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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


PALOMEQUE, Urraca b.1234


PAMOORE, Johane b.1545


PAMPLONA, Fortun Garces de King of Navarre b.830
PAMPLONA, Garcia Iniguez de b.810
PAMPLONA, Oneca de b.849
PAMPLONA, Oneca de b.857
PAMPLONA, Sancho Garces de b.832
PAMPLONA, Ximena de b.847


PANNILL, William b.1714


PANTON, Alathea b.1603
PANTON, Anne b.1601
PANTON, Eleanor b.1605
PANTON, Eleanor b.1605
PANTON, John Esquire b.1570
PANTON, Thomas b.1599


PANTRY, John b.1623
PANTRY, Mary b.1629


PANTULF, Arnulf b.1085
PANTULF, Brice b.1140
PANTULF, Elizabeth b.1227
PANTULF, Emma b.1171
PANTULF, Hamelin b.1137
PANTULF, Hugh b.1135
PANTULF, Iseult b.1176
PANTULF, Ivo b.1082
PANTULF, Ivo b.1105
PANTULF, Maud b.1225
PANTULF, Norman b.1132
PANTULF, Philip b.1155
PANTULF, Philip b.1078
PANTULF, Robert b.1080
PANTULF, Roger b.1153
PANTULF, Rose b.1269
PANTULF, William b.1129
PANTULF, William Knight b.1244
PANTULF, William b.1151
PANTULF, William I b.1053
PANTULF, William II Baron of Wem b.1175


PAPINEAU, Peter A. b.1866


PAPP, Anna a.1845
PAPP, Balius b.1909
PAPP, Ferencz a.1862
PAPP, Gyorgy a.1868
PAPP, Janos a.1828
PAPP, Jozsef b.1802
PAPP, Jozsef a.1866
PAPP, Jozsef a.1838
PAPP, Karoly b.1876
PAPP, Maria a.1841
PAPP, Maria b.1878
PAPP, Rosalia a.1831
PAPP, Sandor a.1848
PAPP, Sandor b.1880


PARCH, Homer b.1810
PARCH, Polly b.1812


PARDEE, Eliphalet b.1744
PARDEE, Elizabeth b.1660


PARES, Judith b.1603


PARGITER, Mrs. Anne b.1630


PARHAM, Henry b.1610


PARIS, Begue of Count of Paris b.760
PARIS, Engletron of b.785
PARIS, Girard of Count of Paris b.735
PARIS, Philip Knight b.1500
PARIS, Philip Knight b.1525
PARIS, William b.1510


PARISH, Samuel b.1670
PARISH, Sarah b.1584
PARISH, Sarah b.1760
PARISH, Thomas b.1533


PARK, Elizabeth b.1679
PARK, Jonathan b.1670
PARK, Mary b.1350
PARK, Nicholas Esquire b.1325


PARKE, Anne b.1770
PARKE, Anne a.1618
PARKE, Arthur b.1680
PARKE, Arthur b.1736
PARKE, Deborah a.1651
PARKE, Deborah a.1647
PARKE, Edmund b.1582
PARKE, Elizabeth b.1599
PARKE, Elizabeth b.1743
PARKE, Elizabeth b.1761
PARKE, Hannah b.1639
PARKE, Hannah a.1658
PARKE, Hannah b.1772
PARKE, Jane a.1612
PARKE, Jane b.1766
PARKE, John a.1611
PARKE, John a.1649
PARKE, John b.1645
PARKE, John b.1739
PARKE, John b.1706
PARKE, John b.1522
PARKE, John Arthur b.1759
PARKE, Joseph b.1704
PARKE, Joseph b.1737
PARKE, Margaret b.1708
PARKE, Margaret b.1764
PARKE, Martha b.1777
PARKE, Martha a.1603
PARKE, Martha b.1642
PARKE, Mary b.1734
PARKE, Mary b.1768
PARKE, N.N. b.1653
PARKE, N.N. b.1653
PARKE, Richard a.1609
PARKE, Robert b.1554
PARKE, Robert a.1605
PARKE, Robert a.1580
PARKE, Samuel a.1621
PARKE, Samuel b.1710
PARKE, Sarah a.1643
PARKE, Tabitha b.1774
PARKE, Theoda b.1637
PARKE, Thomas a.1615
PARKE, Thomas b.1762
PARKE, William b.1585
PARKE, William a.1654
PARKE, William b.1741
PARKE, William a.1607


PARKER, Abiah b.1677
PARKER, Abigail b.1694
PARKER, Abraham b.1652
PARKER, Abraham b.1650
PARKER, Abraham b.1651
PARKER, Abraham a.1619
PARKER, Agnes b.1525
PARKER, Alice b.1490
PARKER, Alice b.1504
PARKER, Alice b.1588
PARKER, Amy b.1539
PARKER, Ann b.1628
PARKER, Ann b.1386
PARKER, Ann b.1721
PARKER, Anna b.1645
PARKER, Anne b.1576
PARKER, Anne b.1680
PARKER, Anne b.1546
PARKER, Anne a.1624
PARKER, Anne b.1553
PARKER, Asa b.1789
PARKER, Benjamin b.1663
PARKER, Daniel b.1794
PARKER, David b.1656
PARKER, Deborah b.1660
PARKER, Deborah b.1658
PARKER, Edward b.1614
PARKER, Edward Lord Morley b.1551
PARKER, Edward b.1692
PARKER, Eleanor b.1714
PARKER, Eleanor A. b.1838
PARKER, Eliphalet b.1687
PARKER, Elisha b.1680
PARKER, Elisha b.1631
PARKER, Elizabeth b.1516
PARKER, Elizabeth b.1597
PARKER, Elizabeth b.1673
PARKER, Elizabeth b.1663
PARKER, Elizabeth a.1620
PARKER, Elizabeth b.1800
PARKER, Ellen b.1572
PARKER, Esther b.1718
PARKER, Eusebia Eliza b.1821
PARKER, Ezra b.1798
PARKER, George b.1649
PARKER, George b.1499
PARKER, Hannah b.1671
PARKER, Hannah b.1655
PARKER, Hannah b.1679
PARKER, Hannah b.1677
PARKER, Hanninah b.1638
PARKER, Harriet Amelia b.1826
PARKER, Henry Lord Morley b.1600
PARKER, Henry Lord Morley b.1531
PARKER, Henry Lord Morley b.1485
PARKER, Henry Knight b.1507
PARKER, Henry Lymen b.1828
PARKER, Hope b.1650
PARKER, Hulda b.1752
PARKER, Isaac b.1660
PARKER, Jacob b.1652
PARKER, Jacob b.1669
PARKER, Jacob a.1626
PARKER, James b.1605
PARKER, James b.1617
PARKER, James a.1621
PARKER, James b.1590
PARKER, Jane b.1487
PARKER, Jane b.1509
PARKER, Jedediah b.1782
PARKER, Jedediah b.1735
PARKER, Joel b.1822
PARKER, John Esquire b.1490
PARKER, John b.1647
PARKER, John b.1675
PARKER, John a.1604
PARKER, John b.1605
PARKER, John b.1645
PARKER, John b.1610
PARKER, John a.1615
PARKER, John b.1525
PARKER, John b.1586
PARKER, John b.1560
PARKER, John a.1648
PARKER, John b.1642
PARKER, Jonathan b.1786
PARKER, Jonathan b.1675
PARKER, Jonathan b.1733
PARKER, Jonathan b.1710
PARKER, Jonathan b.1686
PARKER, Jonathan b.1653
PARKER, Jonathan b.1754
PARKER, Joseph b.1682
PARKER, Joseph a.1622
PARKER, Joseph a.1607
PARKER, Joseph b.1674
PARKER, Joseph b.1640
PARKER, Joseph b.1648
PARKER, Joshua a.1630
PARKER, Julia A. b.1823
PARKER, Katherine b.1604
PARKER, Lydia b.1652
PARKER, Lydia b.1665
PARKER, Lydia b.1696
PARKER, Lydia b.1716
PARKER, Mabel L. b.1873
PARKER, Margaret b.1511
PARKER, Margaret a.1568
PARKER, Margaret b.1650
PARKER, Margery b.1682
PARKER, Margery b.1681
PARKER, Mary a.1648
PARKER, Mary b.1667
PARKER, Mary b.1613
PARKER, Mary b.1655
PARKER, Mary b.1685
PARKER, Mary b.1647
PARKER, Mary b.1557
PARKER, Mary a.1647
PARKER, Mary b.1784
PARKER, Mary Minerva b.1820
PARKER, Mathew b.1684
PARKER, Mathew b.1712
PARKER, Moses b.1657
PARKER, Philip Knight b.1549
PARKER, Rachel b.1665
PARKER, Rachel b.1680
PARKER, Rachel b.1791
PARKER, Rachel b.1742
PARKER, Rebecca b.1661
PARKER, Rebecca b.1698
PARKER, Richard b.1520
PARKER, Ruth b.1643
PARKER, Samuel b.1690
PARKER, Samuel b.1700
PARKER, Samuel b.1631
PARKER, Sarah b.1654
PARKER, Sarah b.1640
PARKER, Sarah b.1660
PARKER, Sarah b.1669
PARKER, Sarah b.1555
PARKER, Sarah b.1592
PARKER, Sarah b.1677
PARKER, Sarah b.1637
PARKER, Sarah b.1739
PARKER, Sarah Hulda b.1832
PARKER, Sophronia b.1830
PARKER, Susan S. b.1835
PARKER, Tabitha b.1658
PARKER, Temperance b.1749
PARKER, Thomas Esquire b.1521
PARKER, Thomas b.1656
PARKER, Timothy b.1695
PARKER, William Lord Morley b.1575
PARKER, William b.1615
PARKER, William Knight b.1460
PARKER, William b.1612
PARKER, William b.1645


PARKHURST, Abigail a.1626
PARKHURST, Deborah a.1619
PARKHURST, Elizabeth b.1628
PARKHURST, Eva May b.1867
PARKHURST, George a.1621
PARKHURST, George b.1589
PARKHURST, John a.1623
PARKHURST, John b.1644
PARKHURST, Joseph a.1629
PARKHURST, Mary b.1702
PARKHURST, Mary a.1614
PARKHURST, Phebe a.1612
PARKHURST, Samuel a.1617
PARKHURST, Sarah b.1649


PARKIN, Nina Legas b.1925


PARKINSON, William b.1811


PARKS, Abigail b.1659
PARKS, Edward b.1646
PARKS, Esther b.1703
PARKS, Hannah b.1682


PARKYNS, Jane b.1538
PARKYNS, Mary b.1616


PARMELEE, Ann b.1694
PARMELEE, Caleb b.1667
PARMELEE, Dinah b.1734
PARMELEE, John b.1595
PARMELEE, Mary b.1674
PARMELEE, Mercy b.1741
PARMELEE, Nathaniel b.1645
PARMELEE, Nathaniel b.1672
PARMELEE, Nehemiah b.1710
PARMELEE, Sarah b.1669
PARMELEE, Sarah b.1699
PARMELEE, Zebulon b.1728


PARMENTER, Benjamin b.1650
PARMENTER, Elizabeth b.1672
PARMENTER, Elizabeth b.1657
PARMENTER, George b.1647
PARMENTER, Hannah b.1659
PARMENTER, John b.1612
PARMENTER, John b.1588
PARMENTER, John b.1678
PARMENTER, John b.1653
PARMENTER, John b.1640
PARMENTER, Joseph b.1642
PARMENTER, Joseph b.1685
PARMENTER, Joseph b.1655
PARMENTER, Lydia b.1655
PARMENTER, Mary b.1644
PARMENTER, Mary b.1670
PARMENTER, Mary b.1610
PARMENTER, Robert b.1622
PARMENTER, Sarah b.1668


PARNELL, Caroline b.1850
PARNELL, John b.1575


PARNEY, Michael b.1640


PARODI, Alberto di Margrave of Gavi b.1105


PARR, Agnes b.1446
PARR, Alice b.1484
PARR, Anne b.1512
PARR, Anne b.1431
PARR, Anne b.1475
PARR, Anne b.1516
PARR, Dorothy b.1480
PARR, Eleanor b.1439
PARR, Elizabeth b.1437
PARR, Elizabeth b.1505
PARR, John Knight b.1435
PARR, John Knight b.1382
PARR, John Esquire b.1482
PARR, Katherine b.1512
PARR, Mabel b.1441
PARR, Mabel L. b.1890
PARR, Margaret b.1429
PARR, Mary b.1503
PARR, Maud b.1508
PARR, Thomas b.1443
PARR, Thomas Knight b.1406
PARR, Thomas Knight b.1478
PARR, William Knight b.1355
PARR, William Lord Parr of Horton b.1480
PARR, William Marquess of Northampton b.1513
PARR, William K.G. b.1433


PARRAMORE, Mary b.1764


PARRELL, Mary b.1694


PARRISH, George Grady b.1914
PARRISH, James b.1840


PARROT, Elizabeth b.1666
PARROT, Faith b.1642


PARRY, Muriel b.1549


PARSONS, Abigail b.1678
PARSONS, Abigail b.1663
PARSONS, Abigail b.1666
PARSONS, Abigail b.1644
PARSONS, Abigail b.1695
PARSONS, Anthony Gentleman b.1547
PARSONS, Arthur W. b.1899
PARSONS, Benjamin b.1658
PARSONS, Benjamin b.1649
PARSONS, Benjamin a.1625
PARSONS, Bethia b.1642
PARSONS, Christopher a.1612
PARSONS, David b.1659
PARSONS, Ebenezer b.1682
PARSONS, Ebenezer b.1680
PARSONS, Ebenezer b.1668
PARSONS, Ebenezer b.1655
PARSONS, Ebenezer b.1655
PARSONS, Eleazer b.1694
PARSONS, Elizabeth b.1669
PARSONS, Esther b.1672
PARSONS, Hannah b.1663
PARSONS, Herman Jesse b.1896
PARSONS, Hezekiah b.1673
PARSONS, James b.1658
PARSONS, Jeffrey b.1661
PARSONS, Jeffrey a.1630
PARSONS, Jeremiah b.1672
PARSONS, John b.1666
PARSONS, John b.1647
PARSONS, John b.1650
PARSONS, Jonathan b.1657
PARSONS, Joseph b.1675
PARSONS, Joseph b.1647
PARSONS, Joseph a.1620
PARSONS, Joseph b.1661
PARSONS, Judith b.1706
PARSONS, Mark b.1719
PARSONS, Mary b.1670
PARSONS, Mary b.1660
PARSONS, Mary b.1661
PARSONS, Mary a.1617
PARSONS, Mercy b.1652
PARSONS, Naomi a.1651
PARSONS, Nathaniel b.1675
PARSONS, Rachel b.1729
PARSONS, Ruth b.1645
PARSONS, Samuel b.1666
PARSONS, Samuel b.1653
PARSONS, Samuel b.1657
PARSONS, Sarah b.1663
PARSONS, Sarah b.1656
PARSONS, Thomas b.1645
PARSONS, Thomas a.1609
PARSONS, Thomas b.1645
PARSONS, William a.1605
PARSONS, William b.1577
PARSONS, William b.1620


PARTRIDGE, Benoni b.1687
PARTRIDGE, Elizabeth b.1552
PARTRIDGE, Elizabeth b.1643
PARTRIDGE, George b.1615
PARTRIDGE, James b.1662
PARTRIDGE, John b.1595
PARTRIDGE, John b.1657
PARTRIDGE, Joseph b.1706
PARTRIDGE, Lydia b.1648
PARTRIDGE, Mary b.1651
PARTRIDGE, Mercy b.1659
PARTRIDGE, Rebecca b.1654
PARTRIDGE, Ruth b.1645
PARTRIDGE, Sarah b.1639
PARTRIDGE, Tryphosa b.1641


PASCAL, Elizabeth b.1518
PASCAL, John Esquire b.1544
PASCAL, Mary b.1646


PASE, Elizabeth b.1555


PASHLEY, Anne b.1401
PASHLEY, Edmund Esquire b.1404
PASHLEY, Elizabeth b.1448
PASHLEY, John Knight b.1431
PASHLEY, John Knight b.1399
PASHLEY, Robert Knight b.1370
PASHLEY, William b.1450


PASSAU, Ulrich "The Rich" of Count of Passau b.1040
PASSAU, Uta of b.1065


PASTON, Agnes b.1472
PASTON, Anne b.1453
PASTON, Anne b.1505
PASTON, Anne a.1553
PASTON, Bridget a.1583
PASTON, Bridget a.1565
PASTON, Bridget b.1522
PASTON, Christopher Esquire a.1554
PASTON, Clement b.1442
PASTON, Clement b.1514
PASTON, Dorothy b.1480
PASTON, Edmond a.1540
PASTON, Edmund Knight b.1584
PASTON, Edmund b.1447
PASTON, Edmund b.1425
PASTON, Eleanor b.1503
PASTON, Eleanor b.1530
PASTON, Elizabeth b.1482
PASTON, Elizabeth b.1549
PASTON, Elizabeth b.1477
PASTON, Elizabeth b.1429
PASTON, Elizabeth b.1507
PASTON, Erasmus Knight b.1499
PASTON, Frances b.1533
PASTON, Gertrude b.1552
PASTON, Henry b.1501
PASTON, John Knight b.1442
PASTON, John Knight b.1444
PASTON, John Esquire b.1421
PASTON, John Esquire b.1511
PASTON, John b.1558
PASTON, Margaret b.1474
PASTON, Margery b.1450
PASTON, Margery Nun b.1509
PASTON, Mary a.1582
PASTON, Mary b.1470
PASTON, Mary b.1519
PASTON, Philip b.1487
PASTON, Philippa b.1484
PASTON, Thomas Knight b.1517
PASTON, Thomas Knight b.1561
PASTON, Thomas b.1536
PASTON, Walter b.1456
PASTON, William b.1459
PASTON, William b.1378
PASTON, William Knight b.1434
PASTON, William Knight b.1478
PASTON, William Knight b.1528
PASTON, Wolstone b.1556


PATCH, Annis b.1583
PATCH, Benjamin b.1668
PATCH, Edmund b.1556
PATCH, Edmund a.1588
PATCH, Elizabeth b.1653
PATCH, Elizabeth b.1654
PATCH, Elizabeth a.1594
PATCH, Ellen b.1656
PATCH, Fortune a.1600
PATCH, Frances a.1586
PATCH, James b.1655
PATCH, James b.1652
PATCH, James a.1626
PATCH, Joan a.1579
PATCH, Joan a.1602
PATCH, John b.1659
PATCH, John a.1623
PATCH, John a.1590
PATCH, Mary b.1647
PATCH, Mary a.1580
PATCH, Mary a.1586
PATCH, Mary b.1649
PATCH, Nicholas b.1662
PATCH, Nicholas b.1657
PATCH, Nicholas a.1592
PATCH, Nicholas a.1597
PATCH, Nicholas b.1554
PATCH, Richard b.1648
PATCH, Richard a.1604
PATCH, Richard a.1579
PATCH, Richard b.1552
PATCH, Sarah b.1650
PATCH, Sarah b.1665
PATCH, Thomas b.1638
PATCH, William b.1527


PATCHET, Robert b.1562


PATCHIN, John b.1644
PATCHIN, Joseph b.1643
PATCHIN, Joseph b.1610
PATCHIN, N.N. b.1649


PATESHULL, Alice de b.1325
PATESHULL, John de b.1322
PATESHULL, John de Knight b.1244
PATESHULL, John de Knight b.1291
PATESHULL, Katherine de b.1313
PATESHULL, Mary b.1579
PATESHULL, Maud de b.1317
PATESHULL, Simon de Knight b.1165
PATESHULL, Simon de Knight b.1220
PATESHULL, Simon de b.1269
PATESHULL, Sybil de b.1319
PATESHULL, Walter de b.1190
PATESHULL, Walter de b.1290
PATESHULL, William de Knight b.1315


PATRIC, Isabella b.1260
PATRIC, Nicholas b.1183
PATRIC, Richard b.1098
PATRIC, Robert b.1155
PATRIC, Robert b.1205
PATRIC, William b.1125
PATRIC, William b.1180
PATRIC, William b.1230


PATTEE, Abigail b.1747
PATTEE, Abigail b.1722
PATTEE, Benjamin b.1736
PATTEE, Benjamin b.1730
PATTEE, Benjamin b.1724
PATTEE, Benjamin b.1684
PATTEE, Benjamin b.1696
PATTEE, David b.1744
PATTEE, Ebenezer b.1740
PATTEE, Elizabeth b.1712
PATTEE, Ezekiel b.1732
PATTEE, Hannah b.1689
PATTEE, Humphrey b.1716
PATTEE, Jemima b.1693
PATTEE, Jeremiah b.1724
PATTEE, Jeremiah b.1685
PATTEE, John b.1751
PATTEE, Lydia b.1749
PATTEE, Mary b.1728
PATTEE, Mary b.1726
PATTEE, Mercy b.1691
PATTEE, Moses b.1683
PATTEE, Patience b.1734
PATTEE, Peter b.1748
PATTEE, Peter b.1644
PATTEE, Phebe b.1745
PATTEE, Prince b.1721
PATTEE, Richard b.1675
PATTEE, Samuel b.1742
PATTEE, Samuel b.1687
PATTEE, Sarah b.1726
PATTEE, Sarah b.1718


PATTEN, Christian a.1608
PATTEN, Richard b.1402
PATTEN, William b.1671


PATTERSON, Finis b.1785
PATTERSON, Rebecca b.1705
PATTERSON, William b.1745


PAUL, Abigail b.1702
PAUL, Daniel b.1703
PAUL, Jonathan b.1765
PAUL, Josiah b.1708
PAUL, Mary b.1675
PAUL, Moses b.1680
PAUL, Richard b.1612
PAUL, William b.1619


PAULDEN, William b.1528


PAULESHOLT, John de b.1293


PAULET, Alice b.1508
PAULET, Alice b.1458
PAULET, Amyas Sheriff of Somerset b.1454
PAULET, Anne b.1636
PAULET, Anne a.1563
PAULET, Anne b.1554
PAULET, Charles Duke of Bolton b.1630
PAULET, Charles b.1603
PAULET, Chidiock Esquire b.1516
PAULET, Christian b.1449
PAULET, Dionysia b.1381
PAULET, Dorothy b.1473
PAULET, Edward b.1606
PAULET, Eleanor b.1518
PAULET, Eleanor b.1483
PAULET, Elizabeth b.1584
PAULET, Elizabeth b.1613
PAULET, Elizabeth a.1561
PAULET, Elizabeth b.1560
PAULET, Elizabeth b.1531
PAULET, Elizabeth b.1403
PAULET, Elizabeth b.1441
PAULET, Florence b.1445
PAULET, Frances b.1634
PAULET, Francis b.1640
PAULET, George Knight b.1535
PAULET, George Knight b.1490
PAULET, Giles Esquire b.1521
PAULET, Henry K.B. a.1600
PAULET, Honora b.1642
PAULET, James b.1471
PAULET, John b.1638
PAULET, John b.1653
PAULET, John Marquess of Winchester b.1598
PAULET, John Marquess of Winchester b.1510
PAULET, John b.1407
PAULET, John Knight b.1376
PAULET, John Knight b.1400
PAULET, John Knight b.1428
PAULET, John K.B. b.1460
PAULET, John de Knight b.1301
PAULET, John de Knight b.1345
PAULET, Katherine b.1557
PAULET, Katherine b.1488
PAULET, Leonard b.1467
PAULET, Margaret b.1506
PAULET, Margaret b.1462
PAULET, Margery b.1514
PAULET, Mary a.1562
PAULET, Mary b.1539
PAULET, Richard b.1537
PAULET, Richard b.1493
PAULET, Thomas b.1591
PAULET, Thomas b.1542
PAULET, Thomas b.1512
PAULET, Thomas b.1409
PAULET, Thomas Knight b.1377
PAULET, Thomas b.1485
PAULET, Walter b.1469
PAULET, William b.1563
PAULET, William a.1564
PAULET, William Lord St. John b.1588
PAULET, William Marquess of Winchester b.1563
PAULET, William Marquess of Winchester b.1533
PAULET, William b.1431
PAULET, William b.1379
PAULET, William Marquess of Winchester b.1480
PAULET, William b.1465
PAULET, William Knight b.1405
PAULET, William de b.1343
PAULET, William de Knight b.1280


PAULING, Matthew b.1652


PAULSSON, Hakon Earl of Orkney b.1070


PAUNCEFOOT, Dorothy b.1542
PAUNCEFOOT, Eleanor b.1534
PAUNCEFOOT, Elizabeth b.1536
PAUNCEFOOT, Grimbald Knight b.1323
PAUNCEFOOT, Jane b.1544
PAUNCEFOOT, John b.1538
PAUNCEFOOT, John b.1395
PAUNCEFOOT, Margaret b.1540
PAUNCEFOOT, Richard Esquire b.1512


PAUNTON, James de Knight b.1238


PAVELEY, Alice de b.1331
PAVELEY, Joan de b.1333
PAVELEY, John de Knight b.1307
PAVELEY, Margaret de b.1294
PAVELEY, Reynold de b.1235
PAVELEY, Reynold de Knight b.1285
PAVELEY, Walter de b.1210
PAVELEY, Walter de Sheriff of Wiltshire b.1260


PAY, Marjorie b.1911


PAYNE, Alice b.1754
PAYNE, Dorothy b.1597
PAYNE, Dorothy b.1768
PAYNE, Eleanor b.1757
PAYNE, Elizabeth b.1756
PAYNE, Elizabeth b.1670
PAYNE, Ellen b.1576
PAYNE, George b.1586
PAYNE, Helen b.1553
PAYNE, John b.1648
PAYNE, Katherine b.1405
PAYNE, Philip S. b.1865
PAYNE, Priscilla b.1763
PAYNE, Rachel b.1766
PAYNE, Sarah b.1759
PAYNE, Thomas b.1380
PAYNE, William b.1730
PAYNE, William b.1625


PAYNEL, Adam b.1137
PAYNEL, Alexander b.1179
PAYNEL, Alexander b.1102
PAYNEL, Alice b.1137
PAYNEL, Aude b.1222
PAYNEL, Elias Prior of Holy Trinity b.1100
PAYNEL, Frethesant b.1181
PAYNEL, Fulke b.1139
PAYNEL, Fulke b.1060
PAYNEL, Gervase b.1136
PAYNEL, Gundred b.1144
PAYNEL, Hawise b.1150
PAYNEL, Isabel b.1183
PAYNEL, John b.1230
PAYNEL, Jordan b.1139
PAYNEL, Jordan b.1098
PAYNEL, Ralph b.1260
PAYNEL, Ralph Sheriff of Yorkshire b.1060
PAYNEL, Ralph b.1097
PAYNEL, Robert b.1158
PAYNEL, William b.1142
PAYNEL, William b.1224
PAYNEL, William b.1180
PAYNEL, William b.1155
PAYNEL, William b.1085
PAYNEL, William b.1135
PAYNEL, William b.1180


PAYSON, Ann a.1651
PAYSON, Ann b.1647
PAYSON, Catherine a.1606
PAYSON, Edward a.1657
PAYSON, Edward a.1613
PAYSON, Edward b.1695
PAYSON, Elizabeth b.1645
PAYSON, Elizabeth b.1640
PAYSON, Ephraim a.1659
PAYSON, Giles a.1609
PAYSON, Joan a.1608
PAYSON, Joanna a.1649
PAYSON, John a.1611
PAYSON, John b.1643
PAYSON, Jonathan b.1644
PAYSON, Lawrence b.1580
PAYSON, Mary b.1641
PAYSON, Mary a.1665
PAYSON, Samuel b.1641
PAYSON, Samuel a.1662
PAYSON, Sarah a.1648
PAYSON, Susanna a.1653
PAYSON, Susanna a.1655


PAYTON, Adam b.1542
PAYTON, Bezaleel b.1615
PAYTON, Elizabeth b.1552
PAYTON, George b.1556
PAYTON, Joan b.1546
PAYTON, John b.1544
PAYTON, Margaret b.1536
PAYTON, Margery b.1548
PAYTON, Mary b.1646
PAYTON, Ralph b.1554
PAYTON, Robert b.1540
PAYTON, Rose b.1550
PAYTON, Sybil b.1559
PAYTON, Thomas b.1538
PAYTON, William b.1510


PEABODY, Daniel b.1739
PEABODY, Hannah b.1668
PEABODY, Hepzibah b.1652
PEABODY, Mary b.1672
PEABODY, Priscilla b.1654
PEABODY, Rebecca b.1718
PEABODY, William b.1646


PEACH, Mary a.1738
PEACH, Mary a.1735
PEACH, Thomas a.1735
PEACH, Thomas a.1709
PEACH, William a.1736


PEACHEY, Mary b.1620


PEACHY, William b.1565


PEACOCK, Christopher b.1550
PEACOCK, Deborah a.1645
PEACOCK, John b.1552
PEACOCK, John a.1643
PEACOCK, John a.1642
PEACOCK, John b.1615
PEACOCK, Julian b.1560
PEACOCK, Lettice b.1556
PEACOCK, Mary b.1650
PEACOCK, Phebe b.1647
PEACOCK, Robert b.1558
PEACOCK, Thomas b.1525
PEACOCK, William b.1554


PEAKE, Christopher b.1610


PEARCE, Joan b.1549
PEARCE, Martha b.1645
PEARCE, Thomas b.1607


PEARL, John a.1753


PEARSON, Benjamin b.1658
PEARSON, Dorcas b.1650
PEARSON, Elizabeth b.1685
PEARSON, Elizabeth b.1646
PEARSON, Hepzibah b.1699
PEARSON, Herbert Arthur b.1889
PEARSON, Jeremiah b.1653
PEARSON, John b.1684
PEARSON, John b.1644
PEARSON, John b.1620
PEARSON, Jonathan b.1693
PEARSON, Joseph b.1656
PEARSON, Maria b.1802
PEARSON, Martha b.1689
PEARSON, Mary b.1691
PEARSON, Mary b.1643
PEARSON, Mary b.1652
PEARSON, Patience b.1697
PEARSON, Phebe b.1660
PEARSON, Samuel b.1648
PEARSON, Sarah b.1666
PEARSON, Sarah b.1655
PEARSON, Stephen b.1687
PEARSON, Stephen b.1663
PEARSON, Thomas b.1530


PEASE, Abigail b.1682
PEASE, Abigail b.1704
PEASE, Abraham b.1634
PEASE, Alice b.1538
PEASE, Alice b.1579
PEASE, Benjamin b.1717
PEASE, Bethiah b.1673
PEASE, Bethiah b.1660
PEASE, Bethiah b.1709
PEASE, Deliverance b.1664
PEASE, Edward b.1545
PEASE, Elizabeth b.1662
PEASE, Elizabeth a.1602
PEASE, Experience b.1701
PEASE, Hannah b.1693
PEASE, Hannah b.1797
PEASE, Isaac b.1671
PEASE, Jemima b.1712
PEASE, Joan b.1513
PEASE, Joan b.1570
PEASE, John b.1678
PEASE, John b.1510
PEASE, John a.1608
PEASE, John a.1593
PEASE, John b.1576
PEASE, John b.1540
PEASE, John a.1632
PEASE, John b.1660
PEASE, Jonathan b.1705
PEASE, Joseph b.1707
PEASE, Lettice b.1536
PEASE, Margaret b.1516
PEASE, Margaret b.1542
PEASE, Mary b.1667
PEASE, Mary b.1695
PEASE, Mary a.1600
PEASE, Mary b.1567
PEASE, Mary b.1638
PEASE, Mary b.1681
PEASE, Miriam b.1711
PEASE, N.N. a.1587
PEASE, Nathaniel b.1678
PEASE, Nathaniel b.1700
PEASE, Nathaniel b.1641
PEASE, Richard a.1607
PEASE, Richard b.1561
PEASE, Robert b.1669
PEASE, Robert b.1485
PEASE, Robert b.1534
PEASE, Robert b.1564
PEASE, Robert a.1630
PEASE, Robert a.1589
PEASE, Sarah b.1698
PEASE, Sarah a.1643
PEASE, Thomas b.1573
PEASE, Thomas b.1658
PEASE, William a.1591


PEASFURLONG, Margaret de b.1288


PEAT, Hannah b.1667
PEAT, John b.1597
PEAT, Priscilla b.1742


PEAY, James b.1775


PECCHE, Alice b.1186
PECCHE, Anne b.1265
PECCHE, Edmund b.1240
PECCHE, Elizabeth b.1344
PECCHE, Eve b.1270
PECCHE, Geoffrey b.1165
PECCHE, Geoffrey b.1140
PECCHE, Gilbert Lord Pecche b.1305
PECCHE, Gilbert I Knight b.1148
PECCHE, Gilbert II Knight b.1215
PECCHE, Gilbert III Lord Pecche b.1268
PECCHE, Hamon b.1219
PECCHE, Hamon I b.1100
PECCHE, Hamon II b.1189
PECCHE, Hugh Knight b.1217
PECCHE, Joan b.1320
PECCHE, Joan b.1383
PECCHE, John Knight b.1224
PECCHE, John Lord Pecche b.1250
PECCHE, John Knight b.1280
PECCHE, John b.1277
PECCHE, John Knight b.1322
PECCHE, John Knight b.1360
PECCHE, John Knight b.1237
PECCHE, Katherine Baroness Pecche b.1339
PECCHE, Margaret b.1343
PECCHE, Margaret b.1386
PECCHE, Margery b.1266
PECCHE, Matilda b.1192
PECCHE, Maud b.1135
PECCHE, Richard Knight b.1190
PECCHE, Robert b.1221
PECCHE, Roger b.1341
PECCHE, Simon Knight b.1308
PECCHE, Simon b.1274
PECCHE, Thomas b.1223
PECCHE, William b.1226
PECCHE, William b.1272
PECCHE, William b.1058


PECK, Abiel b.1756
PECK, Abiel b.1753
PECK, Abiel b.1730
PECK, Abigail b.1701
PECK, Ann a.1672
PECK, Anne b.1469
PECK, Anne a.1618
PECK, Damaris b.1736
PECK, Deborah b.1687
PECK, Deborah b.1672
PECK, Elisha b.1683
PECK, Elisha b.1764
PECK, Elizabeth b.1673
PECK, Elizabeth a.1697
PECK, Elizabeth b.1654
PECK, Elizabeth b.1669
PECK, Elizabeth a.1651
PECK, Ephraim a.1692
PECK, Ezra b.1752
PECK, Faith b.1658
PECK, Hannah b.1727
PECK, Hannah b.1692
PECK, Hannah b.1678
PECK, Hannah b.1674
PECK, Henry a.1695
PECK, Heth b.1703
PECK, Hezekiah b.1696
PECK, Hezekiah b.1662
PECK, Israel a.1644
PECK, Jeremiah b.1623
PECK, Jeremiah a.1688
PECK, Joan b.1424
PECK, John b.1626
PECK, John b.1660
PECK, John b.1725
PECK, John a.1700
PECK, John b.1395
PECK, John b.1685
PECK, John b.1654
PECK, John b.1756
PECK, Jonathan b.1666
PECK, Joseph a.1623
PECK, Joseph a.1587
PECK, Joseph b.1657
PECK, Joseph b.1680
PECK, Joseph b.1680
PECK, Joseph b.1667
PECK, Joseph a.1653
PECK, Joseph b.1614
PECK, Joseph a.1641
PECK, Judith b.1690
PECK, Katherine b.1422
PECK, Lois b.1762
PECK, Margaret b.1427
PECK, Margaret b.1584
PECK, Martha b.1581
PECK, Mary b.1664
PECK, Mary b.1682
PECK, Mary b.1652
PECK, Mary b.1709
PECK, Mary b.1670
PECK, Nancy b.1772
PECK, Nathaniel a.1641
PECK, Nathaniel a.1700
PECK, Nicholas a.1576
PECK, Nicholas b.1669
PECK, Nicholas a.1630
PECK, Pertheniah b.1711
PECK, Petronilla b.1707
PECK, Rachel b.1698
PECK, Rachel b.1754
PECK, Rebecca a.1620
PECK, Rebecca b.1705
PECK, Rebecca b.1728
PECK, Rebecca b.1758
PECK, Rhoda b.1769
PECK, Richard b.1474
PECK, Richard b.1430
PECK, Richard a.1574
PECK, Robert b.1433
PECK, Robert b.1579
PECK, Robert b.1546
PECK, Ruth b.1761
PECK, Ruth b.1676
PECK, Ruth b.1747
PECK, Samuel b.1590
PECK, Samuel a.1639
PECK, Samuel a.1690
PECK, Samuel b.1678
PECK, Sarah b.1659
PECK, Sarah b.1663
PECK, Shadrack b.1741
PECK, Simon b.1634
PECK, Stephen b.1681
PECK, Sylvester Esquire b.1543
PECK, Thomas b.1766
PECK, Thomas a.1608

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