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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


ROOTH, Richard b.1657


ROOTS, Bethia b.1642
ROOTS, Thomas b.1610


ROPER, Agnes b.1485
ROPER, Agnes b.1402
ROPER, Alice b.1635
ROPER, Anna b.1490
ROPER, Anne b.1586
ROPER, Anthony Esquire b.1535
ROPER, Catherine b.1616
ROPER, Christopher Lord Teynham b.1651
ROPER, Christopher Lord Teynham b.1621
ROPER, Christopher b.1496
ROPER, Edmund b.1370
ROPER, Elizabeth b.1617
ROPER, Elizabeth b.1532
ROPER, Elizabeth b.1487
ROPER, Elizabeth b.1637
ROPER, Ellen b.1503
ROPER, Ephraim b.1645
ROPER, Francis b.1623
ROPER, Hannah a.1642
ROPER, John b.1644
ROPER, John Lord Teynham b.1591
ROPER, John Esquire b.1459
ROPER, John b.1611
ROPER, Margaret a.1626
ROPER, Margaret b.1499
ROPER, Margaret b.1528
ROPER, Mary b.1619
ROPER, Mary b.1530
ROPER, Nathaniel b.1645
ROPER, Rachel b.1640
ROPER, Ruth b.1655
ROPER, Sarah b.1648
ROPER, Thomas Esquire b.1526
ROPER, William a.1627
ROPER, William Esquire b.1493


ROPES, Mary a.1644


ROS, Agnes de b.1287
ROS, Alexander de b.1230
ROS, Alice b.1401
ROS, Alice de b.1241
ROS, Alice de b.1301
ROS, Beatrice Nun b.1414
ROS, Edmund Lord Ros b.1454
ROS, Eleanor b.1408
ROS, Eleanor b.1450
ROS, Eleanor b.1432
ROS, Elizabeth b.1412
ROS, Elizabeth de b.1356
ROS, Elizabeth de b.1326
ROS, Elizabeth de b.1366
ROS, Everard de b.1109
ROS, Everard de b.1148
ROS, Herbert de Knight b.1234
ROS, Ida de b.1229
ROS, Isabel b.1452
ROS, Isabel de b.1269
ROS, Isabel de b.1227
ROS, Isabel de b.1259
ROS, Ivette de b.1285
ROS, James de Knight b.1303
ROS, James de Knight b.1346
ROS, Joan de b.1262
ROS, John b.1456
ROS, John Lord Ros of Helmsley b.1397
ROS, John de Knight b.1331
ROS, John de b.1236
ROS, John de b.1267
ROS, John de Lord Ros of Helmsley b.1361
ROS, John de Knight b.1293
ROS, Lucy de b.1253
ROS, Lucy de b.1226
ROS, Lucy de b.1272
ROS, Margaret b.1459
ROS, Margaret b.1430
ROS, Margaret b.1398
ROS, Margaret b.1420
ROS, Margaret de b.1315
ROS, Margaret de b.1323
ROS, Margaret de b.1298
ROS, Margaret de b.1363
ROS, Mary b.1484
ROS, Mary de b.1255
ROS, Maud de b.1332
ROS, N.N. b.1430
ROS, Nicholas de b.1340
ROS, Nicholas de b.1270
ROS, Piers de Knight b.1198
ROS, Piers de Rector of Bottesford b.1238
ROS, Piers de b.1085
ROS, Richard b.1429
ROS, Richard Knight b.1410
ROS, Robert b.1374
ROS, Robert Knight b.1408
ROS, Robert Knight b.1389
ROS, Robert de Lord Ros of Wark b.1255
ROS, Robert de Knight b.1225
ROS, Robert de Knight b.1265
ROS, Robert de Knight b.1200
ROS, Robert I de b.1115
ROS, Robert II de Knight Templar b.1169
ROS, Robert III de Knight b.1228
ROS, Thomas b.1371
ROS, Thomas Lord Ros b.1427
ROS, Thomas Lord Ros b.1406
ROS, Thomas de Knight b.1306
ROS, Thomas de Knight b.1336
ROS, William Knight b.1404
ROS, William de b.1260
ROS, William de b.1223
ROS, William de b.1277
ROS, William de Knight b.1369
ROS, William de Lord Ros of Helmsley b.1329
ROS, William de Knight b.1232
ROS, William I de Knight b.1196
ROS, William II de Lord Ros of Helmsley b.1257
ROS, William III de Sheriff of Yorkshire b.1290


ROSCELYN, Joan b.1309
ROSCELYN, Peter b.1282
ROSCELYN, Thomas b.1307


ROSCOE, Jehiel b.1789
ROSCOE, Robert b.1630


ROSE, Abigail b.1683
ROSE, Daniel b.1683
ROSE, Daniel b.1667
ROSE, Daniel b.1630
ROSE, Deborah b.1671
ROSE, Dorcas b.1632
ROSE, Dorothy b.1687
ROSE, Elizabeth b.1668
ROSE, Elizabeth b.1621
ROSE, Elizabeth b.1665
ROSE, Hannah b.1650
ROSE, Hannah b.1635
ROSE, Hannah b.1674
ROSE, Hannah b.1673
ROSE, Hannah b.1677
ROSE, Hugh b.1345
ROSE, Jane b.1596
ROSE, John b.1679
ROSE, John b.1675
ROSE, John b.1619
ROSE, John b.1644
ROSE, Jonathan b.1679
ROSE, Jonathan b.1638
ROSE, Joseph b.1730
ROSE, Lydia b.1689
ROSE, Martha b.1653
ROSE, Mary b.1647
ROSE, Mary b.1623
ROSE, Mary b.1670
ROSE, May Alice b.1896
ROSE, Mrs. Nicholas b.1527
ROSE, Ralph b.1819
ROSE, Robert b.1594
ROSE, Robert b.1619
ROSE, Robert b.1610
ROSE, Samuel b.1625
ROSE, Sarah b.1673
ROSE, Sarah b.1627
ROSE, Sarah b.1681
ROSE, Solomon b.1697
ROSE, Solomon b.1739
ROSE, Thomas b.1593




ROSEWELL, Henry Knight b.1590
ROSEWELL, William Esquire b.1525


ROSOY, Clarembald de b.1090


ROSS, Christina de b.1192
ROSS, Dorothea de b.1271
ROSS, Euphemia de b.1198
ROSS, Euphemia de Queen of Scotland b.1332
ROSS, Euphemia de Countess of Ross b.1346
ROSS, Hugh de b.1330
ROSS, Hugh de Earl of Ross b.1274
ROSS, Joanna de b.1350
ROSS, John Lord Ross of Halkhead b.1428
ROSS, John de Knight b.1278
ROSS, Lillias de b.1313
ROSS, Marjory de b.1309
ROSS, Ninian Lord Ross of Halkhead b.1492
ROSS, Submit b.1734
ROSS, Thomas b.1660
ROSS, Thomas b.1631
ROSS, Walter de b.1282
ROSS, William de b.1344
ROSS, William de Earl of Ross b.1230
ROSS, William de Earl of Ross b.1195
ROSS, William de Earl of Ross b.1311


ROSSALE, Alice b.1380


ROSSELL, Elizabeth b.1610


ROSSITER, Abigail b.1648
ROSSITER, Bryan b.1610
ROSSITER, Dorothy b.1608
ROSSITER, Edward b.1575
ROSSITER, Elizabeth b.1640
ROSSITER, Elizabeth b.1572
ROSSITER, Esther b.1636
ROSSITER, George b.1505
ROSSITER, Hugh b.1574
ROSSITER, Hugh b.1612
ROSSITER, Jane b.1614
ROSSITER, Joan b.1495
ROSSITER, Joan b.1616
ROSSITER, Joanna b.1642
ROSSITER, John b.1634
ROSSITER, John b.1570
ROSSITER, Josiah b.1646
ROSSITER, Nicholas b.1539
ROSSITER, Nicholas b.1599
ROSSITER, Peter b.1650
ROSSITER, Philip b.1568
ROSSITER, Philip Gentleman b.1499
ROSSITER, Richard Gentleman b.1461
ROSSITER, Richard b.1543
ROSSITER, Samuel b.1638
ROSSITER, Sarah b.1655
ROSSITER, Susanna b.1652
ROSSITER, Timothy b.1644
ROSSITER, William b.1438
ROSSITER, William b.1541


ROTENHERYNG, John b.1278


ROTER, Alan le b.1240
ROTER, Alice le b.1234
ROTER, Cecily le b.1232
ROTER, Peter le Knight b.1230
ROTER, Randle le Knight b.1251
ROTER, Ranulph le Knight b.1210
ROTER, Richard le b.1253
ROTER, Richard le b.1238
ROTER, Robert le b.1255




ROTHENBURG, Gertrude of b.1097


ROTHERFIELD, Dionysia de b.1244
ROTHERFIELD, Peter de Knight b.1219


ROTHERFORD, Rachel b.1826


ROTHWELL, Joan de b.1275
ROTHWELL, Richard de b.1250
ROTHWELL, Thomas b.1409


ROTSY, Mary b.1519


ROTT, Ermengarde von b.1059
ROTT, Kuno von b.1034


ROUCESTRE, Alice de b.1199
ROUCESTRE, Baldwin de b.1132
ROUCESTRE, Piers de b.1197
ROUCESTRE, William de b.1172


ROUCY, Ade de Dame de Marle b.1037
ROUCY, Adele de b.1019
ROUCY, Ebles I de Count of Rheims b.976
ROUCY, Ebles II de Count of Roucy b.1045
ROUCY, Ermentrude de b.958
ROUCY, Giselbert de Count of Roucy b.951
ROUCY, Lutaud de b.1031
ROUCY, Lutaud de Seigneur de Marle b.999
ROUCY, Lutaud de b.978
ROUCY, Marguerite de b.1049
ROUCY, Renaud de Count of Roucy b.928
ROUCY, Yvette de b.989


ROUEN, Beatrice of b.1008
ROUEN, Laurence de b.1107
ROUEN, Richard of Viscount of Rouen b.1005
ROUEN, Tesselin of Viscount of Rouen b.970


ROUERGUE, Fulgaud de Count of Rouergue b.810


ROUGHAM, Alice de b.1359


ROUMARE, Gerold de b.1032
ROUMARE, Robert de b.1147
ROUMARE, Robert de b.1058
ROUMARE, Roger de b.1062
ROUMARE, Rohese de b.1134
ROUMARE, William I de Earl of Lincoln b.1095
ROUMARE, William II de b.1114
ROUMARE, William III de Earl of Lincoln b.1145


ROUNDS, Theodore b.1752


ROUNDTREE, Georgia b.1852


ROUNDY, Azor b.1757


ROUS, Alianora le b.1270
ROUS, Henry le b.1195
ROUS, Johanna le b.1285
ROUS, John le Knight b.1282
ROUS, John le Knight b.1262
ROUS, John le b.1356
ROUS, Juliana le b.1358
ROUS, Richard le b.1263
ROUS, Roger le Priest b.1265
ROUS, Roger le Sheriff of Gloucestershire b.1230
ROUS, Thomas le Knight b.1303


ROUSE, Elizabeth b.1666
ROUSE, Margaret b.1507
ROUSE, Thomas b.1516


ROUTH, Agnes de b.1405
ROUTH, Brian de b.1400
ROUTH, Edward de b.1402
ROUTH, Elizabeth b.1408
ROUTH, Elizabeth de b.1424
ROUTH, John de Knight b.1348
ROUTH, John de b.1398
ROUTH, William de b.1373


ROWDON, Richard Esquire b.1471


ROWE, Abbie Hannah b.1876
ROWE, Abiah b.1708
ROWE, Abigail b.1716
ROWE, Abigail b.1740
ROWE, Abigail b.1677
ROWE, Abraham b.1719
ROWE, Abraham b.1680
ROWE, Agnes b.1403
ROWE, Agnes b.1605
ROWE, Alice Etta b.1867
ROWE, Alpheus Silenus b.1833
ROWE, Andrew b.1719
ROWE, Andrew b.1683
ROWE, Anne a.1643
ROWE, Anthony b.1662
ROWE, Benjamin b.1745
ROWE, Benjamin b.1782
ROWE, Benjamin b.1690
ROWE, Benjamin b.1723
ROWE, Benjamin b.1685
ROWE, Bethiah b.1775
ROWE, Bethiah D. b.1829
ROWE, Bridget a.1549
ROWE, Charles Orrington b.1853
ROWE, Clarence Zechariah b.1856
ROWE, Constance b.1696
ROWE, Daniel Mason b.1838
ROWE, David b.1726
ROWE, Dimmick Day b.1780
ROWE, Dorcas b.1723
ROWE, Dorcas b.1710
ROWE, Ebenezer b.1680
ROWE, Elizabeth a.1552
ROWE, Elizabeth a.1576
ROWE, Elizabeth b.1602
ROWE, Elizabeth b.1747
ROWE, Elizabeth b.1783
ROWE, Elizabeth b.1711
ROWE, Elizabeth b.1673
ROWE, Ethel May b.1885
ROWE, Eulalia a.1581
ROWE, Fanny Augusta b.1870
ROWE, Florence Jane b.1869
ROWE, Francis b.1600
ROWE, Frederick Stevens b.1873
ROWE, George a.1564
ROWE, Gertie P. b.1877
ROWE, Gertrude b.1611
ROWE, Grace M. b.1876
ROWE, Helen Augusta b.1849
ROWE, Herbert Mason b.1870
ROWE, Hugh b.1645
ROWE, Isaac b.1746
ROWE, Isaac b.1682
ROWE, Jacob b.1685
ROWE, James b.1715
ROWE, James b.1666
ROWE, Jeremiah a.1726
ROWE, Job a.1715
ROWE, John a.1560
ROWE, John b.1515
ROWE, John Gentleman a.1574
ROWE, John b.1608
ROWE, John b.1714
ROWE, John b.1708
ROWE, John b.1691
ROWE, John b.1665
ROWE, John b.1641
ROWE, John a.1607
ROWE, John Waterhouse b.1846
ROWE, Jonathan b.1717
ROWE, Jonathan b.1729
ROWE, Joseph b.1613
ROWE, Joseph b.1713
ROWE, Joseph b.1738
ROWE, Joseph b.1743
ROWE, Joseph b.1721
ROWE, Joseph b.1785
ROWE, Joseph b.1687
ROWE, Judith b.1721
ROWE, Mahala b.1823
ROWE, Margaret b.1675
ROWE, Martha b.1695
ROWE, Martha b.1578
ROWE, Martha b.1819
ROWE, Martha b.1704
ROWE, Mary b.1693
ROWE, Mary a.1572
ROWE, Mary a.1615
ROWE, Mary b.1722
ROWE, Mary b.1711
ROWE, Mary b.1671
ROWE, Mary b.1673
ROWE, Mary Diana b.1851
ROWE, Mary E. b.1873
ROWE, Mary Rosamond b.1842
ROWE, Maud E. b.1886
ROWE, Molly b.1752
ROWE, Nicholas a.1647
ROWE, Nicholas a.1589
ROWE, Nicholas Gentleman b.1545
ROWE, Nicholas b.1609
ROWE, Philippa a.1547
ROWE, Polly b.1786
ROWE, Polly M. b.1825
ROWE, Priscilla a.1583
ROWE, Rachel b.1668
ROWE, Rebecca b.1810
ROWE, Rebecca b.1694
ROWE, Robert a.1586
ROWE, Robert b.1604
ROWE, Rose E. b.1872
ROWE, Ruth b.1671
ROWE, Sally b.1791
ROWE, Samuel b.1712
ROWE, Samuel b.1795
ROWE, Samuel b.1678
ROWE, Sarah a.1723
ROWE, Sarah a.1742
ROWE, Sarah a.1742
ROWE, Sarah b.1706
ROWE, Sarah b.1701
ROWE, Sarah b.1687
ROWE, Sarah E. b.1856
ROWE, Sarah Hannah b.1878
ROWE, Sarah Hannah b.1848
ROWE, Sewell Roscoe b.1844
ROWE, Solomon a.1755
ROWE, Solomon b.1748
ROWE, Solomon b.1776
ROWE, Solomon b.1807
ROWE, Solomon M. b.1849
ROWE, Stella Florence b.1870
ROWE, Stephen b.1709
ROWE, Stephen b.1675
ROWE, Stephen b.1703
ROWE, Susan a.1582
ROWE, Susanna b.1700
ROWE, Susannah b.1749
ROWE, Susannah b.1805
ROWE, Thomas a.1649
ROWE, Thomas b.1716
ROWE, Thomas b.1668
ROWE, Thomasine b.1617
ROWE, Verna b.1897
ROWE, Viola Ruth b.1911
ROWE, Zaccheus b.1751
ROWE, Zaccheus b.1753
ROWE, Zacheus b.1778
ROWE, Zebulon a.1748
ROWE, Zebulon a.1744
ROWE, Zechariah b.1813
ROWE, Zechariah G. b.1816


ROWELL, Sarah Ann b.1810


ROWLAND, Elizabeth b.1651
ROWLAND, James b.1809
ROWLAND, John b.1549
ROWLAND, Thomas b.1565
ROWLAND, Thomas b.1575


ROWLANDSON, Ann b.1669
ROWLANDSON, Elizabeth b.1661
ROWLANDSON, Elizabeth b.1654
ROWLANDSON, Elizabeth b.1627
ROWLANDSON, John b.1668
ROWLANDSON, Joseph b.1664
ROWLANDSON, Joseph b.1629
ROWLANDSON, Martha b.1666
ROWLANDSON, Martha b.1623
ROWLANDSON, Mary b.1665
ROWLANDSON, Sarah b.1658
ROWLANDSON, Thomas b.1656
ROWLANDSON, Thomas b.1625
ROWLANDSON, Thomas b.1597


ROWLES, Elizabeth b.1580


ROWLESLEY, Elizabeth b.1466


ROWLEY, Aaron b.1666
ROWLEY, Content b.1719
ROWLEY, Deborah b.1725
ROWLEY, Ebenezer b.1695
ROWLEY, Henry b.1600
ROWLEY, John b.1727
ROWLEY, John b.1690
ROWLEY, John b.1667
ROWLEY, Jonathan b.1703
ROWLEY, Joseph b.1722
ROWLEY, Joseph b.1753
ROWLEY, Joseph b.1632
ROWLEY, Mary b.1757
ROWLEY, Mary b.1677
ROWLEY, Mary b.1653
ROWLEY, Matthew b.1658
ROWLEY, Mehitable b.1698
ROWLEY, Mehitable b.1661
ROWLEY, Mindwell b.1720
ROWLEY, Mindwell b.1755
ROWLEY, Moses b.1679
ROWLEY, Moses b.1654
ROWLEY, Moses b.1630
ROWLEY, N.N. b.1656
ROWLEY, Naomi b.1682
ROWLEY, Naomi b.1685
ROWLEY, Nathan b.1664
ROWLEY, Patience b.1717
ROWLEY, Samuel b.1688
ROWLEY, Sarah b.1723
ROWLEY, Sarah b.1662
ROWLEY, Sarah b.1629
ROWLEY, Seth b.1730
ROWLEY, Seth b.1759
ROWLEY, Shubael b.1661
ROWLEY, Thomas b.1690


ROWNING, Elizabeth a.1579
ROWNING, Joan b.1572
ROWNING, John a.1617
ROWNING, John a.1615
ROWNING, John a.1581
ROWNING, Judith b.1587
ROWNING, Mary a.1593
ROWNING, Mary a.1613
ROWNING, Sarah b.1584
ROWNING, Susanna b.1590
ROWNING, Thomas b.1619
ROWNING, Thomas b.1575
ROWNING, Thomas b.1535
ROWNING, William b.1577


ROWSE, Joan b.1323


ROXAS, Maria Fernandez de b.1234


ROYAL, Joseph b.1602
ROYAL, Mary b.1670


ROYCE, Abigail b.1677
ROYCE, Abigail b.1667
ROYCE, Abijah b.1673
ROYCE, David b.1713
ROYCE, David b.1682
ROYCE, Deborah b.1718
ROYCE, Deborah b.1683
ROYCE, Deborah b.1680
ROYCE, Elizabeth b.1703
ROYCE, Elizabeth b.1662
ROYCE, Hannah b.1671
ROYCE, Isaac b.1688
ROYCE, Isaac b.1762
ROYCE, Isaac b.1647
ROYCE, John b.1712
ROYCE, John b.1663
ROYCE, Jonathan b.1705
ROYCE, Jonathan b.1678
ROYCE, Jonathan b.1635
ROYCE, Josiah b.1671
ROYCE, Mary b.1701
ROYCE, Matthew b.1709
ROYCE, Nathaniel b.1640
ROYCE, Nehemiah b.1715
ROYCE, Nehemiah b.1637
ROYCE, Prudence b.1680
ROYCE, Robert b.1670
ROYCE, Robert b.1608
ROYCE, Ruth b.1707
ROYCE, Ruth b.1669
ROYCE, Ruth b.1645
ROYCE, Samuel b.1673
ROYCE, Samuel b.1644
ROYCE, Sarah b.1665
ROYCE, Sarah b.1633


ROYDON, Alice b.1526
ROYDON, Anne b.1520
ROYDON, Elizabeth b.1522
ROYDON, Elizabeth b.1460
ROYDON, George b.1514
ROYDON, John b.1518
ROYDON, Katherine b.1529
ROYDON, Margaret b.1512
ROYDON, Mary b.1524
ROYDON, Thomas b.1540
ROYDON, Thomas Esquire b.1481
ROYDON, William Esquire b.1516


ROYLE, Dorothy a.1615
ROYLE, Elizabeth a.1613
ROYLE, George b.1588
ROYLE, Mary a.1620


ROYNON, Joan b.1411


RUBY, Thomas b.1315


RUCK, Abigail b.1720
RUCK, John b.1563
RUCK, Robert b.1804
RUCK, Sarah b.1656
RUCK, Thomas b.1588


RUDBOURNE, N.N. b.1361


RUDD, Abigail b.1688
RUDD, Jonathan b.1650
RUDD, Jonathan b.1682
RUDD, Jonathan b.1620
RUDD, Mary b.1695
RUDD, Mary b.1686
RUDD, Mary b.1648
RUDD, Mercy b.1679
RUDD, Nathaniel b.1684
RUDD, Nathaniel b.1656
RUDD, Patience b.1652


RUDDOCK, John b.1609


RUDGELEY, Prudence b.1537


RUDHALE, Charles b.1493
RUDHALE, Isabel b.1504
RUDHALE, Joan b.1497
RUDHALE, John b.1489
RUDHALE, William b.1486
RUDHALE, William Knight b.1460


RUFFO, Cobella b.1412


RUFFUS, Eincina b.1200
RUFFUS, Emma b.1161
RUFFUS, William b.1135
RUFFUS, William Knight b.1175


RUGG, Daniel b.1678
RUGG, Elizabeth b.1748
RUGG, John b.1630


RUGGE, Frances b.1572
RUGGE, Joan b.1402


RUGGLES, Jeremiah b.1685
RUGGLES, John b.1629
RUGGLES, John a.1625
RUGGLES, John b.1633
RUGGLES, Mary a.1623
RUGGLES, Samuel a.1630
RUGGLES, Sarah b.1678
RUGGLES, Sarah a.1628
RUGGLES, Thomas a.1621
RUGGLES, Thomas b.1584
RUGGLES, Timothy b.1711


RULLINS, Alba b.1535


RUMBALL, Robert b.1595


RUMENEL, Aubrey de b.1159
RUMENEL, David de b.1134


RUMIGNY, Beatrix de b.1125
RUMIGNY, Nicolas de b.1116
RUMIGNY, Nicolas I de b.1050
RUMIGNY, Nicolas II de b.1085


RUMILLY, Alice de Lady of Skipton b.1112
RUMILLY, Alice of b.1132
RUMILLY, Avice de b.1115
RUMILLY, Cecily de b.1093
RUMILLY, Lucy de b.1088
RUMILLY, Rainfred de b.1038
RUMILLY, Robert de b.1063


RUNDLETT, Charles b.1652


RUS, Alice le b.1245
RUS, Ernald le b.1158
RUS, Hugh I le Sheriff of Suffolk b.1183
RUS, Hugh II le b.1215
RUS, William le Knight b.1217


RUSBURGH, Thomas b.1600


RUSCOE, Mercy b.1610
RUSCOE, Nathaniel b.1620


RUSH, Elizabeth a.1574
RUSH, John a.1578
RUSH, John b.1535
RUSH, Nicholas a.1582
RUSH, Robert b.1580
RUSH, Susannah a.1575


RUSHALL, Joanna de b.1355
RUSHALL, John de b.1330


RUSSELL, Alice b.1444
RUSSELL, Alice b.1349
RUSSELL, Ann b.1718
RUSSELL, Anna b.1556
RUSSELL, Anne a.1602
RUSSELL, Anne b.1614
RUSSELL, Anne a.1643
RUSSELL, Anne Countess of Worcester b.1579
RUSSELL, Anne b.1548
RUSSELL, Anne b.1499
RUSSELL, Autherin b.1569
RUSSELL, Catherine b.1613
RUSSELL, Catherine b.1800
RUSSELL, Christian b.1446
RUSSELL, Christian b.1324
RUSSELL, Daniel b.1642
RUSSELL, Diana b.1624
RUSSELL, Edmund a.1635
RUSSELL, Edward b.1626
RUSSELL, Edward Lord Russell b.1547
RUSSELL, Elizabeth b.1481
RUSSELL, Elizabeth b.1615
RUSSELL, Elizabeth b.1629
RUSSELL, Elizabeth a.1605
RUSSELL, Elizabeth a.1575
RUSSELL, Elizabeth b.1558
RUSSELL, Elizabeth b.1644
RUSSELL, Elizabeth b.1330
RUSSELL, Elizabeth b.1379
RUSSELL, Ellen A. b.1838
RUSSELL, Francis b.1620
RUSSELL, Francis Earl of Bedford b.1592
RUSSELL, Francis Knight a.1637
RUSSELL, Francis Lord Russell b.1553
RUSSELL, Francis Earl of Bedford b.1526
RUSSELL, George b.1639
RUSSELL, Hannah b.1690
RUSSELL, Hannah b.1634
RUSSELL, Henry b.1641
RUSSELL, Henry b.1642
RUSSELL, Henry b.1363
RUSSELL, Isabel b.1379
RUSSELL, Isabella b.1260
RUSSELL, James b.1640
RUSSELL, James b.1262
RUSSELL, James Knight b.1251
RUSSELL, James Esquire b.1449
RUSSELL, Joan b.1354
RUSSELL, John b.1622
RUSSELL, John b.1390
RUSSELL, John a.1633
RUSSELL, John Knight b.1639
RUSSELL, John Lord Russell b.1550
RUSSELL, John b.1287
RUSSELL, John b.1626
RUSSELL, John b.1317
RUSSELL, John b.1375
RUSSELL, John Knight b.1255
RUSSELL, John b.1325
RUSSELL, John b.1664
RUSSELL, John Knight b.1215
RUSSELL, John Knight b.1175
RUSSELL, John b.1347
RUSSELL, John Knight b.1417
RUSSELL, John Earl of Bedford b.1475
RUSSELL, John Knight b.1300
RUSSELL, John b.1325
RUSSELL, John Knight b.1340
RUSSELL, Jonet b.1580
RUSSELL, Joseph b.1667
RUSSELL, Joyce b.1660
RUSSELL, Katherine a.1607
RUSSELL, Katherine b.1647
RUSSELL, Lawrence b.1303
RUSSELL, Margaret a.1599
RUSSELL, Margaret b.1618
RUSSELL, Margaret b.1560
RUSSELL, Margaret b.1319
RUSSELL, Margaret b.1372
RUSSELL, Margaret b.1386
RUSSELL, Mary b.1631
RUSSELL, Mary b.1641
RUSSELL, Mary b.1539
RUSSELL, Mary b.1634
RUSSELL, Mary Elizabeth b.1860
RUSSELL, Matilda b.1224
RUSSELL, Maurice Knight b.1352
RUSSELL, Nicholas b.1290
RUSSELL, Nicholas b.1351
RUSSELL, Ralph Knight b.1319
RUSSELL, Ralph I Knight b.1203
RUSSELL, Ralph II Sheriff of Somerset b.1226
RUSSELL, Rebecca b.1681
RUSSELL, Richard b.1611
RUSSELL, Richard b.1327
RUSSELL, Robert a.1636
RUSSELL, Robert b.1315
RUSSELL, Robert b.1254
RUSSELL, Samuel b.1685
RUSSELL, Sarah b.1618
RUSSELL, Susan b.1807
RUSSELL, Theobald b.1345
RUSSELL, Theobald Knight b.1301
RUSSELL, Thomas a.1603
RUSSELL, Thomas b.1625
RUSSELL, Thomas Knight b.1576
RUSSELL, Thomas b.1321
RUSSELL, Thomas Knight b.1540
RUSSELL, Thomas Knight b.1403
RUSSELL, Thomas b.1477
RUSSELL, Thomasin b.1484
RUSSELL, William b.1420
RUSSELL, William Duke of Bedford b.1616
RUSSELL, William Esquire b.1627
RUSSELL, William Knight a.1601
RUSSELL, William Lord Russell of Thornhaugh b.1555
RUSSELL, William b.1327
RUSSELL, William Esquire b.1369
RUSSELL, William b.1655
RUSSELL, William b.1321
RUSSELL, William Knight b.1257
RUSSELL, William b.1335


RUST, Nathaniel a.1639


RUTHERFORD, Henry b.1612


RUTHVEN, David b.1373
RUTHVEN, Elizabeth b.1496
RUTHVEN, Gilbert b.1252
RUTHVEN, Gilbert Knight b.1215
RUTHVEN, John Knight b.1395
RUTHVEN, Margaret b.1320
RUTHVEN, Margaret b.1400
RUTHVEN, Sophia b.1575
RUTHVEN, Walter b.1250
RUTHVEN, Walter Knight b.1190
RUTHVEN, William Knight b.1220
RUTHVEN, William b.1280
RUTHVEN, William b.1310
RUTHVEN, William Knight b.1340
RUTHVEN, William Knight b.1370


RUTTER, Agnes b.1516
RUTTER, John Gentleman b.1574


RUTTY, Abigail b.1696
RUTTY, Cary b.1689
RUTTY, Edward b.1651
RUTTY, Edward b.1680
RUTTY, Mary b.1679
RUTTY, Phebe b.1687
RUTTY, Rebecca b.1685
RUTTY, Thomas b.1691


RYAN, Nellie J. b.1866


RYCE, Mary b.1519


RYCOTE, Fulke I de Knight b.1170
RYCOTE, Fulke II de Knight b.1225
RYCOTE, Fulke III de b.1294
RYCOTE, Joan b.1380
RYCOTE, John b.1348
RYCOTE, John b.1320
RYCOTE, Katherine b.1350
RYCOTE, William de b.1196


RYDDIE, Alice b.1535


RYE, Aline de b.1180
RYE, Aubrey de b.1056
RYE, Eudes de b.1054
RYE, Henry de b.1103
RYE, Hubert de b.1025
RYE, Hubert I de b.1060
RYE, Hubert II de b.1128
RYE, Hubert III de b.1153
RYE, Isabel de b.1178
RYE, Margaret de b.1076


RYHILL, Isabel de b.1277
RYHILL, Michael de b.1259
RYHILL, Thomas de b.1262
RYHILL, Thomas de Knight b.1233


RYLAND, Elizabeth b.1624


RYTHER, Eleanor b.1487
RYTHER, Elizabeth b.1515
RYTHER, Elizabeth b.1440
RYTHER, Gilbert b.1408
RYTHER, Henry Knight b.1512
RYTHER, Isabel b.1444
RYTHER, Isabella b.1381
RYTHER, Joan b.1446
RYTHER, John b.1525
RYTHER, Margaret b.1442
RYTHER, Matilda b.1448
RYTHER, Nicholas b.1454
RYTHER, Oliver b.1456
RYTHER, Ralph Knight b.1450
RYTHER, Robert b.1482
RYTHER, Robert Knight b.1438
RYTHER, Thomas Esquire b.1484
RYTHER, Thomas b.1452
RYTHER, William Knight b.1378
RYTHER, William Knight b.1356
RYTHER, William b.1459
RYTHER, William Knight b.1405
RYTHER, William de Lord Ryther b.1252


SAARBRUCKEN, Adelbert von Archbishop of Mainz b.1122
SAARBRUCKEN, Agnes von b.1116
SAARBRUCKEN, Frederick von Count of Saarbrucken b.1094
SAARBRUCKEN, Simon I von Count of Saarbrucken b.1119
SAARBRUCKEN, Sophia von b.1150


SAAVEDRA, Ines "La Gorda" de b.1234


SABIN, Elizabeth b.1642


SABLE, Geoffrey of b.1187
SABLE, Lisiard of b.1085
SABLE, Marguerite of b.1185
SABLE, Philippe of b.1189
SABLE, Robert of b.1120
SABLE, Robert of b.1146


SABRAN, Beatrice de b.1182
SABRAN, Gersinde de b.1180
SABRAN, Reinier de Count of Forcalquier b.1154
SABRAN, Rostaing I de b.1040
SABRAN, Rostaing II de b.1105
SABRAN, Rostaing III de b.1152
SABRAN, William de b.1070


SACHE, Margaret b.1579


SACHEVERELL, Jane b.1566
SACHEVERELL, Richard Knight b.1469


SACKETT, Hannah b.1669
SACKETT, Mary b.1657


SACKVILLE, Alice b.1351
SACKVILLE, Alice b.1396
SACKVILLE, Andrew b.1254
SACKVILLE, Andrew Knight b.1338
SACKVILLE, Andrew Knight b.1280
SACKVILLE, Andrew b.1386
SACKVILLE, Andrew Knight b.1306
SACKVILLE, Anne b.1587
SACKVILLE, Anne b.1564
SACKVILLE, Anne b.1540
SACKVILLE, Anne b.1514
SACKVILLE, Beatrix de b.1124
SACKVILLE, Cecily b.1585
SACKVILLE, Christopher Esquire b.1512
SACKVILLE, Edward a.1555
SACKVILLE, Edward Earl of Dorset b.1591
SACKVILLE, Edward b.1492
SACKVILLE, Edward b.1471
SACKVILLE, Edward b.1404
SACKVILLE, Elizabeth b.1461
SACKVILLE, Elizabeth b.1398
SACKVILLE, Francis a.1551
SACKVILLE, Henry b.1567
SACKVILLE, Humphrey Esquire b.1436
SACKVILLE, Isabel Prioress of St. Mary b.1501
SACKVILLE, Isabel b.1517
SACKVILLE, Isabella b.1622
SACKVILLE, Jane a.1550
SACKVILLE, Jane b.1575
SACKVILLE, Joan b.1388
SACKVILLE, Joan b.1494
SACKVILLE, John b.1535
SACKVILLE, John b.1490
SACKVILLE, John b.1465
SACKVILLE, John b.1341
SACKVILLE, John b.1407
SACKVILLE, John b.1520
SACKVILLE, John Sheriff of Sussex b.1484
SACKVILLE, Jordan b.1228
SACKVILLE, Jordan de b.1160
SACKVILLE, Katherine b.1496
SACKVILLE, Katherine b.1468
SACKVILLE, Katherine b.1391
SACKVILLE, Margaret Baroness Clifford b.1614
SACKVILLE, Margaret b.1498
SACKVILLE, Mary a.1556
SACKVILLE, Mary b.1578
SACKVILLE, Mary b.1488
SACKVILLE, Mary b.1523
SACKVILLE, Mildred b.1482
SACKVILLE, Richard Earl of Dorset b.1589
SACKVILLE, Richard b.1394
SACKVILLE, Richard b.1486
SACKVILLE, Richard Esquire b.1459
SACKVILLE, Richard Knight b.1510
SACKVILLE, Robert Earl of Dorset b.1561
SACKVILLE, Thomas a.1549
SACKVILLE, Thomas Lord Buckhurst a.1620
SACKVILLE, Thomas b.1572
SACKVILLE, Thomas Knight b.1354
SACKVILLE, Thomas Earl of Dorset b.1535
SACKVILLE, William Esquire b.1500
SACKVILLE, William Knight b.1570
SACKVILLE, William b.1463
SACKVILLE, William b.1401


SADINGTON, Isabel b.1335


SADLEIR, Gertrude b.1586
SADLEIR, Ralph b.1582
SADLEIR, Thomas Knight b.1554


SADLER, Anne a.1614
SADLER, Mary b.1605
SADLER, William a.1594


SAFFENBERG, Adelbert von b.1087
SAFFENBERG, Matilda von b.1113


SAFFIN, John b.1632


SAFFORD, Mary b.1628


SAILE, Thomas b.1533


SAINT, Alice F. b.1919
SAINT, Anthony Wayne b.1853
SAINT, Benjamin F. b.1887
SAINT, Charles D. b.1898
SAINT, Daniel J. b.1900
SAINT, Donald Gordon b.1916
SAINT, Fannie b.1895
SAINT, Gerald b.1916
SAINT, Howard Robert b.1914
SAINT, James Carl b.1890
SAINT, Laura Montana b.1912
SAINT, Phoebe b.1893


SAKOVITS, Katalin b.1794


SALCETO, Agnes de b.1204
SALCETO, Robert de b.1170


SALDANA, Diego Munoz of Count of Saldana b.911
SALDANA, Elvira Diaz of b.940
SALDANA, Gomez Diaz de Count of Saldana b.937
SALDANA, Urraca de b.970


SALE, Abigail a.1594
SALE, Dorcas a.1596
SALE, Edward a.1609
SALE, Edward a.1563
SALE, Elizabeth a.1590
SALE, Ellen a.1568
SALE, Joan a.1566
SALE, John a.1567
SALE, John a.1564
SALE, John b.1524
SALE, Josias a.1570
SALE, Lydia a.1592
SALE, Martha a.1607
SALE, Mary a.1604
SALE, Richard a.1567
SALE, Sarah a.1602
SALE, Thomas a.1599

Surname List