMARSH, Hannah b.1661
WHITMARSH, James b.1676
WHITMARSH, James b.1626
WHITMARSH, James b.1669
WHITMARSH, Jane b.1675
WHITMARSH, Jane b.1664
WHITMARSH, Jane b.1628
WHITMARSH, John b.1655
WHITMARSH, John b.1675
WHITMARSH, John b.1701
WHITMARSH, John a.1624
WHITMARSH, John b.1598
WHITMARSH, Judith b.1669
WHITMARSH, Mary b.1663
WHITMARSH, Mary b.1674
WHITMARSH, Nicholas b.1699
WHITMARSH, Nicholas b.1673
WHITMARSH, Nicholas b.1633
WHITMARSH, Onesiphorus a.1630
WHITMARSH, Richard b.1635
WHITMARSH, Ruth b.1678
WHITMARSH, Ruth b.1667
WHITMARSH, Samuel b.1665
WHITMARSH, Sarah b.1680
WHITMARSH, Sarah b.1669
WHITMARSH, Simon b.1661
WHITMARSH, Simon b.1697
WHITMARSH, Simon b.1637
WHITMARSH, Susanna b.1667
WHITMARSH, Zachariah b.1667


WHITMER, Elizabeth Ann b.1815


WHITMORE, Bridget b.1605
WHITMORE, Hannah b.1715
WHITMORE, John b.1503
WHITMORE, Sarah b.1662
WHITMORE, William b.1689


WHITNELL, Jeremiah b.1629


WHITNEY, Abigail b.1673
WHITNEY, Abraham a.1710
WHITNEY, Alice de b.1239
WHITNEY, Anna b.1660
WHITNEY, Blanche b.1546
WHITNEY, Charles b.1811
WHITNEY, Charles Fremont b.1858
WHITNEY, David b.1722
WHITNEY, Elizabeth b.1553
WHITNEY, Elizabeth b.1528
WHITNEY, Elizabeth b.1499
WHITNEY, Eunice b.1733
WHITNEY, Eustace b.1548
WHITNEY, Eustace Esquire b.1410
WHITNEY, Eustace de b.1280
WHITNEY, Eustace de b.1214
WHITNEY, George b.1526
WHITNEY, Hannah b.1750
WHITNEY, Hepzibah b.1709
WHITNEY, Isaiah b.1700
WHITNEY, James Knight b.1544
WHITNEY, James b.1524
WHITNEY, James b.1497
WHITNEY, James b.1464
WHITNEY, Jeremiah b.1729
WHITNEY, Joan b.1457
WHITNEY, Mary b.1689
WHITNEY, Mary b.1727
WHITNEY, Maud de b.1278
WHITNEY, Nathan b.1723
WHITNEY, Nathan b.1689
WHITNEY, Phebe b.1731
WHITNEY, Robert b.1493
WHITNEY, Robert b.1550
WHITNEY, Robert Esquire b.1495
WHITNEY, Robert Knight b.1522
WHITNEY, Robert b.1466
WHITNEY, Robert Knight b.1435
WHITNEY, Sarah b.1697
WHITNEY, Sarah b.1654
WHITNEY, Sarah b.1716
WHITNEY, Thomas b.1616
WHITNEY, Watkin b.1491
WHITNEY, William b.1531


WHITON, John b.1345


WHITRIDGE, Susannah b.1648


WHITSON, Elizabeth b.1579


WHITT, William b.1529


WHITTAKER, Laura E. b.1858


WHITTEMORE, Benjamin b.1640
WHITTEMORE, Benjamin b.1696
WHITTEMORE, Josiah b.1702
WHITTEMORE, Mary b.1694
WHITTEMORE, Philip b.1592
WHITTEMORE, Samuel b.1696
WHITTEMORE, Thomas b.1645


WHITTEN, Caroline G. b.1909


WHITTIER, Elizabeth b.1647


WHITTINGHAM, Elizabeth b.1647
WHITTINGHAM, Elizabeth b.1666
WHITTINGHAM, John b.1638
WHITTINGHAM, John a.1616
WHITTINGHAM, Judith b.1649
WHITTINGHAM, Martha b.1670
WHITTINGHAM, Martha b.1644
WHITTINGHAM, Martha a.1613
WHITTINGHAM, Mary b.1665
WHITTINGHAM, Richard b.1669
WHITTINGHAM, Richard b.1639
WHITTINGHAM, Richard a.1610
WHITTINGHAM, Richard Gentleman b.1580
WHITTINGHAM, William b.1671
WHITTINGHAM, William b.1641


WHITTINGTON, Richard Lord Mayor of London b.1358
WHITTINGTON, Thomas b.1424


WHITTRIDGE, Mary b.1640
WHITTRIDGE, Thomas b.1618


WHITWORTH, Elizabeth b.1416
WHITWORTH, John b.1391


WHORWOOD, Anne b.1528
WHORWOOD, Margaret b.1535
WHORWOOD, Theodosia b.1590
WHORWOOD, Thomas b.1532
WHORWOOD, William Knight b.1502


WHYSTON, Ellen b.1545


WHYTER, John b.1530


WICHINGHAM, Alice b.1383
WICHINGHAM, Nicholas Esquire b.1358


WICKES, Elizabeth b.1652
WICKES, Esther b.1679
WICKES, John b.1674
WICKES, John b.1648
WICKES, Jonathan b.1686
WICKES, Martha b.1646
WICKES, Mary b.1657
WICKES, Nathaniel b.1683
WICKES, Rebecca b.1644
WICKES, Sarah b.1654
WICKES, Thomas b.1650


WICKHAM, David b.1714
WICKHAM, Dorcas b.1718
WICKHAM, Elizabeth b.1668
WICKHAM, Elizabeth b.1690
WICKHAM, George b.1577
WICKHAM, Hezekiah b.1724
WICKHAM, John b.1554
WICKHAM, John b.1696
WICKHAM, John b.1665
WICKHAM, John a.1605
WICKHAM, Jonathan b.1684
WICKHAM, Joseph b.1662
WICKHAM, Mary b.1716
WICKHAM, Miriam b.1603
WICKHAM, Naomi b.1682
WICKHAM, Samuel b.1660
WICKHAM, Sarah b.1653
WICKHAM, Sarah b.1721
WICKHAM, Sarah a.1599
WICKHAM, Thomas b.1727
WICKHAM, Thomas b.1648
WICKHAM, Thomas b.1651
WICKHAM, Thomas a.1624
WICKHAM, Thomas a.1600
WICKHAM, William b.1687
WICKHAM, William b.1657


WICOM, Daniel b.1665


WIDDRINGTON, Anne b.1515
WIDDRINGTON, Christian de b.1355
WIDDRINGTON, Constance b.1503
WIDDRINGTON, Dorothy b.1512
WIDDRINGTON, Elizabeth a.1689
WIDDRINGTON, Henry Knight b.1470
WIDDRINGTON, John Knight b.1500
WIDDRINGTON, Margery b.1509
WIDDRINGTON, Mary b.1506
WIDDRINGTON, Roger de Knight b.1330
WIDDRINGTON, Ursula b.1647


WIDMER, John Henry b.1835
WIDMER, Sheldon Wiswall b.1883


WIDWORTHY, Alice de b.1224
WIDWORTHY, Hugh de b.1226
WIDWORTHY, William de b.1200


WIGAN, Swain de b.1125


WIGG, Mrs. Annis b.1586


WIGGIN, Abigail a.1715
WIGGIN, Jeannette Gertrude b.1883


WIGGINS, Anna b.1857
WIGGINS, Arcadia R. b.1866
WIGGINS, Benjamin b.1846
WIGGINS, Burrell b.1844
WIGGINS, Caroline b.1829
WIGGINS, Charles b.1867
WIGGINS, Charles Stephens b.1889
WIGGINS, Daniel b.1793
WIGGINS, Daniel b.1854
WIGGINS, Effie b.1892
WIGGINS, Elizabeth b.1874
WIGGINS, Emma b.1869
WIGGINS, Frances b.1887
WIGGINS, Francis b.1878
WIGGINS, George A. b.1842
WIGGINS, Grover Cleveland b.1890
WIGGINS, Isaac N. b.1864
WIGGINS, James A. b.1862
WIGGINS, James D. b.1861
WIGGINS, Jane b.1846
WIGGINS, Jesse b.1805
WIGGINS, John b.1769
WIGGINS, John b.1567
WIGGINS, John David b.1859
WIGGINS, John Elbert b.1803
WIGGINS, John Elbert b.1823
WIGGINS, John Zachary b.1848
WIGGINS, Joseph b.1887
WIGGINS, Josephine Arkansas b.1859
WIGGINS, Julia A. b.1863
WIGGINS, Lavinia b.1854
WIGGINS, Lula b.1871
WIGGINS, Lula b.1868
WIGGINS, Mabel b.1893
WIGGINS, Marcella b.1857
WIGGINS, Martha A. b.1870
WIGGINS, Mary b.1880
WIGGINS, Mary b.1592
WIGGINS, Mary Ann b.1844
WIGGINS, McKinley Scott b.1900
WIGGINS, Minnie b.1882
WIGGINS, Miriam b.1850
WIGGINS, Morris b.1897
WIGGINS, Oscar A. b.1848
WIGGINS, Perry b.1840
WIGGINS, Sidney b.1894
WIGGINS, Stephen b.1852
WIGGINS, Thomas b.1885
WIGGINS, Thomas W. b.1868
WIGGINS, Virgil Dewitt b.1898
WIGGINS, William b.1876
WIGGINS, Woodrow Willard b.1916


WIGGLESWORTH, Abigail a.1640
WIGGLESWORTH, Agnes a.1591
WIGGLESWORTH, Barbara a.1589
WIGGLESWORTH, Edward a.1602
WIGGLESWORTH, Edward a.1603
WIGGLESWORTH, Elizabeth a.1593
WIGGLESWORTH, Henry a.1609
WIGGLESWORTH, Margaret a.1595
WIGGLESWORTH, Michael b.1631
WIGGLESWORTH, Robert a.1600
WIGGLESWORTH, Thomas a.1587
WIGGLESWORTH, William a.1598
WIGGLESWORTH, William b.1562


WIGHT, Abial b.1654
WIGHT, Elizabeth a.1606
WIGHT, Thomas b.1607


WIGHTMAN, Margaret b.1740
WIGHTMAN, Martha b.1738


WIGNOL, Judith b.1599


WIGSTON, Elizabeth b.1494


WILBORE, Anna b.1652
WILBORE, Arthur a.1623
WILBORE, Benjamin b.1683
WILBORE, Ebenezer b.1704
WILBORE, Eleazer b.1677
WILBORE, Hannah b.1668
WILBORE, John b.1675
WILBORE, Joseph a.1630
WILBORE, Joseph b.1670
WILBORE, Mary b.1659
WILBORE, Rebecca b.1665
WILBORE, Samuel a.1622
WILBORE, Samuel b.1597
WILBORE, Samuel b.1663
WILBORE, Sarah b.1661
WILBORE, Shadrach b.1672
WILBORE, Shadrach a.1631
WILBORE, William a.1626


WILBRAHAM, Agnes de b.1255
WILBRAHAM, Helen b.1428
WILBRAHAM, John b.1425
WILBRAHAM, Maud de b.1252
WILBRAHAM, Ralph de b.1335
WILBRAHAM, Ranulph b.1302
WILBRAHAM, Ranulph b.1419
WILBRAHAM, Richard Knight b.1579
WILBRAHAM, Richard b.1423
WILBRAHAM, Richard de b.1250
WILBRAHAM, Richard de Sheriff of Cheshire b.1225
WILBRAHAM, Thomas b.1417
WILBRAHAM, Thomas de Esquire b.1372
WILBRAHAM, Thomas de Esquire b.1391
WILBRAHAM, William b.1421
WILBRAHAM, William de b.1262
WILBRAHAM, William de b.1300


WILCOCK, Agnes b.1246
WILCOCK, Roger Knight b.1221


WILCOTES, Isabel b.1390
WILCOTES, William Knight b.1365


WILCOX, Abel b.1702
WILCOX, Abigail b.1761
WILCOX, Abigail b.1743
WILCOX, Abigail b.1736
WILCOX, Abigail b.1793
WILCOX, Abijah b.1706
WILCOX, Abner b.1748
WILCOX, Abner b.1764
WILCOX, Abraham b.1715
WILCOX, Ada b.1783
WILCOX, Adam b.1734
WILCOX, Adijah b.1740
WILCOX, Amelia b.1785
WILCOX, Amos b.1726
WILCOX, Angeline b.1797
WILCOX, Anna b.1699
WILCOX, Anna b.1735
WILCOX, Bela b.1799
WILCOX, Bela b.1795
WILCOX, Benjamin J. b.1776
WILCOX, Charles b.1751
WILCOX, Charles b.1748
WILCOX, David b.1700
WILCOX, Ebenezer b.1718
WILCOX, Edwin T. b.1799
WILCOX, Electa b.1813
WILCOX, Eliab b.1732
WILCOX, Elias b.1790
WILCOX, Elijah b.1725
WILCOX, Elijah b.1757
WILCOX, Elisha b.1705
WILCOX, Elizabeth b.1746
WILCOX, Elizabeth b.1709
WILCOX, Elnathan b.1804
WILCOX, Elnathan b.1763
WILCOX, Elnathan b.1735
WILCOX, Elnathan b.1734
WILCOX, Emily b.1809
WILCOX, Enoch b.1765
WILCOX, Ephraim b.1727
WILCOX, Ephraim b.1707
WILCOX, Ezra P. b.1769
WILCOX, Grace b.1796
WILCOX, Grace b.1755
WILCOX, Hannah b.1780
WILCOX, Hannah b.1692
WILCOX, Hannah b.1731
WILCOX, Hannah b.1694
WILCOX, Hannah b.1777
WILCOX, Hannah b.1722
WILCOX, Jason b.1759
WILCOX, Jeremiah b.1717
WILCOX, John b.1698
WILCOX, John b.1732
WILCOX, John a.1622
WILCOX, John b.1705
WILCOX, Joseph b.1701
WILCOX, Joseph b.1728
WILCOX, Joseph b.1696
WILCOX, Joseph b.1747
WILCOX, Joseph b.1778
WILCOX, Josiah b.1739
WILCOX, Josiah b.1706
WILCOX, Josiah b.1753
WILCOX, Keziah b.1742
WILCOX, Lois b.1737
WILCOX, Lois b.1708
WILCOX, Lucy b.1741
WILCOX, Lydia b.1739
WILCOX, Lydia b.1713
WILCOX, Marah b.1697
WILCOX, Margaret b.1712
WILCOX, Martha b.1788
WILCOX, Martha b.1762
WILCOX, Mindwell b.1714
WILCOX, Nathan b.1730
WILCOX, Nathaniel b.1700
WILCOX, Orrin b.1801
WILCOX, Peter b.1805
WILCOX, Philinda b.1780
WILCOX, Polly b.1778
WILCOX, Polly b.1775
WILCOX, Rebecca b.1727
WILCOX, Reuben b.1765
WILCOX, Rosanna b.1742
WILCOX, Roswell b.1736
WILCOX, Ruth b.1742
WILCOX, Ruth b.1711
WILCOX, Samuel b.1695
WILCOX, Samuel b.1696
WILCOX, Samuel b.1684
WILCOX, Sarah b.1729
WILCOX, Sarah b.1769
WILCOX, Sarah b.1738
WILCOX, Silas b.1781
WILCOX, Silas b.1749
WILCOX, Silas b.1720
WILCOX, Silence b.1693
WILCOX, Smith b.1774
WILCOX, Stephen b.1706
WILCOX, Susanna b.1731
WILCOX, Sylvanus b.1733
WILCOX, Theodore S. b.1816
WILCOX, Willard b.1738
WILCOX, William b.1759
WILCOX, William b.1730
WILCOX, William b.1703
WILCOX, William b.1703
WILCOX, William E. b.1811
WILCOX, Zechariah b.1736


WILCOXSON, Ebenezer b.1682
WILCOXSON, Elizabeth b.1666
WILCOXSON, Elizabeth b.1642
WILCOXSON, Hannah b.1665
WILCOXSON, Hannah b.1644
WILCOXSON, Hannah b.1665
WILCOXSON, Jemima b.1699
WILCOXSON, Johanna b.1652
WILCOXSON, John b.1683
WILCOXSON, John b.1657
WILCOXSON, John b.1692
WILCOXSON, John b.1633
WILCOXSON, John b.1677
WILCOXSON, Joseph b.1674
WILCOXSON, Joseph b.1694
WILCOXSON, Joseph b.1635
WILCOXSON, Joseph b.1659
WILCOXSON, Lydia b.1678
WILCOXSON, Margaret b.1677
WILCOXSON, Margaret b.1674
WILCOXSON, Mary b.1668
WILCOXSON, Mary b.1676
WILCOXSON, Mary b.1650
WILCOXSON, Mindwell b.1696
WILCOXSON, Nathaniel b.1668
WILCOXSON, Obadiah b.1679
WILCOXSON, Obadiah b.1648
WILCOXSON, Patience b.1664
WILCOXSON, Phebe b.1650
WILCOXSON, Samuel b.1666
WILCOXSON, Samuel b.1640
WILCOXSON, Samuel b.1663
WILCOXSON, Sarah b.1646
WILCOXSON, Susanna b.1689
WILCOXSON, Thankful b.1702
WILCOXSON, Thomas b.1661
WILCOXSON, Timothy b.1690
WILCOXSON, Timothy b.1637
WILCOXSON, William b.1686
WILCOXSON, William b.1670
WILCOXSON, William b.1601
WILCOXSON, William b.1671

Surname List