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Selected Families and Individuals

Name Index


OAKMAN, Samuel b.1635


OAKS, Mary b.1700


OATES, John b.1684


OATMAN, John a.1691
OATMAN, Mary Annette b.1850


OBER, Abigail b.1680
OBER, Abigail b.1708
OBER, Abigail b.1712
OBER, Anna b.1675
OBER, Anna b.1708
OBER, Benjamin b.1689
OBER, Elizabeth a.1677
OBER, Elizabeth b.1703
OBER, Hezekiah b.1681
OBER, Joanna b.1724
OBER, John b.1673
OBER, John b.1721
OBER, Nicholas b.1686
OBER, Richard a.1641
OBER, Richard b.1683
OBER, Samuel b.1693
OBER, Samuel b.1805
OBER, Sarah b.1715
OBER, William b.1719


OBER-SALM, Johann I von b.1265


OCINGTON, Mary b.1669


ODECOMB, Nicholas de b.1285


ODELL, Alice a.1566
ODELL, Anne a.1587
ODELL, Dorothy a.1589
ODELL, Edward a.1612
ODELL, Elizabeth a.1569
ODELL, Elizabeth b.1674
ODELL, Gertrude a.1604
ODELL, Henry a.1568
ODELL, Isabel a.1614
ODELL, Joan a.1616
ODELL, John a.1575
ODELL, John a.1607
ODELL, John b.1578
ODELL, Margaret a.1595
ODELL, Mary a.1598
ODELL, Mary a.1605
ODELL, Richard a.1581
ODELL, Richard b.1540
ODELL, Richard a.1610
ODELL, Robert a.1604
ODELL, Susan b.1592
ODELL, Thomas a.1583
ODELL, Thomas a.1608
ODELL, William b.1585
ODELL, William b.1617


ODINGSELLS, Alice d' b.1270
ODINGSELLS, Edmund Knight b.1392
ODINGSELLS, Edmund d' b.1272
ODINGSELLS, Ela d' b.1268
ODINGSELLS, Gerard d' b.1215
ODINGSELLS, Hugh d' b.1213
ODINGSELLS, Hugh d' b.1180
ODINGSELLS, Ida d' b.1266
ODINGSELLS, Isabel d' b.1208
ODINGSELLS, John d' Knight b.1230
ODINGSELLS, John de Knight b.1338
ODINGSELLS, Margaret d' b.1275
ODINGSELLS, N.N. de b.1318
ODINGSELLS, William d' b.1217
ODINGSELLS, William d' Knight b.1241


ODLIN, Abigail b.1670
ODLIN, Elisha a.1675
ODLIN, Elisha b.1640
ODLIN, Hannah b.1638
ODLIN, Hannah a.1643
ODLIN, Hannah b.1666
ODLIN, John b.1642
ODLIN, John b.1635
ODLIN, John b.1602
ODLIN, John b.1680
ODLIN, John b.1678
ODLIN, Margaret b.1672
ODLIN, Margaret b.1669
ODLIN, Peter a.1646


ODOM, Jane b.1811
ODOM, Mary b.1696
ODOM, Mary b.1782


OEHNINGEN, Himma of b.980
OEHNINGEN, Ita of b.964
OEHNINGEN, Kuno of Count of Ohningen b.940
OEHNINGEN, N.N. of b.982


OFFLEY, Abigail a.1602
OFFLEY, Anne b.1531
OFFLEY, Anne a.1591
OFFLEY, Edward a.1594
OFFLEY, Elizabeth b.1504
OFFLEY, Elizabeth b.1556
OFFLEY, Elizabeth a.1607
OFFLEY, Hewitt a.1595
OFFLEY, Hugh b.1528
OFFLEY, John b.1510
OFFLEY, John b.1453
OFFLEY, John a.1593
OFFLEY, Katherine b.1522
OFFLEY, Katherine b.1597
OFFLEY, Margaret b.1502
OFFLEY, Margaret a.1582
OFFLEY, Margery b.1507
OFFLEY, Richard b.1524
OFFLEY, Robert b.1518
OFFLEY, Robert a.1599
OFFLEY, Robert a.1592
OFFLEY, Robert a.1590
OFFLEY, Robert a.1561
OFFLEY, Sarah a.1609
OFFLEY, Stephen b.1605
OFFLEY, Susan a.1600
OFFLEY, Thomas b.1520
OFFLEY, Thomas Lord Mayor of London b.1500
OFFLEY, Thomas a.1602
OFFLEY, Ursula b.1554
OFFLEY, William b.1526
OFFLEY, William Mayor of Stafford b.1478


OFFORD, Alice de b.1312


OGARD, Andrew Knight b.1415
OGARD, Anne b.1447
OGARD, Henry Knight b.1450


OGBORNE, John b.1588


OGDEN, John b.1625


OGILVY, Alexander Knight b.1285
OGILVY, Alexander b.1410
OGILVY, Alexander Sheriff of Angus b.1375
OGILVY, Alexander b.1448
OGILVY, Alexander de Knight b.1190
OGILVY, David b.1476
OGILVY, Elizabeth b.1483
OGILVY, Gilbert de Knight b.1148
OGILVY, James b.1403
OGILVY, John Knight b.1401
OGILVY, John Knight b.1380
OGILVY, John b.1480
OGILVY, Margaret b.1532
OGILVY, Marjory b.1478
OGILVY, Patrick Knight b.1288
OGILVY, Patrick de Knight b.1255
OGILVY, Patrick de Knight b.1225
OGILVY, Robert de Knight b.1258
OGILVY, Thomas b.1419
OGILVY, Thomas b.1474
OGILVY, Walter Knight b.1315
OGILVY, Walter b.1414
OGILVY, Walter Knight b.1377
OGILVY, Walter Knight b.1345


OGLANDER, John Knight b.1585


OGLE, Agnes b.1516
OGLE, Anne b.1496
OGLE, Anne b.1400
OGLE, Catherine Baroness Ogle b.1570
OGLE, Constance b.1402
OGLE, Cuthbert Lord Ogle b.1539
OGLE, Dorothy b.1493
OGLE, Isabel b.1435
OGLE, Jane b.1566
OGLE, Joan b.1413
OGLE, John b.1499
OGLE, John b.1543
OGLE, John Esquire b.1408
OGLE, Margaret b.1548
OGLE, Margaret b.1502
OGLE, Margaret b.1404
OGLE, Margery b.1532
OGLE, Mary b.1625
OGLE, Owen b.1519
OGLE, Owen Lord Ogle b.1439
OGLE, Ralph b.1511
OGLE, Ralph b.1545
OGLE, Ralph Lord Ogle b.1468
OGLE, Robert Lord Ogle b.1529
OGLE, Robert Lord Ogle b.1512
OGLE, Robert Lord Ogle b.1489
OGLE, Robert Knight b.1427
OGLE, Robert Lord Ogle b.1406
OGLE, Robert Knight b.1380
OGLE, Thomas b.1514
OGLE, Thomas b.1431
OGLE, Thomas b.1541
OGLE, William Knight b.1491
OGLE, William Esquire b.1410


OGLESBY, Ann b.1790
OGLESBY, Sarah b.1704


OGLETHORPE, Elizabeth b.1570


OGSTON, Alexander b.1405
OGSTON, Janet b.1488
OGSTON, John b.1430
OGSTON, John de b.1380
OGSTON, Ranald de b.1355
OGSTON, Walter b.1455


OILLY, Abel d' b.1342
OILLY, Alice d' b.1138
OILLY, Baldwin d' b.1142
OILLY, Edith d' b.1101
OILLY, Fulke d' b.1072
OILLY, Gilbert d' b.1105
OILLY, Gilbert d' b.1048
OILLY, Guy d' Knight b.1140
OILLY, Helewise d' b.1144
OILLY, Henry I d' b.1103
OILLY, Henry II d' b.1158
OILLY, Hugh d' Monk b.1117
OILLY, Isabella d' b.1374
OILLY, John d' b.1210
OILLY, John d' b.1284
OILLY, John d' b.1249
OILLY, John d' Knight b.1165
OILLY, John d' b.1317
OILLY, John d' b.1368
OILLY, Margaret d' b.1372
OILLY, Margery d' b.1160
OILLY, Maud d' b.1185
OILLY, Maud d' b.1081
OILLY, Nigel d' b.1075
OILLY, Nigel d' Lord D'Oyly b.1045
OILLY, Richard d' b.1222
OILLY, Richard d' b.1286
OILLY, Richard d' b.1370
OILLY, Robert d' b.1162
OILLY, Robert d' Esquire b.1251
OILLY, Robert I d' Lord D'Oyly b.1043
OILLY, Robert II d' b.1070
OILLY, Roger d' b.1080
OILLY, Roger d' b.1113
OILLY, Roger d' Knight b.1192
OILLY, Roger d' b.1218
OILLY, Thomas d' b.1190
OILLY, Thomas d' b.1315
OILLY, Wakelin d' b.1180
OILLY, William d' b.1220
OILLY, William d' Monk b.1115
OILLY, William d' b.1340
OILLY, William d' b.1376


OKEDEN, Isabel b.1385


OKEHAM, John b.1640


OKES, Mrs. Elizabeth b.1626


OKESTON, Alexander de Knight b.1224
OKESTON, James de Knight b.1267


OLAFSDOTTIR, Astrid b.999
OLAFSDOTTIR, Ingeborg b.1001
OLAFSDOTTIR, Ragnaillt b.1031
OLAFSDOTTIR, Ragnhild b.1117
OLAFSDOTTIR, Ulfhilde b.1023


OLAFSSON, Edmund King of Sweden b.997
OLAFSSON, Gudbrand "Kula" b.923
OLAFSSON, Sihtric "Silken Beard" King of Dublin b.970
OLAFSSON, Styr-Bjorn b.956


OLCOTT, Mary b.1660
OLCOTT, Sarah b.1694


OLDCASTLE, John Lord Oldcastle b.1370
OLDCASTLE, Thomas b.1362


OLDFIELD, Christopher b.1498
OLDFIELD, Margaret b.1523
OLDFIELD, Martha b.1714


OLDHALL, Mary b.1423
OLDHALL, William Knight b.1390


OLDHAM, Ann b.1674
OLDHAM, Lucretia a.1601


OLDYNTON, John de b.1314
OLDYNTON, John de b.1290
OLDYNTON, Randle de b.1312
OLDYNTON, Richard b.1269


OLIFARD, David b.1220


OLIPHANT, John Knight b.1335
OLIPHANT, John Lord Oliphant b.1468
OLIPHANT, Laurence b.1560
OLIPHANT, Mariota b.1373
OLIPHANT, William Knight b.1371


OLIVER, Abigail a.1620
OLIVER, Andrew b.1746
OLIVER, Andrew b.1706
OLIVER, Ann b.1595
OLIVER, Ann a.1593
OLIVER, Anne a.1608
OLIVER, Christopher a.1618
OLIVER, Daniel b.1738
OLIVER, Daniel b.1704
OLIVER, Daniel b.1702
OLIVER, Daniel b.1664
OLIVER, Daniel a.1623
OLIVER, Dorothy a.1574
OLIVER, Edmund a.1567
OLIVER, Edward b.1578
OLIVER, Edward a.1584
OLIVER, Elizabeth b.1735
OLIVER, Elizabeth b.1551
OLIVER, Elizabeth a.1601
OLIVER, Elizabeth b.1640
OLIVER, Frances a.1573
OLIVER, Francis a.1569
OLIVER, George a.1572
OLIVER, Gilbert b.1576
OLIVER, Gilbert b.1537
OLIVER, Hannah b.1642
OLIVER, Henry a.1592
OLIVER, James a.1617
OLIVER, James b.1659
OLIVER, James b.1703
OLIVER, James a.1586
OLIVER, James a.1617
OLIVER, Joan b.1324
OLIVER, John b.1299
OLIVER, John a.1613
OLIVER, John a.1585
OLIVER, John b.1553
OLIVER, John b.1644
OLIVER, John a.1638
OLIVER, John b.1613
OLIVER, Jonathan a.1606
OLIVER, Jordan b.1204
OLIVER, Mae H. b.1918
OLIVER, Magdalen a.1566
OLIVER, Margaret a.1579
OLIVER, Maria b.1598
OLIVER, Martha b.1621
OLIVER, Mary b.1751
OLIVER, Mary a.1615
OLIVER, Mary b.1640
OLIVER, Mary a.1646
OLIVER, Mary a.1563
OLIVER, Mary b.1706
OLIVER, Mary a.1581
OLIVER, Mary b.1610
OLIVER, Mercy b.1695
OLIVER, Nathaniel b.1652
OLIVER, Nathaniel a.1619
OLIVER, Peter b.1741
OLIVER, Peter b.1711
OLIVER, Peter b.1713
OLIVER, Peter b.1655
OLIVER, Peter b.1615
OLIVER, Robert a.1578
OLIVER, Samuel b.1649
OLIVER, Samuel a.1621
OLIVER, Sarah a.1699
OLIVER, Sarah a.1644
OLIVER, Sybil b.1254
OLIVER, Thomas b.1530
OLIVER, Thomas a.1570
OLIVER, Thomas a.1603
OLIVER, Thomas b.1525
OLIVER, Thomas b.1646
OLIVER, Thomas a.1582
OLIVER, Toby a.1588
OLIVER, Walter b.1229
OLIVER, William b.1743
OLIVER, William a.1589
OLIVER, William a.1591


OLMSTEAD, Elizabeth a.1589
OLMSTEAD, Elizabeth a.1582
OLMSTEAD, Elizabeth b.1643
OLMSTEAD, Faith a.1607
OLMSTEAD, Frances b.1609
OLMSTEAD, James b.1520
OLMSTEAD, James b.1646
OLMSTEAD, James b.1546
OLMSTEAD, James a.1616
OLMSTEAD, James a.1580
OLMSTEAD, John b.1550
OLMSTEAD, John a.1593
OLMSTEAD, John a.1650
OLMSTEAD, John a.1649
OLMSTEAD, John a.1617
OLMSTEAD, Joseph a.1627
OLMSTEAD, Joseph b.1654
OLMSTEAD, Mabel a.1587
OLMSTEAD, Mabel b.1659
OLMSTEAD, Mabel a.1610
OLMSTEAD, Mary a.1615
OLMSTEAD, Mary a.1585
OLMSTEAD, Mary b.1646
OLMSTEAD, Mary a.1621
OLMSTEAD, Mary b.1678
OLMSTEAD, Nehemiah a.1618
OLMSTEAD, Nicholas a.1583
OLMSTEAD, Nicholas a.1613
OLMSTEAD, Rebecca b.1623
OLMSTEAD, Rebecca b.1648
OLMSTEAD, Richard a.1612
OLMSTEAD, Richard a.1579
OLMSTEAD, Samuel b.1652
OLMSTEAD, Sarah a.1620
OLMSTEAD, Sarah b.1641
OLMSTEAD, Sarah b.1656
OLMSTEAD, Thomas a.1577
OLMSTEAD, Thomas b.1657
OLMSTEAD, William b.1548


OLNEY, John b.1454
OLNEY, John de b.1308
OLNEY, John de b.1270
OLNEY, Joseph b.1737
OLNEY, Mary b.1479
OLNEY, William de b.1310


OLSON, Alyce Lucy b.1907
OLSON, Herbert Wesley b.1902
OLSON, Oleana M. b.1900
OLSON, Olof Peter b.1857


OLTON, Ellen de b.1388
OLTON, Joan de b.1392
OLTON, John de b.1339
OLTON, John de Sheriff of Chester b.1370
OLTON, Margaret de b.1395


OMAN, Ellen a.1810


ONION, Sarah b.1684


ONLEY, Mary b.1517


ONSLOW, Thomas b.1570


OPP, Betty Ann b.1934
OPP, Charles Kay b.1906
OPP, Charles Raymond b.1925
OPP, Frank William b.1908
OPP, George b.1903
OPP, Geza William b.1911
OPP, Jewel Lee b.1928
OPP, John b.1915


ORCHARD, Cristina b.1408


ORDONEZ, Alfonso b.1010
ORDONEZ, Ordono b.1008


ORDWAY, Abigail b.1710
ORDWAY, Anna a.1628
ORDWAY, Anne b.1670
ORDWAY, Ebenezer b.1738
ORDWAY, Edward b.1591
ORDWAY, Edward b.1705
ORDWAY, Edward b.1653
ORDWAY, Edward b.1746
ORDWAY, Edward b.1742
ORDWAY, Ephraim b.1650
ORDWAY, Hannah b.1635
ORDWAY, Hannaniah b.1665
ORDWAY, Hester a.1625
ORDWAY, Isaac b.1660
ORDWAY, James b.1651
ORDWAY, James a.1621
ORDWAY, Jane a.1620
ORDWAY, Jane b.1663
ORDWAY, Jane b.1770
ORDWAY, John a.1623
ORDWAY, John a.1619
ORDWAY, John b.1658
ORDWAY, John b.1735
ORDWAY, John b.1758
ORDWAY, Jonathan Burbank b.1762
ORDWAY, Joseph b.1707
ORDWAY, Joseph b.1756
ORDWAY, Joseph b.1733
ORDWAY, Lydia b.1740
ORDWAY, Lydia b.1731
ORDWAY, Lydia b.1754
ORDWAY, Mary b.1673
ORDWAY, Mary b.1736
ORDWAY, Mary b.1763
ORDWAY, Mehitable b.1744
ORDWAY, Mehitable b.1772
ORDWAY, N.N. b.1668
ORDWAY, Nathaniel b.1766
ORDWAY, Patience a.1630
ORDWAY, Samuel b.1747
ORDWAY, Sarah a.1617
ORDWAY, Sarah b.1713
ORDWAY, Sarah b.1656


ORFOR, Anne b.1604


ORLANDO, Christian J. b.1914


ORLEANS, Aubrey d' Vicomte d'Orleans b.855
ORLEANS, Ermentrude of b.829
ORLEANS, Eudes of Count of Orleans b.803


ORLESTONE, Joan de b.1393


ORMANDY, Ann b.1825


ORMSBEE, Judith b.1673


ORMSBY, Jemima b.1702
ORMSBY, John b.1641
ORMSBY, John b.1550


ORNE, Mercy b.1685


OROZCO, Juana de b.1360


ORREBY, Agnes de b.1223
ORREBY, Alard de b.1120
ORREBY, Alice de b.1260
ORREBY, Clemence de b.1221
ORREBY, Fulke de b.1227
ORREBY, Herbert de b.1172
ORREBY, Herbert de b.1140
ORREBY, Isabel de b.1282
ORREBY, Joan de b.1349
ORREBY, John Knight b.1258
ORREBY, John de b.1164
ORREBY, N.N. de b.1212
ORREBY, Philip de Knight b.1167
ORREBY, Phillip de Knight b.1198
ORREBY, Richard de b.1235
ORREBY, Richard de b.1210
ORREBY, Richard de b.1284
ORREBY, Thomas de b.1262


ORRELL, Alice b.1392
ORRELL, Joan b.1389
ORRELL, John b.1405


ORRUBU, Preziosa d' b.1135


ORSEOLO, Froila b.1012
ORSEOLO, Ottone Doge of Venice b.992
ORSEOLO, Peter King of Hungary b.1009


ORTIAY, Henry de Knight b.1184
ORTIAY, Henry de Lord Lorty b.1252
ORTIAY, Pernel de b.1225
ORTIAY, Richard de b.1223
ORTIAY, Walter de b.1227


ORVAL, Mabel d' b.1141
ORVAL, Reginald d' b.1099


ORVICE, Elizabeth a.1561
ORVICE, John b.1535


ORVIS, Ebenezer b.1660
ORVIS, George b.1618
ORVIS, Hannah b.1655
ORVIS, Margaret b.1661
ORVIS, Margaret b.1661
ORVIS, Mary b.1663
ORVIS, Roger b.1657
ORVIS, Samuel b.1653


OSBALDESTON, Elizabeth b.1587
OSBALDESTON, John Esquire b.1290


OSBERN, Nest ferch b.1071


OSBORNE, Alice a.1593
OSBORNE, Alice a.1563
OSBORNE, Anna b.1764
OSBORNE, Anne b.1564
OSBORNE, Anne a.1590
OSBORNE, Anne a.1570
OSBORNE, Daniel b.1665
OSBORNE, Edward b.1620
OSBORNE, Edward Knight a.1596
OSBORNE, Edward a.1572
OSBORNE, Edward Lord Mayor of London b.1538
OSBORNE, Henry a.1595
OSBORNE, Henry b.1606
OSBORNE, Hewitt Knight a.1567
OSBORNE, Jane a.1578
OSBORNE, John a.1584
OSBORNE, John b.1662
OSBORNE, John b.1671
OSBORNE, John b.1542
OSBORNE, Katherine b.1578
OSBORNE, Mary b.1715
OSBORNE, Mary b.1653
OSBORNE, Mary b.1683
OSBORNE, Mehitable b.1685
OSBORNE, Nicholas b.1555
OSBORNE, Prudence a.1581
OSBORNE, Richard a.1582
OSBORNE, Richard b.1485
OSBORNE, Richard b.1510
OSBORNE, Ruth b.1764
OSBORNE, Samuel b.1663
OSBORNE, Sarah b.1666
OSBORNE, Thomas Duke of Leeds b.1632
OSBORNE, Thomas b.1540
OSBORNE, William a.1599


OSGOOD, Florence A. b.1857
OSGOOD, Hooker b.1693
OSGOOD, Jeremiah b.1700
OSGOOD, Mary a.1633
OSGOOD, Sarah b.1710


OSMUND, John b.1682


OSORIO, Alvar Rodriguez b.1235
OSORIO, Elvira Alvarez b.1258
OSORIO, Gonzalo b.1141
OSORIO, Rodrigo b.1190


OTES, Richard a.1549


OTIS, Alice a.1609
OTIS, Anne b.1625
OTIS, Dorothy b.1755
OTIS, Elizabeth a.1614
OTIS, Hannah a.1618
OTIS, Hannah b.1686
OTIS, Joan a.1610
OTIS, Joan a.1612
OTIS, John a.1622
OTIS, John b.1581
OTIS, Margaret b.1620
OTIS, Mercy b.1804
OTIS, Richard b.1625
OTIS, Richard a.1616
OTIS, William b.1419
OTIS, William b.1393


OTTEBY, Alice de b.1277
OTTEBY, Geoffrey de b.1307
OTTEBY, Isabella de b.1335
OTTEBY, John de b.1305
OTTEBY, Ralph de Knight b.1280
OTTEBY, William de b.1330


OTTERHAM, Mabel de b.1232


OTTHEN, Hippocrates b.1560


OTTLEY, Mary b.1554


OVERMAN, Thomas b.1635


OVERTON, Anthony b.1516
OVERTON, Clement b.1528
OVERTON, Edward b.1511
OVERTON, Guthlac Gentleman b.1477
OVERTON, Harry b.1530
OVERTON, Isabel b.1520
OVERTON, John b.1514
OVERTON, Katherine b.1518
OVERTON, Martha b.1532
OVERTON, Mary b.1526
OVERTON, Richard b.1512
OVERTON, Rose b.1522
OVERTON, Thomas b.1452
OVERTON, William b.1427
OVERTON, William Bishop of Coventry b.1525


OVERZEE, Simon b.1627


OVIATT, Abigail b.1674
OVIATT, Samuel b.1695


OVIEDO, Diego Fernandez de Count of Oviedo b.1035
OVIEDO, Jimena Diaz de b.1057


OWAIN, Angharad ferch b.1070
OWAIN, Angharad verch b.1126
OWAIN, Annes verch b.1156
OWAIN, Cadwallon ab b.1165
OWAIN, Cadwallon ab b.940
OWAIN, Constance verch b.1196
OWAIN, Dafydd ab Prince of Wales b.1136
OWAIN, Daniel ab b.1191
OWAIN, Dyddgu verch b.1185
OWAIN, Einion ab b.942
OWAIN, Eliwys ab b.1169
OWAIN, Gronwy ab b.1073
OWAIN, Gwenllian verch b.1153
OWAIN, Gwenllian verch b.1129
OWAIN, Gwenwynwyn ab b.1159
OWAIN, Gwerful verch b.1150
OWAIN, Hywel ab b.1162
OWAIN, Iestyn ab b.947
OWAIN, Iorwerth "Drwyndwn" ab b.1132
OWAIN, Llywarch ab b.944
OWAIN, Maelgwyn ab b.1124
OWAIN, Maredudd ab King of Wales b.938
OWAIN, Meddefus verch b.1188
OWAIN, Morvydd ferch b.903
OWAIN, Rhodri ab b.1160
OWAIN, Tangwystl ferch


OWEN, Anne b.1498
OWEN, Christopher b.1538
OWEN, Daniel b.1659
OWEN, Henry Knight b.1485
OWEN, Jane b.1567
OWEN, Mary b.1687
OWEN, William Robert b.1906


OWENS, Benjamin b.1816
OWENS, David b.1821
OWENS, Etheldred D. b.1810
OWENS, Evan b.1807
OWENS, Georgiana b.1818
OWENS, Griffin b.1786
OWENS, Jane b.1844
OWENS, Jesse b.1790
OWENS, John b.1846
OWENS, Margaret b.1778
OWENS, Mary Jane b.1829
OWENS, Nancy b.1812
OWENS, Sarah b.1814
OWENS, Silas Ardeen b.1850
OWENS, William Joseph b.1832


OWLSWORTH, Margaret b.1525


OWRAM, Agnes de b.1182
OWRAM, John de b.1157


OWRES, Joan b.1598


OWSLEY, Elizabeth b.1600


OXENBRIDGE, Clement b.1614
OXENBRIDGE, Daniel b.1611
OXENBRIDGE, Daniel b.1576
OXENBRIDGE, Dorcas b.1620
OXENBRIDGE, Elizabeth b.1522
OXENBRIDGE, Elizabeth b.1528
OXENBRIDGE, Elizabeth b.1617
OXENBRIDGE, Goddard Knight b.1465
OXENBRIDGE, John b.1609
OXENBRIDGE, Katherine a.1604
OXENBRIDGE, Katherine b.1606
OXENBRIDGE, Malyn b.1472
OXENBRIDGE, Margaret b.1525
OXENBRIDGE, Mary a.1602
OXENBRIDGE, Mary b.1527
OXENBRIDGE, Robert Knight b.1520
OXENBRIDGE, Theodora b.1659
OXENBRIDGE, Thomas Knight b.1500
OXENBRIDGE, William b.1530


OXTON, Agnes de b.1176
OXTON, Katherine b.1661
OXTON, Ranulph de b.1152


OYRY, Alice d' b.1187
OYRY, Ela d' b.1189
OYRY, Emecina d' b.1183
OYRY, Fulke d' Knight b.1158
OYRY, Geoffrey d' b.1185


PABENHAM, Eleanor de b.1382
PABENHAM, James de Knight b.1317
PABENHAM, John de b.1314
PABENHAM, John de b.1278
PABENHAM, John de b.1195
PABENHAM, John de b.1220
PABENHAM, John de Sheriff of Bedfordshire b.1247
PABENHAM, John de b.1389
PABENHAM, Katherine de b.1372
PABENHAM, Lawrence de b.1370
PABENHAM, Lawrence de Knight b.1334
PABENHAM, Margaret de b.1304
PABENHAM, Margery de b.1354
PABENHAM, Thomas de Sheriff of Northamptonshire b.1301


PABODIE, Elizabeth b.1647


PACE, Margaret b.1541


PACKARD, Benjamin b.1742
PACKARD, David b.1687
PACKARD, Elizabeth b.1733
PACKARD, Hannah b.1735
PACKARD, James b.1749
PACKARD, John b.1738
PACKARD, Joseph b.1730
PACKARD, Joseph b.1707
PACKARD, Mary b.1745
PACKARD, Mary b.1637
PACKARD, Mary b.1679
PACKARD, Matilda b.1762
PACKARD, Mehitable b.1747
PACKARD, Samuel b.1751
PACKARD, Susanna b.1736
PACKARD, Susanna b.1690
PACKARD, Winslow b.1751
PACKARD, Zerviah b.1740


PACKENHAM, Robert b.1573


PACKER, Jane b.1559


PADARN, Edeyrn ap b.364


PADDLEFOOT, Jonathan b.1629


PADDOCK, Robert b.1585


PADDY, William b.1615


PADGETT, Matilda Levins b.1864


PADILLA, Maria Diaz de b.1335


PAGE, Abigail b.1774
PAGE, Elizabeth b.1516
PAGE, Elizabeth b.1503
PAGE, John b.1782
PAGE, John b.1778
PAGE, Jonathan b.1770
PAGE, Joseph b.1676
PAGE, Joseph Kimball b.1776
PAGE, Josiah b.1748
PAGE, Lydia b.1705
PAGE, Mary b.1772
PAGE, Mary b.1635
PAGE, Nathaniel b.1679
PAGE, Patty b.1775
PAGE, Phebe b.1786
PAGE, Rebecca b.1636
PAGE, Richard Knight b.1474
PAGE, Samuel b.1671
PAGE, Sarah b.1780
PAGE, Thomas b.1715
PAGE, William b.1790
PAGE, William b.1465


PAGENHAM, Anne b.1489
PAGENHAM, Constance b.1464


PAGET, Angelica b.1754
PAGET, Anne b.1743
PAGET, Anne b.1655
PAGET, Anne b.1611
PAGET, Anne b.1530
PAGET, Anne b.1533
PAGET, Charles Esquire b.1546
PAGET, Diana b.1652
PAGET, Dorothy b.1605
PAGET, Dorothy b.1535
PAGET, Edward b.1531
PAGET, Eleanor b.1533
PAGET, Elizabeth b.1643
PAGET, Elizabeth Baroness Paget b.1568
PAGET, Etheldreda a.1541
PAGET, Frances b.1645
PAGET, Grisell a.1542
PAGET, Henry b.1750
PAGET, Henry b.1641
PAGET, Henry b.1613
PAGET, Henry Lord Paget b.1537
PAGET, Henry b.1715
PAGET, Isabella b.1639
PAGET, Jane b.1539
PAGET, Katherine b.1607
PAGET, Lettice a.1636
PAGET, Margaret b.1603
PAGET, Penelope b.1649
PAGET, Rebecca b.1748
PAGET, Thomas b.1647
PAGET, Thomas a.1615
PAGET, Thomas Lord Paget b.1544
PAGET, William Lord Paget b.1637
PAGET, William Lord Paget b.1609
PAGET, William Lord Paget b.1506
PAGET, William Lord Paget b.1572


PAINE, Aaron b.1703
PAINE, Abiah b.1691
PAINE, Abigail b.1686
PAINE, Anne a.1621
PAINE, Bethia b.1682
PAINE, Edward b.1660
PAINE, Elizabeth a.1620
PAINE, Elizabeth b.1673
PAINE, Elizabeth b.1681
PAINE, Hannah b.1629
PAINE, Hannah b.1692
PAINE, Hannah b.1656
PAINE, John b.1711
PAINE, John b.1630
PAINE, John b.1666
PAINE, John b.1717
PAINE, Josiah b.1688
PAINE, Lydia b.1670
PAINE, Mary b.1689
PAINE, Mary b.1684
PAINE, Mary b.1695
PAINE, Mary b.1720
PAINE, Moses a.1623
PAINE, Moses a.1581
PAINE, Moses b.1700
PAINE, Moses b.1694
PAINE, Moses b.1660
PAINE, Samuel b.1654
PAINE, Sarah b.1697
PAINE, Sarah b.1657
PAINE, Sarah b.1689
PAINE, Stephen b.1653
PAINE, Stephen a.1626
PAINE, Tabitha b.1717
PAINE, Thomas b.1613
PAINE, William b.1663


PAINTER, Margaret b.1540
PAINTER, Shubael b.1637


PAKENHAM, Constance b.1505


PAKINGTON, Anne b.1520
PAKINGTON, Anne a.1602
PAKINGTON, Dorothy a.1606
PAKINGTON, Dorothy a.1601
PAKINGTON, Henry b.1550
PAKINGTON, John Knight b.1600
PAKINGTON, John K.B. b.1548
PAKINGTON, Katherine b.1556
PAKINGTON, Margaret b.1558
PAKINGTON, Mary a.1604
PAKINGTON, Mary b.1552
PAKINGTON, Robert b.1554
PAKINGTON, Thomas b.1561
PAKINGTON, Thomas Knight b.1519


PALAEOLOGUS, Othon II Marquis of Montferrat b.1350




PALAIOLOGOS, Alexios b.1095
PALAIOLOGOS, Georgios b.1060
PALAIOLOGOS, Nikephoros b.1035
PALAIOLOGOS, Nikephoros King of Thessalonika b.1087


PALENCIA, Juan Alfonso de Bishop of Palencia b.1230


PALFREY, Edward b.1605
PALFREY, Martha b.1670


PALGRAVE, Anne b.1501
PALGRAVE, Anne a.1554
PALGRAVE, Anne a.1626
PALGRAVE, Benjamin a.1622
PALGRAVE, Benjamin a.1624
PALGRAVE, Bethia a.1638
PALGRAVE, Clement b.1499
PALGRAVE, Edward Rector of Litcham b.1572
PALGRAVE, Edward Rector of Barnham Broom a.1541
PALGRAVE, Eleanor Nun b.1507
PALGRAVE, Elizabeth b.1503
PALGRAVE, Elizabeth a.1626
PALGRAVE, Frances b.1497
PALGRAVE, Gregory Gentleman a.1539
PALGRAVE, Gregory b.1576
PALGRAVE, Hannah a.1628
PALGRAVE, Henry b.1512
PALGRAVE, Henry Esquire b.1469
PALGRAVE, James b.1505
PALGRAVE, John Esquire b.1438
PALGRAVE, John b.1495
PALGRAVE, John b.1634
PALGRAVE, Lydia b.1636
PALGRAVE, Margaret a.1551
PALGRAVE, Mary a.1548
PALGRAVE, Mary b.1618
PALGRAVE, N.N. b.1580
PALGRAVE, N.N. b.1574
PALGRAVE, Rebecca b.1631
PALGRAVE, Richard b.1584
PALGRAVE, Sarah b.1621
PALGRAVE, Thomas Gentleman b.1509
PALGRAVE, Walter a.1544
PALGRAVE, William a.1546


PALISE, Hugues de Knight b.1293


PALLARS, Dadildis of b.844


PALMER, Alethea J. b.1826
PALMER, Benjamin b.1818
PALMER, Benjamin F. b.1838
PALMER, Bridget b.1607
PALMER, Catherine b.1475
PALMER, Daniel b.1712
PALMER, Deborah b.1643
PALMER, Deborah Roseanna b.1808
PALMER, Dorothy b.1548
PALMER, Edward Knight b.1473
PALMER, Edward b.1567
PALMER, Electa b.1827
PALMER, Elizabeth b.1510
PALMER, Elizabeth b.1710
PALMER, Elizabeth b.1575
PALMER, Elizabeth b.1495
PALMER, Elizabeth b.1478
PALMER, Elizabeth b.1546
PALMER, Elizabeth b.1513
PALMER, Emeline b.1825
PALMER, Enoch b.1842
PALMER, Enoch b.1801
PALMER, Ephraim b.1643
PALMER, Francis b.1517
PALMER, Freeman Salathiel b.1827
PALMER, Gershom b.1701
PALMER, Hannah b.1719
PALMER, Henry Knight b.1498
PALMER, Henry b.1605
PALMER, Isaac b.1796
PALMER, James M. b.1824
PALMER, Jane b.1714
PALMER, John b.1688
PALMER, John b.1678
PALMER, John Knight b.1498
PALMER, John b.1729
PALMER, John b.1689
PALMER, John b.1471
PALMER, John b.1445
PALMER, John b.1521
PALMER, John b.1544
PALMER, John L. b.1835
PALMER, Joseph D. b.1838
PALMER, Katherine b.1578
PALMER, Lucy Ann b.1832
PALMER, Margaret E. b.1831
PALMER, Martha b.1677
PALMER, Martha Ann b.1822
PALMER, Mary b.1717
PALMER, Mary b.1626
PALMER, Mary b.1542
PALMER, Mary a.1672
PALMER, Mary b.1674
PALMER, Mary S. b.1845
PALMER, Mehitable b.1727
PALMER, Micah b.1637
PALMER, Myron H. b.1835
PALMER, Nancy b.1825
PALMER, Nancy Maxine b.1833
PALMER, Phebe b.1684
PALMER, Richard b.1524
PALMER, Robert b.1415
PALMER, Robert b.1519
PALMER, Robert b.1484
PALMER, Samuel b.1686
PALMER, Samuel b.1682
PALMER, Samuel b.1644
PALMER, Samuel b.1595
PALMER, Sarah b.1724
PALMER, Sarah b.1722
PALMER, Sarah a.1587
PALMER, Sarah b.1609
PALMER, Sarah Ann b.1829
PALMER, Seth b.1694
PALMER, Thomas Knight b.1498
PALMER, Thomas Knight b.1576
PALMER, Thomas Knight b.1480
PALMER, Thomas Knight b.1542
PALMER, Thomas Knight b.1575
PALMER, Thomas Knight b.1515
PALMER, Thomas b.1690
PALMER, Thomas b.1684
PALMER, Thomas b.1650
PALMER, Thomas b.1619
PALMER, Thomas I. b.1843
PALMER, Timothy b.1695
PALMER, Timothy b.1647
PALMER, Wait a.1711
PALMER, William b.1610
PALMER, William b.1581
PALMER, William Esquire b.1550
PALMER, William b.1638
PALMER, William b.1612
PALMER, William b.1580


PALMES, Brian Esquire b.1469

Surname List