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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


TINTAGEL, Robert de b.1165


TIPPING, Bartholomew b.1645
TIPPING, Mary b.1600


TIPTOFT, Edward Earl of Worcester b.1469
TIPTOFT, Joan b.1425
TIPTOFT, John Lord Tiptoft b.1375
TIPTOFT, John Earl of Worcester b.1427
TIPTOFT, Joyce b.1430
TIPTOFT, Philippe b.1423


TIREL, Walter Lord of Poix b.1060


TISDALE, John a.1645
TISDALE, Joshua b.1647
TISDALE, Sarah b.1744
TISDALE, Sarah b.1650


TISUN, Adam b.1090
TISUN, Avice b.1125
TISUN, Gilbert b.1060
TISUN, Richard b.1092
TISUN, William b.1122


TITCOMB, Abigail b.1743
TITCOMB, Anne b.1703


TITHERTON, Daniel b.1647
TITHERTON, Daniel b.1612
TITHERTON, Elizabeth b.1641
TITHERTON, Joanna b.1638
TITHERTON, Mary b.1676
TITHERTON, Mary b.1644
TITHERTON, Samuel b.1655
TITHERTON, Sarah b.1673
TITHERTON, Timothy b.1651


TITLEY, Audrey b.1394
TITLEY, John Esquire b.1369


TITTENLEGH, Adam de b.1209
TITTENLEGH, Elizabeth de b.1234


TITUS, Abiel b.1678
TITUS, Abigail b.1653
TITUS, Elizabeth b.1691
TITUS, John b.1650
TITUS, John b.1721
TITUS, Mildred b.1916
TITUS, Nellie E. b.1866
TITUS, Samuel b.1635
TITUS, Timothy b.1692


TOBEY, Gershom b.1749
TOBEY, John b.1699
TOBEY, Thomas b.1625


TODD, Abigail b.1690
TODD, Catherine b.1652
TODD, Christopher a.1617
TODD, Daniel b.1687
TODD, Elizabeth b.1688
TODD, Elizabeth b.1644
TODD, Grace a.1650
TODD, Hannah b.1680
TODD, James b.1672
TODD, James b.1696
TODD, John b.1661
TODD, John b.1655
TODD, John b.1624
TODD, John a.1594
TODD, John a.1642
TODD, Jonah b.1684
TODD, Joseph b.1679
TODD, Joseph b.1674
TODD, Margaret a.1597
TODD, Mary b.1659
TODD, Mary b.1675
TODD, Mary a.1614
TODD, Mary a.1647
TODD, Mary Ann b.1818
TODD, Mehitable b.1650
TODD, Mercy b.1692
TODD, Mercy a.1655
TODD, Michael b.1653
TODD, Ruth b.1657
TODD, Samuel b.1670
TODD, Samuel b.1672
TODD, Samuel a.1645
TODD, Sarah b.1677
TODD, Sarah b.1670
TODD, Susanna b.1664
TODD, Sybil b.1740
TODD, Thomas b.1665
TODD, Thomas b.1657
TODD, Thomas b.1578
TODD, Timothy b.1668
TODD, William b.1569
TODD, William a.1593


TODRIFF, Henry E. b.1872


TOENI, Adelais de b.1065
TOENI, Adeliza de b.1031
TOENI, Agnes de b.1068
TOENI, Albreda de b.1054
TOENI, Alice de b.1283
TOENI, Alice de b.1253
TOENI, Baldwin de b.1133
TOENI, Berenger de b.1051
TOENI, Constance de b.1233
TOENI, Geoffrey de b.1258
TOENI, Geoffrey de b.1060
TOENI, Geoffrey de b.1136
TOENI, Goda de b.1142
TOENI, Godeheut de b.1187
TOENI, Godeheut de b.1108
TOENI, Godeheut de b.1139
TOENI, Godehildis de b.1078
TOENI, Helbert de b.1020
TOENI, Helinand de b.1022
TOENI, Hugh de b.1106
TOENI, Ida de b.1152
TOENI, Isabel de b.1112
TOENI, Margaret de b.1237
TOENI, Margaret de b.1189
TOENI, Margaret de b.1114
TOENI, Ralph de b.988
TOENI, Ralph I de b.920
TOENI, Ralph II de b.955
TOENI, Ralph III de Seigneur de Conches b.1028
TOENI, Ralph IV de Seigneur de Conches b.1080
TOENI, Ralph V de b.1127
TOENI, Ralph VI de Knight b.1191
TOENI, Ralph VII de Knight b.1255
TOENI, Richard de b.1155
TOENI, Robert de b.1128
TOENI, Robert de Knight b.1276
TOENI, Robert de Lord of Belvoir b.1025
TOENI, Roger de Seigneur de Acquigny b.1130
TOENI, Roger de b.1076
TOENI, Roger I de b.990
TOENI, Roger III de b.1104
TOENI, Roger IV de Knight b.1159
TOENI, Roger V de b.1235
TOENI, Simon de b.1110
TOENI, Vuazo de b.1025
TOENI, William de b.1057


TOFFIELD, John b.1590


TOFT, Henry b.1462
TOFT, Isabella b.1465
TOFT, Roger de b.1196
TOFT, William b.1437
TOFT, William b.1265


TOLBERT, Daniel Marshal b.1832


TOLEDO, Diego Garcia de Alcalde Mayor of Toledo b.1284
TOLEDO, Garcia Ibanez de b.1240
TOLEDO, Ines Garcia de b.1312
TOLEDO, Juan Garcia de b.1257
TOLEDO, Pedro Suarez de b.1356


TOLER, Rachel b.1823


TOLETHORPE, Elizabeth de b.1306
TOLETHORPE, Katherine de b.1323
TOLETHORPE, Maud de b.1303
TOLETHORPE, Thomas de b.1245
TOLETHORPE, William de Esquire b.1270


TOLLEMACHE, Anne a.1589
TOLLEMACHE, Anne b.1621
TOLLEMACHE, Bridget a.1634
TOLLEMACHE, Cecily b.1541
TOLLEMACHE, Dorothy a.1630
TOLLEMACHE, Elizabeth b.1654
TOLLEMACHE, Elizabeth a.1659
TOLLEMACHE, Elizabeth a.1615
TOLLEMACHE, Frances a.1623
TOLLEMACHE, Humphrey b.1530
TOLLEMACHE, Jane a.1629
TOLLEMACHE, John a.1625
TOLLEMACHE, Katherine b.1656
TOLLEMACHE, Katherine a.1661
TOLLEMACHE, Katherine b.1617
TOLLEMACHE, Lionel Earl of Dysart b.1649
TOLLEMACHE, Lionel a.1614
TOLLEMACHE, Lionel Knight a.1624
TOLLEMACHE, Lionel Knight a.1591
TOLLEMACHE, Lionel Knight a.1562
TOLLEMACHE, Lionel Esquire b.1505
TOLLEMACHE, Lionel Knight b.1535
TOLLEMACHE, Margaret a.1626
TOLLEMACHE, Mary a.1628
TOLLEMACHE, Mary b.1538
TOLLEMACHE, Robert Gentleman b.1476
TOLLEMACHE, Susanna a.1619
TOLLEMACHE, Thomas b.1651
TOLLEMACHE, Thomas b.1532
TOLLEMACHE, William a.1662


TOLLEY, Thomas b.1649


TOLLINGTON, Christopher b.1512


TOLLS, Jemima b.1754


TOLMAN, Aquila b.1705
TOLMAN, Desire b.1712
TOLMAN, Elizabeth b.1752
TOLMAN, Elizabeth b.1723
TOLMAN, Elizabeth b.1714
TOLMAN, Hannah a.1640
TOLMAN, Hopestill b.1721
TOLMAN, Isaiah b.1721
TOLMAN, Jane b.1762
TOLMAN, Johnson b.1716
TOLMAN, Mary b.1724
TOLMAN, Patience b.1715
TOLMAN, Priscilla b.1710
TOLMAN, Samuel b.1754
TOLMAN, Samuel b.1717
TOLMAN, Samuel b.1707
TOLMAN, Samuel b.1706
TOLMAN, Samuel b.1676
TOLMAN, Sarah b.1756
TOLMAN, Sarah b.1709
TOLMAN, Susannah b.1758
TOLMAN, Thomas b.1759
TOLMAN, William b.1719


TOLPOTT, Elizabeth b.1600


TOLY, Joan b.1325
TOLY, John b.1300


TOMES, Alice b.1594


TOMLINS, Timothy a.1607


TOMLINSON, Abram b.1646
TOMLINSON, Agur b.1658
TOMLINSON, Bathsheba b.1662
TOMLINSON, Henry b.1618
TOMLINSON, Henry Raphael b.1880
TOMLINSON, Jonas b.1650
TOMLINSON, Margaret b.1644
TOMLINSON, Mary b.1653
TOMLINSON, Phebe b.1656
TOMLINSON, Polly b.1762
TOMLINSON, Tabitha b.1648
TOMLINSON, Thomas b.1460


TOMPKINS, Deborah a.1651
TOMPKINS, Elizabeth b.1646
TOMPKINS, Elizabeth a.1639
TOMPKINS, Elizabeth b.1618
TOMPKINS, Hannah a.1638
TOMPKINS, Hannah a.1641
TOMPKINS, John a.1645
TOMPKINS, John b.1610
TOMPKINS, Mary a.1649
TOMPKINS, Mary b.1621
TOMPKINS, Micah b.1616
TOMPKINS, Nathaniel b.1634
TOMPKINS, Nathaniel b.1612
TOMPKINS, Priscilla b.1653
TOMPKINS, Ralph b.1585
TOMPKINS, Rebecca Alice b.1839
TOMPKINS, Samuel b.1614
TOMPKINS, Sarah a.1643


TOMSON, Abraham b.1571
TOMSON, Alice a.1608
TOMSON, Catherine b.1540
TOMSON, Esther b.1652
TOMSON, Hannah a.1617
TOMSON, Isaac a.1605
TOMSON, John b.1675
TOMSON, Martha a.1603
TOMSON, Mary a.1611
TOMSON, Sarah a.1606
TOMSON, Thomas a.1615


TONG, John de b.1110
TONG, Margaret de b.1303


TONNERRE, Ermengarde de b.1025
TONNERRE, Milo de Count of Tonnerre b.950
TONNERRE, Renaud de Count of Tonnerre b.982


TOOGOOD, Mary b.1707


TOOKEFIELD, Thomas b.1570


TOOLE, Effie Ann b.1820
TOOLE, Gary b.1814
TOOLE, Gillis F. b.1808


TOOLEY, Margaret b.1480
TOOLEY, Sarah b.1717


TOOTHILL, Margaret b.1357


TOOTILL, Anthony b.1562
TOOTILL, Elizabeth b.1572
TOOTILL, Ellen b.1570
TOOTILL, Frances b.1568
TOOTILL, John a.1596
TOOTILL, Mary b.1564
TOOTILL, Richard b.1530
TOOTILL, Robert a.1599
TOOTILL, Simon b.1602
TOOTILL, Simon b.1560
TOOTILL, Thomas b.1566


TOPCLIFFE, Robert b.1507


TOPCLIVE, Alice b.1412


TOPHAM, Mary b.1587


TOPLEY, Margaret a.1577


TOPLIFFE, Patience a.1644


TORBOCK, Alice b.1527
TORBOCK, Edward b.1529
TORBOCK, Frances b.1555
TORBOCK, Henry b.1499
TORBOCK, Henry de b.1361
TORBOCK, John de b.1374
TORBOCK, Margaret b.1523
TORBOCK, Margaret b.1558
TORBOCK, Mary b.1495
TORBOCK, Richard b.1532
TORBOCK, Richard b.1502
TORBOCK, Thomas Esquire b.1497
TORBOCK, William Knight b.1464
TORBOCK, William Esquire b.1525
TORBOCK, William b.1392


TORET, Bartholomew Knight b.1173
TORET, Gerard b.1175
TORET, Gundred Nun b.1180
TORET, Joanna b.1200
TORET, Lucy b.1177
TORET, Peter b.1145
TORET, Philip b.1171


TORNIKAINA, Irene b.1158


TOROND, Catherine b.1348
TOROND, Henry b.1323


TORPEL, Asceline de b.1202
TORPEL, Geoffrey de b.1161
TORPEL, Roger I de b.1138
TORPEL, Roger II de b.1159
TORPEL, Roger III de b.1181
TORPEL, Thomas de b.1163
TORPEL, William b.1205


TORRES, Maria di b.1182


TORREY, Angel b.1657
TORREY, Anne a.1605
TORREY, Bethia b.1665
TORREY, Damaris b.1651
TORREY, Eunice b.1702
TORREY, James b.1644
TORREY, James b.1613
TORREY, Joanna b.1663
TORREY, Jonathan b.1654
TORREY, Jonathan b.1684
TORREY, Jonathan a.1651
TORREY, Joseph b.1649
TORREY, Joseph a.1621
TORREY, Joseph b.1649
TORREY, Josiah b.1659
TORREY, Josiah b.1649
TORREY, Judith b.1654
TORREY, Mary b.1657
TORREY, Mary b.1642
TORREY, Mary b.1618
TORREY, Mary b.1654
TORREY, Micajah b.1643
TORREY, Naomi b.1641
TORREY, Philip b.1579
TORREY, Philip b.1615
TORREY, Samuel b.1632
TORREY, Sarah b.1661
TORREY, Sarah a.1611
TORREY, Sarah b.1686
TORREY, Silence b.1694
TORREY, William b.1646
TORREY, William b.1637
TORREY, William a.1608


TORRINGTON, Alan de b.1149
TORRINGTON, Denise de b.1153
TORRINGTON, Emma de b.1151
TORRINGTON, John de b.1158
TORRINGTON, Mabel de b.1155
TORRINGTON, Matthew de b.1161
TORRINGTON, Robert de b.1095
TORRINGTON, Sybil de b.1165
TORRINGTON, William de b.1193
TORRINGTON, William de b.1120


TORT, Joan le b.1266


TOTENEIS, Aenor de b.1084
TOTENEIS, Alfred de b.1024
TOTENEIS, Alfred de b.1086
TOTENEIS, Judhel de b.1049
TOTENEIS, N.N. de b.1089


TOTHILL, Henry b.1315


TOTMAN, Charles Williams b.1900


TOTTY, Isabel b.1349
TOTTY, Thomas b.1324


TOUCEY, Amaryllis b.1739
TOUCEY, Mary b.1653


TOUCY, Philippe de b.1289


TOUGH, Frances b.1596
TOUGH, Jeane b.1572
TOUGH, Margaret b.1575
TOUGH, Ralph b.1570
TOUGH, Thomas b.1568
TOUGH, Thomas b.1535


TOULOUSE, Alberic of Count of Toulouse b.1155
TOULOUSE, Alfonso Jordan of Count of Toulouse b.1102
TOULOUSE, Alfonso of b.1128
TOULOUSE, Almodis of b.1042
TOULOUSE, Bernard of Marquis of Septimania b.790
TOULOUSE, Bertrand of b.1080
TOULOUSE, Constance of b.1181
TOULOUSE, Ermengald of Count of Rouergue b.887
TOULOUSE, Eudes of Count of Toulouse b.860
TOULOUSE, Faidiva of b.1137
TOULOUSE, Garsinde of b.914
TOULOUSE, Gersinde of b.883
TOULOUSE, Guillaume I of Count of Toulouse b.754
TOULOUSE, Guillaume II of b.826
TOULOUSE, Guillaume III "Taillefer" of b.947
TOULOUSE, Guillaume IV of b.1040
TOULOUSE, Hildegarde de b.1010
TOULOUSE, Luitgarde of b.952
TOULOUSE, N.N. of b.862
TOULOUSE, N.N. of b.830
TOULOUSE, Philippe of b.1073
TOULOUSE, Pons de b.1021
TOULOUSE, Pons III of b.991
TOULOUSE, Raymond I of Count of Rouergue b.915
TOULOUSE, Raymond I of Count of Toulouse b.835
TOULOUSE, Raymond II of b.885
TOULOUSE, Raymond III of b.920
TOULOUSE, Raymond IV of Count of Toulouse b.1038
TOULOUSE, Raymond V of Count of Toulouse b.1133
TOULOUSE, Raymond VI of Count of Toulouse b.1156
TOULOUSE, Raymond VII of Count of Toulouse b.1197
TOULOUSE, Richilde of b.913


TOUR, Anne de la b.1459
TOUR, Eleanor de la b.1313
TOUR, John de la b.1288
TOUR, Robert de la b.1570


TOURS, Adelaide of b.820
TOURS, Ermengarde of b.801
TOURS, Hugues of Count of Bourges b.803
TOURS, Thibaut of Viscount of Tours b.885


TOWER, Mary b.1672
TOWER, William b.1643


TOWERS, Janet b.1420
TOWERS, John b.1642
TOWERS, Nicholas Sheriff of Yorkshire b.1577
TOWERS, Nicholas Esquire b.1551
TOWERS, William b.1317


TOWILL, Agnes a.1693
TOWILL, Andrew a.1708
TOWILL, Andrew a.1674
TOWILL, Andrew a.1644
TOWILL, Elizabeth a.1719
TOWILL, Esse a.1713
TOWILL, Grace a.1679
TOWILL, Mark a.1715
TOWILL, Mark a.1686
TOWILL, Mary a.1683
TOWILL, Richard a.1717
TOWILL, Richard a.1691
TOWILL, Sarah a.1711
TOWILL, William a.1707


TOWNE, Abigail b.1664
TOWNE, Arthur a.1597
TOWNE, Benjamin b.1666
TOWNE, Edmund a.1628
TOWNE, Elizabeth b.1669
TOWNE, Isabel b.1401
TOWNE, Jacob a.1632
TOWNE, John b.1571
TOWNE, John a.1624
TOWNE, Joseph b.1661
TOWNE, Joseph b.1640
TOWNE, Margaret b.1700
TOWNE, Mary a.1634
TOWNE, Mary b.1653
TOWNE, N.N. b.1661
TOWNE, N.N. b.1663
TOWNE, Naomi b.1770
TOWNE, Rebecca b.1668
TOWNE, Rebecca a.1621
TOWNE, Samuel b.1673
TOWNE, Sarah b.1657
TOWNE, Sarah b.1638
TOWNE, Susannah a.1625
TOWNE, Thomas b.1655
TOWNE, William b.1659
TOWNE, William a.1599


TOWNELEY, Alice b.1539


TOWNLEY, Robert b.1527


TOWNSEND, Benjamin b.1682
TOWNSEND, Elizabeth b.1692
TOWNSEND, Elizabeth b.1649
TOWNSEND, Freelove b.1720
TOWNSEND, Joseph b.1701
TOWNSEND, Rose b.1648
TOWNSEND, Samuel b.1661


TOWNSHEND, Alice b.1550
TOWNSHEND, Anne b.1529
TOWNSHEND, Anne b.1499
TOWNSHEND, Anne b.1633
TOWNSHEND, Anne b.1474
TOWNSHEND, Augustus b.1717
TOWNSHEND, Charles Viscount Townshend b.1675
TOWNSHEND, Dorothy b.1722
TOWNSHEND, Dorothy b.1553
TOWNSHEND, Edward Dean of Norwich b.1719
TOWNSHEND, Elizabeth b.1601
TOWNSHEND, Elizabeth b.1468
TOWNSHEND, Elizabeth b.1635
TOWNSHEND, Elizabeth b.1552
TOWNSHEND, Elizabeth b.1692
TOWNSHEND, George a.1715
TOWNSHEND, George b.1533
TOWNSHEND, George Esquire b.1501
TOWNSHEND, Giles b.1509
TOWNSHEND, Henry b.1523
TOWNSHEND, Horatio b.1718
TOWNSHEND, Horatio b.1682
TOWNSHEND, Horatio Viscount Townshend a.1630
TOWNSHEND, Jane b.1632
TOWNSHEND, Joan b.1513
TOWNSHEND, Joan b.1466
TOWNSHEND, John b.1527
TOWNSHEND, John Knight b.1575
TOWNSHEND, John Esquire b.1495
TOWNSHEND, Katherine b.1525
TOWNSHEND, Katherine b.1511
TOWNSHEND, Margaret b.1531
TOWNSHEND, Mary b.1724
TOWNSHEND, Mary b.1629
TOWNSHEND, Richard Esquire b.1521
TOWNSHEND, Robert Knight b.1579
TOWNSHEND, Robert Knight b.1497
TOWNSHEND, Roger Knight b.1677
TOWNSHEND, Roger Knight a.1628
TOWNSHEND, Roger Knight b.1595
TOWNSHEND, Roger Knight b.1440
TOWNSHEND, Roger Parson of Snoring b.1503
TOWNSHEND, Roger Knight b.1472
TOWNSHEND, Roger Knight b.1548
TOWNSHEND, Stanhope b.1598
TOWNSHEND, Susan b.1507
TOWNSHEND, Thomas b.1477
TOWNSHEND, Thomas Esquire b.1505
TOWNSHEND, Thomasine b.1470
TOWNSHEND, Vere b.1637


TOWSEY, David b.1814


TOWTHBY, Joan b.1463


TOZIER, Ann b.1665
TOZIER, John b.1723


TRACY, Alice b.1494
TRACY, Anne b.1471
TRACY, Anne a.1594
TRACY, Apphia b.1663
TRACY, Christopher a.1591
TRACY, Daniel b.1652
TRACY, Dorothy b.1565
TRACY, Elizabeth b.1462
TRACY, Elizabeth b.1676
TRACY, Eve de b.1195
TRACY, Eve de b.1218
TRACY, Grace de b.1116
TRACY, Hannah b.1666
TRACY, Henry b.1431
TRACY, Henry de b.1220
TRACY, Henry de Knight b.1254
TRACY, Henry de b.1085
TRACY, Henry de Lord of Barnstaple b.1192
TRACY, Hester b.1544
TRACY, Joan de b.1279
TRACY, John b.1661
TRACY, John b.1642
TRACY, John b.1633
TRACY, John a.1601
TRACY, John de Rector of Tavistock b.1224
TRACY, Jonathan b.1646
TRACY, Judith b.1546
TRACY, Margaret b.1325
TRACY, Margaret b.1397
TRACY, Margaret a.1605
TRACY, Margaret a.1599
TRACY, Mary b.1630
TRACY, Miriam b.1648
TRACY, Nathaniel b.1554
TRACY, Oliver de Archdeacon of Surrey b.1227
TRACY, Oliver I de b.1120
TRACY, Oliver II de b.1155
TRACY, Paul Knight b.1550
TRACY, Ralph b.1468
TRACY, Rebecca b.1625
TRACY, Richard b.1465
TRACY, Richard Sheriff of Gloucestershire b.1497
TRACY, Robert b.1491
TRACY, Rohese de b.1170
TRACY, Ruth b.1628
TRACY, Samuel b.1552
TRACY, Samuel b.1654
TRACY, Sarah b.1623
TRACY, Solomon b.1650
TRACY, Stephen a.1596
TRACY, Stephen b.1559
TRACY, Stephen b.1673
TRACY, Susan b.1548
TRACY, Susanna b.1676
TRACY, Thomas b.1644
TRACY, Thomas b.1610
TRACY, Thomas a.1589
TRACY, Thomas de Knight b.1222
TRACY, William b.1489
TRACY, William b.1459
TRACY, William a.1587
TRACY, William de b.1135
TRACY, William de b.1094
TRACY, William de Knight b.1130


TRADY, Thomasina b.1482


TRAFFORD, Alice b.1489
TRAFFORD, Alice b.1511
TRAFFORD, Amabel de b.1212
TRAFFORD, Cecil Knight a.1599
TRAFFORD, Cecily a.1598
TRAFFORD, Cecily b.1509
TRAFFORD, Dulce b.1453
TRAFFORD, Dulce b.1423
TRAFFORD, Dulce b.1388
TRAFFORD, Edmund a.1583
TRAFFORD, Edmund Knight b.1561
TRAFFORD, Edmund Knight b.1392
TRAFFORD, Edmund Knight b.1505
TRAFFORD, Edmund Knight b.1484
TRAFFORD, Edmund Knight b.1526
TRAFFORD, Edmund K.B. b.1449
TRAFFORD, Elizabeth b.1564
TRAFFORD, Elizabeth b.1590
TRAFFORD, Elizabeth b.1519
TRAFFORD, Elizabeth b.1414
TRAFFORD, Ellen b.1528
TRAFFORD, George b.1513
TRAFFORD, Helen b.1390
TRAFFORD, Helen b.1517
TRAFFORD, Henry Chancellor of York b.1492
TRAFFORD, Henry b.1515
TRAFFORD, Henry de b.1386
TRAFFORD, Henry de b.1359
TRAFFORD, Henry de b.1145
TRAFFORD, Henry de Knight b.1200
TRAFFORD, Henry de Knight b.1225
TRAFFORD, Henry de Knight b.1255
TRAFFORD, Henry de Knight b.1338
TRAFFORD, Henry de Knight b.1315
TRAFFORD, Isabel de b.1342
TRAFFORD, Jane b.1420
TRAFFORD, Joan b.1426
TRAFFORD, Joan de b.1366
TRAFFORD, John a.1585
TRAFFORD, John Knight b.1420
TRAFFORD, John de b.1362
TRAFFORD, John de Priest b.1252
TRAFFORD, John de Knight b.1290
TRAFFORD, Joyce b.1587
TRAFFORD, Margaret b.1559
TRAFFORD, Margaret b.1482
TRAFFORD, Margaret b.1507
TRAFFORD, Margaret de b.1350
TRAFFORD, N.N. b.1470
TRAFFORD, Richard a.1587
TRAFFORD, Richard b.1524
TRAFFORD, Richard de b.1175
TRAFFORD, Robert de b.1250
TRAFFORD, Thomas b.1455
TRAFFORD, Thomas b.1521
TRAFFORD, William b.1451
TRAFFORD, William b.1486


TRAFTON, John b.1788


TRAHAEARN, Cadwgon ap b.1200
TRAHAEARN, Griffri ap b.1077
TRAHAEARN, Hywel ap b.1160
TRAHAEARN, Leuan ap b.1081
TRAHAEARN, Llywarch ap b.1074
TRAHAEARN, Meurig ap b.1075
TRAHAEARN, Owain ap b.1079


TRAILLY, Geoffrey I de b.1062
TRAILLY, Geoffrey II de b.1099
TRAILLY, John de b.1200
TRAILLY, Katherine de b.1333
TRAILLY, Philippe de b.1123
TRAILLY, Walter de b.1308
TRAILLY, Walter de b.1126
TRAILLY, Walter de b.1180


TRAIN, Hannah b.1657


TRAINE, Elizabeth b.1680


TRAINEL, Anseau I de b.1069
TRAINEL, Garnier de b.1197
TRAINEL, Garnier de b.1105
TRAINEL, Gilette de b.1145
TRAINEL, Helisant de b.1147
TRAINEL, Ponce de b.1043


TRAJBAR, Anna b.1856


TRANCAVEL, Beatrix b.1158


TRAPPS, Mary b.1539


TRASK, Anna b.1654
TRASK, John b.1653
TRASK, Mary a.1637
TRASK, Mary b.1652
TRASK, Robert b.1696


TRAVELL, Thomas Knight b.1675


TRAVERS, Ann b.1445


TRAVES, Pontia de b.1108


TREADWAY, Benjamin b.1690
TREADWAY, Deborah b.1657
TREADWAY, Elizabeth b.1646
TREADWAY, Huldah b.1687
TREADWAY, Isabel a.1591
TREADWAY, James b.1644
TREADWAY, Jonathan b.1640
TREADWAY, Josiah b.1652
TREADWAY, Lydia b.1649
TREADWAY, Mary b.1642
TREADWAY, Nathaniel b.1585
TREADWAY, Nathaniel b.1615
TREADWAY, Wilson b.1808


TREADWELL, Edward a.1607
TREADWELL, Esther b.1641
TREADWELL, James b.1749
TREADWELL, Mary b.1753
TREADWELL, Truman A. b.1887


TREAT, Alice a.1632
TREAT, Elizabeth a.1627
TREAT, Honor a.1616
TREAT, James a.1634
TREAT, Joanna a.1618
TREAT, Katherine a.1637
TREAT, Mary b.1682
TREAT, Matthias b.1627
TREAT, Richard a.1623
TREAT, Richard a.1584
TREAT, Robert a.1625
TREAT, Sarah a.1620
TREAT, Susanna a.1629


TREFRY, Abigail a.1757
TREFRY, Abigail a.1716
TREFRY, Agnes b.1700
TREFRY, Amy a.1712
TREFRY, Dennis a.1719
TREFRY, Edward a.1753
TREFRY, Elizabeth a.1743
TREFRY, Elizabeth b.1673
TREFRY, James a.1750
TREFRY, James a.1746
TREFRY, James b.1698
TREFRY, James a.1721
TREFRY, John b.1703
TREFRY, John a.1728
TREFRY, John b.1689
TREFRY, Jonathan a.1748
TREFRY, Jonathan a.1723
TREFRY, Margaret a.1760
TREFRY, Mary a.1744
TREFRY, Mary b.1695
TREFRY, Sarah b.1709
TREFRY, Thomas b.1694
TREFRY, Thomas b.1660
TREFRY, Thomas a.1725
TREFRY, Thomasine a.1755
TREFRY, William b.1706
TREFRY, William a.1730


TREGARTHEN, Joan b.1510


TREGEON, Catherine b.1518


TREGIAN, Elizabeth b.1514


TREGOS, Ralph de b.1248


TREGOZ, Alice de b.1239
TREGOZ, Clarice de b.1262
TREGOZ, Geoffrey de b.1144
TREGOZ, Geoffrey de b.1210
TREGOZ, Hawise de b.1235
TREGOZ, Hawise de b.1266
TREGOZ, Henry de b.1184
TREGOZ, Henry de Lord Tregoz b.1322
TREGOZ, Isabel de b.1305
TREGOZ, Joan de b.1260
TREGOZ, Joan de b.1233
TREGOZ, John de b.1182
TREGOZ, John de b.1264
TREGOZ, John de b.1150
TREGOZ, John de Lord Tregoz b.1241
TREGOZ, Lucy de b.1263
TREGOZ, Lucy de b.1241
TREGOZ, Lucy de b.1202
TREGOZ, N.N. de b.1359
TREGOZ, Nicholas de b.1237
TREGOZ, Robert de b.1147
TREGOZ, Robert de b.1188
TREGOZ, Robert de Knight b.1231
TREGOZ, Robert I de b.1170
TREGOZ, Robert II de b.1199
TREGOZ, Sybil de b.1266
TREGOZ, Thomas de b.1186
TREGOZ, William de b.1166
TREGOZ, William de b.1120


TREHAMPTON, Margaret b.1313


TREIAGU, Marina b.1281
TREIAGU, Simon Knight b.1256


TRELAWNEY, Anne b.1568


TRELOWTHAS, Joanna de b.1324


TREMAYNE, Margaret b.1447


TREMENET, Richard de b.1280


TRENCH, Mary b.1618


TRENCHARD, Anne b.1579
TRENCHARD, Arundel a.1597
TRENCHARD, Dorothy b.1601
TRENCHARD, Elizabeth a.1587
TRENCHARD, George Knight b.1574
TRENCHARD, George a.1591
TRENCHARD, George Knight b.1548
TRENCHARD, Grace b.1576
TRENCHARD, Jane a.1595
TRENCHARD, Joan b.1550
TRENCHARD, John b.1586
TRENCHARD, Thomas Esquire b.1527
TRENCHARD, Thomas Esquire b.1504
TRENCHARD, Thomas Knight a.1582


TRENICKE, Christian a.1580
TRENICKE, Elizabeth a.1583
TRENICKE, Mary a.1590
TRENICKE, Philip b.1555


TRENT, Humphrey b.1852
TRENT, Smith b.1828
TRENT, Susan b.1811


TRENTHAM, Elizabeth b.1570
TRENTHAM, Katherine b.1566


TRESCOTT, William b.1614


TRESHAM, Alice b.1423
TRESHAM, Anne b.1582
TRESHAM, Bridget b.1590
TRESHAM, Elizabeth a.1573
TRESHAM, Frances b.1569
TRESHAM, Francis Knight b.1571
TRESHAM, Henry b.1428
TRESHAM, Isabel b.1527
TRESHAM, Isabella b.1459
TRESHAM, John Knight b.1522
TRESHAM, John Knight b.1462
TRESHAM, Katherine a.1576
TRESHAM, Lewis Knight a.1578
TRESHAM, Mary b.1587
TRESHAM, Mary b.1545
TRESHAM, Thomas b.1584
TRESHAM, Thomas Knight b.1543
TRESHAM, Thomas Knight b.1498
TRESHAM, Thomas Knight b.1425
TRESHAM, William Knight b.1580
TRESHAM, William b.1547
TRESHAM, William b.1524
TRESHAM, William Knight b.1399


TRETHEWEY, Elizabeth b.1594


TREULOVE, Richard Knight b.1300


TREVARTHIAN, John Knight b.1328
TREVARTHIAN, Otes Knight b.1385


TREVENA, Annie Pearl b.1890
TREVENA, Bessie M. b.1888
TREVENA, Bill Thomas b.1927
TREVENA, Frank K. b.1919
TREVENA, George b.1849
TREVENA, George Columbus b.1894
TREVENA, Georgia L. b.1919
TREVENA, James R. b.1921
TREVENA, Kinzel D. b.1915
TREVENA, Magnolia Gertrude b.1886
TREVENA, Mary Jennie b.1876
TREVENA, Stuart R. b.1923
TREVENA, Thomas Henry b.1884
TREVENA, William Arthur b.1881


TREVERS, Ibria de b.1095
TREVERS, Robert de b.1072


TREVOR, John b.1411
TREVOR, Robert b.1413
TREVOR, Rose b.1416


TREVY, Dorcas b.1680


TREWANT, Mehitable b.1655


TREWORGY, Lucy b.1632
TREWORGY, Samuel b.1628


TREWYNALD, Grace b.1529


TRICKEY, Ephraim b.1655
TRICKEY, Martha b.1656
TRICKEY, Zachariah b.1651


TRILLOW, Elizabeth b.1365
TRILLOW, Joan b.1356
TRILLOW, John Knight b.1330


TRIPE, Jane a.1667
TRIPE, Mary b.1628


TRITTON, Anne a.1589
TRITTON, Bennett a.1609
TRITTON, Daniel a.1585
TRITTON, Henry a.1592
TRITTON, Hugh b.1557
TRITTON, Ralph a.1582
TRITTON, Robert a.1592
TRITTON, Rose a.1611


TRIVETT, Anne b.1381
TRIVETT, Elizabeth b.1355
TRIVETT, Joan b.1384
TRIVETT, Thomas Knight b.1355


TROTT, James b.1671
TROTT, John b.1664
TROTT, Mary b.1657
TROTT, Preserved a.1647
TROTT, Samuel b.1660
TROTT, Sarah b.1654
TROTT, Thankful b.1667
TROTT, Thomas b.1645
TROTT, Thomas b.1614


TROUTBECK, Adam Esquire b.1451
TROUTBECK, Alice b.1453
TROUTBECK, Cecily b.1423
TROUTBECK, Elizabeth b.1457
TROUTBECK, Joan b.1459
TROUTBECK, Margaret b.1493
TROUTBECK, Mary b.1472
TROUTBECK, Thomas b.1455
TROUTBECK, William Knight b.1449
TROUTBECK, William Knight b.1432


TROW, Mary b.1736


TROWBRIDGE, Elizabeth b.1662
TROWBRIDGE, Hannah b.1668
TROWBRIDGE, James b.1664
TROWBRIDGE, Joseph b.1675
TROWBRIDGE, Margaret b.1666
TROWBRIDGE, Mary b.1745
TROWBRIDGE, Mary b.1672
TROWBRIDGE, Samuel b.1670
TROWBRIDGE, Thomas b.1659
TROWBRIDGE, William b.1657
TROWBRIDGE, William a.1633


TROWMER, Henry b.1313
TROWMER, John b.1317
TROWMER, Juliana b.1354
TROWMER, Richard b.1288
TROWMER, Thomas b.1315
TROWMER, William b.1320


TROYES, Berta of b.912
TROYES, Humbeline of b.1115
TROYES, Manasser of Archbishop of Arles b.906
TROYES, Richard of Count of Troyes b.900
TROYES, Teutberga of b.902
TROYES, Warinus of Count of Troyes b.868


TRUE, Henry b.1616
TRUE, Mary b.1668


TRUETT, Henry b.1770


TRUITT, George Frederick b.1770


TRUMBULL, Ammi b.1681
TRUMBULL, Benoni b.1684
TRUMBULL, Florence b.1904
TRUMBULL, Hannah b.1673
TRUMBULL, John a.1670
TRUMBULL, Joseph b.1679
TRUMBULL, Joseph b.1647
TRUMBULL, Judah b.1643
TRUMBULL, Mary a.1675


TRUMWYN, William Knight b.1225


TRUNDY, George b.1733


TRUSSEBUT, Agatha b.1171
TRUSSEBUT, Constance de b.1184
TRUSSEBUT, Geoffrey b.1129
TRUSSEBUT, Geoffrey b.1153
TRUSSEBUT, Hilary b.1161
TRUSSEBUT, Joan b.1440
TRUSSEBUT, Richard b.1127
TRUSSEBUT, Robert b.1157
TRUSSEBUT, Roese b.1150
TRUSSEBUT, Roger de b.1159
TRUSSEBUT, William I b.1100
TRUSSEBUT, William II Lord Warter b.1125


TRUSSELL, Elizabeth b.1346
TRUSSELL, Frances b.1343
TRUSSELL, Gilbert b.1330
TRUSSELL, Isabel b.1413
TRUSSELL, Isabel b.1311
TRUSSELL, Joan b.1416
TRUSSELL, John Knight b.1313
TRUSSELL, Lawrence Knight b.1350
TRUSSELL, Margery b.1269
TRUSSELL, Maud b.1320
TRUSSELL, Maud b.1340
TRUSSELL, Philippe b.1415
TRUSSELL, Richard b.1240
TRUSSELL, Thomas Knight b.1423
TRUSSELL, Warin Knight b.1317
TRUSSELL, William Knight b.1386
TRUSSELL, William Knight b.1265
TRUSSELL, William Knight b.1315
TRUSSELL, William Knight b.1290


TRYE, Anne b.1625
TRYE, Edward b.1490
TRYE, John b.1515
TRYE, Katherine b.1520
TRYE, William Esquire b.1467
TRYE, William Esquire b.1430


TRYGOT, Jane b.1512


TRYON, Mary b.1579


TUBB, Susan a.1566


TUBBS, Olive b.1782


TUCHET, Anne b.1555
TUCHET, Anne b.1582
TUCHET, Anne b.1421
TUCHET, Anne b.1457
TUCHET, Christian b.1588
TUCHET, Constance b.1435
TUCHET, Dorothy b.1615
TUCHET, Edward b.1508
TUCHET, Eleanor b.1590
TUCHET, Eleanor b.1472
TUCHET, Elizabeth b.1557
TUCHET, Elizabeth b.1584
TUCHET, Elizabeth b.1459
TUCHET, Elizabeth b.1419
TUCHET, Elizabeth b.1396
TUCHET, Ferdinando Knight b.1595
TUCHET, Frances b.1619
TUCHET, George Lord Audley b.1505
TUCHET, George Monk b.1621
TUCHET, George Earl of Castlehaven b.1551
TUCHET, George b.1467
TUCHET, Henry Lord Audley b.1527
TUCHET, Henry b.1214
TUCHET, Humphrey Knight b.1432
TUCHET, Isabel b.1266
TUCHET, James b.1553
TUCHET, James Earl of Castlehaven b.1617
TUCHET, James Lord Audley b.1462
TUCHET, James Lord Audley b.1398
TUCHET, Joan de b.1361
TUCHET, John b.1530
TUCHET, John Lord Audley b.1483
TUCHET, John b.1464
TUCHET, John Lord Audley b.1423
TUCHET, John Knight b.1350
TUCHET, John Lord Audley b.1371
TUCHET, John Knight b.1327
TUCHET, Lucy b.1613
TUCHET, Margaret b.1426
TUCHET, Margaret b.1438
TUCHET, Margaret b.1401
TUCHET, Mary b.1586
TUCHET, Mervyn Earl of Castlehaven b.1623
TUCHET, Mervyn Earl of Castlehaven b.1592
TUCHET, Richard b.1511
TUCHET, Richard b.1352
TUCHET, Robert Knight b.1335
TUCHET, Thomas b.1469
TUCHET, William b.1240

Surname List