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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


WANDSFORD, John Esquire b.1474


WANLIP, Henry de b.1214
WANLIP, Maud de b.1239


WANTON, Hannah b.1677


WARBLETON, Agnes de b.1251
WARBLETON, Thomas b.1229


WARBURTON, Amelia de b.1306
WARBURTON, Anne b.1548
WARBURTON, Anne b.1527
WARBURTON, Blanche b.1502
WARBURTON, Blanche b.1474
WARBURTON, Douce b.1494
WARBURTON, Douce b.1477
WARBURTON, Elizabeth b.1542
WARBURTON, Ellen b.1505
WARBURTON, George Esquire b.1546
WARBURTON, Jane b.1524
WARBURTON, Jane b.1492
WARBURTON, John b.1550
WARBURTON, John b.1500
WARBURTON, John Knight b.1470
WARBURTON, John Knight b.1520
WARBURTON, Margaret b.1496
WARBURTON, Peter Esquire b.1544
WARBURTON, Peter Esquire b.1522
WARBURTON, Peter b.1472
WARBURTON, Peter Knight b.1498
WARBURTON, Peter b.1622
WARBURTON, Piers de Esquire b.1425
WARBURTON, Richard b.1530


WARD, Abigail b.1731
WARD, Abigail b.1672
WARD, Abigail b.1642
WARD, Andrew b.1767
WARD, Andrew b.1727
WARD, Andrew b.1722
WARD, Andrew b.1695
WARD, Andrew b.1603
WARD, Andrew b.1669
WARD, Andrew b.1644
WARD, Ann b.1630
WARD, Ann a.1815
WARD, Ann Ellen b.1835
WARD, Anna b.1683
WARD, Anthony b.1614
WARD, Benedicta b.1340
WARD, Bethia b.1657
WARD, Caleb b.1668
WARD, Christiana b.1794
WARD, Damaris b.1693
WARD, Daniel b.1700
WARD, Deborah b.1756
WARD, Deborah b.1698
WARD, Deborah b.1636
WARD, Deborah b.1662
WARD, Diana b.1752
WARD, Diana b.1710
WARD, Dominada b.1702
WARD, Dorothea b.1708
WARD, Edmund b.1706
WARD, Edmund b.1628
WARD, Edward b.1612
WARD, Edward b.1597
WARD, Edward b.1561
WARD, Edward b.1568
WARD, Eleazer b.1651
WARD, Elizabeth b.1647
WARD, Elizabeth b.1740
WARD, Elizabeth b.1760
WARD, Elizabeth b.1725
WARD, Elizabeth b.1828
WARD, Elizabeth b.1643
WARD, Enoch b.1722
WARD, George b.1823
WARD, George a.1600
WARD, Hannah a.1725
WARD, Hannah b.1697
WARD, Hannah b.1638
WARD, Henry a.1733
WARD, Henry a.1722
WARD, Henry a.1720
WARD, Henry b.1696
WARD, Henry a.1773
WARD, Henry b.1812
WARD, Henry b.1800
WARD, Henry b.1640
WARD, Hester b.1661
WARD, Hester b.1634
WARD, Hopestill b.1647
WARD, Increase b.1645
WARD, Isaac b.1707
WARD, Isabel b.1615
WARD, Jacob b.1736
WARD, James a.1776
WARD, James b.1806
WARD, James b.1794
WARD, Jane a.1596
WARD, Jehiel b.1702
WARD, Joanna b.1628
WARD, John a.1639
WARD, John b.1700
WARD, John b.1671
WARD, John b.1638
WARD, John a.1743
WARD, John b.1798
WARD, John a.1767
WARD, John b.1820
WARD, John a.1597
WARD, John b.1626
WARD, John b.1625
WARD, John b.1571
WARD, Joseph a.1591
WARD, Joseph Smith b.1840
WARD, Katherine a.1594
WARD, Lydia a.1593
WARD, Lydia b.1665
WARD, Martha a.1589
WARD, Martha b.1588
WARD, Mary a.1637
WARD, Mary a.1594
WARD, Mary b.1764
WARD, Mary b.1736
WARD, Mary b.1687
WARD, Mary a.1737
WARD, Mary a.1728
WARD, Mary b.1636
WARD, Mary b.1610
WARD, Mary Ann b.1801
WARD, Mary Ann b.1818
WARD, Michael b.1698
WARD, Nathaniel b.1604
WARD, Obadiah b.1695
WARD, Obadiah b.1663
WARD, Obadiah b.1632
WARD, Peter b.1676
WARD, Phebe b.1670
WARD, Rachel b.1702
WARD, Rebecca b.1607
WARD, Richard b.1619
WARD, Richard b.1584
WARD, Richard b.1694
WARD, Richard b.1635
WARD, Robert b.1622
WARD, Robert b.1809
WARD, Roxanna b.1751
WARD, Ruth b.1695
WARD, Samuel a.1641
WARD, Samuel a.1638
WARD, Samuel b.1704
WARD, Samuel b.1680
WARD, Samuel b.1646
WARD, Samuel b.1641
WARD, Sarah b.1640
WARD, Sarah b.1728
WARD, Sarah b.1674
WARD, Sarah b.1701
WARD, Simon b.1315
WARD, Susan b.1601
WARD, Susanna b.1803
WARD, Susannah a.1730
WARD, Thankful b.1712
WARD, Thomas b.1608
WARD, Thomas a.1587
WARD, Thomas b.1831
WARD, Thomas b.1759
WARD, Thomas a.1770
WARD, Thomas b.1832
WARD, Thomas b.1785
WARD, Thomas a.1602
WARD, Thomas b.1475
WARD, Uriah b.1704
WARD, William b.1616
WARD, William b.1678
WARD, William b.1632
WARD, William a.1598
WARD, William b.1640
WARD, William b.1649
WARD, William b.1603


WARDALE, Francis a.1601
WARDALE, Hugh b.1538
WARDALE, John a.1597
WARDALE, John a.1596
WARDALE, John a.1562
WARDALE, Mary a.1609
WARDALE, Miles b.1566
WARDALE, Richard a.1592
WARDALE, Thomas b.1570
WARDALE, Thomas a.1594
WARDALE, William b.1564
WARDALE, William a.1596


WARDE, Anne b.1477
WARDE, Christopher Knight b.1451
WARDE, Eleanor b.1461
WARDE, Elizabeth b.1455
WARDE, Joan b.1487
WARDE, Joan b.1458
WARDE, Joan de la b.1275
WARDE, John b.1470
WARDE, Margaret b.1467
WARDE, Robert b.1464
WARDE, Robert de la Lord Warde b.1251
WARDE, Roger Knight b.1430
WARDE, Simon b.1453
WARDE, William a.1581
WARDE, William b.1540


WARDELL, Abigail b.1665
WARDELL, Abigail b.1660
WARDELL, Alice b.1670
WARDELL, Elihu b.1641
WARDELL, Hannah b.1667
WARDELL, Leah a.1646
WARDELL, Mary b.1644
WARDELL, Mary b.1677
WARDELL, Meribah b.1637
WARDELL, Rachel b.1649
WARDELL, Sarah b.1675
WARDELL, Sarah b.1686
WARDELL, Thomas a.1604
WARDELL, Uzal b.1672
WARDELL, Uzal b.1639
WARDELL, William a.1607


WARDIEU, Elizabeth b.1347
WARDIEU, John b.1298
WARDIEU, John b.1323


WARDLAW, Christina b.1345


WARDLEY, Adam de b.1267
WARDLEY, Maud de b.1237


WARDROP, Jane b.1859


WARDWELL, Cyrus Trafton b.1840
WARDWELL, Hannah b.1716


WARE, Anne b.1592
WARE, Eliphalet b.1711
WARE, Esther b.1655
WARE, Nathaniel b.1648
WARE, Nicholas b.1625
WARE, Robert b.1653
WARE, Sarah b.1618


WARENNE, Ada de b.1122
WARENNE, Alice de b.1284
WARENNE, Beatrice de b.1178
WARENNE, Edith de b.1075
WARENNE, Edward de Knight b.1316
WARENNE, Ela de b.1153
WARENNE, Ela de b.1179
WARENNE, Ela de b.1128
WARENNE, Eleanor de b.1251
WARENNE, Gundred de b.1148
WARENNE, Gundred de b.1119
WARENNE, Isabel de b.1227
WARENNE, Isabel de b.1173
WARENNE, Isabel de b.1254
WARENNE, Isabel de Countess of Surrey b.1137
WARENNE, John de Earl of Surrey b.1286
WARENNE, John de Earl of Surrey b.1231
WARENNE, Maud de b.1165
WARENNE, N.N. de b.1169
WARENNE, Ralph de Lord of Whitchurch b.1124
WARENNE, Ranulf I de b.998
WARENNE, Ranulf II de b.1030
WARENNE, Ranulf III de b.1053
WARENNE, Reginald de Lord Wormegay b.1126
WARENNE, Reginald de b.1082
WARENNE, William de b.1150
WARENNE, William de Earl of Surrey b.1167
WARENNE, William de Knight b.1256
WARENNE, William de Earl of Surrey b.1055
WARENNE, William II de Earl of Surrey b.1080
WARENNE, William III de Earl of Surrey b.1120


WARFIELD, Alinda b.1785
WARFIELD, John b.1634
WARFIELD, John de Esquire b.1368


WARHAM, Abigail a.1638
WARHAM, Agnes b.1504
WARHAM, Esther a.1644
WARHAM, Grace b.1505
WARHAM, Hepzibah a.1640
WARHAM, Isabel a.1590
WARHAM, Joan a.1592
WARHAM, John a.1595
WARHAM, Magdalen a.1591
WARHAM, Richard a.1594
WARHAM, Richard a.1565
WARHAM, Sarah a.1642
WARHAM, William b.1650


WARMAN, Frances b.1604


WARNER, Abigail b.1651
WARNER, Andrew b.1599
WARNER, Anne b.1485
WARNER, Augustine b.1667
WARNER, Augustine b.1642
WARNER, Brice b.1616
WARNER, Catherine b.1650
WARNER, Daniel b.1640
WARNER, Daniel b.1618
WARNER, Daniel b.1667
WARNER, Dorothy b.1518
WARNER, Edward Knight b.1510
WARNER, Elizabeth b.1648
WARNER, Elizabeth b.1672
WARNER, Elizabeth b.1674
WARNER, Elizabeth a.1718
WARNER, Elnora Lucretia b.1822
WARNER, George b.1677
WARNER, Huldah b.1734
WARNER, James b.1620
WARNER, Joan b.1648
WARNER, John b.1642
WARNER, John b.1670
WARNER, John b.1716
WARNER, Lara Ann b.1824
WARNER, Margaret b.1693
WARNER, Mary b.1680
WARNER, Mary b.1672
WARNER, Mary Elizabeth b.1826
WARNER, Mary M. b.1880
WARNER, Mildred b.1670
WARNER, Moses b.1726
WARNER, Nathaniel b.1646
WARNER, Robert b.1674
WARNER, Robert b.1445
WARNER, Sarah b.1669
WARNER, Simon b.1658
WARNER, Susanna b.1654
WARNER, Thankful b.1699
WARNER, Thomas b.1722
WARNER, William b.1644


WARNFORD, Anne a.1607
WARNFORD, Anthony b.1574
WARNFORD, Anthony a.1549
WARNFORD, Barbara a.1627
WARNFORD, Dorothy b.1555
WARNFORD, Edmund b.1603
WARNFORD, Elizabeth a.1605
WARNFORD, Elizabeth a.1609
WARNFORD, Elizabeth b.1543
WARNFORD, Henry a.1626
WARNFORD, John a.1613
WARNFORD, John b.1544
WARNFORD, John Gentleman b.1522
WARNFORD, Judith a.1630
WARNFORD, Katherine b.1559
WARNFORD, Katherine a.1617
WARNFORD, Lancelot b.1579
WARNFORD, Martha a.1621
WARNFORD, Martha b.1551
WARNFORD, Mary b.1576
WARNFORD, Mary a.1629
WARNFORD, Oliver b.1557
WARNFORD, Richard a.1546
WARNFORD, Richard b.1475
WARNFORD, Susanna a.1610
WARNFORD, Thomas a.1547
WARNFORD, Thomas Esquire a.1572
WARNFORD, Thomas b.1500
WARNFORD, Walter a.1615


WARRE, Clarice la b.1285
WARRE, Edward la b.1360
WARRE, Elizabeth la b.1302
WARRE, Joan la b.1366
WARRE, John la b.1363
WARRE, John la Lord la Warre b.1345
WARRE, John la b.1165
WARRE, John la Knight b.1226
WARRE, John la Knight b.1329
WARRE, John la Lord la Warre b.1277
WARRE, John la Knight b.1300
WARRE, Jordan la b.1190
WARRE, Katherine la b.1304
WARRE, Margaret la b.1307
WARRE, Roger la b.1280
WARRE, Roger la Lord la Warre b.1257
WARRE, Roger la Lord la Warre b.1326
WARRE, Thomas la Lord la Warre b.1350


WARREN, Abigail b.1674
WARREN, Abigail b.1676
WARREN, Abigail b.1655
WARREN, Abigail b.1670
WARREN, Abigail b.1603
WARREN, Abigail b.1619
WARREN, Agnes a.1564
WARREN, Alice b.1534
WARREN, Alice b.1656
WARREN, Amos a.1591
WARREN, Ann b.1612
WARREN, Anne b.1522
WARREN, Benjamin b.1670
WARREN, Cecily b.1420
WARREN, Christian b.1608
WARREN, Daniel a.1586
WARREN, Daniel a.1627
WARREN, Daniel b.1686
WARREN, Edith a.1605
WARREN, Edward Knight b.1506
WARREN, Edward b.1424
WARREN, Edward b.1570
WARREN, Edward de b.1348
WARREN, Elizabeth b.1434
WARREN, Elizabeth b.1429
WARREN, Elizabeth b.1398
WARREN, Elizabeth b.1610
WARREN, Elizabeth b.1662
WARREN, Elizabeth b.1654
WARREN, Elizabeth b.1592
WARREN, Elizabeth a.1619
WARREN, Elizabeth a.1629
WARREN, Elizabeth b.1616
WARREN, Emma b.1396
WARREN, Experience b.1672
WARREN, Geoffrey b.1423
WARREN, George Gentleman b.1599
WARREN, Griffin b.1309
WARREN, Griffin b.1251
WARREN, Griffin b.1335
WARREN, Griffin b.1362
WARREN, Griffin b.1421
WARREN, Grizell b.1662
WARREN, Helen b.1528
WARREN, Henry Rector of Stockport b.1446
WARREN, Henry b.1532
WARREN, Hope b.1651
WARREN, Humphrey b.1530
WARREN, Isaac a.1588
WARREN, Jabez b.1667
WARREN, Jacob b.1691
WARREN, James b.1665
WARREN, James b.1514
WARREN, Jane b.1451
WARREN, Jane b.1652
WARREN, Joan b.1440
WARREN, Joan b.1418
WARREN, Joan b.1540
WARREN, Joanna b.1602
WARREN, John b.1442
WARREN, John b.1438
WARREN, John Knight b.1461
WARREN, John Esquire b.1414
WARREN, John b.1678
WARREN, John b.1624
WARREN, John b.1280
WARREN, John b.1663
WARREN, John b.1392
WARREN, John b.1550
WARREN, John b.1525
WARREN, John b.1555
WARREN, John a.1622
WARREN, John a.1585
WARREN, John b.1685
WARREN, John de Knight b.1343
WARREN, Joseph b.1680
WARREN, Joseph b.1657
WARREN, Joseph b.1670
WARREN, Joseph a.1596
WARREN, Joseph b.1645
WARREN, Joseph b.1626
WARREN, Joshua a.1594
WARREN, Lawrence Knight b.1436
WARREN, Lawrence Knight b.1394
WARREN, Lawrence b.1516
WARREN, Margaret b.1448
WARREN, Margaret b.1426
WARREN, Margaret b.1381
WARREN, Margaret b.1401
WARREN, Margaret b.1365
WARREN, Margaret b.1426
WARREN, Margaret b.1570
WARREN, Margery b.1416
WARREN, Mary b.1689
WARREN, Mary b.1613
WARREN, Mary b.1660
WARREN, Mary a.1599
WARREN, Mary a.1615
WARREN, Mary a.1624
WARREN, Mary b.1651
WARREN, Mary b.1611
WARREN, Mehitable b.1684
WARREN, Mercy b.1653
WARREN, Mercy b.1658
WARREN, Nathaniel b.1662
WARREN, Nathaniel a.1589
WARREN, Nathaniel b.1624
WARREN, Nicholas b.1530
WARREN, Nicholas de b.1373
WARREN, Patience b.1660
WARREN, Randle b.1422
WARREN, Rebecca b.1677
WARREN, Relief b.1670
WARREN, Richard b.1444
WARREN, Richard b.1575
WARREN, Richard b.1526
WARREN, Richard b.1501
WARREN, Richard b.1646
WARREN, Richard b.1552
WARREN, Richard b.1579
WARREN, Robert b.1485
WARREN, Ruth b.1681
WARREN, Sarah a.1620
WARREN, Sarah b.1649
WARREN, Sarah b.1613
WARREN, Stephen a.1558
WARREN, Susan a.1612
WARREN, Thomas b.1519
WARREN, Thomas a.1601
WARREN, Thomas b.1540
WARREN, William b.1464
WARREN, William b.1537
WARREN, William b.1528
WARREN, William de b.1345


WARRINER, Abigail b.1692
WARRINER, Abigail b.1680
WARRINER, Dorcas b.1678
WARRINER, Ebenezer b.1676
WARRINER, Elizabeth b.1643
WARRINER, Elizabeth b.1686
WARRINER, Hannah b.1643
WARRINER, Hannah b.1674
WARRINER, James b.1640
WARRINER, Joanna b.1682
WARRINER, Joseph b.1671
WARRINER, Joseph b.1645
WARRINER, Mary b.1692
WARRINER, Mary b.1669
WARRINER, Phebe b.1694
WARRINER, William b.1610


WARSOP, Isabel b.1495


WARWICK, John de b.1335
WARWICK, Margaret de b.1360
WARWICK, Philip Esquire a.1640


WASHBOURNE, Eleanor b.1447


WASHBURN, Elizabeth b.1684
WASHBURN, Jacob b.1732
WASHBURN, Jonathan b.1700
WASHBURN, Josiah b.1679
WASHBURN, Samuel b.1671
WASHBURN, Sarah b.1675
WASHBURN, William b.1669


WASHINGTON, Alice b.1604
WASHINGTON, Amy a.1628
WASHINGTON, Amy b.1600
WASHINGTON, Ann b.1663
WASHINGTON, Augustine b.1720
WASHINGTON, Augustine b.1694
WASHINGTON, Barbara b.1598
WASHINGTON, Butler b.1716
WASHINGTON, Charles b.1738
WASHINGTON, Elizabeth b.1733
WASHINGTON, Elizabeth b.1590
WASHINGTON, Elizabeth a.1636
WASHINGTON, Frances b.1614
WASHINGTON, George a.1608
WASHINGTON, George b.1732
WASHINGTON, Gregory a.1607
WASHINGTON, Jane b.1722
WASHINGTON, Jane b.1612
WASHINGTON, Joan b.1595
WASHINGTON, John b.1692
WASHINGTON, John b.1661
WASHINGTON, John a.1632
WASHINGTON, John Knight b.1592
WASHINGTON, John b.1634
WASHINGTON, John Augustine b.1736
WASHINGTON, Lawrence b.1718
WASHINGTON, Lawrence b.1659
WASHINGTON, Lawrence a.1635
WASHINGTON, Lawrence b.1602
WASHINGTON, Lawrence Gentleman b.1567
WASHINGTON, Lucy b.1616
WASHINGTON, Margaret b.1610
WASHINGTON, Margaret b.1639
WASHINGTON, Martha b.1644
WASHINGTON, Mildred b.1740
WASHINGTON, Mildred b.1696
WASHINGTON, Richard b.1597
WASHINGTON, Robert b.1589
WASHINGTON, Samuel b.1734
WASHINGTON, Thomas b.1605
WASHINGTON, William Knight b.1594
WASHINGTON, William a.1641


WASSENBERG, Dietrich von b.1030
WASSENBERG, Gerhard I von Count of Guelders b.1055
WASSENBERG, Gerhard II von Count of Zutphen b.1091
WASSENBERG, Jutta von b.1089
WASSENBERG, Yolande von b.1087


WASSOM, Albert P. b.1908


WASTENEYS, Constance de b.1302
WASTENEYS, Elizabeth de b.1309
WASTENEYS, Ellen de b.1310
WASTENEYS, Isabella de b.1325
WASTENEYS, John de b.1300
WASTENEYS, John de Knight b.1271
WASTENEYS, John de b.1323
WASTENEYS, John de b.1347
WASTENEYS, Philip de Knight b.1190
WASTENEYS, Philip de b.1298
WASTENEYS, Ralph de b.1230
WASTENEYS, Reginald de b.1273
WASTENEYS, Stephen de b.1329
WASTENEYS, Thomas de b.1349
WASTENEYS, Thomas de Knight b.1321
WASTENEYS, Thomasine de b.1352
WASTENEYS, William de Knight b.1165
WASTENEYS, William de Knight b.1219
WASTENEYS, William de Knight b.1244
WASTENEYS, William de b.1305
WASTENEYS, William de b.1345
WASTENEYS, William de Knight b.1296
WASTENEYS, William de Knight b.1130
WASTENEYS, William de b.1272


WATER, Isabel b.1375
WATER, Simon b.1325
WATER, William b.1350


WATERBURY, Eunice b.1679
WATERBURY, John b.1650


WATERHOUSE, Isaac b.1641
WATERHOUSE, Rosamond b.1858
WATERHOUSE, Rosetta Burnham b.1819


WATERMAN, Hannah b.1704
WATERMAN, John b.1588
WATERMAN, Joseph b.1649
WATERMAN, Rebecca b.1754


WATERS, Abigail a.1645
WATERS, Dorothy a.1595
WATERS, Elizabeth a.1642
WATERS, Ezekiel a.1647
WATERS, Hannah a.1652
WATERS, Henry a.1596
WATERS, James b.1638
WATERS, James b.1568
WATERS, John a.1640
WATERS, John a.1600
WATERS, Joseph b.1631
WATERS, Martha a.1598
WATERS, Martha b.1654
WATERS, Mary b.1644
WATERS, Mary Harriet b.1865
WATERS, Nancy Matilda b.1873
WATERS, Phebe a.1629
WATERS, Phebe a.1602
WATERS, Rebecca b.1640
WATERS, Richard a.1604
WATERS, Samuel b.1700
WATERS, Sarah b.1720
WATERS, Sarah b.1593
WATERS, Sarah b.1634
WATERS, Susanna a.1649
WATERS, William a.1632


WATERTON, Jane b.1430
WATERTON, Joan b.1407
WATERTON, Robert Knight b.1397
WATERTON, Robert Knight b.1411


WATERVILLE, Ascelin de b.1097
WATERVILLE, Asceline de b.1142
WATERVILLE, Geoffrey de b.1120
WATERVILLE, Maud de b.1149
WATERVILLE, Radulph de b.1145


WATEVILLE, Maud de b.1044
WATEVILLE, Robert de Knight b.1290


WATH, Juliane de b.1210
WATH, Robert de b.1185


WATHEN, Ann a.1603
WATHEN, Deborah a.1625
WATHEN, Dorothy a.1630
WATHEN, Edmund b.1597
WATHEN, Edward a.1634
WATHEN, Elizabeth a.1632
WATHEN, Ezekiel a.1636
WATHEN, George b.1595
WATHEN, George b.1563
WATHEN, John a.1627
WATHEN, John a.1603
WATHEN, Mary a.1600
WATHEN, Sarah a.1631
WATHEN, Thomas a.1629
WATHEN, William a.1632
WATHEN, William b.1592


WATKINS, Agnes b.1558
WATKINS, Anne b.1645
WATKINS, Anne b.1601
WATKINS, Benjamin b.1704
WATKINS, David Knight b.1599
WATKINS, David b.1691
WATKINS, Elizabeth b.1640
WATKINS, Elizabeth b.1702
WATKINS, Ephraim a.1706
WATKINS, Frances b.1578
WATKINS, Hezekiah a.1709
WATKINS, Honora b.1636
WATKINS, Johanna b.1700
WATKINS, John b.1632
WATKINS, Jonathan b.1695
WATKINS, Joseph b.1699
WATKINS, Joseph b.1697
WATKINS, Joseph b.1670
WATKINS, Katherine a.1631
WATKINS, Margaret b.1427
WATKINS, Mary b.1642
WATKINS, Samuel b.1693
WATKINS, William b.1601


WATROUS, Ruth b.1687


WATSON, Agnes b.1508
WATSON, Bridget b.1520
WATSON, Christopher b.1563
WATSON, Constance a.1578
WATSON, Dorcas b.1639
WATSON, Dorothy a.1559
WATSON, Edward Lord Rockingham b.1630
WATSON, Elizabeth a.1648
WATSON, Frances b.1614
WATSON, Henry b.1534
WATSON, Isabel a.1561
WATSON, James b.1530
WATSON, Jane b.1572
WATSON, Joanna b.1638
WATSON, John b.1610
WATSON, John b.1472
WATSON, John b.1532
WATSON, John b.1500
WATSON, Katherine b.1566
WATSON, Luke a.1635
WATSON, Margaret b.1510
WATSON, Margery b.1617
WATSON, Maria b.1538
WATSON, Mary b.1671
WATSON, Mrs. Nazareth b.1740
WATSON, N.N. b.1540
WATSON, N.N. b.1571
WATSON, N.N. b.1569
WATSON, N.N. b.1568
WATSON, Prudence a.1576
WATSON, Rebecca b.1656
WATSON, Richard b.1502
WATSON, Robert b.1506
WATSON, Sarah b.1672
WATSON, Susanna a.1636
WATSON, Thomas b.1521
WATSON, Thomas b.1504
WATSON, Thomas b.1536
WATSON, William b.1573
WATSON, William b.1648


WATTS, Eleanor b.1626
WATTS, Isabel b.1482
WATTS, John b.1450
WATTS, Katherine b.1484
WATTS, Margaret b.1478
WATTS, Mary b.1728
WATTS, Robert b.1487
WATTS, Thomas b.1476
WATTS, William b.1480


WAUGH, Grace Adelma b.1864


WAURE, Joan de b.1237
WAURE, Roger de b.1207


WAUTON, Alice b.1487
WAUTON, John de Knight b.1300
WAUTON, Thomas Knight b.1397


WAY, Aaron a.1650
WAY, Corone b.1570
WAY, Daniel b.1688
WAY, George b.1585


WAYLES, Martha b.1748


WEARE, Daniel b.1667
WEARE, Elias b.1673
WEARE, Elizabeth b.1642
WEARE, Hannah b.1698
WEARE, Hannah b.1646
WEARE, Hopewell b.1678
WEARE, Joseph b.1692
WEARE, Joseph b.1669
WEARE, Mary b.1671
WEARE, Mary b.1644
WEARE, Mary b.1690
WEARE, Mrs. Christian b.1580
WEARE, Nathaniel b.1652
WEARE, Peter b.1695
WEARE, Peter b.1649
WEARE, Peter b.1618
WEARE, Peter b.1660
WEARE, Phebe b.1655
WEARE, Ruth b.1658
WEARE, Sarah b.1675


WEATHERSBEE, Allen Joseph b.1826
WEATHERSBEE, Bryant b.1821
WEATHERSBEE, Caroline E. b.1825
WEATHERSBEE, Cindy b.1801
WEATHERSBEE, Eliza b.1814
WEATHERSBEE, Eliza b.1808
WEATHERSBEE, Elizabeth b.1810
WEATHERSBEE, Emily b.1825
WEATHERSBEE, Frances b.1777
WEATHERSBEE, Frances C. b.1827
WEATHERSBEE, Hansford D. b.1819
WEATHERSBEE, Harriet b.1821
WEATHERSBEE, James W. b.1823
WEATHERSBEE, Jane b.1766
WEATHERSBEE, John b.1798
WEATHERSBEE, Levi b.1805
WEATHERSBEE, Lewis b.1783
WEATHERSBEE, Reuben b.1795
WEATHERSBEE, Reuben b.1767
WEATHERSBEE, Sarah b.1812
WEATHERSBEE, Seaborn b.1819
WEATHERSBEE, William Darling b.1816
WEATHERSBEE, Wyatt b.1829
WEATHERSBEE, Wyatt b.1789


WEAVER, Clement b.1584
WEAVER, Franklin Edward b.1848


WEBB, Anna a.1553
WEBB, Benjamin b.1644
WEBB, Bruce Edward b.1910
WEBB, Edward b.1769
WEBB, Elizabeth b.1488
WEBB, Elizabeth b.1611
WEBB, Emma b.1509
WEBB, Everett C. b.1860
WEBB, Georgia M. b.1890
WEBB, Hannah b.1665
WEBB, Hervey b.1884
WEBB, Jane b.1479
WEBB, Joan b.1584
WEBB, John Knight b.1664
WEBB, John Knight b.1630
WEBB, John Knight b.1549
WEBB, John Knight b.1597
WEBB, John b.1610
WEBB, John b.1620
WEBB, John b.1505
WEBB, John b.1554
WEBB, Jonathan b.1716
WEBB, Lucy Ware b.1831
WEBB, Mercy b.1717
WEBB, Mrs. Jane b.1591
WEBB, Mrs. Margaret b.1730
WEBB, Nathaniel b.1752
WEBB, Richard b.1610
WEBB, Sarah b.1764
WEBB, Sarah b.1673
WEBB, Thomas b.1613
WEBB, William b.1720


WEBBER, Anne b.1732
WEBBER, Deborah a.1749
WEBBER, Elender b.1690
WEBBER, Henry Gentleman b.1665
WEBBER, Henry M. b.1901
WEBBER, James b.1744
WEBBER, James b.1719
WEBBER, John b.1680
WEBBER, Mary b.1751
WEBBER, Nathan a.1747
WEBBER, Patience b.1739
WEBBER, Samuel b.1656
WEBBER, Thomas b.1692


WEBSTEAD, Elizabeth b.1658


WEBSTER, Abigail b.1641
WEBSTER, Anne a.1621
WEBSTER, Annis a.1592
WEBSTER, Elizabeth a.1624
WEBSTER, Elizabeth b.1640
WEBSTER, Elizabeth b.1738
WEBSTER, Faith a.1588
WEBSTER, Faith a.1627
WEBSTER, Hannah b.1638
WEBSTER, Israel b.1643
WEBSTER, James a.1708
WEBSTER, Jane b.1562
WEBSTER, Jeremiah b.1720
WEBSTER, John a.1590
WEBSTER, John b.1631
WEBSTER, John b.1605
WEBSTER, Margaret a.1612
WEBSTER, Margaret b.1570
WEBSTER, Mary a.1623
WEBSTER, Mary b.1633
WEBSTER, Matthew b.1564
WEBSTER, Matthew a.1610
WEBSTER, Nathan b.1646
WEBSTER, Nicholas b.1505
WEBSTER, Robert a.1619
WEBSTER, Stephen b.1636
WEBSTER, Thomas a.1616
WEBSTER, Thomas b.1726
WEBSTER, William a.1614


WEDDINGTON, Benjamin b.1734
WEDDINGTON, Henry b.1780
WEDDINGTON, Jacob b.1777
WEDDINGTON, John b.1783
WEDDINGTON, Martha b.1787
WEDDINGTON, William b.1774


WEED, Daniel b.1670
WEED, Deborah b.1659
WEED, George b.1595
WEED, Hannah b.1687
WEED, Isaac b.1682
WEED, John b.1673
WEED, John b.1639
WEED, Jonas b.1667
WEED, Joseph b.1679
WEED, Mary b.1684
WEED, Mary b.1637
WEED, Mary b.1618
WEED, Nathaniel b.1676
WEED, Samuel b.1675


WEEDEN, Ann b.1654
WEEDEN, Edward b.1657
WEEDEN, Edward b.1613
WEEDEN, Elizabeth b.1648
WEEDEN, John b.1646
WEEDEN, Margaret b.1583
WEEDEN, Mary b.1652
WEEDEN, Samuel b.1644
WEEDEN, Sarah b.1650


WEEKES, Alice b.1610
WEEKES, Amiel a.1631
WEEKES, George b.1600
WEEKES, Jane a.1634
WEEKES, Joseph b.1670
WEEKES, Joseph a.1636
WEEKES, Mary b.1668
WEEKES, Mindwell a.1673
WEEKES, Repent b.1675
WEEKES, William b.1629
WEEKES, William Oliver b.1877


WEEKS, Abigail b.1690
WEEKS, Abigail b.1657
WEEKS, Elizabeth b.1666
WEEKS, Elizabeth b.1618
WEEKS, Mary b.1692
WEEKS, Mary b.1714
WEEKS, Susan b.1560
WEEKS, William b.1690
WEEKS, William b.1645


WEEVER, Elizabeth b.1449
WEEVER, Thomas de b.1358


WEIMAR, Agnes von b.986
WEIMAR, N.N. von b.1000
WEIMAR, Otto von Count of Weimar b.1003
WEIMAR, Poppo I von Markgraf of Krain b.982
WEIMAR, Richardis of b.1063
WEIMAR, Ulric I of Count of Istria b.1040
WEIMAR, William I von Count of Weimar b.920
WEIMAR, William II von Duke of Thuringia b.949
WEIMAR, William III von Count of Weimar b.978


WELBY, Adlard a.1599
WELBY, Ann a.1600
WELBY, Anna a.1623
WELBY, Anne b.1602
WELBY, Anthony a.1624
WELBY, Anthony a.1602
WELBY, Edward a.1608
WELBY, Elizabeth a.1625
WELBY, Jane b.1402
WELBY, Jane b.1566
WELBY, John Esquire b.1575
WELBY, John a.1622
WELBY, Margaret b.1533
WELBY, Olive a.1604
WELBY, Richard b.1606
WELBY, Richard a.1628
WELBY, Richard a.1564
WELBY, Susan b.1493
WELBY, Thomas Mayor of Boston a.1597
WELBY, Thomas Esquire b.1561
WELBY, Thomas Esquire b.1520
WELBY, William a.1604
WELBY, William a.1630


WELCH, Charlotte b.1856
WELCH, Charlotte E. b.1859
WELCH, Dorcas Jane b.1826
WELCH, Henry b.1542
WELCH, John b.1682
WELCH, Maria Keziah b.1850


WELCOME, Mary b.1560
WELCOME, Peter b.1637


WELD, Abigail b.1663
WELD, Amy b.1613
WELD, Daniel a.1662
WELD, Dorothy b.1664
WELD, Edmund b.1659
WELD, Edmund b.1636
WELD, Elizabeth b.1655
WELD, Elizabeth a.1626
WELD, Esther b.1664
WELD, Hannah b.1666
WELD, Hannah b.1633
WELD, John b.1657
WELD, John b.1653
WELD, John a.1623
WELD, Joseph b.1666
WELD, Joseph a.1650
WELD, Joseph b.1649
WELD, Joseph a.1621
WELD, Joseph b.1598
WELD, Margaret b.1669
WELD, Margaret b.1657
WELD, Mary b.1660
WELD, Mary a.1628
WELD, Mary a.1629
WELD, Samuel b.1655
WELD, Samuel a.1651
WELD, Thomas a.1653
WELD, Thomas a.1627
WELD, Thomas b.1631

Surname List