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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


BADCOCK, Elizabeth b.1692
BADCOCK, Hannah b.1665
BADCOCK, Hannah b.1694


BADEN, Belle b.1883


BADLESMERE, Bartholomew de Lord Badlesmere b.1274
BADLESMERE, Elizabeth de b.1312
BADLESMERE, Giles de Lord Badlesmere b.1314
BADLESMERE, Giles de b.1210
BADLESMERE, Guncelin de Knight b.1235
BADLESMERE, Joan de b.1260
BADLESMERE, Margaret de b.1316
BADLESMERE, Margery de b.1306
BADLESMERE, Maud de b.1308
BADLESMERE, Maud de b.1267
BADLESMERE, Ralph de Knight b.1239
BADLESMERE, William de b.1237


BADSTONE, Thomas b.1530


BAESH, Ralph Esquire b.1569


BAGG, John b.1636


BAGOT, Elizabeth b.1402
BAGOT, Hervey Sheriff of Stafford b.1590
BAGOT, Hervey I de b.1140
BAGOT, Joan b.1398
BAGOT, John Knight b.1359
BAGOT, Margery b.1396
BAGOT, Maud b.1360
BAGOT, Richard Sheriff of Staffordshire b.1400
BAGOT, Richard Esquire b.1430
BAGOT, William Knight b.1269


BAGULEY, Isabel de b.1320
BAGULEY, John de Knight b.1323
BAGULEY, Rafe de b.1265
BAGULEY, William de Knight b.1290


BAILEY, Abigail b.1723
BAILEY, Calvin a.1801
BAILEY, Edward b.1695
BAILEY, Elizabeth b.1687
BAILEY, Elizabeth b.1634
BAILEY, Esther b.1628
BAILEY, Guido b.1630
BAILEY, Hannah b.1721
BAILEY, Henry b.1725
BAILEY, James b.1642
BAILEY, Jemima b.1732
BAILEY, John b.1632
BAILEY, Joshua b.1791
BAILEY, Lydia b.1661
BAILEY, Mary b.1718
BAILEY, Mary b.1681
BAILEY, Mary b.1622
BAILEY, Mary b.1715
BAILEY, Philip b.1715
BAILEY, Rachel b.1729
BAILEY, Rebecca b.1641
BAILEY, Richard b.1359
BAILEY, Sarah b.1717


BAILLEUL, Jeanne de b.1216
BAILLEUL, Jeanne de b.1178


BAILLIE, Mariot b.1450
BAILLIE, Mariota b.1432


BAIRD, Martha S. b.1854


BAKEPUIZ, Elizabeth de b.1221
BAKEPUIZ, John de b.1195


BAKER, Abiel b.1652
BAKER, Abigail b.1695
BAKER, Abijah b.1691
BAKER, Agnes b.1582
BAKER, Agnes b.1536
BAKER, Anne b.1561
BAKER, Anthony b.1685
BAKER, Anthony b.1700
BAKER, Bridget b.1567
BAKER, Catherine b.1585
BAKER, Catherine b.1687
BAKER, Catherine a.1740
BAKER, Cecily b.1575
BAKER, Cecily b.1538
BAKER, Christian b.1479
BAKER, Chrysogona b.1573
BAKER, Cornelius b.1637
BAKER, Ebenezer b.1689
BAKER, Edith b.1790
BAKER, Edward b.1593
BAKER, Edward b.1522
BAKER, Edward b.1654
BAKER, Elizabeth b.1494
BAKER, Elizabeth a.1611
BAKER, Elizabeth b.1723
BAKER, Elizabeth b.1535
BAKER, Elizabeth b.1660
BAKER, Elizabeth b.1691
BAKER, Elizabeth b.1684
BAKER, Elizabeth a.1656
BAKER, Elizabeth a.1650
BAKER, Elizabeth W. b.1825
BAKER, Hannah b.1687
BAKER, Hannah b.1682
BAKER, Hannah a.1662
BAKER, Henry Knight b.1587
BAKER, Hepzibah b.1646
BAKER, Herman L. b.1890
BAKER, Hester b.1826
BAKER, Isabel b.1540
BAKER, Jacob a.1714
BAKER, Jacob b.1802
BAKER, James b.1674
BAKER, James a.1654
BAKER, Jane b.1686
BAKER, Jane b.1623
BAKER, Jeffrey b.1619
BAKER, Jennie b.1857
BAKER, John Knight a.1607
BAKER, John b.1719
BAKER, John Esquire b.1563
BAKER, John b.1529
BAKER, John Knight b.1496
BAKER, John b.1595
BAKER, John b.1592
BAKER, John b.1671
BAKER, John a.1643
BAKER, John b.1533
BAKER, Joseph b.1716
BAKER, Joseph b.1655
BAKER, Joyce b.1590
BAKER, Margaret b.1487
BAKER, Margaret b.1538
BAKER, Margery b.1534
BAKER, Martha a.1714
BAKER, Mary a.1712
BAKER, Mary b.1527
BAKER, Mary b.1649
BAKER, Mary a.1709
BAKER, Mary b.1665
BAKER, Mary a.1639
BAKER, Mary b.1543
BAKER, Mary b.1676
BAKER, Mary b.1670
BAKER, Mary a.1641
BAKER, Mary b.1719
BAKER, Mrs. Joan b.1560
BAKER, Mrs. Mary b.1540
BAKER, Nathaniel b.1612
BAKER, Priscilla b.1724
BAKER, Priscilla b.1718
BAKER, Richard Knight b.1568
BAKER, Richard b.1469
BAKER, Richard Knight b.1532
BAKER, Richard b.1599
BAKER, Richard b.1509
BAKER, Richard b.1614
BAKER, Robert b.1539
BAKER, Samuel b.1644
BAKER, Sarah b.1593
BAKER, Sarah b.1623
BAKER, Sarah a.1645
BAKER, Sarah b.1668
BAKER, Thankful b.1679
BAKER, Thankful a.1647
BAKER, Thomas a.1616
BAKER, Thomas a.1614
BAKER, Thomas a.1609
BAKER, Thomas b.1710
BAKER, Thomas Knight b.1566
BAKER, Thomas b.1687
BAKER, Thomas b.1674
BAKER, William b.1655
BAKER, William b.1533
BAKER, William a.1585
BAKER, William a.1599


BALAM, Alexander Esquire b.1535
BALAM, Mary b.1625


BALCH, Abigail b.1682
BALCH, Abigail b.1663
BALCH, Anna b.1674
BALCH, Benjamin b.1688
BALCH, Benjamin b.1653
BALCH, Benjamin b.1628
BALCH, David b.1671
BALCH, Ebenezer b.1680
BALCH, Elizabeth b.1688
BALCH, Freeborn b.1685
BALCH, Freeborn b.1633
BALCH, Freeborn b.1660
BALCH, John b.1602
BALCH, John b.1655
BALCH, John b.1630
BALCH, Jonathan a.1670
BALCH, Joseph b.1677
BALCH, Joseph b.1658
BALCH, Mary b.1667
BALCH, Mary b.1661
BALCH, Miriam b.1683
BALCH, Ruth b.1691
BALCH, Ruth b.1665
BALCH, Samuel b.1651
BALCH, Sarah b.1661


BALCOM, Catherine b.1661
BALCOM, Elizabeth b.1672
BALCOM, Henry b.1641


BALDERSTONE, Richard Knight b.1405


BALDINGTON, Agnes b.1428
BALDINGTON, Alice b.1433
BALDINGTON, Isabel b.1435
BALDINGTON, Thomas Knight b.1405


BALDOCK, Cecily de b.1316
BALDOCK, Thomas de b.1291


BALDRY, Elizabeth b.1538


BALDWIN, Abigail a.1650
BALDWIN, Abigail b.1667
BALDWIN, Abigail b.1658
BALDWIN, Abigail a.1648
BALDWIN, Agnes b.1543
BALDWIN, Agnes a.1579
BALDWIN, Alice b.1537
BALDWIN, Alice a.1605
BALDWIN, Anne a.1655
BALDWIN, Anne b.1605
BALDWIN, Barnabas a.1666
BALDWIN, Benjamin b.1668
BALDWIN, Benjamin b.1673
BALDWIN, Benjamin b.1641
BALDWIN, Cecily b.1546
BALDWIN, Christian a.1616
BALDWIN, Daniel b.1659
BALDWIN, Daniel a.1644
BALDWIN, David b.1651
BALDWIN, Deborah b.1653
BALDWIN, Eleanor b.1355
BALDWIN, Elizabeth a.1649
BALDWIN, Elizabeth a.1644
BALDWIN, Elizabeth a.1645
BALDWIN, Elizabeth a.1634
BALDWIN, Elizabeth Elmina b.1837
BALDWIN, George b.1665
BALDWIN, Hannah a.1644
BALDWIN, Hannah b.1663
BALDWIN, Hannah b.1676
BALDWIN, Hannah b.1681
BALDWIN, Hannah b.1673
BALDWIN, Hannah b.1609
BALDWIN, Hannah b.1639
BALDWIN, Hannah b.1656
BALDWIN, Harry b.1591
BALDWIN, Henry b.1664
BALDWIN, Henry b.1624
BALDWIN, Henry b.1595
BALDWIN, Henry b.1533
BALDWIN, James b.1665
BALDWIN, Jane b.1572
BALDWIN, Jane b.1602
BALDWIN, John b.1640
BALDWIN, John b.1615
BALDWIN, John b.1654
BALDWIN, John b.1656
BALDWIN, John a.1599
BALDWIN, John a.1644
BALDWIN, John b.1498
BALDWIN, John b.1535
BALDWIN, John b.1567
BALDWIN, John b.1593
BALDWIN, John b.1631
BALDWIN, John b.1665
BALDWIN, John a.1635
BALDWIN, John b.1640
BALDWIN, Jonathan b.1663
BALDWIN, Jonathan b.1649
BALDWIN, Joseph a.1651
BALDWIN, Joseph b.1665
BALDWIN, Joseph b.1663
BALDWIN, Joseph b.1637
BALDWIN, Joseph b.1611
BALDWIN, Josiah b.1642
BALDWIN, Katherine b.1731
BALDWIN, Lettice b.1549
BALDWIN, Martha a.1628
BALDWIN, Martha a.1663
BALDWIN, Mary a.1643
BALDWIN, Mary b.1654
BALDWIN, Mary b.1663
BALDWIN, Mary b.1668
BALDWIN, Mary b.1602
BALDWIN, Mary b.1643
BALDWIN, Mary a.1653
BALDWIN, Mary b.1575
BALDWIN, Mary a.1624
BALDWIN, Mary a.1626
BALDWIN, Mehitable b.1670
BALDWIN, Mercy b.1674
BALDWIN, Mercy b.1714
BALDWIN, Nathaniel b.1647
BALDWIN, Nathaniel a.1646
BALDWIN, Nathaniel b.1613
BALDWIN, Obadiah b.1660
BALDWIN, Phebe b.1654
BALDWIN, Richard b.1666
BALDWIN, Richard b.1575
BALDWIN, Richard b.1540
BALDWIN, Richard a.1607
BALDWIN, Richard b.1561
BALDWIN, Richard a.1622
BALDWIN, Richard b.1503
BALDWIN, Robert b.1496
BALDWIN, Robert b.1470
BALDWIN, Robert b.1570
BALDWIN, Ruth b.1670
BALDWIN, Ruth b.1637
BALDWIN, Ruth b.1650
BALDWIN, Samuel b.1645
BALDWIN, Samuel b.1679
BALDWIN, Samuel a.1604
BALDWIN, Samuel b.1655
BALDWIN, Samuel a.1632
BALDWIN, Sarah a.1645
BALDWIN, Sarah b.1658
BALDWIN, Sarah a.1621
BALDWIN, Sarah b.1653
BALDWIN, Sarah b.1651
BALDWIN, Sarah a.1649
BALDWIN, Sarah a.1621
BALDWIN, Sarah b.1655
BALDWIN, Susanna b.1650
BALDWIN, Susanna b.1652
BALDWIN, Sylvanus a.1646
BALDWIN, Sylvester b.1564
BALDWIN, Sylvester b.1597
BALDWIN, Temperance a.1651
BALDWIN, Theophilus b.1658
BALDWIN, Thomas b.1500
BALDWIN, Thomas b.1661
BALDWIN, Tibbals b.1768
BALDWIN, Timothy a.1658
BALDWIN, Timothy b.1689
BALDWIN, Timothy b.1661
BALDWIN, Timothy b.1607
BALDWIN, William b.1600
BALDWIN, Zachariah b.1660


BALINT, Katalin b.1787


BALIOL, Ada de b.1246
BALIOL, Ada de b.1210
BALIOL, Alan de b.1240
BALIOL, Alexander de Knight b.1227
BALIOL, Alexander de Knight b.1243
BALIOL, Atuidis de b.1137
BALIOL, Bernard de Priest b.1216
BALIOL, Bernard I de b.1100
BALIOL, Bernard II de b.1135
BALIOL, Cecily de b.1238
BALIOL, Edward de King of Scotland b.1283
BALIOL, Eleanor de b.1248
BALIOL, Ellen de b.1200
BALIOL, Eustace de b.1205
BALIOL, Eustace de b.1133
BALIOL, Eustace de b.1169
BALIOL, Eustace de b.1218
BALIOL, Guy de b.1222
BALIOL, Guy de b.1068
BALIOL, Guy de b.1131
BALIOL, Guy de b.1167
BALIOL, Hawise de b.1115
BALIOL, Henry de Chamberlain of Scotland b.1196
BALIOL, Henry de b.1285
BALIOL, Hugh de b.1065
BALIOL, Hugh de b.1214
BALIOL, Hugh de b.1189
BALIOL, Hugh de Knight b.1234
BALIOL, Ingram de b.1129
BALIOL, Ingram de b.1165
BALIOL, John de King of Scotland b.1250
BALIOL, John de Knight b.1212
BALIOL, Joscelyn de b.1098
BALIOL, Lora de b.1238
BALIOL, Margaret de b.1236
BALIOL, Ralf de b.1096
BALIOL, Stephen de Rector of Mitford b.1236
BALIOL, Theophania de b.1200


BALKE, John b.1642


BALL, Alling b.1656
BALL, Anna b.1742
BALL, Eleazer b.1651
BALL, Francis b.1620
BALL, James b.1748
BALL, Mary b.1709
BALL, Samuel b.1647
BALL, Sarah b.1666


BALLARD, Abigail b.1662
BALLARD, Anne b.1659
BALLARD, Dorothy b.1715
BALLARD, Elizabeth b.1648
BALLARD, Esther b.1632
BALLARD, Hannah b.1655
BALLARD, John b.1653
BALLARD, John b.1634
BALLARD, Joseph b.1644
BALLARD, Lydia b.1657
BALLARD, Nathaniel b.1636
BALLARD, Sarah b.1650
BALLARD, William b.1646
BALLARD, William b.1617
BALLARD, William a.1603


BALLATT, Samuel b.1637


BALLENSTEDT, Otto von Duke of Saxony b.1073


BALLIF, Louisa Alexandrine b.1850


BALLON, Mabilia de b.1095
BALLON, Milo de b.1090
BALLON, Roger de b.1085
BALLON, Wynebald de b.1060


BALLOU, Eliza b.1801


BALSTON, Silvester b.1564


BALUN, John de b.1219
BALUN, Walter de Knight b.1225


BAMBURGH, William Knight b.1569


BAMFIELD, Amias Knight b.1558
BAMFIELD, Joan b.1518
BAMFIELD, John b.1260


BAMFORTH, Susanna b.1600


BAMPFIELD, Elizabeth b.1576
BAMPFIELD, Jane b.1565


BAMVILLE, Agnes de b.1260
BAMVILLE, Alexander de b.1215
BAMVILLE, Alice de b.1209
BAMVILLE, Amabilia de b.1218
BAMVILLE, Ellen de b.1258
BAMVILLE, Joan de b.1262
BAMVILLE, Philip de Knight b.1212
BAMVILLE, Thomas de Knight b.1185


BANASTRE, Adam Knight b.1285
BANASTRE, Agnes b.1307
BANASTRE, Alice b.1252
BANASTRE, Alice b.1281
BANASTRE, Alice b.1304
BANASTRE, Clemence b.1262
BANASTRE, Hugh b.1267
BANASTRE, James b.1260
BANASTRE, Joan b.1376
BANASTRE, Joan b.1310
BANASTRE, John b.1238
BANASTRE, Katherine b.1313
BANASTRE, Margaret b.1153
BANASTRE, Maud b.1150
BANASTRE, Richard b.1156
BANASTRE, Robert b.1205
BANASTRE, Robert Knight b.1240
BANASTRE, Thomas Knight b.1264
BANASTRE, Thurstan b.1125
BANASTRE, Thurstan b.1207
BANASTRE, Thurstan b.1165
BANASTRE, Warin b.1160


BANCROFT, Anna b.1626
BANCROFT, Cordelia Addie b.1854
BANCROFT, Dorothy b.1602
BANCROFT, Elizabeth b.1620
BANCROFT, Elizabeth b.1604
BANCROFT, Frederick William Jr. b.1894
BANCROFT, Frederick William b.1863
BANCROFT, George Parkhurst b.1895
BANCROFT, Hattie M. b.1860
BANCROFT, Helen Louise b.1888
BANCROFT, Henry C. b.1856
BANCROFT, Irving S. b.1886
BANCROFT, John b.1624
BANCROFT, John b.1596
BANCROFT, John b.1553
BANCROFT, John b.1520
BANCROFT, Lucretia E. b.1851
BANCROFT, Margaret b.1555
BANCROFT, Mary b.1797
BANCROFT, Ralph b.1598
BANCROFT, Ralph b.1547
BANCROFT, Roger b.1599
BANCROFT, Sarah b.1622
BANCROFT, Thomas b.1628
BANCROFT, Thomas b.1600
BANCROFT, Thomas b.1570
BANCROFT, Thomas b.1549
BANCROFT, William b.1545
BANCROFT, William Henry b.1825


BAND, Mrs. Agnes b.1594


BANE, Mehitable b.1705


BANFIELD, Hugh b.1673


BANGS, Apphia b.1651
BANGS, Bethia b.1650
BANGS, Edward b.1591
BANGS, Edward b.1665
BANGS, Elizabeth b.1685
BANGS, Hannah b.1644
BANGS, Hannah b.1676
BANGS, John b.1633
BANGS, Jonathan b.1673
BANGS, Jonathan b.1670
BANGS, Jonathan b.1640
BANGS, Joshua b.1647
BANGS, Lydia b.1642
BANGS, Lydia b.1689
BANGS, Mary b.1671
BANGS, Mercy b.1682
BANGS, Mercy b.1651
BANGS, Rebecca b.1636
BANGS, Rebecca b.1667
BANGS, Samuel b.1680
BANGS, Sarah b.1638
BANGS, Sarah b.1687
BANGS, Seth b.1705
BANGS, Thomasine b.1678


BANISTER, Mary b.1700
BANISTER, Percy Blane b.1914


BANKS, Caleb b.1598
BANKS, Elizabeth b.1606
BANKS, Elizabeth b.1469
BANKS, Hannah b.1660
BANKS, Joan b.1522
BANKS, John b.1608
BANKS, John b.1572
BANKS, John b.1617
BANKS, Joshua a.1615
BANKS, Katherine b.1620
BANKS, Katherine b.1603
BANKS, Lydia b.1610
BANKS, Margaret b.1600
BANKS, Mary a.1618
BANKS, Priscilla a.1613
BANKS, Sarah b.1708


BANKSON, Andrew b.1694
BANKSON, Andrew b.1672
BANKSON, Andrew b.1727
BANKSON, Andrew b.1787
BANKSON, Benjamin b.1669
BANKSON, Brigitta b.1687
BANKSON, Catherine b.1679
BANKSON, Daniel b.1691
BANKSON, Daniel b.1702
BANKSON, Daniel b.1733
BANKSON, Elizabeth b.1698
BANKSON, Elizabeth b.1789
BANKSON, Elizabeth b.1825
BANKSON, Franka b.1766
BANKSON, Jacob b.1684
BANKSON, Jacob b.1731
BANKSON, James b.1758
BANKSON, James b.1810
BANKSON, Jemima b.1792
BANKSON, John b.1681
BANKSON, John b.1700
BANKSON, John Scott b.1817
BANKSON, Joseph b.1695
BANKSON, Judy b.1760
BANKSON, Lawrence b.1704
BANKSON, Lucy R. b.1801
BANKSON, Mary b.1794
BANKSON, Miranda b.1828
BANKSON, Nancy b.1790
BANKSON, Orinda b.1815
BANKSON, Peter b.1677
BANKSON, Peter b.1696
BANKSON, Peter b.1729
BANKSON, Peyton b.1823
BANKSON, Peyton Randall b.1797
BANKSON, Rachel b.1756
BANKSON, Rebecca b.1764
BANKSON, Sarah b.1821
BANKSON, Seinous b.1769
BANKSON, Silas b.1762
BANKSON, Susanna b.1819
BANKSON, Temperance Lee b.1809
BANKSON, William M. b.1812


BAR, Edward of Count of Bar b.1296
BAR, Henry III of Count of Bar b.1259
BAR, Joan of b.1294


BAR-Le-DUC, Clemence of b.1117
BAR-Le-DUC, Elizabeth of b.1205
BAR-Le-DUC, Henri II de Count of Bar b.1190
BAR-Le-DUC, Henri of b.1157
BAR-Le-DUC, Margaret de b.1220
BAR-Le-DUC, Renaud I of Count of Bar b.1077
BAR-Le-DUC, Renaud II of Count of Bar b.1121
BAR-Le-DUC, Sophia of Countess of Bar-le-Duc b.1010
BAR-Le-DUC, Thibaud of Count of Bar b.1159
BAR-Le-DUC, Thierry II of Count of Bar-le-Duc b.1045


BAR-Sur-AUBE, Adele de b.1026
BAR-Sur-AUBE, Anonima de b.982
BAR-Sur-AUBE, Guy de Bishop of Rheims b.990
BAR-Sur-AUBE, Nocher I de b.957
BAR-Sur-AUBE, Nocher II de Count of Soissons b.984
BAR-Sur-AUBE, Nocher III de b.1005


BAR-Sur-SEINE, Ermengarde de b.962
BAR-Sur-SEINE, Ermensinde de b.1165
BAR-Sur-SEINE, Guy de Count of Bar-Sur-Seine b.1115
BAR-Sur-SEINE, Milon de b.1085
BAR-Sur-SEINE, Milon de b.1118
BAR-Sur-SEINE, Reinald de Count of Bar b.937


BARBER, Abigail b.1683
BARBER, Benjamin b.1694
BARBER, David b.1686
BARBER, Deborah b.1672
BARBER, Elizabeth b.1597
BARBER, Elizabeth b.1666
BARBER, Elizabeth b.1685
BARBER, Elizabeth b.1570
BARBER, George b.1668
BARBER, George b.1615
BARBER, Giles b.1510
BARBER, Hannah b.1675
BARBER, Hannah b.1681
BARBER, Hezekiah b.1700
BARBER, John b.1690
BARBER, John a.1642
BARBER, Joseph b.1679
BARBER, Josiah b.1654
BARBER, Martha b.1678
BARBER, Mary b.1682
BARBER, Mary b.1781
BARBER, Mary b.1577
BARBER, Mercy a.1651
BARBER, Mindwell b.1691
BARBER, Nathaniel b.1744
BARBER, Rhoda b.1773
BARBER, Ruth b.1683
BARBER, Ruth b.1664
BARBER, Samuel a.1648
BARBER, Sarah b.1688
BARBER, Sarah a.1646
BARBER, Thomas b.1644
BARBER, Thomas a.1612
BARBER, William b.1687
BARBER, William b.1678
BARBER, William b.1638


BARBOUR, William b.1346


BARCELONA, Berenguela de b.1116
BARCELONA, Borel II de Count of Barcelona b.933
BARCELONA, Dulce of b.1160
BARCELONA, Estefania de b.997
BARCELONA, Ramon Berenger I "el Viejo" de b.1023
BARCELONA, Ramon Berenger II de Count of Barcelona b.1055
BARCELONA, Ramon Berenger III de Marquis of Barcelona b.1080
BARCELONA, Ramon Berenger IV de Marquis of Barcelona b.1113
BARCELONA, Ramon I de b.972
BARCELONA, Ramon II de b.1000
BARCELONA, Suniario de Count of Barcelona b.890
BARCELONA, Wilfred de Count of Barcelona b.835
BARCELONA, Wilfred II de Count of Barcelona b.878


BARCLAY, Andrew de b.1344
BARCLAY, David Knight b.1325
BARCLAY, David Knight b.1278
BARCLAY, Euphemia de b.1252
BARCLAY, Hugh de Knight b.1227
BARCLAY, Janet de b.1342
BARCLAY, Jean b.1330
BARCLAY, John de b.1305
BARCLAY, Margaret b.1328
BARCLAY, Margaret b.1362


BARDEN, Abraham b.1722
BARDEN, Jerusha b.1805


BARDOLF, Agnes b.1342
BARDOLF, Anne b.1389
BARDOLF, Beatrice b.1169
BARDOLF, Cecily b.1175
BARDOLF, Cecily b.1322
BARDOLF, Cecily b.1377
BARDOLF, Doun b.1171
BARDOLF, Elizabeth b.1238
BARDOLF, Elizabeth b.1374
BARDOLF, Hugh b.1167
BARDOLF, Hugh Lord Bardolf b.1259
BARDOLF, Hugh b.1139
BARDOLF, Isabel b.1338
BARDOLF, Isolde b.1176
BARDOLF, Joan b.1390
BARDOLF, John Lord Bardolf b.1312
BARDOLF, Juliana b.1173
BARDOLF, Margaret b.1316
BARDOLF, Margery b.1279
BARDOLF, Nichola b.1285
BARDOLF, Robert b.1171
BARDOLF, Rose b.1179
BARDOLF, Thomas b.1141
BARDOLF, Thomas Lord Bardolf b.1369
BARDOLF, Thomas Lord Bardolf b.1282
BARDOLF, William b.1372
BARDOLF, William b.1199
BARDOLF, William Lord Bardolf b.1349
BARDOLF, William b.1230


BARDOUL, Hugh b.1010
BARDOUL, Isabel b.1039


BARDSLEY, Cecily b.1579
BARDSLEY, Frances b.1567
BARDSLEY, John b.1563
BARDSLEY, Margaret b.1576
BARDSLEY, Michael b.1570
BARDSLEY, Robert a.1573
BARDSLEY, Thomas b.1565
BARDSLEY, Thomas b.1537


BARDVILLE, Joan b.1460


BAREHAM, Thomas b.1576


BARENTYN, Drew Knight b.1506
BARENTYN, John Esquire b.1460
BARENTYN, Katherine b.1429
BARENTYN, Margaret b.1504
BARENTYN, William Knight b.1481
BARENTYN, William de Knight b.1235


BARFIELD, Charity b.1762
BARFIELD, Frederick b.1757
BARFIELD, Jesse b.1735
BARFIELD, John Desemuil b.1770
BARFIELD, Lewis b.1767
BARFIELD, Margaret b.1494
BARFIELD, Solomon b.1765
BARFIELD, Stephen b.1760
BARFIELD, Thomas b.1778


BARKER, Alice a.1580
BARKER, Alice a.1570
BARKER, Anna a.1602
BARKER, Anna b.1643
BARKER, Anne b.1591
BARKER, Anne a.1582
BARKER, Bennet b.1568
BARKER, Daniel b.1677
BARKER, Dorothy a.1572
BARKER, Edward b.1669
BARKER, Edward b.1625
BARKER, Elizabeth b.1598
BARKER, Elizabeth b.1544
BARKER, Elizabeth b.1540
BARKER, George b.1536
BARKER, Hannah b.1687
BARKER, James b.1712
BARKER, James b.1641
BARKER, John a.1606
BARKER, John a.1591
BARKER, John a.1586
BARKER, John b.1535
BARKER, John a.1563
BARKER, Jonathan b.1674
BARKER, Joyce b.1591
BARKER, Joyce a.1588
BARKER, Katherine a.1568
BARKER, Katherine b.1537
BARKER, Margaret b.1435
BARKER, Margaret a.1588
BARKER, Margaret a.1565
BARKER, Margaret b.1539
BARKER, Mary b.1671
BARKER, Mary a.1593
BARKER, Mary b.1600
BARKER, Mary b.1647
BARKER, Mary Ann b.1833
BARKER, Rebecca b.1645
BARKER, Richard a.1595
BARKER, Richard a.1575
BARKER, Richard b.1542
BARKER, Richard b.1509
BARKER, Robert b.1650
BARKER, Samuel a.1598
BARKER, Thomas Esquire b.1410
BARKER, Thomas a.1593
BARKER, Thomas a.1578
BARKER, Thomas b.1546
BARKER, Thomasine b.1561
BARKER, Thomasine b.1591
BARKER, William b.1667
BARKER, William b.1674
BARKER, William a.1585


BARKING, Isabel de b.1149


BARKSTON, Margaret b.1500


BARKWORTH, Joan de b.1332
BARKWORTH, Robert de b.1307


BARLEY, Haynes a.1607
BARLEY, Henry b.1488
BARLEY, John Gentleman b.1579
BARLEY, John b.1460


BARLOW, Agnes b.1457
BARLOW, Elizabeth b.1619
BARLOW, Elizabeth b.1618
BARLOW, Joseph b.1673
BARLOW, Loren H. b.1822
BARLOW, Lucy b.1579
BARLOW, Margaret b.1520
BARLOW, Margaret b.1533
BARLOW, Mary b.1724
BARLOW, Mary b.1656
BARLOW, Moses b.1728
BARLOW, Nathan b.1726
BARLOW, Peleg b.1692
BARLOW, Phebe b.1652
BARLOW, Robert b.1518
BARLOW, Sarah b.1731
BARLOW, Sarah b.1693
BARLOW, Seth b.1720
BARLOW, Thomas b.1662
BARLOW, Thomas b.1718
BARLOW, Thomas b.1633


BARNABY, Elizabeth b.1701
BARNABY, Hannah b.1709
BARNABY, James b.1670
BARNABY, James b.1644
BARNABY, Lydia b.1697
BARNABY, Ruth b.1699
BARNABY, Stephen b.1673
BARNABY, Timothy b.1706
BARNABY, William b.1529


BARNARD, Abigail b.1657
BARNARD, Bartholomew b.1627
BARNARD, Francis b.1606
BARNARD, Hannah b.1649
BARNARD, John b.1655
BARNARD, John b.1657
BARNARD, Martha b.1645
BARNARD, Mary b.1645
BARNARD, Matthew b.1699
BARNARD, Nathaniel b.1643
BARNARD, Nathaniel b.1634
BARNARD, Nicholas b.1555
BARNARD, Robert b.1554
BARNARD, Ruth b.1651
BARNARD, Sarah b.1582
BARNARD, Sarah b.1647
BARNARD, Sarah b.1646
BARNARD, Thomas b.1641
BARNARD, Thomas b.1612




BARNEBY, Thomas b.1535


BARNES, Alice a.1594
BARNES, Amy b.1651
BARNES, Ann a.1580
BARNES, Ann b.1726
BARNES, Anna b.1647
BARNES, Anne b.1535
BARNES, Anne b.1633
BARNES, Benjamin b.1702
BARNES, Benjamin b.1672
BARNES, Benjamin a.1653
BARNES, Bestney a.1595
BARNES, Charles a.1591
BARNES, Charles b.1626
BARNES, Christian a.1622
BARNES, Deborah b.1630
BARNES, Dorothy a.1590
BARNES, Drury a.1592
BARNES, Edmund a.1587
BARNES, Edward a.1586
BARNES, Edward a.1616
BARNES, Edward Esquire b.1544
BARNES, Elizabeth a.1618
BARNES, Elizabeth b.1650
BARNES, Experience b.1710
BARNES, Farrington b.1760
BARNES, Hannah a.1700
BARNES, Henry b.1640
BARNES, Isaac b.1682
BARNES, John b.1675
BARNES, John b.1645
BARNES, John b.1655
BARNES, Jonathan b.1679
BARNES, Judith a.1620
BARNES, Lydia b.1722
BARNES, Mary a.1701
BARNES, Mary a.1598
BARNES, Mary b.1628
BARNES, Mary b.1677
BARNES, Mary b.1718
BARNES, Matthew b.1676
BARNES, Matthew b.1648
BARNES, Mercy b.1645
BARNES, N.N. b.1698
BARNES, Nathaniel b.1678
BARNES, Owen Gentleman b.1619
BARNES, Persis b.1779
BARNES, Prudence b.1724
BARNES, Rachel b.1716
BARNES, Recompense b.1688
BARNES, Rhoda b.1746
BARNES, Richard b.1690
BARNES, Richard b.1600
BARNES, Robert a.1585
BARNES, Samuel b.1680
BARNES, Sarah b.1681
BARNES, Sarah b.1730
BARNES, Sarah b.1708
BARNES, Shamgar b.1660
BARNES, Stephen b.1674
BARNES, Stephen b.1705
BARNES, Sybil b.1728
BARNES, Thomas b.1624
BARNES, Thomas b.1620
BARNES, Thomas b.1685
BARNES, Thomas b.1667
BARNES, Thomas b.1720
BARNES, William b.1669
BARNES, William b.1630
BARNES, William a.1617
BARNES, William Esquire a.1581
BARNES, William b.1618
BARNES, Winifred a.1583


BARNETT, Hannah b.1657
BARNETT, John b.1631


BARNEY, Abigail b.1663
BARNEY, Anna a.1628
BARNEY, Dorcas b.1671
BARNEY, Hannah b.1681
BARNEY, Hannah b.1661
BARNEY, Hannah b.1636
BARNEY, Israel b.1675
BARNEY, Jacob b.1667
BARNEY, Jacob a.1629
BARNEY, Jacob b.1601
BARNEY, Jacob b.1695
BARNEY, John b.1665
BARNEY, John a.1639
BARNEY, John b.1703
BARNEY, Jonathan b.1677
BARNEY, Jonathan b.1703
BARNEY, Joseph b.1673
BARNEY, Margaret b.1399
BARNEY, Ruth b.1669
BARNEY, Samuel b.1679
BARNEY, Sarah b.1662
BARNEY, Sarah b.1771
BARNEY, Sarah b.1633


BARNHAM, Alice a.1588
BARNHAM, Alice a.1592
BARNHAM, Benedict Sheriff of London a.1559
BARNHAM, Benedicta a.1598
BARNHAM, Bridget a.1596
BARNHAM, Dorothy a.1595
BARNHAM, Elizabeth a.1591
BARNHAM, Francis a.1585
BARNHAM, Margaret a.1589


BARNUM, Abigail b.1792
BARNUM, Abigail b.1685
BARNUM, Abigail b.1745
BARNUM, Abigail b.1802
BARNUM, Amanda b.1796
BARNUM, Amos b.1720
BARNUM, Barnabus b.1775
BARNUM, Barnabus b.1742
BARNUM, Betsey b.1779
BARNUM, Betsey b.1808
BARNUM, Chloe b.1753
BARNUM, Cyrus Ebenezer b.1798
BARNUM, Ebenezer b.1682
BARNUM, Ebenezer b.1712
BARNUM, Ebenezer b.1749
BARNUM, Eda b.1798
BARNUM, Eleazer b.1788
BARNUM, Elihu b.1767
BARNUM, Elijah b.1785
BARNUM, Elizabeth b.1669
BARNUM, Elizabeth b.1748
BARNUM, Esther b.1667
BARNUM, Francis b.1671
BARNUM, Gideon b.1716
BARNUM, Hannah b.1783
BARNUM, Hannah b.1680
BARNUM, Harlow b.1811
BARNUM, Isaac b.1789
BARNUM, Isaac b.1784
BARNUM, Jehiel b.1777
BARNUM, Jehiel b.1750
BARNUM, Jehiel b.1718
BARNUM, Jehiel Richards b.1777
BARNUM, Joanna b.1754
BARNUM, Job Vassal b.1788
BARNUM, John b.1677
BARNUM, John b.1758
BARNUM, John A. b.1781
BARNUM, Laura b.1794
BARNUM, Lewis b.1795
BARNUM, Lewis James b.1816
BARNUM, Lois b.1773
BARNUM, Lois b.1743
BARNUM, Lois b.1814
BARNUM, Lucy b.1776
BARNUM, Lucy b.1793
BARNUM, Lydia b.1755
BARNUM, Mary b.1756
BARNUM, Rachel b.1771
BARNUM, Rachel b.1770
BARNUM, Rachel b.1800
BARNUM, Rhoda b.1774
BARNUM, Rhoda b.1748
BARNUM, Richard b.1674
BARNUM, Richard b.1757
BARNUM, Russel A. b.1786
BARNUM, Russell Ebenezer b.1800
BARNUM, Sarah b.1665
BARNUM, Seth b.1806
BARNUM, Stephen b.1746
BARNUM, Talmadge b.1790
BARNUM, Tamar b.1773
BARNUM, Thomas b.1663
BARNUM, Thomas b.1625
BARNUM, Zenus b.1760


BARNVILLE, Elizabeth b.1475


BARON, Jane b.1438
BARON, Nicolas b.1680


BAROWE, Jane b.1583


BARRE, Elizabeth de la b.1352
BARRE, Isabel b.1440
BARRE, John Knight b.1412
BARRE, Millicent b.1524
BARRE, Thomas Knight b.1387

Surname List