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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


STONEGRAVE, Isabel de b.1274
STONEGRAVE, John de b.1250
STONEGRAVE, Peter de b.1243
STONEGRAVE, Simon de b.1218
STONEGRAVE, William de Knight b.1237


STONEHILL, Henry b.1575


STONEHOUSE, Elizabeth b.1627


STONES, Elizabeth b.1630


STONHAM, Robert b.1378


STONOR, Adam de b.1288
STONOR, Adam de b.1314
STONOR, Alice b.1448
STONOR, Alice b.1418
STONOR, Anne b.1484
STONOR, Anne b.1431
STONOR, Edmund b.1456
STONOR, Edmund de b.1321
STONOR, Edmund de b.1368
STONOR, Edmund de Knight b.1344
STONOR, Elizabeth b.1458
STONOR, Elizabeth b.1420
STONOR, Elizabeth de b.1374
STONOR, Francis Knight b.1520
STONOR, Gilbert de b.1393
STONOR, Henry de b.1318
STONOR, Joan b.1452
STONOR, Joan b.1426
STONOR, John b.1482
STONOR, John de Knight b.1285
STONOR, John de Knight b.1310
STONOR, John de b.1370
STONOR, Juliana de b.1316
STONOR, Mary b.1461
STONOR, Maud b.1422
STONOR, Philippa b.1428
STONOR, Ralph de Knight b.1372
STONOR, Richard de b.1260
STONOR, Thomas b.1454
STONOR, Thomas Knight b.1424
STONOR, Thomas de Knight b.1394
STONOR, William Knight b.1450
STONOR, William de b.1312


STOPHAM, Elizabeth b.1425
STOPHAM, Eva de b.1270
STOPHAM, William b.1400


STORER, Benjamin b.1648
STORER, Hannah b.1644
STORER, Jeremiah b.1650
STORER, Joseph b.1648
STORER, Samuel b.1640
STORER, Samuel b.1653
STORER, Sarah b.1645
STORER, Sarah b.1642
STORER, Sarah b.1717
STORER, William a.1723
STORER, William b.1611


STORK, Mary b.1583


STORRADA, Sigrith b.951


STORRE, Augustine b.1600
STORRE, Mary b.1598


STORRS, Alice M. b.1888
STORRS, Clifford Russell b.1891
STORRS, Elbert Francis b.1894
STORRS, Eleazer W. b.1855
STORRS, Elizabeth b.1708
STORRS, Francis L. b.1841
STORRS, Frederick H. b.1861
STORRS, Harold Leander b.1895
STORRS, Huckins b.1705
STORRS, John b.1702
STORRS, Joseph b.1712
STORRS, Leander b.1815
STORRS, Lydia E. b.1857
STORRS, Martha b.1704
STORRS, Mary b.1710
STORRS, Mary M. b.1847
STORRS, Orrilla C. b.1850
STORRS, Samuel b.1701
STORRS, Samuel b.1677
STORRS, Sarah b.1670
STORRS, Thomas H. b.1851
STORRS, Wallace W. b.1867


STORY, Elizabeth b.1687
STORY, Ervin Bertie b.1889
STORY, James Frank b.1890
STORY, Nathaniel b.1687
STORY, Philippa b.1726
STORY, William b.1614
STORY, William b.1595


STOUGHTON, Adrian b.1594
STOUGHTON, Adrian Esquire b.1562
STOUGHTON, Anna a.1615
STOUGHTON, Anne b.1583
STOUGHTON, Anne a.1631
STOUGHTON, Anne b.1597
STOUGHTON, Anne a.1591
STOUGHTON, Anthony Esquire b.1598
STOUGHTON, Bridget b.1629
STOUGHTON, Compton b.1630
STOUGHTON, Daniel b.1699
STOUGHTON, Elizabeth b.1579
STOUGHTON, Elizabeth a.1614
STOUGHTON, Elizabeth a.1613
STOUGHTON, Elizabeth b.1595
STOUGHTON, George Knight a.1581
STOUGHTON, Hannah b.1637
STOUGHTON, Henry b.1587
STOUGHTON, Israel b.1628
STOUGHTON, Israel a.1603
STOUGHTON, Jane a.1638
STOUGHTON, John b.1596
STOUGHTON, John a.1639
STOUGHTON, John a.1593
STOUGHTON, John George b.1626
STOUGHTON, Judith a.1599
STOUGHTON, Katherine b.1590
STOUGHTON, Katherine b.1559
STOUGHTON, Katherine a.1622
STOUGHTON, Lawrence b.1576
STOUGHTON, Lawrence a.1633
STOUGHTON, Lawrence Knight b.1554
STOUGHTON, Margaret b.1638
STOUGHTON, Mary b.1584
STOUGHTON, Mary b.1556
STOUGHTON, Mary a.1639
STOUGHTON, Mary b.1586
STOUGHTON, Nicholas Esquire b.1592
STOUGHTON, Nicholas Knight a.1635
STOUGHTON, Nicholas b.1637
STOUGHTON, Rebecca a.1641
STOUGHTON, Richard b.1589
STOUGHTON, Rose b.1600
STOUGHTON, Rose b.1628
STOUGHTON, Rose a.1629
STOUGHTON, Sarah b.1586
STOUGHTON, Sarah a.1619
STOUGHTON, Susanna b.1630
STOUGHTON, Thomas b.1577
STOUGHTON, Thomas b.1521
STOUGHTON, Thomas a.1637
STOUGHTON, Thomas a.1644
STOUGHTON, Thomas b.1556
STOUGHTON, Thomas a.1625
STOUGHTON, Thomas a.1588
STOUGHTON, Walter a.1640
STOUGHTON, William b.1632


STOURTON, Agnes de b.1189
STOURTON, Alexander de b.1160
STOURTON, Alianor b.1465
STOURTON, Alice b.1429
STOURTON, Alice b.1461
STOURTON, Amy b.1451
STOURTON, Andrew b.1521
STOURTON, Anne b.1551
STOURTON, Arthur b.1525
STOURTON, Charles b.1557
STOURTON, Charles Lord Stourton b.1520
STOURTON, Christopher b.1505
STOURTON, Dorothy b.1529
STOURTON, Dorothy b.1494
STOURTON, Edith b.1467
STOURTON, Edith b.1379
STOURTON, Edward b.1617
STOURTON, Edward Lord Stourton b.1555
STOURTON, Edward Lord Stourton b.1463
STOURTON, Elizabeth b.1473
STOURTON, George b.1536
STOURTON, Giles b.1533
STOURTON, Jane b.1492
STOURTON, Jane b.1429
STOURTON, Joan de b.1190
STOURTON, John b.1531
STOURTON, John b.1438
STOURTON, John Lord Stourton b.1553
STOURTON, John Lord Stourton b.1453
STOURTON, John Lord Stourton b.1400
STOURTON, John Knight b.1325
STOURTON, John Sheriff of Somerset b.1374
STOURTON, Katherine b.1554
STOURTON, Katherine b.1455
STOURTON, Margaret b.1459
STOURTON, Margaret b.1403
STOURTON, Margaret Abbess of Shaftesbury b.1360
STOURTON, Margaret b.1433
STOURTON, Mary b.1550
STOURTON, Nicholas b.1441
STOURTON, Peter b.1496
STOURTON, Ralph b.1469
STOURTON, Reginald Knight b.1435
STOURTON, Richard b.1471
STOURTON, Richard Canon of Wells b.1357
STOURTON, Roger b.1502
STOURTON, Ursula b.1523
STOURTON, William Esquire b.1527
STOURTON, William Lord Stourton b.1499
STOURTON, William Lord Stourton b.1457
STOURTON, William b.1355
STOURTON, William Lord Stourton b.1431


STOUTEVILLE, Anna Maria a.1595
STOUTEVILLE, Charles a.1602
STOUTEVILLE, Charles Gentleman b.1568
STOUTEVILLE, Elizabeth a.1597
STOUTEVILLE, Henry a.1592
STOUTEVILLE, Margaret a.1606
STOUTEVILLE, Mary a.1600


STOVER, Dependence b.1658
STOVER, George b.1668
STOVER, Lois b.1771


STOWE, Baldwin de b.1270
STOWE, Calvin Ellis b.1802
STOWE, Eleanor de b.1329
STOWE, John b.1650
STOWE, Mary b.1644
STOWE, Maud de b.1326
STOWE, Nathaniel b.1663
STOWE, Philip de b.1301
STOWE, Rachel b.1667
STOWE, Samuel b.1644
STOWE, Thankful b.1646
STOWE, William de b.1245


STOWELL, Benjamin b.1676
STOWELL, Joan b.1577
STOWELL, Margaret b.1726


STOWERS, Abigail b.1725
STOWERS, Abigail b.1718
STOWERS, Abijah b.1768
STOWERS, Abijah b.1728
STOWERS, Benjamin b.1722
STOWERS, James b.1716
STOWERS, Nathan b.1766
STOWERS, Nathan b.1720
STOWERS, Nehemiah b.1736
STOWERS, Samuel b.1762
STOWERS, Samuel b.1715
STOWERS, Samuel b.1692
STOWERS, Sarah b.1731
STOWERS, Sarah b.1624
STOWERS, Susanna b.1638


STRACHAN, William b.1420


STRADLING, Agnes b.1603
STRADLING, Anne b.1635
STRADLING, Anne b.1469
STRADLING, Blanche a.1614
STRADLING, Catherine a.1640
STRADLING, Charles b.1456
STRADLING, Damascin b.1541
STRADLING, David b.1532
STRADLING, David b.1427
STRADLING, Dorothy b.1628
STRADLING, Edmund Knight b.1425
STRADLING, Edward Knight b.1529
STRADLING, Edward Knight a.1644
STRADLING, Edward Knight a.1600
STRADLING, Edward Knight b.1620
STRADLING, Edward b.1471
STRADLING, Edward Knight b.1389
STRADLING, Edward b.1504
STRADLING, Edward Knight b.1476
STRADLING, Edward de Knight b.1298
STRADLING, Edward de Sheriff of Glamorgan b.1325
STRADLING, Elizabeth b.1535
STRADLING, Elizabeth a.1617
STRADLING, Elizabeth b.1638
STRADLING, Elizabeth b.1460
STRADLING, Francis b.1610
STRADLING, George Dean of Chichester b.1620
STRADLING, Gwenllian b.1440
STRADLING, Henry Knight a.1607
STRADLING, Henry b.1477
STRADLING, Henry Knight b.1419
STRADLING, Jane b.1538
STRADLING, Jane a.1613
STRADLING, Jane b.1626
STRADLING, Jane b.1642
STRADLING, Jane b.1479
STRADLING, Jane b.1506
STRADLING, Joan b.1630
STRADLING, Joan b.1458
STRADLING, Joan b.1415
STRADLING, John b.1605
STRADLING, John Knight b.1563
STRADLING, John b.1622
STRADLING, John Knight b.1449
STRADLING, John Knight b.1392
STRADLING, John Archdeacon of Llandaff b.1424
STRADLING, John Rector of Neath b.1508
STRADLING, John de b.1351
STRADLING, John de Knight b.1240
STRADLING, Joyce b.1544
STRADLING, Katherine b.1513
STRADLING, Mansel b.1632
STRADLING, Mary b.1585
STRADLING, Mary b.1480
STRADLING, Maud de b.1269
STRADLING, Peter de Knight b.1266
STRADLING, Richard b.1422
STRADLING, Robert b.1510
STRADLING, Thomas a.1601
STRADLING, Thomas Knight b.1624
STRADLING, Thomas Esquire b.1454
STRADLING, Thomas Knight b.1502
STRADLING, Wenllian b.1547
STRADLING, William b.1397
STRADLING, William de Knight b.1355


STRAIGHT, Thomas b.1619


STRANGE, Alice le b.1238
STRANGE, Aline le b.1376
STRANGE, Ankaret le b.1335
STRANGE, Ankaret le Baroness Strange b.1361
STRANGE, Anne le b.1471
STRANGE, Ebles b.1356
STRANGE, Ebles le Knight b.1295
STRANGE, Edmund Canon of Lincoln b.1362
STRANGE, Edward b.1359
STRANGE, Eleanor le b.1337
STRANGE, Elizabeth b.1533
STRANGE, Elizabeth le b.1430
STRANGE, Elizabeth le b.1334
STRANGE, Elizabeth le b.1373
STRANGE, Elizabeth le b.1298
STRANGE, Elizabeth le b.1308
STRANGE, Fulke le Lord Strange of Blackmere b.1331
STRANGE, Fulke le Lord Strange of Blackmere b.1268
STRANGE, Guy le b.1135
STRANGE, Hamon le Knight a.1583
STRANGE, Hamon le b.1130
STRANGE, Hamon le b.1170
STRANGE, Hamon le b.1196
STRANGE, Hamon le b.1232
STRANGE, Hamon le b.1340
STRANGE, Hawise le b.1277
STRANGE, Hawise le b.1234
STRANGE, Henry le Knight b.1437
STRANGE, Isabel le b.1324
STRANGE, Isabel le b.1342
STRANGE, Joan le Baroness Strange of Knockin b.1463
STRANGE, Joan le b.1350
STRANGE, Joan le b.1250
STRANGE, John b.1562
STRANGE, John I le b.1128
STRANGE, John II le b.1168
STRANGE, John III le Knight b.1194
STRANGE, John IV le b.1226
STRANGE, John le b.1479
STRANGE, John le Lord Strange of Knockin b.1444
STRANGE, John le Lord Strange of Knockin b.1352
STRANGE, John le b.1341
STRANGE, John le Knight b.1301
STRANGE, John le Lord Strange of Blackmere b.1353
STRANGE, John le b.1266
STRANGE, John le Lord Strange of Blackmere b.1306
STRANGE, John le Lord Strange of Blackmere b.1332
STRANGE, John V le Lord Strange of Knockin b.1253
STRANGE, John VI le b.1282
STRANGE, Lucy le b.1367
STRANGE, Margaret le b.1160
STRANGE, Margaret le b.1399
STRANGE, Margery le b.1198
STRANGE, Maud le b.1164
STRANGE, Maud le b.1343
STRANGE, Maud le b.1316
STRANGE, N.N. le b.1237
STRANGE, Nicholas le Knight a.1563
STRANGE, Philippe b.1722
STRANGE, Ralph le Knight b.1139
STRANGE, Ralph le b.1172
STRANGE, Richard le Lord Strange of Knockin b.1381
STRANGE, Roald le b.1096
STRANGE, Robert le Knight b.1467
STRANGE, Robert le b.1230
STRANGE, Roger le a.1584
STRANGE, Roger le Knight b.1463
STRANGE, Roger le Knight b.1354
STRANGE, Roger le Lord Strange of Ellesmere b.1236
STRANGE, Roger le Lord Strange of Knockin b.1326
STRANGE, Roger le Knight b.1301
STRANGE, Thomas Knight b.1384
STRANGE, Thomas le b.1570
STRANGE, William le b.1174


STRANGEWAYS, Agnes b.1415
STRANGEWAYS, Agnes b.1393
STRANGEWAYS, Alianor b.1437
STRANGEWAYS, Anne b.1532
STRANGEWAYS, Anne b.1490
STRANGEWAYS, Cecily b.1403
STRANGEWAYS, Christiana b.1492
STRANGEWAYS, Christopher b.1451
STRANGEWAYS, Edward b.1467
STRANGEWAYS, Eleanor b.1509
STRANGEWAYS, Elizabeth b.1530
STRANGEWAYS, Elizabeth b.1511
STRANGEWAYS, Elizabeth b.1483
STRANGEWAYS, Elizabeth b.1449
STRANGEWAYS, Elizabeth b.1459
STRANGEWAYS, Elizabeth b.1409
STRANGEWAYS, Felice b.1465
STRANGEWAYS, Geoffrey b.1405
STRANGEWAYS, George b.1445
STRANGEWAYS, Giles Knight b.1528
STRANGEWAYS, Giles Knight b.1486
STRANGEWAYS, Henry b.1535
STRANGEWAYS, Henry b.1428
STRANGEWAYS, Henry b.1453
STRANGEWAYS, Henry b.1360
STRANGEWAYS, Henry Knight b.1507
STRANGEWAYS, Henry Knight b.1452
STRANGEWAYS, Isabel b.1389
STRANGEWAYS, Isabel b.1411
STRANGEWAYS, James b.1460
STRANGEWAYS, James b.1423
STRANGEWAYS, James b.1439
STRANGEWAYS, James Knight b.1385
STRANGEWAYS, James Knight b.1413
STRANGEWAYS, James Knight b.1457
STRANGEWAYS, Jane b.1456
STRANGEWAYS, Joan b.1413
STRANGEWAYS, Joan b.1447
STRANGEWAYS, Joan b.1455
STRANGEWAYS, Joan b.1480
STRANGEWAYS, Joan b.1439
STRANGEWAYS, John b.1488
STRANGEWAYS, John b.1458
STRANGEWAYS, John b.1419
STRANGEWAYS, John b.1455
STRANGEWAYS, John b.1397
STRANGEWAYS, Katherine b.1417
STRANGEWAYS, Katherine b.1391
STRANGEWAYS, Katherine b.1436
STRANGEWAYS, Margaret b.1425
STRANGEWAYS, Margaret b.1415
STRANGEWAYS, Margery b.1466
STRANGEWAYS, Margery b.1435
STRANGEWAYS, Mary b.1484
STRANGEWAYS, Mary b.1483
STRANGEWAYS, Matilda b.1420
STRANGEWAYS, Peter b.1401
STRANGEWAYS, Philip b.1443
STRANGEWAYS, Ralph b.1470
STRANGEWAYS, Richard Knight b.1433
STRANGEWAYS, Robert b.1421
STRANGEWAYS, Robert b.1457
STRANGEWAYS, Roger b.1387
STRANGEWAYS, Sybil b.1395
STRANGEWAYS, Thomas b.1454
STRANGEWAYS, Thomas Knight b.1417
STRANGEWAYS, Thomas b.1460
STRANGEWAYS, Thomas b.1463
STRANGEWAYS, Thomas Knight b.1478
STRANGEWAYS, Thomas b.1434
STRANGEWAYS, Thomas Knight b.1399
STRANGEWAYS, William b.1441
STRANGEWAYS, William b.1461


STRATHBOGIE, David de Earl of Atholl b.1289
STRATHBOGIE, David de Earl of Atholl b.1309
STRATHBOGIE, David de Earl of Atholl b.1235
STRATHBOGIE, David de Earl of Atholl b.1332
STRATHBOGIE, Elizabeth b.1361
STRATHBOGIE, Isabel b.1291
STRATHBOGIE, John de Knight b.1293
STRATHBOGIE, John de Earl of Atholl b.1210
STRATHBOGIE, John de Earl of Atholl b.1265
STRATHBOGIE, Philippe b.1363


STRATHEARN, Agnes of b.1327
STRATHEARN, Annabella of b.1223
STRATHEARN, Cecily of b.1190
STRATHEARN, Ethna of b.1187
STRATHEARN, Eupheme of b.1325
STRATHEARN, Ferquhard of Earl of Strathearn b.1125
STRATHEARN, Ferteth of b.1182
STRATHEARN, Gilbert of b.1281
STRATHEARN, Gilbert of Earl of Strathearn b.1150
STRATHEARN, Gilchrist of b.1176
STRATHEARN, Helen of b.1301
STRATHEARN, Isabella of b.1329
STRATHEARN, Malise of Earl of Strathearn b.1095
STRATHEARN, Malise of Earl of Strathearn b.1220
STRATHEARN, Malise of Earl of Strathearn b.1258
STRATHEARN, Malise of Earl of Strathearn b.1277
STRATHEARN, Malise of Earl of Strathearn b.1298
STRATHEARN, Mary of b.1252
STRATHEARN, Maud de b.1279
STRATHEARN, Maud of b.1323
STRATHEARN, Muriel of b.1244
STRATHEARN, Robert of Earl of Strathearn b.1185
STRATHEARN, William of b.1179


STRATHECHIN, Isabel b.1345


STRATTON, Abigail b.1647
STRATTON, Anne a.1577
STRATTON, Anne a.1612
STRATTON, Anthony a.1615
STRATTON, Anthony b.1525
STRATTON, Augustine b.1437
STRATTON, Augustine de Esquire b.1378
STRATTON, Bartholomew a.1628
STRATTON, Benjamin b.1585
STRATTON, Benjamin a.1626
STRATTON, Caleb a.1635
STRATTON, Cornelius b.1657
STRATTON, Dorcas b.1583
STRATTON, Dorothy a.1579
STRATTON, Dorothy b.1619
STRATTON, Edmund Esquire b.1402
STRATTON, Elizabeth b.1425
STRATTON, Elizabeth b.1653
STRATTON, Elizabeth b.1607
STRATTON, Elizabeth b.1492
STRATTON, Elizabeth b.1550
STRATTON, Elizabeth b.1589
STRATTON, Elizabeth a.1631
STRATTON, Elizabeth b.1617
STRATTON, Esther a.1648
STRATTON, George b.1442
STRATTON, George Gentleman b.1490
STRATTON, George a.1582
STRATTON, James a.1650
STRATTON, John a.1641
STRATTON, John b.1444
STRATTON, John Esquire b.1522
STRATTON, John Gentleman a.1604
STRATTON, John a.1621
STRATTON, John a.1614
STRATTON, John b.1645
STRATTON, John b.1612
STRATTON, John a.1575
STRATTON, John b.1541
STRATTON, John Gentleman b.1581
STRATTON, John de Esquire b.1385
STRATTON, Joseph b.1591
STRATTON, Joseph b.1666
STRATTON, Joseph a.1624
STRATTON, Joseph b.1649
STRATTON, Katherine b.1536
STRATTON, Luke b.1652
STRATTON, Margaret b.1609
STRATTON, Margaret b.1531
STRATTON, Margery a.1579
STRATTON, Mary b.1621
STRATTON, Mary b.1548
STRATTON, Mary b.1587
STRATTON, Mary a.1637
STRATTON, Nathaniel a.1643
STRATTON, Philip b.1533
STRATTON, Randall a.1578
STRATTON, Rebecca a.1660
STRATTON, Rebecca a.1615
STRATTON, Rebecca b.1651
STRATTON, Richard a.1570
STRATTON, Richard a.1619
STRATTON, Robert b.1529
STRATTON, Ruth b.1653
STRATTON, Samuel a.1656
STRATTON, Samuel a.1633
STRATTON, Sarah b.1593
STRATTON, Sarah a.1613
STRATTON, Sarah b.1643
STRATTON, Stephen b.1661
STRATTON, Stephen b.1655
STRATTON, Susanna a.1658
STRATTON, Susanna b.1575
STRATTON, Thomas a.1606
STRATTON, Thomas a.1574
STRATTON, Thomas Gentleman b.1546
STRATTON, Thomas a.1639
STRATTON, Walter de b.1350
STRATTON, William b.1427
STRATTON, William b.1655
STRATTON, William a.1643
STRATTON, William a.1607
STRATTON, William a.1618
STRATTON, William Mayor of Tenterden a.1585
STRATTON, Winifred a.1567


STRAWN, William b.1860


STREAM, Abigail b.1651
STREAM, Benjamin b.1627
STREAM, Elizabeth b.1625
STREAM, John b.1657
STREAM, John b.1623
STREAM, Martha b.1664
STREAM, Mary b.1653
STREAM, Sarah b.1668
STREAM, Thomas b.1661
STREAM, Thomas b.1621
STREAM, Thomas b.1596


STRECCHE, John Knight b.1360


STRECHLEIGH, Alice de b.1313
STRECHLEIGH, Walter de b.1289


STREET, Abiah b.1643
STREET, Anna b.1665
STREET, Francis b.1614
STREET, Hannah b.1633
STREET, Katherine b.1679
STREET, Mary b.1670
STREET, Mary a.1579
STREET, Nicholas b.1677
STREET, Nicholas a.1603
STREET, Nicholas a.1576
STREET, Samuel b.1635
STREET, Samuel b.1667
STREET, Sarah b.1681
STREET, Sarah b.1640
STREET, Susanna b.1675
STREET, Susanna b.1637
STREET, William b.1578


STREETER, Benjamin b.1689
STREETER, Deborah b.1685
STREETER, Deborah b.1710
STREETER, Elizabeth b.1712
STREETER, Hannah b.1644
STREETER, John b.1676
STREETER, John b.1651
STREETER, Joseph b.1708
STREETER, Joseph b.1687
STREETER, Lucina b.1785
STREETER, Mary b.1652
STREETER, Mary b.1695
STREETER, Mercy a.1704
STREETER, Rebecca b.1683
STREETER, Rebecca b.1649
STREETER, Samuel b.1647
STREETER, Samuel b.1700
STREETER, Samuel b.1672
STREETER, Sarah b.1643
STREETER, Sarah a.1697
STREETER, Sarah b.1669
STREETER, Stephen b.1667
STREETER, Stephen b.1641
STREETER, Stephen a.1698
STREETER, Stephen b.1600
STREETER, Susanna a.1706


STRELLEY, Anne b.1495
STRELLEY, Elizabeth b.1491
STRELLEY, George a.1631
STRELLEY, George b.1487
STRELLEY, Isabel b.1478
STRELLEY, John b.1481
STRELLEY, John Esquire b.1448
STRELLEY, Margaret b.1484
STRELLEY, Nicholas b.1600


STRETCH, Cecily b.1371


STRETELEY, John b.1390


STRICKLAND, Agnes b.1496
STRICKLAND, Dulce b.1502
STRICKLAND, Elizabeth a.1675
STRICKLAND, Elizabeth b.1804
STRICKLAND, Elizabeth b.1620
STRICKLAND, Gervase b.1472
STRICKLAND, Joan b.1465
STRICKLAND, John b.1594
STRICKLAND, Joseph b.1678
STRICKLAND, Mary b.1505
STRICKLAND, Mary Jane b.1890
STRICKLAND, Susan E. b.1852
STRICKLAND, Thomas b.1499
STRICKLAND, Thomas b.1469
STRICKLAND, Thomas Knight b.1443
STRICKLAND, Thwaite b.1620
STRICKLAND, Walter Knight b.1494
STRICKLAND, Walter K.B. b.1467
STRICKLAND, William Knight b.1596


STRIGOIL, Gilbert de Earl of Pembroke b.1173


STRIKER, Joseph b.1650


STRINGER, Mary b.1570


STRODE, Anne b.1590
STRODE, Hugh de Knight b.1320
STRODE, John Esquire b.1524
STRODE, Katherine b.1603
STRODE, Richard Esquire b.1529
STRODE, Thomas Esquire b.1530


STROHL, Delilah M. b.1834


STRONG, Abigail b.1739
STRONG, Abigail b.1645
STRONG, Adino b.1676
STRONG, Agnes b.1582
STRONG, Asa b.1735
STRONG, Benajah b.1740
STRONG, Benajah b.1682
STRONG, Benjamin b.1674
STRONG, Dorrice b.1911
STRONG, Ebenezer b.1643
STRONG, Elizabeth b.1728
STRONG, Elizabeth b.1704
STRONG, Elizabeth b.1713
STRONG, Elizabeth b.1648
STRONG, Elnathan b.1736
STRONG, Elnathan b.1686
STRONG, Emme a.1580
STRONG, Ephraim b.1685
STRONG, Esther b.1661
STRONG, Eunice b.1743
STRONG, Experience b.1650
STRONG, Hannah b.1660
STRONG, Hannah b.1659
STRONG, Honor b.1578
STRONG, Jedediah a.1639
STRONG, Jemima b.1707
STRONG, Jerijah b.1665
STRONG, Joan b.1585
STRONG, John b.1628
STRONG, John b.1726
STRONG, John b.1606
STRONG, Joseph b.1729
STRONG, Joseph b.1726
STRONG, Joseph b.1701
STRONG, Joseph b.1672
STRONG, Joseph b.1652
STRONG, Keziah b.1709
STRONG, Martha b.1745
STRONG, Mary b.1658
STRONG, Mary b.1745
STRONG, Mary b.1654
STRONG, Noah b.1702
STRONG, Patience b.1700
STRONG, Phineas b.1699
STRONG, Rachel b.1711
STRONG, Rachel b.1703
STRONG, Rachel b.1679
STRONG, Return b.1641
STRONG, Ruth b.1688
STRONG, Samuel b.1652
STRONG, Sarah b.1697
STRONG, Sarah b.1656
STRONG, Selah b.1680
STRONG, Simeon b.1705
STRONG, Submit b.1690
STRONG, Tabitha b.1731
STRONG, Thankful b.1663
STRONG, Thomas b.1637
STRONG, Waitstill b.1677
STRONG, William b.1733
STRONG, William b.1551


STRONGBOW, Eleanor b.1305
STRONGBOW, Gilbert Knight b.1280


STROTHER, Anthony b.1724
STROTHER, Anthony b.1710
STROTHER, Benjamin b.1705
STROTHER, Betheland b.1740
STROTHER, Elizabeth b.1743
STROTHER, Francis b.1737
STROTHER, Francis b.1701
STROTHER, George b.1730
STROTHER, John b.1722
STROTHER, Mary b.1734
STROTHER, Robert b.1728
STROTHER, Sarah Dabney b.1760
STROTHER, Susannah b.1732
STROTHER, Susannah b.1754
STROTHER, William b.1699
STROTHER, William b.1726
STROTHER, William b.1675
STROTHER, William Dabney b.1756


STROUT, Anthony b.1706
STROUT, Betsey b.1780
STROUT, David Brown b.1800
STROUT, Elisha b.1772
STROUT, Elizabeth b.1769
STROUT, Eudora E. b.1857
STROUT, Fannie E. b.1894
STROUT, Hannah b.1691
STROUT, Isabella b.1844
STROUT, Laura J. b.1863
STROUT, Leverett H. b.1843
STROUT, Lucy b.1773
STROUT, Lucy A. b.1814
STROUT, Lydia Jane b.1807
STROUT, Mary b.1718
STROUT, Mary P. b.1798
STROUT, Patience Wallace b.1812
STROUT, Priscilla b.1732
STROUT, Solomon b.1771
STROUT, William b.1796
STROUT, William b.1726


STROWBRIDGE, John b.1510


STRUG, Eleanor b.1342


STRUTT, Alice b.1492
STRUTT, Ambrose b.1549
STRUTT, Ann b.1538
STRUTT, Anne a.1585
STRUTT, Audrey b.1522
STRUTT, Elizabeth b.1490
STRUTT, Erasmus b.1526
STRUTT, Eustace b.1524
STRUTT, Joanna b.1543
STRUTT, John a.1579
STRUTT, John b.1496
STRUTT, John b.1466
STRUTT, John b.1520
STRUTT, Katherine b.1500
STRUTT, Margery b.1502
STRUTT, Robert b.1498
STRUTT, Thomas b.1494
STRUTT, Thomas b.1546
STRUTT, Ursula b.1529


STUARD, Jane b.1732


STUART, Anna b.1637
STUART, Anne Queen of England b.1665
STUART, Arabella b.1575
STUART, Charles Duke of Kendal b.1666
STUART, Charles Duke of Cambridge b.1660
STUART, Charles I King of England b.1600
STUART, Charles II King of England b.1630
STUART, Charles James Duke of Cornwall b.1629
STUART, Edgar Duke of Cambridge b.1667
STUART, Eleanor b.1767
STUART, Elizabeth b.1635
STUART, Elizabeth b.1596
STUART, Henrietta b.1669
STUART, Henrietta Anna Maria b.1644
STUART, Henry Duke of Gloucester b.1640
STUART, Henry Frederick Duke of Cornwall b.1594
STUART, James Duke of Richmond b.1612
STUART, James Duke of Cambridge b.1663
STUART, James b.1731
STUART, James I King of England b.1566
STUART, James II King of England b.1633
STUART, Katherine b.1671
STUART, Katherine b.1639
STUART, Ludovic Duke of Richmond b.1574
STUART, Margaret b.1598
STUART, Margaret b.1771
STUART, Mary b.1631
STUART, Mary b.1605
STUART, Mary II Queen of England b.1662
STUART, Robert b.1602
STUART, Sophia b.1606


STUBARD, Margaret b.1580


STUBBINS, Luke b.1617


STUBBS, Luke b.1696
STUBBS, Richard b.1619


STUDLEY, Abigail b.1702


STUKELEY, Alice b.1438
STUKELEY, Anne b.1483
STUKELEY, Christopher b.1506
STUKELEY, Elizabeth b.1486
STUKELEY, Elizabeth b.1443
STUKELEY, George b.1509
STUKELEY, Hugh Knight b.1603
STUKELEY, Hugh Knight b.1496
STUKELEY, Hugh Sheriff of Devon b.1400
STUKELEY, Joan b.1477
STUKELEY, John a.1610
STUKELEY, Margery b.1500
STUKELEY, Maurice b.1502
STUKELEY, Nicholas Esquire b.1449
STUKELEY, Richard Esquire b.1367
STUKELEY, Roger b.1398
STUKELEY, Thomas a.1606
STUKELEY, Thomas Knight b.1569
STUKELEY, Thomas b.1498
STUKELEY, Thomas Sheriff of Devon b.1475
STUKELEY, Thomasine b.1504
STUKELEY, William a.1605
STUKELEY, William b.1480


STUMPE, Elizabeth b.1542
STUMPE, James Knight b.1505


STURGEON, Joan b.1427
STURGEON, Richard b.1402


STURGES, Deborah b.1662
STURGES, Elnathan b.1743


STURGIS, Amy b.1852
STURGIS, Desire b.1666
STURGIS, Rondel Edna b.1891
STURGIS, Sarah b.1699
STURGIS, Thomas a.1580


STURTEVANT, Ann b.1647
STURTEVANT, Hannah b.1656
STURTEVANT, James b.1663
STURTEVANT, John b.1650
STURTEVANT, John b.1658
STURTEVANT, Joseph b.1666
STURTEVANT, Lydia b.1660
STURTEVANT, Mary b.1651
STURTEVANT, Perez b.1737
STURTEVANT, Samuel b.1654
STURTEVANT, Samuel b.1622


STUTEVILLE, Agnes de b.1175
STUTEVILLE, Alice de b.1164
STUTEVILLE, Anselm de b.1166
STUTEVILLE, Beatrice de b.1168
STUTEVILLE, Burga de b.1148
STUTEVILLE, Burga de b.1129
STUTEVILLE, Emma de b.1082
STUTEVILLE, Eustace de b.1151
STUTEVILLE, Gradulf de b.1088
STUTEVILLE, Gundred de b.1170
STUTEVILLE, Hawise de b.1162
STUTEVILLE, Henry de Lord of Valmont b.1160
STUTEVILLE, Isabel de b.1187
STUTEVILLE, Isabel de b.1172
STUTEVILLE, Joan de b.1151
STUTEVILLE, Joan de b.1216
STUTEVILLE, John de b.1185
STUTEVILLE, John de b.1153
STUTEVILLE, John de b.1119
STUTEVILLE, John de b.1183
STUTEVILLE, Margaret de b.1218
STUTEVILLE, Margery de b.1225
STUTEVILLE, Nicholas de Lord of Valmont b.1112
STUTEVILLE, Nicholas I de b.1143
STUTEVILLE, Nicholas II de b.1175
STUTEVILLE, Osmund de b.1223
STUTEVILLE, Osmund de b.1145
STUTEVILLE, Osmund de b.1116
STUTEVILLE, Robert de Lord of Valmont b.1136
STUTEVILLE, Robert de b.1190
STUTEVILLE, Robert de b.1255
STUTEVILLE, Robert de b.1170
STUTEVILLE, Robert de Knight b.1221
STUTEVILLE, Robert I de b.1054
STUTEVILLE, Robert II de b.1085
STUTEVILLE, Robert III de Sheriff of Yorkshire b.1114
STUTEVILLE, Robert IV de b.1154
STUTEVILLE, Roger de b.1149
STUTEVILLE, Roger de Sheriff of Northumberland b.1125
STUTEVILLE, Roger de Sheriff of Northumberland b.1142
STUTEVILLE, William de Knight b.1185
STUTEVILLE, William de b.1122
STUTEVILLE, William de b.1091
STUTEVILLE, William de b.1140
STUTEVILLE, William de b.1141


STYDOLFE, Jane b.1500
STYDOLFE, Richard Knight a.1628


STYLE, Humphrey b.1517
STYLE, Rebecca b.1628


STYRBJORNSSON, Thorkill "Sprakalaeg" b.977


SUCKLING, Robert Mayor of Norwich b.1520


SUDELEY, Bartholomew de b.1278
SUDELEY, Harold de b.1057
SUDELEY, Joan de b.1333
SUDELEY, John de Lord Sudeley b.1338
SUDELEY, John de Lord Sudeley b.1257
SUDELEY, John de Lord Sudeley b.1305
SUDELEY, John de b.1095
SUDELEY, Margery de b.1335
SUDELEY, Ralph de b.1133
SUDELEY, Ralph de Earl of Hereford b.1027
SUDELEY, Roger de b.1092


SUGGS, Ruth b.1689


SULLIVAN, Esther b.1892
SULLIVAN, Helen M. b.1893
SULLIVAN, John L. b.1860
SULLIVAN, Norman b.1894
SULLIVAN, Warren L. b.1890


SULLY, Agnes de b.1088
SULLY, Elizabeth de b.1290
SULLY, Giles de Seigneur of Sully-sur-Loire b.1063
SULLY, Henry de b.1216
SULLY, Nichola de b.1259
SULLY, Raymond de b.1262
SULLY, Raymond de b.1174
SULLY, Sarah de b.1196
SULLY, Sybil de b.1257
SULLY, Walter de b.1149
SULLY, Walter de b.1205


SULYARD, Alice b.1473
SULYARD, Andrew Gentleman b.1470
SULYARD, Anne b.1540
SULYARD, Anne b.1538
SULYARD, Anne b.1480
SULYARD, Bridget b.1543
SULYARD, Edward b.1561
SULYARD, Edward Esquire b.1461
SULYARD, Edward Knight b.1532
SULYARD, Edward Knight b.1540
SULYARD, Elizabeth b.1465
SULYARD, Elizabeth b.1484
SULYARD, Eustace Esquire b.1501
SULYARD, Jane b.1536
SULYARD, John Knight b.1508
SULYARD, John Esquire b.1476
SULYARD, John Knight b.1439
SULYARD, Margaret b.1538
SULYARD, Margaret a.1542
SULYARD, Mary b.1498
SULYARD, Mary b.1534
SULYARD, Thomas b.1563
SULYARD, Thomas b.1545
SULYARD, William b.1559


SULZBACH, Berenger II of Count of Sulzbach b.1080
SULZBACH, Bertha of b.1120
SULZBACH, Gebhard I of b.1036
SULZBACH, Gebhard II of b.1057
SULZBACH, Gebhard III of Count of Sulzbach b.1105
SULZBACH, Gertrude of b.1108
SULZBACH, Luitgarde of b.1115
SULZBACH, Matilda of b.1112


SUMMERS, Abigail b.1681
SUMMERS, Hannah b.1676
SUMMERS, Henry b.1671
SUMMERS, Henry b.1645
SUMMERS, John b.1685
SUMMERS, Martha b.1688
SUMMERS, Mary b.1679
SUMMERS, Patience b.1683
SUMMERS, Samuel b.1669
SUMMERS, Sarah b.1674


SUMNER, Abigail b.1657
SUMNER, Ebenezer b.1678
SUMNER, Elizabeth Patience b.1817
SUMNER, Estelle b.1909
SUMNER, George b.1697
SUMNER, Hezekiah b.1683
SUMNER, Jaazaniah b.1668
SUMNER, Mary b.1665
SUMNER, Rebecca b.1671
SUMNER, Roger a.1632
SUMNER, Samuel b.1659
SUMNER, Waitstill b.1661
SUMNER, William b.1674

Surname List