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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


WADSWORTH, Abigail b.1672
WADSWORTH, Abigail b.1670
WADSWORTH, Alexander S. b.1774
WADSWORTH, Alexander Scammell b.1790
WADSWORTH, Benjamin a.1746
WADSWORTH, Benjamin b.1670
WADSWORTH, Cephas b.1743
WADSWORTH, Charles Lee b.1776
WADSWORTH, Christopher b.1661
WADSWORTH, Christopher b.1685
WADSWORTH, Christopher b.1609
WADSWORTH, David b.1720
WADSWORTH, Dorothy b.1710
WADSWORTH, Dura a.1763
WADSWORTH, Ebenezer b.1660
WADSWORTH, Elizabeth b.1759
WADSWORTH, Elizabeth b.1779
WADSWORTH, George b.1699
WADSWORTH, George b.1788
WADSWORTH, Grace b.1679
WADSWORTH, Henry b.1785
WADSWORTH, Hopestill b.1676
WADSWORTH, Ichabod b.1712
WADSWORTH, Ichabod b.1687
WADSWORTH, Ira b.1757
WADSWORTH, Isaac b.1690
WADSWORTH, Jabez b.1755
WADSWORTH, Jeptha b.1745
WADSWORTH, John b.1674
WADSWORTH, John b.1781
WADSWORTH, John b.1706
WADSWORTH, John b.1672
WADSWORTH, John b.1631
WADSWORTH, John b.1638
WADSWORTH, Jonathan b.1750
WADSWORTH, Jonathan b.1722
WADSWORTH, Joseph b.1743
WADSWORTH, Joseph b.1668
WADSWORTH, Joseph b.1634
WADSWORTH, Lucy b.1783
WADSWORTH, Lucy a.1753
WADSWORTH, Lydia b.1674
WADSWORTH, Lydia b.1634
WADSWORTH, Mary a.1744
WADSWORTH, Mary b.1718
WADSWORTH, Mary b.1684
WADSWORTH, Mary b.1668
WADSWORTH, Mary b.1636
WADSWORTH, Mary b.1640
WADSWORTH, Mercy b.1693
WADSWORTH, Peleg b.1793
WADSWORTH, Peleg b.1748
WADSWORTH, Peleg b.1715
WADSWORTH, Rebecca a.1748
WADSWORTH, Recompense b.1688
WADSWORTH, Ruth b.1663
WADSWORTH, Samuel b.1685
WADSWORTH, Samuel b.1636
WADSWORTH, Samuel Bartlett b.1791
WADSWORTH, Sarah b.1762
WADSWORTH, Sarah b.1715
WADSWORTH, Sarah b.1682
WADSWORTH, Sarah b.1626
WADSWORTH, Seth b.1766
WADSWORTH, Stephen b.1752
WADSWORTH, Timothy b.1666
WADSWORTH, Uriah b.1751
WADSWORTH, Uriah b.1708
WADSWORTH, Welthean b.1759
WADSWORTH, William b.1629
WADSWORTH, William b.1600
WADSWORTH, Zilpah b.1746
WADSWORTH, Zilpah b.1742
WADSWORTH, Zilpah b.1778


WAFRE, Lucy la b.1260


WAHULL, Rohese de b.1170
WAHULL, Walter de Knight b.1227


WAINWRIGHT, Benjamin b.1666
WAINWRIGHT, Elizabeth b.1668
WAINWRIGHT, Francis b.1664
WAINWRIGHT, Francis b.1623
WAINWRIGHT, Jacob b.1653
WAINWRIGHT, John b.1648
WAINWRIGHT, Martha b.1658
WAINWRIGHT, Mary b.1655
WAINWRIGHT, Mehitable b.1662
WAINWRIGHT, Sarah b.1650
WAINWRIGHT, Simon b.1660


WAIT, Anna b.1728
WAIT, Ellen A. b.1850
WAIT, Jeremiah b.1645
WAIT, Luther b.1824


WAITE, Hannah b.1656
WAITE, Hepzibah b.1707
WAITE, Jabez b.1696
WAITE, John b.1646
WAITE, John b.1618
WAITE, Joseph b.1648
WAITE, Mary b.1653
WAITE, Mehitable b.1658
WAITE, Nathaniel b.1667
WAITE, Rebecca b.1662
WAITE, Samuel b.1650
WAITE, Sarah b.1664
WAITE, Thomas b.1660


WAKE, Anne b.1350
WAKE, Baldwin Knight b.1236
WAKE, Baldwin b.1137
WAKE, Baldwin b.1176
WAKE, Elizabeth b.1264
WAKE, Geoffrey b.1087
WAKE, Geoffrey b.1147
WAKE, Hugh b.1140
WAKE, Hugh Knight b.1298
WAKE, Hugh Knight b.1272
WAKE, Hugh Knight b.1240
WAKE, Hugh b.1112
WAKE, Hugh b.1210
WAKE, Ida b.1257
WAKE, Joan b.1260
WAKE, John b.1299
WAKE, John Lord Wake b.1269
WAKE, Margaret b.1118
WAKE, Margaret b.1295
WAKE, Mirabel b.1309
WAKE, N.N. b.1278
WAKE, N.N. b.1170
WAKE, Nicholas b.1238
WAKE, Thomas Knight b.1280
WAKE, Thomas Knight b.1325
WAKE, Thomas Esquire b.1430
WAKE, Thomas Lord Wake b.1297
WAKE, William a.1598


WAKEFIELD, Benjamin a.1743
WAKEFIELD, Hannah a.1644
WAKEFIELD, Henry b.1658
WAKEFIELD, James b.1664
WAKEFIELD, John b.1652
WAKEFIELD, John b.1619
WAKEFIELD, John b.1615
WAKEFIELD, Katherine b.1661
WAKEFIELD, Martha a.1650
WAKEFIELD, Mary b.1650
WAKEFIELD, Mary a.1645
WAKEFIELD, N.N. b.1655
WAKEFIELD, Priscilla A. b.1830
WAKEFIELD, William b.1667


WAKEHURST, Anne b.1410
WAKEHURST, Elizabeth b.1447
WAKEHURST, Isabel b.1412
WAKEHURST, Margaret b.1415
WAKEHURST, Margaret b.1444
WAKEHURST, Richard b.1418
WAKEHURST, Richard Esquire b.1385


WAKELEE, Abigail b.1665
WAKELEE, Deliverance b.1651
WAKELEE, Henry b.1620
WAKELEE, Jacob b.1656
WAKELEE, James b.1654
WAKELEE, Josiah a.1760
WAKELEE, Mary b.1660
WAKELEE, Mercy b.1658
WAKELEE, Patience b.1662


WAKELYN, Thomas b.1345


WAKEMAN, Anne b.1668
WAKEMAN, Anne b.1527
WAKEMAN, Anne a.1549
WAKEMAN, Anne a.1614
WAKEMAN, Bethiah b.1634
WAKEMAN, Ebenezer b.1662
WAKEMAN, Eliphalet b.1749
WAKEMAN, Elizabeth b.1665
WAKEMAN, Elizabeth a.1638
WAKEMAN, Elizabeth b.1632
WAKEMAN, Elizabeth b.1640
WAKEMAN, Esther a.1617
WAKEMAN, Ezbon b.1636
WAKEMAN, Francis b.1560
WAKEMAN, Hannah b.1638
WAKEMAN, Helen a.1632
WAKEMAN, Isaac a.1606
WAKEMAN, Jabez b.1678
WAKEMAN, John a.1630
WAKEMAN, John b.1425
WAKEMAN, John b.1594
WAKEMAN, John Bishop of Gloucester b.1477
WAKEMAN, John b.1523
WAKEMAN, John a.1552
WAKEMAN, John a.1555
WAKEMAN, John a.1601
WAKEMAN, John b.1659
WAKEMAN, Joseph b.1670
WAKEMAN, Joseph a.1609
WAKEMAN, Martha a.1596
WAKEMAN, Mary b.1672
WAKEMAN, Mary a.1591
WAKEMAN, Mehitable a.1721
WAKEMAN, N.N. b.1630
WAKEMAN, Priscilla b.1611
WAKEMAN, Richard b.1481
WAKEMAN, Richard b.1500
WAKEMAN, Richard a.1557
WAKEMAN, Roger b.1498
WAKEMAN, Roger a.1546
WAKEMAN, Samuel b.1657
WAKEMAN, Samuel a.1635
WAKEMAN, Samuel a.1603
WAKEMAN, Sarah a.1593
WAKEMAN, Thomas b.1479
WAKEMAN, Thomas b.1525
WAKEMAN, William b.1427
WAKEMAN, William b.1400
WAKEMAN, William b.1450
WAKEMAN, William b.1475
WAKEMAN, William b.1521


WAKLEY, Dicey Bernettie b.1857


WALBECK, Eiliswintha of b.929
WALBECK, Lothar I of Count of Walbeck b.880
WALBECK, Lothar II of Count of Walbeck b.904
WALBECK, Lothar III of b.936
WALBECK, Siegfried of Count of Walbeck b.932


WALBYF, Elsbeth b.1289
WALBYF, Elsbeth b.1319
WALBYF, Jonet b.1204
WALBYF, Philip b.1264
WALBYF, Philpot b.1290


WALCOT, Alexander de Knight b.1323
WALCOT, Isabel b.1401
WALCOT, John b.1376
WALCOT, Katherine de b.1359
WALCOT, Margaret b.1403
WALCOT, Margaret de b.1348
WALCOT, Walter de Knight b.1335


WALCOTT, Alice b.1523
WALCOTT, Beatrice a.1574
WALCOTT, Joanna b.1687
WALCOTT, Rachel b.1692
WALCOTT, William b.1608


WALDEGRAVE, Agnes b.1403
WALDEGRAVE, Anne b.1507
WALDEGRAVE, Anne b.1424
WALDEGRAVE, Anne b.1463
WALDEGRAVE, Anne b.1506
WALDEGRAVE, Anne b.1495
WALDEGRAVE, Anne b.1625
WALDEGRAVE, Anthony Esquire b.1489
WALDEGRAVE, Barnaby b.1527
WALDEGRAVE, Bridget b.1485
WALDEGRAVE, Charles Knight b.1626
WALDEGRAVE, Charles Esquire b.1550
WALDEGRAVE, Christopher a.1562
WALDEGRAVE, Dorothy b.1539
WALDEGRAVE, Dorothy b.1500
WALDEGRAVE, Edmund b.1497
WALDEGRAVE, Edward Knight b.1510
WALDEGRAVE, Edward Esquire b.1514
WALDEGRAVE, Edward Esquire b.1465
WALDEGRAVE, Elizabeth b.1600
WALDEGRAVE, Elizabeth a.1575
WALDEGRAVE, Elizabeth Nun b.1472
WALDEGRAVE, Frances b.1583
WALDEGRAVE, George b.1511
WALDEGRAVE, George Esquire b.1483
WALDEGRAVE, Griselda b.1499
WALDEGRAVE, Henry Lord Waldegrave b.1661
WALDEGRAVE, James Earl Waldegrave b.1684
WALDEGRAVE, Jane Nun b.1487
WALDEGRAVE, Jane b.1466
WALDEGRAVE, Jemima b.1606
WALDEGRAVE, John b.1514
WALDEGRAVE, John a.1577
WALDEGRAVE, John Esquire b.1486
WALDEGRAVE, Julian b.1524
WALDEGRAVE, Katherine b.1546
WALDEGRAVE, Katherine b.1470
WALDEGRAVE, Magdala b.1556
WALDEGRAVE, Margaret b.1603
WALDEGRAVE, Margaret b.1491
WALDEGRAVE, Margaret b.1387
WALDEGRAVE, Margaret de b.1307
WALDEGRAVE, Margery b.1530
WALDEGRAVE, Margery b.1490
WALDEGRAVE, Mary b.1508
WALDEGRAVE, Mary b.1548
WALDEGRAVE, Mary b.1536
WALDEGRAVE, Mary a.1598
WALDEGRAVE, Mary b.1481
WALDEGRAVE, Nicholas Esquire b.1553
WALDEGRAVE, Philip b.1580
WALDEGRAVE, Phyllis b.1508
WALDEGRAVE, Richard Knight b.1310
WALDEGRAVE, Richard b.1517
WALDEGRAVE, Richard b.1468
WALDEGRAVE, Richard Knight b.1337
WALDEGRAVE, Richard Knight b.1368
WALDEGRAVE, Richard Knight b.1401
WALDEGRAVE, Robert b.1512
WALDEGRAVE, Thomas Esquire a.1572
WALDEGRAVE, Thomas Esquire b.1530
WALDEGRAVE, Thomas b.1494
WALDEGRAVE, Thomas Knight b.1439
WALDEGRAVE, William Knight b.1533
WALDEGRAVE, William a.1582
WALDEGRAVE, William b.1521
WALDEGRAVE, William b.1372
WALDEGRAVE, William b.1493
WALDEGRAVE, William Knight b.1504
WALDEGRAVE, William Knight b.1462


WALDEN, Alexander b.1413
WALDEN, Alice b.1375
WALDEN, Ann b.1617
WALDEN, Elizabeth b.1491
WALDEN, Isabel b.1438
WALDEN, Jane b.1471
WALDEN, John b.1468
WALDEN, Joseph b.1695
WALDEN, Margaret b.1579
WALDEN, Margaret b.1530
WALDEN, Naomi b.1691
WALDEN, Richard Knight b.1465
WALDEN, Robert b.1503
WALDEN, Thomas Gentleman b.1439


WALDO, Cornelius b.1655
WALDO, Cornelius b.1715
WALDO, Deborah b.1661
WALDO, Edward b.1684
WALDO, Rebecca b.1686
WALDO, Susanna b.1684


WALDRON, Lydia b.1725
WALDRON, Ruth b.1732


WALDYFFE, Catherine b.1432


WALERAN, Albreda b.1184
WALERAN, Cecily b.1182
WALERAN, Joan b.1187
WALERAN, Walter b.1135


WALERAND, Alice b.1209
WALERAND, Alice Abbess of Romsey b.1240
WALERAND, Cecily b.1237
WALERAND, John b.1233
WALERAND, Robert b.1235
WALERAND, Robert Sheriff of Gloucestershire b.1212
WALERAND, William Knight b.1207
WALERAND, William Knight b.1180


WALES, Timothy b.1670


WALETON, Alexander de b.1298
WALETON, John de b.1271
WALETON, Margery de b.1296


WALEYS, Agnes le b.1197
WALEYS, Annora le b.1328
WALEYS, Elizabeth le Baroness le Waleys b.1344
WALEYS, Henry le b.1177
WALEYS, John le b.1175
WALEYS, Maud le b.1230
WALEYS, N.N. le b.1173
WALEYS, Pernel le b.1171
WALEYS, Richard le b.1142
WALEYS, Richard le Lord Waleys b.1265
WALEYS, Stephen le Lord Waleys b.1306
WALEYS, William le b.1169
WALEYS, William le b.1172


WALKER, Abigail b.1688
WALKER, Abigail a.1670
WALKER, Abigail b.1711
WALKER, Alice b.1862
WALKER, Ann b.1579
WALKER, Augustine b.1548
WALKER, Benjamin b.1651
WALKER, Benjamin b.1699
WALKER, Carrie b.1891
WALKER, David W. b.1869
WALKER, Dorothy a.1573
WALKER, Edward b.1690
WALKER, Edward b.1663
WALKER, Edward b.1693
WALKER, Eleazer b.1662
WALKER, Eliakim b.1652
WALKER, Elisha b.1726
WALKER, Elishua b.1636
WALKER, Elizabeth b.1670
WALKER, Elizabeth a.1603
WALKER, Elizabeth a.1676
WALKER, Elizabeth b.1674
WALKER, Elizabeth b.1559
WALKER, Elizabeth b.1644
WALKER, Elizabeth a.1583
WALKER, Esther b.1655
WALKER, Grace b.1599
WALKER, Hannah b.1681
WALKER, Hannah b.1647
WALKER, Hannah b.1648
WALKER, Hannah b.1710
WALKER, Hannah b.1686
WALKER, Hannah b.1669
WALKER, Henry b.1679
WALKER, Isaac a.1645
WALKER, Israel b.1684
WALKER, Israel b.1672
WALKER, Israel b.1648
WALKER, Jacob b.1685
WALKER, Jacob b.1644
WALKER, James b.1646
WALKER, James b.1618
WALKER, James b.1674
WALKER, James J. b.1893
WALKER, John b.1650
WALKER, John b.1665
WALKER, John a.1606
WALKER, John a.1610
WALKER, John b.1656
WALKER, John b.1639
WALKER, John b.1674
WALKER, John b.1655
WALKER, Joseph b.1645
WALKER, Joseph a.1646
WALKER, Kilburn Barrett b.1840
WALKER, Margaret a.1605
WALKER, Margaret Vera b.1923
WALKER, Mary b.1654
WALKER, Mary a.1649
WALKER, Mary b.1679
WALKER, Mary b.1576
WALKER, Mary b.1671
WALKER, Mary a.1641
WALKER, Mercy b.1682
WALKER, Michael a.1612
WALKER, Moses a.1673
WALKER, Mrs. Margaret b.1605
WALKER, Nathan b.1677
WALKER, Nathaniel b.1682
WALKER, Nathaniel b.1642
WALKER, Obadiah b.1649
WALKER, Peter b.1649
WALKER, Phebe b.1676
WALKER, Richard b.1611
WALKER, Robert a.1608
WALKER, Samuel b.1617
WALKER, Samuel b.1671
WALKER, Samuel b.1656
WALKER, Samuel b.1667
WALKER, Samuel b.1643
WALKER, Sarah b.1670
WALKER, Sarah b.1697
WALKER, Sarah b.1641
WALKER, Sarah b.1708
WALKER, Sarah a.1622
WALKER, Susanna b.1674
WALKER, Sybil b.1762
WALKER, Tabitha b.1647
WALKER, Thomas a.1601
WALKER, Thomas b.1570
WALKER, Thomas a.1649
WALKER, Thomas b.1642
WALKER, Thomas b.1689
WALKER, Timothy b.1672
WALKER, Timothy a.1650
WALKER, Victorine Elizabeth b.1849
WALKER, Willard W. b.1864
WALKER, William a.1620
WALKER, Zechariah a.1670
WALKER, Zechariah b.1637


WALKINGHAM, Alan de b.1260


WALKINGTON, Agnes de b.1307


WALKINTON, Alice de b.1285


WALKLEY, Richard b.1646


WALL, Alice b.1568
WALL, Daniel b.1726
WALL, David b.1725
WALL, Edmund b.1609
WALL, Elijah b.1803
WALL, James b.1600
WALL, Lydia b.1608
WALL, Mary b.1611
WALL, Mary b.1700
WALL, Moses b.1606
WALL, Moses b.1570
WALL, William b.1624


WALLACE, Abbie E. b.1854
WALLACE, Abigail b.1793
WALLACE, Abigail b.1764
WALLACE, Abitha J. b.1842
WALLACE, Abraham Lincoln b.1865
WALLACE, Adelbert H. b.1865
WALLACE, Affie E. b.1855
WALLACE, Albert Rufus b.1855
WALLACE, Albion Keith Parris b.1863
WALLACE, Albion King Parris b.1824
WALLACE, Alexander b.1807
WALLACE, Alfred b.1832
WALLACE, Allan A. b.1885
WALLACE, Ambrose Small b.1812
WALLACE, Amos b.1812
WALLACE, Angelia b.1840
WALLACE, Antoinette b.1850
WALLACE, Aphphatha Eliza b.1838
WALLACE, Aphphatha Eliza b.1830
WALLACE, Arthur A. b.1915
WALLACE, Arthur Bickford b.1886
WALLACE, Arthur C. b.1859
WALLACE, Augustus b.1838
WALLACE, Augustus Holloway b.1856
WALLACE, Benjamin b.1783
WALLACE, Benjamin b.1738
WALLACE, Benjamin Franklin b.1830
WALLACE, Betty Renee b.1918
WALLACE, Caroline b.1822
WALLACE, Caroline S. b.1830
WALLACE, Caroline Susan b.1827
WALLACE, Carrie S. b.1852
WALLACE, Charles Adolphus b.1828
WALLACE, Charles Adolphus b.1802
WALLACE, Charles S. b.1888
WALLACE, Charles Sumner b.1858
WALLACE, Charlotte Helen b.1841
WALLACE, Charlotte K. b.1883
WALLACE, Christiana Catherine b.1793
WALLACE, Cora E. b.1860
WALLACE, Cynthia b.1810
WALLACE, David b.1810
WALLACE, David b.1723
WALLACE, Deborah b.1792
WALLACE, Deborah a.1740
WALLACE, Deborah Ann b.1818
WALLACE, Deborah Smith b.1808
WALLACE, Delia S. b.1836
WALLACE, Dolly b.1809
WALLACE, Duncan Knight b.1318
WALLACE, Edmund Upton b.1852
WALLACE, Edna F. b.1895
WALLACE, Edward C. b.1850
WALLACE, Edwin b.1835
WALLACE, Effie J. b.1849
WALLACE, Eliza b.1798
WALLACE, Elizabeth b.1834
WALLACE, Elizabeth Bowles b.1835
WALLACE, Elizabeth Thorndike b.1805
WALLACE, Elizabeth W. b.1844
WALLACE, Elmer E. b.1860
WALLACE, Esther D. b.1901
WALLACE, Eudora S. b.1860
WALLACE, Everett Wakefield b.1863
WALLACE, Fannie b.1888
WALLACE, Fearing Thatcher b.1824
WALLACE, Foster E. b.1854
WALLACE, Frances Small b.1886
WALLACE, Frances W. b.1842
WALLACE, Francis Xavier b.1835
WALLACE, Frank S. b.1892
WALLACE, Frederick Smith b.1864
WALLACE, Frederick Smith b.1832
WALLACE, George Hannabal b.1856
WALLACE, George M. b.1856
WALLACE, George Washington b.1828
WALLACE, George Washington b.1800
WALLACE, Gerard H. b.1898
WALLACE, Hannah b.1795
WALLACE, Hannah b.1849
WALLACE, Hannah b.1802
WALLACE, Hannah b.1767
WALLACE, Harriet Almira b.1892
WALLACE, Harriet Blake b.1861
WALLACE, Harriet Blake b.1835
WALLACE, Harry Alton b.1894
WALLACE, Harvey Allison b.1860
WALLACE, Helen Amanda b.1832
WALLACE, Helen Georgia b.1896
WALLACE, Henry A. b.1854
WALLACE, Herbert A. b.1891
WALLACE, Herman B. b.1856
WALLACE, Isabelle b.1889
WALLACE, James b.1767
WALLACE, James a.1743
WALLACE, James Bartlett b.1847
WALLACE, James Harrison b.1861
WALLACE, James W. b.1837
WALLACE, James W. b.1806
WALLACE, Jason Drisko b.1889
WALLACE, Jesse S. b.1854
WALLACE, Jessie W. b.1894
WALLACE, Joanna b.1814
WALLACE, Joanna b.1784
WALLACE, Joanna b.1773
WALLACE, John b.1755
WALLACE, John b.1806
WALLACE, John b.1719
WALLACE, John Nickels b.1788
WALLACE, John Nickels b.1785
WALLACE, John O. b.1862
WALLACE, John S. b.1861
WALLACE, John Sanborn b.1838
WALLACE, John Thorndike b.1799
WALLACE, John Thorndike b.1868
WALLACE, John Thorndike b.1828
WALLACE, John Thorndike Smith b.1792
WALLACE, Joseph b.1790
WALLACE, Joseph b.1790
WALLACE, Joseph b.1763
WALLACE, Joseph b.1736
WALLACE, Joseph Louis Xavier Francois b.1833
WALLACE, Joseph Malcolm b.1825
WALLACE, Josiah b.1805
WALLACE, Josiah b.1796
WALLACE, Josiah b.1758
WALLACE, Josiah a.1729
WALLACE, Josiah b.1733
WALLACE, Julia Antoinette b.1841
WALLACE, Leonard Brown b.1869
WALLACE, Lola May b.1890
WALLACE, Lorina b.1885
WALLACE, Loring b.1885
WALLACE, Louis Joseph Xavier Francois b.1790
WALLACE, Louis Nelson b.1842
WALLACE, Lucretia D. b.1856
WALLACE, Lucy b.1801
WALLACE, Lucy Maria b.1826
WALLACE, Lydia Jane b.1837
WALLACE, Mahala b.1798
WALLACE, Margaret C. b.1868
WALLACE, Maria S. b.1825
WALLACE, Maria Smith b.1844
WALLACE, Marion L. b.1889
WALLACE, Mary b.1768
WALLACE, Mary b.1777
WALLACE, Mary b.1731
WALLACE, Mary C. b.1804
WALLACE, Mary Eliza b.1887
WALLACE, Mary Jane b.1822
WALLACE, Mary Jones b.1838
WALLACE, Mary Letitia b.1858
WALLACE, Mary Upton b.1819
WALLACE, Moses Hinckley b.1809
WALLACE, N.N. b.1780
WALLACE, Nancy Ann b.1809
WALLACE, Nancy Waite b.1821
WALLACE, Nancy Waite b.1798
WALLACE, Palmer L. b.1894
WALLACE, Patience b.1770
WALLACE, Patience b.1764
WALLACE, Patience b.1721
WALLACE, Permelia b.1811
WALLACE, Phillip Cummings b.1867
WALLACE, Ralph C. b.1867
WALLACE, Raymond Noyes b.1871
WALLACE, Robert b.1818
WALLACE, Robert b.1800
WALLACE, Robert b.1762
WALLACE, Russell B. b.1881
WALLACE, Samuel b.1882
WALLACE, Samuel C. b.1851
WALLACE, Samuel Clark b.1832
WALLACE, Samuel P. Clark b.1895
WALLACE, Sarah b.1797
WALLACE, Sarah b.1788
WALLACE, Sarah Elizabeth b.1822
WALLACE, Sarah Sanborn b.1873
WALLACE, Sophronia b.1803
WALLACE, Stanley Moore b.1894
WALLACE, Stephen Bowles b.1846
WALLACE, Stephen Smith b.1823
WALLACE, Sumner Philip b.1882
WALLACE, Susan b.1857
WALLACE, Susan Helen b.1883
WALLACE, Susannah b.1727
WALLACE, Thatcher Fearing b.1864
WALLACE, Willey S. b.1858
WALLACE, William b.1761
WALLACE, William Bartlett b.1843
WALLACE, William E. b.1830
WALLACE, William Ellis b.1795
WALLACE, William Harrison b.1863
WALLACE, William Harrison b.1840
WALLACE, William Henry b.1814
WALLACE, Winnifred Blanchard b.1862


WALLEIS, Agnes b.1284
WALLEIS, William b.1259


WALLENGER, Thomasine b.1571


WALLER, Alice b.1425
WALLER, Elizabeth b.1676
WALLER, Joan b.1515
WALLER, John b.1431
WALLER, John b.1370
WALLER, Katherine b.1530
WALLER, Richard b.1428
WALLER, Richard Sheriff of Kent b.1395
WALLER, Robert b.1510
WALLER, Thomas b.1339
WALLER, William Esquire b.1517


WALLEYS, Alice b.1472


WALLIN, Jane b.1552


WALLINGFORD, Sarah b.1704


WALLINGTON, Anne a.1584
WALLINGTON, Anne a.1589
WALLINGTON, Dorcas a.1600
WALLINGTON, Elizabeth a.1585
WALLINGTON, John a.1594
WALLINGTON, John a.1587
WALLINGTON, John b.1553
WALLINGTON, Martha a.1595
WALLINGTON, Mary a.1590
WALLINGTON, Nehemiah a.1599
WALLINGTON, Samuel a.1596
WALLINGTON, Sarah a.1602
WALLINGTON, Sarah a.1592


WALLIS, Abigail b.1702
WALLIS, Anna b.1705
WALLIS, Anna a.1709
WALLIS, Bartholomew b.1684
WALLIS, Bartholomew b.1657
WALLIS, Beatrice b.1398
WALLIS, Benjamin b.1691
WALLIS, Benjamin b.1707
WALLIS, Benjamin b.1675
WALLIS, Caleb b.1695
WALLIS, Caleb b.1666
WALLIS, Daniel b.1701
WALLIS, Degory a.1601
WALLIS, Degory b.1575
WALLIS, Dorcas b.1660
WALLIS, Dorcas a.1743
WALLIS, Ebenezer b.1707
WALLIS, Eleanor b.1652
WALLIS, Elizabeth b.1686
WALLIS, Elizabeth b.1711
WALLIS, Elizabeth b.1694
WALLIS, Elizabeth b.1678
WALLIS, Honor b.1610
WALLIS, James b.1696
WALLIS, James b.1596
WALLIS, James b.1668
WALLIS, Joan b.1524
WALLIS, John b.1678
WALLIS, John b.1654
WALLIS, John a.1604
WALLIS, John a.1626
WALLIS, John b.1696
WALLIS, Jonathan b.1711
WALLIS, Joseph b.1704
WALLIS, Joseph b.1680
WALLIS, Joshua b.1697
WALLIS, Joshua b.1668
WALLIS, Josiah b.1711
WALLIS, Josiah b.1707
WALLIS, Josiah b.1662
WALLIS, Margaret b.1681
WALLIS, Margaret b.1699
WALLIS, Martha b.1701
WALLIS, Martha b.1672
WALLIS, Mary b.1693
WALLIS, Mary b.1659
WALLIS, Mary b.1713
WALLIS, Mary a.1693
WALLIS, N.N. b.1702
WALLIS, N.N. b.1700
WALLIS, Nathaniel b.1689
WALLIS, Nathaniel b.1700
WALLIS, Nathaniel b.1671
WALLIS, Nathaniel b.1699
WALLIS, Nathaniel a.1632
WALLIS, Rebecca b.1699
WALLIS, Rebecca b.1683
WALLIS, Richard b.1496
WALLIS, Samuel b.1708
WALLIS, Samuel b.1711
WALLIS, Sarah b.1675
WALLIS, Sarah a.1698
WALLIS, Sarah b.1694
WALLIS, Sarah a.1693
WALLIS, Susanna b.1685
WALLIS, Susanna b.1699
WALLIS, Walter b.1465
WALLIS, William b.1429
WALLIS, William b.1648


WALLISON, Elizabeth b.1578
WALLISON, John Esquire b.1551
WALLISON, Margaret b.1580
WALLISON, Mary b.1576


WALLOP, John K.G. b.1489


WALLS, Elizabeth b.1770
WALLS, John b.1772
WALLS, John b.1745


WALLYS, Joanna b.1380
WALLYS, John b.1592
WALLYS, William b.1402


WALMESLEY, Anne b.1602


WALMSLEY, William b.1834


WALPOLE, Anne b.1685
WALPOLE, Anne b.1656
WALPOLE, Anne a.1596
WALPOLE, Arthur a.1581
WALPOLE, Arthur Esquire b.1520
WALPOLE, Burwell b.1675
WALPOLE, Charles b.1691
WALPOLE, Christopher b.1680
WALPOLE, Dorothy b.1686
WALPOLE, Dorothy b.1659
WALPOLE, Dymoke Esquire a.1584
WALPOLE, Edward a.1577
WALPOLE, Edward b.1674
WALPOLE, Edward a.1664
WALPOLE, Edward a.1652
WALPOLE, Edward K.B. a.1621
WALPOLE, Elizabeth a.1575
WALPOLE, Elizabeth b.1682
WALPOLE, Elizabeth b.1681
WALPOLE, Elizabeth b.1665
WALPOLE, Elizabeth b.1654
WALPOLE, Galfridus b.1684
WALPOLE, Horatio Esquire b.1663
WALPOLE, Horatio Lord Walpole b.1678
WALPOLE, Jane a.1582
WALPOLE, Jane a.1651
WALPOLE, John b.1677
WALPOLE, John b.1658
WALPOLE, Mary b.1673
WALPOLE, Mary b.1661
WALPOLE, Mordaunt b.1688
WALPOLE, N.N. b.1695
WALPOLE, N.N. b.1690
WALPOLE, Robert b.1579
WALPOLE, Robert Earl of Orford b.1676
WALPOLE, Robert Esquire b.1650
WALPOLE, Susan b.1687
WALPOLE, Susan b.1672
WALPOLE, Susan b.1660
WALPOLE, Susan b.1653
WALPOLE, Thomas a.1574
WALPOLE, William b.1693


WALRON, William b.1426


WALROND, Anne b.1538
WALROND, Edmund Esquire b.1539
WALROND, Edward b.1528
WALROND, Elizabeth b.1536
WALROND, Elizabeth b.1560
WALROND, George b.1533
WALROND, George b.1558
WALROND, Jane b.1564
WALROND, Mary b.1503
WALROND, Roger b.1567
WALROND, Thomas Gentleman b.1500
WALROND, Thomas b.1562
WALROND, Thomas b.1412
WALROND, Thomas Esquire b.1526
WALROND, William Gentleman b.1475
WALROND, William b.1530


WALSBEE, David b.1625


WALSELE, Joan b.1544


WALSH, Anne b.1518
WALSH, Elizabeth b.1462
WALSH, Elizabeth le b.1374
WALSH, John Knight b.1470
WALSH, John le b.1368
WALSH, John le Knight b.1315
WALSH, Margaret le b.1372
WALSH, Nicholas b.1525
WALSH, Richard le b.1377
WALSH, Robert le b.1290
WALSH, Roger le b.1235
WALSH, Roger le Knight b.1288
WALSH, Thomas le b.1370
WALSH, Thomas le Knight b.1340
WALSH, William b.1475
WALSH, William le b.1286
WALSH, William le Knight b.1260
WALSH, William le Knight b.1366


WALSHAM, Alexander Knight b.1294


WALSINGHAM, Alice b.1516
WALSINGHAM, Ann b.1566
WALSINGHAM, Barbara b.1554
WALSINGHAM, Barbara b.1524
WALSINGHAM, Cecily b.1487
WALSINGHAM, Christian b.1526
WALSINGHAM, Dorothy a.1580
WALSINGHAM, Edmund Esquire b.1557
WALSINGHAM, Edmund Knight b.1490
WALSINGHAM, Eleanor b.1520
WALSINGHAM, Eleanor b.1532
WALSINGHAM, Eleanor b.1530
WALSINGHAM, Elizabeth b.1583
WALSINGHAM, Elizabeth a.1581
WALSINGHAM, Elizabeth b.1497
WALSINGHAM, Elizabeth b.1534
WALSINGHAM, Frances b.1574
WALSINGHAM, Frances b.1568
WALSINGHAM, Francis a.1561
WALSINGHAM, Francis Knight b.1530
WALSINGHAM, Frideswith b.1571
WALSINGHAM, George b.1518
WALSINGHAM, Guildford Esquire b.1555
WALSINGHAM, James a.1564
WALSINGHAM, James Knight b.1462
WALSINGHAM, Jane b.1577
WALSINGHAM, John b.1529
WALSINGHAM, Katherine b.1523
WALSINGHAM, Katherine a.1559
WALSINGHAM, Margaret b.1484
WALSINGHAM, Mary b.1514
WALSINGHAM, Mary a.1564
WALSINGHAM, Mary a.1573
WALSINGHAM, Mary b.1528
WALSINGHAM, Thomas Knight b.1568
WALSINGHAM, Thomas Knight b.1526
WALSINGHAM, Walter b.1532
WALSINGHAM, William Esquire b.1493


WALSTON, Abigail V. b.1873
WALSTON, Effie J. b.1876
WALSTON, Elbert Cacey b.1911
WALSTON, Ellis Herbert b.1900
WALSTON, Gilliam Harris b.1874
WALSTON, Helen Roselle b.1913
WALSTON, John W. b.1871
WALSTON, Joseph E. b.1850
WALSTON, Joseph Walter b.1879
WALSTON, Marian Eloise b.1908
WALSTON, Mary b.1884
WALSTON, Violet E. b.1903
WALSTON, William b.1870


WALTER, Abigail b.1588
WALTER, Anne b.1545
WALTER, Anne b.1585
WALTER, Bridget b.1555
WALTER, David b.1611
WALTER, Dorothy a.1572
WALTER, Edmund Esquire b.1532
WALTER, Edward a.1574
WALTER, Edward b.1603
WALTER, Elinor b.1526
WALTER, Elizabeth b.1540
WALTER, Elizabeth b.1613
WALTER, Hamon b.1165
WALTER, Henry b.1529
WALTER, Hervey b.1130
WALTER, Hubert Archbishop of Canterbury b.1158
WALTER, Isabel b.1542
WALTER, Jacquetta b.1551
WALTER, James b.1563
WALTER, Jane a.1589
WALTER, John b.1607
WALTER, John Knight a.1565
WALTER, John a.1569
WALTER, Katherine b.1583
WALTER, Katherine b.1605
WALTER, Margaret b.1553
WALTER, Margaret b.1616
WALTER, Margaret a.1564
WALTER, Mary a.1567
WALTER, Mary b.1609
WALTER, Mildred b.1557
WALTER, Richard b.1535
WALTER, Richard b.1497
WALTER, Richard b.1579
WALTER, Richard a.1567
WALTER, Richard b.1535
WALTER, Robert b.1549
WALTER, Roger b.1162
WALTER, Samuel a.1569
WALTER, Sarah b.1576
WALTER, Susan b.1560
WALTER, Theobald I b.1156
WALTER, Thomas b.1538
WALTER, Thomas b.1639
WALTER, Thomasine b.1540
WALTER, Walter b.1160
WALTER, William Esquire b.1523
WALTER, William Knight b.1580
WALTER, William Esquire b.1547
WALTER, William Knight b.1602
WALTER, William ap Gentleman b.1504


WALTERS, John William b.1828


WALTHAM, Agnes b.1402
WALTHAM, Bonnefille de b.1233
WALTHAM, Henry de b.1205
WALTHAM, John de b.1231


WALTON, Abigail b.1716
WALTON, Abishag b.1640
WALTON, Dorcas b.1644
WALTON, Elizabeth a.1629
WALTON, George b.1649
WALTON, George b.1615
WALTON, Joan b.1389
WALTON, John b.1524
WALTON, John de Esquire b.1340
WALTON, John de Esquire b.1363
WALTON, John de b.1240
WALTON, Martha b.1642
WALTON, Mary b.1646
WALTON, Maud de b.1270
WALTON, N.N. b.1652
WALTON, N.N. de b.1120
WALTON, Richard Knight b.1386
WALTON, Samuel b.1639
WALTON, Shadrack b.1657
WALTON, Thomas b.1550


WALWYN, Alice b.1452
WALWYN, Elizabeth b.1450
WALWYN, Emma b.1492
WALWYN, Richard Knight b.1494
WALWYN, Richard b.1429
WALWYN, Thomas Esquire b.1455

Surname List