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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


RICHERS, Frances b.1524
RICHERS, Henry b.1522
RICHERS, Henry Esquire b.1500
RICHERS, John b.1405
RICHERS, John Esquire b.1430
RICHERS, John Esquire b.1473
RICHERS, Robert b.1527


RICHMOND, Abigail b.1762
RICHMOND, Abigail b.1695
RICHMOND, Abigail b.1731
RICHMOND, Abigail b.1678
RICHMOND, Anna b.1784
RICHMOND, Anna b.1773
RICHMOND, Benjamin b.1727
RICHMOND, Christopher b.1688
RICHMOND, Ebenezer b.1676
RICHMOND, Edmund b.1738
RICHMOND, Edward b.1758
RICHMOND, Edward b.1632
RICHMOND, Edward b.1695
RICHMOND, Edward b.1665
RICHMOND, Eleazer b.1737
RICHMOND, Elias b.1777
RICHMOND, Elizabeth b.1702
RICHMOND, Ephraim b.1782
RICHMOND, Ephraim b.1735
RICHMOND, Eunice b.1722
RICHMOND, George b.1725
RICHMOND, Gershom b.1723
RICHMOND, Henry b.1690
RICHMOND, Isabel de b.1290
RICHMOND, Joanna b.1753
RICHMOND, John b.1692
RICHMOND, John b.1594
RICHMOND, John b.1656
RICHMOND, John b.1673
RICHMOND, John b.1627
RICHMOND, Jonathan b.1749
RICHMOND, Joseph b.1686
RICHMOND, Joseph b.1663
RICHMOND, Josiah b.1750
RICHMOND, Josiah b.1701
RICHMOND, Josiah b.1721
RICHMOND, Josiah b.1697
RICHMOND, Lemuel b.1733
RICHMOND, Lydia b.1751
RICHMOND, Lydia b.1775
RICHMOND, Margaret b.1703
RICHMOND, Margaret b.1737
RICHMOND, Mary b.1754
RICHMOND, Mary b.1699
RICHMOND, Mary b.1732
RICHMOND, Mary b.1715
RICHMOND, Mary b.1639
RICHMOND, Mary b.1654
RICHMOND, Mary b.1719
RICHMOND, Mehitable b.1741
RICHMOND, Mercy b.1693
RICHMOND, Mercy b.1729
RICHMOND, Miriam b.1733
RICHMOND, Molly b.1731
RICHMOND, Mrs. Elizabeth b.1700
RICHMOND, Nathaniel b.1700
RICHMOND, Olive b.1779
RICHMOND, Phebe b.1739
RICHMOND, Phebe b.1713
RICHMOND, Phebe b.1726
RICHMOND, Priscilla b.1718
RICHMOND, Samuel b.1668
RICHMOND, Sarah b.1637
RICHMOND, Sarah b.1671
RICHMOND, Sarah b.1711
RICHMOND, Sarah b.1767
RICHMOND, Seth b.1746
RICHMOND, Seth b.1704
RICHMOND, Simeon b.1769
RICHMOND, Susanna b.1661
RICHMOND, Thomas b.1659
RICHMOND, William b.1756
RICHMOND, William b.1697
RICHMOND, Zerviah b.1739
RICHMOND, Zerviah b.1770


RICKARD, Giles b.1597
RICKARD, Mary b.1687
RICKARD, Thomas b.1535


RICKER, Maturin b.1681


RICKERBY, Adam de b.1230


RIDDLESDALE, Alice b.1538
RIDDLESDALE, Anne b.1540
RIDDLESDALE, Joan a.1566
RIDDLESDALE, John b.1508
RIDDLESDALE, John b.1514
RIDDLESDALE, Lawrence b.1542
RIDDLESDALE, Richard a.1570
RIDDLESDALE, Robert a.1572
RIDDLESDALE, Robert b.1475
RIDDLESDALE, Robert b.1534
RIDDLESDALE, Thomas b.1512
RIDDLESDALE, William b.1536


RIDEL, Geoffrey I b.1075
RIDEL, Geoffrey II b.1124
RIDEL, Maud b.1138
RIDEL, Maud b.1104
RIDEL, Robert b.1106


RIDELISFORD, Basilia de b.1185
RIDELISFORD, Christiana de b.1216
RIDELISFORD, Emeline de Countess of Ulster b.1220
RIDELISFORD, Walter de b.1140
RIDELISFORD, Walter de b.1180


RIDER, Benjamin b.1693
RIDER, Eleazer b.1687
RIDER, Elizabeth a.1649
RIDER, Hannah b.1655
RIDER, Jacob a.1651
RIDER, Nathaniel a.1653
RIDER, Thomas b.1620


RIDGLEY, Henry b.1627


RIDLEY, Ann b.1678
RIDLEY, Elizabeth b.1678
RIDLEY, Sarah b.1720


RIFFE, Gabriel b.1810


RIGBY, Abigail a.1645
RIGBY, Alexander Esquire a.1594
RIGBY, Hannah b.1805
RIGBY, John b.1610
RIGBY, Mehitable a.1643
RIGBY, Samuel a.1640


RIGDON, Margaret b.1816


RIGGS, Comfort b.1698
RIGGS, Mary b.1658
RIGGS, William Thomas b.1849


RIGOLLET, Marie b.1595


RILEY, Christianna b.1851
RILEY, Ellen a.1550
RILEY, Henry b.1525
RILEY, Katherine b.1378
RILEY, Martha a.1580
RILEY, Mary b.1578
RILEY, Michael a.1581
RILEY, Thomas a.1554
RILEY, William b.1610
RILEY, William b.1353


RINDGE, Daniel b.1626


RING, Andrew b.1617
RING, Elizabeth b.1609
RING, Elizabeth b.1651
RING, Louise Moon b.1893
RING, Sarah b.1639
RING, Susanna b.1611
RING, William b.1584


RINGELHEIM, Amadrada b.887
RINGELHEIM, Frederuna of b.889
RINGELHEIM, Mechtilde of b.892
RINGELHEIM, Thiederich of Count of Ringelheim b.865


RIPLEY, Abraham b.1624
RIPLEY, Anne a.1594
RIPLEY, Faith b.1686
RIPLEY, Frances a.1584
RIPLEY, John b.1621
RIPLEY, John a.1592
RIPLEY, Joshua b.1688
RIPLEY, Sarah b.1627
RIPLEY, William b.1555
RIPLEY, William a.1588


RISEBY, Elizabeth b.1534


RISHTON, Agnes b.1486
RISHTON, Elizabeth b.1489
RISHTON, Henry b.1483
RISHTON, Henry de b.1425
RISHTON, Isabel b.1452
RISHTON, Isabel b.1480
RISHTON, Nicholas b.1478
RISHTON, Nicholas Esquire b.1455
RISHTON, Reginald b.1458
RISHTON, Richard b.1476


RISHWORTH, Charles a.1624
RISHWORTH, Charles a.1618
RISHWORTH, Edward a.1617
RISHWORTH, Faith a.1608
RISHWORTH, Francis a.1607
RISHWORTH, John a.1612
RISHWORTH, Margaret a.1620
RISHWORTH, Mary b.1660
RISHWORTH, Susanna a.1615
RISHWORTH, Thomas a.1611
RISHWORTH, Thomas Rector of Laceby b.1582
RISHWORTH, William a.1627


RISING, Lucy F. b.1826


RISLEY, Hugh b.1415




RIVERE, Margaret de la b.1320
RIVERE, Margaret de la b.1318
RIVERE, Margaret de la b.1348
RIVERE, Richard de la Knight b.1295
RIVERE, Sarah de la b.1324
RIVERE, Thomas de la b.1322


RIVETT, Alice b.1559
RIVETT, Anne b.1566
RIVETT, Isabel a.1563
RIVETT, Mirabel a.1561
RIVETT, Thomas Knight b.1519


RIVIERE, Thomas de Knight b.1375


RIX, Elisha a.1646
RIX, Ezekiel b.1656
RIX, John a.1648
RIX, Mary a.1647
RIX, Thomas b.1654
RIX, William b.1620


ROACH, John b.1659


ROADES, Robert b.1562


ROANES, Elizabeth b.1670
ROANES, Esther b.1668
ROANES, William b.1630


ROBARTES, John Earl of Radnor b.1606
ROBARTES, Richard Lord Robartes of Truro b.1584


ROBBINS, Abigail b.1669
ROBBINS, Aquila b.1685
ROBBINS, Azubah b.1755
ROBBINS, Bela b.1761
ROBBINS, Benjamin b.1777
ROBBINS, Benjamin b.1750
ROBBINS, Benoni b.1733
ROBBINS, Chloe b.1795
ROBBINS, Clarissa b.1801
ROBBINS, Cyrus b.1799
ROBBINS, Deborah b.1806
ROBBINS, Ebenezer b.1797
ROBBINS, Ebenezer b.1724
ROBBINS, Ebenezer b.1691
ROBBINS, Elizabeth b.1680
ROBBINS, Experience b.1735
ROBBINS, Ezekiel b.1694
ROBBINS, Harriet b.1806
ROBBINS, Harvey b.1793
ROBBINS, Isaac b.1744
ROBBINS, James b.1773
ROBBINS, Joanna b.1801
ROBBINS, John b.1606
ROBBINS, John b.1688
ROBBINS, Joseph b.1779
ROBBINS, Josiah b.1737
ROBBINS, Lewis b.1786
ROBBINS, Lois b.1799
ROBBINS, Lucy b.1803
ROBBINS, Margaret b.1740
ROBBINS, Margaret b.1732
ROBBINS, Mary b.1720
ROBBINS, Mary b.1747
ROBBINS, Mary b.1775
ROBBINS, Mary b.1642
ROBBINS, Nathaniel b.1747
ROBBINS, Nathaniel b.1748
ROBBINS, Oliver b.1727
ROBBINS, Philip b.1764
ROBBINS, Phillip b.1730
ROBBINS, Rebecca b.1790
ROBBINS, Sabra b.1788
ROBBINS, Sarah b.1722
ROBBINS, Sophronia b.1804
ROBBINS, Tabitha b.1742
ROBBINS, Thomas b.1618
ROBBINS, William b.1682
ROBBINS, William b.1651
ROBBINS, Zilpah b.1758


ROBERDES, Alice b.1531


ROBERTS, Abbie Estella b.1857
ROBERTS, Abigail b.1653
ROBERTS, Abigail b.1689
ROBERTS, Adelaide S. b.1855
ROBERTS, Alexander b.1568
ROBERTS, Alice b.1507
ROBERTS, Ambrose L. b.1852
ROBERTS, Anna a.1588
ROBERTS, Anna b.1434
ROBERTS, Anna b.1630
ROBERTS, Anne b.1523
ROBERTS, Anne a.1566
ROBERTS, Anne b.1497
ROBERTS, Benjamin b.1692
ROBERTS, Betsey b.1772
ROBERTS, Bridget b.1657
ROBERTS, Charles b.1665
ROBERTS, Clement b.1489
ROBERTS, Climena b.1803
ROBERTS, Constance b.1509
ROBERTS, Daisy Florence b.1874
ROBERTS, Daniel Bly b.1785
ROBERTS, David b.1776
ROBERTS, David b.1684
ROBERTS, Dionise b.1512
ROBERTS, Dorothy b.1662
ROBERTS, Dorothy b.1533
ROBERTS, Dorothy b.1486
ROBERTS, Ebenezer b.1690
ROBERTS, Edmond b.1558
ROBERTS, Edmund b.1477
ROBERTS, Edmund a.1563
ROBERTS, Edna b.1805
ROBERTS, Eleanor Farrell b.1838
ROBERTS, Eli b.1654
ROBERTS, Elizabeth b.1661
ROBERTS, Elizabeth a.1648
ROBERTS, Elizabeth a.1576
ROBERTS, Elizabeth a.1584
ROBERTS, Elizabeth b.1557
ROBERTS, Elizabeth b.1467
ROBERTS, Elizabeth b.1492
ROBERTS, Elizabeth b.1641
ROBERTS, Emily b.1805
ROBERTS, Emma b.1828
ROBERTS, Esther b.1810
ROBERTS, Eunice b.1655
ROBERTS, Eunice a.1653
ROBERTS, Frances a.1637
ROBERTS, Frances b.1598
ROBERTS, Frances a.1617
ROBERTS, Francis b.1528
ROBERTS, Franklin B. b.1827
ROBERTS, Gabriel Baldwin b.1816
ROBERTS, George b.1498
ROBERTS, George Gentleman a.1563
ROBERTS, George b.1475
ROBERTS, George b.1799
ROBERTS, George b.1676
ROBERTS, Griselda a.1566
ROBERTS, Harriet b.1822
ROBERTS, Harriet b.1801
ROBERTS, Hatevil b.1661
ROBERTS, Henry Esquire b.1544
ROBERTS, Hepzibah b.1729
ROBERTS, Hester b.1626
ROBERTS, Horace D. b.1834
ROBERTS, Howland Knight a.1634
ROBERTS, Hugh b.1625
ROBERTS, Jane b.1524
ROBERTS, Jane b.1471
ROBERTS, Jane b.1515
ROBERTS, Jane b.1624
ROBERTS, Joan b.1496
ROBERTS, Joan b.1484
ROBERTS, Joanna b.1670
ROBERTS, Job b.1701
ROBERTS, Jocelyn b.1659
ROBERTS, John b.1490
ROBERTS, John b.1571
ROBERTS, John b.1595
ROBERTS, John Knight a.1619
ROBERTS, John Gentleman b.1529
ROBERTS, John b.1680
ROBERTS, John b.1646
ROBERTS, John b.1531
ROBERTS, John b.1395
ROBERTS, John b.1820
ROBERTS, John b.1655
ROBERTS, John b.1679
ROBERTS, John b.1473
ROBERTS, John b.1575
ROBERTS, John b.1628
ROBERTS, John Benedict b.1782
ROBERTS, Joseph b.1664
ROBERTS, Joshua b.1698
ROBERTS, Juliet b.1825
ROBERTS, Julius b.1812
ROBERTS, Lucy b.1807
ROBERTS, Lucy Ann b.1814
ROBERTS, Luke b.1768
ROBERTS, Luke b.1740
ROBERTS, Lydia a.1651
ROBERTS, Lydia b.1665
ROBERTS, Lydia Josephine b.1857
ROBERTS, Marcus b.1807
ROBERTS, Margaret b.1500
ROBERTS, Margaret a.1620
ROBERTS, Margaret a.1569
ROBERTS, Margaret a.1590
ROBERTS, Margaret b.1568
ROBERTS, Margery a.1564
ROBERTS, Mark Sylvester b.1910
ROBERTS, Martin b.1479
ROBERTS, Mary a.1624
ROBERTS, Mary b.1696
ROBERTS, Mary b.1535
ROBERTS, Mary b.1469
ROBERTS, Mary b.1681
ROBERTS, Mary b.1769
ROBERTS, Mary b.1779
ROBERTS, Mary b.1670
ROBERTS, Mary b.1675
ROBERTS, Mary b.1701
ROBERTS, Mary b.1539
ROBERTS, Mary Tina b.1863
ROBERTS, Meribah b.1741
ROBERTS, N.N. b.1537
ROBERTS, Nathaniel b.1679
ROBERTS, Nathaniel b.1667
ROBERTS, Parmelia b.1803
ROBERTS, Paulina b.1818
ROBERTS, Ralph V. b.1868
ROBERTS, Rebecca b.1707
ROBERTS, Richard b.1712
ROBERTS, Rose b.1503
ROBERTS, Samuel b.1685
ROBERTS, Samuel b.1686
ROBERTS, Sarah a.1571
ROBERTS, Sarah b.1430
ROBERTS, Sarah b.1657
ROBERTS, Sarah b.1682
ROBERTS, Sarah b.1680
ROBERTS, Sarah b.1644
ROBERTS, Sarah b.1767
ROBERTS, Sidney b.1809
ROBERTS, Stephen b.1359
ROBERTS, Stephen b.1442
ROBERTS, Susanna b.1682
ROBERTS, Thomas Knight b.1658
ROBERTS, Thomas b.1478
ROBERTS, Thomas b.1454
ROBERTS, Thomas b.1590
ROBERTS, Thomas Esquire a.1612
ROBERTS, Thomas a.1560
ROBERTS, Thomas b.1687
ROBERTS, Thomas Knight a.1561
ROBERTS, Thomas b.1529
ROBERTS, Thomas Esquire b.1494
ROBERTS, Thomas b.1659
ROBERTS, Thomas b.1663
ROBERTS, Thomas b.1622
ROBERTS, Thomas b.1600
ROBERTS, Thomas b.1600
ROBERTS, Thomas b.1635
ROBERTS, Timothy b.1646
ROBERTS, Vincent b.1727
ROBERTS, Walter a.1615
ROBERTS, Walter Knight b.1586
ROBERTS, Walter Esquire b.1526
ROBERTS, Walter Sheriff of Kent b.1438
ROBERTS, William b.1592
ROBERTS, William b.1693
ROBERTS, William b.1482
ROBERTS, William b.1512
ROBERTS, William b.1770
ROBERTS, William b.1797
ROBERTS, Willis b.1779


ROBERTSON, Anne a.1568
ROBERTSON, Bryan b.1530
ROBERTSON, Donald b.1426
ROBERTSON, Elizabeth b.1557
ROBERTSON, John b.1429
ROBERTSON, John b.1402
ROBERTSON, John a.1565
ROBERTSON, May E. b.1879
ROBERTSON, Nicholas Mayor of Boston b.1501
ROBERTSON, Nicholas b.1527
ROBERTSON, Thomas a.1571


ROBESSART, Lewis K.G. b.1399


ROBIE, Bartholomew a.1542
ROBIE, Edmond b.1538
ROBIE, Edward b.1620
ROBIE, Elizabeth a.1585
ROBIE, Emmot b.1503
ROBIE, Henry b.1618
ROBIE, John b.1472
ROBIE, John b.1534
ROBIE, John b.1613
ROBIE, Mary a.1552
ROBIE, Mary b.1610
ROBIE, Mary b.1664
ROBIE, Michael a.1544
ROBIE, Robert b.1532
ROBIE, Robert b.1607
ROBIE, Samuel b.1628
ROBIE, Thomas b.1501
ROBIE, Thomas b.1536
ROBIE, Thomas b.1611
ROBIE, Thomas b.1666
ROBIE, Thomas b.1576
ROBIE, Walton b.1668
ROBIE, William a.1540
ROBIE, William b.1615


ROBINSON, Abigail a.1715
ROBINSON, Abigail b.1685
ROBINSON, Abigail b.1675
ROBINSON, Abraham b.1677
ROBINSON, Abraham b.1642
ROBINSON, Abraham a.1704
ROBINSON, Alice a.1616
ROBINSON, Andrew b.1713
ROBINSON, Andrew b.1710
ROBINSON, Andrew b.1679
ROBINSON, Ann b.1723
ROBINSON, Ann b.1652
ROBINSON, Ann b.1684
ROBINSON, Anne a.1614
ROBINSON, Anne b.1595
ROBINSON, Bethia b.1673
ROBINSON, Catherine b.1576
ROBINSON, David b.1649
ROBINSON, Deborah b.1688
ROBINSON, Deborah b.1602
ROBINSON, Deborah b.1600
ROBINSON, Dorcas b.1717
ROBINSON, Dorcas b.1686
ROBINSON, Dorothy b.1711
ROBINSON, Ebenezer b.1680
ROBINSON, Edward a.1605
ROBINSON, Edward L. b.1888
ROBINSON, Elias b.1585
ROBINSON, Elizabeth b.1539
ROBINSON, Elizabeth b.1673
ROBINSON, Elizabeth b.1652
ROBINSON, Elizabeth b.1590
ROBINSON, Fear a.1645
ROBINSON, George a.1562
ROBINSON, Hannah b.1720
ROBINSON, Hannah b.1677
ROBINSON, Hannah b.1691
ROBINSON, Henry a.1610
ROBINSON, Henry b.1598
ROBINSON, Henry a.1557
ROBINSON, Increase b.1670
ROBINSON, Increase a.1642
ROBINSON, Isaac b.1705
ROBINSON, Isaac a.1642
ROBINSON, Isaac b.1610
ROBINSON, Jane b.1582
ROBINSON, Jane b.1693
ROBINSON, Jane b.1582
ROBINSON, Jeremiah b.1719
ROBINSON, Joan b.1590
ROBINSON, John b.1714
ROBINSON, John a.1640
ROBINSON, John b.1580
ROBINSON, John b.1642
ROBINSON, John b.1641
ROBINSON, John a.1612
ROBINSON, Jonathan b.1717
ROBINSON, Jonathan b.1645
ROBINSON, Joseph Eldridge b.1867
ROBINSON, Josiah b.1675
ROBINSON, Judith b.1711
ROBINSON, Judith b.1607
ROBINSON, Katherine a.1618
ROBINSON, Lydia b.1623
ROBINSON, Lydia b.1699
ROBINSON, Margaret b.1649
ROBINSON, Margery b.1592
ROBINSON, Martha b.1605
ROBINSON, Mary b.1709
ROBINSON, Mary b.1708
ROBINSON, Mary b.1572
ROBINSON, Mary b.1713
ROBINSON, Mary b.1669
ROBINSON, Mary b.1695
ROBINSON, Mary a.1603
ROBINSON, Mary b.1643
ROBINSON, Mary b.1597
ROBINSON, Mary b.1715
ROBINSON, Mercy a.1647
ROBINSON, Michael a.1586
ROBINSON, Millward Dee b.1921
ROBINSON, Mrs. Sarah b.1770
ROBINSON, N.N. b.1707
ROBINSON, N.N. b.1704
ROBINSON, Nathaniel b.1631
ROBINSON, Pearl B. b.1890
ROBINSON, Priscilla b.1602
ROBINSON, Prudence a.1643
ROBINSON, Rebecca b.1705
ROBINSON, Reuben Gentleman b.1594
ROBINSON, Rosanah W. b.1808
ROBINSON, Salina T. b.1826
ROBINSON, Samuel b.1706
ROBINSON, Samuel a.1640
ROBINSON, Samuel b.1666
ROBINSON, Sarah a.1726
ROBINSON, Sarah b.1671
ROBINSON, Sarah b.1709
ROBINSON, Sarah b.1647
ROBINSON, Sarah b.1667
ROBINSON, Smith b.1712
ROBINSON, Stephen b.1709
ROBINSON, Stephen b.1681
ROBINSON, Susanna a.1638
ROBINSON, Timothy b.1668
ROBINSON, Waiting a.1646
ROBINSON, William b.1665
ROBINSON, William b.1615
ROBINSON, William b.1580
ROBINSON, William a.1564
ROBINSON, William b.1521
ROBINSON, William b.1583


ROBITAILLE, Philippe b.1662


ROBSART, Amy b.1532


ROCHE, Alice de la b.1286
ROCHE, Blanche b.1266
ROCHE, David de la b.1200
ROCHE, David de la Knight b.1290
ROCHE, Elizabeth de la b.1385
ROCHE, Elizabeth de la b.1397
ROCHE, Ellen de la b.1395
ROCHE, Eve de la b.1223
ROCHE, Gilbert de la b.1336
ROCHE, Grizell b.1515
ROCHE, Guy de la Duke of Athens b.1290
ROCHE, Helen b.1562
ROCHE, Joan de la b.1387
ROCHE, Joan de la b.1294
ROCHE, John b.1241
ROCHE, John de la Sheriff of Wiltshire b.1315
ROCHE, John de la Knight b.1334
ROCHE, John de la b.1284
ROCHE, John de la b.1225
ROCHE, John de la Knight b.1342
ROCHE, Lucy de la b.1300
ROCHE, Margaret de la b.1297
ROCHE, Richard de la Knight b.1197
ROCHE, Richard de la b.1389
ROCHE, Robert de la b.1381
ROCHE, Robert de la Knight b.1316
ROCHE, Roger de la Knight b.1225
ROCHE, Thomas de la b.1288
ROCHE, Thomas de la Lord Roche b.1250
ROCHE, Thomas de la b.1370
ROCHE, William de la b.1383
ROCHE, William de la b.1291


ROCHECHOUART, Guy de b.1251


ROCHEFORT, Hugh de b.1086
ROCHEFORT, Lucienne de b.1088


ROCHEFOUCAULD, Gerberga de la b.1030


ROCHES, Clemence des b.1209
ROCHES, Guillaume des Seneschal of Anjou b.1180
ROCHES, Jeanne des b.1204


ROCHESTER, John b.1498
ROCHESTER, John b.1462
ROCHESTER, Lora b.1488
ROCHESTER, Ralph de Knight b.1267
ROCHESTER, Robert K.G. b.1494
ROCHESTER, William b.1491


ROCHEWELL, Emma de b.1315


ROCHFORD, Alice b.1379
ROCHFORD, Alice de b.1203
ROCHFORD, Elizabeth b.1349
ROCHFORD, Henry Esquire b.1437
ROCHFORD, Joan b.1377
ROCHFORD, John Knight b.1356
ROCHFORD, Margaret b.1381
ROCHFORD, Ralph Knight b.1350
ROCHFORD, Saher Knight b.1325
ROCHFORD, Thomas b.1324
ROCHFORD, Thomas de b.1180


ROCHLITZ, Agnes of b.1160
ROCHLITZ, Dedo of Count of Rochlitz b.1136


ROCK, Benjamin b.1663
ROCK, Benjamin b.1659
ROCK, Elisha b.1667
ROCK, Elizabeth b.1654
ROCK, Elizabeth b.1652
ROCK, Hannah b.1639
ROCK, John b.1656
ROCK, Joseph b.1658
ROCK, Joseph b.1613
ROCK, Julia Lillian b.1880
ROCK, Lydia b.1661
ROCK, Mary b.1642
ROCK, Rebecca b.1655
ROCK, Samuel b.1662
ROCK, Sarah b.1653


ROCKETT, Joseph b.1630
ROCKETT, Margery b.1608


ROCKLEY, Anne de b.1286
ROCKLEY, Henry de b.1284
ROCKLEY, Ralph de b.1255


ROCKWELL, Abigail b.1676
ROCKWELL, Abigail b.1664
ROCKWELL, Joan a.1625
ROCKWELL, John b.1673
ROCKWELL, John a.1627
ROCKWELL, Joseph b.1670
ROCKWELL, Josiah b.1678
ROCKWELL, Mary b.1662
ROCKWELL, Ruth b.1633
ROCKWELL, Samuel b.1667
ROCKWELL, Samuel b.1631
ROCKWELL, Sarah b.1638
ROCKWELL, William a.1591


ROCKWOOD, Edmund b.1540
ROCKWOOD, Josiah a.1651
ROCKWOOD, Phebe b.1638
ROCKWOOD, Trial b.1677


RODBOROUGH, Mary b.1382


RODDAM, Joan de b.1330




RODNEY, Anne b.1537
RODNEY, Elizabeth b.1542
RODNEY, Isabel b.1434
RODNEY, John Esquire b.1507
RODNEY, John Sheriff of Somerset b.1350
RODNEY, Maurice Esquire b.1539
RODNEY, Walter Knight b.1412


RODRIGUEZ, Cristina b.1025
RODRIGUEZ, Mayor b.1030
RODRIGUEZ, Rodrigo b.1212


ROE, Mary a.1579
ROE, Mary b.1642
ROE, Robert b.1550
ROE, Thomas Knight a.1581


ROET, Elizabeth de b.1335
ROET, Katherine de Duchess of Lancaster b.1340
ROET, Paon de Knight b.1300
ROET, Phillipa de b.1344
ROET, Walter de b.1338


ROGERS, Abigail b.1609
ROGERS, Abigail b.1642
ROGERS, Alexander b.1477
ROGERS, Alexander a.1746
ROGERS, Alice a.1593
ROGERS, Alice a.1568
ROGERS, Alice a.1574
ROGERS, Alice a.1622
ROGERS, Ananias b.1710
ROGERS, Andrew Esquire b.1546
ROGERS, Andrew Locy b.1854
ROGERS, Anna b.1644
ROGERS, Anne b.1683
ROGERS, Anne a.1629
ROGERS, Anne b.1558
ROGERS, Anne a.1615
ROGERS, Anne b.1581
ROGERS, Anne a.1624
ROGERS, Anne a.1631
ROGERS, Barnaby b.1588
ROGERS, Benjamin b.1812
ROGERS, Bridget b.1606
ROGERS, Catherine Mary b.1868
ROGERS, Charles a.1565
ROGERS, Clarence Albert b.1863
ROGERS, Curtis Wilson b.1874
ROGERS, Daniel b.1707
ROGERS, Daniel b.1667
ROGERS, Daniel b.1573
ROGERS, Daniel b.1603
ROGERS, David b.1684
ROGERS, Edward b.1516
ROGERS, Edward a.1580
ROGERS, Edward a.1615
ROGERS, Edward b.1545
ROGERS, Eleanor b.1513
ROGERS, Elizabeth b.1707
ROGERS, Elizabeth b.1662
ROGERS, Elizabeth b.1663
ROGERS, Elizabeth b.1600
ROGERS, Elizabeth b.1557
ROGERS, Elizabeth a.1695
ROGERS, Elizabeth a.1577
ROGERS, Elizabeth b.1617
ROGERS, Elizabeth b.1639
ROGERS, Elizabeth a.1583
ROGERS, Elizabeth a.1563
ROGERS, Elizabeth a.1726
ROGERS, Elizabeth b.1549
ROGERS, Elizabeth a.1575
ROGERS, Elizabeth b.1646
ROGERS, Elizabeth a.1609
ROGERS, Ellen a.1558
ROGERS, Ellen Aurelia b.1857
ROGERS, Esther Leone b.1872
ROGERS, Ezechias a.1585
ROGERS, Ezekiel b.1584
ROGERS, Ezekiel b.1640
ROGERS, Ezekiel b.1705
ROGERS, Ezekiel a.1741
ROGERS, Ezra b.1575
ROGERS, Frances a.1593
ROGERS, George b.1615
ROGERS, George Spencer b.1861
ROGERS, Hannah b.1652
ROGERS, Hannah a.1631
ROGERS, Henry Knight b.1448
ROGERS, Henry b.1542
ROGERS, Hezekiah b.1685
ROGERS, Hezekiah a.1738
ROGERS, Hezekiah b.1703
ROGERS, Hiram b.1815
ROGERS, Honora b.1561
ROGERS, Hope b.1690
ROGERS, Howard Spencer b.1859
ROGERS, Isaac a.1726
ROGERS, Isabel a.1588
ROGERS, James b.1648
ROGERS, Jane b.1696
ROGERS, Jemima b.1778
ROGERS, Joan b.1554
ROGERS, Joan b.1509
ROGERS, Joan b.1507
ROGERS, Joan b.1485
ROGERS, Joan a.1594
ROGERS, Joan a.1567
ROGERS, Joan b.1579
ROGERS, Joanna a.1571
ROGERS, Joel b.1769
ROGERS, John b.1692
ROGERS, John b.1666
ROGERS, John b.1627
ROGERS, John b.1594
ROGERS, John Knight b.1475
ROGERS, John Knight b.1504
ROGERS, John Knight b.1548
ROGERS, John a.1631
ROGERS, John b.1677
ROGERS, John Esquire b.1407
ROGERS, John b.1625
ROGERS, John b.1505
ROGERS, John b.1480
ROGERS, John b.1515
ROGERS, John a.1548
ROGERS, John b.1596
ROGERS, John b.1548
ROGERS, John b.1648
ROGERS, John a.1611
ROGERS, John b.1642
ROGERS, John a.1582
ROGERS, John b.1572
ROGERS, John a.1617
ROGERS, John b.1675
ROGERS, John b.1641
ROGERS, John a.1586
ROGERS, John b.1640
ROGERS, John a.1606
ROGERS, Jonathan b.1668
ROGERS, Jonathan a.1636
ROGERS, Joseph b.1869
ROGERS, Joseph b.1673
ROGERS, Joseph b.1635
ROGERS, Joseph a.1603
ROGERS, Josiah b.1680
ROGERS, Josiah a.1730
ROGERS, Josiah b.1700
ROGERS, Joyce a.1573
ROGERS, Katherine a.1581
ROGERS, Katherine b.1590
ROGERS, Katherine a.1626
ROGERS, Katherine a.1584
ROGERS, Keziah b.1764
ROGERS, Lucy Isabella b.1865
ROGERS, Lydia b.1666
ROGERS, Lydia a.1619
ROGERS, Margaret b.1665
ROGERS, Margaret b.1473
ROGERS, Margaret b.1544
ROGERS, Margaret a.1562
ROGERS, Margaret a.1570
ROGERS, Margaret a.1613
ROGERS, Martha b.1694
ROGERS, Martha b.1612
ROGERS, Mary b.1697
ROGERS, Mary b.1664
ROGERS, Mary b.1581
ROGERS, Mary a.1629
ROGERS, Mary b.1675
ROGERS, Mary a.1542
ROGERS, Mary a.1553
ROGERS, Mary a.1576
ROGERS, Mary a.1613
ROGERS, Mary b.1644
ROGERS, Mary a.1630
ROGERS, Mary b.1649
ROGERS, Mary b.1680
ROGERS, Mary b.1638
ROGERS, Mary a.1735
ROGERS, Mary a.1727
ROGERS, Matilda b.1546
ROGERS, Micah a.1732
ROGERS, Nathaniel b.1701
ROGERS, Nathaniel b.1670
ROGERS, Nathaniel b.1578
ROGERS, Nathaniel b.1632
ROGERS, Nathaniel b.1693
ROGERS, Nathaniel a.1582
ROGERS, Nathaniel b.1598
ROGERS, Noah b.1688
ROGERS, Noah b.1646
ROGERS, Obadiah b.1678
ROGERS, Obadiah a.1633
ROGERS, Obadiah a.1728
ROGERS, Orlando b.1810
ROGERS, Orson Thomas b.1852
ROGERS, Patience b.1676
ROGERS, Phebe b.1707
ROGERS, Phebe a.1729
ROGERS, Philip b.1725
ROGERS, Priscilla b.1648
ROGERS, Ransom b.1808
ROGERS, Richard b.1703
ROGERS, Richard b.1551
ROGERS, Richard Knight b.1526
ROGERS, Richard Esquire a.1614
ROGERS, Richard a.1579
ROGERS, Richard a.1551
ROGERS, Richard b.1554
ROGERS, Richard a.1575
ROGERS, Richard a.1600
ROGERS, Robert b.1600
ROGERS, Rose a.1590
ROGERS, Ruth a.1627
ROGERS, Ruth a.1735
ROGERS, Samuel b.1709
ROGERS, Samuel b.1634
ROGERS, Samuel b.1600
ROGERS, Sarah b.1633
ROGERS, Susan a.1588
ROGERS, Thomas b.1480
ROGERS, Thomas Esquire b.1435
ROGERS, Thomas a.1557
ROGERS, Thomas a.1574
ROGERS, Thomas a.1585
ROGERS, Thomas a.1610
ROGERS, Thomas a.1582
ROGERS, Thomas b.1540
ROGERS, Thomas a.1587
ROGERS, Thomas b.1560
ROGERS, Thomas b.1638
ROGERS, Thomas a.1599
ROGERS, Thomas b.1572
ROGERS, Thomas Edward b.1827
ROGERS, Timothy b.1638
ROGERS, Trial b.1744
ROGERS, William b.1699
ROGERS, William b.1538
ROGERS, William b.1642
ROGERS, William b.1551
ROGERS, William b.1510
ROGERS, William a.1578
ROGERS, William a.1613
ROGERS, William b.1515
ROGERS, William a.1581
ROGERS, William b.1542
ROGERS, William Ernest b.1871
ROGERS, Zophar a.1743


ROGERSON, Elizabeth b.1496
ROGERSON, Isabel b.1571


ROHANT, Eleanor de b.1325
ROHANT, Roger de Knight b.1304


ROKE, Katherine b.1537


ROKEBY, Grace b.1545
ROKEBY, Grace b.1600
ROKEBY, Phyllis b.1497
ROKEBY, Thomas Esquire b.1601


ROKELLE, Geoffrey b.1404
ROKELLE, Geoffrey b.1360
ROKELLE, Margaret b.1429
ROKELLE, Maud de b.1286
ROKELLE, N.N. b.1385
ROKELLE, Philip de b.1259
ROKELLE, Rose de b.1204


ROKESLEY, Agnes de b.1298
ROKESLEY, Joan de b.1295
ROKESLEY, Richard de Knight b.1269
ROKESLEY, Walter Esquire b.1405


ROKEWOOD, Edmund b.1485


ROLFE, Anna b.1626
ROLFE, Benjamin b.1637
ROLFE, Daniel b.1621
ROLFE, Daniel b.1685
ROLFE, Joan b.1501
ROLFE, Leonard b.1564
ROLFE, Margaret b.1574
ROLFE, Moses b.1734
ROLFE, Robert b.1545


ROLLINS, Henry W. b.1911
ROLLINS, John b.1680
ROLLINS, Sarah b.1648


ROLLO, David b.1470


ROLLOS, Adeline de b.1096
ROLLOS, Ilbert de b.1047
ROLLOS, Richard de b.1098
ROLLOS, Richard de b.1072
ROLLOS, Robert de b.1100
ROLLOS, William de b.1102
ROLLOS, William de b.1074


ROLPH, Edward b.1769
ROLPH, John b.1325
ROLPH, John b.1300
ROLPH, Margaret b.1331
ROLPH, Thomas b.1625


ROMAGNANO, Beatrice di b.1005
ROMAGNANO, Olderico di b.980


ROOKES, Elizabeth b.1450
ROOKES, Thomas b.1427


ROOS, Joan b.1487


ROOT, John b.1646
ROOT, Mary b.1650
ROOT, Samuel b.1712
ROOT, Sarah b.1683
ROOT, Thomas b.1667

Surname List