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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


ASHEBY, Elizabeth b.1542


ASHELS, Mary b.1570


ASHENDON, Joan b.1445
ASHENDON, Margery b.1589


ASHFIELD, Dorothy b.1512
ASHFIELD, John Esquire b.1480
ASHFIELD, Margaret b.1542
ASHFIELD, Robert b.1525


ASHFORD, John b.1442


ASHLEY, Sarah b.1673
ASHLEY, Sarah b.1723


ASHMAN, Phebe b.1652


ASHTON, Elizabeth b.1567
ASHTON, Elizabeth b.1545
ASHTON, James b.1605
ASHTON, Jane b.1404
ASHTON, Mary a.1762


ASHURST, Henry Knight b.1645


ASKE, Agnes b.1487
ASKE, Alice b.1488
ASKE, Anne b.1509
ASKE, Anne b.1490
ASKE, Anne b.1505
ASKE, Anne b.1481
ASKE, Anthony b.1513
ASKE, Christopher b.1511
ASKE, Christopher b.1485
ASKE, Dorothy b.1492
ASKE, Eleanor b.1562
ASKE, Eleanor b.1496
ASKE, Elizabeth b.1559
ASKE, Elizabeth b.1515
ASKE, Elizabeth b.1488
ASKE, Elizabeth b.1507
ASKE, George b.1479
ASKE, Henry b.1484
ASKE, Jane b.1557
ASKE, John b.1555
ASKE, John b.1528
ASKE, John b.1519
ASKE, John Esquire b.1484
ASKE, John b.1469
ASKE, John Knight b.1442
ASKE, Julian b.1517
ASKE, Julian b.1504
ASKE, Katherine b.1475
ASKE, Margaret b.1498
ASKE, Margaret b.1477
ASKE, Mary b.1553
ASKE, Mary b.1494
ASKE, Nicholas b.1467
ASKE, Ralph b.1471
ASKE, Richard b.1522
ASKE, Richard b.1502
ASKE, Richard b.1465
ASKE, Robert Esquire b.1530
ASKE, Robert b.1500
ASKE, Robert Esquire b.1507
ASKE, Robert Knight b.1463
ASKE, Roger Esquire b.1483
ASKE, William Esquire b.1460
ASKE, William b.1473


ASPALL, Elizabeth de b.1314
ASPALL, John de Knight b.1306
ASPALL, John de Knight b.1338
ASPALL, Margery de b.1358
ASPALL, Mirabel de b.1368
ASPALL, Richard de b.1235
ASPALL, Robert de Knight b.1274
ASPALL, Thomas de Knight b.1309


ASSHETON, Agnes b.1412
ASSHETON, Anne b.1415
ASSHETON, Dulce b.1430
ASSHETON, Edmund b.1426
ASSHETON, Edmund Esquire b.1465
ASSHETON, Elizabeth b.1468
ASSHETON, Elizabeth b.1428
ASSHETON, Elizabeth b.1400
ASSHETON, Geoffrey b.1432
ASSHETON, Joan de b.1377
ASSHETON, John Knight b.1424
ASSHETON, John de Knight b.1332
ASSHETON, John de Knight b.1375
ASSHETON, John de Knight b.1354
ASSHETON, Katherine b.1410
ASSHETON, Katherine de b.1382
ASSHETON, Laurence b.1404
ASSHETON, Lucy b.1406
ASSHETON, Margaret b.1465
ASSHETON, Margaret b.1408
ASSHETON, Nicholas b.1435
ASSHETON, Nicholas de Knight b.1384
ASSHETON, Piers de b.1386
ASSHETON, Ralph Knight b.1420
ASSHETON, Robert de b.1389
ASSHETON, Robert de Knight b.1340
ASSHETON, Thomas Knight b.1402
ASSHETON, Thomas Knight b.1440
ASSHETON, Thomas de b.1310


ASTELL, Elizabeth b.1515


ASTLEY, Agnes de b.1256
ASTLEY, Alice b.1443
ASTLEY, Alice de b.1343
ASTLEY, Andrew de Lord Astley b.1243
ASTLEY, Anne b.1406
ASTLEY, Constance b.1441
ASTLEY, Elizabeth b.1558
ASTLEY, Elizabeth b.1410
ASTLEY, Elizabeth de b.1372
ASTLEY, Giles de b.1341
ASTLEY, Giles de Knight b.1279
ASTLEY, Isabel de b.1245
ASTLEY, Joan de b.1379
ASTLEY, John Esquire b.1411
ASTLEY, John de Knight b.1378
ASTLEY, Katherine b.1369
ASTLEY, Nicholas de Lord Astley b.1276
ASTLEY, Philip de b.1128
ASTLEY, Ralph b.1366
ASTLEY, Ralph de b.1314
ASTLEY, Ralph de Knight b.1254
ASTLEY, Stephen de b.1259
ASTLEY, Sybil de b.1315
ASTLEY, Thomas b.1534
ASTLEY, Thomas Esquire b.1445
ASTLEY, Thomas b.1252
ASTLEY, Thomas de b.1340
ASTLEY, Thomas de b.1285
ASTLEY, Thomas de b.1376
ASTLEY, Thomas de b.1153
ASTLEY, Thomas de Knight b.1215
ASTLEY, Thomas de Knight b.1339
ASTLEY, Thomas de Lord Astley b.1308
ASTLEY, Thomas de Esquire b.1375
ASTLEY, Walter de b.1184
ASTLEY, William de Lord Astley b.1337


ASTON, Alice b.1480
ASTON, Anne b.1591
ASTON, Anne b.1538
ASTON, Anne b.1500
ASTON, Anthony b.1542
ASTON, Devereux b.1571
ASTON, Edward a.1586
ASTON, Edward Knight b.1496
ASTON, Edward Knight b.1551
ASTON, Eleanor b.1560
ASTON, Elizabeth b.1562
ASTON, Elizabeth b.1474
ASTON, Elizabeth a.1582
ASTON, Frances b.1536
ASTON, Giles b.1528
ASTON, Hastings b.1568
ASTON, Helen b.1502
ASTON, Isabel b.1468
ASTON, Isabel b.1440
ASTON, Jane b.1577
ASTON, Joan b.1557
ASTON, Joan b.1417
ASTON, John Sheriff of Leicestershire b.1472
ASTON, John Knight b.1443
ASTON, John de b.1317
ASTON, John de Sheriff of Stafford b.1285
ASTON, Joyce a.1579
ASTON, Katherine b.1566
ASTON, Katherine b.1532
ASTON, Katherine b.1476
ASTON, Leonard Gentleman b.1540
ASTON, Margaret b.1470
ASTON, Margery b.1558
ASTON, Mary b.1564
ASTON, Mary b.1534
ASTON, N.N. b.1575
ASTON, Pernel b.1446
ASTON, Richard Rector of Leigh b.1554
ASTON, Richard b.1478
ASTON, Richard de b.1319
ASTON, Robert b.1552
ASTON, Robert Knight b.1415
ASTON, Roger Knight b.1578
ASTON, Roger Knight b.1380
ASTON, Roger de b.1260
ASTON, Roger de Knight b.1315
ASTON, Rose b.1482
ASTON, Thomas b.1588
ASTON, Thomas de Sheriff of Stafford b.1345
ASTON, Walter Lord Aston a.1584
ASTON, Walter Knight b.1530
ASTON, William b.1555
ASTON, William b.1498


ASTURIAS, Eylo Munoz of b.1009
ASTURIAS, Munia Ramirez of b.890
ASTURIAS, N.N. de b.823
ASTURIAS, Ramiro Alfonsez de King of Asturias b.869


ASTWOOD, Hannah b.1636
ASTWOOD, John b.1609
ASTWOOD, Samuel a.1634


ASTY, Elizabeth b.1606


ATFORD, Joan b.1560


ATHERTON, Alexander de b.1250
ATHERTON, Hannah b.1657
ATHERTON, Henry de b.1190
ATHERTON, Henry de b.1278
ATHERTON, Hugh de b.1253
ATHERTON, Joan de b.1303
ATHERTON, Margaret b.1407
ATHERTON, Mary b.1636
ATHERTON, Thankful b.1644
ATHERTON, William Knight b.1405
ATHERTON, William Knight b.1384
ATHERTON, William de b.1165
ATHERTON, William de b.1220


ATHOLL, Aymer de Knight b.1315
ATHOLL, Bedoch of b.1153
ATHOLL, Cristina of b.1157
ATHOLL, Duncan of b.1161
ATHOLL, Fernelith of Countess of Atholl b.1194
ATHOLL, Henry of Earl of Atholl b.1159
ATHOLL, Isabel de b.1352
ATHOLL, Isabella of Countess of Atholl b.1190
ATHOLL, Malcolm of b.1166
ATHOLL, Malcolm of Earl of Atholl b.1121
ATHOLL, Margaret b.1163
ATHOLL, Mary de b.1344
ATHOLL, Simon of b.1155


ATHYN, Mariota filia b.1345


ATKINS, Agnes a.1611
ATKINS, Agnes b.1580
ATKINS, Anne a.1616
ATKINS, Chauncey b.1758
ATKINS, Desire b.1665
ATKINS, Dorothy a.1613
ATKINS, Edward Esquire a.1630
ATKINS, Edward Knight b.1586
ATKINS, Elizabeth a.1622
ATKINS, Frances a.1626
ATKINS, Henry b.1620
ATKINS, John b.1666
ATKINS, John b.1674
ATKINS, Joseph b.1669
ATKINS, Mercy b.1676
ATKINS, Nathaniel b.1667
ATKINS, Rachel b.1658
ATKINS, Robert K.B. a.1621
ATKINS, Samuel b.1679
ATKINS, Thomas a.1619
ATKINS, Thomas b.1671


ATKINSON, Anne b.1570
ATKINSON, Elizabeth b.1590
ATKINSON, Hannah b.1644
ATKINSON, Henry b.1596
ATKINSON, Hugh b.1615
ATKINSON, James Alvin b.1878
ATKINSON, Luke b.1626
ATKINSON, Rebecca b.1638
ATKINSON, Samuel Hyrum b.1882
ATKINSON, Susanna b.1641
ATKINSON, Thomas b.1612


ATON, Anastasia d' b.1343
ATON, Elizabeth b.1346
ATON, Gilbert d' Knight b.1274
ATON, Gilbert d' b.1247
ATON, Gilbert d' Knight b.1197
ATON, Isabel d' b.1254
ATON, Katherine d' b.1355
ATON, William d' b.1349
ATON, William d' Knight b.1250
ATON, William d' Knight b.1222
ATON, William d' Lord Aton b.1299


ATWATER, Abigail b.1684
ATWATER, Caleb b.1738
ATWATER, Joanna b.1682
ATWATER, Mary b.1686
ATWATER, Mercy b.1648


ATWELL, Catherine Lewis b.1776
ATWELL, Charles Henry b.1780
ATWELL, Eli b.1810
ATWELL, Eliza Jane b.1823
ATWELL, Elizabeth Webster b.1768
ATWELL, Francis D. b.1785
ATWELL, George b.1770
ATWELL, George b.1843
ATWELL, James E. b.1826
ATWELL, John b.1727
ATWELL, John b.1773
ATWELL, John b.1839
ATWELL, John b.1640
ATWELL, John b.1675
ATWELL, Joseph b.1799
ATWELL, Joseph H. b.1830
ATWELL, Louisa b.1847
ATWELL, Martha Ann b.1837
ATWELL, Mary Adeline b.1843
ATWELL, Mary Lewis b.1765
ATWELL, Mathew b.1778
ATWELL, Nancy b.1797
ATWELL, Robert P. b.1835
ATWELL, Rosannah b.1847
ATWELL, Samuel b.1763
ATWELL, Sarah Susan b.1833
ATWELL, William Baxter b.1828
ATWELL, William Henry b.1802


ATWOOD, Agnes b.1524
ATWOOD, Edward b.1640
ATWOOD, Frances b.1719
ATWOOD, Mary b.1810
ATWOOD, Mrs. Mehitable b.1665
ATWOOD, Ruth b.1728
ATWOOD, Stephen b.1647
ATWOOD, Thomas b.1650
ATWOOD, Thomas b.1535
ATWOOD, Thomas b.1630


AUBERMARLE, Robert b.1210


AUBERT, Alexander b.1601
AUBERT, Jacques b.1626
AUBERT, Jean a.1663
AUBERT, Jeanne a.1651
AUBERT, Jeanne a.1657
AUBERT, Madeleine a.1660
AUBERT, Madeleine a.1648
AUBERT, Marie Madeleine a.1655


AUBERVILLE, Adeliza d' b.1125
AUBERVILLE, Clarice d' b.1213
AUBERVILLE, Emma d' b.1170
AUBERVILLE, Hugh d' b.1095
AUBERVILLE, Hugh d' b.1189
AUBERVILLE, Joan d' b.1234
AUBERVILLE, Robert d' b.1191
AUBERVILLE, William d' b.1168
AUBERVILLE, William d' Knight b.1128
AUBERVILLE, William d' Knight b.1211


AUBIGNY, Agatha d' b.1150
AUBIGNY, Alan d' b.1180
AUBIGNY, Alice d' Countess of Eu b.1142
AUBIGNY, Asceline d' b.1216
AUBIGNY, Avice d' b.1198
AUBIGNY, Basilia d' b.1131
AUBIGNY, Cecily d' b.1208
AUBIGNY, Colette d' b.1211
AUBIGNY, Godfrey d' b.1153
AUBIGNY, Gundred d' b.1125
AUBIGNY, Gunnora d' b.1162
AUBIGNY, Henry d' b.1146
AUBIGNY, Henry d' b.1195
AUBIGNY, Henry d' b.1090
AUBIGNY, Hugh d' Earl of Arundel b.1214
AUBIGNY, Isabel d' b.1214
AUBIGNY, Isabel d' b.1203
AUBIGNY, Isabel d' b.1235
AUBIGNY, Joan d' b.1212
AUBIGNY, Main d' b.1074
AUBIGNY, Margaret d' b.1204
AUBIGNY, Maud d' b.1126
AUBIGNY, Maud d' b.1177
AUBIGNY, Maud d' b.1155
AUBIGNY, Maud d' b.1196
AUBIGNY, Nicholas d' Rector of Bottesford b.1195
AUBIGNY, Nichole d' b.1205
AUBIGNY, Nigel d' b.1053
AUBIGNY, Nigel d' b.1084
AUBIGNY, Odinel d' b.1191
AUBIGNY, Olive d' b.1106
AUBIGNY, Olivia d' b.1148
AUBIGNY, Philip d' Knight b.1166
AUBIGNY, Ralph I d' b.1134
AUBIGNY, Ralph II d' b.1171
AUBIGNY, Reyner d' b.1144
AUBIGNY, Robert d' b.1193
AUBIGNY, Robert I de b.1130
AUBIGNY, Robert II d' b.1170
AUBIGNY, Robert III d' b.1210
AUBIGNY, Roger d' b.1050
AUBIGNY, William d' b.1024
AUBIGNY, William d' Knight b.1096
AUBIGNY, William I "Pincerna" d' b.1082
AUBIGNY, William II "le Breton" d' b.1121
AUBIGNY, William II "Strong Hand" d' Earl of Arundel b.1104
AUBIGNY, William III d' Sheriff of Leicestershire b.1161
AUBIGNY, William III d' Earl of Arundel b.1140
AUBIGNY, William IV d' b.1189
AUBIGNY, William IV d' Earl of Arundel b.1175
AUBIGNY, William V d' Earl of Arundel b.1200


AUBREY, Cadelon de Vicomte de Aubrey b.923
AUBREY, Hildegarde de b.948
AUBREY, John b.1355


AUCHER, Anne b.1478
AUCHER, Henry Gentleman b.1425
AUCHER, Henry Gentleman b.1401
AUCHER, Henry Gentleman b.1379
AUCHER, Henry Esquire b.1450
AUCHER, Nicholas b.1354
AUCHER, Thomas b.1423


AUDEVILLE, Margaret de b.1209
AUDEVILLE, Ralph de b.1183


AUDLEY, Adam de b.1148
AUDLEY, Alice de b.1316
AUDLEY, Alice de b.1222
AUDLEY, Alice de b.1302
AUDLEY, Amice de b.1218
AUDLEY, Anne b.1560
AUDLEY, Blanche de b.1343
AUDLEY, Ela de b.1290
AUDLEY, Elizabeth de b.1247
AUDLEY, Emma de b.1224
AUDLEY, Henry de b.1251
AUDLEY, Henry de b.1175
AUDLEY, Hugh de Lord Audley b.1267
AUDLEY, Hugh de Earl of Gloucester b.1294
AUDLEY, James Knight b.1243
AUDLEY, James de Knight b.1252
AUDLEY, James de Knight b.1351
AUDLEY, James de Knight b.1249
AUDLEY, James de K.G. b.1316
AUDLEY, James de Knight b.1290
AUDLEY, James de Sheriff of Staffordshire b.1220
AUDLEY, James de Knight b.1313
AUDLEY, Joan de b.1332
AUDLEY, Joan de b.1245
AUDLEY, Katherine de b.1334
AUDLEY, Liulf de b.1098
AUDLEY, Liulf de b.1123
AUDLEY, Margaret b.1540
AUDLEY, Margaret de b.1337
AUDLEY, Margaret de Baroness Audley b.1319
AUDLEY, Mary b.1542
AUDLEY, Nicholas de Lord Audley b.1329
AUDLEY, Nicholas de Lord Audley b.1292
AUDLEY, Nicholas de Lord Audley b.1257
AUDLEY, Oliver de b.1345
AUDLEY, Roger de Knight b.1330
AUDLEY, Roland de b.1349
AUDLEY, Thomas Lord Audley of Walden b.1488
AUDLEY, Thomas de Knight b.1347
AUDLEY, Thomas de b.1288
AUDLEY, William de Knight b.1253


AUDRE, N.N. de b.1219
AUDRE, Walter de Knight b.1194


AUGUR, Robert b.1651


AULDER, Julia Anne b.1835


AULNAY, Fulke de b.1018


AUMALE, Agnes d' b.1117
AUMALE, Alice d' b.1105
AUMALE, Bertha d' b.1007
AUMALE, Euphemia d' b.1122
AUMALE, Guerinfrey d' Count of Aumale b.980
AUMALE, Hawise d' b.1158
AUMALE, Ingelran d' b.1103
AUMALE, N.N. d' b.1109
AUMALE, N.N. d' b.1107
AUMALE, Richard d' b.1114
AUMALE, Stephen d' b.1112
AUMALE, Stephen d' Count of Aumale b.1069
AUMALE, William "le Gros" d' Count of Aumale b.1101


AUMARLE, Elizabeth d' b.1345
AUMARLE, Joan d' b.1274
AUMARLE, Margaret d' b.1347


AUMBRESBURY, Martin de Sheriff of London b.1264


AUNAY, Guillaume V d' Vicomte d'Aunay b.1165


AUNDELEY, Joan d' b.1353


AUNUS, Agnes de b.1181
AUNUS, Eborard de b.1150
AUNUS, Geoffrey de b.1177
AUNUS, Margery de b.1199
AUNUS, Nicholas de b.1179
AUNUS, Sarah de b.1175


AUSTELL, Eleanor b.1451


AUSTIN, Abiathar b.1758
AUSTIN, Abigail b.1767
AUSTIN, Abigail b.1766
AUSTIN, Abigail Loantha b.1856
AUSTIN, Abigail Loantha b.1903
AUSTIN, Agnes a.1597
AUSTIN, Alice b.1855
AUSTIN, Amanda b.1837
AUSTIN, Anthony b.1636
AUSTIN, Apollos b.1768
AUSTIN, Asa b.1788
AUSTIN, Asa b.1762
AUSTIN, Augusta Cordelia b.1841
AUSTIN, Catherine a.1589
AUSTIN, Clarence Chester b.1892
AUSTIN, Cordelia b.1830
AUSTIN, Cyrus b.1764
AUSTIN, Cyrus b.1758
AUSTIN, Daniel b.1770
AUSTIN, Daniel b.1720
AUSTIN, Daniel b.1583
AUSTIN, David b.1788
AUSTIN, Deborah b.1742
AUSTIN, Denise a.1592
AUSTIN, Diadama b.1827
AUSTIN, Drusilla b.1762
AUSTIN, Ebenezer b.1699
AUSTIN, Ebenezer b.1753
AUSTIN, Edgar A. b.1852
AUSTIN, Edmund b.1785
AUSTIN, Edward a.1550
AUSTIN, Elishaba b.1751
AUSTIN, Elizabeth b.1600
AUSTIN, Elizabeth b.1659
AUSTIN, Elmer E. b.1860
AUSTIN, Emlen b.1590
AUSTIN, Esther b.1662
AUSTIN, Eunice Elizabeth b.1918
AUSTIN, Florence Emogene b.1892
AUSTIN, George b.1862
AUSTIN, George b.1761
AUSTIN, Hannah b.1807
AUSTIN, Harrington b.1757
AUSTIN, Harry J. b.1863
AUSTIN, Herman Horatio b.1872
AUSTIN, Holland b.1824
AUSTIN, Holland A. b.1864
AUSTIN, Horace B. b.1804
AUSTIN, Howard Solon b.1896
AUSTIN, Huldah b.1839
AUSTIN, Huldah b.1786
AUSTIN, Imogene b.1850
AUSTIN, Isabel a.1593
AUSTIN, Isabella b.1675
AUSTIN, Jacob b.1703
AUSTIN, James b.1796
AUSTIN, Jarvis a.1554
AUSTIN, Jehiel b.1835
AUSTIN, Joan a.1553
AUSTIN, Joan b.1585
AUSTIN, Job b.1755
AUSTIN, John b.1643
AUSTIN, John b.1697
AUSTIN, John a.1596
AUSTIN, John b.1671
AUSTIN, John b.1802
AUSTIN, John H. b.1829
AUSTIN, John Hoag b.1893
AUSTIN, Jonah b.1693
AUSTIN, Jonah a.1630
AUSTIN, Jonah b.1667
AUSTIN, Jonas a.1598
AUSTIN, Jonathan b.1734
AUSTIN, Joseph b.1616
AUSTIN, Josiah b.1796
AUSTIN, Josiah b.1764
AUSTIN, Katherine a.1546
AUSTIN, Leonard b.1799
AUSTIN, Levina b.1793
AUSTIN, Linus b.1773
AUSTIN, Lucretia b.1751
AUSTIN, Lydia b.1792
AUSTIN, Lydia b.1748
AUSTIN, Margery a.1557
AUSTIN, Mary b.1751
AUSTIN, Mary a.1590
AUSTIN, Mary a.1585
AUSTIN, Mary a.1628
AUSTIN, Mary b.1663
AUSTIN, Mary a.1632
AUSTIN, Mildred a.1607
AUSTIN, Minerva H. b.1833
AUSTIN, Miriam b.1753
AUSTIN, Mrs. Joyce b.1570
AUSTIN, N.N. b.1601
AUSTIN, Nathaniel b.1790
AUSTIN, Nathaniel b.1760
AUSTIN, Nathaniel b.1730
AUSTIN, Nellie M. b.1888
AUSTIN, Parnelia b.1768
AUSTIN, Peter b.1587
AUSTIN, Phebe b.1806
AUSTIN, Polly b.1799
AUSTIN, Polly b.1791
AUSTIN, Rebecca b.1784
AUSTIN, Richard b.1632
AUSTIN, Richard a.1548
AUSTIN, Richard b.1554
AUSTIN, Richard a.1593
AUSTIN, Richard a.1587
AUSTIN, Roxanna b.1841
AUSTIN, Salene b.1760
AUSTIN, Samuel b.1622
AUSTIN, Sarah b.1732
AUSTIN, Sarah b.1695
AUSTIN, Sarah b.1665
AUSTIN, Sarah b.1758
AUSTIN, Sarah b.1658
AUSTIN, Silas P. b.1799
AUSTIN, Stephen b.1520
AUSTIN, Stephen a.1587
AUSTIN, Susan b.1832
AUSTIN, Susan a.1605
AUSTIN, Susan E. b.1868
AUSTIN, Tearsye a.1592
AUSTIN, Theophilus b.1756
AUSTIN, Vernon Clarence b.1917
AUSTIN, William b.1843
AUSTIN, William b.1705
AUSTIN, William a.1544
AUSTIN, William Henry b.1839
AUSTIN, Zachariah b.1750
AUSTIN, Zachariah b.1701


AUSTRIA, Adalbert of Margrave of Austria b.987
AUSTRIA, Agnes of b.1154
AUSTRIA, Ernest of Margrave of Austria b.1020
AUSTRIA, Ernst I of Duke of Swabia b.985
AUSTRIA, Leopold "The Illustrious" of b.932
AUSTRIA, Leopold of b.1017
AUSTRIA, Leopold V of Duke of Austria b.1157
AUSTRIA, Rudolph III of Duke of Austria b.1282


AUSTYE, Anna b.1555
AUSTYE, Walter b.1530


AUTEN, Barney H. b.1890


AUTUN, Bernard of Count of Autun b.841
AUTUN, Robert de Count of Autun b.900
AUTUN, Theudoin of Count of Autun b.740
AUTUN, Thierry of Count of Autun b.715


AUVERGNE, Ermengarde d' b.997
AUVERGNE, Gerard d' b.796
AUVERGNE, Gui d' b.920
AUVERGNE, Philippe d' b.1035
AUVERGNE, Robert d' Count of Auvergne b.971
AUVERGNE, Robert II d' Count of Auvergne b.1031
AUVERGNE, Robert IV de Count of Auvergne b.1148
AUVERGNE, William V d' Count of Auvergne b.945
AUVERGNE, William VI d' Count of Auvergne b.1000


AUXERRE, Adelaide of b.872
AUXERRE, Conrad I of Count of Auxerre b.802
AUXERRE, Conrad II of Count of Auxerre b.836


AUXONNE, Beatrix d' b.1190
AUXONNE, Etienne II d' Count of Auxonne b.1133
AUXONNE, Etienne III d' Count of Auxonne b.1170


AVALGAU, Irmentrude of b.949
AVALGAU, Megingoz of b.920


AVENAL, Avice de b.1147
AVENAL, Cecily de b.1233
AVENAL, Gervase Knight b.1265
AVENAL, Isabel de b.1143
AVENAL, John Knight b.1305
AVENAL, John Knight b.1303
AVENAL, N.N. de b.1219
AVENAL, Nicholas Knight b.1260
AVENAL, Ranulf b.1089
AVENAL, Ranulf b.1059
AVENAL, Richard de b.1118
AVENAL, Roger de b.1194
AVENAL, William de b.1122
AVENAL, William de Knight b.1202


AVENBURY, Alianora de b.1240
AVENBURY, Maud de b.1215


AVERELL, Bartholomew Gentleman b.1512
AVERELL, Mary b.1717
AVERELL, Samuel b.1722
AVERELL, William b.1632


AVERY, Jonathan b.1653
AVERY, Sarah b.1713


AVESNES, Baudoin d' b.1219
AVESNES, Beatrix d' b.1243
AVESNES, Bouchard d' Archdeacon of Laon b.1183
AVESNES, Florent d' b.1255
AVESNES, Jacques d' b.1150
AVESNES, Jean d' b.1241
AVESNES, Jean d' Sire de Beaumont b.1277
AVESNES, Jean I d' b.1218
AVESNES, Jean II d' Count of Hainaut b.1247
AVESNES, Marguerite d' b.1274
AVESNES, Mathilde d' b.1293
AVESNES, Nicholas d' b.1120
AVESNES, William III d' Count of Hainaut b.1280


AVIGNON, Raymond d' b.1064


AVRANCHES, Albreda d' b.1045
AVRANCHES, Geoffrey d' b.1197
AVRANCHES, Guitmond d' b.1020
AVRANCHES, Hugh "Lupus" d' Earl of Chester b.1048
AVRANCHES, Judith d' b.1051
AVRANCHES, Margaret d' b.1054
AVRANCHES, Maud d' b.1217
AVRANCHES, Maud d' b.1111
AVRANCHES, N.N. d' b.1084
AVRANCHES, Richard "le Goz" d' b.1022
AVRANCHES, Richard d' Earl of Chester b.1094
AVRANCHES, Robert d' b.1080
AVRANCHES, Rualon d' Sheriff of Kent b.1089
AVRANCHES, Simon d' b.1160
AVRANCHES, William d' b.1050
AVRANCHES, William I d' b.1120
AVRANCHES, William II d' b.1195
AVRANCHES, William III d' b.1220


AWOOD, Alice b.1607


AXTELL, Henry a.1641
AXTELL, Lydia b.1644
AXTELL, Mary a.1639
AXTELL, Thomas a.1619


AYALA, Diego Lopez de b.1334
AYALA, Elvira de b.1348
AYALA, Fernan Perez de b.1305
AYALA, Ines de b.1330
AYALA, Pedro Lopez de b.1214
AYALA, Pedro Lopez de b.1280
AYALA, Pedro Lopez de b.1332
AYALA, Sancha de b.1358
AYALA, Sancho Perez de b.1246


AYDAN, Cecily ferch b.1344
AYDAN, Gwilym ab b.1000


AYER, Francis b.1560
AYER, Mary b.1690
AYER, Mehitable b.1656
AYER, Ruth b.1660
AYER, Thomas b.1699


AYERS, Avis M. b.1920


AYLESBURY, Anne a.1615
AYLESBURY, Anne a.1618
AYLESBURY, Barbara a.1627
AYLESBURY, Eleanor b.1406
AYLESBURY, Frances a.1617
AYLESBURY, Isabel b.1402
AYLESBURY, Jane a.1624
AYLESBURY, Joan de b.1312
AYLESBURY, John b.1368
AYLESBURY, John b.1400
AYLESBURY, John Knight b.1334
AYLESBURY, Nicholas de b.1281
AYLESBURY, Philip de Sheriff of Buckinghamshire b.1276
AYLESBURY, Roger de Knight b.1278
AYLESBURY, Thomas a.1613
AYLESBURY, Thomas Knight b.1576
AYLESBURY, Thomas Knight b.1365
AYLESBURY, Thomas de Knight b.1310
AYLESBURY, Walter de Knight b.1250
AYLESBURY, William a.1612
AYLESBURY, William de b.1230


AYLETT, John b.1604


AYLIFFE, Alice b.1533
AYLIFFE, Anna b.1616
AYLIFFE, Anne b.1612
AYLIFFE, Anne b.1604
AYLIFFE, Arthur b.1599
AYLIFFE, Deborah b.1621
AYLIFFE, Edward b.1623
AYLIFFE, Elizabeth b.1614
AYLIFFE, Elizabeth a.1585
AYLIFFE, Erkenwold b.1529
AYLIFFE, Francis b.1596
AYLIFFE, George b.1620
AYLIFFE, George b.1619
AYLIFFE, George Knight a.1584
AYLIFFE, George b.1556
AYLIFFE, Hercules b.1558
AYLIFFE, Isabel b.1590
AYLIFFE, John b.1618
AYLIFFE, John b.1611
AYLIFFE, John a.1581
AYLIFFE, John Knight b.1501
AYLIFFE, John a.1588
AYLIFFE, John Esquire b.1527
AYLIFFE, John Esquire b.1554
AYLIFFE, Lucy b.1615
AYLIFFE, Mary b.1531
AYLIFFE, Mary a.1587
AYLIFFE, Richard a.1583
AYLIFFE, St. John b.1617
AYLIFFE, Susan b.1593
AYLIFFE, Susan b.1552
AYLIFFE, Susanna b.1615
AYLIFFE, Thomas b.1622
AYLIFFE, Thomas Gentleman b.1602


AYLMER, Elizabeth b.1572
AYLMER, Elizabeth b.1514
AYLMER, Olive b.1433
AYLMER, Robert Esquire b.1409


AYLOFFE, Agnes b.1482
AYLOFFE, Agnes b.1515
AYLOFFE, Elizabeth b.1541
AYLOFFE, Giles b.1543
AYLOFFE, John b.1427
AYLOFFE, Mary b.1539
AYLOFFE, Ralph b.1546
AYLOFFE, Thomas b.1537
AYLOFFE, Thomas Gentleman b.1453
AYLOFFE, Thomas b.1512
AYLOFFE, William b.1535
AYLOFFE, William Esquire b.1510
AYLOFFE, William Esquire b.1479


AYLWORTH, Thomas b.1582


AYOT, Marian b.1400


AYRES, Elizabeth a.1662


AYSCOUGH, Agnes b.1448
AYSCOUGH, Anne b.1510
AYSCOUGH, Catherine b.1452
AYSCOUGH, Christopher b.1333
AYSCOUGH, Christopher Knight b.1481
AYSCOUGH, Edward b.1514
AYSCOUGH, Edward b.1488
AYSCOUGH, Edward Priest b.1450
AYSCOUGH, Edward b.1468
AYSCOUGH, Elizabeth b.1571
AYSCOUGH, Elizabeth b.1456
AYSCOUGH, Elizabeth b.1466
AYSCOUGH, Emma b.1550
AYSCOUGH, Francis Knight b.1512
AYSCOUGH, James b.1288
AYSCOUGH, James Knight b.1454
AYSCOUGH, Jane b.1490
AYSCOUGH, Jane b.1516
AYSCOUGH, John b.1235
AYSCOUGH, John Lord of Bedale b.1403
AYSCOUGH, John Esquire b.1444
AYSCOUGH, Martha b.1508
AYSCOUGH, Peter Priest b.1364
AYSCOUGH, Richard b.1283
AYSCOUGH, Richard b.1306
AYSCOUGH, Richard b.1330
AYSCOUGH, Richard b.1355
AYSCOUGH, Richard b.1382
AYSCOUGH, Robard b.1492
AYSCOUGH, Robert b.1259
AYSCOUGH, Robert Dean of Lincoln b.1384
AYSCOUGH, Robert b.1407
AYSCOUGH, Robert Archdeacon of Colchester b.1424
AYSCOUGH, Simon b.1426
AYSCOUGH, Thomas b.1285
AYSCOUGH, William Knight b.1486
AYSCOUGH, William b.1405
AYSCOUGH, William b.1446
AYSCOUGH, William Sheriff of Lincoln b.1464
AYSCOUGH, William Bishop of Salisbury b.1360
AYSCOUGH, William Knight b.1422


AZEVEDO, Chamoa Hernandez de b.1230
AZEVEDO, Fernao Pires de b.1185
AZEVEDO, Hermigio Mendes de b.1100
AZEVEDO, Mendo Pais de b.1075
AZEVEDO, Paio Godins de b.1040
AZEVEDO, Pedro Hermiges de b.1140


BABBITT, Lydia b.1752
BABBITT, Ruth b.1671
BABBITT, Seth b.1692


BABBS, Helen b.1552


BABCOCK, Harriet b.1813


BABENBERG, Agnes von b.1111
BABENBERG, Gertrude von b.1119
BABENBERG, Haduich von b.855
BABENBERG, Heinrich II von Duke of Bavaria b.1113
BABENBERG, Heinrich von Duke of Austrasia b.830
BABENBERG, Judith von b.1115
BABENBERG, Konrad von Archbishop of Salzburg b.1117
BABENBERG, Leopold II "The Fair" von Margrave of Austria b.1050
BABENBERG, Leopold III von Margrave of Austria b.1074
BABENBERG, Leopold IV von Margrave of Austria b.1107
BABENBERG, Otto von Bishop of Freising b.1109


BABINGTON, Arnold b.1370
BABINGTON, Augustine b.1520
BABINGTON, Benedicta b.1361
BABINGTON, Bernard Knight b.1284
BABINGTON, Elizabeth b.1402
BABINGTON, Elizabeth b.1443
BABINGTON, John b.1395
BABINGTON, John Knight b.1309
BABINGTON, John b.1376
BABINGTON, John Knight b.1335
BABINGTON, Margaret b.1442
BABINGTON, Margery b.1446
BABINGTON, Norman b.1373
BABINGTON, Robert b.1405
BABINGTON, Sidonia b.1379
BABINGTON, Thomas Rector of Nottingham b.1399
BABINGTON, Thomas Knight b.1367
BABINGTON, William Esquire b.1397
BABINGTON, William K.B. b.1364


BABSON, Sarah b.1689


BABTHORPE, Isabel b.1474
BABTHORPE, Katherine b.1562
BABTHORPE, Margaret b.1558
BABTHORPE, Ralph Knight b.1560
BABTHORPE, Robert Knight b.1370
BABTHORPE, William Knight b.1534


BACHELDER, Abigail b.1680
BACHELDER, Abigail a.1637
BACHELDER, Abigail a.1643
BACHELDER, Ann b.1601
BACHELDER, Deborah b.1592
BACHELDER, Elizabeth b.1640
BACHELDER, Henry b.1668
BACHELDER, John b.1666
BACHELDER, John a.1639
BACHELDER, John b.1634
BACHELDER, Joseph b.1678
BACHELDER, Joseph a.1653
BACHELDER, Mary a.1685
BACHELDER, Nathaniel b.1675
BACHELDER, Nathaniel b.1630
BACHELDER, Nathaniel b.1590
BACHELDER, Rebecca b.1663
BACHELDER, Samuel b.1672
BACHELDER, Samuel b.1597
BACHELDER, Sarah b.1670
BACHELDER, Stephen b.1594
BACHELDER, Stephen b.1561
BACHELDER, Theodate b.1610


BACKHOUSE, Elizabeth b.1600


BACKUS, Abigail b.1701
BACKUS, Ann b.1696
BACKUS, Ebenezer b.1712
BACKUS, Elizabeth b.1705
BACKUS, Elizabeth b.1670
BACKUS, Francis b.1645
BACKUS, Hannah b.1705
BACKUS, Hannah b.1675
BACKUS, James b.1703
BACKUS, Jerusha b.1704
BACKUS, John b.1698
BACKUS, John b.1697
BACKUS, John b.1661
BACKUS, Joseph b.1691
BACKUS, Joseph b.1667
BACKUS, Lydia b.1695
BACKUS, Lydia a.1637
BACKUS, Mary b.1693
BACKUS, Mary b.1677
BACKUS, Mary a.1632
BACKUS, N.N. b.1639
BACKUS, N.N. b.1630
BACKUS, Nathaniel b.1712
BACKUS, Nathaniel b.1669
BACKUS, Samuel b.1694
BACKUS, Samuel b.1665
BACKUS, Sarah b.1709
BACKUS, Sarah b.1663
BACKUS, Sarah a.1628
BACKUS, Simon b.1701
BACKUS, Stephen a.1641
BACKUS, William b.1660
BACKUS, William a.1634
BACKUS, William b.1606
BACKUS, Zerviah b.1709


BACON, Abigail b.1685
BACON, Adam Knight b.1255
BACON, Andrew b.1600
BACON, Ann a.1631
BACON, Anne b.1467
BACON, Anne a.1573
BACON, Anne b.1512
BACON, Anne a.1572
BACON, Anne a.1615
BACON, Anne b.1547
BACON, Anthony b.1558
BACON, Bacqueville a.1578
BACON, Barbara b.1507
BACON, Bartholomew Knight b.1344
BACON, Beatrix b.1340
BACON, Butts Knight a.1580
BACON, Daniel b.1641
BACON, Daniel b.1793
BACON, Daniel b.1615
BACON, Dorothy a.1576
BACON, Edmund b.1499
BACON, Edmund Knight a.1568
BACON, Edmund b.1412
BACON, Edmund Knight b.1284
BACON, Edward Sheriff of Suffolk b.1545
BACON, Elizabeth b.1480
BACON, Elizabeth b.1623
BACON, Elizabeth b.1569
BACON, Elizabeth a.1575
BACON, Elizabeth b.1706
BACON, Elizabeth a.1551
BACON, Faith a.1601
BACON, Francis b.1532
BACON, Francis Viscount St. Alban b.1561
BACON, Henry a.1570
BACON, Henry b.1295
BACON, Isaac b.1650
BACON, Isabel b.1346
BACON, Jacob b.1654
BACON, James Knight a.1567
BACON, James b.1595
BACON, James Esquire b.1515
BACON, Jane a.1624
BACON, Jane b.1549
BACON, Jemima a.1581
BACON, John b.1460
BACON, John b.1435
BACON, John b.1690
BACON, John b.1643
BACON, John b.1647
BACON, John Knight b.1282
BACON, John b.1299
BACON, John b.1321
BACON, John b.1346
BACON, John b.1376
BACON, John Esquire b.1454
BACON, John b.1524
BACON, Katherine b.1345
BACON, Lydia b.1656
BACON, Margaret b.1464
BACON, Margaret b.1311
BACON, Margery b.1332
BACON, Martha b.1626
BACON, Mary b.1526
BACON, Mary a.1687
BACON, Mary b.1696
BACON, Michael b.1608
BACON, Nathaniel a.1620
BACON, Nathaniel Esquire b.1593
BACON, Nathaniel K.B. a.1585
BACON, Nathaniel Sheriff of Norfolk b.1543
BACON, Nicholas a.1577
BACON, Nicholas a.1583
BACON, Nicholas Gentleman a.1617
BACON, Nicholas Sheriff of Suffolk b.1541
BACON, Nicholas Knight b.1509
BACON, Peter b.1640
BACON, Rachel b.1652
BACON, Richard b.1462
BACON, Robert Knight a.1574
BACON, Robert Knight b.1319
BACON, Robert b.1479
BACON, Roger Knight b.1315
BACON, Thomas b.1645
BACON, Thomas b.1505
BACON, Thomas b.1667
BACON, William b.1568
BACON, William b.1529
BACON, William a.1569
BACON, Winifred a.1578

Surname List