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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


RAYENER, Nicholas b.1589


RAYMER, James b.1706


RAYMOND, Abigail b.1664
RAYMOND, Abigail b.1657
RAYMOND, Asa b.1766
RAYMOND, Bathsheba a.1637
RAYMOND, Bethiah b.1655
RAYMOND, Daniel a.1653
RAYMOND, Ebenezer b.1690
RAYMOND, Elizabeth a.1650
RAYMOND, Elizabeth b.1662
RAYMOND, George a.1670
RAYMOND, Hannah a.1643
RAYMOND, Hannah b.1700
RAYMOND, John b.1635
RAYMOND, John b.1651
RAYMOND, John a.1617
RAYMOND, Jonathan b.1666
RAYMOND, Joshua a.1640
RAYMOND, Lemuel a.1641
RAYMOND, Paul b.1718
RAYMOND, Rachel b.1659
RAYMOND, Rebecca b.1742
RAYMOND, Richard a.1648
RAYMOND, Richard b.1602
RAYMOND, Samuel a.1645
RAYMOND, Thomas b.1653


RAYNBERD, Nicholas b.1521


RAYNER, William Knight b.1569


RAYNFORTH, Henry Esquire b.1449


RAYNIER, Elizabeth b.1600


RAYNOR, Abigail b.1655
RAYNOR, Abigail b.1644
RAYNOR, Deborah b.1639
RAYNOR, Hannah b.1641
RAYNOR, James b.1564
RAYNOR, Jonathan b.1649
RAYNOR, Mary b.1637
RAYNOR, Thurstan a.1593
RAYNOR, William b.1628


RAYNSFORD, Audrey b.1506
RAYNSFORD, Edward b.1684
RAYNSFORD, Henry b.1484
RAYNSFORD, Humphrey b.1486
RAYNSFORD, John Knight b.1460
RAYNSFORD, Julian b.1507
RAYNSFORD, Laurence Knight b.1419


RAYSON, George b.1667


RAZES, Amelia de b.995


REA, Bethia b.1663
REA, Bethia b.1630
REA, Daniel b.1597
REA, Daniel b.1654
REA, Elizabeth a.1632
REA, Elizabeth b.1687
REA, Elizabeth b.1660
REA, Hannah b.1668
REA, John b.1696
REA, John b.1666
REA, Joshua b.1691
REA, Joshua b.1664
REA, Joshua b.1627
REA, Lydia b.1694
REA, Mary b.1581
REA, Mary b.1738
REA, N.N. b.1700
REA, Peter b.1685
REA, Rebecca b.1656
REA, Robert b.1556
REA, Sarah b.1686
REA, Sarah b.1661
REA, Sarah b.1658
REA, Zerviah b.1689


READ, Abigail b.1709
READ, Abigail b.1678
READ, Abigail b.1711
READ, Abigail b.1675
READ, Agnes b.1491
READ, Anna b.1787
READ, Anne b.1505
READ, Anne b.1578
READ, Anne b.1606
READ, Betty b.1716
READ, Charles b.1785
READ, Daniel b.1714
READ, David b.1709
READ, Deborah b.1718
READ, Deborah b.1756
READ, Elizabeth b.1511
READ, Elizabeth b.1672
READ, Elizabeth b.1667
READ, Elizabeth b.1530
READ, Elizabeth b.1669
READ, Elizabeth b.1666
READ, Elizabeth b.1687
READ, Ellen b.1513
READ, Ephraim b.1657
READ, Esther a.1761
READ, Esther b.1641
READ, Experience b.1675
READ, Francis b.1573
READ, George b.1631
READ, Hannah b.1688
READ, Hannah b.1722
READ, Hannah b.1631
READ, Hannah b.1689
READ, Henry a.1762
READ, Hezekiah b.1753
READ, Hezekiah b.1735
READ, Hezekiah a.1778
READ, Hezekiah b.1663
READ, Isaac b.1656
READ, Isaac b.1636
READ, Isaac b.1704
READ, Jacob b.1662
READ, Jacob b.1658
READ, Jane b.1614
READ, Jason a.1732
READ, Joan b.1503
READ, John b.1678
READ, John a.1765
READ, John b.1726
READ, John b.1679
READ, John a.1699
READ, John a.1651
READ, John b.1646
READ, Jonathan b.1659
READ, Jonathan a.1738
READ, Joseph b.1681
READ, Joseph a.1769
READ, Joseph b.1694
READ, Joseph b.1722
READ, Josiah b.1668
READ, Josiah b.1643
READ, Katherine b.1707
READ, Lemuel a.1771
READ, Lydia b.1718
READ, Mabel a.1759
READ, Margaret b.1516
READ, Margaret b.1636
READ, Margery b.1507
READ, Mary b.1716
READ, Mary a.1758
READ, Mary b.1724
READ, Mary a.1773
READ, Mary b.1758
READ, Mary b.1675
READ, Mary a.1653
READ, Mary b.1639
READ, Mary b.1620
READ, Mary b.1679
READ, Mary b.1709
READ, Mary a.1736
READ, Matilda a.1767
READ, Micah a.1742
READ, Mrs. Elizabeth b.1646
READ, N.N. b.1764
READ, Nathaniel b.1684
READ, Nathaniel b.1702
READ, Rachel b.1704
READ, Rachel a.1754
READ, Rachel b.1623
READ, Rachel b.1682
READ, Remember a.1657
READ, Richard a.1539
READ, Ruth b.1701
READ, Ruth b.1754
READ, Ruth b.1662
READ, Sarah b.1676
READ, Sarah b.1751
READ, Sarah b.1665
READ, Sarah b.1660
READ, Sarah b.1665
READ, Sarah a.1756
READ, Susanna b.1685
READ, Susanna b.1633
READ, Talcott a.1765
READ, Thomas b.1501
READ, Thomas Knight b.1570
READ, Thomas b.1615
READ, Thomas a.1627
READ, Thomas b.1595
READ, Thomas b.1653
READ, Thomas a.1733
READ, Thomas b.1705
READ, Thomas b.1678
READ, Timothy b.1660
READ, William Gentleman b.1475
READ, William Knight b.1541
READ, William b.1670
READ, William b.1509
READ, William a.1706
READ, William b.1642
READ, William a.1760
READ, William b.1731
READ, William b.1655
READ, William b.1639
READ, William b.1607
READ, Zalmon a.1738


READE, Abigail b.1635
READE, Alice a.1607
READE, Anne b.1567
READE, Benjamin b.1669
READE, Bridget a.1570
READE, Dorothy a.1562
READE, Edmund a.1604
READE, Edmund a.1595
READE, Edmund a.1563
READE, Elizabeth b.1591
READE, Elizabeth b.1485
READE, Elizabeth a.1614
READE, Elizabeth b.1651
READE, Elizabeth b.1380
READE, Elizabeth b.1565
READE, Frances b.1605
READE, Francis b.1666
READE, Francis a.1613
READE, George a.1626
READE, George a.1628
READE, George b.1645
READE, George b.1608
READE, Giles Esquire b.1541
READE, Henry Esquire b.1565
READE, Israel b.1641
READE, Joan a.1563
READE, John Knight b.1530
READE, John b.1355
READE, John b.1558
READE, John b.1532
READE, Justice b.1633
READE, Margaret a.1598
READE, Margaret a.1561
READE, Martha a.1602
READE, Mary b.1485
READE, Mary a.1597
READE, Mildred a.1603
READE, Mildred b.1648
READE, Ralph b.1630
READE, Rebecca a.1647
READE, Richard b.1496
READE, Richard b.1490
READE, Robert b.1655
READE, Robert a.1609
READE, Robert Esquire b.1567
READE, Samuel a.1609
READE, Sarah b.1643
READE, Thomas a.1612
READE, Thomas a.1607
READE, Thomas b.1659
READE, Thomas a.1604
READE, Thomas b.1560
READE, William Esquire b.1522
READE, William b.1587
READE, William a.1600
READE, William a.1601
READE, William b.1475


READIO, Allen Hutchinson b.1908
READIO, George Allen b.1850
READIO, George Anzi b.1878
READIO, George Upson b.1882


READY, John b.1811


REAMS, Ellen Virginia b.1860


REAPE, Sarah b.1664


REDAWAY, Lydia b.1652


REDD, George Thomas b.1831


REDDING, Margaret b.1668
REDDING, Richard b.1640


REDDINGTON, Mary a.1651
REDDINGTON, Sarah b.1654


REDE, Anne b.1510
REDE, Edmund b.1379
REDE, Joan b.1376
REDE, John b.1341
REDE, Margery b.1373
REDE, Sarah b.1585
REDE, William b.1370


REDESHAM, Elizabeth b.1406


REDFIELD, James b.1646
REDFIELD, Richard b.1711
REDFIELD, Sarah a.1726


REDIAT, Deborah b.1652
REDIAT, Mary b.1675


REDMAN, Elizabeth b.1700
REDMAN, John b.1605
REDMAN, John b.1615
REDMAN, Matthew Knight b.1333
REDMAN, Richard Knight b.1363


REDMARLEY, Christina b.1288


REDMAYNE, Felice b.1385


REED, Anna b.1804
REED, Bathshua b.1676
REED, Bertha Lawton b.1873
REED, Esther b.1685
REED, George b.1660
REED, Gladys Mary b.1894
REED, Hannah b.1638
REED, Jacob b.1691
REED, James b.1716
REED, James b.1656
REED, John b.1687
REED, John b.1680
REED, John b.1674
REED, John b.1650
REED, Lydia b.1720
REED, Margaret a.1636
REED, Mary b.1689
REED, Mary b.1670
REED, Mary b.1640
REED, Mary b.1652
REED, Mercy b.1678
REED, Ruth b.1645
REED, Sarah b.1715
REED, Sarah b.1694
REED, Sylveria E. b.1849
REED, Thomas b.1647
REED, William b.1682
REED, William b.1686
REED, William b.1642
REED, William b.1610


REEDER, Josiah b.1672


REES, Anne a.1804
REES, David a.1821
REES, Edmund a.1814
REES, Eleanor a.1816
REES, Jemima a.1825
REES, Mary a.1816
REES, Mary a.1809
REES, Morgan a.1811
REES, Morgan b.1774
REES, Salina a.1819
REES, Sarah a.1802
REES, Thomas a.1807


REEVES, Hannah b.1670
REEVES, Secily b.1558
REEVES, William b.1676


REFHAM, Margaret de b.1365


REGNI, Ela de b.1235


REID, Miriam Oldham b.1833
REID, Sarah b.1826


REIDHEUCH, N.N. b.1546


REIGNY, Elizabeth de b.1320
REIGNY, John de Knight b.1295


REINBUEDCURT, Guy de b.1060
REINBUEDCURT, Ingelran de b.1092
REINBUEDCURT, Margery de b.1125
REINBUEDCURT, Richard de b.1095


REINEVILLE, Adam de b.1090
REINEVILLE, Agnes de b.1148
REINEVILLE, Hervey de b.1122
REINEVILLE, Jordan de b.1125
REINEVILLE, William de b.1119


REITH, Abigail a.1708
REITH, John a.1716
REITH, Josiah a.1727
REITH, Josiah a.1708
REITH, Richard a.1711
REITH, Richard a.1719
REITH, Samuel a.1714
REITH, Sarah a.1713
REITH, Thomas a.1714
REITH, Thomas a.1722
REITH, William a.1724
REITH, William a.1727
REITH, William a.1708
REITH, William b.1684


REKE, Margaret b.1429


REMICK, Abraham b.1667
REMICK, Anne b.1702
REMICK, Christian b.1631
REMICK, Dorcas b.1709
REMICK, Hannah b.1656
REMICK, Hannah b.1694
REMICK, Ichabod b.1704
REMICK, Isaac b.1665
REMICK, Isaac b.1706
REMICK, Jacob b.1660
REMICK, Joseph b.1700
REMICK, Joshua b.1672
REMICK, Joshua b.1698
REMICK, Lydia b.1676
REMICK, Lydia b.1712
REMICK, Martha b.1669
REMICK, Mary b.1658
REMICK, Mary a.1720
REMICK, Sarah b.1663
REMICK, Sarah b.1696


REMINGTON, Daniel b.1661
REMINGTON, Hannah b.1643


REMPSTON, Elizabeth b.1418


RENNES, Conan I "le Tort" de Duke of Brittany b.950
RENNES, Juhel Berenger de Count of Rennes b.915


REPPS, Alice b.1515
REPPS, Alice de b.1288
REPPS, Anne b.1513
REPPS, Dorothy b.1519
REPPS, Elizabeth b.1491
REPPS, Francis Gentleman b.1511
REPPS, Henry Knight b.1370
REPPS, Henry Esquire b.1425
REPPS, Henry Esquire b.1509
REPPS, Henry b.1450
REPPS, Henry Esquire b.1487
REPPS, John Esquire b.1423
REPPS, John b.1517
REPPS, John Esquire b.1489
REPPS, Margaret b.1522
REPPS, Robert Knight b.1340


RERESBY, Elizabeth a.1613
RERESBY, Joan b.1307


RESTWOLD, Ralph b.1320


RETFORD, Elizabeth b.1400
RETFORD, Henry Knight b.1376


RETHEL, Alix de b.1104
RETHEL, Baldwin II de King of Jerusalem b.1059
RETHEL, Beatrix de b.1130
RETHEL, Clemence de b.1135
RETHEL, Eudes de b.1073
RETHEL, Gervais de Count of Rethel b.1065
RETHEL, Gonthier de Count of Rethel b.1105
RETHEL, Helisende de b.1197
RETHEL, Hugh I de Count of Rethel b.1020
RETHEL, Manasses I de b.960
RETHEL, Manasses II de Count of Rethel b.985
RETHEL, Manasses III de b.1132
RETHEL, Matilda de Countess of Rethel b.1071
RETHEL, Melisende de b.1109
RETHEL, Milicent de b.1116


REVEL, Richard b.1204
REVEL, Richard Knight b.1175
REVEL, Sabina b.1202


REVELL, Ann b.1671
REVELL, Elena b.1315
REVELL, Mary b.1800


REVIERS, Adelise de b.1128
REVIERS, Baldwin I de Earl of Devon b.1090
REVIERS, Baldwin II de b.1195
REVIERS, Baldwin III de Earl of Devon b.1216
REVIERS, Baldwin IV de Earl of Devon b.1236
REVIERS, Eva de b.1121
REVIERS, Hawisa de b.1131
REVIERS, Hawise de b.1096
REVIERS, Isabel de b.1237
REVIERS, Joan de b.1190
REVIERS, Richard de Knight b.1215
REVIERS, Richard de b.1170
REVIERS, Richard de b.1065
REVIERS, Richard de Earl of Devon b.1124
REVIERS, Robert de b.1098
REVIERS, William de Earl of Devon b.1144


REW, Edward b.1633
REW, Hezekiah b.1695


REWSE, Simon Gentleman a.1591


REYDON, Alice de b.1315
REYDON, John de Knight b.1293
REYDON, Robert de Knight b.1268


REYGATE, Elizabeth de b.1340


REYMES, Robert Esquire b.1475


REYNEL, Alice de b.1240
REYNEL, Arnoul de Count of Reynel b.1007
REYNEL, Blanche de b.1032


REYNELL, Richard b.1568


REYNER, Ann b.1636
REYNER, Humphrey b.1605
REYNER, Martha b.1634
REYNER, Mary b.1632


REYNES, Agnes de b.1336
REYNES, Cecily de b.1333
REYNES, Joan de b.1331
REYNES, John de b.1327
REYNES, N.N. b.1656
REYNES, Ralph de Knight b.1272
REYNES, Ralph de Knight b.1329
REYNES, Richard de b.1325
REYNES, Tabitha b.1659
REYNES, Thomas b.1409
REYNES, Thomas de b.1246
REYNES, Thomas de Knight b.1323
REYNES, Thomas de Knight b.1294
REYNES, William b.1419


REYNOLDS, Abbie Adelma b.1897
REYNOLDS, Alfred Small b.1834
REYNOLDS, Alfred Stanford b.1888
REYNOLDS, Alfred Stanford b.1859
REYNOLDS, Anne b.1602
REYNOLDS, Arthur Wallace b.1884
REYNOLDS, Bartlett Campbell b.1857
REYNOLDS, Beatrice Genevieve b.1892
REYNOLDS, Beatrice Marion b.1913
REYNOLDS, Benjamin Franklin b.1799
REYNOLDS, Bertha E. b.1868
REYNOLDS, Carl W. b.1886
REYNOLDS, Catherine Stanford b.1818
REYNOLDS, Charles b.1785
REYNOLDS, David b.1782
REYNOLDS, Dorothy b.1897
REYNOLDS, Electious b.1653
REYNOLDS, Eliphalet b.1759
REYNOLDS, Eliza H. b.1827
REYNOLDS, Elizabeth b.1556
REYNOLDS, Elizabeth b.1570
REYNOLDS, Ezekiel J. b.1797
REYNOLDS, Florence Chapman b.1874
REYNOLDS, George W. b.1836
REYNOLDS, Hannah b.1788
REYNOLDS, Harriet Augusta b.1831
REYNOLDS, Horace Roberts b.1886
REYNOLDS, Jackson Lawrence b.1889
REYNOLDS, Jeanette W. b.1833
REYNOLDS, Jennie M. b.1866
REYNOLDS, Joanna b.1824
REYNOLDS, Job b.1685
REYNOLDS, John b.1625
REYNOLDS, John b.1626
REYNOLDS, John b.1870
REYNOLDS, John b.1791
REYNOLDS, John Henry b.1826
REYNOLDS, Katherine b.1503
REYNOLDS, Louis W. b.1870
REYNOLDS, Lydia b.1784
REYNOLDS, Lydia Jane b.1816
REYNOLDS, Mrs. Blanche b.1485
REYNOLDS, Nathaniel b.1627
REYNOLDS, Nathaniel b.1718
REYNOLDS, Nathaniel b.1693
REYNOLDS, Nellie H. b.1861
REYNOLDS, Peter b.1795
REYNOLDS, Philander b.1836
REYNOLDS, Rebecca b.1821
REYNOLDS, Thomas b.1720
REYNOLDS, William Eugene b.1894


RHAIN, Tewdws ap


RHEIMS, Manasseh of b.1007


RHEINFELDEN, Agnes of b.1068


RHEINGAU, Konrad of Duke of Swabia b.920


RHIWALLON, Gwladus ferch b.1050
RHIWALLON, Meilyr ap b.1052
RHIWALLON, Rhirid ap b.1054
RHIWALLON, Sioned ferch b.1056


RHODANS, Margaret b.1574


RHODEN, Celie Elizabeth b.1892
RHODEN, George Jefferson b.1899
RHODEN, George W. b.1856
RHODEN, Henry Columbus b.1890
RHODEN, Herbert Charles b.1896
RHODEN, Marlin L. b.1901
RHODEN, Nettie Arverdie b.1897
RHODEN, Willie James b.1894


RHODES, Abigail b.1661
RHODES, Aliff b.1762
RHODES, Elizabeth b.1610
RHODES, Elizabeth b.1756
RHODES, Elizabeth b.1676
RHODES, Henry b.1730
RHODES, Jane b.1679
RHODES, John b.1682
RHODES, Joseph b.1678
RHODES, Joseph b.1646
RHODES, Josiah b.1651
RHODES, Mary b.1766
RHODES, Mary b.1687
RHODES, Philip b.1769
RHODES, Samuel b.1675
RHODES, Sarah b.1754
RHODES, Susannah b.1684
RHODES, Woodhouse b.1759


RHODRI, Aeddan ap b.873
RHODRI, Anarawd ap King of Gwynedd b.855
RHODRI, Cadell ap King of Powis b.861
RHODRI, Cynan "Dindaethwy" ap b.723
RHODRI, Elise ap b.859
RHODRI, Gwriad ap b.863
RHODRI, Gwydlid ap b.869
RHODRI, Merfyn ap b.857
RHODRI, Meurig ap b.867
RHODRI, Nest ferch b.871
RHODRI, Tudwal "Gloff" ap b.865


RHUN, Beli ap b.517
RHUN, Crisly ferch b.1310
RHUN, Ludd ap b.542
RHUN, Perwyr ferch b.496


RHYS, Agnes ferch b.1521
RHYS, Einion "Sais" ap b.1242
RHYS, Elizabeth ferch b.1312
RHYS, Griffith ap Knight b.1478
RHYS, Griffith ap Knight b.1523
RHYS, Gronwy ap b.1080
RHYS, Gruffydd ap Lord of Deheubarth b.1160
RHYS, Gruffydd ap b.1075
RHYS, Gwenllian ferch b.1274
RHYS, Gwenllian ferch b.1021
RHYS, Gwenllian ferch b.1071
RHYS, Gwenllian ferch b.1163
RHYS, Gwenllian ferch b.1233
RHYS, Gwladus ferch b.1069
RHYS, Hywel ap b.1083
RHYS, Ieuan ap b.1311
RHYS, Llywelyn ap b.1077
RHYS, Maelgwn ap Lord of Ceredigion b.1168
RHYS, Malt ferch b.1355
RHYS, Margred ferch b.1090
RHYS, Nest ferch b.1073
RHYS, Philip ap Knight b.1310
RHYS, Rhys "Gryg" ap b.1172
RHYS, Rhys "Mechyll" ap b.1231
RHYS, Rhys "Mechyll" ap Lord of Dynevor b.1205
RHYS, Rhys ap b.1314


RIBAGORZA, Aba of b.948
RIBAGORZA, Bernard of Count of Ribagorza b.903
RIBAGORZA, Raymond II of Count of Ribagorza b.926


RIBERO, Edwin F. b.1923
RIBERO, Edwin Francis b.1897


RICE, Aaron b.1700
RICE, Abel b.1711
RICE, Abigail b.1674
RICE, Abigail b.1703
RICE, Abigail b.1703
RICE, Abigail b.1687
RICE, Abigail b.1671
RICE, Abigail b.1657
RICE, Abraham b.1709
RICE, Ann b.1661
RICE, Anna b.1678
RICE, Anne a.1618
RICE, Asa b.1716
RICE, Benjamin b.1666
RICE, Benjamin b.1640
RICE, Bezaleel b.1751
RICE, Bezaleel b.1744
RICE, Bezaleel b.1721
RICE, Bezaleel b.1695
RICE, Caleb b.1666
RICE, Caleb b.1657
RICE, Comfort b.1701
RICE, Daniel b.1655
RICE, Daniel b.1684
RICE, Daniel a.1632
RICE, David b.1723
RICE, David b.1659
RICE, Deborah b.1704
RICE, Deborah b.1660
RICE, Deliverance b.1681
RICE, Dinah b.1691
RICE, Dorcas b.1664
RICE, Dorothy b.1665
RICE, Ebenezer b.1756
RICE, Edmund b.1663
RICE, Edmund b.1653
RICE, Edmund b.1594
RICE, Edward b.1672
RICE, Edward a.1608
RICE, Edward b.1689
RICE, Edward a.1622
RICE, Eliakim b.1709
RICE, Elijah b.1722
RICE, Elijah b.1749
RICE, Elisha b.1690
RICE, Elisha b.1711
RICE, Elisha b.1678
RICE, Elizabeth b.1689
RICE, Elizabeth b.1663
RICE, Elizabeth b.1705
RICE, Elizabeth a.1612
RICE, Elizabeth b.1656
RICE, Elizabeth b.1648
RICE, Elizabeth b.1713
RICE, Elnathan b.1698
RICE, Ephraim b.1665
RICE, Esther b.1665
RICE, Frances b.1670
RICE, Gershom b.1667
RICE, Grace b.1675
RICE, Grace b.1653
RICE, Hannah b.1691
RICE, Hannah b.1658
RICE, Hannah b.1651
RICE, Hannah b.1639
RICE, Henry a.1610
RICE, Henry b.1606
RICE, Henry b.1583
RICE, Henry a.1621
RICE, Hezekiah b.1745
RICE, Huldah b.1701
RICE, Huldah b.1766
RICE, Isaac b.1668
RICE, Jacob b.1660
RICE, James b.1669
RICE, John b.1754
RICE, John b.1772
RICE, John b.1651
RICE, John b.1675
RICE, Jonas b.1672
RICE, Jonathan b.1679
RICE, Jonathan b.1654
RICE, Joseph b.1720
RICE, Joseph b.1745
RICE, Joseph b.1678
RICE, Joseph b.1753
RICE, Joseph a.1637
RICE, Joshua b.1661
RICE, Josiah b.1734
RICE, Josiah b.1663
RICE, Josiah b.1701
RICE, Josiah b.1707
RICE, Julia b.1716
RICE, Lettice b.1764
RICE, Lois b.1751
RICE, Lydia b.1649
RICE, Lydia b.1648
RICE, Lydia b.1657
RICE, Lydia b.1668
RICE, Lydia a.1628
RICE, Margaret b.1542
RICE, Martha b.1737
RICE, Martha b.1662
RICE, Martha b.1775
RICE, Martha b.1657
RICE, Mary a.1762
RICE, Mary b.1666
RICE, Mary a.1615
RICE, Mary b.1669
RICE, Mary b.1709
RICE, Mary b.1646
RICE, Mary b.1656
RICE, Mary a.1619
RICE, Matthew a.1630
RICE, Mercy b.1671
RICE, Moses b.1742
RICE, Moses b.1694
RICE, Nathan b.1756
RICE, Nathan b.1714
RICE, Nathaniel b.1660
RICE, Patience b.1671
RICE, Pelatiah b.1694
RICE, Peter b.1700
RICE, Peter b.1658
RICE, Phineas b.1682
RICE, Prudence b.1685
RICE, Rachel b.1770
RICE, Rachel b.1664
RICE, Rebecca a.1706
RICE, Rebecca b.1660
RICE, Ruth b.1662
RICE, Ruth b.1659
RICE, Sally b.1759
RICE, Samuel a.1764
RICE, Samuel b.1667
RICE, Samuel a.1634
RICE, Sarah b.1750
RICE, Sarah b.1725
RICE, Sarah b.1689
RICE, Sarah b.1681
RICE, Sarah b.1655
RICE, Sarah b.1700
RICE, Sarah b.1712
RICE, Sarah b.1708
RICE, Sarah b.1662
RICE, Silas b.1719
RICE, Susanna b.1748
RICE, Tabitha b.1683
RICE, Tamar b.1697
RICE, Thomas b.1654
RICE, Thomas a.1625
RICE, Thomasine b.1661
RICE, Tryphena a.1753
RICE, Zebulon b.1725
RICE, Zerviah b.1728
RICE, Zerviah b.1760
RICE, Zipperan b.1691


RICH, Ada Young b.1868
RICH, Agnes b.1521
RICH, Amos b.1759
RICH, Ann a.1731
RICH, Anne b.1600
RICH, Anne b.1539
RICH, Anne b.1647
RICH, Anne b.1608
RICH, Audrey b.1527
RICH, Barnabas b.1757
RICH, Charles Earl of Warwick b.1616
RICH, Charles b.1622
RICH, Charles Knight b.1593
RICH, Cope Esquire a.1634
RICH, Deliverance b.1719
RICH, Deliverance b.1743
RICH, Diana b.1629
RICH, Dinah b.1721
RICH, Dorothy b.1525
RICH, Dorothy a.1616
RICH, Edward b.1541
RICH, Edward b.1670
RICH, Edwin Knight b.1561
RICH, Elias b.1778
RICH, Elizabeth b.1591
RICH, Elizabeth b.1566
RICH, Elizabeth b.1531
RICH, Elizabeth b.1713
RICH, Elizabeth b.1737
RICH, Elizabeth b.1737
RICH, Emma a.1765
RICH, Essex b.1652
RICH, Essex b.1596
RICH, Ezekiel b.1738
RICH, Frances b.1563
RICH, Frances b.1535
RICH, Frances b.1621
RICH, Frances b.1618
RICH, Hannah b.1707
RICH, Hatton b.1623
RICH, Henry b.1625
RICH, Henry b.1618
RICH, Henry Earl Holland a.1590
RICH, Hugh K.B. b.1533
RICH, Isabel b.1599
RICH, Isabel a.1623
RICH, James b.1748
RICH, Jane b.1595
RICH, Jerusha b.1718
RICH, Joel b.1753
RICH, John b.1706
RICH, John b.1676
RICH, John b.1777
RICH, John b.1767
RICH, John a.1742
RICH, Jonathan b.1734
RICH, Jonathan b.1705
RICH, Jonathan b.1772
RICH, Joshua b.1710
RICH, Lemuel b.1735
RICH, Lemuel b.1711
RICH, Lettice b.1583
RICH, Lucy b.1614
RICH, Lydia b.1688
RICH, Margaret b.1580
RICH, Margaret b.1519
RICH, Marion Frances b.1885
RICH, Martha b.1744
RICH, Mary b.1523
RICH, Mary b.1649
RICH, Mary b.1632
RICH, Mary b.1702
RICH, Mary b.1723
RICH, Mary b.1750
RICH, Mary b.1728
RICH, Moses b.1712
RICH, Nancy b.1781
RICH, Nathaniel Knight b.1583
RICH, Penelope b.1585
RICH, Phebe b.1763
RICH, Polly b.1775
RICH, Rebecca b.1802
RICH, Reuben b.1715
RICH, Reuben b.1708
RICH, Richard b.1559
RICH, Richard b.1544
RICH, Richard Lord Rich b.1496
RICH, Richard b.1557
RICH, Richard b.1674
RICH, Richard b.1637
RICH, Robert b.1587
RICH, Robert Lord Rich b.1537
RICH, Robert Earl of Warwick b.1611
RICH, Robert Earl of Warwick b.1587
RICH, Robert Earl of Warwick b.1620
RICH, Robert b.1634
RICH, Robert Earl of Warwick b.1559
RICH, Robert b.1703
RICH, Sally b.1777
RICH, Samuel b.1709
RICH, Samuel b.1685
RICH, Samuel b.1740
RICH, Sarah b.1679
RICH, Sarah b.1715
RICH, Sarah b.1755
RICH, Susanna b.1627
RICH, Thankful b.1715
RICH, Thomas b.1682
RICH, Thomas b.1782
RICH, William a.1740
RICH, William b.1769
RICH, Winifred b.1529
RICH, Zephaniah b.1746


RICHARD, Katherine ferch b.1373


RICHARDS, Abigail b.1660
RICHARDS, Agnes a.1576
RICHARDS, Alice a.1629
RICHARDS, Alice a.1581
RICHARDS, Anne a.1626
RICHARDS, Bathsheba b.1647
RICHARDS, Benjamin b.1638
RICHARDS, Benjamin b.1691
RICHARDS, Christopher a.1608
RICHARDS, Daniel b.1652
RICHARDS, Deborah b.1657
RICHARDS, Dorothy a.1598
RICHARDS, Dorothy a.1603
RICHARDS, Edward b.1616
RICHARDS, Elizabeth b.1675
RICHARDS, Esther b.1673
RICHARDS, George b.1839
RICHARDS, Hannah a.1630
RICHARDS, Hannah b.1671
RICHARDS, Hannah b.1659
RICHARDS, Henry a.1601
RICHARDS, Henry b.1420
RICHARDS, James a.1632
RICHARDS, James a.1605
RICHARDS, James b.1545
RICHARDS, James b.1711
RICHARDS, Joan a.1594
RICHARDS, Joan a.1576
RICHARDS, John a.1625
RICHARDS, John a.1578
RICHARDS, John b.1655
RICHARDS, John b.1644
RICHARDS, John b.1667
RICHARDS, John b.1587
RICHARDS, John a.1631
RICHARDS, Joseph b.1636
RICHARDS, Joseph b.1676
RICHARDS, Mary b.1654
RICHARDS, Mary b.1669
RICHARDS, Mary a.1620
RICHARDS, Mary a.1632
RICHARDS, Nathaniel b.1680
RICHARDS, Obadiah b.1679
RICHARDS, Obadiah b.1639
RICHARDS, Rachel a.1683
RICHARDS, Samuel b.1634
RICHARDS, Samuel b.1668
RICHARDS, Samuel b.1637
RICHARDS, Sarah b.1677
RICHARDS, Thomas a.1596
RICHARDS, Thomas b.1571
RICHARDS, Thomas b.1665
RICHARDS, Thomas b.1685
RICHARDS, Thomas b.1635
RICHARDS, Thomas b.1603
RICHARDS, William a.1573
RICHARDS, William b.1663
RICHARDS, William b.1620
RICHARDS, William b.1646
RICHARDS, William b.1685


RICHARDSON, Abigail b.1662
RICHARDSON, Abigail b.1683
RICHARDSON, Abigail b.1709
RICHARDSON, Abraham b.1795
RICHARDSON, Amah b.1794
RICHARDSON, Anna b.1752
RICHARDSON, Benjamin b.1657
RICHARDSON, Bethia b.1650
RICHARDSON, Bridget b.1674
RICHARDSON, Cornelius b.1799
RICHARDSON, Daniel b.1691
RICHARDSON, Dorothy b.1592
RICHARDSON, Ebenezer b.1689
RICHARDSON, Elizabeth b.1665
RICHARDSON, Elizabeth a.1635
RICHARDSON, Elizabeth b.1704
RICHARDSON, Elizabeth b.1670
RICHARDSON, Elizabeth b.1669
RICHARDSON, Elizabeth a.1594
RICHARDSON, Esther b.1791
RICHARDSON, Ezekiel b.1655
RICHARDSON, Ezekiel b.1667
RICHARDSON, Ezekiel a.1606
RICHARDSON, Francis b.1681
RICHARDSON, Francis b.1678
RICHARDSON, Hannah b.1689
RICHARDSON, Hannah b.1665
RICHARDSON, Hannah b.1667
RICHARDSON, Hannah b.1706
RICHARDSON, Hannah b.1642
RICHARDSON, Hester b.1670
RICHARDSON, Isaac b.1643
RICHARDSON, Israel b.1676
RICHARDSON, James b.1663
RICHARDSON, James a.1641
RICHARDSON, James a.1600
RICHARDSON, Joanna b.1683
RICHARDSON, Joanna b.1797
RICHARDSON, John b.1670
RICHARDSON, John b.1676
RICHARDSON, John b.1668
RICHARDSON, John a.1639
RICHARDSON, John a.1638
RICHARDSON, John b.1713
RICHARDSON, John b.1672
RICHARDSON, John a.1596
RICHARDSON, John b.1789
RICHARDSON, Jonathan b.1667
RICHARDSON, Jonathan a.1640
RICHARDSON, Joseph b.1643
RICHARDSON, Joseph b.1655
RICHARDSON, Joseph b.1672
RICHARDSON, Josiah b.1665
RICHARDSON, Josiah a.1635
RICHARDSON, Katherine b.1655
RICHARDSON, Margaret a.1607
RICHARDSON, Margaret b.1553
RICHARDSON, Maria b.1807
RICHARDSON, Martha b.1673
RICHARDSON, Mary b.1662
RICHARDSON, Mary b.1669
RICHARDSON, Mary b.1696
RICHARDSON, Mary b.1717
RICHARDSON, Mary a.1638
RICHARDSON, Mary a.1638
RICHARDSON, Mary b.1707
RICHARDSON, Mary b.1667
RICHARDSON, Mary b.1658
RICHARDSON, Moses b.1718
RICHARDSON, Moses b.1802
RICHARDSON, Nathaniel b.1651
RICHARDSON, Nathaniel b.1686
RICHARDSON, Phebe b.1669
RICHARDSON, Phebe b.1649
RICHARDSON, Phebe a.1632
RICHARDSON, Prudence b.1686
RICHARDSON, Rebecca b.1698
RICHARDSON, Rebecca b.1704
RICHARDSON, Rebecca b.1679
RICHARDSON, Remembrance b.1684
RICHARDSON, Ruth b.1673
RICHARDSON, Ruth b.1671
RICHARDSON, Ruth b.1647
RICHARDSON, Ruth b.1643
RICHARDSON, Ruth b.1702
RICHARDSON, Ruth b.1681
RICHARDSON, Ruth b.1705
RICHARDSON, Samuel b.1673
RICHARDSON, Samuel b.1670
RICHARDSON, Samuel b.1646
RICHARDSON, Samuel a.1633
RICHARDSON, Samuel a.1602
RICHARDSON, Sarah b.1660
RICHARDSON, Sarah b.1660
RICHARDSON, Sarah a.1640
RICHARDSON, Sarah b.1710
RICHARDSON, Sarah b.1669
RICHARDSON, Seth b.1690
RICHARDSON, Solomon b.1702
RICHARDSON, Stephen b.1674
RICHARDSON, Stephen b.1676
RICHARDSON, Stephen b.1714
RICHARDSON, Stephen b.1649
RICHARDSON, Susanna b.1677
RICHARDSON, Theophilus a.1633
RICHARDSON, Thomas Knight a.1569
RICHARDSON, Thomas b.1670
RICHARDSON, Thomas b.1661
RICHARDSON, Thomas b.1651
RICHARDSON, Thomas b.1645
RICHARDSON, Thomas b.1861
RICHARDSON, Thomas b.1674
RICHARDSON, Thomas b.1637
RICHARDSON, Thomas b.1788
RICHARDSON, Thomas b.1764
RICHARDSON, Thomas a.1608
RICHARDSON, Thomas b.1565
RICHARDSON, Timothy b.1688
RICHARDSON, Timothy b.1682
RICHARDSON, Timothy b.1708
RICHARDSON, William b.1712
RICHARDSON, William b.1678
RICHARDSON, William b.1620

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